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7/30/2017 Why should one invest in oral care market?


ORAL CARE May, 18 2017

Time to join the herbal revolution in oral car

The sudden realisation of benets of yoga, ayurveda and herbal products has driven an entire gener

By Nibedita Mohanta
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7/30/2017 Why should one invest in oral care market?

The sudden realisation of benets of yoga, ayurveda and herbal products has inspired theentire gen
towards the herbal revolution. This revolution has opened a sea of opportunities for the businessmen
oral care sector.

According to a recently released TechSci Research report, India Oral Care Products Market By Produ
Competition Forecast and Opportunities, 2011 2021, the oral care products market in India is projec
grow at a CAGR of over 6% during 2016 2021, on account of increasing purchasing power, growing
urbanisation, higher levels of awareness among consumers about oral care, and surging demand from
semi-urban as well as rural areas of the country.

Among these categories, toothpaste segment dominated the overall India oral care products market
and the segment is anticipated to maintain its dominance through 2021.

Here are few points to convince why one should invest in oral care market:

Rising demand of herbal products:

According to Laltu Singh, Research Consultant, TechSci Research, In India, an increasing trend of con
opting for herbal oral care products has been witnessed in recent years. Moreover, for oral hygiene, m
https://www.franchiseindia.com/wellness/Time-to-join-the-herbal-revolution-in-oral-care-sector.9363 2/7
7/30/2017 Why should one invest in oral care market?

of Indian citizens, especially in rural regions, are predominantly dependent on natural products such a
twigs, charcoal powder, etc.

Hence, market players are combining their oral care offerings with naturally available herbal products
target a huge section of consumers. Demand for the same is increasing at a robust pace in the count
thereby indicating growing consumer inclination towards herbal oral care products.

Join the herbal revolution:

A lot of companies such as Patanjali and Dabur have swollen their business and carved their way to b
among the top oral care brands in the country.Due to the rising demand of natural, herbal and ayurve
products, big brands are ready to stretch to every nook and corner of the country. This is the perfect
hit the hammer because the iron is hot.Franchising opportunities are owing from everywhere due to
herbal revolution, which has taken place recently.This herbal revolution is giving tough time to the ye
existing brands and forcing them to gradually adapt the change to be in the game.

Business opportunities:
Make hay, while the sunshines

There are manyproducts which come under oral care such as toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, to
cleaner, oral chewing gums, dental oss and tooth powder.For the ones, who want to start their own
business in this eld, can join the herbal revolution by experimenting in different categories because
oral care market the sun is shining, then why not make hay!Moreover, the overall oral care industry in
expected to grow signicantly at a CAGR of 13.9% in the forecasted period of FY'2014-FY'2018.

Consumer awareness:
As the proverb goes, Change is the only constant.

Consumers are well aware of the changes taking place in and around their surroundings. The changi
lifestyle and the ever changing weather conditions have made them look for alternative methods.Thu
and herbal products have become a part of their lifestyle. The constant bombardment of chemicals in
life has forced them to join the herbal revolution.The advantage is Indias favourable landscape allow
of plants to grow in different parts of the country, so availability of raw materials is not a dicult task.

Bring in the spirit and join the revolution.

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7/30/2017 Why should one invest in oral care market?

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7/30/2017 Why should one invest in oral care market?

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https://www.franchiseindia.com/wellness/Time-to-join-the-herbal-revolution-in-oral-care-sector.9363 5/7
7/30/2017 Why should one invest in oral care market?

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7/30/2017 Why should one invest in oral care market?

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