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1.0 Company Profile
1.1 Company Background 1
1.2 Major Past Projects 2
2.0 Market Segmentation
2.1 Introduction 3
2.2 Aims & Objectives 4
2.3 Tabulation of Residential buildings in Bandar Utama 5
2.3.1 Pie Chart of Unit Preferred
2.3.2 Data Analysis 6
2.4 Tabulation of Preferred Condominium Unit Type 7
2.4.1 Data Analysis 8
2.5 Tabulation of Preferred Lifestyle in Bandar Utama 9
2.5.1 Data Analysis 10
2.6 Analysis of Current Economy Situation 11
3.0 Proposal Of Project
3.1 Project Details of Condominium 12
3.2 Location of Proposed Condo
3.2.1 Geographical Area 14
3.2.2 Background 15
3.2.3 Transportation 16
3.2.4 Surrounding Facilities
3.3 Unit Types in Proposed Condo
3.3.1 Studio Unit 18
3.3.2 Loft 19
3.3.3 Multi Bedrooms Unit 20
3.3.4 Penthouse 21
3.4 Market Opportunities
3.4.1 Reason of developing a Condominium 22
3.4.2 Competitive Advantages 23

4.0 Return of Investment 24

5.0 Market Strategies

4.1 Advertisement 25
4.2 Exhibition 27
4.3 Promotion
4.4 Free Parking
6.0 Future Development & Constraint 28
7.0 Conclusion 29
8.0 References 30

TU Property Development Group Berhad is a public listed Malaysian Company Our

company mostly involved in property development, also one of the leading
property-construction group that is listed on Bursa Malaysia.

Our group is spread across three key economic regions in Malaysia with 20
development projects in total that include new townships, integrated commercial
developments, luxury high-rise apartments and green business parks. These
developments across greater Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, Kota
Kinabalu, Kuantan, Ipoh and Penang.

Our group currently has approximately 10 acres of land bank with a total gross
development value (GDV) of RM 123.5 billion. Through TU Property runs into
international, our group development has reach to Thailand, Brunei, Singapore and
Perth, Australia.

The group is helped by one of the most popular and respected industry competitors in
Malaysian property sector. Driven by its vision of create a luxury lifestyle a beautiful
world for everyone and powered by an experienced and dynamic team, the TU
property brand is set to soar even higher in the years to come.

TU Property is becoming a global well-known not only for its award

winning sustainable developments, but for the dreams we have built.

VISION - Provide a luxury & leisure lifestyle at the same time create a beautiful
& healthy environment for everyone

MISSION - To strive for win-win partnership with our Shareholders

- To satisfy customer needs through luxury accommodation
- Drive sustainable financial returns in our investment
- To be a proactive & responsible employer


TU Property Development Group Berhad has won numerous awards, making it a

household name among residents in Malaysia. With a strong foundation of past and
present successes in property and resort development. TU Property Development
Group Berhad is committed to building luxurious, resort-themed lifestyle
developments and commercial properties for discerning customers.Some of the major
past projects are TU HighPark Suites, TU Hills, The apex Putra TU Hill Residency and
TU Tropicana.

Furthermore, one of the most recognized projects by TU Property Development is

the 250 acres, luxurious development of gated residential houses located in Kota
Kemuning called The Rivulet. This development includes a 50 acres golf course, a
1.5 kilometer riverside path, a relaxing club and spa house, an outdoor basketball
court, a fully-equipped indoor gym with swimming pool and a large, open turfed
space with a scenery of the river flowing down stream. Furthermore, the Rivulet
consists of 50 units of two-storey high-end design semi-detached houses and 10 units
of luxurious three-storey detached houses.

Besides the outstanding development of the Rivulet, TU Property Development

also has a 150 acres development in Penang, two residential developments in Johor
Bahru of 193 acres in total, a forty-storey high sumptuous condominium in central
Kuala Lumpur and a couple of on-going projects in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah as well.

Despite the fact that TU Property Development is known for its large scale build
ups, it also does small developments such as commercial buildings, apartments,
convention centres, schools and many affordable residential houses. One of which is
an on-going project beside One Utama Shopping Mall.


