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Anorexia Nervosa - by Sandy L.

Crowther CVA

(For a brief MaHabote Synopsis - scroll down...)

Below is a Vedic astrological assessment centered around an eating disorder that I have been
working on for a client.

I have also added the Mahabote Analysis (at the end of my analysis) for my MaHaBote students, so that you may
see how the two systems can work side by side with their own set of rules, yet produce a high degree of confluence
– even when using different disciplines and approaches. Also, I wanted you to experience a chart where no "keys"
are being turned, and the chart is running undirected. I hope you find it useful...
Ascendant: 05:43 Cancer

Source of Data: Birth Certificate

Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder characterized most

severely by a refusal to eat – even to the point of starvation.
Other symptoms include an intense fear of becoming fat that
never goes away, no matter how thin the individual becomes,
extreme over-activity, and an obsession with working out,
negative feelings about the way the body looks, deep feelings of
shame, and sometimes problems with drug and/or alcohol
abuse. Ninety-five percent of the people who suffer from this
disorder are female. Another characteristic feature of the
disorder is that people with anorexia usually deny that there is
anything wrong, but continuously say they simply “aren’t

Statistical studies have shown that about 30% of all people with
anorexia struggle with it throughout their lives, another 30%
have at least one life-threatening bout with it, while the
remaining 40% outgrow it. Studies have also shown that some
also suffer from depression, and the onset of the illness
normally begins in adolescence.


The three most important key areas for the analysis of a

horoscope are:

1. Determining the functional nature of the planets in the chart,

2. Determining the strength/weakness of each planet,

3. Factoring in the relationships that are developed and exist in

the chart by the planets with the other planets and houses -
through conjunctions, aspects, and placements.

Orbs of influence I am using for strong planets is 1 degree,

while weak planets are afflicted within a 5 degree orb. Saturn is
the only strong planet in this chart, and therefore its orb of
malefic influence is 1 degree, as opposed to the wider 5 degree

Problems of ill health start surfacing during the sub-periods of the lord of the
lagna, lord of the 6th, planets placed in the 6th, planets causing afflictions, or
afflicted planets. In the case of the afflicted planets, besides the general
significations being subject to sufferings, the significations of the houses
where their MT sign is placed, along with the significations of the houses
where the planets are placed additionally suffer.

Additionally, planets need to retain 60% of their strength to protect and

promote their significations, while weak planets cause delays. Consideration
of the strength of their dispositors is also necessary for proper evaluation.
The strength of the houses is determined by the strength of their lords, and
the conjunctions and aspects to the equal bhava madhya (EBM's) of the

Following are the primary significators I used for my


Health and vitality are ruled by the 1st, while food habits and sickness are
ruled by the 6th. Food itself is ruled by the 2nd. The 1st, 6th, and 8th rule health,
along with the Sun and Mars, and Virgo is the natural 6th sign of health. The
10th plays a role in weak body constitution, general weakness and emaciated

This particular chart has 05 Cancer 46’ rising. Planetary assessments show
that MT Houses are the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and 10th.

Afflicted houses are the 1st, 3rd, 7th, and 11th – indicating serious
challenges with her health and happiness, communications and initiatives,
long term partners and marital ties, in addition to gains and friendships. The
3rd additionally tenants Virgo. Afflicted planets are Sun, Mars, and Venus –
showing that the general significations of these planets suffer, meaning her
health and vitality, courage and muscular system, and marriage and
relationships. Looking at the chart, we also note that the 2nd, 10th, and 4th
house significations suffer (MT houses of the afflicted planets) – meaning
her relationship with food, body constitution, and mental peace, as do the
significations of the 6th and 8th (positions of the afflicted planets) diet,
digestion and health.
Moon: MT lord of the 1st and primary significator for health, is well placed
in the 10th, but weakened by virtue of old age, retaining only 41% strength.
Lagna lord is also disposited by weak Mars who is badly placed in the 6th and
afflicted by the nodal axis. So although well placed, the lagna lord harbors a
double criteria for weakness and thus has clear implications to weaken her
body and physical constitution for good health. Moon’s position in the 10th,
noting above that that the significations of the 10th are subject to suffering,
can indicate an emaciated and/or weak body.

Sun: MT lord of the 2nd, primary significator for status along with
food/grains, and general significator for health, is weak by virtue of old age,
being badly placed in the 8th, and afflicted by 8th lord Saturn. The Sun does,
however, retain 88% of its strength throughout its hammering by two
malefics and inherent weakness, so it does retain a fair amount of bargaining
power for offsetting weakness to a certain degree, and protecting and
promoting its significations. However, Sun is additionally afflicted by the
planet of long term misery and intestinal disease, Ketu, from the 12th house
of loss. Also note that the primary significator for food in this chart goes to
the house of secrets – the mysterious 8th. It has been my experience that this
is the house where the secrets of the native are not necessarily crystal clear or
revealed, but planets posited in the 8th are indicative that there are secrets, in
addition to what these secrets are about based on the significations and MT
houses these planets posited here lord, and therefore warrant a bit of deeper
digging to unveil the mystery. So 4th lord, Venus, hides there with 2nd lord,
Sun, indicating that it is not uncommon for possibilities of “secrets”
involving the matters of the 4th (home) and the 2nd. So get your shovel and
start digging deeper… because Sun is also general significator for health, and
being badly placed in the 8th house of set backs, clearly contributes to the
obstructions of the significations 2nd house, along with the 8th.

Mercury: MT lord of the 3rd, although well placed, conjunct the equal
bhava madhya (EBM) of the 9th and aspecting its own Virgo MT house, is
combust, debilitated, and in infancy, retaining 63% strength. So it retains a
minimal amount of strength to protect Mercury significations, but isn’t in the
all clear by a long shot. Mercury is also a general karaka for health.

