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Hat Man

Paranormal activity, ghost sightings, strange entity encounters and other strange
phenomenon is on the increase. The Schumann resonance of the earth is increasing, it is
also increasing the vibration of our consciousness, allowing other senses to come on line,
and allowing us to see into other realities and dimensions. The Schumann Resonance is
Mother Earths natural heartbeat rhythm, as it increases it is raising the frequency of our
consciousness and senses that have been closed down suddenly start to wake up and come
on line. We begin to see into other realities or see entities from other realities suddenly in
One such entity is Hat Man. I had tried to convince
myself that he was simply a nightmare character from my
past, I did not think I would see him again having gotten rid
of him when I was 22 years old. I had tried to block out the
memory of this man in the hat from my childhood and it
was not until I smoked dmt and encountered this shadow
man again, did all those terrifying memories come flooding
back. I was shocked, how I could have forgotten how scared
of this man I was, I had spent all my childhood in absolute
fear of this man, who lurked waiting for me to fall asleep. A
sleep I denied myself to prevent myself from being at the
mercy of this nightmare character. Of course I told my
parents about him and they told me he was only a dream,
this scared me even more because I thought to myself I will
have to encounter this man every night if I let myself sleep .
Suffice to say I spent most of my childhood unable to sleep, I was a purposeful insomniac.
I had wanted to try DMT for many years but I never came across it. So I was excited
when a friend said he had some I could try. I had heard lots about DMT and expected a
colourful journey into other dimensions. I had no fear and only excitement and was eager to
try. I placed the smoking pipe on the table and sat back and closed my eyes and waited for
the ride. I took off at an incredible speed I could hear a ringing in my ears and suddenly I was
catapulted into a strange world. It was not colourful and beautiful; there were no fractals, or
wormhole rides, no spirits or any of the things which other people had described. I was in a
grey shadow place with lots of large black spiders who seemed to not notice me; they
continued to scurry about on their webs, repairing it as they went. There were other
creatures there too, none of which were brightly lit, and it was as if I was looking through a
dirty window. The place felt cold and disturbing in energy. In the distance I could see a portal
and on the other side an image of a beautiful earth landscape, but soon as I tried to get to
the portal the spiders wove more webs around me. I could feel these beings inside my head,
inside my brain, I could feel pressurised feelings that ran across my head and face which
were almost painful. I could also hear frequencies which were not pleasant like chalk on a
black board, it made my entire body feel on edge. Then the experience was over and I was
back in the room, feeling very confused and a little scared. My friend tried to convince me
what I was seeing was coming from my subconscious and the spiders were only
manifestations of my fears and I should smoke some more DMT. So I did, I was nervous this
time as I did not want to go back into that same shadow world. I thought surely I cannot go
to the same place twice. So once again I lay back and closed my eyes.
I was back in that same place but this time I could have a better look around, there
were other insect type beings there too, some were working on building this web matrix
along with the spiders. I wanted to know where I was. Then it came to me I was behind the
scenes of the artificial matrix, these spider beings were weaving this artificial matrix. I
wanted to get out of there, so I made my way to the portal that is when I got noticed.
Suddenly there were four shadow beings around me, one of which had a strange wide
brimmed hat. Nothing that scary to look at, but boy the energy that came from these beings
was so terrifying I thought I would have a heart attack. My heart was pounding so loud in my
chest, I struggled to try and open my eyes and make it stop but I could not. I felt all these
beings around me I felt them trying to feed off me. I called out to Gaia! All of the negative
beings scattered and all of a sudden I was in a beautiful colourful and jewelled place with
the tree of life at its centre, with many beautiful serpent beings. I had made it through the
portal I was in the earth landscape. I felt elated.