2.1 Introduction

Before we start up or decide a business, we required to analyze and define the market
of interest in every aspects or perspective. This is helpful for narrowing down any
possible options of products that we are selling into specific groups or other targets
societies, which in this case called property. The process of splitting out the wide
market into various of sub-markets is known as market segmentation. Companies can
perform marketing segmentation and targeting by first conducting some marketing
research. The company will need to include demographic types of questions, so it can
later determine which demographic groups comprise the majority of their customer
base. Companies that use marketing segmentation and targeting properly can usually
expect great sales and profits, according to a top resource for small business strategies

There are many different ways to segment the markets, but the types that commonly
used are :

I. Geographic segmentation which mainly focuses on the location and of

the property, be it a country or a more precise street-by-street subset in order to
target customers.

II. Demographic segmentation which targets people by dividing the

population based on different variables such as ages, backgrounds, incomes,
ethnic groups, genders and other factors.

III. Psychographic segmentation which gets to know the populations

lifestyle, activities, interests and opinions to all the business to get a more
in-depth view of the consumers lifestyle to know their basic needs and wants in
order to define a market segment.

After deciding on the type and developing a market segment, evaluate it to ensure that
it is applicable and sensible in order to select the most appropriate target market for
the firm.


One of the main purposes and objectives of a market segmentation is to allow the
company to be better informed on what the current society is looking for nowadays
and to focus on who are the potential customers that we need to target. Therefore,
having a market segmentation is quite effective to reduce the risk from different
aspect when we are deciding where, what, whom, how and when a product, service or
brand will be marketed. Based on the survey of potential customers needs, develop
the high demand needs in order to make profit hence marketing efficiency can be
further increased by directing effort towards the nominated segment.

Customers will have a greater chance of believing that the property you are proposing
can satisfy a need that they acquire. Thus, generates higher sales volumes. Market
segmentation also allows the company to develop the property at a lower cost as it
grants the ability to break down the features to target the wants of a specific group of
people rather than providing numerous products to multiple groups of people.

Furthermore, targeting a specific group of people minimizes the risk of using a wide
range of approaches to advertise and promote the development. Market segments will
also assist in managing the companys marketing messages better by giving a rare
selling benefit and advertising it to the group of people whom are searching for it.
This will in turn give the company a better brand management.

Table & Pie Chart below show the Market Segmentation of overall
Residential building near One Utama Shopping Mall


Terrace Houses Semi Detached Bungalow Condominium

27% 28%




As shown in Table and Chart above, terraced houses are quite a popular choice among
the population. This may go by the reason that terraced houses are cheaper when
compared to bungalows and semi-detached houses. It also gives more space compared
to a condominium but it cant accommodate as many facilities and privileges.

Bungalows on the other hand, are not as demanded by the population as referred to
the data. This can be due to the price of renting or buying one unit of bungalow house
which can be very expensive. If a person is single, divorced or widowed, a bungalow
is not really necessary as it will only accommodate one occupant and will be a waste
of space and money. Moreover, bungalows tend to accommodate families that prefers
a peaceful environment which may be a contradiction since the development is beside
the busy streets next to one of the busiest malls.

One of the most favorable development as shown in Table and Pie Chart above is the
semi-detached house. This is not surprising as semi-detached houses give a more
spacious area that can accommodate large families and also often includes a back or
front yard space. Though semi-detached houses are favored among all marital status,
it typically suits 2 or more occupants in order to fully utilize the space.

Last but not least, condominiums are becoming more well-known to the public as it
clearly shows from the data that it is one of the most requested residential
development type. Reasons being that condominiums are just the perfect size for any
one of all marital statuses and reasonably priced for the privileges and facilities it has.

As win majority tallies for all three terraced, semi-detached houses and condominium,
it will definitely make sense to the general to develop any one of the three
development types. These three had majority fulfill different needs according to the
different status and income of a person. Hence, the chart shown almost same
percentage of preferences between these three residence buildings.