Venus: MT lord of the 4th, is weakened through combustion, being badly

placed in the 8th, and afflicted by 8th lord Saturn from the 11th house of gains,
and Ketu from the 12th house of loss. Venus is also the general karaka for the
12th house of loss. It is interesting to note that her relationships, domestic
happiness, and mental peace were quite seriously impacted, and as such they
suffered at times miserably in the home on account of the native frequently
throwing out any and all food brought into the house, leaving only spices in
the cupboards, liquor and wine in the cabinets, and ice tea in the refrigerator.
Venus also has connections with our sense gratifications, indulgences, and
enjoyments of the pleasures in life…while these took a self-destructive path.

Jupiter: MT lord of the 6th house of health, habits, and enemies, is posited
in the 7th, debilitated, and afflicting the EBM's of the 7th, 11th, 1st, and 3rd,
giving attention to uneasiness, challenges, mental anguish and health
problems with respect to relationships, friends, health and happiness, and
initiatives. Malefics Jupiter and Saturn are posited in relationship houses of
the 7th and 11th, and both houses are afflicted – therefore straining both her
personal and social relationships, and promoting anxiety. Jupiter is
additionally weak by debilitation in Capricorn, natural 10th lord of general
weakness/emaciated body.

Saturn: MT lord of the 8th is both strong and well placed in her chart in the
11th house of gains, and therefore has the potential to strengthen her health
and longevity – so all is not so dire. But we cannot forget that Saturn is also
afflicting both planets in its own 8th, Sun and Venus, from its position in the
11th. FM Saturn is functional malefic and is currently raising havoc and
causing obstructions and adverse health conditions during her current RA/SA
period, by being both her 8th and her current bhukti lord.

Mars: MT lord of the 10th, is both badly placed and afflicted by the master
of deception, Rahu, and resides in the 6th disposited by weak malefic Jupiter.
So fooling herself about her public image is certainly well within the realm
of possibility with the support of the deceptive and manipulative
characteristics of Rahu afflicting her 10th lord where lagna lord, Moon,

Rahu & Ketu: Posited on the dusthana 6/12 axis, afflicting, adds an
additional tone of malificience to the general impact of the significations of
these two dusthanas. Rahu is additionally disposed by MT 6th lord, Jupiter,
who is weak, adding its own tone of destructive ability to the mix. The intent
of these two is obviously very negative, and certainly suggestive of having
capabilities of packing a powerful malefic punch during their sub periods.

Divisional Charts:

For the study of divisional charts, study the strength of the lord of the
ascendant of the appropriate divisional chart, the Moon, chart significator,
(such as Mercury for D-6th) and the lord of the particular house of the Rashi
chart. The chart significator should not be weak for the general significations
of the particular divisional.

Shastamsha – D-6th: Health & Types of Diseases:

In Shatamsha, lagna lord Mars is conjunct the nodes and posited in the 10th –
confirming a general weakness and/or weak bodily constitution. Mercury is
badly placed in the 12th. 6th rashi lord, Jupiter, goes to the first, indicating the
possibility that the disease possibly began manifesting during her Ma/Ju
period in adolescence at the age of 16, in late January of 1990.

Ashtamsha – D-8th: Longevity, Tensions, & Trouble

In Ashtamsha, lagna lord Venus goes to the 12th disposited by Mars from the
10th. Saturn, the current bhukti lord and significator for the 8th is posited in
the lagna and afflicted by the nodes. Saturn in the lagna, being the current
bhukti lord, may be indicative of ongoing struggles with respect to the health
and the marital tie, as it is also afflicted in Ashtamsha by both the MD and
PD lords, Rahu and Ketu respectively. Current period is Ra/Sa/Ke.


When did it begin?

It most likely began to manifest in the beginning stages as early as August of

1988 at the onset of her Ma/Ma MD and bhukti, at the age of 15. Mars is
badly placed in the 6th, weak, and afflicted, but I would need to more closely
check the transits as they supercede dashas. However, let us also look at late
January, 1990, at the age of 16, during her Ma/Ju period. Bhukti lord Jupiter
was conjunct the EBM of her 12th, 4th, 6th, and 8th. Mahadasha lord, Mars, was
exactly conjunct malefic planet and bhukti lord, transit Saturn in the 6th, but
Saturn, was not only tightly conjunct weak natal Mars and Rahu, but also
closely afflicting 2nd lord, Sun, and Ketu in the 12th. This sets the scene for
the full implications of the disease to take root. Rahu additionally closely
associates with natal Saturn while natal Jupiter is closely afflicting both
lagna lord, Moon and 2nd lord, Sun.

And it continues…Currently, as I mentioned earlier, she is running a

Ra/Sa/Ke period. Bhukti 8th lord T Saturn is conjunct natal Saturn and
afflicting 4th lord Venus. MD lord T Rahu is conjunct the EBM of the 12th,
4th, 8th, and 6th. T Jupiter is conjunct natal Ketu and closely afflicting both
Venus and Rahu, while T Ketu is conjunct the EBM’s of the 6th, 10, 2nd, and

What I find most interesting and sad about this chart is her
denial about her eating disorder – which is so very obvious to
everyone around her, and especially those that love her. I
believe that Rahu in the 6th plays an important role in deceiving
her about her health and her health habits, and I can only hope
that the strength of Saturn is able to pull her through in her
times of serious episodic crisis.

I hope this chart has clearly demonstrated some of the working

principles of Vedic analysis, and I also hope I have not made
too many errors or typos. And if you made it this far – thanks
for reading…Now for the MaHabote analysis: