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Variable `Theme Author Student Assigned Paraphrase

Level of awareness on risk Womens Awareness of Rashad, Et al. Andrade, Elisha Most women are not aware of what can harm their

factors Danger Signs of Obstetrics 2010 Sunshine M. pregnancy while they are not at the hospital or

Complications See on page while they are not being monitored by the doctor.

There are plenty of signs and symptoms to specific

complications and harm both the mother and the

Variable `Theme Author Student Assigned Paraphrase
Level of awareness on Anxiety and Stress Among the Jeyanthi, Et al. Andrade, Elisha According to the article, there are plenty of

risk factors Primigravida and the Multigravida 2008 Sunshine M. emotional risk factors that can harm both the

See on page mother and child. Anxiety and stress are the

most common emotional risk factor

experienced by the pregnant woman because it

can either be her first pregnancy or more and it

is always the most fragile time of her life.

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Level of awareness on Assessment of Risk Factors for Sivakumar, et al. Andrade, Elisha In this article, it is important to be aware

risk factors the Early Detection of 2014 Sunshine M. of the pregnant womans condition. There

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus See page are numbers of changes that happens in a

womans body during this time of her life.

Hormonal changes, blood circulation,

digestion, and so on. Diabetes should be

taken care of with proper diet and glucose

monitoring for it can give complications to

both the mother and child.

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Level of awareness on risk Primigravidaes knowledge Kumbani, et al. Andrade, Elisha According to Kumbani, check-ups have the

factors about obstetric 2010 Sunshine M. most important role in pregnancy

complications in an urban especially to those who cannot monitor

health centre. themselves while they are not at the

hospital. Complications can arise if the

mother will not follow her check-up

schedules, instructions given by the

physician and life style change. A mother

should be aware before and after her

Variable Theme Author Student Assigned Paraphrase
Level of awareness on Knowledge, Attitude, James, et al. Andrade, Elisha Recent evidence suggests that part of the problem that is not

risk factors Preventive Practices 2005 Sunshine M. showing reductions in maternal mortality is as a result of

Towards Pregnancy inadequate knowledge, negative attitude and lack of preventive

Induced Hypertension practice on the part of the patients believing so much on spiritual

among Pregnant and ancestral beliefs. However, in reality, most women experience

Women in a General serious barriers to services or even if they do reach them, the

Hospital services themselves are often of insufficient quality on the part of

health personnel. Health personnel is now widely advocated as the

single most crucial intervention to reduce maternal mortality owing

to pregnancy induce hypertension. The rational is based upon the

potential for trained health workers to manage cases appropriately

and prevent complications.