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The All Seeing Eye And the Sacred Secret, that they dont want you to find


In the bible it says, In the last days, your young men will see visions and your old man will dream
dreams (Acts 2:17) .

However, if this was the case, and if this was really going on in such a significant way, we probably
wouldn't hear about it via all the media networks

Therefore when it does, the chances are we will definitely hear about it all over the Internet
guaranteed And most likely it would be the only thing thats being discussed on every single
social media site online But, at this moment in time there is nothing

However, we can definitely say that we are now heading towards the last days, but at this moment
in time the last days have not yet began, Regardless to what you might think or lead to believe, but
this isnt the case just as yet

It also says that knowledge will abound in the last days, (Daniel 12:4) and guess what?

knowledge isn't abounding just as yet, however knowledge is starting to surface and this is
significant because weve had 2000 years of no new knowledge, and now things starting to come
to the surface and I expect over the next few years knowledge is going to increase and increase
until it can be said that knowledge abounds This may be the beginning, because what Im
about to share with you will probably be considered historic in 10 years time

You probably think you know what this image is to your

right is And you're probably thinking that this symbol as
nothing to do with the bible whatsoever But this symbol
unlocks every prophecy recorded in the Bible.

This image seems to pop up a lot especially in all the conspiracy theory out there, This is also the
image which we can seen on the back of the One Dollar Note

And its also the image which is associated with illuminati and the Freemasons worldwide, And it's
probably not what you are thinking!

This image is also linked to lots of conspiracy theories from small group of very rich and powerful
man out to destroy our economy, and bring what some may consider a New World Order. in to

If this is what you have being thinking, then you are far from the truth I am not going to go into
detail at this moment to what this means, I will give you a few hints that may completely surprise

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So here is your hint

And these hints are from the secular world and Not from the scriptures Please do your own
research on all I am discussing with you, and youll see its all correct.

So first hint We are told that this actually represents (the image above) The foundations of
democracy and the reason that I mention this, if you look on the back for one dollar note you will
see this mark, the pyramid with a little eye inside it are at least thats what we are told this is.

Anyway, this is not a pyramid and is not eye ball Anyway, that is your first hint! - And this is from
the Government / Empire

Second Hint: Second hint from the Empire, that this is the All Seeing Eye of God, and if you want
to do some research on the internet, Then just type in The All seeing Eye of God he sees

Third Hint: This eye ball represents the illumination that the human family gets from God, The
Enlightenment - Enlightenment - elimination - Knowledge = Knowledge from God

Ok, These 3 hints above all came from within the Government or their official website

Now Im going to give you a couple of hints from God, and these are all from the Bible

Number 1 - The Empire Lies. - They dont always lie, they mix a little lie with a little truth

Because they know me and you, are going to at least know some truth, so there not going to
reveal an actual truth you don't know, but theyll reveal the truth you do know or could easily find
out And mix it with a little lie, which gives it some credibility towards this lie

So when they say, This is the Eye that we get from God, that enlightens us - Thats a truth!
However, it's also a truth mixed with a lie!

This is the Eye of God, once again another truth, but still mixed with a lie

This is the Foundation of Democracy - Once again its the truth but mixed with yet another lie

So thats a hint from the other side

Hint Number 2: And this is a big one, the eye is mentioned in the Bible, and the eye is
specifically on about this the diagram you see above. The eye thats mentioned in the bible is
about this And its Not in a good way, Thats from outside the Empire, In Gods word The Bible.

Hint Number 3 from outside the Empire: This Picture or Image that weve been looking at all our
lifes is not actually oriented properly.

The pyramid is not oriented properly and the eye is not oriented properly either, However that little
ball inside I guess you could say is actually oriented properly because its round No matter how
you turn this image its still round

Now heres the reason why this is so important

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A good few years ago I was watching a TV programme to be fair I was still a Teen And I always
wondered why, you see all these pyramids all over the world, including why some are at the bottom
of the ocean floor and even under ice glaziers? - However I also knew that once God caused a
Global deluge, which would indicate why these are also found on the ocean floor

And then I also saw another documentary also about pyramids, And they mentioned that the
reason to why we see all these pyramids all over the world And their explanation, wasnt
because theyre all related to one another

But simply because, before the invention of steal i-beam construction the only way you could build
something so large, was to build it fat from the bottom and thinner towards the top because this
way would help support all the weight, and I guess thats actually correct, because in brink
building where they dont use i-beam or steal i-beam construction The walls at the bottom might
be 12 feet thick, while the walls towards the top may only be 1 foot thick

Therefore some credibility to this information on this particular program is correct but later on I
saw another TV documentary that showed footage of these pyramids again all over the world, yet
this time, they had this image of the triangle with the eye inside it

For some strange reason this image also appears all over the world Its on rocks, monuments,
temples which were all constructed 5/6 thousand years ago and have all being pre dated to go
back that far by archaeologists And since the flood was only 4 thousand years ago - This would
make all these images on these monuments, temples, buildings all to be Pre-flood carvings of this
images? - Due to there age. Therefore constructed before the Flood

Now you can say, that you have to build pyramids in certain ways so that they can support
themselves Which is correct, but WHY would you also place an image of an eye in the centre of
a pyramid on all these buildings?

Now not all these buildings are pyramids, some are ancient temples, monuments, churches, and in
recent years Government are political buildings, now not all of these date back as far as the flood,
however both recent and old temples feature this design Seems strange that everybody on
planet Earth came up with the same idea all at the same time, all over the world, of this image of
an eye inside a triangle

And considering we didn't discover America until August 3rd 1462, And this so called New World
also had pyramids in place, with the same building features and architectural features as the
pyramids of Giza, including this little symbol of the triangle and the eye inside also known in
some cultures as the third eye

So this is really Important This is significant, how did this triangle with an eye inside, came from
the world 6000 years ago, and also appears on structures all over the globe, and its still in
existence to this very day, its featured on many buildings around the world including temples,
churches, Government buildings, monuments past and present, and its also on the American

And we also need to ask the question why is it that every Government on the planet for the last
6000 years use the exact same symbol It's a mystery don't you think?

There is a lot of people that know a lot about History and nothing about the Bible, and there is also
a lot of people that can quote many Scriptures, but know absolutely nothing about the bible And
there are also lots of people which know about this symbol, but don't know anything about the

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so you cant take somebody that knows nothing and give them everything at once, Plus, if I just
come out with what this pyramid represents and told you the answer, nothing would make sense
And youll probably think Im going a little crazy

Anyway, the next clue

However, first I need to explain something that has recently been brought to my attention,
depending on which Bible you read, some things are missing about this image

Which makes this even more important, when Ive gone through several bibles I could not believe
now deep the attempt to hide this information is, The Roman Empire and Catholic Church at one
time took total control of the Bible, and went out of there way to burned every single Bible they
could get there hands on, except the Holy Roman Empire addition

And, to be fair there isnt that many major mistakes in their edition However, the few mistakes
that have been made or purposely made, and are designed so to do one thing, and that is to keep
us from finding out what this symbol or image actually represents and the meaning behind it

Same thing happened with British Empire, they rounded everybody up that owned a bible and
killed them normally while the Bible was chained around their neck

So that these original copies were no longer in circulation, in hope that the truth would never come
out and be revealed

When they thought they had got rid of everybody that understood the original copies they then
published their own version of the Bible, so nearly all the bibles that we see today are these
translations of the new arrivals from the British Empire, just happens to be their updated version.

The Roman Empire, including the Catholic Church edition do not correspond with the original
Hebrew and Greek translation Even though these mistakes are only minor, these minor
mistakes still misinterpret the entire bibles theme and creates confusion

Once the new updated editions where finished, they ensured that these updated versions of the
Bible were distributed to everybody, eventually everybody had an updated standard British Empire
approved bible

Once again, all the Scriptures that would lead us to this clue, in finding out what this image
actually represents have now gone When I say gone, I dont mean theyre completely gone from
out of the bible but theyve been altered just a tiny little bit so we cant figure this out

And here's the thing that youve got to look out for, in the bible a lot of things are called God, God
just means Boss so in the bible for example, Political leaders are also called gods, Angels are
also called God, Satan is also referred to as a God, Jesus is also called God, and the creator of the
universe is also called God, and this makes it seem like all those or equal, but thats not at all the

Later when the British and Roman Empire produced their bibles they actual took Gods special
name out of the bible and replaced it with the name Lord so now when you're reading about
Lord Jesus the next Scripture is about Lord Jehovah But all you see is the word LORD.

And theres a Scripture in some Bibles that says, My Lord, says to My Lord and thats all is says,
and as you can see it doesnt make any sense?

And theres no other clues, but here is a clue Everywhere in the Bible that Gods name
Jehovah was removed it was replaced with the word LORD or perhaps GOD all Capital letters,

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so thats a clue, They may be trying to hide it but everyone still as the ability to discern it for

Another hint is, if you see somewhere that it says, God then that could also mean anybody
However, if it says, Almighty God - Theres only ONE Almighty God and that is Jehovah God
And Jesus prayed to his father, Almighty God so when you see Almighty God - That is actually
referring to Jehovah! Creator of all things, God almighty

Now some of you may say that the name Jehovah is not in the Bible, and Jehovah shouldnt be in
any bible But Jehovah is an english word, just like Jesus is an english word However, if we
go to the original Hebrew then Jesus is Yehoshua

Strong's Concordance
Isous: Jesus or Joshua, the name of the Messiah, also three other Isr.
Original Word: , ,
Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
Transliteration: Isous
Phonetic Spelling: (ee-ay-sooce')
Short Definition: Jesus
Definition: Jesus; the Greek form of Joshua; Jesus, son of Eliezer; Jesus, surnamed Justus.
HELPS Word-studies
2424 Isos Jesus, the transliteration of the Hebrew term, 3091 /Lt ("Yehoshua"/Jehoshua, contracted to
"Joshua") which means "Yahweh saves" (or "Yahweh is salvation).
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of Hebrew origin Yehoshua
Jesus or Joshua, the name of the Messiah, also three other Isr.

When we look at the original Hebrew the name Jehovah is Yahweh however, theres no
real point in translating our English bibles with Hebrew words.

Who created the languages - Jehovah! Who confused the languages - Jehovah! So if Jehovah
put it in you, that his name is Jehovah - Thats perfectly fine! - And youll also find that in all the
different countries, They pronounce the name in different ways, Therefore when translated back to
its original, it will still means Yahweh - Jehovah God.

For example Jehovah in Spanish is pronounced Jehova and in Japanese and in Turkish
Yehova But they all mean the same thing Jehovah God.

And thats not all, this is what lead me to understand this concept I had a friend who was
Spanish, and I noticed that in his bible it used the word Senor over and over again and I knew
that I'm having problems with eBay and need to cancel these items for now, but I will be re ordering
once the matter as been dealt withmy bible doesnt say sir I definitely knew that for sure, and I
knew that sir and Seor was the same word

So I looked it up and the word Lord which literally means Sir So the word God means Boss
and the word Lord means Sir So if you go to a bible Dictionary it will tell you that God means
Powerful one well isn't that what a boss kind of is?

Okay, thats the first thing, so you dont have to change your bibles if you dont happen to see the
name Jehovah in it Just keep in mind that if the word Lord is in all capital letters that it is
definitely Jehovah God, However if its in small letters this could mean Jesus, Satan, or it could
even be referring to someone with power or even the Lord Jehovah.

The second thing youve gotta look out for, which can be tricky, is words that are used to describe
Angels such as Serath and cherub And I dont think there is any other particular words to
choose, although sometimes the Angels are called Sons of the true God & Men of the True God

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Or Sons of God things of that nature. Some churches will teach you that these terms must be
referring to humans as God is our father

And this is where the confusion kicks in and all misleading information starts to appear, if little
things like this which have made the bible very confusing to many people to read and understand,
we are lead to believe that God is referring to humans when it may say Sons of God however,
for example, this would be referring to only angles and not for humans, And Only Angles

But usually if an Angel is spoken of within the bible, it's usually talking about his duty, the duty of
most angels mentioned in the Bible are for being Gods Messengers, So if you are reading a
passage in the Bible and someone is approached, And this person comes to the other person
giving him a message, opening the door going out of the building walking down the street, going to
his own home, and maybe as a wife and maybe some children - Thats probably a human, Known
as a fleshly messenger.


