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Instituto Superior Jorge Novak.

Profesorado de Ingles

Written Expression III

Teacher: Veronica
Student: Ethel Ghisolis

Nuclear Dispute

For all those interested in the nuclear weapon dispute, the following article is begun by
explaining that a nuclear war is a type of conflict carried out using nuclear arms or a
sort of weapon of mass destruction. As a consequence, two good questions are raised:
Who could lead to a nuclear war? Is there need for any nuclear battle? The answer is
quite complex due to the unusual weapon.

What is more, nuclear armaments have had a large impact on the world, beginning
from the utilization of the atomic bomb in Japan at World War II. They are explosives
powered by nuclear reactions; Thus, and according to some strategists, many world
leaders like President Donald Trump, claim that nuclear weapons are vital shields for
the planet and he has also suggested that the United States must expand its nuclear
arsenal. He and other world leaders claim as well that nuclear arms are deterrents that
prevent the world from breaking out in total war.

Many people support nuclear weapons owing to their effective function as restraint
and their quality to preserve the balance and order in the world. According to Keith B.
Payne, Professor and Head of the Graduate Department of Defence and Strategic
Studies, Missouri State University, the effectiveness of this function and the percentage
of the world population loss at war every year. It has dramatically dropped with the
onset of nuclear deterrence. The destructive power of nuclear arms has kept the
nations of the world at bay. Countries will now think twice before attacking the United
States, Russia, or any other country with a supply of nuclear arsenal. Even countries
with a supply of nuclear weapons do not want to engage in nuclear conflict; not
because they will lose, but due to the destruction that each country would have to face
to be victorious.

On the other hand, a great number of people want the world to move to nuclear
disarmament. People in the world have been agonizing and fearing the possibility of
nuclear war or a simple nuclear attack. People recognize the power of nuclear weapons
to destroy and obliterate. Leading researchers as David E. Hoffman, American writer
and journalist, are trying to remind people of that the world is defenceless and will
become increasingly vulnerable. The fear is that a nuclear bomb could explode at any
time and create a great number of casualties.

Instituto Superior Jorge Novak. Profesorado de Ingles

Pope Francis is of the same opinion and he has called for a collective and concerted
multilateral effort to eliminate nuclear armament. In a letter to a UN Congress
promoting the elimination of atomic weapons, Pope Francis wrote that nuclear
dissuasion is ineffective against the principal threats in the twenty-first century,
mentioning terrorism in particular, asymmetrical conflicts, cyber security,
environmental problems, and poverty. The pontiff said the international community
must consider the catastrophic humanitarian and environmental consequences that
would follow from any use of nuclear weapons.

In conclusion, the world needs to be protected and to keep people safe from any
nuclear war, nuclear weapons must be eliminated. They have caused mass destruction
throughout their time on earth. Their power was demonstrated in Japan, killing
hundreds of thousands of civilians. Innocents do not need to die again. In other words,
nuclear arms are far too dangerous and there are too many possible threats. It is high
time to give them up.