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Date :
To the Landlord: Name :

Address :


Dear Sirs

RE: Property known as


I wish to lease the above mentioned premises based on the following terms and conditions: -

Name of Tenant :
Name of Occupier :

1. Term of Lease : ___________ ( ) months of lease commencing on_________________ with an option to renew for a
further period of ________ ( ) months. The Diplomatic clause shall be applicable after __________ ( )
months of occupation by the Tenant giving Two (2) calendar months notice or Two (2) months rental in
lieu of notice.

2. Monthly Rental : S$ plus GST total S$ ,(if applicable), inclusive of

the fixtures, fittings and maintenance fees payable monthly in advance.

3. Security Deposit : __________ ( ) months deposit and One (1) month advance rental.

4. Stamp Fee : To be borne by the Tenant.

5. Utilities Supply : Charges for the supply of water, electricity and gas shall be borne by the Tenant.

6. Telecommunication : Telecommunication charges shall be borne by the Tenant.


7. Singapore Cable Vision : Charges for Singapore Cable Vision facilities which are incurred by the Tenant shall be borne by the

8. Immigration Requirements : The Tenant shall at all times ensure that all occupants of the Property comply with all applicable laws for
entering and staying in Singapore.

9. The following is a list of the Tenants requirements: -







Enclosed please find goodfaith deposit of $ (Cheque no. ) made

payable to the Landlord .
The Landlord and the Tenant shall sign a Tenancy Agreement with terms and conditions to be agreed within seven (7) days from the date
of this Letter of Intent. The goodfaith deposit will eventually become part of the security deposit upon the successful completion and
execution of the Tenancy Agreement.

If the Landlord fails to sign the Tenancy Agreement after the terms and conditions are already agreed, he shall refund the goodfaith
deposit to the Tenant immediately. Thereafter this Letter of Intent shall become null and void and neither party shall have any claim
against the other party.

If the Tenant fails to sign the Tenancy Agreement after the terms and conditions are already agreed, the Landlord shall be at liberty to rent
the above premises to another tenant and the goodfaith deposit tendered herewith shall be forfeited without further notice to the Tenant.

In the presence where the Landlord(s) and the Tenant(s) comprises two or more persons, all covenants and agreements given by the
Landlord(s) and the Tenant(s) shall be deemed to have been given jointly and severally.

Yours faithfully,

Name :
Designation :

Please sign and return the duplicate of this letter as acknowledgement of your receipt of this Letter of Intent and the Goodfaith
Deposit and to indicate your agreement to the above terms and conditions.

Signature of Tenant Signature of Landlord

Name : Name :
: :
NRIC No. : NRIC No. :
Date : Date :
Address : Address :

Singapore Singapore

In the presence of ) In the presence of )

Name: ) Name: )
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