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Visit to Master Textile

Visit to Master Textile Lahore:

Day one

Though I visit Lahore many times but this was the first I was visit for professional purpose. we intend to
travel to Audit Master Textile Technically in a sense to analyze the Waste of energy the industry due to

The Pre-Requisite were already delivered to Master Textile and accordingly had to plan the following
days of working in Textile.

Day Two

By the second day we started working on Autocone, the Spinning department of Master Textile with
accompany of Adil Mughal my team member. Our duty was to search for leakages with the help of
Ultrasonic Gun. We were capable to cover the half part of Autocone as they were having lot of machine
for Autocone.

Day Three

On the Day three, we completed the remaining part of Autocone and started with the Ring section,
Simplex and Drawing.

Day Four

On the Fourth Day we had to finish with the spinning department but we were still left with Back
Process, Finisher, Trench and the Compressor Room So on the Fourth Day made our great efforts to
complete it up.

Day Five

Now, the Garment section was to be considered. In Garment section knitting and fabrication of garment
is done. So there were two Halls for the stitching of garment. On the Fifth Day we complete upper
section of stitching department.

Day Six

On the sixth day, the remaining lower stitching hall was completed for the Air leakages.