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This abhang by Sant Dnyaneshwar eloquently and simply describes the importance of chanting.

It also conveys that even scriptures like

Upanishadas cannot describe god phenomenon.
*******************- *************
All sins disappear in a moment
When name of god you chant

Like grass becomes fire by contact

One merges with god through chant

Gods name is a mantra potent

Drives away fear of ghost haunt

Dnyanadev says, omnipotent God

Even scriptures cannot understand

******************- ****************

The original Marathi abhang

Whether grain grinding or pounding
Your name, Oh Infinte, I am chanting
Your name is with me constantly
Not forgetting it even momentarily
My only perennial occupation
Is Almightys name recitation
My mother, father, brother, sister
You are, O Sudarshan Chakra holder
On your feet is focused my attention
So says Sant Namdeos handmaiden
The original Marathi abhang -

SANT Dnyaneshwar
King of family of saints is my guru
Resting place for me is my guru
In all three worlds, none is like guru
An ocean of bliss is my guru
Storehouse of love is my guru
Unshakable mountain of courage is my guru
The root of asceticism is my guru
Parabrahman incarnate is my guru
Unraveling knots of subtle body is my guru
Helping the disciples is my guru
Mother to the devotees is my guru
Heavenly cow fulfilling devotees wishes is my guru
Putting lotion of enlightenment in the eyes is my guru
Giving self realization is my guru
Changing luck giving spiritual understanding is my guru
Giving liberation is my guru
Eliminating evil and sin is my guru
Protecting in many ways is my guru
Giving redeeming mantra is my guru
Preaching to turn my body holy is my guru
All my attention is focused on
Goddess Rakhumais consort Lord Vitthal
The original Marathi abhang

In Kali Yug, minor gods are too many
Needing coconuts, vermillion aplenty
God not genuine, devotee pretentious
Putting up show of devotion pompous
I spit on the face of such cheats, really
I am devoted to Lord Pandurang truly
When so simple is devotion to Him
Why go to fake gods, leaving Him?