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Financial Institutions and Market

Q1: XYZ Ltd. is a Govt. recognized export house with annual turnover of Rs 2200
crores Mr Pathak is Vice President- Finance of the Company. The company follows
policy of no hedging of the US$ exposure. What all risks that Mr. Pathak has to
enlists in his presentation to the management in a floating exchange rate scenario?
(10 Marks)

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Q2: PSL Bank Ltd. is a private sector bank. The treasury division has an immediate
need to arrange Rs. 100 Crores to finance its one of the top corporate client.
However the requirement is for very short period of around 7 days. So what
sources are available for Mr. Das to raise the required fund, who heads the treasury
divisions of the Bank? (10 Marks)

Q3A: LMH Ltd. Has floated an Investment Company. You are appointed as the CEO
to spearhead the investment in secondary market. So to initiate these investments,
explain the mechanism that you will follow. (5 Marks)

Q3B: JFK Ltd. is listed Company on the exchange and the share price is quoted at
Rs. 340 as of today, the Company reported EPS of Rs. 25.00 for FY 2017. In the
recently concluded board meeting, the Company announced stock split and
accordingly, the face value has been reduced to Rs5.00 from Rs. 10.00. The
outstanding shares of the Company are 30,00,000. Calculate the number of
outstanding shares of the Company post stock split and adjusted share price of the
Company post stock split. Also calculate the PE ratio of the Company post stock
split (5 Marks)