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Program Calendar Semester 2 2017

Week Begin Date Lecture Laboratory/Tutorial Assessment due

Orientation 24 July Orientation Week
Teaching Week 1 31 July Introduction + DC Analysis 1
L1 Instruments-Even week group
Teaching Week 2 7 August DC Analysis 2 Online Quiz 1-DC1
Tutorial 1-DC1
L1 Instruments-Odd week group
Teaching Week 3 14 August Diodes and Rectifiers Online Quiz 2-DC2
Tutorial 2-DC2
L2 DC circuits-Even week group Online Quiz 3-DC3
Teaching Week 4 21 August Opamps and Transistors Tutorial 3-DC3 Lab 1 report due - Even week group

Tuition Free Week 28 August Tuition Free Week

L2 DC circuits-Odd week group Mid semester exam
Teaching Week 5 4 September Mid semester Exam Tutorial 4- Diodes & Rectifiers Lab 1 report due - Odd week group
L3 Rectifiers-Even week group Online Quiz 4-Diodes
Teaching Week 6 11 September Combinational Logic + Sensors and Signal Conditioning Tutorial 5- Opamps Lab 2 report due - Even week group
L3- Rectifiers-Odd week group Online Quiz 5-Opamps
Teaching Week 7 18 September Introduction to Motors and review mid semester exam Tutorial 6 Transistors Lab 2 report due - Odd week group
Tuition Free Week 25 September Tuition Free Week
L4 op amps + transistors-Even week group
Online Quiz 6 - Transistors
Teaching Week 8 2 October Microcontrollers and Architecture and Communication Systems Tutorial 7- Logic and Signal
Lab 3 report due - Even week group
L4 op amps + transistors-Odd week group
Online Quiz 7- Logic gates
Teaching Week 9 9 October Communication Systems Tutorial 8-Microcontrollers and
Lab 3 report due - Odd week group
Communication systems 2
L5-Microcontroller and Communications systems Online Quiz 8-AC1
Teaching Week 10 16 October AC Circuits 1 -Even week group Lab 4 and 5 reports due - Even
Tutorial 9-AC1 week group
L5-Microcontroller and Online Quiz 9- AC2
Teaching Week 11 23 October AC Circuits 2 Communications systems Odd week Lab 4 and 5 reports due Odd week
group Tutorial 10-AC2 group
Safety and Review (Also introduce Thevenins, Nortons and Left for makeup labs if any
Teaching Week 12 30 October Online Quiz 10- AC/revision
Superposition Tutorial 11-revision
Study Week 6 November Study Week
Examinations 13 November Examinations
Examinations 20 November Examinations