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Gerald B. Winrod
Editor of The Defender

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Arian' Uzttianpt

"The world is governed by very different person-

ages from what is imagined by those who are not be-
hind the scenes.

DISORDERS, fevolutions, economic convulsions and

political upheavals do not happen. They result
from planning. Under the surface, unknown to good
people, there are constant plots, schemes, tricks and
Hidden forces continue their subterranean activ-
ities until they reach a boiling point, then an explosion
takes place on the surface. The rank and file of people
are caught off their guard. There comes a devastat-
ing outburst in which lives are lost, property is de-
stroyed, and human development is retarded.
Not until the storm breaks do the sleeping masses
awaken, yawn, stir themselves and look about at the
wreckage and carnage, after it is too late to help
matters. History is replete with examples of this kind.
International conspirators always find it to their
advantage to lull the people to sleep until they can
get their plots developed so far that nothing can stop
them. A man in a stupor is harmless. The despoilers
have a way of keeping the popular mind befuddled and
drugged, under the influence of their opiates. It is a
rare thing for an awakening to take place in time to
avert a crisis.
Propaganda is a powerful weapon in the hands of
wicked men. Yet the thinking of a whole nation may
become warped in a comparatively short time, on some
particular question, by a bombardment of ideas re-
leased from carefully planned and timed sources. By
degrees these ideas sink into the mass mind and a
community is moulded accordingly. Then the people
take the things they have been taught for granted,
little suspecting that, parrot-like, they are merely
- 8 --
chattering about false notions which have been in-
sinuated into their mental processes.
Thus designing leaders find it possible to bring
wreck and ruin upon a country by pulling wires from
behind the scenes. They are able to produce cross
currents and create class hatreds, keeping themselves
and their true purposes concealed from the public gaze.
The average person lives on the surface and neither
cares, nor knows how, to inform himself about hidden
evils which may be lurking in the shadows. He pre-
fers to "eat, drink and be merry today", and think no
more about the future than absolutely necessary. Try
to tell him the unpleasant truth and warn him of
what is about to take place, and he is liable to do
what the farmer did when he saw a giraffe for the
first time, cry out angrily, "I don't believe it!"
The American people are too gullible. They need
a new baptism of that good old fashioned virtue called
suspicion. The question that haunts me day and night
is whether or not it will be possible to awaken them
to the impending danger which is close upon us, before
it is too late!
Secret societies, sometimes founded upon high
ideals and lofty precepts, are frequently prostituted
by men of evil genius who get control of them for their
own private gain and selfish use. Because there is
always an element of mystery associated with a lodge,
it becomes a convenient cloak and an ideal means for
secret operations, when taken over by subversive in-
It will be shown in this treatise that certain con-
spirators have used secret societies in the past as
practical vehicles for boring under the surface. Thus,
destructive causes, set in motion long ago, are still pro-
ducing catastrophic effects in the world.
Two revolutions of comparatively recent times,

loom up in the thinking of every student of history.

The French revolution and the Russian revolution.
Neither of these outbreaks was produced primarily
for economic and political reasons in order to relieve
the suffering of the poor and middle classes of people.
Peaceful means could have been found for adjusting
whatever abnormal conditions there may have been
existing at the respective periods in which these two
storms occurred. It was not necessary to spill an ocean
of blood. The fact is that both of these revolutions re-
sulted from secret, under-cover planning so that a cer-
tain system, an invisible empire, a hidden organiza-
tion, could advance its evil interests. The fundamental
purpose was to produce an onslaught against Chris-
tianity and the moral and social systems which it had
produced on the earth.
On July 14, 1856 Disraeli delivered a significant
address before England's House of Commons, in which
he said, "It is useless to deny, because it is impossible
to conceal, that a great part of Europethe whole
of Italy and France and a great portion of Germany,
to say nothing of other countriesis covered with a
network of these secret societies, just as the superficies
of the earth is now being covered with railroads. And
what are their objects? They do not attempt to con-
ceal them. They do not want constitutional govern-
ment; they do not want ameliorated institutions. They
want to change the tenure of land, to drive out the
present owners of the soil and to put an end to eccles-
iastical establishments."

THE history of world revolution is bound up in the
history of a philosophyor rather, a disease
known as Illuminism.
- 10 -

The believer in Bible truth discovers in this weird

system of occultism a demonic principle capable of
warping and twisting the minds of those who allow
themselves to come under its influence. The Satanic
germ out of which Illuminism unfolds is found in the
letter of the Apostle Paul to the Ephesians, "For we
wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against prin-
cipalities, against powers, against the rulers of the
darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness
in high places."
As there is a divine illumination which comes into
the soul of man through the revealed presence of the
Holy Spirit, so also there is a counterfeit light which
poisons, blights, blasts, destroys and produces moral
decay. There are psychic laws, black mental currents,
which, if contacted, will bring one under the conscious
control of Satan. There are "seducing spirits" capable
of impregnating the human mind with the "doctrines
of devils".
There is a white light of spiritual illumination. And
there is a black light of Satanic illumination. "Satan
himself is transformed into an angel of light." Illum-
inism is rooted in black magic. It produced a mighty
wave of occultism in the eighteenth century which even
swept governments from their foundations. And the
end is not yet!
These same hidden forces, often using influential
leaders as their pawns, are still actively enga.ged in
pushing their program of world chaos with the final
objective in view of pulling down the temple of civiliza-
tion and blotting Christianity from the face of the
earth. No matter where we find Illuminism or how
we trace its ramifications, Satan is always the Master
Mind behind it, Said the Christ, "I beheld Satan as
lightning fall from heaven." It is true that Satanic
light fills the earth; this accounts for the fact that
the world is in darkness.
The occult forces from which Illuminism proceeds
are as old as the Kingdom of Satan on earth, but for
the present we shall trace its rise as a visible organiza-
tion from the latter part of the fifteenth century. That
it goes back to Nimrod and his Babel builders is evi-
dent. That it will produce the last great World Dicta-
tor, known to students of Bible prophecy as the Anti-
christ, is probable.
Pausing to consult the Encyclopaedia Britannica.
we discover that the term Illuminism has been used
for centuries by mystic groups to indicate that "light"
had been "directly communicated to them from a high-
er source, or as due to a clarified and exalted condition
of the human intelligence".
The same authority finds Illuminism first emerging
from among the Gnostics, which of course takes
it back to the beginning of the Christian era. Gnosti-
cism was a filthy, abominable system, invented by the
Devil, to pollute and besmirch the early Church in
every conceivable manner. It was based upon the twin
evils of Spiritualism and immoral sexual practices. It
taught the idea that reason surpasses faith.
One of the earliest and most prominent Gnostic
leaders was a Jew by the name of Simon Magus. Turn-
ing to the volume Moravians Compared and Detected
by Lavington, we read, "These are heretics, and that
they were heretics of the worst kind that ever defiled
and disgraced the Christian name, is allowed by all
denominations of Christians. Some of these lived
in the first century and even in the Apostles' days,
but the second century was most fruitful in the pro-
duction of this generation of vipers.
"Such was the excellency of their knowledge and
Illumination, who arrogantly styled themselves Gnos-
tics, that they claimed to be superior to Peter or Paul
or any of Christ's other disciples. They only, have
drunk up the supreme knowledge, are above princi-
- 12 -

palities and powers, secure of salvation; and for that

very reason are free to debauch women, or indulge in
all manner of licentiousness. Simon Magus, who
taught that his harlot was the Holy Ghost, instituted
certain foul and infamous mysteries inexpressibly
filthy and had assemblies equally filthy to celebrate
"For this end they taught incontinence to be
obligatory, as a law; not only lawful, but necessary to
salvation; not only compatible with the Savior's reli-
gion, but an essential part of it; and those were the
best. men, who in the common opinion were the most
vicious. For which reason, in their feasts, the candles
were extinguished, each lay with the women, as
chance appointed; and they called this lasciviousness
a mystical imitation, a mystical communion. What
was abominable in others, being highly meritorious
in themselves."
The Gnostic leaders were spiritualist mediums
who were reckoned to be in constant communication
with "spirits" and from this source came the superior
wisdom which this depraved cult was supposed to pos-
sess. In the foregoing outline we see the first gleams
of that system of Satanic illumination which was to
cast its light upon the path of the future.
Historians find the term Illuminism appearing
prominently in Spain during the year 1492. It was
regarded as being a mixture of occult ideas trans-
planted from Italy. In the year 1527 Ignatius Loyola,
founder of the Jesuits, was arrested by Spanish au-
thorities because of his activities in Illuminati circles.
In Sweden we discover a similar organization put-
ting in its appearance in the early part of the eight-
eenth century under the name The Rite of Sweden-
borg or Illuminati of Stockholm. The founder of this
sect was a spiritualist by the name of Emmanuel
Swedenborg. Established in 1721, the Rite has since
- 13 -

