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What is Don't be
One example can be text
Stop Bullying!
Cyberbullying? like John John took a picture from
Davids Facebook picture. He Poor David felt very sad,
When the aggressor (bully) uses photoshopped his picture intimidated, and anxious.
with pig features and added
electronic communication to very mean comments about
bully a person for the purpose of his weight. John sent the
picture to Dave and all their
intimidating or threatening. classmates. Some of the
classmates laughed along
with John and others
remained silence.
Bullying statistics
More than one out of every 64% of children who were
five (20.8%) students For the next few days John
report being bullied bullied did not report it; only
36% reported the bullying kept making fun of David
(National Center for and David did not want to
Educational Statistics, (Petrosina, Guckenburg, DeVoe, attend school.
2016). & Hanson, 2010)

Among high school

students, 15.5% are
cyberbullied and 20.2%
are bullied on school Interesting video!
property (Center for
Disease Control, 2015). What does David need to
David needs to ignore and
not pay attention to Johns
How can we avoid this behavior? picture and comments
because what John wants
is attention.
Dont be like John, be respectful, David needs to let his
courteous, and kind to your How to STOP CYBERBULLYING - Prevent teacher and parents know.
classmates and everybody else . Cyberbullying and Beat Cyberbullies. David should not respond
neither relate with John
You do not need to bully others Stay away from negative
This is a youtube video that gives very
for attention. important information and advice about behavior and people like
how a person can avoid or stop John.
cyberbullying by using technology; for
example, it shows how to block someone
on Facebook or a cellphone.

A new twist on cyberbullying


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