Target Market Common Types of Condominium Units

Sector Segment Studio 3 Bedroom 5 Bedroom Loft Penthouse



Household 3-4

Size 5-6




> 11000




Age 41-50


> 60

Total 10 16 15 13 14


The segmentation tabulation above is made to tabulate all the data through
surveys. From the market segmentation tabulation above, our company can
understand what target buyer are willing to have, tendency to develop the buildings to
fulfill their demand. The targeted customers are based on the people surrounded in
Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, local and non-local tourists. Due to
Bandar Utama is an urban city, there is surrounded with commercial buildings,
education buildings, leisure buildings and also residential areas. Therefore, medium
class income and upper class income citizens are mostly set as our target customers
for our proposed development. After we done a bunch of market segmentation and
analysis about the demand of buyer according to marital status, age groups, income
and household size, TU property plan to develop a luxury Condominium.

As the table shown, the standard size of 3 bedroom unit preferred the most. This
is because the price of 3 bedroom unit is mostly affordable for each occupation,
martial status and also local and international tourist. The following units that also
widely preferred by citizens in Bandar Utama are 5 bedroom unit and penthouse.
These two units are more expensive than others because both allow larger household
size of the tenants as well as providing more luxury and spacious spaces. Although
both units are more expensive than others, still favored by lot of customers especially
those retired or traveled, they willing to pay for the luxury facilities and environment.
Loft is kind of unit that preferred more to 1-3 household size. Hence, it has limitation
for those tenant who have a big family. As the Loft are mostly have double storey
linked with a stairs, so it also less suitable for old age tenants or those who
inconvenient to climb stairs. Lastly, the table show that studios obtain the least
compare to others. This is because studios have limitation of space for large
household size. However, it doesn't mean studios is not preferred. Many students or
medium class income people that love to have their own comfortable spaces will more
likely to own a studios units as well as the price also affordable for them.


Target Market Preferred Lifestyle


Sector Segment Shopping Bar Karaoke Sports Cafe Cinema


Occupation Working





> 11000





Age 41-50


> 60

Total 17 9 14 15 16 12


From the table above, it clearly define almost all categories of people likes shopping.
The survey also show the majority population like sports, Karaoke and caf. Due to
the preferred lifestyle of people, TU Properties decided to build our Condominium
along with shopping gallery which including retails shops, Karaoke, caf and so on,
according to the analysis of the segmentation. Moreover, our company also will
concern and try to enhance our tenants and residences healthy lifestyle by adding
Sports Centre for them. Sports Centre provide specific spaces for each various sports
such as tennis, badminton, squash, archery and also bowling. Gym room and leisure
area also required to consider when we propose our Condo for further development in
order to fulfill customers needs and demand.

Sports Preferred in Malaysia


13% Archery


Through the pie chart above, Volleyball win the majority and following is the tennis.
Our company will consider more on the 5 sports that preferred the most, which are
volleyball, tennis, squash, badminton and archery in our Condo development proposal.


Although Malaysia currency is in a dropping line, Malaysia still attempting

to achieve a high-income status by 2020, this will cause rapid economic
development and thus there will be increasing demand residential in urban area.
Besides. EPP(Entry Point Projects) aims to transform Greater Kuala Lumpur
(KL)/Klang Valley (KV) into one of the worlds top investment destinations. During
year 2000-2010 in accordance with the increasing migration of working class from
other cities, there was some high annual increase of housing price of at least 25 %,
therefore Malaysia intended to construct 800,000 units of houses, with 73.1 %
targeted for the income group of low and medium within the next three years. Land
and residential properties price will gradually increase in future for sure. Hence,
This is also one of the reason TU Properties decide to develop a residential
properties on this particular land.


3.1 General Details of Proposed Condominium

Employer : TU Property Developer

Name of Proposed Project : TU Pearlife Condominium

Location of the Project : Bandar Utama (next to One Utama
Shopping Mall)
Size of the Project : 10 acres

Overall Project Cost : RM 200 Million

Construction Date : 31 July 2016
Construction Period : 4 Years
Estimated Opening Date : 5st November 2020

With a mixture of modern and contemporary design, four blocks of 26-storey

high condominiums are to be built next to One Utama Shopping Mall on a piece of
land at 10 acres in size. This proposed building is to be given the name TU
PEARLIFE, which basically means a luxury and pure but healthy lifestyle. The 4
blocks will be arranged in such a way that it forms almost a circle and it is linked
together at 5th floor level & 20th floor level.

