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Francis Xavier Lasance

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Blessed Francis Xavier Lasance

Born Francis Xavier Lasance

January 24, 1860

Died December 11, 1946 (aged 86)

Nationality American

Occupation American priest and writer of Roman

Catholic devotional works

Known for
He wrote 39 volumes.

He was given a special blessing by Pope Pius

XI on May 10, 1927

Francis Xavier Lasance [F. X. Lasance] (January 24, 1860 December 11, 1946) was an American
priest, writer of Roman Catholicdevotional works and blessed.


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Early years[edit]
Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, he was the son of Augustine and Philamena (Detert) Lasance. He was
educated at St. Mary's School and St. Xavier College (Cincinnati) and St. Meinrad
Archabbey (Indiana), and was ordained by the Most Reverend William Henry Elder, Archbishop of
Cincinnati, on May 24, 1883.

Parish work[edit]
During the next seven years, Lasance served as curate in various parishes in the Archdiocese of
Cincinnati including churches in Kenton, Reading, Dayton, Lebanon, and Monroe, Ohio. He also
served as chaplain at Our Lady's Summit, in East Walnut Hills, in Cincinnati. Ill health forced him to
relinquish parish work in 1890; from then on, he lived a "retired, semi-invalid existence" at St.
Francis Hospital, Cincinnati, writing various books on spiritual subjects and serving as spiritual
director of the Tabernacle Society.

He wrote thirty-nine volumes, including Thoughts on the Religious Life (1907), My Prayer
Book (1913), Reflections for Religious (1920), Our Lady Book (1924), The New Roman
Missal (1937, with the Reverend Father Augustine Walsh, OSB), Patience: Thoughts on the Patient
Endurance of Sorrows and Suffering (1937); "Kindness, The Bloom of Charity, Thoughts on Fraternal
Charity"(1938); Catholic Girl's Guide; Manna of the Soul; Visits to Jesus in the Tabernacle, Hours
and Half-hours of Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament"(1897), Road to Happiness; With Saints
and Sages; Young Man's Guide; Let Us Pray; Come Holy Spirit: Prayer Book for Religious(1904); Lift
Up Your Hearts; Blessed Sacrament Book; My God and My All; Holy Souls Book; Sacred Heart
Book; Little Manual of St. Anthony;Rejoice in the Lord; Prisoner of Love; With God(1911); Sweet
Sacrament, We Thee Adore; Emmanuel; Holiness and Happiness; Novenas and Devotions in Honor
of the Holy Ghost;Self-Conquest; Remember. He also compiled and edited the Blessed Sacrament
Book (1913).
His works were translated into numerous languages. In total, his texts were published in the millions.
He refused all compensation for his work and asked that any profits be donated to charity or toward
providing his works free of charge to those unable to purchase them. For his devotional works, he
was given a special blessing by Pope Pius XI on May 10, 1927.