reached into many parts of the world and is reported

to have a considerable following in the United States
at the present time. It is another stem from the old
root of Gnostic spiritualism.
Wherever the theories of Illuminism are ex-
pressed, its exponents invariably profess a superior
knowledge over the laws of nature and claim to have
all sorts of fantastic powers for making the natural
world give up its secrets. They are pictured as pos-
sessing mysterious medicines, strange poisons, certain
nostrums, an esoteric knowledge of religion, and an
understanding of the principles of alchemy. Back in
the fourteenth century, the term Rosicrucianism be-
came a cover name for the whole conglomerate_ mass
of occult ideas which Gnostics, Illuminates and their
ilk had disseminated during the intervening centuries
since Christ. Today, for instance, it is reported that
Elus.Win, the Jew who was expelled from Germany, is
a high up Rosicrucian and has been able to communi-
cate with the "Invisible Masters" by means of spir-
itualism, from which source he is said to have come
into possession of his theory of relativity.
Like an interlocking directorate in a business or-
ganization, an examination shows that the many de-
monic lines of occult thought frequently blend, flow
together and converge at certain points along the way.
From earliest times the dominating factor in the mix-
ture has been the Jewish Cabala.
We are asked to believe that a man by the name
of Christian Rosenkrentz was born in Germany in the
year 1378. As a young man he made a pilgrimage to
the Holy Land. Later he met "Wise Men of Arabia"
who helped school him in mystic lore. Then he went
to Egypt where he made advanced studies into the
mysteries of life, nature and the universe. He plumbed
the depths of the Cabala.
Being destined to live 106 years, he died back home

in Europe in 1481. Bringing all the wisdom of the

ages together into the one great philosophy which he
ha:i created, he revealed his secret to three disciples.
Ile spent the closing days of his life in solitude. His
huria/ place remaine'''d a mystery for six times twenty
years. In the year 1604 a group of Illuminated ones
%vere guided to his cave. On entering, they were sur-
prised to find it resplendent with a bright light. It
contained an altar with a copper plate bearing this
inscription, "Living, I reserved this light for my
Mrs. Nesta Webster says, "I suggest that Chris-
tian Rosenkrentz was a purely mythical personage, and
that the whole legend concerning his travels was in-
vented to disguise the real sources whence the Rosi-
crucians derived their system, which would appear to
have been a compound of ancient esoteric doctrines,
of Arabian and Syrian magic, and of Jewish Cabalism.
1Zosicrucianism thus became in the seventeenth cen-
tury a generic title by which everything of the nature
of Cabalism, '1'heosophy, Alchemy, astrology, and
Mysticism was designated."
The Rosicrueians pretended to know all sciences,
chiefly medicine. They claimed to be masters in
strange, mysterious and secret matters: superior in
wisdom to the ancient Egyptians, Cha!deans, the Magi
or the Apostles.
Four kinds of demons govern the planet, according
to Rosicrucian speculators: Earth spirits, Water spir-
its, Fire spirits and Air spirits.
Enough has now been written to show, in a gen-
eral way, the true occult character of Illuminism, like
an onrushing torrent, pouring through the centuries
as a system of black magic which has always existed
for the purpose of counterfeiting the pure white truth
of the Gospel. With these facts in mind we are ready
to come to the subject of our discussion, Adam Weis-
- 15 -

haupt, who was a man of sufficient capacity to be able

to tap in upon this stream of Satanic energy and cen-
tralize it into a program of world conquest which he
named The Illuminati.

THIS man was born in southern Germany, February
6, 1748. As a comparatively young man we find him
occupying the chair of Canon Law in Ingolstadt Uni-
versity. Hidden behind carefully arranged camou-
flage, he no doubt possessed more power than any
other single individual of his day. Through his ability
to mould human beings and bend them to his will, he
was able to set forces in motion which have since
wrecked whole nations and destroyed millions of lives.
The impact of his evil genius is still being felt the
world around, even down to the present hour.
The plot has been carried on with such secrecy and
diabolical cunning that the man's name is scarcely
known beyond the circles of research where it has
been dug out by students who have a special interest
in occult matters and the study of subversive in-
fluences. It is, of course, to the advantage of those
who are today unloading Weishaupt's schemes upon
the world to keep his name and his principles away
from the public view. It is remarkable how his fol-
lowers have succeeded in keeping him out of sight.
Weishaupt used men to carry out his ideas like
a carpenter uses tools. Being cognizant of the fact
that he was building for the future, that he was
moulding generations unborn, he seemed to have no
personal vanity that required immediate gratification.
He was content to plant the seeds of destruction and
allow them plenty of time to germinate. A brilliant
writer on subversive movements has said, "It is an
- 16 -

unvarying rule of secret societies that the real authors

never show themselves."
The French Socialist Freethinker Louis Blanc of
the nineteenth century eulogizes Weishaupt as being,
"One of the profoundest conspirators who has ever
existed." On the other hand, we find Mackey, an
American Mason describing him as follows in the book,
Lexicon of Freemasonry, "Weishaupt was a radical in
politics and an infidel in religion, and he organized
this association, not more for the purpose of aggrandiz-
ing himself, than of overturning Christianity and the
institutions of society."
It is pleasant to discover a Mason thus condemning
this monster of iniquity because other Masons, par-
ticularly in England, have praised him simply because
he was able, in his day, to gain control of European
Masonry, bend it to his will and use it as an instru-
ment for carrying out his conspiracy against God,
Christ, the Church and civilization.
Perhaps this is the time and place to say in capital
should be borne in mind as we proceed to discover how
Weishaupt succeeded in perverting the Order in con-
tinental Europe, thus using its lodges as underground
breeding places of crime, anarchy, atheism and vio-
Parallel attitudes toward Christianity have been
discovered in Weishaupt, Voltaire and Frederick the
Great. Each gave lip service to the cause of Christ
when they found it convenient or expedient to do so,
but never failed to improve an opportunity to con-
tribute to its destruction.
Weishaupt took personal credit for the vicious
agencies which he started functioning. Hear him as
- 17 -

he exlaims, "What it costs me to read, study, think,

write, cross out, and re-write!" The dream that was
uppermost in his mind was the constant thought of
destroying the existing order of society. Being ob-
sessed with this ambition, he looked about for weap-
ons whereby the task could be performed in the short-
est possible time. He soon saw what might be accom-
plished if he could bring the lodge rooms of Europe
under his control.
Abbe Barruel, a French patriot and Catholic priest
who lived contemporaneously with Weishaupt, wrote
freely about the relation of the illumined lodges to the
French Revolution. Barruel also made a penetrating
examination into the life and personal affairs of the
subject of our discussion. "The man who invented
his Illuminism only to convert it into the common
sewer of every anti-Christian and anti-social error",
is the way he speaks of Weishaupt.
In his book Anti-Christian Conspiracy, Barruel
publishes this interesting statement about a young
man who started out to become an Illuminatus but re-
versed his attitude before he had gone far. The report
shows how Weishaupt and his "adepts" always began
by giving the prospective initiate small doses, to be
increased as the poison started taking effect. "I shall
mention Toussaint, as this man shows to what height
atheism raged among the conspirators. He had under-
taken the part of the corruption of morals. Under the
mask of moderation, he succeeds by telling youth that
nothing was to be feared from love, this passion only
perfecting Ulm. That between man and woman that
was a sufficient claim on each other without matri-
mony. That children are not more beholden to their
fathers for their birth than for the champaign they
had drunk or the minuet they had been pleased to
dance. That vengeance being incompatible with God,
the wicked had nothing to fear from the punishments
- 18 -

