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By Mathias Eliasson

INTRODUCTION.................................................... 7 Lords of the Harvest ................................................... 52
THE HALFLINGS OF THE MOOT ................ 9 Hound Riders ............................................................. 53
Halflings .................................................................... 10 Swan Riders ............................................................... 54
History of the Moot ................................................... 17 Ram Riders................................................................. 55
The Chronicles of the Moot ....................................... 26 Reaper and Shearer .................................................... 56
Map of the Moot ........................................................ 28 Moot Ogres ................................................................ 57
The Moot ................................................................... 30 Hot Pot ....................................................................... 58
THE HUNGRY HORDE ...................................... 37 'Kathleen' Half Tank .................................................. 58
Hisme Stoutheart ........................................................ 59
Army Special rules .................................................... 38
Nicholas Warfoot ....................................................... 60
Commanders .............................................................. 39
Clegg the Indomitable ................................................ 61
Enchanters ................................................................. 40
Gabbo Flugbend ......................................................... 63
Master Chefs .............................................................. 41
Ogglethorpe Bulnhelm ............................................... 64
Militia ........................................................................ 42
Jolly Bolbottom .......................................................... 65
Vigilante Guards ........................................................ 43
Hand-me-Downs and Bric-a-Brac.............................. 66
Fieldwardens .............................................................. 44
Hobilars ..................................................................... 45
THE HALFLING ARMY LIST ......................... 69
Rangers ...................................................................... 46 Lords .......................................................................... 71
Housewives ................................................................ 47 Heroes ........................................................................ 73
Bee Swarms ............................................................... 48 Core Units .................................................................. 75
Thieves ...................................................................... 49 Special Units .............................................................. 76
Master Thieves .......................................................... 50 Rare Units .................................................................. 79
Pantry Guards ............................................................ 51 SUMMARY .............................................................. 80

Compiled, Edited and Partly Written by: Cover Art: Icewind Dale
Mathias Eliasson

Art: Games-Workshop, WFRP: Career Compendium, Alex Boyd, Brenton Smith, Andrew Law, Jeremy McHugh, WFRP: Sigmar's Heirs, WFRP:
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Publishing, caramitten, Talin, Wayne Reynolds, Jonas Jensen, thespecialsnowflake, Jon Hodgson, reeks, sonic pixel, sylar113. Book Design: Mathias
Eliasson. Rules Development: Mathias Eliasson. Original Material: Games-Workshop, Mat Ward, Gav Thorpe, WFRP: Career Compendium, Eric
Cagle, David Chart, Steve Darlington, Andrew Law, Jody Macgregor, Chris Pramas, Anthony Ragan, Wayne Oldfield, Josh R4444s, Sir Galahad de
Corbenic, MLP, Bill J. Wilson, Kevin Coleman, Gavin Tyler, Tom Sambles, David L. Stone, Lndn9283, fauthsie, Dreadaxe, Julian Gatt.

Special Thanks To: All the players that have contributed with feedback and ideas.

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Welcome to Warhammer: Halflings, your indispensable guide to the people of the Moot. This
book provides all the information youll require to play with a Halfling army in games of
WHY COLLECT HALFLINGS? The Hungry Horde. Each and every troop type in
Halflings are a race of short humanoids dwelling the pirate fleet is examined here. You will find a full
primarily in The Moot. Halflings are known for their description of the unit, alongside the complete rules
excellent produce and cooking, as well as their skills for any special abilities or options they possess. This
with the bow. section also includes the Hand-me-Downs and Bric-
a-Brac magical artefacts that are unique to the
The Halflings of the Moot are a peaceful and pastoral army along with rules to use them in your games.
people, but their bravery in defence of their homeland
should not be doubted. Their armies are primarily made The Halfling Army List. The army list takes all of
up of Halfling Militia fighting with whatever weapons the characters, warriors, monsters and war machines
they can come up with, but they also bring their from the Army of the Devas section and arranges
dangerous farm yard animals, hot soup and angry them so that you can choose an army for your
wives with them, making them a small but dangerous games. Units are classed as characters (Lords or
foe to face! Heroes), Core, Special or Rare, and can be taken in
different quantities depending on the size of the
HOW THIS BOOK WORKS game you are playing.
Warhammer army books are split into sections, each of
which deals with different aspects of the titular army. FIND OUT MORE
Warhammer: Halflings contains: While Warhammer: Halflings contains everything you
need to play the game with your army, there are other
The Halflings of the Moot. This section introduces books and updates to be found. For the other books in
the Halflings and their part in the Warhammer the series and the latest rules updates, visit:
world. It includes their society and history. You will
also find information the Moot, the domain of the www.warhammerarmiesproject.blogspot.com

Straddling The River Aver between Stirland
and Averland is Mootland, or more commonly
just the Moot, which is the land of the
Halflings. Though its inhabitants are quite
content with their lives of gluttony and
constant procreation, and have little to do with
the outside world if they can, Mootland is
nominally part of the Empire and the elected
Elder has a vote in Imperial Elections and a
voice at the court of the Emperor.

Halflings breed quickly. Their over-extended

families live in sprawling tunnel complexes
and tottering multi-storey houses if they're too
poor to afford a nice hole. Given that Halflings
are natural hoarders, whole wings of Halfling-
holes are used to store old piles of pointless
knick-knacks and mementoes in sprawling
unclean chambers. There is no concept in the
Halfling mind for rubbish tipeven food
scraps, such as they are, are fed to the dogs.

The Moot is blessed with beautiful scenery and

fertile ground. This means that at first glance
it is a land of roiling hills and fields, and
pastoral peace prevails. The Moot is not
immune to the outside world, however, and
over the years its inhabitants have had to deal
with the Undead threat of Sylvania and
rampaging tribes of Orcs and Goblins from the
World's Edge Mountains.

Halflings are short and stout humanoids, compared to The Moot is seldom visited by folk of the other
that of Men, with chubby faces and potbellies. They provinces, for few can put up with the Halflings for
grow no facial hair other than the side-burns sported by long. Those that do return tell of the sly, secretive
elderly and well-to-do male Halflings, and at a glance, undertone to the Halfling character. Theft, mockery,
even an adult Halfling may be mistaken for a human and clannishness are rife. Halflings returning home to
child. Halflings vary between three feet and four feet in the moot find they are welcomed, to an extent.
height. They are rotund, squat, often pot-bellied, and The fertile lands of the Moot have made life easy for
nowhere near as powerfully-built as Dwarfs. They are the Halflings that live there, and they seem unwilling to
somewhat vertically challenged, rosy checked (no be reminded of an outside world.
doubt due to the quantity of ale and imported wine they
consume), and are generally described as having a 'well Being a rural folk, even in their towns, the Halflings
fed' look about them. are earthy types who enjoy good food, strong drink, a
good smoke, and conversation that would turn a
Halflings need not wear any shoes or boots, as their Marienburg marine's ears blue. Expressive to a fault,
feet are naturally protected by a thick layer of skin on Halflings think nothing of discussing their aunt's
the soles of their feet with a patch of hair on top to nightly business with perfect strangers in complete
keep them warm. This makes Halflings exceptionally detail. "Just to pass the time, y'know." They love a
good at sneaking quietly through woods and other good chat and strangers are welcomed by farmers along
habitats where boots would encumber their trek and the roads as long as they bring gossip, coin, or lunch.
create too much alerting noise. The hairiness of their Or preferably all three.
feet is a constant source of pride to all Halflings, and
they generally go around barefoot. The Halflings live mostly in villages or on small farms,
and settlements and buildings are generally similar to
Halflings dwell in a small rural land at the edge of the human rural style, though in smaller size. A notable
Empire, known as Mootland, or simply The Moot. exception is the burrows, dwellings of stone or brick
Those who have not become an integral part of Human dug into the slope of a hill, with doors and windows
society now inhabit this independent pastoral state, facing south, which keep the burrow warm, avoiding
which is wholly contained within the Empire and lives the cold north winds. These burrows vary greatly in
under its protection. It is a green land with gently size, ranging from a couple of rooms to huge
rolling hills, formerly populated by a myriad of underground mansions, with many entrances and
bouncing bunnies. That was before the Halflings took corridors.
up the bow and became extremely proficient in its use.