If you read an account of a messenger coming into someones home without using the door,
appears in bright lights, hands the person a message, and that man looks up and the person as
suddenly gone, or if he happens to make fire and sulphur rain down from heaven, or even blinds
people or even walks through walls The chances are this is a Spirit messenger, therefore an

Which we will discuss later, Hebrew describes both freshly messengers and Spirit messengers
using the same word which then becomes a little awkward in trying to figure out who is who

However when you get to the Greek text, these two words are not the same, which makes a lot
easier to distinguish and understand who is who straight away and who the bible is actual referring
too the word Angel actually comes from the Greek word Ar-khang-el-os

Strong's Concordance
archaggelos: a chief angel, i.e. archangel
Original Word: , ,
Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
Transliteration: archaggelos
Phonetic Spelling: (ar-khang'-el-os)
Short Definition: a ruler of angels, a superior angel, an archangel
Definition: a ruler of angels, a superior angel, an archangel.

Which means Spirit messenger Because a lot of the time thats how Angels are used, ( To pass
on messages) so thats the second thing youve got to look out for Many religions will talk about
these people being actual humans Which then makes the bible very confusing When in fact
the bible is actually referring more about Angels then it is Humans. - I cannot emphasise how
important this is!

As we are lead that a lot of what is talked about in the bible is actually referring to humans, when in
fact its actually referring to Angels Which i will go into for more detail shortly and you can see for
yourself what I mean knowing this, changes everything you thought you knew

Also keep in mind if you are reading about something that is happening, try to discern if the
characters are physical fleshly humans or spiritual creatures, and the only reason I say this is,
because for nearly all my life, what I thought I knew was actually incorrect, Scriptures that I thought
was referring to humans, are in fact only referring to angels Or, if you correspond to the original
Hebrew and Greek, in most cases these Scriptures have been purposely missed translated to
confuse us to whom that scripture is actually taking about. We are lead to believe its about humans
when in fact it's actually referring only Angels.

Okay, The Third thing And this is a big one And this is one that really makes the
understanding of this diagram at the beginning possible So, you need to understand this - There
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is a word in the bible that is a racial slur, it did not appear in any early bibles and never existed until
the more modern bibles and that is the word Gentile.

Today in Israel or anywhere where Jewish people that happen to in the world for that matter

Jewish people, that also happen to be raciest (And thats not to say that all Jewish people are
racist) However, Jewish the people that are racist use the word Goy to describe the
disgusting filth that's not Jewish, just like any racial slur that we have today or that we are familiar

Almost any race of people that comes to England or any other country for that matter, Bring with
them racial slur attached to that particular country they just arrived from, that are all nasty, and
there meant to be mean spirited, and this condemned in the bible

And if you want to see if this is condemned in the bible just look up the word credent, because I
think the apostle Paul said something when he visited a congregation and told them, you call
yourself Christian, but you speak about the credent doing certain things, this were because at that
time, it were like the credents was just looked down on, so they used nasty word for them So in
any case, The word Gentile which is actually translated from a lot of words, but the two main
words that you are going to come across is Goy which is the hebrew word, and that word can
only be translated as nation - nations or national groups or even citizens of a nation

But all these are basically related,

and all basically mean the same
thing, but when you see the word
Goy in bible it should always be
Nation But they dont use it that
way, it all depends on who they are
talking about They would either
say nation or say Non-Jew or
Gentile ..But you cant do that with
this word.

However, Words can have two separate meanings but not in this case It is very obvious what the
word Goy means.. So when addressing the Jewish people, and you see this in the bible you
shall be my holy Goy that is Not you shall be my holy non-Jews .. Because he was talking to the
Jews when he was speaking, so it should be You are my Holy Nation Because, figuratively
God people were a nation, they were a group of people with one king, that king being Jehovah! -
And later on they choose a human king, but that was after they started doing really bad stuff

So again in any case, in the Greek we have another word thats ethnos and its sometimes
translated as gentile and sometimes its translated as nation as well However, you cant
translate this word two ways ethnos can only mean Nation, Nations or National groups or
even citizens of a nation And those are all basically the same as well

So here is why its starts coming a little confusing, in the bible there are a lot of scriptures about
the nations it says:

the churches of the nations worship Satan, and The rulers of the nation do the will of Satan,
there isnt anything good about the nations

And thats why we are told if every body who isnt a Jew or isnt a christian they worships demons
well, thats not what the bible says The bible says, All the churches of all the nations worship
demons .

You have to be able to discern that from your bible, to figure out what this is

Now Im going to tell you, so here is another hint, And remember what I said before the bible is a
real book, about real things and is a written history of the world, and Jehovah is not prudish And
when it speaks about this Image at beginning of this, the triangle with the eye inside or as we

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know it today as the All seeing eye it maybe doesnt use terms that we would use, but it says
things that describe the real world first off, I told you it was not oriented properly, so this is the
correct way its supposed to look ( See below)

This is actually now it should be oriented, upside down just like this
Image to your left

Hopefully now this is starting to make more sense to you, if not no

worries itll all become clear soon.

This is a representation of the Human female sexual reproductive

organ, this in the centre is the internal part and the outline is the
external part, the internal part represents an ovary, (EYE) In the
centre, this represents a fertilised egg, inside of this ovary, which is
represented by the perimeter, - the woman's genitalia, her
reproductive organs The secret in this image, which you will soon

However you might disagree. but if you consider the evidence, you will find the solution and
the solution will be undeniable, because you are going to soon know every single thing in the
universe in an instant And thats not an exaggeration And you are also going to have to
change your way of thinking too

I have already explained that this symbol represented the Human a female reproductive organ with
a fertilised egg inside it

However we need to ask why is this up side down?

Apart from the fact it is very difficult to build upside-down pyramid It is upside down because its
not supposed to be seen by us, its supposed to be seen from up there, way out in heaven would
be a better way in saying this.

So what does this symbol actually represent. Could it be the Muslim faith - Yes! Could it be the
Catholic faith - Yes! Could it be the Jewish faith - Yes! Could it also be the Hindu faith - Yes! Could
it be the Christian faith - Yes! Are could it just represent all religion - Yes!

This symbol is the foundation of every single organised religion on the planet Because this here,
the 3 sides actually represent the Trinity The Father, Son and Holy spirit

However, religions which happened to be monotheistic like the muslim faith, will say that this isnt
the foundation thats base of their faith, because they are monotheistic,
They're actual reason for being Monotheistic is because at sometime in
the past, some holy man realised that the trinity was wrong, and so he
started a whole new religion, but he also carried along with him a whole lot
of stuff out of the old religion, so if you are muslim, you are basically a
catholic without a trinity although there is still a lot more difference then
just that, but you know there are a lot of similarities!

Now the next one is Protestant - And they will say You know Im a baptist,
and we dont worship no mother goddess But the fact is theyre basically
a Catholic without a mother goddess And if you go back far enough
youll see that somewhere along the line another holy man realised that
Mother goddess stuff was wrong and then separated from the Catholic church Now Catholics
will tell you that its not a mother goddess, its the mother of God, its the mother of Jesus and thats
a fact because at some point somebody somewhere realised that worship of the mother goddess
was wrong, so then they changed it to the Mother of Jesus, the mother of God but still this image
like the one you see above just like all those other symbols below too, For example, some
churches have a cross that represents their foundation, one has a half crescent and thats their
foundation, one as the star of David and thats their foundation But everyone of those
foundations comes from this symbol The triangle with the eye inside

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And this is
significant, now
some people will
look at this and
say, well Ive
always said that
about religion,
religion is stupid
its all based on
one thing, Im a
atheist and I
believe in
evolution and you
cant say that this
symbol is the basis
of my faith .
Well, you are wrong! If you happen to believe in Science, because some time in the past some
Alchemist realised that this foam of worship was wrong, so he figured out that everything on earth
was made out of small particles, and all those particles was made out of even smaller particles, if
that event had never taken place back then, they would still be an Alchemist.

Far as Alchemy goes, if they were to trace their history back they would come to what is known as
sacred geometry, and these are three primary symbols of Sacred Geometry.

So really there is nobody on the earth that does not have their faith based on this image or symbol
(of an eye inside a triangle) based on this for their religion or their belief system.

Now I said earlier that this came from one unified belief system, but their have been two unified
belief systems in history. One before the flood and one after the flood, and they both had the
same symbol the only difference is, before the flood that this symbol was a little different The
eye wasnt in a triangle, the Eye was actually all by itself

And it also had markings on it, Hieroglyphs mixed in with it . That Symbol changed because the
religion changed, Religion changed because of that significant historic event, which Ill explain very
shorty as I go on But this is the key so please keep reading

The first thing Im going to tell you is that this change actually happened, And that this is the one
that we are experience today With all the millions of different religions in the world.

This happened at the Tower of Babel, At the Tower of Babel everything was just one unified
religion, when God confused all the languages it caused the religions to also be confused, it broke
up their belief system which was a crushing blow . So everybody went out in different directions
and their religions evolved

However, there was another crushing blow to the first unified religion under the first design of this
Eye, And that was before the flood for nearly A thousand years that religion was one solid
unified religion, but a crushing blow occurred that changed human spirituality forever and that is
actually in this Eye, Remember this image you see with the Eye inside the triangle, this today is
referred to as the All Seeing Eye However, the first eye was called the Eye of rah or Eye of
Horus and the difference in the design reflect a historic event A historic event that unlocks the
entire Bible and World history

Before the flood After the Flood

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There are two different versions of this eye, One from before the flood, and another after the flood.

Comparing the two solves several mysteries that haven't been revealed to us for over 2000 years
or maybe longer. John spoke of one of the mysteries of this sign in such a way that indicated that
even though he saw it with his own eyes, he didn't actually understand what he was seeing.

So lets have a look at the history of universe from the very first thing that was ever created right up
until the flood And this very important because the world that existed in that day according to the
bible, is just like the world like we see today around us.

And theres a series of events that have happened back in time that have been repeating
themselves, and we are now coming to a similar conclusion and thats why this is important to us

As you know the bible is made up of hundreds if not thousands of stories and theyre all important
but theyre all in important because they support the main story And the main story is civilisation
vs creation, and youve always got to keep this in your head in order to understand whats going on
with us in the world today, but also everything else in the bible

Anyway, the very first event in the bible that is extremely critical was the creation of the first living
being, and we dont know when that was exactly, when that happened or how long ago that was

But at some point the creator of the universe created another living being, now its not recorded
whether he had created all the stars and planets and all the galaxies first, so on and so forth We
dont even know if this living creature was created first or after all that was done, but the first
creature created was perfect and very powerful, as long as that living creature stayed connected to
the creator by the holy spirit he was able to do just about anything, and what was the first thing he
did along with the creator, they created another living creature

Then the 3 of them together created more living creators (Angels) and they kept doing this until
all the angels that exist where created, now later on we find the identity of this first angel because
the Bible calls him Jesus the firstborn of all creation, and it also calls Jesus - Gods only begotten
son So the man that was Jesus was originally a spirit creature (Angel) living in heaven with the
creator, (Jehovah) before ever coming to earth, And the very first one created through him and
through him everything else that exists today was also created - Including all the other Angel

The reason I say the 3 of them this is to do with the parable of the Prodigal son

(Nearly every story in The Bible involves two brothers fighting over an inheritance. Cain and his
younger brother Abel. Noah and his older (unnamed) brother. Shem and his older brother, Ham.
Abraham and his older brother, Haran. Isaac and his older brother Ishmael. Jacob and his older
brother Esau. The two sons of Joseph, and the two sons of Judah. John and James "The Sons of
Thunder" fighting over the left and right hand of the Kingdom. - and the Parable of the Prodigal
son is in regards to this)

The Bible does not elaborate on the relationship between Jesus and Satan, but at Col 1:15-17
Jesus is called the firstborn of all created things, meaning that Satan was not first born. In fact it
says that Jesus created all things (obviously all things that were created after himself)

In the Bible it is obvious that the first born is always given the birthright which would mean the right
to take over as tribal leader upon the death of the Father. But in every story about succession as
tribal leader, it is always the second born that usurps the first born. And this is what happened with
Jesus and Satan. Satan took over rulership of The Earth when it was not his right to do so. But at
the end of the Bible Jesus is given rulership of The Earth for a thousand years, meaning that
everything works out in the end let me try and explain,

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Okay, There is a recurring story that runs throughout the Bible about two brothers that you can't
miss, and this story without a doubt, is one of the most important recurring stories in nearly all
cultures around the world for all of human history. And all of those stories are related to a single
story about two very real brothers.

I don't think that its necessary to study every single story recorded in ancient history in order to
understand why stories of brothers are so important to humanity. There are so many brother
stories recorded in The Bible once you read all this, this will start to make sense

Just so you understand how profound these stories are to humanity, I'll give a few examples and if
you wish to pursue a better understanding of this subject, you'll have a basic starting point.