of another world. Notwithstanding all this doctrine

the conspirators looked on him as a timid adept be-
cause he owned a God in heaven, and a soul in man;
and to punish him they styled him the Capuchin Phi-
losopher. Happily for him he took a better way of
punishing them by abandoning their cause and re-
canting from his errors."
To Barruel we are also indebted for information
about a man, evidently a Jew, by the name of Kolmer
who crossed Weishaupt's trail at the time when his
Illuminism was yet in a plastic, formative state. Kol-
mer, a genius in matters pertaining to black art was,
from all indications, a Cabalistic Jew from Egypt.
Hearing of Weishaupt, a personal meeting was ar-
ranged. The result was, the Satanic impulses which
already existed, were deepened in the soul of the
man who was destined to wield a lasting influence for
evil upon the lives of countless millions.
Five years intervened between the time that Kol-
mer called on Weishaupt and the day when the latter
officially announced that he was ready to accept mem-
bers into his new order. In other words, several years
were spent in careful planning, thinking out methods,
and making deliberate preparations to attack God and
the governments of the world.
At last Weishaupt was ready to announce, "That
we shall have a Masonic lodge of our own. That we
shall regard this as our nursery garden. That to
some of these Masons we shall not at once reveal that
1 we have something more than the Masons have. That
( at every opportunity we shall cover ourselves with this
(Masonry). All those who are not suited to the work
)shall remain in the Masonic Lodge and advance in that
'without knowing anything of the further system."
Thus, he succeeded in creating a super-Masonry
with himself in the position of dominant power. He
produced something which he led Masons to believe
- 19 -

was of a higher character, much older and more mys-

terious than anything they had. Before a great while
he was able to put his key men into all the strategic
positions of Masonry which made it possible for him
to sit back and pull wires from within the shadows.
More will be said about this later, but let it be
remembered that in everything Weishaupt said and
did, he was always animated with just one desire,
namely to destroy, destroy, destroy! When he ruled
Masonry, he did it with this one thought in mind
to use it as an instrument of destruction so as to ac-
complish his secret aims, the extermination of Chris-
tianity and the leveling of all governments to the
In his personal life, this man was a moral pervert.
He lived in incestuous relationship with his sister-in-
law. When it was discovered that she was to give birth
to a child he became seized with fear and planned an
abortion. From documents which fell into the hands
of the German government it has been discovered that
his organization possessed dreadful poisons and had
no hesitation about using them when to do so might
serve to silence an enemy or advance their cause in
other ways.
They had a powder which produced blindness a
prescription of a poison which had an insidiously slo
but deadly effect, the formula for another poison which
"devoured everything" when sprayed into the face,
etc. They also possessed a strange substance called
Luisenwasser (Louise Water) because it was secretly
given to Louise, the Crown Princess of Saxony to fur-
ther the romance with Toselli and thereby detract from
the reputation of the ruling dynasty. These secrets
were all made known to the Bavarian government
when it confiscated the lodge property of the organi-
zation on August i6,785.
In their collection of poisons and weird cheMical
- 20 -

componds they had abortive remedies and it was

to these that Weishaupt resorted in his fright when he
learned of the physical condition of his sister-in-law.
He wished to make a suitable abortive, the formula
of which was known to the organization. He wrote
a distracted letter to a doctor who was a fellow mem-
ber, "We have already tried several things to get rid
of the child. She herself is willing to undertake every-
thing. But Euriphon is too timid."
Fate later delivered this letter into the hands of
government officials with a key to the code in which
it was written whereby it was made understandable
to the authorities. It contained a further reference to
"Celsus" who "could certainly help me and had already
promised to do so three years ago, etc." The last
sentence shows that this monster of vice had been
occupying himself with abortive remedies already for
three years.
The abortion failed and the child, a male, was born
January 30, 1784.

TWO mighty avenues of thought, one occult and the
other militaristic, converged upon the diseased
brain of this wicked personage. The first was the
Illuminism of centuries past and the second was the
Jesuit order which was founded in the year 1541.
It has been shown above that the roots of the
system known as Illuminism reach far back into Gnos-
ticism. The momentum of demonism continued to
increase until it became a mighty tidal wave in
the latter half of the eighteenth century. Weis-
haupt was caught on its crest and proved equal
to the task of capturing and imprisoning the force of
- 21 -

the movement within the four walls of the new or-

ganization which he was then building. From the
angle of the occult, it is clearly seen that the doctrines
of Weishaupt were not new. His genius was rather in
the fact that he was able to compress the demonic
principles, with which he was dealing, into a system.
While other systems of Illuminism had previously
existed, Weishaupt's became the Illuminati. It is well
attested that his Order assumed fundamentally the
right of life and death. To his group it meant nothing
to snuff out a life if in so doing their sinister aims
were advanced. Hence the use of strange poisons and
weird medicines. The use of chemicals and such things
shows an unmistakable link between the Illuminati
and Rosicrucianism, both of which had a common
While Barruel, a Catholic, was assembling his ma-
terial about the plot in France, another scholar by the
name of John Robison, a Scotch Protestant, was carry-
ing on a similar investigation in the British Isles.
Robison's book was published under the imposing title
"Proofs of a Conspiracy against all the Religions and
Governments of Europe, carried on by secret meetings
of Free Masons, Illuminati and Reading Societies, col-
lected from good authorities by the Author, Professor
of Natural Philosophy and Secretary of the Royal
Society of Edinburgh." The work was published in
After examining the writings of Barruel, Robison
wrote, "This author (Barruel) confirms all that I have
said of the Enlighteners, whom he very aptly calls
Philosophists ; and of the abuses of Freemasonry in
France. He shows, unquestionably, that a formal and
systematic conspiracy against Religion was formed
and zealously prosecuted by Voltaire, d'Alembert and
Diderot, assisted by Frederick II, King of Prussia; and
I see that their principles and their manner of proce-
22 --

dure have been the same with those of the German

atheists and anarchists.
"Like them they hired an army of -writers ; they
industriously pushed their writings into every house
and every cottage. Those writing were equally cal-
culated for inflaming the sensual appetites of men
and for perverting their judgments. They endeavored
to get the command of the schools, particularly those
for the lower classes; and they erected and managed
a prodigious number of Circulating Libraries and Read-
ing Societies. They took the name of Economists and
affected to be continually occupied with plans for im-
proving Commerce, Manufactures, Agriculture, Fi-
nance, etc., and published from time to time respect-
able performances on those subjects.
"But their darling project was to destroy Chris-
tianity and all Religion, and to bring about a total
change of government. They employed writers to
compose corrupting and impious booksthese were
revised by the Society and corrected until they suited
their purpose. A number were printed in a handsome
manner, to defray the expense ; and then a greater
number were printed in the cheapest form possible and
given for nothing, or at very low prices to hawkers
and peddlers with the injunction to distribute them
secretly through the cities and villages."
If Professor Robison was living today he could not
describe more accurately the tricks and schemes which
are being employed before our eyes for the accomplish-
ment of the same objective that the Illuminati had in
mind. Some people think Communism is only a blood
and thunder proposition sponsored by men who are
capable of throwing brickbats and bombs. This is
I far from the truth. The more dangerous conspirator
is the one who occupies a chair in a class-room and in-
sinuates his poison into centers of learning. The con-
nection between the Illuminati and modern Commun.
- 23 -

ism will be shown presently as being self evident.