They are a peaceful folk that prefer enjoying the

simpler luxuries of life such as farming, gardening and
eating, rather than military or heroic ventures. Most are
content to live in their homes by their fires, routinely
eating excessive amounts with their many friends and
family and eagerly awaiting the coming of Pie Week,
their annual religious festival. Almost all Halflings
disapprove of adventuring, except some who travel to
the human lands, being used as cooks and mercenaries.


The people of the Mootland are the Halflings, not
"people" at all in the Human sense, but a race roughly
half Man's size that has always seemed to be wherever
Man has gone. The Dwarfs record that a tribe of
"beardless Manlings we first thought to be children"
travelled with the Human tribes as they passed through
the World's Edge Mountains. On the other hand, some
Imperial scholars think the Halflings are a race of Man
experimented on by Verena to find a way to resist
Chaos, while a few others argue Ronald created them
as a bizarre joke.

Regardless of what others say, the Halflings simply say

they are as they have always been, and they like it quite
a bit, thank you very much.

Perhaps because of their isolationist attitude, Halflings Halflings are greedy fellows (though nowhere near as
have subverted and changed the Imperial tongue in bad as Dwarfs), and they also love to hoard things. In
many ways. With fast pacing, slurring of words, and a fact most Halfling dwellings have an entire room or
mish-mash of other accents, the Reikspiel spoken in the two dedicated entirely to their treasures things the
moot can be utterly incomprehensible. Halflings have Halfling residents have picked up, usually ranging
many slang words and code that change in meaning from items of actual value to worthless junk and shiny
from year to year. The Thieves' cant used by Humans is trinkets. These folk hate to throw anything away even
said to be a version of this bastard argot. food scraps (if there are any) are fed to the dogs or
Halflings are an overfed and peaceful folk, more
concerned with the welfare of their crops and herds and Halflings raise livestock and crops, much like humans.
the timing of the next meal than with military pursuits. In fact, Halfling farmers are often quite adept at their
They are excellent hosts, welcoming and trusting, craft (when you can get them in to the fields), and the
happy to provide food and shelter to travellers. fruits and vegetables from the Moot are among the
Nevertheless, they are a determined, even stubborn largest and most flavourful in the Empire. Halfling
race and will defend their homes, livelihoods, and farmers dont often raise large animals like cattle, as
lunch with considerable vigour, even though they are cows are a bit big for them to easily handle. However,
not effective fighters. sheep, goats, hogs and fowl of all kinds are quite
Halflings are extremely friendly and nice, enjoy the Halflings can also make skilled craftsmen, and often
entertainment and especially the food, and are usually display a manual dexterity that is amazing in a people
the first to suggest a visit to the local inn or a stop off with fingers so small. The Moot is well known
for tea. However, they have several bad habits. They throughout the Empire for quality leather and tin
are naturally indolent a Halfling would much rather goods, as well as small mechanical devices. The most
be stuffing minced pies down his face (followed by notable craftsman in Halfling society is, of course, the
copious amounts of beer) than putting in an honest chef. This is because of the importance Halflings place
days work. Halflings are born collectors, and have a on their food. While the average Halfling is but the size
natural curiosity; these two factors combine to make of a child, he can eat much more than a grown man. In
the average Halfling quite prone to discovering fact it is entirely normal for a Halfling to eat five or six
things. A traveller in the Moot will find after an large meals in a single day (and more on holidays).
extended stay that hes either several valuables lighter,
or left a trail of dead and injured Halflings in his wake. Halflings have a good eye for distance and can often be
Cartwheels (and in some cases, whole carts) have been found in the wild throwing stones and sticks at wild
known to go missing within a few minutes of the carts birds, squirrels, and pretty much any other fauna that
owner popping inside a Halfling pub for a quick drink. look like they may make a decent stew. Halfling
huntsmen are without peer in the rest of the Empire,
and an ace Halfling bowman can shoot the eye out of a
flying duck at fifty paces. If you can drag him out if the
pub, that is.

Another skill that is common among Halflings is the

ability to blend in with the background, a combination
of small stature, gentle demeanour and a lifetime
honing skills collecting things undoubtedly aid in
this. Whatever the reason, one thing is sure Halflings
can remain unobtrusive if they wish. And none are
more adept at this ability than the Halfling Rangers.

The Rangers are a small force of not more than a few

dozen hand-picked warriors that travel the borders of
the Moot, constantly guarding against invasion by
forces that would do their people harm. Travelling in
packs of not more three or four at a time, Halfling
Rangers only gather in large numbers in times of dire
need, such as an Orc invasion of the Moot.

Other than the Rangers and the small force stationed in

the Empires capital, the Moot has few professional
soldiers. However, the entire province is well policed
(as befits a province of people with such light fingers).
It must be remembered though that the Sheriffs that do
this policing are Halflings themselves not only are

bribery and corruption not uncommon, they are adventure. These brave souls strike out when they are
expected. Do not approach a Sheriff with a complaint ready and seek their fortune outside their province. For
about a lifted purse unless you are willing to share half there is great demand throughout the Old World for a
the contents with him should it be found. clever individual with a head for subtlety, an ability to
spot opportunity, and a talent with small mechanical
There are few humans living in the Moot, but a fair devices.
number of Ogres find the region to their liking. While
the two races might seem an odd pairing, they actually
seem to get along well with each other. In fact most POLITICS
village Elders have one or two Ogres in his employ Mootland is surrounded by Imperial provinces, and in
(which helps to give him the clout he needs to keep most circumstances relies on the Empire for protection,
order over the boisterous but otherwise non-political but this land and its people are completely autonomous.
Halflings of his village). Ogres seem to enjoy Halfling Technically not Imperial citizens, the Halflings of
cuisine (in fact they are one of the few races that enjoy Mootland have nevertheless always proven staunch
eating as much as Halflings do), and their Halfling allies. In fact, a detachment of Halflings (known as the
neighbours are mostly smart enough to not lift any Imperial Crows) serves in the Imperial Capital, both in
Ogre possessions. In fact Halflings rarely steal from the local militia and in the Imperial household as chefs
their neighbours at all; most understand that unless and man-servants.
they want to end up floating in the River Aver, its best
not to practice such habits too close to home. While the proper name of the land is Mootland, most
citizens of the Empire refer to the land of the Halflings
Halflings are often underestimated. This generally as simply The Moot, after their curious practice of
works to their advantage when they attempt to be governance by mass meeting. All important issues in a
stealthy, and it is usually a mistake made by those who township or village a settled by a large public meeting
do not know their true character. While they have their of all the local citizens (usually held in the town hall,
faults, Halflings are actually far less susceptible to or the largest barn if no town hall exists). Most
suggestion or the corrupting influence of Chaos than Imperial politicians would find these meetings quite
other mortals. This is less due to the strength of anarchic, but the Halflings are quite happy with it, and
character than due to the fact that none of the Gods of it must be said that their process seems to lack much of
Chaos supply things that Halflings really desire. They the infighting and behind-the-scenes manoeuvring that
have no lust for power, are somewhat more resistant to characterise Imperial politics.
disease than the normal human, have no love of war,
and while they enjoy their fun, lack the human appetite Each village elects a village head, known as the Elder,
for sexual deviance. While Chaos Cults seem to thrive and only return to vote if they perceive a problem with
under every flagstone in Imperial cities, youd be hard- the current representative. The Elder is normally the
pressed to find even one Halfling cult in the whole of most popular, intelligent and judicious Halfling.
Mootland, Several times a year, District Moots are held, which
involve only these Elders. These are held in a village
It is a rare Halfling indeed that desires to leave his determined in accordance with a complex system
village. Most that do tend to join the Rangers or the which combines factors such as prestige, weather cycle
Imperial Crows. However, there are some rare and the size of the local harvest. These are somewhat
individuals that are not content with this structured more organised than a village Moot, but still involve

