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Behind every plan.

The funding resources to make it possible.

What would you do with $40 billion?
With our strategic assistance—the possibilities are endless.

he Center for Grants and Funding Research (CGFR) is
a service of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and provides Grant eResources
strategic guidance to help public, private, and charter Visit our Web site to access
schools take full advantage of grants offered by federal, additional grants and funding
state, and private foundations. resources including:
CGFR is responsible for helping educators secure
• L
 inks to federal, state, private,
millions of dollars for curricula and instructional
and foundational grant
professional development every year. CGFR’s three team
leaders are career educators that have held leadership
positions at the campus, district, and state levels of various • T
 ips for writing winning
disciplines—including school reform, curriculum and grants
instruction, professional development, federal programs, • G
 rants and funding
and grant initiatives. glossary
Services are tailored to individual applicant needs
• Grant writing links
and may include the identification of appropriate grant
opportunities. Additional services include consulting on the • L
 inks to program effectiveness
overall program design, working collaboratively with the Comprehensive Funding Assistance studies and correlations
local grant contact, and writing/reviewing the completed
proposal prior to submission. Grant Identification Service Additional grant writing
A partnership with CGFR means that nothing stands CGFR will help you identify federal and foundational grant resources such as Funding
between your students and their academic success! opportunities best suited to the needs of the students Alignment Guides and
and educators in your district. Request assistance online Grant Toolkits are also available!
and within seven to ten business days you will receive a
strategic funding plan outlining current available dollars

Meet Our Team Leaders that align with your district’s needs.

Complimentary Consultative Services

From start to submission, CGFR offers complimentary
professional consultative services for every step of the
process. You choose the best way to communicate with
one of our funding experts: by phone, e-mail, or WebEx®.

Professional Grant Review

Improve your funding odds! This complimentary service
Nancy Jo Mannix Nancy Slaughter, Ph.D. Nancy Updegraff, Ph.D. partners your qualifying school or district with a
Manager, Grants and Manager, Grants and Manager, Grants and professional grant writer. Grant writers review your
Center for
Funding Research Funding Research Funding Research proposal and provide explicit feedback and guidance CGFR Grants and
nancyjo.mannix@hmhpub.com nancy.slaughter@hmhpub.com nancy.updegraff@hmhpub.com in strengthening your grant application. Funding Research

To reach us, call 877.869.4990

Ask Nancy!
Smart answers to tough questions.

Our team of funding experts is standing

by to answer your questions. To reach us,
call 877.869.4990.

Ask Nancy! online at


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