The astrological sign that we know as Gemini, is in English The Twins. Osiris, the founder of
Egypt, was supposedly killed by his brother Set. The founder of Rome, Romulus killed his brother
Remus. Similar stories are told in each of the other Empires mentioned in the Bible, such as
Assyria, Phoenicia, and Greece, but also in cultures far removed from the Holy Land such as North
and South America, and Asia.

In English this religious concept or philosophy is called Dualism, or duality, and is the basis for
many of the worlds political, Two Party Systems. In Asia, this concept is described as The Yin and

Even though the Bible tells the story over and over again, from different points of view, revealing
different aspects with each telling and retelling, it was Jesus who told the entire story from start to
finish using clear easy to understand language.

At Luke 15:11-32 the Bible records what has come to be known as "The Parable of The Prodigal
Son" This story is also known as The Parable of The Two Brothers. The Two Sons. The Running
Father. And the Loving Father.

As you are probably aware There was a man who had two sons. And the younger of them said
to his father, Father, give me the share of the property that is coming to me. And he divided his
property between them. Not many days later, the younger son gathered all he had and took a
journey into a far country, and there he squandered his property in reckless living. And when he
had spent everything, a severe famine arose in that country, and he began to be in need. So he
went and hired himself out to one of the citizens of that country, who sent him into his fields to feed
pigs. And he was longing to be fed with the pods that the pigs ate, and no one gave him anything.

But when he came to himself, he said, How many of my fathers hired servants have more than
enough bread, but I perish here with hunger! I will arise and go to my father, and I will say to him,
Father, I have sinned against heaven and before you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son.
Treat me as one of your hired servants. And he arose and came to his father. But while he was still
a long way off, his father saw him and felt compassion, and ran and embraced him and kissed him.
And the son said to him, Father, I have sinned against heaven and before you. I am no longer
worthy to be called your son. But the father said to his servants, Bring quickly the best robe, and
put it on him, and put a ring on his hand, and shoes on his feet. And bring the fattened calf and kill
it, and let us eat and celebrate. For this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is
found. And they began to celebrate.

Now his older son was in the field, and as he came and drew near to the house, he heard music
and dancing. And he called one of the servants and asked what these things meant. And he said
to him, Your brother has come, and your father has killed the fattened calf, because he has
received him back safe and sound.

But he was angry and refused to go in. His father came out and entreated him, but he answered
his father, Look, these many years I have served you, and I never disobeyed your command, yet
you never gave me a young goat, that I might celebrate with my friends. But when this son of
yours came, who has devoured your property with prostitutes, you killed the fattened calf for him!

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And he said to him, Son, you are always with me, and all that is mine is yours. It was fitting to
celebrate and be glad, for this your brother was dead, and is alive; he was lost, and is found

Throughout The Western World, each of Christendom's sects presents this story as a life lesson
about how forgiving our God is, and how we likewise should be forgiving, as well. But as we are
going to see this story is not some kind of generalisation at all. This story is about two very specific
brothers. Jesus told this story as if it was about two human brothers, living under tribal law, in
order that his human listeners would get the point, but it is not about two human brothers at all.

The Earliest incident to take place in the Bible involving brothers is the well known account of Cain
and Abel. They were the first sons born to the original man and woman, Adam and Eve, who had
been forced out of the Garden of Eden, before Cain and Able were born. Cherubs had been
placed at the entrance of the Garden, in order to make sure that the rebellious pair could not

After this initial event there is no specific mention of any garden by that name, for several hundred
years, however there is an event involving something that our English Bibles call The Entrance.

In the account, of this incident, Cain and Abel are making sacrifices in order to be accepted. We
are told that Abel cared for flocks, while Cain worked the Earth. Each sought to appease God by
sacrificing things that were precious to them. Able brought some of his flock, while Cain offered
some of his agricultural products.

At this time in history, humans were as of yet, not allowed to consume meat. Abel did not love his
flocks because he was a meat eater, he simply understood God's command as recorded at
Genesis 2:15, for humans to dress and keep the forest, in other words, to make sure that the
planet was maintained in a pristine condition.

Killing one of the living things that lived in the forest with him would have been a very difficult
sacrifice for Abel to make. Cain on the other hand would have had little respect for those living
things. The Bible records that he became the founder of the very first population centre on The
Earth, by building a city named Enoch.

My point Im trying to get across is that unlike what is taught by the religions of the world, The Bible
is not about religion. It is a written record of the war between God's Kingdom and Satan's Empire.
Also known as the war between the righteous angels, and the wicked angels, or the war between
Creation and Civilisation

But another way to think of this war is as the "War Between The Shepherds and The Builders. At
Genesis 46:34 it says that the Israelites were settled in The Land of Goshen, in order to keep them
away from The Egyptians, because, To The Egyptians, those who cared for flock animals were

Cities cannot exist without infrastructure. Cain's agricultural projects would have been essential if
he was going to settle in one place, with a large group people. God knew what Cain was involved
in, and even though he accepted Abel and his sacrifice, he refused to accept Cain's sacrifice.

At Genesis 4:7 The Bible records that God Spoke to Cain telling him, "Why are you angry, and why
has your face fallen? If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin is
crouching at the door. Its desire is for you, but you must rule over it.

The word that is translated as door here is actually the Hebrew word meaning entrance. This
sacrifice could only have taken place at the entrance to The Garden of Eden. There is no mention
of any restriction of movement anywhere in the Bible in relation to any location, on The Earth. It is
only the Garden that Cain's parents had been forced out of, that is ever spoken of in The Bible as
being restricted to humans in any way. There would be no reason for God to speak to Cain about
any other entrance.

Since The Bible very clearly says that Abel's sacrifice is accepted, it seems quite reasonable to
conclude that Abel in fact was allowed to go into the garden that his parents had been forced out

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of. Cain may have felt that, as the oldest son, his younger brother entering into the garden ahead
of him was unfair. In any case his anger, was obviously apparent to Jehovah, who pleaded with
Cain to gain the mastery over his anger. But in the end, Cain's anger led him to commit the first
murder recorded in The Bible, when he killed his brother Cain.

This usurping of the older brother's right to enter into the land, set the pattern for many more
similar occurrences in the Bible narrative.

As time passed mankind continued to rebel against God. Wicked Angels took over ruler ship of the
human family. Had sexual relations with humans, and produced hybrid offspring called Nephelim.
Things got so bad that eventually God told Noah to build an ark for the preserving of life, and
brought about a global deluge.

Prior to the flood, Noah had three sons, Ham, Shem, and Japheth. After the waters receded and
the Ark came to rest on dry ground, Noah's family exited the ark and made a blood sacrifice similar
to the one that had been made centuries earlier by Abel. Ham being the oldest would have been in
line to receive Noah's blessing and the inheritance due to the eldest son. However, Ham
orchestrated a sexual sin against his father and hence lost Noah's blessing. It is Shem, Noah's
second son, and not Ham that enters and takes possession of The Promised Land. Noah, takes
Ham's son Canaan, and reassigns him to Shem's tribe. Years later a man named Abraham enters
into that same land, which by that time is called "The Land of Canaan" after Shem's Nephew.

When Abraham enters into the promised land it is at God's behest. Just before entering, Abraham
makes a blood sacrifice very similar to the ones made by Abel and Noah. He builds an altar about
20 miles north of Mt Moriah. He then moves about ten miles closer, and after constructing another
altar for sacrifice, he enters the promised land.

Abraham who is the son of Terah is not actually the first born son of Terah, but the second born.
His brother Haran is the oldest. Since Haran died before Abraham entered the promised land,
Haran's son Lot joined his uncle Abraham, and enters the promised with him, just as Canaan had
done with his uncle Shem.

Abraham eventually has a son named Ishmael. As oldest son, Ishmael could expect to inherit the
promised land from his father Abraham. However it is not Ishmael that takes possession of the
land but Abraham's second son Isaac. Isaac leaves the land in order to dwell with the Philistines.
After some time he returns, however prior to returning to the promised land he stops to make a
blood sacrifice, about 40 miles east south east of Mt Moriah.

As you have probably already guessed, Isaac himself eventually has two sons, and once again it is
not the oldest that inherits the promised land, but the second born son. The way that this took
place is unique. Jacob and Esau, Isaac's sons are twins. Prior to their birth Rebekah is
uncomfortable with the pregnancy, so she goes to Jehovah in prayer to find out why. God explains
to her that she is going to have twins, and that they are fighting inside of her, and will continue to
do so for their entire lives.

When they are born, Esau comes out first, however when Jacob comes out, he is holding fast to
his brother's heel. The name Jacob in its original language means grasper of the heel, or foot
holder. In this ancient language, the idiomatic term Ya Aqob which we in English transliterate as
Jacob meaning foot holder would also have the meaning of "one who supplants" or "one who
usurps" as in anyone that displaces someone from their rightful place. In English we still refer to a
successful military invasion as a foothold.

Due to a considerable amount of manoeuvring and deception, Jacob does eventually receive
Isaac's blessing, and ultimately the inheritance of the promised land. Jacob, out of fear that his
brother Esau will kill him, flees to Padan-Aram and does not return, for many years. When he
finally does return to the promised land, he is stopped about 20 miles East of Mount Moriah, where
he makes a blood sacrifice before re-entering The Land.

At this point in the story things really get strange as Jacob ends up having 12 sons, of which two
of those sons, add to this story from two different angles.

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Jacob's three oldest sons are so wicked, that Jacob cannot bring himself to give his blessing to any
of them. But instead says of his 4th son, "The Scepter shall not depart from Judah." As a result of
this blessing, Judah became an ancestor of David, and eventually of Jesus as well.

The other son of Jacob that ended up playing a key role in the narrative of the two brothers ends
up being Joseph, who by divine direction becomes one of the most important men on the planet,
second only to Pharaoh himself. Joseph's brothers decide to kill him out of jealousy, but in order to
save his life, Judah, playing on his brother's greed suggest that it would be better to sell Joseph
into slavery for money, than to just kill him and waste the potential monetary profit.

Since Judah receives the blessing, it would be he who would receive the inheritance. That being
the case Jehovah pays close attention to the sons of Judah. Judah gives his oldest son Er a
woman named Tamar (which means palm tree) in order that Er may produce the next in line for the
inheritance, however Jehovah kills Er. No details are given, as to why God rejects Er, other to
simply say that he is wicked.

According to tribal law, The next in line for the inheritance was required to have sex with his
brother's widow, in order to preserve his brothers birthright. According to Genesis 38:9 Onan,
knew that if he successfully impregnated his sister in law, the child would not be considered as his,
so every time that he had sex with Tamar, he would intentionally ejaculate outside of her body, in
order to keep her form becoming pregnant. Apparently, he would not do this with other women.
So, Jehovah killed Onan, just as he had previously killed his brother.

Judah began to fear that God might kill all of his sons, so he began putting off having his next son
fulfil the obligation. Becoming increasingly impatient Tamar figured out a way to bypass the tribal
law system.

Apparently at that time women would wear veils over their faces before engaging in prostitution, so
Tamar, put a veil over her face and met Judah on the road. Judah seeing her wearing the veil told
her that he would bring her a goat if she would have sex with him. In the mean time Tamar asked
that he leave his seal, cord, and staff as a security that he would bring back the goat. When Judah
returned, Tamar was not there.

Later, when it is discovered that Tamar is pregnant, Judah orders her to be executed. But once
she produces Judah's seal, cord, and staff, Judah commends her for her righteousness.