The Hat Man disturbed me the most , because he seemed to have the ability to make
my heart race, at first I was not scared ,it took some time before I was scared , it was as if my
mind and emotions were calm but my body especially the heart was terrified. I put it down
to the effects of the dmt but since that time I have encountered this same shadowy being in
my everyday consciousness and again in his presence makes my heart race. It is as if he has
the ability to make the heart react with fear and a racing even if the conscious mind does
not really know there is anything there to fear. It is as if the body is sensing the malice of this
being and is feeling deeply threatened and is reacting from the flight or fight adrenaline
function of the reptilian part of the brain and also has an effect on the heart and its
regulation. It is as if the primal animal part of my consciousness was sensing this shadowy
character and was trying to alert me to the danger, a danger I cannot really perceive with my
other senses.
I knew this fear I remembered this fear response of the body , I used to feel this same
feeling nearly every night when I was alone in my bed at night when I was about 5 years old
and younger. For that period of my life I was absolutely terrified of the dark and the two
beings who I called the men in the shadow coats, who lived in my wardrobe. Every night I
saw these two shadow men one of which wore a hat. They came and went from my room
through my wardrobe door. I realised that all my fear of the dark when I was a small child
came from encounters with these strange shadow beings. Even in my adult life the memory
of the fear of the dark is still very present with me, it is not a distant memory of a fear I have
since out grown, no this fear of the dark is still very present in my body even though my
mind tries to convince my body there really is nothing to fear, it is all in the imagination or is
it? Nothing my adult mind could conjure up could cause my heart to race so strongly with
fear. Even horror films which I do not like to watch could cause me to have such a strong
reaction. How could something simply imagined cause so much fear to instantly rise in my
body? After my experience on dmt, a lot of my memory came back of being terrified by
these shadow people in my room at night, and also the memory of the man in the hat, a
strange dark character who plagued my nightmares. When the film Night Mare on Elm
Street was shown in the cinema I was terrified because this totally depicted the Man in the
Hat which haunted my dreams.
There are many theories to explain what this Hat Man is some of them ring true for
me, others do not. For instance the idea that Hat Man is a ghost I do not resonate with, I
have had plenty of experience with ghosts and they do not look like that, they are often faint
and transparent with facial features and clothes that are easily seen and distinguished. This
is a shadow in the shape of a man with a wide brimmed hat, the shadow is even darker than
the darkest part of the room it is like a black hole sucking in light. He appears in 3D, I have
seen him walking through my room. Most people see him at night whilst they are in the
hypnogogic state, which is a state in between waking and asleep. This is the time when you
can experience sleep paralysis. It is a scary experience you wake unable to move your body,
it feels paralysed. This is a natural function of the body and consciousness, if you were not
paralysed during sleep you would physically act out your dreams, you would not get much
rest because you would be moving in your sleep. Until I learnt about sleep paralysis I
thought that Hat Man had some sort of magic which froze me and paralysed my body.
Every night just as I was falling asleep his shadow would appear far off in the distance
in my minds eye and it would come closer and closer. I would be absolutely terrified, I would
sit up in bed and open my eyes and prevent myself going to sleep because of this man in the
hat. I became an insomniac not because I could not sleep but because I did not want to go to
sleep. I felt like going to sleep at night was a seriously dangerous thing to do. I would read
under my covers with a flash light to prevent myself going to sleep and being got at by the
Man in the Hat. This happened every night until I was 14 years old. Then one night I decided
I would just let this shadow man come closer to me and see what he would do to me. My
heart was beating as fast as the shadow came closer and closer, and the fear built stronger
and stronger. I was completely freaked out but also determined to get through this. The
shadow man simply passed over my head and I never saw him again until I was 21 years old.
I looked to science to see what explanation they had, this is what they had to say.
There are two forms of sleep related hallucinations which are called hypnogogic
(hypnogogia) and hypnopompic (hypnopompia) hallucinations. Hypnogogic hallucinations
occur just before sleep, and may be accompanied by sleep paralysis, a state in which the
subject is physically immobile, but fully conscious. Hypnogogia and sleep paralysis often
cause fear. Common hypnopompic experiences include the sensation of falling and the
feeling of a presence in the room.
