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U.S.A William V. Roth Steven Symms with wife Pat Balestreri Or. Jim Lucier Robert M. McKinney Donald Jameson lan Butterfield GREAT BRITAIN The Hon. Sir Julian Amery MP. The Hon, Lord Kimberley The Hon. Sir John Killick Frank Steele with wife Brian Crozier Nicholas Elliot Senator, Republican Delaware Senator, Idaho Department of Defense International Affairs Legislative Assistant to Senator Helms Chairman Jefferson Corporation Research Associates International Aide to Senator Roth Former Minister Chairman, House of Lords Defense Committee Former British Ambassador to Moskau Banker Journalist Security Advisor FRANCE Phillip Malhaud Mda. Garnier-Lancon Francise Lacoste Peter Petersen NB Hans Graf Huyn with wife Nd5 Or. Frans Josef Bach Former Minister, -President of the Centre National des Indépendents Maire of Paris Vice President of the Committee for European Security ambassador (rtd.) Former UN-High Commissier 26. ers 28. eas 30. 31, 32. 33 34. IRELAND Pierre Joannon with wife ZIMBABWE Peter van der Byl COLUMBIA EnriqueGomez-Hurtado SOUTH AFRICA Robert du Plooy with wife Allan Frazer G.W.H. Relly D.W.R. Hertzog B.H. Hersow D.C.B.H. Fincham Consul General of the Republic of Ireland Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Rhodesia Former Columbian Ambassador in Paris South African Ambassador in Paris General (rtd.) Chairman Anglo-American Corps Deputy Chairman of Rembrandt Chairman, Anglo Transvaal Corps Ambassador (rtd. ) S.A. Institute for International Affairs