When Tammar gives birth she has twins. Wanting to insure that the first born not be confused with
the second born, the midwife ties a ribbon on the wrist of the first infant to make an appearance.
However, once again the first born is usurped by his brother, as Perez forces his way past Zerah.
Perez means breaking through. Zerah, is born second with the ribbon still around his hand. Zerah
means shining or rising. Jesus was eventually born to a descendant of Perez This will hopefully
start making more sense as I go on

Anyway back to the main theme

Now the second important event which occurred, and there is were plenty of other events recorded
in between this too, but the second would be the completion of creation and the reason why that is
so significant is when God created the Heavens and the earth he looked and said it was good,
when he created all the fish and all the animals he also said it was good, when he created night
and day he said it is good, but when he got to the end and he created the very last thing recorded
in the bible which is Eve or Woman it says, he looked around and saw that everything was Very
Good Not Just Good, But Very Good Other words excellent, fantastic, amazing.

so the entire universe was in perfect balance at that time, he couldnt do any more, everything was
fantastic, he couldnt think of anything else he wanted to create or do He could do No more, it
wasnt just good, but VERY GOOD! - Genesis 1: 31

Now the third most important event in history So have we started out with the first ever living
creatures being created including humans, then the completion of all creation

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Then the next important event was the very first Lie, we do not know now long the earth and
universe went without a single lie being told, and theres a lot of details that are involved in this
however, the very first lie was told by a spirit creature which Ive just mentioned before to the first
woman (Eve) and when he told her the lie, it changed history forever

And that lie was, well

first off he got real sneaky and he said to Eve is it true that God said you cant eat this fruit off
this tree, and she said oh yeah we can eat off all these trees, just not that one in the middle of
garden, because if we eat off that one we are going to die

You see God the creator had told her the truth, if eat from this piece of fruit you will die, and we
dont know what kind of fruit that was, up until this time that tree was always referred to as the tree
in the middle of the garden, it was never called the tree of knowledge of good and bad that title
was actually added to it after this event, but when we read the bible it actually records it as being
the actual name

Anyway, Eve said to Satan if she eats this fruit from that tree they will positively die

We dont why Jehovah God commanded them not to eat from this particular tree

1) It may have been that the fruit wasn't ripe enough to eat, so they have had to wait.

2) If that tree was the only tree of its kind, and all the seeds had to be saved to propagate other
trees like it - Ive recently discovered, that if you harvest the trees first ever fruits, then the
likely hood that tree will not produce any more fruit the following year or very unlikely ( are it
wont be as good the following year) however, if you wait and let that tree produce its fruits 3 or
4 times first before harvesting or picking its fruits, then you are more likely to receive better
produce in the following years to come And possible 12 harvests per year.

3) If that trees fruit was actually only meant for animal feed and not human consumption

4) Or, Jehovah just placed a tree in the middle of the garden, to see if people would be faithful or
not, and if they werent, then Jehovah could kill them Which seems very unlikely.

We could actually speculate this all day However, the truth is We dont know, other then the
fact they both knew not to eat from this particular tree in the middle of the Garden But we know
that Adam and Eve probably knew instinctively as well, that they can not eat from that one
particular tree even though Jehovah also command them as well

And thats when Satan told the second Lie. He told Eve - God is only worried that you will have the
same knowledge as him if you eat that fruit.

Satan told Eve, that if she does eat from that tree, she would know just as much as God and be
just like God herself knowing good and bad, and he also promised her, what God had also
promised her, that she wouldnt die. Which is important, so remember this because Satan too,
stuck to his end of the deal And Jehovah God also stuck to his word too

Now youve got to remember, some people think that we get all our knowledge today because Eve
ate from that fruit from that tree and thats not true!

Human beings at that time would have had incredible wealth of knowledge beyond anything we
know today, When they where created they were created with the ability to understand the world
around them, like well never know they knew exactly how to use every single plant on the entire
earth, its purpose, how it can be beneficial, its uses every single plant that they could possibly
have access too - They knew what the uses of it were.

They knew everything about every animal, in fact its recorded in the Bible that God kept leading
the animals to Adam, so that he could watch, observe and figure out how they worked and what

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they were good for And what they did in their daily lives So that Adam could name those

Just like God names humans, if you look in the bible youll see that most of the characters actually
receive their names for their acts, personality traits or if they did good deeds, Jehovah changed
there names like Abram but we know him better as Abraham, But his name didt become
Abraham until the bible was written Until he proved himself to be a father of a crowd - Because
thats what the name Abraham means his original name was Abram.

So God wanted us to have the privilege of naming these animals and plants, the same way he had
the privilege of naming people Anyway, thats the first, second and third significant fact in our
history and that led to next historic event being the forth

The forth was Eve actually eating the fruit and then giving it to her Husband so that he to could
partake of this fruit Now this was the first time that anyone or any fleshly creature had broken
any of Gods laws and it had horrific consequences

Now everybody knows that once that happened God told Adam cursed is the ground on account
of you eating this fruit And some churches of the world actually teach that what that means, that
God cursed the earth, so that it would no longer produce food for the people

But thats not what that scripture is about The scripture was about how if Man and Woman
decided on their own Journey to disconnect from Jehovah's holy spirit, the same way that Satan
disconnected from Jehovahs holy spirit, that eventually it would lead to the destruction of the
Earth that's all it meant!

Now Adam and Eve even though outside of the Garden of Eden Could still eat from every single
tree that was good for food. They could still live for the rest of their lives without ever working at
all if they choose The only thing they couldn't do, was get to this certain tree which was still
inside the middle of the garden, plus ever entering the actual garden again

However, Jehovah still provided everything else for them, even though they disobeyed him, he still
loved them, but because they disobeyed Jehovah, he stuck to his word and told them from that
day you will positively die, hence why we now grow old and die, if he wanted too, Jehovah could
have restarted again with something else - But he didnt.

Jehovah then sent cherubs, to guard the entrance, so that Adam and Eve could no longer enter.

Now in the Book of Genesis its actually two books or at least two books it may have been made up
from others, but for our purposes the creation account is two books from Genesis1:1 until verses 3
or 4 this is the account of creation, creation of the natural world Then when you get to chapter
2:4 its actually becomes another book of the account of civilisation and the down fall of man!

You can check this out for yourself it actually starts as a new book just right in the middle of a
paragraph it say and now here is the History of Adam - Genesis 5:1

But in any case the next historic event that is recored in the bible is first cutting down of trees
now the bible describes the earth as a tropical rain forest North pole - South pole, the entire
planet would off been a rain forest, just like the Amazon jungle, but on a global scale

Because it explains and goes it in some detail, that it never rained, it was always a mist that came
down and watered the actual plants and if you go to any rainforest thats exactly the way they

Theres always a mist, always dripping but when it rains you never know it Other words when
the atmosphere pours rain down up on it, it can take up to a week for the water in the top of the
canopy to reach the ground and if it goes for three or four months of drought its still dripping with
water because the canopy acts in this way at holding moisture from the atmosphere, and if the
whole earth was a canopy you wouldnt need rain

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However Cain soon started cutting down the trees to begin agricultural project and God knew
where this was leading So God approached Cain ( Genesis 4:6) and said something along the
lines of Youre getting ready to do something very very bad and you shouldnt do it its wrong
and stop yourself before its too late Cain got angry because Jehovah was looking with favour
upon Abel Because Abel was actually doing what God intended Man to do, And that was caring
for all the Animals, Following Gods law and looking after Jehovahs creation by doing so, it wasnt
about the offerings, but about what was inside there hearts, Just like Lots wife Able was doing
Gods will

Now we Need to remember that Able was a shepherd, Jehovah had not given the instruction to eat
meat or produce from an animal until after the flood Up until the flood everyone was Vagan, the
thought of eating animals or using their produce (Milk, cheese, eggs) would never have crossed
their mind at all and would not have been considered as this was unnatural and would not of being
instinctive, The first recorded account of milk ever being used in bible isnt until Genesis 18:8,
which was way after the flood, And also the word shepherd means to care for or over look. - So
Abel cared for the animals.

While Jehovah knew that Cain was soon going to start building the first ever city or population
centre Which would be going against all of Jehovahs natural law when he said - Be fruitful and
become many and SPREAD OUT - You dont spread out in a population centre - Cities ( Genesis
4:17) Basically Cain was planning on starting 1st ever civilisation.

civilization |svlze()n| (also civilisation)

noun [ mass noun ]
the stage of human social development and organization which is considered most advanced: the
Victorians equated the railways with progress and civilization.
the process by which a society or place reaches an advanced stage of social development and
the society, culture, and way of life of a particular area: the great books of Western civilization |
[ count noun ] : the early civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt.
the comfort and convenience of modern life, regarded as available only in towns and cities: in the
UK nowhere is very far from civilization.

city (st)
n. pl. cities
1. A center of population, commerce, and culture; a town of significant size and importance.
a. An incorporated municipality in the United States with definite boundaries and legal powers set
forth in a charter granted by the state.
b. A Canadian municipality of high rank, usually determined by population but varying by province.
c. A large incorporated town in Great Britain, usually the seat of a bishop, with its title conferred by
the Crown.
3. The inhabitants of a city considered as a group.
4. An ancient Greek city-state.
5. Slang Used in combination as an intensive: The playing field was mud city after the big rain.
6. City The financial and commercial center of London. Used with the.

So out of anger Cain killed his brother Able, immediately after that its recored that Cain build the
first city Thats significant because remember the original commandments back in the Garden
were very basic Make love Mate, reproduce off spring to fill the earth, have your off-spring
spread across the land mass of the earth A basic way of saying fill the earth, dont fill population

If we look at this way, If Eve didnt eat that fruit from that Tree then they wouldnt be any need for
Chapter 3 of the book of Genesis The only ever laws that Jehovah gave to Adam and Eve was
very simple That was to live by Natural law, just like all the other Animals was doing before they
were created

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So Jehovahs law (Gods Law) is very simple - It Can be seen at Genesis 1: 28-30 - This were the
only law he ever gave mankind to follow and nothing else And probably the chances are if Adam
and Eve didnt disobeyed the creator, we probably wouldnt need the next 1537 pages of the

1) Be fruitful and fill the earth No silly rules on marriage or sex just be fruitful and fill the
earth - Just like all the other creatures do that Jehovah has created. you dont see birds
getting married or fish, some even have several Partners in their lifetime, Just like Jehovah
intended, while some remain faithful with just the one - For example The swan But Rabbits
dont But they all live under Jehovah's natural law, these natural instincts for animals have
never changed

2) Look after my creation - Do not ruin what I have made.-Look after the animals and care for
them Including the plants. (Look after My planet)

3) And enjoy all the fruit from all the trees apart from just the one - Out of all these thousands of
trees - That tree isnt for you.

4) Rest - chill out and Enjoy my eternal rest. - Jehovah's sabbath permanent rest. There was
nothing else to do, so rest, relax, chill out - Dont touch it, just enjoy it.

Basically live by my natural law, just like all the other creatures and plants did before I created

So when Jesus talked about he that does the will of my father remains forever He was actually
referring to this scripture, living by Jehovahs Natural law, just as he intended when he said it in
Genesis 1:31 It was VERY GOOD. - Everything Else that appeared in the Bible after that event
became covenant law Not natural law. - So when Jehovah restores his planet back to the time
when he thought it was Very Good - Well all be living by Jehovahs natural law once again, like
all the animals and plants do now. - Which I will also disuse in more detail soon. Well be ruled by
natural law and instinctive behaviour, just like all the Animals and Plants do now

Anyway, Back to Cain So when Jehovah warned Cain not to start filling population centres,(what
we would now call cities) Cain was going against Jehovah by breaking all of his Natural laws - So
that warning God gave Cain - become true!

He was heading for doing something very bad and that was the very first beginnings of
deforestation and the start of destroying Jehovahs creation And actually if you go to Wikipedia
and type in deforestation or something of that nature it will actually show you a map where it starts
right in one little part of the earth then goes right across the holy land ( promised land) and all the
cities that are mentioned all the way from Egypt, Assyria, Persia, Babylon, Greece, Rome to our
current day And look where we are now, we dont even recognise it as forest anymore the
majority of places now are just woods, not 400 foot canopy, if anything a 20 foot canopy at the
most but Its definitely not a rainforest no more, you could say it's a desert. - so that was the next
significant event in the bible history

Now the Next significant event in the bible And this is where it starts getting freaky and bizarre -
Satan went back to all the other angels in heaven And he convinced them to start doing bad
things against Jehovah Not all of them but some of them And the first bad thing they did was
to come back to earth, including all the other angels that followed him known as the fallen Angels
and they started having sexual relations with the daughters of men - woman of the earth, which
then lead to these woman giving birth hybrid off-spring Half Spirit creature half human (Are you
could say half demon and half human) known as Nephilim. - Which a lot people dont discuss
And it's rather a taboo subject However its mentioned in Gods word at - Genesis 6:1-4

And the reason Im telling you this is because No one really seems to address this situation, yet its
one of the main themes throughout the entire bible, and its not just mentioned in Genesis, Its also
mentioned in several books other books throughout the bible

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Everyone seems to ignore this Major turning point in human history, And considering that God had
to destroy all fleshly humans ( Apart from 8 people which Jehovah considered Loyal and
untouched from these creatures) and all living things because he wasnt going to take a chance in
them ever coming back, So he brought a Global deluge to destroy this breed that had taken over
his planet - Jehovahs creation, They were destroying it!

