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Las Expectaciones de Arrival Assignments Tests & Group Work Independent Computer

Profe Kim Quizzes Work Work

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Recuerda!Eres ! !
muy GUAY!

Get ready Get to class on

Think about
what questions
Use a blue/black Put your desks
pen for writing together so that
Stay focused
Raise your hand
Retrieve your
for Be seated when
the bell rings
you have
Have you
sections (Pencil
is allowed for the
group work can
be done in a
if you have any
number should
correspond with
gains! Have your homework out rest of the collaborative Use your notes your desk!

materials and ready to turn assessment) setting to help you Turn on the
Put on your in Clear your desk Know your group Keep phones laptop and log in
Spanish of everything members zipped away in Close the laptop
thinking cap except your Participate in backpacksthey and wait for
Be ready to to writing utensil group work and should not be further
learn and make Raise your hand help one another seen! instructions
! gains if you have any
Refresh your Ask questions Read each Help your group Self-assess your Complete all
Understand memory on the Get help from question membersdont grasp of the online activities
the previous blocks the teacher and carefully leave anyone information fully
content your peers Take your time behind! Make
information Think about any Volunteer ideas Use words and Ask each other connections

U ! questions you
have from last
or answers
Think outside
the box
tenses you know
Contribute to the
task at hand
between the
information and
previous content
Speak in Spanish things Allow every Stay on-task
Practice every group member to
day! speak
! Actively listen
Aspire to Greet the teacher
Say hello to your
Stay focused on
the assignment
Respect the
Be supportive of
your group
Clean up your
desk area before
Follow teacher
be classmates
Be on time!
even if you have
Be quiet!
you leave
Ask (en espaol)
Stay on assigned
online websites
respectful Have a positive
Be supportive of
other students
Write neatly
Make sure to
to leave the
classroom and
this is not the
time for social
questions have your name, constructive take the pass. media or email.
Offer your date, and block criticism Maintain a Close your
assistance when number Accept positive attitude laptop when
appropriate differences and a focus for someone is
Listen and Work Spanish. speaking
contribute to collaboratively
discussions Maintain a
! positive and
friendly attitude

Yearn for Make the most of

your timeuse
Work on
assignments in a
Take your time
Check your
Work together in
an efficient
Stay driven
Use spare time
Use resources
provided by
more! the restroom and
fill your water
timely manner
Use all available
Work on
Stay focused and
to work on
homework or
teacher for extra
bottle before the resourcesthis homework after follow along other incomplete Review the
start of class includes the you have with your group assignments online textbook

Study your teacher and finished Keep track of Look ahead to Complete
homework classmates Think about how time upcoming additional
Review graded Check your the assessment Use extra time to chapters exercises and
! work, refresh
your memory
Think about how
measured your
discuss new
Always ask

Be prepared to assignments within your Stay on top of

ask questions connect to group and assignments and
previous content formulate deadlines

AYYY! Se emocionante! Se emocionante

Aprecia el No utilices
Se emocionante! Se emocionante!
Utiliza las Intenta hablar y
Se emocionante! Se emocionante!
Piena en No utilices
idioma de Google Translate palabras que ya escribir en Espaol! Google
Espaol! o otros lo sabes! espaol! Translate!

traductores!es No escribas en No te pongas
sper obvio. ingles! nervioso/a!
! Solo usa un Utiliza una
diccionario si es variedad de
una emergencia! tiempos!
No te olvides los