The exterior building will be made out of stone tile cladding finishes with a
combination of smooth and rough surfaces. Large, impact-resistant windows which
spans a majority of the condominiums length are also installed to give the
condominium its eye-catching look. Also, the stone tile cladding and impact-resistant
windows will ensure the durability of the building as it has a high percentage of being
water and impact resistant.

Although only being 26 storeys high, TU Pearlife can accommodate 160 units in
one building. The first 3 floors will be the shopping area (excluding ground floor),
then an indoor gym will also be provided on the 4th floor of each building which
comes together with a yoga room. Sheltered at the top of the buildings, a swimming
pool and relaxation area such as SPA & Massage room and also leisure centre will be
constructed at the center of the proposed buildings so the residents can still use the
facilities no matter rain or shine. Elevators will be installed in every building to
accommodate this large development. TU Pearlife will be gated with a modern-design
concrete fence and security gates to ensure safety of the occupants inside the building.

The facilities of TU Pearlife includes Lobby, laundry shops, bars and a number of
restaurants located on the ground floor but different blocks of the condominiums.
Visitors parking will be provided around the condominium while the residences
parking will be at the basement levels of each blocks with supervision of the security.
Besides that, a turfed area is provided where a green park with a playground will be
built beside the condominium together with a cycling & jogging path along side it.



A bridge over the Sprint Expressway joins the two parts of Bandar Utama, sections
BU1 until BU10 and BU11 with BU12, which are separated by the expressway. To go
to TU Pearlife Condo, via the northbound route of New Klang Valley Expressway
(NKVE), you should see the 1 Tech Park (formerly the Sony building) on your left,
right after the toll plaza. Continue straight, all the way down until you see an
intersection on your left leading to Damansara Jaya. Make a U-turn here and continue.
Just before you see the toll booth again, go up the ramp on your left. At the traffic light
you can opt to turn left to go to BU11/BU12 or to turn right to head to the BU1 until
BU10. If coming from the Damansara-Puchong Expressway (LDP), look out for
Taman Tun Dr Ismail on your left. When you see the intersection leading to it on your
left, turn left to Jalan Surian after passing the 1 Utama shopping centre, then you will
see TU Pearlife on your left.


Bandar Utama is a small suburb located about 15km to the west of central Kuala
Lumpur. Until 1991, the land now known as Bandar Utama consisted of plantation
estates with fewer than 100 people living in the area. In the early 1990s, development
began under the See Hoy Chan Holdings Group and today, Bandar Utama is a vibrant,
rapidly growing township with a population of about 200,000. A focal point in Bandar
Utama is the 1 Utama shopping complex which opened in 1995 and has nearly
500,000 m2 floor space. It also boasts its own rainforest that grows up through all
six levels at the SE corner of the shopping complex, and has the largest rooftop
garden in South East Asia, known as The Secret Garden.


TU Pearlife located in the midst of lively and well established neighborhoods,

which are Bandar Utama, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Damansara Utama and Mutiara
Damansara with superb accessibility to major highways such as SPRINT, NKVE
and LDP. There are three alternatives in order to access to TU Pearlife, if you are
from KL Sentral, take the Rapid KL Bus No. U82 which required travel time about
40 minutes to reach there, or you can take LRT to Kelana Jaya station and take a taxi
from there which is about 10 minutes drive during normal period. Beside taking the
public transportation, TU Pearlife is easy accessible through 5 minutes driving away
from SPRINT, 10 minutes driving away from NKVE, 15 minutes driving away from
Penchala Link and 20 minutes driving away from Federal Highway and Kerinchi