While the Illuminati possessed an esoteric mys-
tical side that appealed to lodge members, yet this
was not the phase in which Weishaupt was most
deeply concerned. All of this mysterious glamour
was, to him, only a means toward an end. Mrs. Web-
ster remarks significantly, "On the contrary, the more
we penetrate into his system, the more apparent it
becomes that all the formulas he employs which derive
from any religious sourcewhether Persian, Egyptian,
or Christianmerely serve to distinguish a purely
material purpose, a plan for destroying the existing
order of society."
Mrs. Webster is right. Weishaupt's chief aim in
life was world revolution. He simply prostituted Ma-,
sonry because he found it to be the most practical tool t
availably for the accomplishment of his devilish pur-
poses. fo beguile Masons and capture the Order he
worked out an elaborate system of secret degrees'
through which his followers were led step by step and \
finally graduated in his "mysteries".
Men who came under his hypnotic spell soon found)
their minds so confused that they were no longer cap-
able of looking at life through normal eyes. Local
lodges, thus polluted, became spawns for breeding vice
and revolution. It was in these underground centers
that the revolutionary activity which produced the
French Revolution was hatched out. Masonic units,
dotted by the thousands all over the map of Europe,
were thus transformed into places of anarchy, devoted
to creating mob violence.
An Illuminized lodge was one that had become
thoroughly trained in the principles of Weishaupt and
the technique of revolution. By this means he was able
to bore beneath the surface and undermine every gov-
ernment in Europe.
For the sake of thoroughness we will pause to out-

line the various degrees which constituted the path of

advancement in Illuminized Masonry. These degrees
were evolved by Weishaupt personally.
(The first Class)
First Degree. Minerval degree or Preparatory
Second Degree. The Lesser Illuminate or Illumin-
atus Minor.
(Special note: These two degrees were divided into
1. The Preparatory.
2. The Novitiate.
3. The Minerval degree (from Minerva).
4. The Little first degree.
5. The Great first degree.
(The second Class)
Third Degree. The three degrees of the Masonry
of St. John:
Fourth Degree. The greater Illuminate (Illumin-
atus Major).
The Scotch Novitiate.
Fifth Degree. The directing Illuminate (Illumi-
natus Dirigens).
The Scotch Knights.
(The third Class)
A. The Small Mysteries:
Sixth Degree. Priest's Degree.
Seventh Degree. Regent's Degree.
B. The Great Mysteries:
Eighth Degree. Magus.
Ninth Degree. Rex.
- 25 -

Degrees eight and nine were not even supposed to

have existed.
It can not be emphasized too strongly that Weis-
haupt's true purpose was not to advance the cause of
Masonry. In reality hg desioisell the Qrdex. His con-
suming ambition was siniftri- use it as a means to-
ward an end. Professor Robison's careful analysis
shows that Weishaupt's program of destruction em-
bodies the six following fundamental propositions:
1. Abolition of all ordered government.
2. Abolition of inheritance.
3. Abolition of private property.
4. Abolition of patriotism.
5. Abolition of family.
6. Abolition of religion.
The foregoing arrangement, when carried out,
means but one thingTHE BREAK DOWN OF THE
These are the six basic principles of Communism
as we know it today. Each of these have been applied
in Russia. The modern "Weishaupts" of Moscow ex-
pect to carry his dream through to completion and
wreck the entire world before they finish. A little
deep thinking will :-,;how that Communism is not a new
thing; in these studies we are taking the Red menace
back to May 1, 1776, the day the Illuminati was offi-
cially brought into existence.

WEISHAUPT was trained as a Jesuit. He later re-
nounced the organization. He may or may not
have been sincere in his change of attitude but the
fact remains that the fierceness of this Roman Catholic
militaristic Order fastened its influence upon him. It
- 26 --

left an impression that contributed to all of his future

inventions and decisions. A short detour into the
nature and purposes of this organization will give an
insight into the forces which helped to mould the char-
acter of the man.
The story of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) is in-
teresting, but far from inspiring. It is the "army"
of the Roman Church and has behind it a trail of
Protestant blood which it will never be able to wash
away. It is a vast, powerful, world-wide machine with
a reputation for moving swift and terrible! A modern
writer calls them the Black International.
Credit is given for the founding of the Order to
Ignatius Loyola on April 5, 1541. It will be recalled
the Loyola was previously arrested by the Spanish
government for subversive activities as a Gnostic. He
was not convicted. Disraeli, the Jewish Premier of
England, said in his book Coningsby, "You never ob-
serve a great intellectual movement in Europe in which
the Jews do not greatly participate. The first Jesuits
were Jews."
The Jesuits make their headquarters in the Vatican
at Rome. The head of the Order is known as the
General. His position is that of Commander-in-chief
and he wields absolute power over the members who
are piedged to blind obedience. The General claims
his authority from the Pope. Each member makes
a series of vows and takes certain secret oaths. The
"fourth vow" is known to be one of special allegiance
to the Pope, promising to go in obedience to him when-
soever and whithersoever he may demand. Jesuits
have been dubbed "the secret service men of the Vati-
Because the General of the Jesuits always wears
a black garb he is familiarly known as the "Black
There have been times when Popes have refused
-27 -
to countenance Jesuitical crimes and have curtailed or
disbanded the Order. An instance of this kind occurred
on July 21, 1773 when the Pope abolished them at
the demand of the governments of France, Spain,
Portugal, Naples and Austria. But they were soon
back in the fold stronger than ever. Today they are
reported to be active in all parts of the world.
In her treatise Occult Theocracy Lady Queenbor-
ough takes the following quotation from a manuscript
entitled Histoire des Congregations et Sodalites Jesu-
itigues Depuis 1563 jusgu' an temps present, which she
found in Rue Richelieu library at Paris:
"Initiation. From this, as well as other works,
we gather some of the ceremonies with which aspirants
were initiated into the Order. Having in nearly all
Roman Catholic countries succeeded in becoming the
educators of the young, they were able to mould the
youthful mind according to their secret aims. If ther,
after a number of years, they detected in the pupil
a blind and fanatic faith, conjoined with exalted pie-
tism and indomitable courage, they proceeded to
initiate him ; in the opposite case, they excluded him.
The proofs lasted twenty-four hours, for which the
candidate was prepared by long and severe fasting,
which, by prostrating his bodily strength, inflamed
his fancy, and, just before the trial, a powerful drink
was administered to him. Then the mystic scene be-
gandiabolical apparitions, evocation of the dead,
representations of the flames of hell, skeletons, moving
skulls, artificial thunder and lightning, in fact, the
whole paraphernalia and apparatus of the anciert
mysteries. If the neophyte, who was closely watched,
showed fear or terror, he remained for ever in the
inferior degree ; but if he bore the proof well, he was
advanced to a higher grade.
"At the initiation into the second degree (Scholas-
tici) the same proofs, but on a grander scale, had to
be undei gone. The candidate, again prepared for them
by long fastings, was led with his eyes bandaged into
a large cavern, resounding with wild howlirgs and
roarings which he had to traverse, reciting at the same
time prayers specially appointed for that occasion.
At the end of the cave he had to crawl through a nar.
row opening, and while doing this, the bandage was
taken from his eyes by an unseen hand, and he found
himself in a square dungeon, whose floor was cov-
ered with a mortuary cloth, on which stood three
lamps, shedding a feeble light on the skulls and skele-
tons ranged around. This was the Cave of Evocation,
the Black Chamber, so famous in the annals of the
Fathers. Here, giving himself up to prayer, the neo-
phyte passed some time, during which the priests
could, without his being aware of it, watch his every
movement and gesture. If his behavior was satisfac-
tory, all at once two brethren, representing archangels,
dreseated themselves before him, without his being
able to tell 'whence they had so suddenly started up,
a good deal can be done with properly fitted and oiled
trap-doors,---and, observing perfect silence, bound his
forehead with a white band soaked with blood, and
covered with hieroglyphics; they then hang a small
crucifix round his neck, and a small satchel containing
relics, or what did duty for them. Finally, they took
off all his clothing, which they cast on a pyre in one
corner of the cave, and marked his body with numer-
ous crosses, drawn with blood. At this point, the hier-
pliant with his assistants entered, and, having bound
a red cloth round the middle of the candidate's body,
the brethren, clothed in bloodstained garments, placed
themselves beside him, and drawing their daggers,
formed the steel arch over his head. A carpet being
then spread on the floor, all . knelt down and prayed
for about an hour, after which the pyre Was secretly
set on fire; the further wall of the cave opened, the
air resounded with strains, now gay, now lugubrious,
29 ----
and a long procession of spectres, phantoms, angels,
and demons filed past the neophyte like the 'supers'
in a pantomime. Whilst this farce was going on, the
candidate took the following oath :--`In the name of
Christ crucified, I swear to burst the bonds that yet
unite me to father, mother, brothers, sisters, relations,
friends ; to the King, magistrates, and any other au-
thority, to which I may ever have sworn fealty, obe-
dience, gratitude, or service. I renounce . . . . the
place of my birth, henceforth to exist in another sphere.
I swear to reveal to my new superior, whom I desire
to know, what I have done, thought, read, learnt, or
discovered, and to observe and watch all that comes
under my notice. I swear to yield myself up to my
superior, as if I were a corpse, deprived of life and will.
T finally swear to flee temptation, and to reveal all
I succeed in discovering, well aware that lightning is
not more rapid and ready than the dagger to reach
me wherever I may be.'
"The new member having taken this oath, was
then introduced into a neighboring cell, where he took
a bath, and was clothed in garments of new and white
linen. He finally repaired with the other brethren to
a banquet, where he could with choice food and wine
compensate himself for his long abstinence, and the
horrors and fatigues he had passed through."
Events in the history of the Jesuits seem to bear
out the supposition that both Jews and Catholics have
at times united their efforts in its ranks to bring
about destruction of Protestantism. To illustrate,
during the years 1573 to 1580, the international Gen-
eral was a Belgian Jew by the name of Eberhard Mer-
curian. Thus we see a Jew Jesuit and a Gentile Pope
working together (a "mutual adulation society") in
a frantic effort to put Protestantism on the gallows.
The present General is a Pole by nationality, his name
being Vladimir Ledochowski.
30 --

