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—— CHEVALIER. Miscellaneous Function List atin Type Program stop Mot Optional stop M02 | End of program M03 _ | Spindle CW M04 —_| Spindle CCW M05 | Spindle stop M06 —_| Auto tool change M08 —_ | Coolant on M09 —_| Coolant off M10 | 4" 5" axis servo off & clamp Option M11 | 4® axis servo on & unclamp Option M12 __| 5” axis servo on & unclamp Option M13 _| Spindle CW & coolant on M14 —_| Spindle CCW & coolant on M15 | M13/M14 off M17 | Coolant through spindle hole Option M18 | M17 off Option M19 _ | Spindle orientation M29 _| Rigid tapping M30 —_| Program rewind M31__ | Air blow on Option M32__| Air blow off Option M33__ | Spindle CW & air blow on Option M34 —_| Spindle CCW & air blow on Option M35 | M33/M34 off Option M40 _—_| Neutral gear command Option M41 Low gear command Option M42___| High gear command Option M49 _| ATC automatic maintenance mode Arm Type M49__| Rotary MAG tool No. = Spindle tool No. | Carousel Type M50. | POT vertical command Arm Type M50 | MAG forward (to spindle) Carousel Type Ms1__| Swing arm CCW 65° ‘Arm Type M51 _| Tool change position (spindle unclamp) | Carousel Type M52_—_| Tool unclamp Arm Type M52 _| Search change tool No. Carousel Type ms3 | Swing arm down & tum 180° ‘Arm Type M53__| Spindle clamp Carousel Type M54 _—_| Tool clamp ‘Arm Type M54 MAG backward (to home) Carousel Type M55 _—_| Swing arm back home ‘Arm Type M55 —_| Check spindle with MAG tool No. Carousel Type M56 —_| Pot horizontal command ‘Arm Type M56 | M55 off Carousel Type M60 | Pot No.1 search and tool No. offset | Arm Type M63 _| Chip conveyor CW Option M64 —_| Chip conveyor CCW Option M65 _| Chip conveyor off Option M68 _—_| Cover coolant on Option M69 | Cover coolant off Option 94 | Mirror cancel M95 | X mirror image on M96 | Y mirror image on Mg8_—_| Main tape call sub Mg9 | Sub tape retum a CHEVALIER. % 09001 (MACRO B VER-2 TOOL CHANGE) (ZAXIS NOT GOTO 1ST POINT) (MUST USE VMC-C9 PLC PROGRAM) #100=#4003 #1100=0 IF¥E1001GE1]GOTO30 91G30Z0M19 M18 IF[#1000GE1]GOTO20 Nto M50 M51 691G28Z0 M52 G30Z0 M53 M56 M54 GOTO30 N20M55 #110021 M49 GO4P10 #1100=0 M50 GoTot0 N30G#100M99 %