My question is, if this is a natural part of falling asleep and waking up and these things
we are seeing are only hallucinations why would they cause the heart to beat so fast. Like I
said I have seen horror films and seen awful images, they do not make my heart beat fast, I
have even had scary things happen in my real life and it did not make my heart beat so fast,
the only thing which came close was being jumped by someone playing a trick to shock me,
then my heart beat as fast as when I encounter Hat Man. Why is everyone seeing the same
thing , we are all scared of different things , we would hallucinate different things to be
scared of , why is everyone seeing the Hat Man as their hallucination ? Hat Man has been
reported by people all over the world with no connection to each other, other than they too
are being haunted by this shadow man in a hat.
After letting Hat Man pass over me when I was 14 years old I began to be able to sleep
again and for a while I had good dreams or no memories of nightmares and all was peaceful.
When I was 21 it all started again, I could not sleep it was triggered by the fact I had a night
shift job and no matter what I did I could not sleep in the day time. I went for four days
without any sleep what so ever and began to feel really odd. I felt like something was
stalking me, I know it sounds paranoid and people will say that is what happens when you
have sleep deprivation, but I felt like I was being watched and followed. I decided that as I
could not sleep in the day I might be able to get some rest by simply meditating. Instead of
going to sleep lying in my bed, tossing and turning unable to sleep, I would sit up in my bed
and simply meditate. I had my curtains closed but because it was the day time it was a
greyish light in my room as some of the daylight came through my curtains. I felt a presence
enter my room and I opened my eyes. In the corner stood four shadow beings and Hat Man
was standing over me. Because it was daytime they were clearer than I have ever seen them
before, their shadowy selves very obvious in the half light.
I was terrified. I ran from my bedroom and out into my back garden my heart beating
so fast I thought I would pass out with fear. I did not have sleep paralysis then, was I even in
the hypnogogic state? The doctors told me I was having a break down and put me on to
strong anti-depression medication and Valium. I took them all and went to sleep medicated
and finally got rid of Hat Man, or did I simply not remember my interaction with him, which I
feared actually still went on every night and I was simply too drugged to be aware of it.
Finally I had got rid of him and he did not return once I had stopped taking the medication
and my sleep patterns returned to normal and strangely I almost forgot about him. Not until
the smoking of the dmt did the memory of him come flooding back. How could I have
forgotten him? It is as if I was not supposed to remember him I do not think we are
supposed to know he is there, he is waiting for us to move out of our body once asleep, but
for what?
There are many theories about Hat Man, some people think that it might be other
peoples astral bodies whilst they astral travel at night. I do not think this is correct I can see
the astral body of my clients and it does not look like a shadow but a luminous body of light ,
colourful and plasma like. The other theory is that they are people from another dimension
or parallel reality, which is a valid theory and a scary prospect because most people report
these shadow beings and especially the Man in the Hat as menacing and malevolent. We are
only aware of them when we are in a certain brain state or level of consciousness, i.e. the
hypnogogic state, what if they are around us all the time but in another reality which we
cannot see and it is only when we enter the hypnogogic state that we become aware of
them. Are these shadow beings interfering with us when we sleep unbeknown to us in our
conscious awareness?
Some think of these shadow beings as being demonic entities but I do not agree, I
have seen demons there are many different kinds but they are rarely seen in our reality but
plague a person within the mind and neuroses. They can plague a person especially if they
have opened up portals to them through magic and negative desires and habits. Demons are
not in the habit of tormenting little children trying to get to sleep at night. So who is this Hat
Man and what does he want? Is he really from another dimension or parallel reality or is he
hiding in ours and we only become aware of him when we are in these altered state?