The real reason for establishing the Society of

Jesus was to check the progress of the Reformation
which broke upon the world in the little town of Wit-
tenberg, Germany, October 31, 1517. While the
Jesuits failed in their attempt to blot Protestantism
out of existence, yet they did succeed in stopping the
growth of the movement in southern Germany ano
other countries of Europe.
No one has taken the trouble to deny that the Order
exists down to the present time for the same purpose
--namely a flank attack upon Protestants and their
faith. The leading principle of the Jesuits sounds good
enough, love of God and of their fellow men, but into
their constitution there was written another prin-
ciple, "the end justifies the means". In other words,
when occasion demands it, any moral law may be trans-
gressed to promote the interests of the Church. Some-
one has called this arrangement "Holy hellishness".
Many vicious crimes have been laid at the door of
the Jesuits in the past, notably the Gun Powder Plot
in England, and the killing of the Huguenots in France.
I recall while being shown through the Parliament
buildings in London, we paused at a certain place and
was told that if the Gun Powder Plot had been carried
out in 1605, as planned by the Jesuits, the King and
members of Parliament would have been destroyed.
Thirty-six barrels of gun powder, more than a ton;
had been stored in the basement ready to be exploded
when the sessions of government convened. The plot
was not discovered until two days before Parliament
The scheme was traced to the Jesuits and some of
their leaders in England were put to death as a result.
But the most heinous crime of which the Jesuits
have ever bee* guilty was the slaughtering of the
unsuspecting Huguenots on Sunday, August 24, 1572.
- 31 --

It was on the day of St. Bartholomewa quiet Sun-

day in Paris. Suddenly the bells of the St. Germain
began to ring. I shall never forget the chill that came
over me as I walked through the door of this building
for the first time, realizing as I did that this was the
place where the signal was given to massacre the
Like a cat springs upon an unsuspecting bird, so
the Jesuits sprang upon the defenseless Protestants.
Coligny, the leader of the Huguenots, was among those
put to death in this awful orgy of blood. From Paris,
the massacre soon spread to other cities, and it has
been estimated that no less than one hundred thousand
Protestants were wiped out.
Weishaupt may have tried conscientiously to sep-
arate himself from the Jesuits but the early influence
of the Order lingered with him throughout his life.
Even if he did divorce himself from the visible or-
ganization, he had already assimilated its intangible
principles. That he drew upon the Jesuits for methods
and nomenclature is readily admitted by careful stu-
dents of the man and his work.
Gould, in his History of Freortasory, remarks, "He
(Weishaupt) had unconsciously imbibed that most
pernicious doctrine that the end justifies the means".

A FTER spending years in investigating the Illuminati
' and its ramifications, Professor Robison felt
prompted to write, "We assert with confidence, that
the Mason lodges in France were hot-beds where the
seeds were sown, and tenderly reared, of all the per-
nicious doctrines which soon after choked every moral
- 32 -

or religious cultivation, and have made the Society

worse than a waste, have made it a noisome marsh of
human corruption filled with every rank and poison-
ous weed. It was in this respect that the Mason lodges
contributed to the dissemination of dangerous opinions
and they were employed for this purpose all over the
Kingdom. And thus it appears that Germany had ex-
perienced the same gradual progress, from Religion to
Atheism, from decency to dissoluteness, and from loy-
alty to rebellion, which has had its course in France.
Freemasonry is innocent of all these things ; but Free-
masonry has been abused, and at last totally perverted
and so will and must any such secret organization,
as long as men are licentious in their opinions or
wicked in their dispositions."
Weishaupt's trickery in directing things from be-
hind the scenes is disclosed in the following letter writ-
ten by him to a fellow Illuminatus, "We must consider
how we can begin to work under another form. If
only the aim is achieved, it does not matter under
what cover it takes place, and a cover is always neces-
sary. For in concealment lies a great part of our
strength. For this reason we must cover ourselves
with the name of another society. The lodges that are
under Freemasonry are in the meantime the most
suitable cloak for our high purpose, because the world
is already accustomed to expect nothing great from
them which merits attention. As in the spiritual Or-
ders of the Roman Church, religion was, alas! only
a pretense, so must our Order also in a nobler way try
to conceal itself behind a learned society or something
of the kind. A society concealed in this manner can-
not be worked against. We shall be shrouded in im-
penetrable darkness from spies and emissaries of
other societies."
The manner in which Masons were frequently mis-
led is illustrated by a letter from a leader by the name
- 33 -

of Cato to Weishaupt, "Now that he (a new prospect)

is a Mason I have put all about this Illuminati before
him, shown him what is unimportant and at this op-
portunity taken up the general plan of our Illuminati,
and as this pleased him I said that such a thing really
existed, whereat he gave me his word that he would
enter it."
Showing how they sought to capture whole lodges,
the following letter was sent by a member named Philo
to Weishaupt, "I have now found in Cassel the best
man, on whom I cannot congratulate ourselves enough :
he is Mauvillion, Grand Master of one of the Royal
York Lodges. So with him we have the whole lodge
in our hands. He has also got from them all their
miserable degrees."
Mounier, a French writer left this record in one of
his reports, "Weishaupt made the acquaintance of a
Hanoverian, the Baron von Knigge, a famous intriguer,
long practised in the charlatanism of lodges of Free-
masons. On his advice new degrees were added to the
old ones, and it was resolved to profit by Freemasonry
whilst profoundly despising it. They decided that the
degrees of Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, Master
Mason, and Scotch Knight should be added to those of
the Illuminati, and that they would boast of possessing
exclusively the real secrets of the Freemasons and
affirm that Illuminism was the real primitive Free-
Not until the government confiscated the property
of the Illuminati was it possible to penetrate its secrets
and really get at the man behind the system. On one
occasion Weishaupt wrote to an intimate friend, "My
circumstances necessitate that I should remain hid-
den from most of the members as long as I live. I
am obliged to do everything through five or six per-
sons." On another occasion he said, "One must show
how easy it would be for one clever head to direct
hundreds of thousands of men."
-34 --
Again he wrote, "I have two immediately below
me into whom I breathe my whole spirit, and each of
these two has again two others, and so on. In this
way I can set a thousand men in motion and on fire
in the simplest manner, and in this way one must
impart orders and operate on politics."
Shortly before the French Revolution, in the latter
part of the eighteenth century, we find the Marquis
de Luchet saying, "This society aims at governing the
world. Its object is universal domination." He called
the Illuminati "a subterranean fire smouldering eter-
nally and breaking forth periodically in violent and
devastating explosions." He pleaded with Masons, as
a whole, to get their-eyes open and save their Order
from these corrupting influences. "Would it not be
possible to direct the Freemasons themselves against
the Illumines by showing them that whilst they are
working to maintain harmony in society, those others
everywhere are sowing seeds of discord?"
In plain language the program of Illuminized Free-
masonry was simply a plan for upsetting the whole
world by revolutions. When it captured the lodge
rooms of Europe, the plan truly became a "subter-
ranean fire." The first great explosion took place in
what we know in history as the French Revolution.
Imagine thousands of lodge rooms converted into nests
of human vipers, men possessing warped intellects
with one uncontrollable impulse surging through their
arteriesdestruction! destruction! destruction!and
you will be getting down to the true cause of the
holocaust which drenched the French nation in human
"What was the aim of this occult power?" asks
Mrs. Webster. "Was it merely the plan of destruction
that had originated in the brain of a Bavarian pro-
fessor twenty years earlier, or was it something far
older, a live and terrible force that had lain dormant
- 35 -

