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An Isle of opportunities The Isle of Wight has offered

us opportunities that are

both prosperous and unique.
A prospectus for investment Regeneration Growth Productivity The Island community and
For most people, the Isle of Wight is known simply as and highly achievable plans for its future growth and workforce has been the key to We require specialist
a holiday destination. But, tourism is just a part of a sustainability. our business success. engineering skillsets that
wider, diverse economy: a festival mecca, a centre of Work has already begun on a significant and expansive John Mclean, Offshore Consulting means we recruit nationwide.
global industry and innovation, and most recently a programme of regeneration for the Isle of Wight, with
regeneration hot-spot. concept design work underway across a number of We find the Island offers an attractive
Just ten minutes from mainland England, the Island sites; demonstrating a variety of viable and exciting lifestyle proposition making
is the sunniest location in the country, which is just development opportunities. The sites are already publicly recruitment of specialists easier.
one of its charms. It also has huge opportunities to owned and ready for the right development partner to Simon Everett, Managing
create a dynamic and vibrant economy, with ambitious take forward.
With ubiquitous connectivity
Director, Strainstall
and communications strainstall.com
applications, my consultancy
business continues to attract and support
We want you! clients based in London, the
The Isle of Wight Council is currently identifying our in delivering real and tangible benefits for the Islands
South East and overseas.
future development and investment partners who community too. They will help to deliver growth in the
will turn our aspirations into reality. These partners economy, raise the aspirations and opportunities for Ciaran ODonnell, Virtual FD Were proud to be a part of
will be bold and ambitious, they will see the extensive our future generations and build on the experience and virtualfd.co the great composites cluster
An Isle of opportunities opportunities available to deliver real and valuable knowledge of the world leading businesses. that exists on the Island.
change not just from an economic point of view, but We have a great heritage in
technology development and
Were excited to be coming to manufacturing.
the Isle of Wight. The people, James Luter, Director Production
An Isle of opportunities This unique place is reinvigorating
itself, not only as the fabulous Why choose
160 hectares of land earmarked
for development to start with!
London: 2 hours
the financial assistance and the
Blades, MHI Vestas
holiday destination that its been for the Isle of

Southampton: 22 minutes support in recruitment, training

centuries, but also as a viable lifestyle Portsmouth: 9 minutes and development made for an
choice to live, work and invest. Wight? Southampton airport:
40 minutes unbeatable package.
A commercial heritage to be proud of: Beautiful location and
Aircraft have been built on the Island for East Cowes voted fifth John Devlin, CEO, Ascensos Hose Rhodes Dickson was
well connected.
over 100 years. best place to live in UK ascensos.com founded by Jeff Hose and
Unrivalled quality of life. 2500 homes planned,
Radar was developed and is built here. Mark Rhodes in 1990, the
The UKs space race the Black Knight Council-owned, ready- 900 extra care units planned Isle of Wight has been very good to our
rocket programme plans were developed
and tested here.
to-go sites.
Proactive and 70% AONB Having so many diverse
technology and manufacturing
business and allowed the modest one
employee to grow to over 60! All down
For more information please contact Princess flying boats were created here. enthusiastic council. Global leaders in composite
technology and engineering organisations on the Island to good customer service in
The Island is home to the hovercraft Open to new ideas,
technologies. World-renowned sailing heritage is really inspiring. You can conduct your an environment where it is
regeneration@iow.gov.uk new business and new
Its not just an economical heritage to be proud investment. Centre of Excellence for business in the same way as if you were in appreciated.
iwight.com/regeneration of; The Island is home to wind and tidal energy Composite and Marine Central London. I get to enjoy the lifestyle Mark Rhodes, Partner, Hose Rhodes Dickson
A dedicated
advancement, research and development. Manufacturing (CECAMM) hose-rhodes-dickson.co.uk
regeneration team.
training facility that comes with living on the Island, but
World-leading companies and brand Support with workforce also enjoying the business
Rapidly improving
3588MWC 07/07 SC

leaders such as GKN Westland Aerospace, recruitment and success that comes with
BAE Systems, Gurit, Vestas Technology and excellent further education sector operating on a world stage.
Ellen MacArthur all base their operations education training 67 miles of unbroken coastline
Geoff Underwood, Managing Director, IFPL
on the Island. facilities.
2.3m visitors (2013) investisleofwight.co.uk
Floor Plans
2 st
Ground Floor Plan
3 st
Newport Harbour
Schedule orey
2 st
Rear service
1Bs 2Bs Bungalows
entrance and
parking court
(54/56m2) (68/72m2) (2Bed@76m2) orey
1 st