government by committee. The chair of the District eating huge pies. Humans have begun to adopt this
Moot is elected by a vote of all the Elders, and this week as a secular holiday.
individual holds the Halfling vote when it comes time
to choosing a new Emperor. This is a powerful position The festivities always take place in Festival Square
indeed, as it is the only vote of the Electoral council from dawn to sunset, which also consume vast amounts
that the Emperor may not dispose of. of food and many stories have also made many games.
The shooting competitions, folk dances and violin
Halfling society is mostly patriarchal, with males recitals are the most popular when the weather is
naturally assuming authority over the family. However, benign. Ice skating and sled races are also popular in
women are given a voice in decision-making, and in winter.
fact several prominent Elders have been female.
Halflings love a party, and believe that any reason is
HALFLING CUISINE good for one. Most Halflings do not wait for an
Halflings love to eat! Indeed it is their favourite official holiday, however; any evening is ripe for a
pastime. Their appetites are endless and their stomachs party. In addition to eating and drinking (and drinking
seemingly bottomless despite their rather diminutive and eating), Halfling festivals include dancing around a
size. Where Men have three meals a day, Halflings pole or bonfire. Usually these are segregated by sex, (at
have six; these are large fruitful feasts consisting of least to begin with) as the young Halfling males and
such delicacies as cream biscuits, pepper cakes, sour females try to impress each other. Races are common,
tarts, spice pies and berry wines, to name a few. too. Too short for horses, these are usually foot races
Halflings make three large meals, that is; breakfast (the across fields and streams and through wooded copses,
most important meal of the day), lunch (the other most the first one back winning a ribbon from the hair of a
important meal of the day) and dinner (the best way to Hailing woman named Queen of the Festival. The last
dismiss the day), but there are countless visits to the one back usually gets chucked into a nearby pond.
pantry a Halfling can make throughout the day. These
meals are accompanied by stories and folk songs that RELIGION
all Ha flings become eager to participate in. It is a well- Of all the races within the Empire, Halflings could be
known fact that, though a peaceful race, it is never a said to be the least obviously religious. Halflings prefer
good idea to interrupt a Hafting during mealtime, as to celebrate the here and now rather than the heroes and
they might become rowdy and unpleasant! Even the deeds of the forgotten past, worshipping their Gods
Goblins of the Worlds Edge Mountains have learned when circumstances require it, but not giving
not to raid the Moot during lunchtime!

Halflings are the best cooks out there and learn to cook
from a young age. Think of the best food you can
imagine and it will be nothing compared to what a
Halfling can offer. An old Halfling saying is: The
taste is more important than the quantity
Their culinary expertise has been praised by all races
who appreciate the fine art of cooking, and all
recognize the Halflings as the best chefs in the world.
Well, all except the Bretonnians who think theirs is
the best cooking. But hey, we know how the
Bretonnians are...

Halflings in the Mootland love celebrations and parties
as a way to break the routine of country life. Several
festivals are held throughout the year: Midsummer and
Midwinter, the Spring and Fall equinoxes, and the
grand celebration of Halfling culture, Pie Week. Pie
Week is a seven-day festival, which takes place
immediately after fruit harvest, and the celebrants
spend preparing (and eating) cakes, pies, puddings and
jam. It is really difficult to convince a Halfling to do
anything else during the week. During Pie Week, if at
no other time of the year, Halflings can be said to be
devout to the core of their being. This time of eating
and indulgence is the Halfling's sole religious festival.
Little sense can be got out of any Halfling during this
week, as all their time is given over to baking and

Although there are no temples or shrines as such, she is
cherished in every kitchen where a Halfling chef
works. It is pretty typical to have a statue of her in a
distinguished place in the kitchen, so she can monitor
the work of the cook and make sure that he does not
spoil any dish. Worship of Esmerelda is free of
strictures and demands for worship, and her only rite of
note is Pie Week, (in)famous throughout the Empire
for its gluttonous excesses.

In addition, there are tests of faith. The tests usually

involve great culinary achievements, such as preparing
a meal with bland and uninspiring ingredients, or using
rare and exotic ingredients for a meal, like the leaves of
a plant that only grows on the highest slopes of a
remote mountain.

Although worshipped on a somewhat haphazard basis

as circumstance dictates even more so than
Esmerelda Halflings do have a few other deities.
Amongst these lesser Gods is Josias, the God of
Farmers, to whom prayers are spoken in both the
spring and the summer, at the start and end of the
agricultural season. Hyacinth, Goddess of Fertility and
Childbirth, to whom many mothers and midwives offer
themselves over to piety. It is true that Halflings are a prayers during labour; Phineas, God of Smoking,
comparatively irreligious folk, their somewhat happy- known for his ever-full pouch of smoking herbs;
go-lucky nature at odds with serious, organized Gaffey, God of Building and Villages; and Quinsberry,
religion. When practised, the Halfling faiths are more God of Ancestry and Tradition. In more rural parts of
often used as a thinly veiled excuse to feast (much as the Empire, especially those areas close to the Moot
many Humans do, if truth be told Halflings are just with the notable exception of Stirland, where Halfling
more honest in their motivations). Most Empire folk Gods are treated with great disdain some men and
especially those in Stirland would say that the only women give thanks to the Halfling Gods as well as
thing a Halfling worships is the drink in his flagon and their own. Some have been seen making the sign of
the food in his belly. Their religion and folklore is Ranald, but he does not look to be a common choice of
based on their lifestyle, and their deities tend to be God, and he is only truly loved by those Halflings who
representatives of fertility and climate. Legendary live in human cities. Empire scholars have attempted to
heroes are usually Halflings who organized huge discover the Halfling pantheon, but have mostly been
banquet or stopped famine, instead of great warriors misled and mocked for their troubles.
and explorers.
They keep few holy days and seldom seem to pray. The Halflings are not especially warlike by nature and their
Halflings worship the gods of the Empire, and Sigmar troopers are for the most part country watchmen, game
in particular is venerated as one of their great wardens and foresters. They may strive manfully to
protectors, though there is no record of Sigmar ever raise a militia in the face of some threat and may show
mentioning Halflings, let alone saving them from considerable individual courage in defending their
something. They also have their own gods, but their homes, but their size and unwarlike nature counts
worship is much more casual than the devotions of heavily against them. Even so, they are willing fighters
Humans, Dwarfs, or Elves to their deities. and very capable bowmen. Their natural ability to
infiltrate woods and move quickly through dense
They claim to honour Esmerelda, a Rhya-like figure of undergrowth means that they can accomplish tasks that
hearth and home, but this seems to be a thin excuse for would be impossible to Men.
the debauched excesses of Pie Week. She is the
protector of the home, and says that she gave her There are only two occasions for a Halfling to march
people the gift of the kitchen. She is usually depicted as into war. The first occasion is when they are forced to
a plump Halfling midwife, with a perpetual smile and defend their homeland, the Moot. The second occasion
an apron covered with flour. Her symbol is a triangle is when the Emperor calls them to provide troops for
on a horizontal line that represents the home and the his army. It is due to their fearsome skill with the bow
flames of the fireplace. Clerics have their ceremonial that Halflings are called upon by the Empire to provide
aprons embroidered with this symbol. The Halflings troops for its army. But when threatened, the entire
worship her throughout the Old World, especially those Moot can be quickly armed and very dangerous to
who works as cooks for Humans. know.