through the centuries, that Weishaupt and his allies

had not created but only loosed upon the world ? The
Reign of Terror, like the outbreak of Satanism in the
Middle Ages, can be explained by no material causes
the orgy of hatred, lust, and cruelty directed not
only against the rich but still more against the poor
and defenceless, the destruction of science, art, and
beauty, the desecration of the churches, the organized
campaign against all that was noble, all that was
sacred, all that humanity holds dear, what was this
but Satanism ?
"To those who lived through it, it seemed that
France lay under the sway of the powers of darkness.
So in the 'great shipwreck of civilization', as a con-
temporary has described it, the projects of the Cab-
alists, the Gnostics, and the secret societies which for
nearly eighteen centuries had sapped the foundations
of Christianity found their fulfillment."
It is a fact that the powers of the Devil cause such
outbursts as the French Revolution, but it is also true
that these powers manifest themselves through human
beings. There is no difficulty in discovering who were
the obsessed personalities that permitted themselves
to become the instruments of Satan in bringing this
great sorrow upon the French people.
"We will have no God, no masters," shouted the
mobs, not knowing that they were merely croaking
like frogs, repeating the ideas inculcated by Weishaupt
and his followers. Then they picked up a woman from
the streets of Paris, dressed her in costly robes and
profaned the Cathedral of Notre Dame by worshipping
her as the Goddess of Reason. In prostrating them-
selves before this new god, the jeering crowds little
knew that they were surrendering to the philosophy
of the ancient Gnostics who boasted that Reason was
superior to Faith.
Weishaupt was hidden so deep in the shadows that
- 36 -

no one suspected his connection with the Goddess in

Notre Dame. But long before her appearance, he had
introduced the secret poison which was then becoming
manifest. He eulogized Reason as the supreme factor
in religion. Here were his words, "When at last Rea-
son becomes the religion man, so will the problem be
At another time he wrote, "Freemasonry is hidden
Christianity, at least my explanations of the hiero-
glyphics fit this perfectly; and in the way in which I
explain Christianity no one need be ashamed to be a
Christian, for I leave the name and substitute for it
By the method of deduction used above of identify-
ing Reason as an integral part of the Weishaupt code,
it is possible to trace every phase of the French Revo-
lution to some part of the Illuminati program behind
the scenes. In other words, when lightning struck on
the surface of France, it was merely the visible effect
of hidden causes which had been carefully planned and
timed by the conspirators. The events starting in
1789 were only Illuminism in action. And no informed
person will say that the planning has ceased! The
same plot is being carried out today through secret and
subterranean channels.
There is an abundance of proof that such leaders
of the Revolution as Lafayette, Mirabeau, Garat,
Marat, Robespierre, Danton, Desmoulins and many
others were active members of Illuminized Masonic
lodges. From this source they got their ideas, ac-
quired their fierceness and worked out their plots.
Every student of history will recall that the politi-
cal clubs known as the Jacobins, held the balance of
power throughout the French Revolution. Among the
early members of these mysterious organizations were
Mirabeau and Robespierre. The Encyclopaedia Britan-
- 37 --

nica says, "By August 10, 1790 there were already one
hundred and fifty-two affiliated clubs, and at the close
of 1791 the Jacobins had a network of branches all
over France. It was this widespread yet highly cen-
tralized organization that gave to the Jacobin Club its
formidable power. The secret of their strength was
this: in the midst of general disorganization, they
alone were organized."
From the time the first Jacobin Club was organized,
these centers were duly Illuminated by Weishaupt's
principal helpers, including Bode and Baron de Busche.
The basic purpose of the Jacobins was "to further the
triumph of dogmatic Atheism and create a great social
upheaval". The French writer Le Forestier explains.
"The members charged with spreading the propaganda
of the subversive principles of the club numbered fifty
thousand. In 1790, it had twenty thousand livres at
its disposal, but by the end 1791, these had increased
to thirty millions".
The history of the unspeakable Terror of the
French Revolution is the history of the Jacobins. And
the history of the Jacobins is the history of the Illu-
minati. Let it be remembered that one of Weishaupt's
affectionate titles was "PATRIARCH OF THE JAC-
After the storm of the Revolution subsided, the
power to govern France was vested in the Comite de
Salut Public composed of three hundred men, all lead-
ers in the Illuminated Masonic Order. Lady Queen-
borough remarks, "The particular brand of Commun-
ism favored by the conspirators was based on the
theory that the poor could not help themselves or im-
prove their position, that the rich must be suppressed
and that the ideal state could be reached by class war,
and a dictatorship of the proletariat."
Even a casual examination of the forces at work
in the French Revolution compared with those which
- 38 -

swept Russia eighteen years ago, will show a remark-

able similarity. It has been aptly remarked that the
Russian Revolution began where the French Revo-
lution ended.
Parenthetically, it is interesting to notice that
Germany, all secret orders have been disbanded under
the Hitler regime. Everything must be done in the
open and in plain sight. No fraternal secrets are per-
mitted. The Masonic Order, the Illuminati and all
other such societies have been destroyed.
Mussolini inaugurated the same policy when he
first ascended to power in Italy. His Autobiography,
published in 1928, contains many interesting state-
ments regarding Italian Masonry which may be appro-
priately repeated here, by virtue of the present dis-
"The Fascisti, as intelligent people worthy of the
epoch in which they were living, followed me in the
new conception of religious policy. To it was attached
our war against Masonry as we knew Masonry in Italy.
It was a war of fundamental importance and Fascism
was almost unanimous in a determination to fight it
to the end.
"Let us not forget that the Masons of Italy have
always represented a distortion, not only in political
life, but in spiritual concepts. All the strength of
Masonry was directed against the papal policies, but
this struggle represented no real and profound ideal.
The secret society from a practical point of view rested
on an association of mutual adulation, of reciprocal aid,
of pernicious nepotism and favoritism. To become pow-
erful and to consummate its underhanded dealings, Ma-
sonry made use of the weaknesses of the Liberal gov-
ernments that succeeded each other in Italy after 1870
to extend its machinations in the bureaucracy, in the
magistracy, in the field of education, and also in the
army, so that it could dominate the vital ganglions of
- 39 ---

the whole nation. Its secret character throughout the

twentieth century, its mysterious meetings, abhorrent
to our beautiful communities with their sunlight and
their love of truth, gave to the sect the character of
corruption, a crooked concept of life, without pro-
gramme, without soul, without moral value.
"My antipathy for that disgusting form of secret
association goes back to my youth. Long before, at
the Socialist congress of Ancona in 1914, I had pre-
sented to my comrades the dilemma: Socialists OT
Masons? That point of view had won a complete
triumph, in spite of the strong opposition of the Mason-
"Later, in Fascism, I made the same gesture of
strength. It took courage. I obeyed the positive com-
mand of my conscience, and not any opportunism. My
attitude had nothing in common with the anti-Masonic
spirit of the Jesuits. They acted for reasons of de-
fense. After all, their inner organization as a religions
society is almost completely unknown.
"For my direct, methodical and consistent course of
policy the hate of the Masonic sect persecutes me even
now. Masonry of that type has been beaten in Italy,
but it operates and conspires behind the mask of the
international anti-Fascism. It utterly fails to defeat
me. It tries to throw mud at me, but the insult does
not reachJ its mark. It machinates plots and crimes,
but the hired assassins do not control my destiny. It
goes gossiping about my weaknesses, and the supposed
organic afflictions of my body, but I am more alive and
stronger than ever.
"This is a war without quarter, a war of which I
am a veteran. Every time that I have wanted to
cauterize difficult situations in Italian political life,
every time that I have wanted to give a sincere, frank
and loyal moral rectitude to the personnel in politics,
I have always had against me our Masonry! But that
- 40

organization, which in other times was very powerful,

has been beaten by me. Against me it did not and
cannot win. Italians won this battle for me. They
found the cure for this leprosy."
But the sequel to the above story is that since
Mussolini wrote these words, he has been prevailed
upon to restore to Masons their previous liberties. In
August 1930 the Rosicrucian Digest, published in Cali-
fornia, printed the following significant announcement,
"The recent decision on the part of Mussolini permit-
ting Freemasons and Rosicrucians of Italy to hold lodge
sessions and to conduct their work again under a
national council composed of their own members and
officers, will result in a rapid revival of work in Italy."
Reports from England declare that powerful Jewish
influences close to Mussolini were responsible for his
reversal of policy.
Before drawing this part of the discussion to a
close, perhaps a final word from Barruel would be
proper, in which he laments over the fact that the
French people were so stupefied that they could not
see the impending Revolution directly in front of them.
He says, "To give the fatal impulse to the world, it now
only remained for the sect to carry its mysteries into
a nation powerful and active indeed, but unfortunately
more susceptible of that effervescence which bereaves
man of the power of thinking, than of that judgment
which foresees disasters ; to a nation which, in its
ardor and enthusiasm, too easily forgets that true
greatness is not that courage which bids defiance to
danger (for the vandals and barbarious can boast of
such heroes) ; to a nation, in short, that has ever been
a prey to allusions, and which, before it would hearken
to the councils of wisdom, might in its fury overturn
the altar and shiver the sceptre, returning to reason
only in time to weep over the ruins and lament the
devastation of which it has been the cause."