Bandar Utama is the central of dailies activities, it is a place of work, education,

entertainment, community center, commercial complexes, residential area and consist
of a golf club. The main facilities surrounded TU Leisure is 1 Utama Shopping Mall,
the worlds fourth-largest mall recognized by CNN Travel and Forbes. Its all in
one, the tagline of 1 Utama, everything can be done at the shopping center at the
same times such as shopping, dining and entertainment. Furthermore, 1 Utama is
interconnected to luxurious 5-star One World Hotel and high rise offices Plaza IBM, 1
First Avenue and KPMG Tower via comfortable covered walkways for an integrated
work and play environment. Tesco outlet, Ikano Power Centre, The Curve Mall and
IKEA were located in the adjacent township of Mutiara Damansara. These provided
more choices to the residents of Bandar Utama. Next, Bandar Utama is also an
educational centers, it provides kindergarten, primary, secondary education, as well as
private tertiary institution such as KBU International College. High density of
commercial building around Bandar Utama increases the working opportunities. All
in all, Bandar Utama is a strategic geographical region that acts as a central point.
With the well-developed facilities and infrastructures surround, this area is absolutely
valued for developer to invest.



Education Bukit Utama Golf Club

3.4 Unit Types In TU Pearlife


A studio-type condominium
unit features a design layout
where the open-plan room serves
as the living, dining/kitchen, and
bedroom. It has the smallest floor
size among all types of units,
making it the most affordable.
Indeed, there are studio-type
condos in TU Pearlife that
approximate 70 square meters.

TU Pearlife is using
multifunctional furniture, such as a bed with storage underneath or folding chairs that
you can store in a corner when not in use to save more space and make your small
home look bigger.


Studio units located at 5th level until 9th level, middle

part of each levels, basically between multi bedrooms

3.4.2 LOFT

This unconventional design also

included in our TU Pearlife, which
commonly featured in condominium
buildings with high ceilings, is where
the usual bedroom is found. It is a great
option for people who want an airy and
non-constricting space to relax or sleep
in. Lofts are also tricky to air-condition
so choose one with generously sized
windows that can be opened to save up
on electricity bills.

Keep in mind that this is not ideal for

elderly, families with small children, or
people who have mobility issues.

Normally, the design of this

type of condo unit would be:
living room, dining area,
kitchen, and/or bathroom in the
ground level and bedrooms for
the second floor.


Loft Units located at 10th level

until 14th level of each blocks,
middle part of the building.

Sample of a simple idea plan of a loft unit.

3.4.3 3 - 5 BEDROOMS UNITS

Simple plan that show 2 bedrooms unit.

Units with 3-5 bedrooms cater to

couples or small families. A well-planned
three-bedroom unit should have at least two
bathrooms, a hallway leading to the
bedrooms, and ma maids room/utility
room. The cost depends on the floor area of
the unit. For single urbanites who want a
private sleeping area or families in need of
their own private space, units with either
one to three or more bedrooms is what
youre looking for. It offers a larger living
space where everyone can enjoy.


3 bedrooms units located at 15th level until 22nd level, middle part of each buildings.

5 bedrooms units located at 5th level until 22nd level, around the corner of each



Penthouse located at 23rd level till

26th level, surrounding the whole

It located on the uppermost floor of a

condo, penthouses are the most expensive
units, due to a large floor area plus the
exclusivity and privacy offered to the

Most penthouses are stand-alone units on the top floor and have their own exclusive
elevators; TU Pearlife planned to build our penthouse with multi-level, and have
private swimming pools and lanais along with luxury environment. Since this is the
most spacious of all types of condominium units, we can play around with its design
and customize the spaces ourselves.

Sample of our ideal penthouse plan for TU Pearlife.


3.5.1 Reasons for developing a Condominium

Taking a closer look into the situation, if we were to build either terraced or
semi-detached houses on a 10 acre land, it will probably only accommodate a
maximum of up to a hundred individual houses including yards. TU Pearlife Condo is
planned well to develop and design to accommodate more than 600 units in total
which will benefit TU Property Development in terms or selling off the property to
potential buyers.

Another reason for developing a condominium is to give the tenants the best of all
worlds as it is situated right next to the biggest mall in Malaysia that has nearly
everything in addition to the facilities and privileges that the condominium can
provide without having to go very far unlike a regular terraced, bungalow or
semi-detached house. It is really convenient for the tenant or residences there to enjoy
themselves in a luxury and spacious living style.