Halflings in the Moot and elsewhere have never been There are, however, a small number of Halflings who
known as a martial people, and the idea of Halfling find the Moot intolerably boring. When the most
warriors is the butt of several jokes amongst Humans. exciting event of the day is finding out what kind of pie
The truth, however, is somewhat different. In defence is for desert, some folks need a change. Some Halflings
of their homelandor quarters within a Human town however cannot find peace in such a familiar
during a riotthe normally placid Halflings can be atmosphere and they seek adventures like those in the
aggressive and brave. As part of the war effort, Elder stories they were told when they were young. These
Hisme sent a large contingent of Halflings to act as Halflings develop a taste for adventure and leave the
scouts and skirmishers for the Imperial Army. Several Moot behind, often for roguish pursuits. Every so often
were mentioned in despatches by their commanders for a village Elder succumbs to this wanderlust, and when
bravery and resourcefulness, though these were often his unrest becomes unbearable he rounds up a group of
accompanied by complaints from the quartermasters. other like-minded Halflings to head out and change the
To the Halflings however, the war seems a long way world. Since these Halflings are the ones most often
away, and the opinion is that, like the Empire itself, it encountered in the Empire, it is perhaps no coincidence
will pass by without noticing them. that Halflings as a whole have gotten a reputation as
light-fingered sneaks.
Despite their peaceful outlook, the Halflings have
proven that they are more than capable of defending Halflings outside the Moot usually are seen by the
their realm. The Halflings have not only suffered at the small-minded as nothing more than cooks or thieves -
hands of the Orc war hosts, but the Moot shares a or cooks and thieves though this is rather unfair,
border with the blighted lands of Sylvania, and so they because it creates stereotypes out of two Halfling traits.
have fought the legions of the Undead in and beyond The first is their indisputable ability to make a fine
the years of the Vampire Wars. meal out of almost any ingredients. The second is their
differing views on property, ownership, and theft. Most
HALFLING ADVENTURERS Halflings have grown up in what is effectively a large
Most Halflings are homebodies. The enjoy peace and extended family of siblings, aunts, uncles, "cousins by
quiet and want nothing more than to be left alone to way of marriage," and the like. The practice of taking
enjoy good food and a good smoke. They live in what is needful, be it a pie, a few crowns or even a
closely-knit communities and they are rarely troubled piece of jewellery, is deeply imbedded in the Halfling
by other races. Sitting comfortably under an evening character. After all, if everyone is family, why should
sun, one would most often see a Halfling sitting you ask permission? Of course they'll let you "borrow"
reclined under a tree, munching, smoking and it. These two traits have led to a perception outside the
laughing. As they generally keep to themselves and Mootland of Halflings as little more than domestic help
avoid trouble, most Halflings live long, peaceful lives. you have to keep an eye on.

Likewise, there are those who tire of having to prove
their superiority over the Big Folk over and over again,
of always having to be the butt of jokes, of always
being ignored. Halflings who would just like to get on
with the typical business of being Halflings without
constantly having to fight through the barriers the Big
Folk set against them, There is as yet no such thing as
The Rights of Man in the Empire, but there is a strong
sense of mercantile entitlement. Halflings pay taxes
and levies like everyone else. Their houses attract the
same land and window taxes even if they are half the
size and the windows are tiny. Their tiny ponies are
charged the same per leg to enter the city gates as a
massive Nordland draughthorse pulling a sixwheel
carriage. Inns charge the same price for rooms and beds
and meals, while Halfling servants are typically paid
half wages because their employers believe they don't
HALFLINGS IN THE EMPIRE need to eat as much. (In fact, Halfling appetites
It's not easy being a Halfling outside of the Moot. typically outstrip human ones, but five of them can
People look down on you, in both senses. People make sleep comfortably in a human bed.)
fun of you. Some even ignore you altogether. It's hard
for a Halfling citizen to lift himself up and make For all the taxes they pay, they get little return. The city
something of himself when most of the world doesn't Watch rarely respond to Halfling emergencies or try to
even recognise he exists. The Quinsberry Lodge can solve the crimes in Halfling ghettos, preferring to "let
help with this. They ensure that Halflings, wherever the Little Folk sort it out amongst themselves." Roads
possible, get fair and equal treatment and all the help and sewers aren't maintained in Halfling streets, and
they need to make their mark on the Empire. housing permissions are lost in bureaucracy for years.
Sometimes, they help in ways that can't be easily seen. Halfling guilds are excluded from contracts for no
Sometimes, they help without even being asked. good reason. Halfling celebrations are restricted or
Sometimes, they help in ways about which, perhaps, it curtailed without explanation.
is better not to ask.
In the face of all this, many Halflings want to spit in
Wherever there are Humans, there are Halflings. And the collective soup of the entire human society. Over
wherever there are Humans and Halflings, there is the history of the Empire, many unofficial or
prejudice. Outside of the Moot, Humans are always the impromptu groups have been created to try and do so,
majority of the population, and the laws and customs of but by far the most longstanding, wealthiest, and most
the Empire naturally favour the majority. To most successful of them all is the Quinsberry Lodge.
Humans. Halflings are seen as nothing more than a
curious aberration. warranting no great concern. The
Empire is for Humans, and the Halflings should make
the best of it, the best that they can. And them that
don't like that can shut up or ship out.

Halflings are very good at making the best of things.

They never take things too seriously, and are fully
aware that the Big Folk will always believe they are
better than them. Much of the time, this is no great
burden. In fact, it provides countless wonderful
opportunities to prove the Big Folk wrong in their
superiority. Halflings enjoy little more than
undercutting Big Folk, especially blowhards or
superior types. This is one reason they enjoy working
as servants: Nobody is in a better position to mock the
powerful than the man who helps him dress every

The Big Folk's generals may rule the Empire, but it is

the Halflings that decide if the generals get the trots on
the battlefield or not. That said, there are times when
simply mocking the humans isn't enough, when law
and brutality conspire to destroy Halfling livelihoods
and the whole Halfling way of life, with a severity so
great that no amount of mocking can appease.

THE FOUNDING OF THE MOOT laughed all the way to the Volkshalle, seat of the
The origins of the Halflings are obscure. When Human Elector Counts, where Hazeldown was crowned the
tribes settled the lands that later became the Empire, first Halfling Elector.
Halflings were apparently already amongst them. Their
numbers, however, were small and they played little Whatever Ludwig's reason might have been, the
role in the wars that led to the establishment of the Halflings were given land near the upper reaches of the
Empire. Indeed, Halflings are barely mentioned in River Aver. This area has been known as the Moot ever
history hooks until the year 1010. At that time the since. The Halflings govern the Moot themselves, but it
Emperor granted the Halflings a land of their own, as is still a part of the Empire. In fact, the Elder of the
legend has it in recognition of their contributions to Moot is one of only fifteen Imperial Electors and thus
Imperial cuisine. Emperor Ludwig II Hohenbach wields some political power.
(known commonly as Ludwig the Fat) was known as a
great lover of food, who routinely executed chefs who The Halfling gift of frivolity belies their natural gift for
offended his tastes. In 1010, he ordered his Halfling bureaucracy, but growing up in a family of a dozen
valet to create a meal worthy of his greatness, and practical jokers is in fact perfect training for navigating
the resultant meal was so successful that the valet was the madness of Empire politics. And the moment
not only made the Emperors personal chef, but also an Hazeldown was elected, they began to put this gift to
Elector, creating the Great County of Mootland from good use. Halfling politicians crawled into the Imperial
parts of Averland and Stirland (partially as a reward for bureaucracy with the same quiet efficiency with which
such a fine meal, and partially out of petty revenge they had occupied the serving classes, and were soon
against the rulers of those two provinces). equally indispensable in the political circles of Altdorf
Those raised to power names for themselves as
Everyone knows that it was Emperor Ludwig the Fat cunning negotiators and tricky power brokers, who
who granted the Halflings the Mootland and an could make or break a deal at the last moment.
electoral vote in 1010 IC. What most people don't
know is it was a Halfling's idea. Hambelly Hazeldown, Meanwhile, all their relatives became scribes, runners,
Jester to the Crown, suggested the creation of a advisors, and attendants, flooding the oil of the wheels
Halfling elector to Ludwig as the ultimate joke at the of bureaucracy with Halfling bloodso that they
expense of the Electors of Stirland and Averland, could, when necessary, run that oil cold. Early on,
whose lands were divided to create the Moot. Ludwig however, two distinct mindsets became to dominate the
thought it was hilarious, and soon enough the joke was Halflings in Elector politics. The first group believed in
rollicking through the kingdom. And the Halflings walking quietly, ensuring the survival of the Halflings'
powerbase and the security of the Moot by making
deals with the human Electors, on human terms.
The second group believed that, ultimately, no power
would ever be given to Halflings that wasn't taken (be
it by force or trickery), and that while Halflings
remained powerless, they were always at risk. During
the years of the Black Plague, the Halflings suffered
greatly, as human resources only helped human
sufferers. This fuelled the anger of those of the second
mindset and drove the two groups further apart.