Ground 12 7 19
1st 17 10 Deck
orey access
2nd 10 7 1 st

Total 39 24 19 Allotments

82 Dwellings in total Entrance
Glazed Courtyard
(19 2B Bungalows & 63 Apartments 38% of walkway Overnight
which are 2Bed) Buggy
Bungalows court
Terrace Staff
80 Car parking spaces Plant
Hair & Laundry Refuse Landscaped
Bungalows Beauty Buffer alon
Nicholson Road, Ryde Ryde Gateway
Avenue Lounge
Kitchen existing reside
19 x Bungalows @ 76m2 GIA = 1445m2 Deliveries
Extra Care Building GIA = 6820m2 Pavilion Drop Off
Total GIA = 8265m2 parking
(Approx. 825m2 of the Extra Care is made up building Tree-lined avenue
Feature entrance reinforces existing
of communal areas which is the equivalent of tree pedestrian route
9 apartments/10% of O/A GIA. ) Bowls towards the statio
and the town

Ryde Gateway
Key Entrance

Re-use existing
site entrance as
1 Bed extra care / sheltered new main site
Bungalows entrance
2 Bed extra care / sheltered ad

Newport Harbour and car parks

Ro Approximate line
Communal Walkways/routes in of 'Regeneration
around the site to lfL
Go Settlement Boundary'
area biodiversity/ Limit
Ancillary Beginning of

Opportunity: To create an iconic waterside

20mph Zone
Fairway Athletic

Ryde Nicholson Road


development that transforms the county town

of Newport. Residential-led, mixed use with Opportunity: To extend a successful and well used Sandham Middle School,
opportunity for leisure, tourism, retail and business park in Ryde. Enabling residential units and Camp Hill Sandown
commercial space. community facilities as part of the scheme Opportunity: To develop a quality Extra Care
Owner: Single ownership, Isle of Wight Council Owner: Single ownership, Isle of Wight Council scheme as the first of its kind on the island
Size: 33,410m2 Size: 150,692m2 Ryde Nicholson Road Owner: Single ownership, Isle of Wight Council
Planning status: Pre-planning Planning Status: Local Plan site allocation Size: 10,425m2
Indicative capacity: 220 residential units, 14,500m2 Indicative capacity: 100 residential units, over Planning status: Pre-planning
non-residential floorspace. 14,000m2 non-residential floorspace Indicative capacity: 80 unit Extra Care scheme
Newport Harbour and car parks

Sandham Middle School, Sandown Shanklin Spa

Ryde Gateway
Camp Hill Opportunity: Redevelopment of the Ryde
Opportunity: A large greenfield site suitable for Interchange and Esplanade to create a gateway to
residential, commercial, community and social the Island that celebrates the history and culture Shanklin Spa
infrastructure. Opportunity to create an edge of of Ryde as well as showcasing new and innovative Copyright Inforterra (Raw data copyright ESA/EURIMAGE)
Opportunity: To redevelop the old spa site and
town development on a former prison site. Reuse of design and architecture. Tourism, leisure and create luxury homes and holiday apartment
existing buildings could bring something different enabling residential development. accommodation with an opportunity to reinstate
Shanklin Spa Shanklin Spa
and unusual to the development. Owner: Majority owner Isle of Wight Council, the spa facilities and link into the iconic cliff lift
Owner: single ownership, Ministry of Justice and Wightlink and Network Rail as well as a few private Owner: Single ownership, Isle of Wight Council
due to transfer to Homes England leases involved Size: 3,160m2 (potential to build to eight stories on
Size: 100 hectares Size: 92,000m2 part of the site)
Planning status: Pre-planning Planning status: Pre-planning Planning Status: Pre-planning
Indicative capacity: Upwards of 700 homes at Indicative capacity: 10,000m2 development Indicative capacity: 30 to 40 residential units,
minimum on site. opportunity to include residential and commercial. ground floor retail. Retain parking

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