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Recent surveys show that the image of the Spanish Armed Forces has changed compared with
years before. What factors have led to the change in the publics opinion about the Spanish armed
Write an article to a military magazine in response to this question.

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Name & surnames ngel Cibeira Urtiaga

Date 05-05-16

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Spain was inmerse in a period of changes after the death of Francisco Franco (the dictator
that took over the government after winning the Civil War and ruled the country for forty
years). At that time, Armed Forces were seen more like an oppressing tool than a service
to people. With the arrival of democracy, the military started a process of transformation
that led to the current Armed Forces. This transformation was carried out by taking into
account some factors that turn the military into a modern, proffesional and apreciated

What it could be considered one of the mayor changes in the Armed Forces was the
possiblity for women to joining the military. This fact meant a huge change in the structure
of the institution. The first women that passed the competitive exams and joined the
Military Academies are nowadays prometed to ranks such as lieutenant coronel, and its
expected the first female officer to be promoted to the rank of general by 2020. Currently,
theres no posting that women couldnt apply for, being equal to men in all aspects.

The end of the compulsory military service for youth meant another giant leap forward in
the publics opinion about armed forces. This implied a cut down on the servicemen, but
also an increase on the training and equipment. Currently, the Armed Forces have
become both a proffesional and a high-tech institution. Cutting edge technologies like
drones are part of the units, with trained personal prepared to face any sort of situation.
Maybe the most important fact that improves the publics opinion be the peace keeping
operations. For more than twenty five year, Spanish Armed Forces have been part of
deployments all over the world (e.g Bosnia, Kosovo, Irak, Afganistan etc...). A practical use
of the military resources helping people in conflict areas paved the way for a better opinion
on the servicemen. Besides, the creation of new units that take part in natural disasters
(i.e. floodings, fires or earthquakes) made people understand the importance of the
institution, and how useful the Armed Forces are.

The transformation of the Armed Forces ended up in a way for people to be more
acquainted with the military. That goes without saying that the arrival of democracy meant
the breeding ground for this change. Currently, the Spanish Armed Forces are one of the
most apreciated institutions in Spain, thanks to their adaptation to the modern world and to
the excellent work they make all over the world.