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Don-Nan Type B Tubing Anchor

Standard anchor for enhanced rod lift system efficiency

APPLICATION The installation of a tubing anchor catcher is a common and
Rod lifted wells with production tubing beneficial addition to every rod lifted well. Maintaining pull
to reduce tubing movement caused by tension on the tubing string greatly reduces tubing movement
cyclical loading caused by cyclical loading created during normal operation
of the sucker rod pump. The reduction of tubing movement
enables the pump to consistently make a full stroke and
Reduces wear on rods, tubing, and casing
maximize the efficiency of the entire rod lift system.
Improves pumping efficiency
Recommended placement
Lowers operating costs
The Don-Nan Type B tubing anchor may be placed anywhere
FEATURES within the tubing string and set to anchor to the casing wall.
Easy settngleft to set, right to release However, the most common placement is below the sucker
Adjustable shear rating rod pump, typically with a tubing sub between the two.
Available carbide and wicker slips The design of the Don-Nan Type B tubing anchor does not
lend itself well to newer well completion methods that result
in the placement of the anchor below wellbore perforations
and in greatly increased sand presence. If it is necessary to
use a tubing anchor below perforations, the Don-Nan
slimhole tubing anchor is a more suitable option.

Don-Nan slimhole tubing anchor

Deploy this anchor at any point in the well in relation to the
perforations. The improved design minimizes solids buildup
in the anchor, and the smaller OD improves gas flow past
the anchor.

Don-Nan Type B tubing anchor.

Type B Tubing Anchor Specifications

Casing OD, in [mm] 4.5 [114.3] 5.5 [139.7] 7 [117.8] 7.625 [193.675] 9.625 [244.475]
Tubing size, in [mm] 2.375 [60.325] 2.375 [60.325] 2.375 [60.325] 2.375 [60.325] 2.875 [73.025]
2.875 [73.025] 2.875 [73.025] 2.875 [73.025] 3.5 [88.9]
3.5 [88.9] 3.5 [88.9] 4.5 [114.3]
Max. tool OD, in [mm] 3.75 [95.25] 4.5 [114.3] 5.5 [139.7] 5.875 [149.225] 8.00 [203.2]
Tool ID, in [mm] 1.937 [49.1998] 1.937 [49.1998] 2.50 [63.5] 2.50 [63.5] 3.00 [76.2]
Cage OD, in [mm] 3.75 [95.25] 4.5 [114.3] 5.5 [139.7] 5.5 [139.7] 8.00 [203.2]
Annular clearance, 0.151 [3.8354] 0.196 [4.9784] 0.433 [10.9982] 0.7345 [18.6563] 0.4605 [11.6967]
in [mm]
Annular clearance calculated for the following casings: 4.5 in, 10.5 lbm/ft, 4.052-in ID; 5.5 in, 17 lbm/ft, 4.892-in ID; 7 in, 23 lbm/ft, 6.366-in ID;
7.625 in, 26.4 lbm/ft, 6.969-in ID; 9.625 in, 36 lbm/ft, 8.921-in ID

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