Tesla once said: "We cannot even with positive assurance assert that some of them
[other dimensional entities] might not be present here in our world in the very midst of us,
for their constitution and life manifestations may be such that we are unable to perceive
Have you ever been touched by an angel , I do not mean have you felt the presence of
an angel , I do not mean have you felt the energy you feel when an angel is sending you
love , what I am asking is have you ever been touched physically by an angel. Have you ever
been physically touched by another dimensional being. Touched in such a way that it felt as
physical as if a human had touched you? I have, when I smoked dmt one of the shadow
beings tried to rape me, it put its hands on my knees and pulled them apart. I tried to resist
with all my strength, my legs were shaking with the effort, and this felt totally physical. It
was not something going on in a dmt dream I was totally aware of lying on the sofa, other
people present at the time confirmed that something was forcing my legs apart. How could
another dimensional being do this to me physically? Maybe Hat Man is not coming from
another dimension but are in fact hiding in this dimension of ours. So how would he hide?
Why cant we see these beings all the time, is it because they are using illusion to hide
themselves? Are they using some form of mirroring illusionary magic to hide in our reality?
What if they are not coming exclusively from another dimension but are hiding in ours. Most
people see them out of the corners of their eyes, are these shadow beings hiding just inside
the blind spot of our consciousness. This hypnogogic state and other altered states make us
vulnerable because entities can hide in the shadows of our hypnogogic mind state. How
could they hide, how could they wrap this illusion around us so we cannot see or perceive
them in our ordinary everyday consciousness. I think they are in our dimension hiding
through illusion of light and dark, light and shadow. Why do I think this? Because of the work
of Edward Adelsons, he is a professor of vision science at MIT.

Take a look at his Shadow checker illusion.

Take a look at
this checkerboard, and at squares A and B. Theyre different shades, right? No they are not
take a look at this video. Are these shadow beings using a similar illusion to hide just out of
our line of sight?
We live in a world of duality, light and
dark, black and white .The Freemasons
knew something about this checkboard
reality we live in, a reality of light and dark,
light and shade, these tiles of the checker
board floor is a symbolic representation of
the duality of our reality. We think of our
duality of reality as being black and white ,
we look at the symbol of the Yin and Yang
and we think reality is black and white, but
it is not because in the middle of the Yin
and Yang there is a merging of light and
dark, the grey area. We have a grey area in
our consciousness in the centre space
between the rights and left sides of the
brain, this grey area is also the hypnogogic state. The left hemisphere of the brain represents
the awake conscious state and the right brain is the intuitive dreaming state, the hypnogogic
state is the grey state in the middle of these two levels of consciousness.
When we are in the hypnogogic state we are not entirely awake, (we are not totally in
the light) and we are not entirely asleep either (represented by the dark check tile), we are
somewhere in the middle, in the hypnogogic state, in the grey. What if entities have found a
way to hide in this grey area, an area of our consciousness which is rarely remembered,
because an amnesia barrier wipes our memory from dream to reality and back again? Is this
Hat Man some sort of entity policing this grey area which separates one reality from
another, is he some sort of parallel reality policeman? I think there are grey areas in
between each parallel reality, just like there are grey areas in between waking and sleeping
states. Just as we wake up from a dream we find it hard to remember and feel an amnesic
affect upon our consciousness, as we wake up this makes the memory of the dream fade
quickly. It is easily forgotten because of the ability of our minds to compartmentalise and
place amnesic barriers around experiences, both in our dreams and in our waking states.
When we have a traumatic experience which we cannot cope with our mind protects us
from reliving the memories of this over and over, by placing an amnesia barrier around the
memory of the experience and we forget it even happened. Later in life something may
trigger a person so strongly that this barrier comes crashing down and we have a full
memory flood of the traumatic experience. However if this triggering does not happen then
the person can live the rest of their life with no memory of the trauma what so ever. Has the
Hat Man and his shadow cronies found a way of hiding in this amnesic barrier, are we
experiencing them more than we currently realise? Do they operate in the same frequency
as the amnesic barrier and the trauma of experiencing them, causes us to compartmentalise
the experience and its memories in a box and we wake in the morning with no memory. We
are not supposed to remember them or see them that is why many of them look shocked
and run off, when they realise you are looking at them. They do not expect you to see them
because they are operating in the reality in between two mirror worlds, in the grey of our
consciousness a place where we are normally not aware.