In 1359, the Elector of Stirland was made Emperor (in
Nuln, the second Emperor of the time), and he
immediately used his power to repay Ludwig's insult
upon the Moot and its people. While soldiers advanced
on the new province, harsh new laws were laid down
on the streets of Nuln, and racial violence predictably
followed. Ghettos were burned and Halflings stoned in
the streets. This was the flashpoint moment in Halfling

To the conservatives, it was evidence that bold

movements only painted a target on their tiny bellies.
Fearing complete extermination, they took an even
more cautious role, preferring to take their punishment
and survive until better times came around. To the

radicals, this was an unconscionable surrender in the
face of undeniable evidence of the Big Folk's
unceasingly violent nature. Only by becoming a very
public and vocal force could they ever hope to stop all
the little prejudices that inevitably led to such terrible
bloodshed. To make a stand, the Altdorf radicals
journeyed south to stand with their Nuln brethren, to
give them a political voice as much as possible. Doing
so, however, meant relinquishing their positions in
Altdorf, and severing all ties with the conservative
faction. This seemed no great loss, however, as it was
now clear that the only way to truly tug the Big Folks'
beards was to do so outside of the Big Folks'

Meanwhile, in Nuln, an underground society had been

formed, with a network of safehouses providing food
and arming vigilantes to answer the pogrom against the
Little Folk. The Altdorf exiles mixed with this group,
promising them the political retribution they so
dreamed of, and the protection from such persecution
ever being repeated. The combination of the physical
protection and the impassioned rhetoric was indelible,
and when the violence finally subsided in the streets,
nearly every Halfling in Nuln was a sworn member of
what was then named the Quinsberry Council.

The name, of course, came from Quinsberry, the

Halfling god of Ancestry and Tradition, for it was
Halfling tradition they most feared would be With this increased security, the Lodge was needed less
exterminated in the attacks upon them. Quinsberry was as a safe haven, and it began its political work in
chosen as the watchword for those working to restore earnest. As the centuries passed, the Halflings gained
Halfling safety and freedoms to Nuln, and weapons or more and more political and legal protection, and
supplies marked for Halfling resisters were daubed outright bigotry and violence faded into the
with a stylised Q. To this day, the Q remains the background.
symbol of the Lodge. When safer times arrived, the
safehouse which had been the site of the terrible Battle But the Lodge knew that the prejudice was only
of the Blamanges (when puddings were thrown at the hidden, not gone, and could return in full force at any
human mobs when ammunition ran out) was turned time. So its battles continue, and shall always continue,
into a meeting house for the leaders of the society. until, perhaps someday, the Big Folk finally learn to
Soon enough the building became known as the mind their manners.
Quinsberry Lodge, and thence became the name of the
whole society. Whenever prejudice rose, all the Today, the organisation is one part trade union, one
Halflings of Nuln knew they could find safety, part gentleman's club, and one part community pride
supportand a jolly good wheezeat the Quinsberry society. Halflings themselves come into contact with
Lodge. the society mostly in its latter two guises, but it is the
former that does the real work of the organisation. As a
After the sacking of Nuln by the Orc Warlord Gorbad trade union, the Lodge is a fierce political animal. It
Ironclaw in 1707, Halflings and Humans united to knows that political battles can be won both in the
rebuild their shattered city. From this point on, the quiet halls of guild-houses as well as in the clamouring
Lodge could safely come out into the public light and of the streets, and fights with equal skill in both arenas.
begin pursuing its original goals with real zeal. Lodges But it is in the streets that it generally has its greatest
were established all over the Empire. In the horror of successes, and its most visible effects.
the Vampire Wars, it was the Lodge in Altdorfnot
the Elector Count of the Moot, who was fighting in Although prejudice against Halflings remains ever-
Sylvaniathat ensured that most of the Halflings of present under the surface, over the last five hundred
that city did not starve during the terrible sieges. Thus years it has become increasingly unfashionableand
the Halflings of Altdorf welcomed the Lodge to their thus financially disadvantageousto be labelled as
city, and soon all the major centres followed. opposed to or overtly exploitative of Halflings. This
has intensified with the increased prominence of
After the Great War Against Chaos, providence and Halfling culture through events such as Pie Week. The
security returned to the Empire, and there was far less Lodge has of course heavily encouraged this stigma,
need to seek out scapegoats among the Little Folk. and it is their greatest weapon.

sprawling clan who operated the local ferry, were
behind the delays. After much shaking of heads the
Elders rebuffed him, explaining that the permission
granted was to strengthen and construct new roads, not
bridges, and sadly they were powerless to assist in this

Shortly thereafter, Leitdorf flew into one of his

splendid rages and assembled the army of Averland to,
in his words, "slaughter every one of the malodorous
runts". Leitdorf led his army across the southern border
of the Moot. Fearful for their lives, the Elders of the
Moot sent a huge force of Halflings to stop them.
The Battle of Nearstream has since passed into history
as the army of Averland's most successful, though not
its noblest, engagement. Once the Averlanders came
into sight, the Halflings arrayed before them began to
panic, and were mercilessly cut down as they
scrambled for safety.

With their main force defeated, the Elders of the Moot

went into hiding, desperately penning letters calling for
aid from any who would listen. By this point, nearly
three-quarters of Leitdorfs army had abandoned him,
utterly dismayed at his barbarity. The Elector Count
All that remains is that they make the world aware of had lost what little wits he had remaining, and could he
the prejudices they are encountering, in such a way that seen stalking the mist-shrouded fields in the small
it cannot be ignored by human society. In the hours, screaming challenges at trees and shrubs.
increasingly mercantile world of the Empire, every Unaware that an army was even now marching from
tradesman depends on his good name, and with enough Altdorf to curb his excesses, he directed his engineers
noise, the Lodge can stain that name permanently. to finish the bridge that had started the war. The
What's more, as crafty businessmen are quickly fighting was not yet done, however.
discovering, they can also establish the reputation of
those willing to support the Lodge's agenda. A Of all the frantic messengers that were sent out as the
tradesman marked by the Lodge as a friend of fighting began, most met an unpleasant end.
Halflings will soon find every Halfling in the Fortunately for the besieged Halflings, two were
neighbourhood calling on his services. heeded. The first made it to Altdorf where he
encountered the mercenary Lumpin Croop. Outraged at
THE REVOLTING MOOT the attack on the Moot, he mustered his Fighting
In early 2502, the Electors of Stirland and Averland Cocks. More decisive though was the courier who was
pledged their armies to a campaign against the Goblin brought before the emissaries of the Ogre Tyrant, Blaut
Warlord Nhobgarg whose army was gathering in the Feastmaster. The Ogre, knowing full well of the
Worlds Edge Mountains. The only snag was how to Halfling famous gourmet skills, agreed to help them in
join the two state armies together, a problem that return of one whole year's supply of food.
Marius Leitdorf, Elector of Averland, solved by
seeking permission from the Moot's Elders to build Leitdorf soon learnt that the Emperor's armies were
roads through their territory. marching to the Moot to bring him to book. This being
the case, the only chance Leitdorf had to retain his
After a colossal bribe of gold and roastable animals, an position (and his head) was to stave off the assault of
accord was reached and Leitdorf sent engineers into the the Feastmaster Tribe and claim it was all a carefully
Moot to construct roads and, crucially, build a modern crafted plan to lure the brutes into an ambush. In
stone bridge over the River Stir. concert with some infiltrating malcontents, the Ogres
sprung the assault on Leitdorf's poorly-led and tired
Other than the rampant larceny that any visitor to the army. Despite this, he managed to rally his troops and
Moot must endure, the engineers made good progress. repel the foe! While the details of the battle are scarce
It was not until the first pilings for the new bridge were at best, some say it was due to the Halflings meddling
sunk that the troubles began. Each morning, stones that that Leitdorf managed to snag this victory from the
had been set in place the day before had mysteriously jaws of defeat, where a sudden panic through the
vanished. Setting guards didn't seem to work they Halfling ranks was seen as a way of getting out of their
had a tendency to vanish too, only to turn up several part of the deal by the Ogres. Leitdorf on the other
days later, bound and gagged in a ditch. hand, was convinced that the Halflings had done it on
The engineer in charge of the construction petitioned purpose in order to spring a trap on the Ogres, which
the Elders, suspecting that the Tomfiddle family; a were now on their own.