Pretty much straight after he had just created it, which must have been heart breaking It wasnt
the Humans, although they did play part

And it gets a whole lot deeper then just that! - And if I had to be really honest I knew about this
Scripture, but never really gave it much thought until recently, so realistically there is probably still a
lot of people out there that don't know about the Nephilim either Even though it's recorded in
Gods word Not some other book but Gods word

These nepheline was so powerful and they were everywhere, And everybody knew who they
were But according to the bibles account, They saw themselves as Mighty, And they were not
afraid to let themselves be known they didnt hide in caves, or out in the middle of nowhere

They took control of the earth and acted like Gods, and they believed they were gods They
taught the humans all the things they shouldnt know (Youll have to read the Book of Enoch
and youll understand this much better) They were just like anyone you see today walking around, I
guess you could say they were like celebrities, everyone knew who they were Genesis 6:4

Book of Enoch - Chapter 8

1Moreover Azazyel taught men to make swords, knives, shields, breastplates, the fabrication
of mirrors, and the workmanship of bracelets and ornaments, the use of paint, the
beautifying of the eyebrows, the use of stones of every valuable and select kind, and all sorts
of dyes, so that the world became altered.
2Impiety increased; fornication multiplied; and they transgressed and corrupted all their
3Amazarak taught all the sorcerers, and dividers of roots:
4Armers taught the solution of sorcery;
5Barkayal taught the observers of the stars, (9)
(9) Observers of the stars. Astrologers (Charles, p. 67).
6Akibeel taught signs;
7Tamiel taught astronomy;
8And Asaradel taught the motion of the moon,
9And men, being destroyed, cried out; and their voice reached to heaven.

Book of Enoch - Chapter 9

1Then Michael and Gabriel, Raphael, Suryal, and Uriel, looked down from heaven, and saw the
quantity of blood which was shed on earth, and all the iniquity which was done upon it, and said
one to another, It is the voice of their cries;
2The earth deprived of her children has cried even to the gate of heaven.
3And now to you, O you holy one of heaven, the souls of men complain, saying, Obtain Justice for
us with (10) the Most High. Then they said to their Lord, the King, You are Lord of lords, God of
gods, King of kings. The throne of your glory is for ever and ever, and for ever and ever is your
name sanctified and glorified. You are blessed and glorified.
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(10) Obtain justice for us with. Literally, "Bring judgment to us from." (Richard Laurence, ed. and
trans., The Book of Enoch the Prophet [London: Kegan Paul, Trench & Co., 1883], p. 9).
4You have made all things; you possess power over all things; and all things are open and manifest
before you. You behold all things, and nothing can be concealed from you.
5You have seen what Azazyel has done, how he has taught every species of iniquity upon earth, and
has disclosed to the world all the secret things which are done in the heavens.
6Samyaza also has taught sorcery, to whom you have given authority over those who are associated
with him. They have gone together to the daughters of men; have lain with them; have become
7And have discovered crimes (11) to them.
(11) Discovered crimes. Or, "revealed these sins" (Charles, p. 70).
8The women likewise have brought forth giants.
9Thus has the whole earth been filled with blood and with iniquity.
10And now behold the souls of those who are dead, cry out.
11And complain even to the gate of heaven.
12Their groaning ascends; nor can they escape from the unrighteousness which is committed on
earth. You know all things, before they exist.
13You know these things, and what has been done by them; yet you do not speak to us.
14What on account of these things ought we to do to them?

Jehovah chose not to have this book included in his Holy Scriptures, however this book is referred
to by the apostles in our current bibles knowing that Jehovah chose not to include this book,
would indicate that some of the information throughout this book may be incorrect.

Keeping in mind this is only in chapter 6 of the first book of a very big book and this continued
right up until the flood. (for 1656 years to be precise) If you think logically these were actually half
spirit creature and half human, They probably would of also had to the same genetic make up as
angles, as well as humans meaning they would have been super human. - So this could also
add to the fact to why people thought they were Gods of their time.

I will just briefly mention these Nephilim,

The bible calls them mighty men of old, incredible bullies of fame, thats all it really says about
them And there parents were Human females and they had Demonic fathers known as fallen
angels, who left heaven and came to earth with Satan so in this account there is very little said,
but we do know that Jehovah looked around and said that this world is ruined, so much so, he had
to do something drastic real quick his solution was the Global deluge

If Jehovah wanted to at that time he could have just snapped is fingers and made all of these
creatures just disappear, but he brought the flood about so that everyone who were there
witnessed it

And would also remember what had happened, but not only that People thousands and
thousands of years later could then look at all the flood damage that we can still see around us
today, and know that God actually took action back then and hell do so again

And even though all these stories have been passed down by our ancestors from generation to
generation, And every cultures around the world all have a story of Global deluge from south
American all the way over to China - And we can still see all this physical damage all around us of
this Global deluge So thats why the flood was brought about!

So if the flood then was brought about to destroy the demons and all those Nephilim back then

Why do some people still believe that Nephilim will return towards the last days? So could this be
a possibility?

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Some People seem to think its because of this particular scripture (Matthew 24:37) As it was in
the days of Noah .. And they seem to think that the Nephilim would return back to earth in a fleshly
foam once again just before the last days begin like it was in the Noahs day

Any Nephilim returning after the flood, would make it seem as if God had failed, this was the whole
entire purpose of the flood, to destroy these creatures So they could never return ever again,
and there is no report anywhere in the bible that God ever fails at anything

So the likelihood of them returning is very unlikely, But who knows, Satan is the Ruler of this world,
Science as advanced so much, that I dread to think whats being taking place behind closed doors
which we general public dont know about with genetic modification.

However there are still people that Believe it's the actual Nephilim that rule our current world today,
behind closed doors, And there the ones that pull all the strings, presidents and prime ministers are
just puppets on strings and this is why the world is so bad So why do people also think this?

When you think about it, its kind of correct If the bible states that Satan is the ruler of this world
Then its only logical to think, that he must be in Direct contact with hierarchy of his Empire in some
way or another, like all the other Empires that once ruled the world And if you search online you
will find that many World government lender meet at what seems to be some really wired

Check out Bohemian Grove and or Just type into any search engine something like this: Satanic
rituals world leaders attend and youll see some familiar faces. - And click on images

There is a couple of scriptures that only exist in the English Bible, and are not mentioned in the
original Greek or Hebrew writings, but in the English Bibles when Moses is taking the Nation of
Israel into the promised land he sends 12 spies out 10 spies go in and come out with what the
Bible calls a bad report, while Joshua and Caleb come out with good report So when you are
reading the English Bible accounts to me it looks like they were just 12 opinions or just 12 people
with 2 options .. 2 people said lets go this is a good idea and the other 10 said this is a bad

But if you look at the Hebrew, you see that word Bad Report which means dabar (daw-baw) and
when you click on this word using a concordance, it also brings you to about a dozen other
scriptures that use the same word, and interestingly enough if you go to parallel bible and look at
all the different ways that people have translated that scripture, that one scripture that those 10
spies brought back a bad report it either says they brought back a evil report, wicked report,
scary report But all the other scriptures say they brought back using this word use slanderous
lie .. And that the nation of Israel was involved in a slanderous lie So every single place that
word comes up in some english Bibles it uses the english word slanderous lie well, its become
such a tradition to believe these Nephilim came back that a lot of translators when they get to that
part about the 10 spies they dont want to translate it as slanderous lie .. which is what its
supposed to say instead of using the phrase bad report but this also now starts causing

I use to think that all the mistranslation in the English bible, could of being due to their lack of
understanding or knowledge at the time, or intentionally to mould people into some kind of religious

However, Im starting to believe that every time there is a mistranslation, its intentional from
everything Ive noticed myself, Because weve got this whole religious thing springing up based on
one poorly translated scripture, but thats not the only place in the bible it talks about things that
people say are Nephilim, when we hear about Goliath, were told that it says that his whole race
was just him (Giants) so they must of being Nephilim?

Well, the first thing is Goliath was a giant, it doesnt say he was a mighty men of old or a bully of
fame.. That to me would indicated people such as kings and political leaders or popes

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Goliath was a foot soldier now in some Bibles it looks like hes twenty feet tall which would be
pretty incredible because most people when they get about eight feet tall, spend their life in a
wheelchair if this was true, then this would have be something fantastic, but in the original
Hebrew when you read about Goliath and you take all the figures that are given, the size of his
spear, and the size of his shield and the weight of his spear, Then and you compare it to what was
standard equipment back then, it really looks like Goliath was 6 foot 9

And they say that his whole race was like that, and I also think they talk about his cousin or brother
that was the same size as him too, but thats not unusual as we see people this hight today Thats
really not that impressive, but there is people today that are actually taller then that, so 6 foot 9 is
not really that much of a big deal but the fact that his entire race was also this height is down to
how genetics work so it's not that Goliath was not a Nephilim, hes just from a big family that
happened to be tall Which this account can be seen Numbers 13

However if we look at Secular history, because the Bible doesnt really record much about the
Nepilim There is actually more recorded in secular history just like the flood, The Bible only says
there was a flood, does not really go into any further detail other then that, but when you look
around there is absolutely loads of evidence to support the flood taking place, even though the
bible does not go into great detail If Jehovah wanted to, he could have had it recorded to which
cities was destroyed and lost to water, which animals may have been destroyed, but he does not
go into great detail, just like the account of the Nephilim, yet evidence is all around us.

Jehovah leaves this evidence written in stone, because anyone can write onto paper, including
satans empire and alter whatever they like But, Only Jehovah can leave his message imbedded
into rock, so it can never be altered

So if we go back and look at all of the gods and goddesses from after the flood and then you look
at all the gods and goddesses that existed before the flood, there is a big difference.. Its like what
the Bible says When Satan sinned in the Garden of Eden Jehovah said ( Genesis 3:14) Okay,
because of this you will always be referred to as serpent so if you look at this whole pre-flood
mythology Satan is always depicted or whoever the gods where back then hes always
depicted as having green skin and instead of legs he's had a tale - and hes referred to as the
Green one, or the serpent god So it is possible when God cursed him this could of actually
happened, And he somehow was changed into some kind of creature that we never see, so its
hard for us to believe but also in this pre-flood mythology the sons of God - the ones that was
half human and half Angle (Jehovah created them, Sons of God - Spirit creatures) And this is
recurring theme throughout all mythology - They always look very weird.. For example they might
have the head of a Loin or snakes coming out of their head or even head of a bird head with
human body.

Anyway, they always have some kind of a weird feature that dont look at all human, and so if we
were to see Nepilim today, I suspect that they would look the Nephilim in the old ancient paintings,
they wouldnt be easy to hide And even if they were just really weird looking creatures or

Theyve also found skeleton remains of humans which are truly bizarre ( see photos below)

So lets look at some Evidence of Greek Mythology.

The primary god of Greek mythology is Zeus. In Greek mythology Tartarosas is a prison that Zeus
uses to get pleasure by torturing other gods that he fears will take his throne. But all mythology is
based on some truth, but mostly lies.

Every culture on the planet as myths or legends and stories of a great flood, even though most of
these stories you hear from all the other cultures are mainly based on lies or fabricated, and are
not based on the bibles account - There is still an element of truth to them all, whether thats in
China, South American or Australia just like any myth.

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noun: myth; plural noun: myths
1 1.
a traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining a natural or social
phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events."ancient Celtic myths"
2 synonyms:
folk tale, story, folk story, legend, tale, fable, saga, allegory, parable, tradition, lore, folklore; More

Cyclops Skull. A cyclops in Greek

mythology and later Roman mythology,
was a member of a primordial race of
giants, each with a single eye in the
middle of his forehead.[1] The name is
widely thought to mean "round-eyed"[2]
or "circle-eyed".[3] Hesiod described
three one-eyed Cyclopes, Brontes,
Steropes and Arges the sons of Uranus
and Gaia, brothers of the Titans,
builders and craftsmen,[4] while the
epic poet Homer described another
group of mortal herdsmen Cyclopes.

No doubt you have already seen these images on Television programs or online And there is
also a museum somewhere that houses these skulls, these skulls are really elongated as you can
see and also skulls with just the one eye socket have also been unearthed.

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The explanation we are given from the Scientific world, is that years ago people would practice
head binding soon as there babies were born, They would wrap these bindings around the childs
head and it would force the babies head to grow long instead of out. Which could be true, as this
practice is still takes place still today.

But if this is the case, keeping in mind how human biology works I suspect that their head would be
really skinny and long, they wouldnt be the same size as well as long because the thing causing
this was supposed to be head binding And the skulls which they are finding today the brain
capacity is three times more of that of a human brain You can even see similar shaped heads on
the Egyptian royalty too Anyway, Im not here to speculate this. I am just pointing out they are
starting to discover these remains.