Customers of all ages and marital statuses will have a desire to live in this proposed
condominium as there is a wide range of available facilities in the condominium such
as a large sheltered swimming pool and relaxation area, commercial area, indoor gym,
jogging path and playground. Most of the facilities and privileges are very likely to hit
the interest of the potential occupants.

Therefore, condominium will be a great idea as it can be flexible in terms of

occupying either studios or 3 bedrooms. Standard units of studios and 3 bedroom will
hit the needs of occupants that are single, divorced, widowed or living with their
parents. Meanwhile, the penthouse and 5 bedroom are mostly target towards married
couples with kids or large families whom are looking for a spacious and luxurious
place to live. However, it also suitable choice for those few gang of friends or families
to stay and relax when they hang out for a trip.

A residential development is a better choice as it wont increase the traffic conditions

as much on the streets unlike building educational or commercial developments.
Moreover, a condominium is the best option as it targets people of all ages and marital
statuses without having the need to use a shotgun method on purpose.


Unit Upgrades
In the same development, TU PEARLIFE have different packages and floor plans
from which to choose. Aside from various bedroom/bathroom combinations, our units
also upgraded which desirable and important to some buyers. These upgrades, which
generally drive up the price of the unit while attracting customers also :

Kitchen upgrades, like stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and tile
Flooring upgrades throughout, such as tile floors in the kitchen and baths, and
hardwood or bamboo in all other areas
Upgraded window treatments, such as wood blinds or solar shades
Luxury bathrooms including separate shower, a Jacuzzi tub and dual sinks
Stylish light fixtures
Wainscoting, crown molding and other interior finish elements
Additional storage space

Convenient parking is an important consideration for a condominium unit. Hence,

TU Pearlife provides on-site parking areas in a parking garage, underneath & linked
to each building. Surely sufficient parking spaces for visitors and personal parking
space only for residences.

TU Pearlife had focus on providing luxury and various Facilities :

Chill out garden with large leisure area
Wireless internet available at each floor
24-hour security by Guard Service and CCTV
Relaxation area provided at each building (SPA & Massage)
Shopping area for the residences and tourists
Sports Centre include various sports spaces for each
Luxury and spacious for every types of the units
High tech appliances (Autoswitch, Autodetect...)
Eco- friendly properties ( greenbike, Solar panel.. )


Return on investment is used to measure the loss or gain a company reaches on an

investment with the amount of money they invested. It is usually used for the
companys personal financial decisions.

1.) Sell condominium units

The first way to get returns on investment is to sell off the constructed condominium
units to potential interested buyers. This is one of the major ways to earn profit. Since
there are 160 units in one building of TU Pearlife Condo (120 units and 40 penthouse
suites) and 4 similar blocks,

30 of studios units x 4 = 120 standard units

50 of 3-bedrooms units x 4 = 200 standard units

30 of 5-bedrooms units x 4 = 120 standard units

30 of loft units x 4 = 120 standard units

20 of penthouse suites x 4 = 80 penthouse suits

120 + 200 + 120 + 120 + 80 = 640 units in total.

So if the average price of one standard unit is to be sold at approximately RM 800,000

and a penthouse suite to be sold at RM 1,800,000:

560 standard units x RM 800,000 = RM 448,000,000.

80 penthouse suits x RM 1,800,000 = RM 144,000,000.

RM 448,000,000 + RM 144,000,000 = RM 592,000,000.

2.) Rent out condominium units and shop lots

Another way to earn profit is by renting out units and shop lots on the ground floor to
potential customers that prefer to rent than buy. This will also benefit the company in
the long run as the money earned will flow in continuously every month.


It is very important to sell and rent out our properties, condominium units in turn to
make profit. As a result, few market strategies is required in order to gain profit.


Advertisement is the most common marketing strategy that used by all of the
companies. The function of advertising is to notice or announce public by promoting a
product, service or an event. Hence, TU Property decided to advertise and promote
their products to public through various ways such as brochure, outdoor billboards,
websites, newspaper, social media.