After the battle, Leitdorf rewarded the "brave" patrolling the borders for signs of enemy raids. It was
Halflings with their very own Steam Tank, "Kathleen". in once such patrol the events that led to such a change
The Halflings, surprised they were going to keep their in the Halfling way of life.
heads in the first place, gladly accepted the gift. Since
that day, the Moot and Averland have been in a mostly On the far eastern edge of the Mootland border, near
easy going, if confusing, alliance with one another. the original site of Stillwater overshadowed by the
Worlds Edge Mountains, Nicholas Warfoot led his
patrol of Rangers and scouts through the light
woodland on route to the next outpost where they
would rest before moving on. It had been a great many
weeks since the last sign of an enemy and the small
force was looking forward to a warm bed. But it was
not to be had, for almost the instant Stillwater Outpost
came into view a huge number of wildly screaming
NIGHT AT THE WORLD'S EDGE goblins, dark hoods over their heads and crooked, evil
Up until the Imperial year 2520, the province of yellow moons on their shields.
Mootland suffered no worse events than the occasional
poor harvest, and the resulting uproar of grumbling The outpost was close and Nicholas knew that if he
Halflings. Most of the short, rosy cheeked folk knew could reach it, a signal could be sent warning the local
little of war except from the stories of returning villages of the attack. He ordered the scouts on their
Imperial Crows from their duty in the Empire army, sturdy Moot horses to ride ahead and led his Rangers
and even then that view was rather short sighted as along the wood line ready to strike the Goblin raiders
often they would only serve as field cooks. For many while they were distracted with the horsemen. A stout
centuries, although the surrounding lands had suffered troop of Watchmen marched up ready to take the
countless conflicts, the Moot had avoided war through frantic Goblin charge while the Chef prepared a Hot
either sheer luck, or some hidden force unknown to the Pot to hurl into the oncoming horde.
Old World. But war was coming, as it had long ago
when Gorbad Ironclaw decimated his way through the Just as the Scouts reached the Outpost three whirling
province, and the unsuspecting Halflings would need to Goblins wielding gigantic chains and balls span
rise up in arms if they were to continue their simple towards them, only missing them by an inch the
lives. fanatical Goblins careered into an outlying wall
destroying it and themselves in a grisly tangle of
Nicholas Warfoot was a Halfling with a most looked chains, limbs and stone. A horseman dropped off and
down upon adventuring flair. The long days of feasting entered the tower to send off the warning signal while
and petty theft which most Halflings were content with the remainder circled around to rain down stones on the
was not for Nicholas, who left the Moot as he came of Goblins with their slings.
age to join the Imperial army. Serving in a few civil
uprisings and the occasional Beastman raid his skills
with the bow far surpassed his peers and he soon
became respected not only by his fellow Halflings, but
by the captains of the Empire also. Still, this did not
lessen his appetite for adventure and he left to become
a hireling travelling all the Old World. For many years
he wandered the lands, often in the employ of many
varied war bands with a range of reputations.

The Warfoot family have a long history of surviving,

one Tully Warfoot, of the early settlers in the Moot
survived an entire Night Goblin attack while the rest of
the army was destroyed. Again, centuries later, when
Stillwater was raised to the ground Perryladoc Warfoot
led the survivors of Gorbad Ironclaw to safety while
the rest of the Moot was mercilessly slaughtered.
Nicholas has survived many similar situations which
lesser men would not have, a unique ring handed down
from father to son through the family line has
undoubtedly aided in someone of such small stature in
surviving along with his exceptional luck.

It was not soon after he saved the life of a travelling

Elven prince, where he was gifted his sword
Glammyding that Nicholas returned to the Moot,
joining the Rangers soon after as a Field Warden

The elder seemed unworried by the news, dismissing it
as a simple raid and nothing else, Nicholas however
thought otherwise.

It required much bribery with food and many promises

of festivals to come and trinkets to be gained, but
Nicholas managed to get the town watch organised
along with some local Ogres (who in exchange for slap
up meals do the brunt of the hard labour) and farmers
from outlying villages. Along with his own rangers and
border patrol he hoped it would be enough to repel any
further invasions.

It wasnt long until scouts from other patrols in the area

arrived in the town, bearing similar news and reports of
Night Goblin war bands massing together near the
border. This was a much greater worry than Nicholas
had first imagined, this was no longer a simple raid to
loot and pillage but the beginnings of an invasion into
the heart of the Mootland. Nicholas set watchmen as
lookouts and told the rag tag militia to stand to and
remain prepared for battle, to which there were many
grumbling of missed meals.

Later that evening, just as darkness fell the Night

Goblins attacked. The greatest war host the Moot had
The front line of the charging foe was decimated by a seem for many centuries, almost competing with the
swift volley from Nicholass Rangers and the great Waaagh of Gorbad Ironclaw in the eighteenth
remainder finally reached the unit of Halfling century. Huge hordes of screaming Night Goblins
Watchmen. Where Night Goblins would not normally joined with snarling blood red Squigs and groups of
be much of an effort for a trained human soldier, for a gigantic grey Stone Trolls from the mountains.
Halfling they are a fairly tough opponent and the Nicholas knew he would need a much greater force if
Watchmen, used to dealing with poachers and thieves they were to defeat this enemy, but for now they would
were struggling against the mushroom-drug fuelled need to hold the foe back while the rest of the
enemy. townspeople fled to the Horsby Ferry Crossing.

Nicholas rounded up his men and charged into the Putting down their dinners, the Stalwart Halfling
flanks, just as the ground started to tremble and what Militia formed up in front of the town under Nicholass
appeared to be several large snarling mouths started direction, stomachs full to bursting giving them a
chewing up through the ground. The terrified stubborn aura of defence. The crazed Night goblins hit
Watchmen almost dropped their weapons and fled, if it the line not long after they had formed, but the
wasnt for the quick thinking of Ned Hardbuckle the prepared Militia and angry Farmers fought valiantly
Chef who tipped the Hot Pot over onto the emerging from behind the makeshift barricades. The trained
monstrosities (although later reports say the pot militia using their spears effectively against the massed
collapsed on its own by unknown causes), its corrosive ranks of the enemy while the Farmers, having honed
contents scalding and dissolving the red leathery flesh their strength in the fields for many years, swung their
and the squealing creatures retreated back into the scythes and prodded with their pitchforks with deadly
holes they came from. This brave act spurred on the efficiency.
remaining Halfling Watchmen and along with Nicholas
and his men they sent the Goblins into the night. Although they took the initial charge well, the
Halflings were greatly outnumbered and once the trolls
DELAYED DINNERS lumbered in attacking with their huge boulders and
Soon after the ambush at Stillwater outpost, Nicholas clubs, many of the militia were sent flying through the
and his troops began the march to Leedlton. It was an air to their deaths. Even the chefs with their Hot Pots
uneventful journey, only stopping only to warn the couldnt cause enough casualties and were attacked by
occasional farmer along the way, and it wasnt before groups of fast moving Squigs being herded around the
they arrived. If the signal from the outpost had been flanks. The Moot Ogres, seeing the providers of their
noticed, the Halflings of Leedlton seemed undeterred much loved dinners in danger, rumbled over
from their daily business. While the normal Halfling determined to destroy anything that would stop them
thought upon entering a village after a long days travel getting fed after the battle. The Ogres waded in the red
would be to visit the local tavern for a full seven course swarm, picking up the rampaging Squigs by their tails
meal, Nicholas marched straight to the town elders and slinging them back into the Night Goblin Hordes
home and informed him of the previous days events. as living missiles, stomping and kicking any that got

underfoot. Once the Chefs were safe the Ogres charged
back into the masses, not before grabbing a Hop Pot to
consume on the way.