Anyway there is no evidence anywhere in the Bible to indicate that they existed after the flood, All
the evidence is outside of the Bible, And the evidence that we do see is unsubstantiated.
Also later in the bible we hear about Giants However, the stories of Giants that we here about
while reading the bible, these guys are just workers, there not famous, and theres nothing else
said about them other then the fact they were Giants They just appear like big humans just
like tall people we see today

The original Hebrew word for Nephelim implies that they were "ones that cause death". Nothing in
the original language Bible text indicates that the Nephelim were in any way larger in size than
anybody else, all though they could have been All we can go off his what secular history

According to the measurements found in the original Hebrew text the Giant Goliath was a little
over six and a half feet tall even though the Bible does not go into great detail in regard to their
description of Nephelim we cannot be 100% sure of their description, just that they existed.

Were not told which Angles (fallen Angles came with Satan back to earth) However, soon as they
left Jehovah they become known as Demons

The Bible does not go into great detail of this event, however it does confirm that they were here at
one point in history, and Jehovah looked around and saw earth was being ruined because of

The Book of Enoch, goes into much more depth in regard to thus situation, even though particular
book did not make it into the Bible, the apostles do you refer to this book in our bible.
However while reading the Bible youll soon notice that every book in the Bible agrees with all the
other book in the Bible Much of the Book of Enoch is in agreement with the Bible, and its even
quoted in the Bible The actual book does not tie in with the rest of the Bible theme. Too many
conflicting passages, and no way to cross check the original languages. - And because Jehovah
decided to leave this particular book out from being placed in his word, then this would be
unreliable source to trust everything thats inside the Book Of Enoch.

We are not told which woman they made out with, just that they did. However, you can just use
your simple powers of reasoning here First off, Satan Was the one that told them to do it, Do
you really think he would just stay up in Heaven and watch while the others fallen Angels came to
earth to enjoy themselves?

Remember, Satan was one of the demons (fallen angels) that decided to leave is proper dwelling
place and disobeyed the creator and came to earth to make it his home or what he thought was
rightfully his

More then likely he would have being one of the first to make out with fleshly female humans, also
as time went on, they would be no way of telling now many woman would have actually being on
the earth at that time, considering people lived to nearly 900-1000 years old back then And the
time frame from Creation to the flood was actually 1656 years.

But we know of one woman that would have been around back then? - The only one mentioned in
the Bible That being Eve And theres another thing about Eve, since she was created without

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sin, (without imperfection) She would of been the only perfect woman on the planet and she
would have also been the very first of her kind However, as we know Eve did sin

However, Eve would have been the prize possession, the best catch any Angel could get, and
more then likely she would have had on everybodys attention - After all this is the first woman and
the first of her kind.

And as it says in Genesis 3:20 - She had to become the mother of every one living as time
went on from the start of creation to the flood, peoples ages got shorter and shorter and shorter as
they gained more imperfections in their genetic makeup - Adam got to live until he was 960 years
old or something like that. Humans today, only live to around 60 or 70 maybe 80 if were especially
healthy at a push.

Eve, the only perfect woman would still be alive when the fallen angels arrived, so theres no
reason to believe that Satan wasnt involved and Eve wasnt involved and thats extremely
important to understanding the bible

From then on the only stories that we got are supporting stories or story that are backed up by
secular history again or Mythology

So there is nothing really incredibly historic until we get to Noah - God looked around and said he
couldnt believe what as happened to his creation, the earth was being ruined and that he
regrets that he even created man and he felt hurt in his heart - Genesis 6:6

And it also says that God realises that he had to put a stop to it, he regrets creating Man for what
they did to his creation. So his solution was to flood the earth on a global scale keeping in
mind that its never rained before - Genesis 2:5

But it was the only way to save the earth and so the flood was a mechanism to get rid of all of the
nepheline, those half breed creatures, along with the demons, And at that time in history demons
could possess physical bodies, they would have to leave their physical bodies in order to save their
own lives All this is very important to understand not just a world history in the bible, but
understanding the all seeing eye

So here is the next hint which we mentioned right back at the beginning.. about the all seeing eye
Here is the same all seeing eye so the one on the right is the same as the one on the left

Where did I get that information from?

Any encyclopaedia, Wikipedia, Google, any church, any industry, and any
government will tell you that this eye on the left hand side is based on the
image on the right hand side They seem to not know why, however they
know the two are actually linked together However, some of the higher-
ups in todays Society do know what these symbol represent

But before I told you that the Image to the Right

wasnt oriented properly, Well the same also
appeals for the image on the Left hand side
too Both are not oriented properly

However There is for different reasons, and I will also give you
another hint, This triangle represents the Trinity, it had to be added to
the eye because the Trinity was taken out of the eye.

Originally, The Trinity was in the eye - Father, Son and the Holy Spirit are actually in the one to the

However the one to the right is actually The father, Son and Holy Mother This image didnt
become Father, Son and Holy Spirit till this

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So hopefully if you look at this youll understand whats going on now

This is actually a series of 3 hieroglyphs, (Image to your left)

So this is your next hint, which I think you probably would of

guessed this by now if not no worries, How to read these
hieroglyphs well turn it to the side and all will be revealed
Because what youll get is this - And Hieroglyphs are an
ancient dead language But its a picture language, pretty
much looking at the picture will tell you what the hieroglyphs
are about usually

So now you are going to see what the All Seeing Eye is really
all about, the first thing I need to do is review again what the
Governments of the world tell you what the All-seeing-eye is all
about, And when I say the Governments of the world what I mean is
the political systems, the economic systems and the belief system of
this current world

But all Im going to do is read what the U.S government says youll
either have to trust* me when I say that all governments pretty much
stick to the same story or do your own research But really every
nation on earth is all part of the same club and they all back each other up on this particular subject, their
story about the All Seeing Eye is this

1) It represents the All Seeing eye of God watching over us and this is true, but it is also very misleading
because it uses the word God which when translated simply means mighty one but it doesnt specify
which mighty one this is This is meant to confuse the citizens of civilisations, and it does.

2) It represents the eye of enlightenment, that brings knowledge to civilisation were about to find out
exactly what that means

3) It represents the foundation of democracy.

Please Remember these three definitions that the Empire or governments state what this symbol represents.

(* Research this yourself online in any search engine)

I would just like to say I did not make this up, alter or embellish these three definitions, that I have just stated
to you in any way, these definitions are directly from the Empire and can be read for many Encyclopaedias
or knowledge base found on the internet, this symbol are found on monuments, temples, places of worship
and flags everywhere from moon and in oceans of the Earth its on the Money in documents of possibly
every nation on the earth, and its the most widely distributed symbol in the world

I have already told you that the eye has changed from its original design and because of the most significant
event in the history of human spirituality, but this is the same eye. The eye that most of us are familiar with is
made of three of the most important symbols in sacred geometry and that the pyramid-shaped represents
the external reproductive organs of a human female, as seen from heaven - The pyramid also represents the
Trinity and the eye in the middle is in fact not an eye, but represents an embryo The original eye known
as the Eye of Ra has all of these features However just in a different way, Now I want to show you the
hieroglyphs and explain them to you

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first off, These are hieroglyph for a serpent or ancient images or symbols that represent sneaks or


On some of the images and you can actually see the detail of the coil as well as the detail of its
head, this would actually be a horned Asp, This image is why you will often see world leaders,
celebrities, even Royals and popes using this hand gesture.

Most people think that this hand sign represents the red pitchfork wielding version of the devil, but
it is actually a representation of the Horned Asp sneak, that can be seen in the All Seeing eye
This symbol represents the Egyptian King Osiris - Osiris is Satan, the reason hes not called Osiris
in the BibleThis is because we are told that we have to make a name for ourselves with
Jehovah, The names that Osiris made with Jehovah was resistor and slander which in the
ancient languages translate to Devil and Satan Osiris would not have wanted to go by either of
those names in his public life

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The ancient greek historian Diodorus Siculus wrote about the history of Egypt in which Osiris was
described as an ancient king who taught the Egyptians the arts of civilisation, including agriculture
then traveled the world - This would explain why people around world took to cutting down food
producing permaculture forests and replacing them resource consuming agriculture it would
also explain why the all seeing eye as being discovered on nearly every land mass on the

Well be talking more about Osiris shortly

So now we need to look more into the Hieroglyphs and now these are read .

Scholars have discovered that there are three different classes of Egyptian hieroglyphics. Some
signs belong to more than one class.

1 Phonograms are signs that represent a specific sound. Some correspond with the sounds
of two or more letters.
2 Ideograms represent ideas instead of sounds. Examples of ideograms are the hieroglyphs
that represent the gods.
3 Determinatives are hieroglyphs that were not spoken or translated. They help make the
meaning of words clearer and mark the end of words. The Egyptians placed no spaces
between words or sentences.

The Egyptian language did not have written vowels, so the exact pronunciation of ancient Egypt
is not known. Due to this, some words used the same constants. Scribes put determinatives on the
ends of these words to show which word was meant. These signs also distinguished male names
from female ones by placing a sign of a man or woman at the end of the name discussed.

Hieroglyphs are read vertically, horizontally, from right-to-left or from left-to-right.

The signs reveal which direction carvings should be read. If the signs face right, they should be
read right-to-left. If they face left, they should be read left-to-right.

Scholars believe that Egyptian hieroglyphs developed around 3200 BC. At first, the Egyptians used
between 700 and 800 signs. By 300 B.C. Over 6,000 signs were in the written language. Many
hieroglyphs came from nature or daily life.
Animals like lions or owls
represented sounds or
ideas. Shapes represented
loops of ropes or houses.
While many animals or
shapes represented the
idea they resemble, not all
of them did. People needed
specialised training to
read and understand
Only elite Egyptians, like
royals, nobles, priests and
scribes, could read
hieroglyphs. These people
made up about 3% of the
population. Scribes went to
special schools and some
began training at age 12.
Students had to begin by learning 200 different signs.

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People with a basic knowledge of hieroglyphs knew around 750
signs. A skilled scribe had to memorise over 3,000 hieroglyphs.
Scribes earned a good living through their work, and were valued
members of the community. They used special tools in their work.
Scribes painted inscriptions on buildings or objects before
carvers engraved them. Scribes also used papyrus, a paper-like
substance made from plants, as a writing surface.

They wrote with reed brushes and different colours of ink. Scribes
used red or black ink for words and coloured ink for pictures.

Over time, two other Egyptian scripts, hieratic and demotic,


1 Hieratic was a cursive form of hieroglyphics with less complicated and connected signs. Scribes
used it to write documents and letters, because writing in hieratic was faster. Scribes
always wrote hieratic right-to-left and used carved reed brushes.

2 Demotic developed around 660 B.C. It was an abbreviated script with signs that did not look like
the corresponding hieroglyphs. Writing with demotic was even faster than writing with
After the Greeks conquered Egypt, knowledge of hieroglyphics began fading. The royal family
and most of the elites spoke Greek. Use of hieroglyphs faded even more after Rome conquered
Egypt. Another written form of Egyptian, Coptic, developed.

3 Coptic used only 30 signs, many of them Greek. Most Coptic signs only represent one sound.
Some Coptic words helped scholars decipher hieroglyphics. Modern study of hieroglyphs
flourished after the discovery of the Rosetta Stone.

The next Hieroglyph represents the Mother goddess - This Image you
see now, is actually a image for woman, or fertile, and inside this
image you can see this circle, that represents an embryo or fertility
So if this hieroglyph does not seem to look like a mother goddess
just remember that its not a photograph or even a painting.

It is part of a written language and isnt supposed to be filled with unnecessary

details, And if you think Im making more out of this then it actually is then go to
google images and type in any search Engine - Mother of God - You will notice
that many of the images look like this only with more detail Or try Mother
Goddess, Mother Nature Pagan symbols to represent Mother Goddess, and
you will find loads of similar images to this and the ones below

And throughout all the centuries the same symbol as being used to represent the
same thing, and is still in use today.

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Pagan Symbols ^

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Ishtar/ Isis

Genesis 3:20 -
because she had
to become the
mother of every
one living - Eve

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And the Shape of this hieroglyph is why you often see many wifes of world leaders, or
Female political leadersusing this hand gesture

Many people think there just making a pyramid by doing this but this particular sign only
appears as a pyramid for a second there making the reproductive organ sign.

Now The Next one that we need to look at is this one to the left .

