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December 2011 Health



A. Complete the sentences using the words in the box. Use a dictionary if

proteins vitamins minerals fatty

junk sugary carbohydrates

1. ______ food is another name for fast food burgers, chips etc.
2. ______ foods are things like doughnuts and cakes they are very sweet.
3. ______ foods are things like bacon and sausages they are usually cooked in
4. ______ in food give the body the energy it needs. They are found in foods like
bread or potatoes.
5. ______ in food help our body grow and stay healthy. They are found in foods
like meat or fish.
6. ______ are natural substances found in foods that we need to keep us healthy.
You can find C in oranges and lemons, B in meat and fish.
7. ______ like iron and calcium are also necessary for our good health. Calcium
can be found in milk and cheese, iron in red vegetables like beetroot.



A. Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1. Im _____ too many sweets at the moment. (eat)

2. What are you _____ for breakfast? (have)
3. Are you ____ a milkshake? Can you make one for me? (make)
4. Im _____ for a vegetarian restaurant, but I cant find one. (look)
5. They are _____ over there. (sit)
6. Im ____ fat. Im going to go on a diet. (get)
7. What is he ______ ? It doesnt look very healthy! (eat)

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December 2011 Health

B. Circle the correct words.

1. I drink / m drinking fruit juice for breakfast every morning.

2. I have / m having breakfast at the moment Ill call you later.
3. I dont eat / m not eating meat or fish Im a vegetarian.
4. She doesnt eat / isnt eating any sweets or cakes this month shes on a
5. What do you eat / are you eating? It looks delicious!
6. What do you eat / are you eating before you got to bed?
7. We have / are having lunch in the school canteen every day.
8. We have / are having lunch in a restaurant today its my birthday!

C. Complete the sentences. Use the present simple or present continuous

form of the verb in brackets.

1. Look at him he ___________ junk food again! (eat)

2. What ___________ they ___________ about? I cant hear them. (talk)
3. Christians
Christmas ___________
is coming and mostinofGod. (believe)
us will eat too many sweets, cakes and
4. You ___________
chocolates. carbohydrates
But if we have in foods
a healthy diet likeofpasta,
the rest bread
the year, weorcan
break (find)
5. Heyrules at Christmas.
thats mine! You So what is a my
___________ healthy diet? (drink)
6. aHehealthy
For ___________
diet: Chinese before he visits Beijing. (learn)
7. The school canteen ___________ a healthy lunch every day. (serve)
Eat at least three meals a day.
8. Im trying to eat healthy food. The problem is that I ___________ sweets and
Eat a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fats.
chocolate. (love)
Dont eat too many fatty foods, junk food or sugary snacks.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You need energy to start the
A. day.
ReadCereals andand
the text a glass
fruit juice
and a glass of milk are good
A. Losing weight
Lunch at school
B. Food at Christmas
If you have lunch in the school canteen, choose something with lots of protein
C. A healthy diet
(meat, chicken, fish, eggs or beans), one carbohydrate (bread, potatoes, rice or
pasta). Add plenty of salad or vegetables and for dessert eat fruit or yoghurt.


Dont eat crisps or chocolate between meals. These are bad for your health.
They contain lots of fats and sugar and no vitamins or minerals. Eat fruit or a
sandwich instead.
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Dont drink too many soft drinks like cola. They contain lots of sugar and
December 2011 Health

B. Read the text again and decide whether these statements are true or

1. Most people eat too many sweets at Christmas.

2. We shouldnt eat more than three meals a day.
3. It is important to eat high energy food in the morning.
4. It is easy to have a healthy lunch at school.
5. There are lots of vitamins and minerals in chocolate.
6. There are chemicals in fruit milkshakes.


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December 2011 Health

A. Watch Jamie Oliver showing some school children how chicken nuggets
are made. Answer the questions.

1. What do children choose to eat at the beginning of the demonstration; chicken

nuggets and chips or chicken and vegetables?
2. Do the children like chicken nuggets after the demonstration?

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKSoiDtdi9s&feature=related

B. Watch the video again and order these steps. Write numbers 1-5.

Add fat, bread crumbs and E numbers to the mixture.

Put the chicken carcass in the liquidiser.

Make nugget shapes and fry them.

Add chicken skin to the liquidiser.

Take the legs and the breasts off the chicken.


A. Write an e-mail to a friend in another country. They ended their last

email to you like this:

Organise your text:

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December 2011 Health

Make notes about what you usually eat under these headings:


Linking words and expressions

After that
Before going to bed
At the weekend ..
On special occasions

Useful words and expressions

I always/usually/sometimes/occasionally have

Write your email in 60 to 100 words.

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