1. Brochure

It is an informative booklet that consists the

interior and exterior design of the buildings. The
design of the brochure that can attract the attention
and interest of the buyer desire to buy our property.
The brochure also promote all the facilities
provided in our condominium to public as they can
get it through exhibition or showroom office.

2. Newspaper

TU Property also planned to deliver the

information about the new launching TU Pearlife
Condo through newspaper. For example,
announced about the grand opening of our Condo.
Then, public will be noticed to come to visit or buy
property over there.

3. Outdoor billboards

TU Property advertise by using outdoor billboards and it can be the signs by the roads
and hoardings at sport stadiums. TU Property uses the large billboards to convey the
message across with big impact. The customers who are always passing by the road,
will have the consideration and interesting in buying the property.

4. Websites

TU Property has create a website about TU Pearlife. Our website is listed in the
brochure and billboards. Our websites has well-designed that can entice customers to
have desire to buy the property or visit the place. The website has clearly show all the
project details, master plan, overview and so on. It is easy to make customers to
choose which unit there wanted to buy. Moreover, the websites has provide the all the
price list for the condominium and also the related fees for Auditorium, Gym room,
Conferences rooms and etc. For the rental fees of the shopping shop slot, customers
have to go to the management office to get more information about that.

Our websites of TU Pearlife Condo is www.tupearlife.com.my.

5. Social Media

TU Property has create TU Pearlife Condo

Facebook & Instagram page. We understand people
nowadays more preferred to get information through
social media. So, we will post the information about
the concept, the advance of technology and facilities
used to seek for the buyer attention.


Exhibiting the overall design via physical

models, digital 3D visualization design,
display showroom and etc. Through the
events, it able to convince the customers or
investors how the development able to
benefit their needs. Beside that, sale can be
increase by physically promote and
explanation the development.


TU property provides promotion to those groups who have signing a fixed duration
contract for the shopping mall slots. For example, Burberry signed contract with the
developer by rent the slots for 5 years long and get reduction 15% of rental fees by the
first year. It is to encourage the companies having their branches in the place to
provide a shopping paradise for people come and visit it.

Free Parking

TU Property provides free parking for the visitor to visit the place. Since the parking
is free, many visitors willing to come and visit to the place and it brings a big effect
on the place become prosperous.


The main constraint of the proposed development is that the tenants will not have the
privilege of having their own yard and outside space. They have to share most of the
facilities with other occupants in the building. This might create unnecessary future
conflicts. TU Property Development hereby hopes that future occupants of TU
Pearlife will be considerate towards other people who are also living in the
condominium and will appreciate if everyone contributes in keeping the area clean for
the next person to use.

After the completion of TU Pearlife, TU Property Development hopes to have good

feedbacks and gain recognition as it intends to expand its projects internationally for
its future developments.

However, TU Pearlife is a prove of a success by TU Property Development that,

luxury & innovative design for each types of the units show the improvement of
technology as well as provide the best experience to our tenant , residences. In the
future development, our company definitely will focus on enhancing our buildings
through greener ways or technology. Of course, comfort and luxury environment for
our tenant still as the priority in our future development.

Through this project, we have more confidence that we are not only able to bring a
luxury lifestyle for them, it will come along with a better, greener, healthier
environment in our future project.

Conclusion of Proposed Condominium

Overall conclusion, it goes to show that by living in this proposed condominium, you
can have almost everything from the comfort and luxury of your living to the
entertainment you desire and all the necessities you require. TU PEARLIFE is
definitely suitable for people of all ages and statuses as it is safe for families with
young and old ones living together since it is only 26 storeys high in addition to being
gated and secured.

Moreover, for a smaller family who longs for a more modernized environment to stay
in, a condominium is a definite more worth it and alternative to single-family
detached homes. Worries of maintenance of the property is not necessary which is an
advantage for busy people with hectic work lives. For those that love having a couple
of friends over for gatherings, the provided condominium facilities and spacious
environment will be a great edge.

Finally, multiple facilities all around will provide the convenience everyone needs for
a comfortable and contented living. There will be no problem for the lack of
entertainment, food and necessities.


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