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Executive Summary

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Key Findings

Supply Chain Industry: Key Findings, Global, 2014

Frost & Sullivan has identified 6 themes that are The high growth of wireless sensors (5 years
expected to revolutionize the current supply chain CAGR* of 45%50%), coupled with the breadth
related activities i.e. smart products, control-on-the-go, of applications using cellular communication, has
track and trace, advanced Supply Chain Management provided diverse value chain participants a
(SCM), Big Data and analytics, and advanced logistics. means to monitor their movable assets.
6 Disruptive Themes Embedded Intelligence

Anytime, Anywhere Access

In contrast to traditional industrial handheld devices, the high penetration of
smartphones (5 years CAGR of 14.7%) enables personnel across the supply
chain a cost-effective means to monitor key metrics and streamline MRO** related
Big Data and Analytics
The influx of Big Data across
Product Traceability
Beyond Traditional SCM Platforms the supply chain, in particular
Compliance with regulatory unstructured data, has
mandates across vertical markets In addition to the adoption of SCM
resulted in key value chain
and geographies has paved the software used to oversee key supply
participants looking for state-
way for wide-scale acceptance of chain operations, solution providers are
of-the-art analytical platforms
track and trace solutions that allow targeting niche areas such as workforce
to convert raw data into
key stakeholders to authenticate optimization and fleet management
actionable insights that
product at various transit points (5 years CAGR of 20%25%) to improve
improve the overall
across the supply chain the overall customer experience.
operational efficiency.
Key: CAGR: Compounded Annual Growth Rate; MRO: Maintenance, Repair, and Operations Source: Frost & Sullivan

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