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Personal Information:

Name : Sachin Dilip Kulkarni

Permanent : B/12-A, Swachhanda Soc., Ghodekhot Lane, Tilak Chowk,
Address Kalyan 421301.
Email : sachin_kulkarni@persistent.co.in
Date of Birth : 28th September 1981
Phone : 9890400807

Educational Background:

B.E. (Computer Science), 2003, PICT, University of Pune, Pune.

Academic Details:

Exam University Year Percentage Class

BE Pune 2003 64.7 First Class
TE Pune 2002 67 Distinction
SE Pune 2001 74.6 Distinction
FE Pune 2000 82.4 Distinction
HSC Pune 1999 92.84 Distinction
SSC Mumbai 1997 90.13 Distinction

Academic Achievements:

Stood 18th in SSC Merit List

Stood 14th in HSC Merit List
Secured 3rd rank in Pune University in F.E.
Secured 9th rank in Pune University in S.E.

Seminars Attended:
Telecom training: Conducted by IIT Prof. Sridhar Iyer. It consisted of telecom
fundamental, Voice over IP technology basics and wireless telephony basics.

Professional Background:

Working in Persistent Systems for the last 1 year and 5 months.

Technical Background:

Operating : Windows 9x, 200/XP, Sun Solaris, RedHat Linux 8.0

Languages : C, C++, VC++, core Java, xml, Perl, shell scripting
Tools : INET, Visual Basic, Visual Studio, Rational Rose, Rational
Robot, CVS, JBuilder
Protocols : Telecom protocols learnt: MGCP, SS7 stack, PRI, H.323, SIP,
Databases : Oracle 9i
Web Servers :
Work Details:

Organization: Persistent Systems Pvt. Ltd., Pune.

Project Title : Veraz

Scope of the Project : Currently working on this telecom project. Attended
seminars related to telecom fundamentals, voice
over IP technology. Developed automation software
automating test cases for testing the control switch.
Worked on the tool INET used for simulating SS7
stack, ISDN protocols. Software was developed in
object oriented Perl. Also developed MGCP simulator
in java.
Duration : 1 year
Team Size : 40
Role/Responsibilities : Developer, CVS administrator
Software Tools : INET, JBuilder, Eclipse, Oxygen XML Editor, CVS,
Rational Robot

Organization: Pacesoft Silicon Pvt. Ltd.

Project Title : Multimedia Streaming Framework for In-

Stadia Video on Demand
Scope of the Project : Build the framework for providing multimedia
streaming service to mobile clients spread over
limited range. This project consists of the
development of three standalone entities: Main
Server, Access Point and client.
Duration : 9 months
Team Size : 4
Role/Responsibilities : Developer
Software Tools : Visual Studio, HexEditor