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Start with the white side Fold and unfold.

Kite-fold and unfold.
up. Creasethe diagonals. Turn over.

Valley-fold. Fold the angles

Fold and unfold. in half and unfold.
Turn over.
Fold using the existing
creases.The next diagram
Fold the angles
will be three-dimensional.
in half and unfold. Bring the creasesmade
Note these creases in step 4 to the diagonal
are shorter than the
ones made in stap 6.
9&r 0

Flatten as shown. Make two squash folds.

Like this. Repeat steps
9 and l0 at the top.

Only creasethe top

layer. We will need Turn over. Crease.
these creaseslater on.

l7 18
IO Crimp-foldusing
the vertical crease Valley-fold all
Fold in half. as a guide. front layers up.
Fold inside.Be sureto tuck
18-20 point A in the pocketbehindit.

Repeatsteps18-20behind. Crimp-fold the body.

Note the position of
the valley fold.

Fold through all

Pull out the inside layers.
layers and unfold.
Some layers near the leg
will move. Repeatbehind.

Reverse-fold. Pull out the paper

using the crease
made in step 13.
Rep eat behind.

Only part of the

model is drawn.
Open up.
Fold down the flap Fold down
perpendicular to the edge. the other way.

Pull out Squash-fold. Again pull

some paper. out some paper.

This is similar Bring down again.

to a petal fold.
O ut side-r everse-fold.

Fold the right flap behind Squash-fold with one

and simultaneouslybring layer going to the right
the white flap to the right. and two layers remaining
at the left. Detail. Squash-fold.
Petal-fold. Fold up.
Fold the small
flap inside.

Unfold to step 4I . Fold the flap Fold the flap inside.

to the right.

This is an asymmetrical
petal fold. Only usethe
Cover the white paper
existingcreases. 39-49 by making a valley fold.

through all layers.
Crease sharply.

Outside-reverse- fo ld.
Crimp-fold firmly.
Note the position
of the folds.

This sink-fold is very much similar

to a rabbit ear. Push the sidesas
shown and fold the point A inside. Fold the ears down.
The small diagram shows this fold

Detail of the head. Fold down, while making Push the tip of
Swivel-fold the ears. a small pleat. Repeat behind. the head inside.
Outside-reverse- fo ld. Open the ears. TWistthe ears
and give them
a nafurallook.


Shapethe head by Fold behind. Form an eye by making
making a crimp fold. Repeat behind. a tiny squash fold.
Repeat behind.

Reverse-fold and
fold the white flap out.
the tail down.

Place the dark

Swivel-fold. paper on top. Reverse-fold the
Repeat behind. Rep eat behind. inside white layer.
Put the underlYing
layer of the leg on toP, Sink-fold the back. CrimP-fold to
to cover the white Paper make the body three-dimensional.
of the hind leg. RePeat
on the top hind leg.

75 \-

Like this. Repeat

One leg is shown. step74 for the
Open the leg to otherthreelegs.
form a hoof.
Thin the body. RePeatbehind.

Final shaping. Thin and shapethe legs

with mountain folds. Shapethe tail. Fold
the horns out, away from the bodY.