- 41 -

WHEN good, law abiding Masons in Europe realized
had happened to their order after the French
Revolution they became sick at heart and discouraged.
Not until it was too late to correct the situation did
they come to understand what had happened. This
was particularly noticeable in Germany where the
Grand Master, the Duke of Brunswick, issued a Mani-
festo to all the German lodges in 1794 declaring that
European Masonry had been completely perverted by
the new sect, the Illuminati. In his utter despondency
he advocated disbanding the Order entirely.
I shall quote his famous Manifesto in part, "A
great sect arose which, taking for its motto the good
and the happiness of man, worked in the darkness of
the conspiracy to make the happiness of humanity a
prey for itself. This sect is known to everyone: its
brothers are known no less than its name. It is they
who have undermined the foundations of the Order
to the point of complete overthrow ; it is by them that
all humanity has been poisoned and led astray for sev-
eral generations. The ferment that reigns amongst
the peoples is their work. They founded the plans
of their insatiable ambition on the political pride of
nations. Their founders arranged to introduce this
pride into the heads of the peoples. They began by
casting odium on religion . . . . They invented the
rights of man which it is impossible to discover even
in the book of Nature, and they urged the people to
wrest from their princes the recognition of these sup-
posed rights. The plan they had formed for break-
ing all social ties and of destroying all order was
revealed in all their speeches and acts. They deluged
the world with a multitude of publications; they re-
cruited apprentices of every rank and in every posi-
tion; they deluded the most perspicacious men by
falsely alleging different intentions. They sowed in
- 42 -

the hearts of youth the seed of covetousness, and they

excited it with the bait of the most insatiable pas-
sions. Indomitable pride, thirst of power, such were
the only motives of this sect: their masters had noth-
ing less in view than the thrones of the earth, and
the government of the nations was to be directed by
their nocturnal clubs.
"This is what has been done and is still being done.
But we notice that princes and people are unaware
how and by what means this is being accomplished.
That is why we say to them in all frankness: The
misuse of our Order, the misunderstanding of our
secret, has produced all the political and moral trou-
bles with which the world is filled today. You who
have been initiated, you must join yourselves with us
in raising your voices, so as to teach peoples and princ-
es that the sectarians, the apostates of our Order, have
alone been and will be the authors of present and fu-
ture revolutions. We must assure princes and peoples,
on our honour and our duty, that our association is in
no way guilty of these evils. But in order that our
attestations should have force and merit belief, we
must make for princes and people a complete sacrifice;
so as to cut out to the roots the abuse and error, we
must from this moment dissolve the whole Order.
This is why we destroy and annihilate it completely for
the time ; we will preserve the foundations for pos-
terity, which will clear them when humanity, in bet-
ter times, can derive some benefit from our holy
Adam Weishaupt lived to the age of eighty-two.
He continued his criminal activities against civilization
for many years after the French Revolution. For the
sake of emphasis, let it be remarked once more that
Masonry in both England and the United States has
always been unlike the Masonry of continental Europe
which can best be designated by the use of the term
Grand Orient.
- 43 -

The real conspirators behind the Illuminati were

Jews. The whole scheme was a Jewish plot to the
core. Bernard Lazare, a well known Jewish writer,
says, "There were Jews, Cabalistic Jews, around Weis-
haunt". One must also bear in mind the influence of
Kolmer, the mysterious Jew from the east, upon the
mind of Weishaupt even prior to the birth of the Il-
Confiscated documents of the organization dis-
close that of the thirty-nine chief sub-leaders of Weis-
haupt, seventeen were Jews. Illuminati-Hall of Ingol-
stadt, where Weishaupt lived, was later transformed
into a synagogue.
The Jewish method of exhausting their Gentile
environment has always been to stir up strife from
secret sources and engender class hatreds. This was
the plan used in bringing about the death of Christ:
a mob spirit was created. The same policy is de-
scribed in Acts 14:2, "But the unbelieving Jews
stirred up the Gentiles, and made their minds evil
affeeted against the brethren."
In indicting his own race, Lazare says, "The com-
plaint of the anti-Semites seems to be founded: the
Jew has the revolutionary spirit; consciously or not
he is an agent of revolution."
Returning to Mrs. Webster, we are told that the
Jew who turns himself over to subversive activities
becomes "a formidable hidden power". "Nevertheless,
in modern revolutions the part played by the Jews
cannot be ignored, and the influence they have exer-
cised will be seen on examination to have been twofold
financial and occult. Throughout the Middle Age3
it is as sorcerers and usurers that they incur the re-
proaches of the Christian world, anCi it is still the same
role, under the more modern terms of magicians and
loan-m6ngers, that we detect their piesenee behind
- 44 -

the scenes of revolution from the seventeenth century

The plan used by the Jewish leaders of the Illumin-
ati to keep informed concerning all Gentile activities
and to know what wires to pull so as to produce con-
fusion, was to require every member to spy constantly
on his fellow members. So, once a month, each II-
luminatus was compelled to hand to his superior of-
ficer a sealed envelope containing information about
his friends. It bore the title quibus licet and was to
be conveyed to the unknown ruler at the top of the
Order's pyramid. The individual member down the
line was kept in the dark, knowing only one leader
above him, to whom he had taken the oath of blind
obedience. The Gentile dupes were taught to think
that they were parts of a great plan, and not concern-
ing themselves to learn that they had allowed them-
selves to become helpless cogs in a merciless wheel
which was created for the purpose of grinding the
Gentile nations to powder.
This system has been expanded in our day to cover
the entire Russian Empire concerning which it has
truthfully been said, "everybody is a spy spying on a
spy". Every fundamental principle of the Illuminati
may be traced through the French Revolution, down
to the present hour through the avenue of international
One of the closest men to Weishaupt was a Jew by
the name of Cagliostro. His real name was Joseph
Balsamo but he took the lodge name Comte de Cag-
liostro. He traveled through Greece and Egypt and
knew the occult secrets of the Jewish Cabala. He was
on the inner circle of the Illuminati and had much to
do with wrecking European Masonry and changing it
into an instrument for producing carnage. A close
associate of Cagliostro was the Swabian doctor Mes-
mer whose evil hypnotic science still bears the name
of Mesmerism.
- 45 -

Since the Jews have always controled the main

arteries or finance and are thoroughly schooled in
the art of keeping out of sight while Gentile dupes
remain under the spotlight of the public eye, it is not
known in what quantities they poured sums of money
into Illuminati channels. But it is evident that from
some secret source the movement had inexhaustible
quantities to draw upon with which to carry out its
brutal plot against Gentile civilization.
Karl Marx, the recognized father of modern Com-
munism, edited his teachings out of the writings .,f
Adam Weishaupt. The views expressed by both men
ore identical at many points. The first Communist
Manifesto published by Marx in 1848 embodies both
the principles and the spirit of the Illuminati.
Therefore, what we know as Communism today is
the lineal descendant of the same anti-Christ conspir-
acy that brought about the French Revolution.
In his remarkable book Are These Things So?,
Colonel E. N. Sanctuary discusses the three ring lead-
ers who were largely responsible for revamping the
Illuminati and preserving its root ideas. We read,
"Marx, Lasalles, and Engels comprise the trio of Jews
who, taking an altruistic theory, managed in a short
time to turn it into a pronounced revolutionary doc-
trine, a doctrine that has left its scar on practically
every civilized nation and which has so wounded some
that they can not recover. Every cult and movement
to a certain degree reflects the outstanding character-
istics of the founders. Revolutionary socialismnow
more commonly called communismis no exception.
The outstanding traits of these three men, which can
be said to be outstanding traits of a large Jewish
element, are found to predominate in the various
groups that go to make up the present-day revolu-
tionary movement. They are: Arrogance, intolerance,
- 46 --