Unfortunately the rest of the battle was not going so

well, Trolls were decimating the militia, but at least the
townspeople had gotten a chance to escape. Nicholas
ordered the retreat and unit by unit the Halflings fell
back through the town, a few brave (enraged and
stupid) Ogres fought on defending the battered body of
a Chef, luckily holding the foe back long enough for
the Militia to mount up and flee the town. Although the
majority of the Night Goblin horde was content with
destroying the remaining buildings and looting the
town, a large portion continued to pursue the retreating
army towards the Horsby ferry crossing...


As the remainder of Nicholass militia retreated they
knew it was only a matter of time until the Night
Goblin war band ran out of building to burn and moved
on, scouts had already reported that a fast moving force
was in pursuit and would reach them within a few
hours, about the same amount of time it would take
them to reach the ferry crossing. Nicholas sent on the
scouts to warn the Horsby family and gather any other
retreating militia to form a defence line at the river.

As the Horsbys river house came in to view, so did the

pursuing Night Goblins, many of them hopping along But the Goblin was getting wise and spurred his Squig
on Cave Squigs and others were bounding across on into a great hop to land right on top of Nicholas, but as
wild wolves from the mountains. The slavering mouths he turned to defend himself from the descending maw
of the wolves, eager for flesh, along with the snarling of razor sharp teeth, a crossbow bolt slammed into the
teeth of the Squigs set the Halflings into a gallop, Squigs mouth sending it hurtling back. Nicholas
desperate to avoid the clutches of the Night Goblins. looked over at the crossbowman, the last Halfling on
As they neared the ferry crossing Nicholas could see a this side of the river, just as he stepped onto the ferry.
small force gathered to cover their retreat. Ranks of They were on their own for the last sprint and Halflings
Halflings with any available ranged weapon they could were being pulled from their mounts all along the line
find stood ready. Many with varying types of bows, and not many were from his original patrol remained,
some with slings and one, encased in a ridiculously even one of his skilled Rangers had fallen and only
large iron breastplate even held a crossbow! Although four loyal companions were left.
it looked old and slightly oversized in the hands of a
Halfling, he held it steady and sure. A trio of cooks They rode hard and dismounted by the ferry, the rest of
readying a festivals worth of Hot Pots were in place to the Halflings who had made it across the ferry formed
launch their boiling and corrosive missiles over the back into their units and began raining down arrows
enemy. and stones on the enemy in support.

It wasnt long before the chasing Goblins were hot on This allowed Nicholas and the remainder of the militia
their heels, the Mootland horses just not fast enough to time to form a defensive formation on the ferry dock
outrun them. Fortunately the assorted Halfling archers while the ferry was drawn back across, it wouldnt take
were in range and the first volley was loosed, many of long but the Night Goblins would be on top of them in
the pursuers fell but there were plenty to take their seconds.
place, the Halflings only hope was to board the ferry as
cross to the far side. The cooks unleashed their Hot The enemy hit hard, but could not get a decent charge
Pots and many of the Night Goblins fell from their down on the ferry dock and many of the mounted
mounts screaming as their skin burned and melted, but raiders came in too fast and overshot their targets,
still they kept coming, nothing was going to deter them landing in the deep and fast flowing River Aver.
from their prey. Nicholas pulled his glowing sword, Glammyding, from
its sheaf and took to the Night Goblins ferociously. The
Nicholas had a Squig and its Night Goblin rider sword not only gave the bearer great strength, but all
snapping at his horses tail, luckily his ring gave him goblins remembered and feared the sword from the
enough concealment that the enemy couldnt quite Goblin Wars many years ago. The defenders of the
capture him. ferry were greatly outnumbered but Nicholas held them

back with his sword, many enemy struggling to even Not soon after the scouts had reported back Nicholas
strike a blow they feared the blade so much. heard the unmistakable sound of terrified marshals
attempting to order their troops into formation,
The ferry eventually arrived, after what seemed like an unbeknown to them the force from Bogglewort had
age to the defenders, and they swiftly boarded. seen shadows moving in the fog and were taking up
Nicholas was the last to step off, being the only one defensive positions behind hedges and fences along the
who could hold back the tide of enemy. Once the ferry road. Nicholas ordered his ranked units to move up the
began to cross the rampaging Squigs were road in support while he and his Rangers, along with
uncontrollable and attempted to jump on to the ferry others gathered from the river crossing, moved into the
before it reached the other side, most fell into the River woods to get a better sight of the enemy.
but one almost made it onto the ferry and would have if
it wasnt for another impressive shot from the As he neared the edge of the wood line, Nicholas saw
crossbowman on the far shore. what had horrified the other Halflings; marching
through the mist were dozens of skeletal and shambling
Once Nicholas and the remaining men stepped off the figures with a dark aura surrounding them. Evil
ferry the Night goblins saw they were defeated, and chanting came from the distance and glowing spirits,
after a few more failed attempts to jump the river, the barely noticeable in the fog drifted towards the road.
surviving pursuers turned tail and headed back the way One of his rangers loosed and arrow which flew
they came. Once the army had recovered Nicholas straight through the apparitions as if nothing had
found the Halfling deadeye crossbowman, Stumpo happened, luckily the walking dead seemed not to
Shingletom, and congratulated him on his shots in the notice but Nicholas knew this would not be an easy
battle. He also offered him six meals a day to serve as fight.
his personal bodyguard which Stumpo immediately
agreed to. Nicholas left enough of a defence to guard Back on the road Nicholass support had reached the
the ferry crossing and marched his men toward Halflings from Bogglewort and took up defensive
Bogglewort, after supper of course. formations, the walking dead would soon reach the
road and a bloody battle would ensue. The foremost
SHADOWS IN THE MIST unit of archers fired a volley towards the walkers in the
Feeling slightly safer on the opposite side of the river mist, only to see them pass straight through most of
to the enemy, the weary Halflings made camp for the them harmlessly, their skeletal and rotting bodies
rest of the night to recover their strength. At the first almost immune to the arrows. Undeterred, the
sign of morning, although the sun shrouded by fog and Halflings switched to their trusty slings and unleashed
clouds, they made a light breakfast and marched a hail of stones, the larger blunt missiles causing much
onwards along the road to Bogglewort. Less than ten more damage to the brittle bones and a great many fell
leagues down the road Nicholas saw signs of moving as they advanced. As they reached the road the Ogres
troops in the distance, wary that they may be enemy he from Bogglewort waded in with their great clubs and
sent up his scouts, who soon confirmed they were fists causing devastation to the undead foe, but before
friendly troops who had heard of the upset (due to a long the walkers took to avoiding the Ogres like water
missed delivery of Leedlton finest Ale) and were flowing around a rock. This greatly angered the large
marching to assist where they could. brutes who took to picking up the walking corpses and
throwing them into the masses, it wasnt hugely
effective but the Ogres enjoyed it immensely.

