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“Invest in your health.

If you add one new

accessory to your workstation per paycheck
you will have a completely ergonomic
workstation with a few weeks.”
-Vahram Shishmanian

Work Station Checklist

The biggest problem which may face you once you have that will improve your mood and decrease any
set out to rearrange your workstation to be more discomfort you may currently be feeling.
ergonomically compliant will probably be the difficulty
in having your company pay for many of these changes. We have created a list of the primary areas you should
Lets face it, if you were the boss, and if you had to address to improve your workstation: All in all it can cost
replace 100, 500, 1000 office chairs at a hundred dollars you anywhere between $20 to $500 depending on which
a pop, chances are you’d be hesitant to do it as well. upgrades you may choose to add. If you can work it out
to purchase everything in one shot go for it, if not begin
If your company is in a position to financially assist you adding one piece of equipment per paycheck, within a
in making the necessary changes then you have a leg up few weeks you should have your entire workstation
to start with. However if you do not have that advantage converted to an ergonomic wonderland.
it may seem a costly affair which may dissuade you from
even getting started. I can guarantee you that the benefits Add an ergonomic mouse pad with wrist
will outweigh the costs tremendously over the course of support
your career, particularly if you spend more than 2 hours a
day at your work station. If you are on the phone a lot add a headset, it
will go a long way in helping curb those
A great start is that cricks in your neck.
you have already, or
are in the process of Add and ergonomic keyboard pad to support
downloading the your wrists while you type so that you will
Stop and Stretch not be in an over flexed position.
Widget. And while Add an anti-glare screen onto your
I’m completely computer or lap top screen.
biased and would
like to believe this Add a full spectrum light to your desktop.
program is all you will ever need, the fact is that it will
take a full rounded effort to really get you feeling great Purchase an ergonomic mouse.
and firing on all cylinders.
Purchase an ergonomic keyboard.
The trick is going to be making incremental changes
over the course of a few weeks or even months, to begin Purchase a proper ergonomic chair.
creating an ergonomically efficient work station. One
January 24, 2010

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