inflamed emotions, lack of ethical standards, and a de-

sire for revenge, pronounced in Marx ; immoral and
unscrupulous acts, a demonic will, a disregard for the
truth, the belief that to attain an end any means is
justifiable, and a desire for revenge, pronounced in
Lasalles ; love of publicity, a desire to be thought 'pro-
gressive,' and a disposition to employ wealth attained
through whatever means, to the advancement of sub-
versive movements, pronounced in Engels.
"Another noticeable parallel between these three
men and the vast majority of those now credited with
being leaders in the world revolutionary movement
call it socialism or call it communismis that none of
them were 'wage-earners' or of the groups of citizens
for whose welfare and uplift they insist they are work-
ing. Marx, to use good American slang, was a plain
'moocher.' Lasalles inherited a fortune and earned no
money himself. Engels who was engaged with his
father in the operation of cotton mills in which chil-
dren were employed at scandalously low wages and for
wickedly long hours, was a wealthy man.
"Karl Marx made popular, apparently, the well
known Jewish system of adopting a name other than
one's own. His name was not Marx but Mordecai. He
came from a long line of rabbis although his father
abandoned that profession and took up law. When
Karl was about six years old the older Mordecai re-
nounced the Jewish faith and embraced Christianity.
Some of Marx's admirers attribute this action on the
part of the elder Mordecai not to willingness but to
pressure brought by governmental agencies. This is
cited as one reason for Marx's presistent effort to de-
stroy everything related to, or erected upon, the Chris-
tian faith. Regardless of the reason, in later years,
as Marx associated more and more with the subversive
elements, he took the position that the whole world
was injured because of Christianity and believedat
least he urgedthe revolutionary weapon as the one
- 47 -

and only means to correct the wrong. Of him Prof.

F. J. C. Hearnshaw writes: 'He was intolerant, bitter,
violent, venomous. . . . Nor was his ferocious intol-
erance a mere superficial defect of manner. It pene-
trated to the depths of his being and vitiated all his
thought. He was entirely lacking in the scientific
spirit, totally incapable of dispassionate argument.
His inflamed emotions determined his conclusion, and
his perverted intelligence put forth all its powers, with
a complete disregard of all moral scruples, to provide
an apparently rational foundation for them. . . Marx's
eminence is that of the agitator, not that of the think-
er. He did not make socialism scientific; he made it
The parallelism between Weishaupt's teachings, the
French Revolution and the Russian Revolution is un-
It has been explained that the Illuminati was
Jewish. In like manner the Moscow dictatorship is
Jewish. When the bureaucracy was set up in Russia
eighteen years ago, it was headed by five hundred and 3
forty-five men, and of this number four hundred and (0 4 11 ?-
forty-seven were Jews, many of them having come
from the east side of New York. It has been estab-
lished on the floor of the Uuited States Congress that
ba,ak.iug Lim, in Wall Street actually
and Troisity with the mojaesy to finance the Rus-
sian outbreak. Mrs. L. Fry points out in her book,
Waters Flowing Eastward that as far back as 1893-94
the Czar's government knew that Jacob aalliff,presi-
dent of the 4221 and Company bank in New
York, had been named chairman of the Committee on
the "Revolutionary M.)vement in Russia" by the E.u.ai
13_11111,of the United States.
Another parallelism is the fact that W.gish.a.uut.
required the leaders of his Order to change their
name. In lodge parlance they also changed the names
- 48 -

of cities. 'Weishaupt took the title of Spartacus.

It was interesting to me to learn while in Germany
that when the Reds first became active in that coun-
try a few years ago they did not call thenjolygs_CD/21.:
waists. They were known as Spartacusts, in mem-
ory of Weishaupt.
The Jewish leaders in Moscow likewise changed
their names. Here are a few examples: Zederbaum
became Lenin, Bronstein became Trotsky, Finklestein
became Litvinoff, Sobelsohn became Rodak.
During the French Revolution, the Sabbath was
destroyed. The same has been done in Russia.
Atheism was the national religion of the French
Revolution. The same is true in Russia.
The Illuminati was correctly called a "subterranean
fire". In view of the foregoing disclosures, who will
say that the same flame is not burning today?

WE have now learned that what history records as
" the French revolution was in reality the ripened
fruit of an Illumined andr a_wles1 Jewish Mnsonx,y_
After years of preparation there was suddenly re-
leased, upon a dumfounded humanity, a torrent of mis-
directed energy which changed the face of all Europe.
Sparks from the conflagration blew in every
direction and produced new flames in many parts of
the world. Although a hundred and fifty years have
elapsed since this holocaust took place, the forces thus
set in motion have by no means spent themselves.
It is one thing to fight for an ideal and it is another
thing to just fight for the sake of fighting. The II-
- 49 -

luminati of the eighteenth century, like the Commun-

ism of today, developed a professional fierceness which
feeds upon violence and human suffering. One over-
turn followed another as the appetites of the revolu-
tionists became whetted for French blood.
The Moscow leaders have likewise continued their
bestial crimes against the poor, helpless, exhausted
Russian masses for_eighteen years, in the name of p -
petual revolution. rThey have reduced to a science, th
idea that there should be no rest and peace for thos
who are governed. To them a revolution sho d b
continuous, never allowed to come to an end. The
formula is simple: if prosperity and contentmenf were
Lo settle down upon the people, the revolutionists would
be no longer needed ; they would probably lose both
their jobs and their heads.
Equally asinine are the frothings of street-corner
Reds in the United States who demand the overthrow
of the government under the guise of seeking to pro-
tect the liberties of the toilers. Any human being with
an atom of common sense can see that the true purpose
of the Communist organizers is simply to stir up
strife and produce violencebecause this is the way
they make their living. They are paid by the ring of
international despoilers to inflame the passions of
those who listen to them. If it was a matter of per-
sonal conviction with them they would not be trying
to tear down a system of democratic government under
which the citizens have enjoyed more liberty, frater-
nity and equality than any other country in the history
of the world .
Every American citizen can vote, exercise free
speech, free press, accumulate property, expand his
mind and heart without interference, and worship God
according to the dictates of his own conscience. He has
never had a king, tyrant or dictator to rule over him.
He enjoys more personal liberty than any other type
- 50 -

of citizen nas ever enjoyed since governments began

to exist on this earth. Yet the country is full of bass-
voiced, leather-lunged, soap-box orators who are de-
liberately trying to create class hatred in the name of
personal liberty and the mythological "forgotten man".
As in the day of the Illuminati they are being directed
from an occult, Jewish source far above them.
Any man who will live a good life, work hard,
develop his mental faculties and take advantage of his
opportunities for self advancement, can climb without
restraint to the topmost rung of human achievement,
under the American system of government. Note for
instance, the thousands of men coming from the hum-
blest and poorest walks of life, who have fitted them-
selves for positions of responsibility in the United
States Senate, Congress and other positions of local
and national government.
Instead of demanding the destruction of the Ameri-
can social order as it now exists, it would be more in-
telligent if agitators were to agitate for the purifica-
tion of what we already have. Their inconsistency is
at once evident. They are inconsistent because they
are insincere. Yet this ilthe principle behind Illumin-
ism, past and present. Iluminism has for its main
purpose the intensifying of human restlessness as a
means of tearing down everything that exists, so by
long range advance preparation, the way may be paved
for the powers behind the scenes to set up their final
system of international government which proposes to
reduce all Gentiles to the same state of1 . avery that
exists in Soviet Russia at the present time.1
Therefore, we discover that Communism is not a
new thing. We have followed it back in a straight line
to the year 1776. But even now, we have not traced
it to its historic source. As an anti-Christ conspiracy,
existing for the purpose of blotting out everything that
- 51 ---

bears the name of Christianity, its roots reach much

deeper into the past than space has permitted us to
show in this treatise.
No, Communism is not something that is designed
to bless and enrich the poor and middle classes! It is
not a movement to relieve human suffering. It did
not originte with the down-trodden Russian masses.
It did not break forth spontaneously eighteen years
ago. It resulted from centuries of under-cover Jewish
Planning. Its final objective is to exhaust the human
family in suffering and misery until the whole world
can be brought under the heel of the merciless Jew-
ocracy of Moscow which has been aptly called THE