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Project Summary

I. Name of the Enterprise

II. Location

III. Descriptive Definition of the Project

A. Related rational project

B. Affinity to regional or sectional studies
C. Project potential and proponent

IV. Long Range Objective

V. Feasibility Criteria

VI. Highlights of the Project

A. History
B. Project Time Table and Status
C. Nature of the Industry
D. Mode of Financing
E. Investment Costs

VII. Major Assumptions Used and Summary of Findings and Conclusion

A. Market Feasibility
B. Technical Feasibility
C. Financial Feasibility
D. Management Feasibility

Marketing Aspect

I. Product Description

A. Name of the Product

B. Features of the Product
C. Uses of the Product

II. Demand

a) Price elasticity
b) Income Elasticity
III. Supply

IV. Demand/Supply Analysis

V. Price Study

Management Aspect

I. Goals and Objectives

II. Forms of Ownership

III. Organizational Chart

IV. Officers and Key Personnel

V. Project Schedule

Environment Impact Study

A. Environmentally Critical Project (ECP)

B. Project to be Located in an Environmentally Critical Area
Technical Aspect

I. Description of the Service

II. Manufacturing Process

A. Process Flow Diagram

III. Plant Size and Production Schedule

IV. Machinery and Equipment

V. Plant Location

VI. Plant Layout

VII. Building and Facilities

VIII. Raw Materials and Supplies

IX. Utilities

X. Waste Disposal

XI. Production Cost

A. Direct Materials
B. Direct Labor
C. Manufacturing Overhead
XII. Appendices

A. Plant Layout and Equipment

B. Equipment Listing and Cost
C. Utilities Calculation
D. Plant Facilities Breakdown Cost
E. Projected Cost of Production

Financial Aspect
I. Major Assumption

II. Total Project Cost

III. Key Forecast Variable

IV. Sources of Financing the Project

V. Preparation of Financial Statement

VI. Financial Analysis

VII. Computation of Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return

VIII. Sensitivity Analysis

IX. With or Without a Project Analysis

Socio Economic Aspect

I. Income

II. Taxes

III. Supplies of Market

IV. Demand for Materials