Which Does not look like much, but this is the one that ties it altogether This is a
simple hieroglyph for Tree So when you add all 3 together, you get the snake/
serpent which Jehovah said that this is how Satan will always be referred to You get
the mother Goddess - Who had sexual relations with Satan, Carrying their hybrid Child
And it all started with the Tree in the middle of the garden.. which as been

I know right now that you are probably doubting all these characters,
and who Im saying they are So Im going to explain why the evidence is compelling,

Why I believe that Eve was the Mother Goddess, thats depicted in the All Seeing Eye and every
ancient culture, is the similarity in the personal name EVE And the personal names of all the
Mother goddesses - All the Mother goddesses from ancient times

Eve actually has Three names in the bible - two of those names

Eve in Hebrew is awwh, meaning "living one" or "source of life", and is related to y, "to live".
The name derives from the Semitic root yw. - Names that was given to her by God to describe
what she became known for over the course of her life, if not most if not all of the bible characters
were named after the course of their lives Just like Abraham - which means father of a crowd.

Hawwah has been compared to the Hurrian goddess Kheba, who was shown in the Amarna letters
to be worshipped in Jerusalem during the Late Bronze Age. It has been suggested that the name
Kheba may derive from Kubau, a woman who was the first ruler of the Third Dynasty of Kish.

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The goddess Asherah, wife of El, mother of the elohim from the first millennium BCE was given the
title Chawat, from which the name Hawwah in Aramaic was derived, Eve in English.

It has been suggested that the Hebrew name Eve ( )also bears resemblance to an Aramaic
word for "snake" (Old Aramaic language ;Jewish Palestinian Aramaic )

These names are very important not for pronunciation but for there meaning, which well take
about that a little more shortly

But another name found at Genesis 2: 18-23, is important for its pronunciation

Then the man said: This is at last bone of my bones And flesh of my flesh. This one will
be called Woman, Because from man she was taken.

Which in ancient hebrew was Ish-shah (sounds like)

Strong's Concordance
ishshah: woman, wife, female
Original Word:
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Transliteration: ishshah
Phonetic Spelling: (ish-shaw')
Short Definition: wife

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

adulteress, each, every, female, many, none, one, together,
Feminine of 'iysh or 'enowsh; irregular plural, nashiym {naw-sheem'}; a woman (used in the same
wide sense as 'enowsh) -- (adulter)ess, each, every, female, X many, + none, one, + together, wife,
woman. Often unexpressed in English.
see HEBREW 'iysh
see HEBREW 'enowsh
see HEBREW 'enowsh

Which literally means female man ( just like when we use the word Mankind - we dont mean just
men or males - but both male and female) this would have been her personal name while on earth,
just like Adams personal name would have been Adam Which means Men? Thats right, Adam
and Ishshah - simple means Men and Woman

This name is important more its pronunciation then it's meaning because Ishshah is almost
identical in pronunciation to Ishtar

Ishtar is the very earliest version of the name of the Mother Goddess - this is definitely more than
just a coincidence especially when you consider the distance in time and culture between the
ancient city of Babel and the ancient language of writer of the Genesis account Moses Later
civilisations called by similar names such as:

Iset - Egypt

(Or Isis) was a queen of the eighteenth dynasty of Egypt, and she was named after goddess Isis.
She was a secondary wife or concubine of Thutmose II

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Ishtar - Assyria

(English pronunciation /tr/; Transliteration: DITAR; Akkadian: !" ; Sumerian!) is

the Mesopotamian East Semitic (Akkadian, Assyrian and Babylonian) Goddess of fertility, love,
war, sex, & power [1] She is the counterpart to the earlier attested Sumerian Inanna, and the
cognate for the later attested Northwest Semitic Aramean goddess Astarte, and the Armenian
goddess Astghik. Ishtar was an important deity in Mesopotamian religion which was extant from c.
3500 BCE, until its gradual decline between the 1st and 5th centuries CE in the face of Christianity

Ashtoreth - Greece

(Greek: , Astrt) is the Hellenized form of the Middle Eastern goddess Ishtar, worshipped
from the Bronze Age through classical antiquity. The name is particularly associated with her
worship in the ancient Levant among the Canaanites and Phoenicians. She was also celebrated in
Egypt following the importation of Levantine cults there. The name Astarte is sometimes also
applied to her cults in Mesopotamian cultures like Assyria and Babylonia.

Ashtart -Phoenicia

The Phoenicians were a seafaring people who lived in the eastern Mediterranean in a narrow strip of
land on the coast of southern Syria between the mountains and the Sea. They were famed as traders,
and they were especially known for their purple wool, dyed with the secretion of the sea-snail called
the murex; the name Phoenician, from the Greek phoinix, may have its roots in the name for this
distinctive colour. The earlier name of the Phoenicians was the Canaanites, a very ancient name that
probably refers to their skill as merchants; for the most part these words do refer to the same
culture, though it is handy to think of the Canaanites as belonging to the Bronze Age and the
Phoenicians to the Iron Age. They also had a major outpost at Carthage on the northern coast of
Africa; this persisted up to Roman times and was to give the Roman Republic much trouble.
Phoenicia, as a center of trade, had a lot of interaction with other cultures, and their art in particular
shows a strong Egyptian influence. They are also credited with the world's earliest alphabet,
meaning a system of symbols or letters in which each letter represents a simple sound, rather than
an idea, syllable or word like cuneiform or the hieroglyphs of the Egyptians; and with they're
seafaring ways they were able to spread the alphabet far and wide.
The sources of Phoenician mythology include several (fragmentary) myth cycles preserved on
ancient tablets, of which one is the Epic of Ba'al; other sources are Greek writings and the Hebrew
scriptures. The Goddesses of the Canaanites/Phoenicians are here listed with some of the names
given to them by other cultures, which may in some cases be more familiarfor example, the Great
Goddess Ashtart is better known by Her Greek name of Astarte. There are many variations in
names, as the Phoenician language (like many Semitic languages) did not make use of vowels, and
in a lot of cases it seems it was up to the particular translator's fancy as to where to put them in to
make things readable. I have included only the more obviously different variations on this index
page, except in the cases of Ashtart and Athirat, who were (probably) two separate Goddesses, often
confused, whose names could have very similar spellings. I have thought it best then in their cases
to include all the variations here, supposing that it will be less confusing, not more.Ashtart (either
"the Star", or "She of the Womb"), is better known by the name Astarte, the Greek version of Her
name. Ashtart is a Semitic Goddess of Love and War and the Canaanite Great Goddess who is the
cult partner of Ba'al ("the King"). Semitic describes a group of languages, and by extension, kindred
cultures of the Near East and Africa which include Phoenician, Arabic, Hebrew and Assyrian. She is
the Deity of the Planet Venus and a Fertility Goddess, and Her cult was known throughout the
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ancient world for its practice of temple prostitution. She was the main Deity of the cities Sor (more
familiarly Tyre), Zidon (Sidon) and Gubla (Byblos), and is frequently shown as an archer either
beside or standing on a lion, much like the Babylonian Ishtar, who is quite similar. Snakes and the
cypress tree are sacred to Her; and, like the related Arabic Goddess Al-Uzza, whose name, "The
Mighty One," is an epithet of Ashtart, the acacia tree is also Hers.

The festival of Ishtar was celebrated at the beginning of spring with the dying/painting of eggs -
Remember that the all seeing eye does not represent an eye, but it is only called that, it is actually
the ovary or embryo of Hybrid offspring of Satan and Eve

Another line of reasoning that Eve was actually the Mother Goddesses, is the story of the mother
goddess as reported in secular history when compared with the history of Eve as recorded in the
bible, so please pay close attention to the following comparisons

In secular writings the Mother Goddess is always referred to as the Mother to everyone on earth or
the giver of life In the bible it is recorded that Eve became the mother of everyone on the earth,
and since this became her title as the Mother Goddess One of the other names that Jehovah gave
her in the bible is Chavvah - Meaning Life or Giver of life

Strong's Concordance
Chavvah: "life," the first woman
Original Word:
Part of Speech: Proper Name Feminine
Transliteration: Chavvah
Phonetic Spelling: (khav-vaw')
Short Definition: Eve

In secular writings the Mother Goddess is said to be the Mother of God In the bible it says, that
spirit creatures also called Gods came down to earth and made human female pregnant, and this
would have occurred during Eves life time

Eve had already displayed a willingness to do the will of Satan when she broke Gods law by
eating off the tree which was in the middle of Garden, Eve was the only woman on the earth that
was perfect at that time

Satan was called the ruler of demons, and as such it would have being logical that the woman he
chose to be his wife/sexual partner would be the most perfect woman alive Why down grade
when he knew he could have the best that was around The word wife when translated correctly
means female tribal leader not as what we know it today

So if this is true, Eve would have become the Mother of one of the Nephilim which were considered
to be Gods in their day, the father of her child would have been Satan, and secular writings except
the Egyptian version of the Mother goddesses primary power was that of a great magician, whose
power transcended that of all others deities including the creator, it is recorded that she was able to
use her powers to trick the creator

However in the Bible it is recorded that Eve was deceived into thinking that she was able to acquire
Knowledge that the creator was keeping from her . In Secular writings Osiris the husband of Isis
the Mother Goddess was called the Green one and in ancient images, he is often depicted as
green with the upper torso of man and the lower torso of a snake In the Bible it is recorded that
after Satan deceived Eve into eating that fruit from the tree in the middle of garden, Jehovah told
him from that moment on his fleshly body would always be one of a serpent

In secular writings after the mother tricked the creator he destroyed civilisation with a flood - It is
also recored in the bible That after the fall of man the creator destroyed civilisation with a flood.

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In secular writings the Mother goddess husband was cut to pieces and killed, and she had to
resurrect him (Eve) she was unable to find his penis and had to use a metal device called a Ankh
or the Key of life which the cross with a handle on she had to use the Ankh or The key of live ..
In order to impregnate herself.

Now in the real world, serpents do not have any external genitalia which would explain why Eve
could not find his penis, and I guess to anyone who grow up on a farm would recognise the Ankh
been very similar to one of the syringes that are used to artificially inseminate cattle today.


In Many paintings throughout the centuries, a mother goddess is often portrayed in holding her
baby while angels bring her some version of the Ankh You can see this for yourself if you look
up Mother of God on any google search or search Engine. - ( See images below) - These portraits
that we see in churches are not of Mary and Jesus


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Now Im going to show you how Im able to tie all this in with the All-seeing Eye I told you that
that the All-Seeing-Eye contains the Trinity, and in a later version the Trinity is represented by the
pyramid, the older version it is within the image of the eye itself and here it is

(A) Satan - The Snake or Serpent - Just as Jehovah said Satan

would always be referred too, Standing behind his wife - Known
as The Father

(B) Eve
The Mother Goddess - And in the Trinity, He is known as the
Father, Eves position in the Trinity was that of The Holy

(C) The SON - In Eves womb is the embryo of a Nephilim - In

the Trinity this is known as The son - This particular Nephilim is
spoken of in all the religions of the ancient world - his name
here is Horus in other cultures he is called Hermes- Greek,
Hercules - And if you remember Hercules was the son of Zeus.

I told you before the correct name of God in the Bible is which is Yahweh ( Correct Hebrew) or
Jehovah God, which was removed at one time and was replaced with the word Lord the word
LORD in all capital letters - This was the end result, but there was an intermediate step that I didnt
tell you about

In the original King James Version of the Bible, The name wasnt replaced with LORD but with
Zeus - It was Only in Modern times of the King James version of the Bible, that they replaced the
word Zeus with the word LORD - The King James version of the bible also added scriptures that
are not found in any of the original bible books, which makes Jehovah seem to be part of a Trinity
similar to satans Trinity

Some of those spurious trinitarian scriptures can still be found in modern versions of the King
James version of the Bible today, as well as other Bibles thats are based on the King James
Version of the Bible

Hermes (/hrmiz/; Greek: ) is an Olympian god in Greek religion and mythology, the son
of Zeus and the Pleiad Maia, and the second youngest of the Olympian gods (Dionysus being the
Hermes is considered a god of transitions and boundaries. He is described as quick and cunning,
moving freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine. He is also portrayed as an emissary
and messenger of the gods; an intercessor between mortals and the divine, and conductor of souls
into the afterlife. He has been viewed as the protector and patron of herdsmen, thieves, oratory
and wit, literature and poetry, athletics and sports, invention and trade, roads, boundaries and
In some myths, he is a trickster and outwits other gods for his own satisfaction or for the sake of
humankind. His attributes and symbols include the herma, the rooster, the tortoise, satchel or
pouch, winged sandals, and winged cap. His main symbol is the Greek kerykeion or Latin
caduceus, which appears in a form of two snakes wrapped around a winged staff.
In the Roman adaptation of the Greek pantheon, Hermes is identified with the Roman god Mercury,
who, though inherited from the Etruscans, developed many similar characteristics such as being
the patron of commerce.

