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Target Clientele Catalogue No.

Course Title Unit

Creation and Mandate The curriculum is designed specifically for
mathematics teachers in elementary, high school and Core Courses (4)
The Central Luzon State University Open tertiary levels in public and private schools. Other OU ED 701 Statistics 3
University was created on August 29, 1997 through clientele groups include professionals who would like to OU ED 702 Methods of Research 3
Board of Regents Resolution No. 50-97. Its mandate is enhance their knowledge in mathematics. The program OU ED 707 School Administration 3
to generate and offer education opportunities through is open to both local and foreign students. OU ED 710 Educational Theories and
various degree, non-degree and short-term programs. Its Strategies 3
target clientele consists of individuals aspiring for higher Mode of Instruction and Assessment Major Courses (6)
education, but who are unable to avail of the traditional 3
OU MATH 705 Set Theory and Logic
mode of instruction. The Master of Science in Education major in Math- 3
OU MATH 706 Number Theory
Vision ematics curriculum is offered in the distance educa- OU MATH 707 Linear Algebra and
tion mode. E-copies of course modules will be made Matrix Theory 3
To be a model open and distance education enter- available to students. Courses are structured but not nec- OU MATH 708 Abstract Algebra 3
prise in Southeast Asia. essarily conducted in real time; therefore, students can OU MATH 709 Mathematical Analysis 3
access the modules any time of the day or night that is OU MATH 710 Regression & Correlation
Mission most convenient to them. However, students will be Analysis 3
To provide its clients with opportunities to acquire required, when feasible, to report to their respective pro-
credentials and formal qualifications. It is also tasked to fessors/mentors for face-to-face tutoring. When F2F is Cognates/Electives (2)
prepare its students for lifelong learning in todays not possible, tutor-learner interaction will be done OU MATH 711 Probability Theory 3
knowledge society. through internet chat, teleconferencing and other online OU MATH 712 Differential Equations 3
methods. OU ED 720 Psychology of Learning 3
Goal OU ED 755 Policies and Issues in
To develop human resources that are not only aca- The performance of students will be evaluated Educational Management 3
demically competent and professionally competitive but through pertinent academic requirements such as assign-
ments, examinations and exercises or activities outlined OU MATH 798 Special Pr oblem in Mathematics 3
also imbued with the values of nationalism, good leader-
ship, and innovativeness for sustainable development. in the learning modules and e-mailed to students.

Students progress will be carefully monitored ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS

throughout the program based on demonstration of ap- Applicants should be bachelors degree holders and
propriate knowledge, skills and dispositions. Additional computer literate. They must submit the following re-
coursework may be provided by the faculty depending quirements to the Open University:
Main Thrust on their assessment of the individual students perfor-
mance. Accomplished application form in duplicate;
The main thrust of the Master of Science in Original or authenticated Transcript of Records
Education major in Mathematics curriculum is the Course Requirements showing a GPA of 2.00 or better (Applicants with
training of teachers in the elementary, secondary, and lower GPA may be accepted on probation);
tertiary levels to provide them with advanced education Core Courses 12 units
Two letters of recommendation from super-visors
in the teaching and learning of mathematics. The Major Courses 18 units
or former professors;
training of department heads and supervisors in govern- Electives/Cognates 6 units
ment and private schools, curriculum and assessment Special Problem in Math 3 units Two identical 2 x 2 color pictures; and
developers, researchers, and private individuals in math- Proof of payment of application fee.
39 units
ematics-oriented jobs forms part of this thrust.
Secure Forms 1, 2, & 3 from the OU or through the Fee Item PhP
OU website. Submit accomplished application Enhancing access to quality education
form to the OU Registrar together with the other Application Fee* 100.00
admission requirements.
Entrance Fee* 200.00
Pay application fee at the CLSU Cashier or send
payment to the OU through the Land Bank of the Tuition Fee (Per Unit) 250.00
Philippines (Muoz, Nueva Ecija Branch) Acct. Instructional Material/Per Subject 500.00
No. 2962-1006-89. Fax proof of payment to Tel.
No. (044)-456-5242 or send it to the OU as e-mail Communication Fee 250.00
annex. General Fund 750.00
Trust Fund 345.00
Development Fee 500.00
ADMINISTRATION Tutoring Fee (Per Subject) 1,000.00
E-learning Fee 1,305.00
Dean, Open University Department Chairman *One time fee
Telefax No.: (044) 456-5242 Email: edwindibanez@gmail.com
E-mail: famonta@openuni-clsu.edu.ph
URL: http://www.openuni-clsu.edu.ph MODES OF PAYMENT
FACULTY Pay assessed school fees to Acct. No. 002962-1006-89
of the CLSU Open University at the Land Bank of the
DAQUIOAG, AMELIA Z. LATONIO, ANNA MA. LOURDES S. Philippines, Muoz, Nueva Ecija Branch. Fax deposit
MS Mathematics UP Diliman Ph.D. in Statistics slip to Telefax No. (044)-456-5242 or send it to the OU
Ph.D. in Math Education, AU University of the Philippines Los Baos as an e-mail annex.
Money Transfer ( Major in Mathematics )
Ph.D. in Science Education (Math) Ph.D. in Science Education (Math) Fees may be also paid through money transfer.
De La Salle University De La Salle University
Direct Payment
DE LA ROSA, ELMER D. ROMANO, MELANIO JR. G. Assessed fees may be paid directly to the University
Ph.D. in Educational Psychology Master of Arts in Mathematics Cashier at the Administration Building, Central Luzon
De La Salle University UP Diliman
State University, Science City of Muoz, Nueva Ecija
DE LA ROSA, RHODORA I. SEEPING, ANGELITA V. Application and Enrollment Periods:
Ph.D. in Development Education Ph.D. in Science Education (Math) First Semester
Central Luzon State University De La Salle University
Third Week of July Up to First Week of August
MS in Statistics Ph.D. in Guidance and Counseling First Working Day of December Up to First Week of January
Kansas State University, USA De La Salle University Summer Term
First Working Day of April to First Week of June
Ph.D. in Mathematics Education MS in Mathematics
N.E. University of Sci. and Tech. UP Baguio

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