This forgetting reminded me of a Doctor Who episode The Silence.
Even if you see a Silent, you won't know you've spotted it as Silence somehow edit
themselves from an observer's memory. Glimpse one of these creatures and you may feel
slightly unsettled the moment it's out of view, but you won't remember anything about it. If
and when you next see a Silent you may have a flashback to your first encounter, but again,
when the Silent is out of view your mind will not recall ever seeing the alien.
Somehow these shadow beings are holding the bars of our perception prison through
illusion of playing with light and shadow. I have met beings who use this kind of illusion
before. I was on an Ayahuasca Ceremony nearing the end of the ceremony when all of a
sudden I could see a parallel reality to ours. Suddenly the room was mirrored , in the centre
of the room was two large mirrors held at right angles to each other , in the place where the
two mirror touched a new reality opened up and I could clearly see what looked like strange
Elvin like beings inside . I communicated with them and they tried to explain to me how
there are many realties within one space, it was not just other dimensions which filled this
space but other parallel realities and the way to enter them was through the mirror.
Are these shadow entities hiding in this place where two realities lie side by side with
each other, in right angle to each other and the light from each reality cancels out the other
and this is creating a space in the centre where no light enters and this is why we see them
as a black shadow mass? This is not a completely thought our theory and I am sure it is not
correct but this is the only way I can explain what I have experienced and what I intuitively
feel is going on. I saw a vision during meditation after my dmt experience when I asked my
spirit for its wisdom on this matter. My inner vision was full with a picture of a mirror which
was shattered in such a way that it looked like corridors made of mirrors. Along these
corridors were many doors, each one open. Standing in each door way was a Hat Man.
Through each doorway I could see another parallel reality. He was policing the corridors in
between each of the realities this reminded me of the corridor in the film the Matrix.

When we come out of our physical body at night and begin to travel within our astral
body, we have to pass from the world of an awake state to a dream reality, as we pass from
one reality or doorway to another we have to pass through this grey area, this hypnogogic
state. In this state the Hat Man patrols. Hat Man is like Agent Smith in the Matrix film. Agent
Smith could clone himself in a blink of an eye into many versions of himself, as he was part
of the matrix and simply a hologram. Is the Hat Man like Agent Smith? I think Hat Man is
part of this artificial matrix in which we live, he is somehow policing people moving in and
out of their bodies when they astral project. But why?
This artificial matrix in which we are imprisoned
can be thought of as a cube of checked light and dark
tiles. Within this matrix we are held in the illusion of
space and time. The Hat Man stands on the edge of
what we know as time and space, this cube we are
imprisoned in is the Hat Mans domain, anyone trying
to get free of this prison of space and time will be met
by this man in the hat. We are imprisoned in an
energetic matrix which is like a computer programme,
the dark squares represent I unit and the light squares
represent another unit. This is the binary code, the
black and white, the on and off of our reality. Just like a
computer programme. We are held captive in an awareness that holds us in a dualistic
matrix or cube prison. We think we are free and we have choice, but we are not free, we are
inside the cube, inside the matrix and we are controlled. We are nothing more than players
in a virtual world which is hacked by negative entities. We have forgotten who we are and
where we are and think this is all real, when really it is a hacked computer game. It is time to
wake up. And we are, obviously. Hat Man and other shadow beings who live in this grey area
are contracted to police this area and prevent people from really waking up. Most of the
time they can do their work and the victim has no memory of them what so ever, however
more and more people are learning to stay awake in the hypnogogia realm and they are
seeing for themselves that we are truly in a prison reality and the Hat Man is simply the
prison warder.
Anyone who has had experiences with the Hat Man and can add to my understanding
of what is going on, please email me at alloya@alloya.com