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Hercules is the Roman name for the Greek divine hero Heracles, who was the son of Zeus
(Roman equivalent Jupiter) and the mortal Alcmene. In classical mythology, Hercules is famous for
his strength and for his numerous far-ranging adventures.
The Romans adapted the Greek hero's iconography and myths for their literature and art under the
name Hercules. In later Western art and literature and in popular culture, Hercules is more
commonly used than Heracles as the name of the hero. Hercules was a multifaceted figure with
contradictory characteristics, which enabled later artists and writers to pick and choose how to
represent him. This article provides an introduction to representations of Hercules in the later


Anyway Now Back to this image, We have already said that the snake is Satan, and the image
in the centre is Eve carrying Satans child Hercules

So when you hear all these stories about Greek mythology and all these stories of Gods that Man
at one point worshipped as their Gods There is actually some truth behind these myths and
their existence.

The bible even says that these Men was of mighty and the people feared them, in secular history
these are portrayed as Gods that once ruled the earth, even
though they were ALL false gods they were still gods of their
time - Half human and half spirit creature

Possibly had the some of same abilities that Angles may have
possessed which made them appear to fleshly humans, as
living Gods.

Hence why so much of ancient history or mythology is filled

with all these stories of all these gods, and still to this day
evidence is been discovered which proves of their existence
But you wont hear about this on the national news

And last but not least is the representation of the Tree, its the
tree of knowledge of good and bad This tree was placed in
this image to memorialise Eves acts of defying or tricking the
creator Jehovah God

If you Google the Eye of Ra you will find images that incorporate the texture of palm or texture of
a palm tree running up the trunk of this tree

Satan = Snake

Eve carrying a Child And it all started with the Tree

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Hopefully you can see this on the images below if you google them yourself


This means that all the definitions that the Empire gives you about the Eye are misleading - This is
the eye of God - But Only if your God is Satan - It represents the first definition the Eye of God
which all the world governments confirm

(2) It represents the Eye of Enlightenment that brings knowledge to civilisation from lucifer who
the bible says keeps transforming himself into an angel of light. - Remember that Eve was
deceived into thinking that she would become enlightened when she ate from the fruit from that
tree in the middle of garden - And like Ive just mentioned before, that image is memorialised right
here on the all seeing eye.

(3) The Third definition that the Empire say this symbol represents is The foundation of
democracy - This is True, think about it The foam of Government that existed before Adam and
Eve ate that forbidden fruit was a theocracy, which means rule by God, thats the definition

God spent his time caring for his human children and they then spent their time caring for all of the
earths animals this is how the hierarchy of a true theocracy works

However, Democracy by definitions means ruled by the people, every nation on the earth is
Democracy by definition, we call nations like North Korea a Communist State, which it implies that
it is somehow different from a democracy But I guess if you go to North Korea and ask one of

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its citizens how their government works they will no doubt tell you that their Government is based
on self-determination - which by definition is a democracy - Are as I just said ruled by the people.

Youre probably thinking I really don't see how this to help towards understanding the future
well, it all goes back to what I said earlier about how the eye changed because of the most historic
event in human spirituality

Back when Satan was still able to materialise a fleshly body he was king, his son Horus also
known as Hermes, Alcaeus and Hercules was given control over all of the earths resources
including the people, and his wife Eve was the spiritual foundation of the Empires belief
system why do I say that because all empires require massive amounts of unsustainable
resources in order to exist, one of this resources is human slavery or the ability to make people do
things that do not come naturally to humans like building roads, building government Buildings
and massive monuments, working agriculture, producing food not just for themselves but for
thousands of others, participating in carnal warfare

There is No plausible explanation as to why anyone would do such unnatural things, when they
would much rather be at home with there families relaxing and spending time with others or with
friends spending time eating healthily food or fruit that was readily available for anyone whoever
was willing to reach out and pick it

So why did they do it?

They did it because Satan promised them the same things that Satan promised Eve back in the
garden - If you do what I tell you do, you will not die! - In fact you will become enlightened. So as
long Eve lived the citizens would continue to do what they where told, because they thought that
Eve would live forever, and while they continued to believe this the empire would remain strong,
because if Eve died, Then another Lie would be discovered

And the Empire would have nothing else to offer its citizens to make them keep working! This is
why in the bible Eve was given the name Chavvah meaning The living one, it would have been
her title in the hierarchy of civilisation.

I said that both these versions of the image continued the Trinity, And I also explained that Satan
was king as such and he represents the political system of civilisation, his son Horus being in
charge of all the earths resources which would of represented the economic system of civilisation,
And as long as civilisations belief system was based on Satans ability to keep humans alive,
Eve the Mother of everyone on earth represented civilisations beliefs systems

No matter how much you may not want to believe it, And No matter how much effort you put into
denying it And No matter how much time you put in to trying to prove me wrong - Civilisation
itself is a false God! - If you put your faith in it to provide for your needs - It is your God! If you do
things that you really dont want to do in order to support it - It is your God . And if you pray for it
to somehow recover It is your God! And just like all the other false Gods, it is Trinity!

So those three parts are

1) Political system
2) Economic system
3) Belief system

Which then all 3 Make Satans

Empire - And Satans Trinity
Still in the centre of this eye.

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Civilisation is made up of three parts Just as the pyramid may represent civilisation, the three
corner stones represent its three main parts: And without all these parts in place, working as they
should civilisations cannot stand which these Three distinct systems in place No civilisation can
exist The Eye of Horus, The All Seeing Eye, The Eye of Ra, The Eye of Providence - All of
these are one of the same, they are all symbols representing civilisation, They all represent
civilisation chief cornerstones - if you think that a civilisation can exist without one of these
systems in place then you are Wrong. if you think that there are other systems that should be
included then you are also Wrong

You may think that the Military/Army system should be on there too? - But its nothing but an
enforcement tool of the economic system

What about the judicial system?-That is nothing more then an enforcement tool of the political
system - Theres absolutely no reason to over think this thing and make it more complicated than it
already is

In the Bible at Matthew 6: 22-23 it says

The lamp of the body is the eye, If, then, your eye is focused, your whole body will be bright. But if
your eye is envious, your whole body will be dark. If the light that is in you is really darkness, how
great that darkness is

This scripture is speaking about the Eye, as if it is your physical eye. - Ive heard my people talk
about this scripture both in the past and people trying to explain it online but never really did
satisfy my curiosity about this particular passage, but just from my discovery about what this all
seeing eye is all about, and knowing that this idle would have been distributed throughout the
empire and clearly visible in the time of Jesus

And now understand what Jesus was talking about at Mathew 21:42

it's weird that each and every Empire mentioned in the Bible as been directly under
Satans control using the image of a Capstone or pyramid Or as we know it today The
All Seeing Eye - The one dollar bill as a symbol of their civilisation if you look on the back

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of any one dollar bill you can see this ownership of us but if you look at the image youll
notice it was not just of the Cap-Stone, But also of the pyramid itself

Remember what the Bible says Jesus is the stone that the builders rejected, the image
on the back of the one dollar bill is of the Cap-Stone that of the builders accepted I
will go into much more detail towards the end

Anyway, if the trappings of civilisations kingdom clouds your mind, youll never be able to see
clearly see the benefits of Gods Kingdom - which is indirect opposition to civilisations kingdom, if
you regularly pray for Gods kingdom to come what do you think you are praying for ?

Matthew 6: 9-10

Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified.Let your Kingdom come. Let your will take
place, as in heaven, also on earth

You are supposed to be praying for Gods Kingdom to replace civilisation

And Luke 17: 31 after telling his listeners about whats about to happen in the last days

On that day let the person who is on the housetop but whose belongings are in the house not
come down to pick these up, and likewise, the person out in the field must not return to the things

And, Jesus said Remember Lots wife what does that mean ?

Lets take a look at that story

Two Angels entered Sodom To warn Lot and his family to flee because Jehovah was getting
ready to destroy Sodom and everybody within it They were told to leave immediately and they
did, Lot and his family fled including his wife and yet she was still killed and turned into a pile of
salt, But there was another instruction that Lot and his family was given and that was the command
to not look back, were lead to believe that the act of turning her head that cost Lots wife her life -
But the phrase Dont look back is one of those idiomatic phrases that are often found in the
scriptures, in fact this idiomatic phrases is still in use today in our language, To look back simple
means reminisce Lots wife was reminiscing about how much she missed civilisation, and the
creator who looked into her heart knew it- She didnt die because she turned her head.

Now what was the event that we keep talking about that changed civilisation forever? - It was the
death of Eve if you dont think the death of Eve was a big deal then just imagine You have
spent your entire life working all the time for a God or for a Goal that was never real, theyre was
probably many others that had died before Eve Just like Abel, but remember that Abel was killed
for doing the creators will, Satan could have easily said that Abel died because he worshipped the
wrong God, in fact no matter who may of died Satan could have made the same claim

However his Queen that would have been unexplainable, it would of also of been impossible to
cover up, remember at that time everyone on the earth would of been the offspring of Eve You
can only tell someone that that their Mother or Grandmother is busy somewhere else for so long,
before people start getting suspicious - To nearly everyone living at this time, when Eve eventually
died people would of talked, this was like their Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great

How heres where the first major change took place - I told you that the original Trinity was made
up of The Father, The Son and the Holy Mother

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Well, Once Eve died that had to change, she would no longer be presented on the throne next to
the king and her son, so it is only logical in an attempt to keep the Empire alive, another lie had to
be told to cover up the first lie, that been she would live forever and anyone that followed Satan
would also live forever soon as she died people would start to doubt what Satan had promised

Satan would have probably told the people that Eve was still alive in Heaven or perhaps on earth
as a ghost So now the Trinity would no longer be the Father, son and Holy Mother But instead
the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Also if we look at some more evidence of this, the engravings and wall art all over Egypt show Isis
as a human Queen Later on these pictures depict her with wings indicating that she could
possibly have gone to heaven or become a spirit creature. - Another lie begins and still continues
to this day - The heaven theory

These are older images of Isis

These images are of a

later date, now
depicting her with

The fall of Eve would have represented the beginning of the end for Satans first Empire, neither
the Bible or secular history records what the world was like before the flood experience, before its
inevitable collapse

The only thing which is recorded is what live was like in the garden, however anything after that
right up until the flood there is nothing Other, then the world was that bad, so much so that
Jehovah regretted creating men!

And the fact that every single person living at that time was killed during that flood Apart from 8
individuals who Jehovah saved This must give us a clear indication of how bad things were at
that time, because he killed all living flesh, which wasnt in the ark So that they could never
breed again

I dont imagine it would have been much different from the collapse that we are experiencing as a
society right today

But we do know the end result - Whatever was left of this civilisation was erased from the surface
of the earth when God brought about this Flood of Noahs day, so that we could try start over
without the influence of demons and theyre off-spring in the flesh with Satan no longer able to
materialise into a fleshly bodies and create hybrid off-spring

people could no longer see the Trinity of civilisation sitting on their thrones It would no longer be
reasonable to put their images on the All Seeing Eye The Eye was redesigned to accommodate
this radical change, obviously Human rules since the flood as not turned out much different then
demon rule

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And Satans eye is still the goal towards which most of mankind marches too The all seeing eye
is simply the idle that represents civilisation, and civilisation is still the religion of the state

So now when we get to final book in the Bible, The book of Revelation And it talks of The Fall of
Babylon the great This hopefully should start making more sense to you now The fall of
Babylon the great is the complete collapse of Satan civilisation, his political system, economic
system, and his entire belief system

Back when Babel was build, this was satans first ever civilisation, however over all the centuries
his empire as spread, so much so that it now covers the entire globe, hence why its Great And
why its referred to as Babylon the Great.

Something else I found really interesting, if you google all the names of the Goddesss Ive
mentioned Like ISIS, ISHTAR, VENUS, EASTER, QUEEN OF HEAVEN etc There all linked to
the statue of Liberty Now if you compare these scriptures REV 17:3-5, REV 18:1-4 ISAIAH
47:1-15 and ACTS 19:23-41 and specially the ones in revelation, then hopefully youll see what I
mean. - The Whore Of Babylon

Which I will now discuss on now Jehovah is going to bring this collapse to Satans
Great Empire

In Part 2 The Scared Calendar that they dont want you to know about and the
events which need to take place leading up the last days of this current system

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