Nearly all the Halflings were now in combat, but

fortunately the Ogres were causing enough disruption
to keep them from being overwhelmed. Just as the
Militia thought they were getting the upper hand, the
spirit hosts swooped through the ranks taking the souls
straight from those they passed through immune to the
Halflings weapons. Panic was in the air, but luckily the
chefs had cooked a particularly good breakfast and the
plucky Halflings remained resolute.

Meanwhile, Nicholas and his Rangers had moved

further around the wood towards the chanting voice,
where they saw in dark robed man atop a burial mound,
surrounded by mystical red swirls of magic. Undead
walkers were rising from the base of the mound and
marching onwards toward the road in an endless line
and Nicholas knew this dark Necromancer was the
source of the scourge. He notched an arrow in his
trusty bow, aimed and loosed at the Necromancer
striking him solidly in his chest. The dark enemy

seemed to barely notice, but the chanting ceased. voice came from the bound wooden prisoner telling
Nicholas and his Rangers launched a volley straight at Nicholas to release him. Having no other option unless
the vulnerable man, Stumpo, his newfound bodyguard, he wished for a grisly death, Nicholas pulled
struck him true and he fell to one knee, but before Glammyding from its sheaf and swung down on the
another shot could be loosed the Necromancer had fled nearest chain, shattering it into fragments. After a few
into the mist. The remaining skeletal figures fell to the more sheared chains, the Ancient Treeman surged up,
ground and the spirits faded, much to the relief of the pulling the remaining constraints from the ground and
Militia and annoyance of the Ogres (who had been stepped towards the oncoming beasts. He paused for a
enjoying their game). second only to pick up Nicholas and place him high in
his branches, then continued his lumbering march.
As the mists dissipated and the army consolidated,
Nicholas knew this would not be the last he saw of the The rest of Nicholass Rangers, along with Stumpo,
Necromancer and his minions; and he knew the took up positions around the stone circle and began
Halfling army could not stand a combined attack. accurately peppering the oncoming woodland spirits
Nicholas ordered the army onwards to Brandenberry with as arrows. Nicholas and his newfound friend (who
while he and his most experienced Halflings would later told him his name, Woodthorn) had reached a
travel to the Wailing Woods and seek the assistance of large group of the fantastical beasts and the great tree
the spirits which reside there. began swinging his huge branch-like arms at the
enemy, sending many of their broken bodies flying
THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL back into the woods. Other larger creatures he picked
Nicholas and his swift moving rangers got to the edge up, slamming them back into the ground, crushing
of the Wailing woods shortly before supper, but as this them, before moving on to the next opponent.
was a quest of great importance only a light meal was
consumed before entering the foreboding wood. The Although the Ancient Treeman was powerful and
legends of spirits in the woods were old and greatly easily outmatched each of the corrupted spirits in
exaggerated, but there was a certain truth behind them. single combat, Woodthorn was slowly being
The forest here was much older, gnarled and covered in overwhelmed. Smaller goat-like creatures were getting
dark ivy which created an emerald aura around the inside his reach and crawling up his vine covered bark.
trees. The Rangers, undeterred, moved through the Nicholas, who excelled at the climbing of trees, was
woods with ease and before long they were deep in the deftly moving about the braches hacking away at any
undergrowth. Nicholas wasnt sure what he was creatures which broke through. But it still wasnt
looking for but something was drawing him here, a enough, enemies from the wood kept appearing and in
sure sense of dark evil was in this wood, and it was not increasing numbers.
the usual forest spirits which resided here.
Woodthorn dropped down, struggling to control the
Just as the sun began to set, Nicholas noticed onslaught of enemy, and as he did a dark sorcerer
movement far into the trees. He alerted his fellows and appeared from the trees with a cruel black mask and a
they stalked towards the movement, crouched low with twisted staff topped with glowing purple stone. Strands
their bows drawn. The Rangers followed until they of ethereal matter snaked from the stone to each of the
reached a clearing in the woods, in the centre was a possessed beasts attacking Woodthorn. Seeing this,
circle of engraved stones surrounding the most ancient Nicholas told the Treeman to throw him towards the
and strange looking tree in all the wailing wood. The sorcerer and with a huge burst of raw power
clearing was steeped in murky water forming dark Woodthorn dislodged his attackers and rose up. The
pools around the stones and the ancient trees roots great tree reached back with his Halfling missile and
penetrated their depths, visibly consuming the brackish threw sending Nicholas, with Glammyding drawn,
liquid. flying through the air. Landing in a dark pool, Nicholas
rolled into the landing coming up in front of the chaotic
As the Halflings stepped into the clearing, each one of sorcerer, his magic sword headed straight for its heart.
them felt as if a thousand eyes were upon him. They
cautiously crept up to the gnarled old tree and as they Deflected at the last second by the sorcerers unnatural
got close, Nicholas noticed that what appeared at first speed, Nicholas only dodged the riposte due to his
to be thick ivy surrounding the tree were actually heavy concealing ring. Fortunately Stumpo had noticed his
iron chains constraining it to the ground. With barely leaders plan and began to hit Nicholass opponent
enough time to wonder why a tree would be with bolts from his crossbow in-between his attacks.
imprisoned like this, the Rangers as one turned to the The Rangers followed suit and the evil sorcerer
wood line surrounding them; they all saw dozens of couldnt deflect so many attacks and eventually an
creatures with glowing purple eyes moving from the arrow hit home, lowering his guard enough for
trees and could sense their evil intent. Strange beasts of Nicholas to strike a devastating blow. Almost
the like never seem before by Halflings in the Moot; immediately after he fell, the beasts attacking
Elven-like Centaurs, strange green Minotaur creatures Woodthorn paused as the purple glow in their eyes
and Unicorns amongst many others. The entrapped dissipating, and then disappeared into the woods.
Rangers turned to the tree in mind to climb to the top
and fight to the last, but as they did a deep rumbling

Nicholas and his men gathered around Old Woodthorn, Halflings and the Young adventurous Halflings had
the ancient tree standing amid the pools as the darkness returned from the woods atop savage wild Boars which
seemed to leave, and the late evening glow returned. they barely managed to direct into the Night Goblins,
Woodthorn gathered up the Halflings into his branches but when they did hit it took them by great surprise and
and pledged his spirit to Nicholas. Now he had gained the foe fled in screaming mobs away from the
the help of the great woodland spirit, they began the rampaging tusks. Nicholas knew that it was not enough
long march to Brandenberry. and slowly they would be beaten back.

RENEWED VALOUR Suddenly, to the sound of a great horn blast and

Woodthorn marched through the night while the professional captains barking at their troops, a column
Halflings, weary from many days of hard fighting, of state troops in the colours of Stirland marched in
slept amongst the branches. Early morning, just as from the road. Moving into formation they began their
Brandenberry came into view, a downpour of rain charge into the Night Goblin flank, although they were
descended from the skies turning the ground into a not the largest force, their well-trained swordsmen and
muddy maze of pools and dirty streams. halberdiers, along with supporting detachments made a
significant impact, allowing the Halflings to
As Nicholas strode into the Halfling town atop his consolidate their troops and regain the advantage.
enormous walking tree every group of watchmen,
militia and even the Mootland Ogres looked up from With renewed valour, from a swiftly consumed meal
their meals and stared in wonder. Old Woodthorn the from the field kitchen, the Watchmen and their Ogre
Ancient Treeman was a sight to behold, never before support decimated the weakened enemy. The ogres
seen in all the Moot, indeed it would be a rare sight in with their great axes and pole arms sliced groups of
all the Old World. From his living wooden pedestal, goblins with each stroke while the smaller Halflings,
Nicholas called to all the dreary looking troops camped using their larger companion for protection, struck out
about the town; he told them of the impending forces with their spears keeping the foe at bay. All the while,
massing against them and how if they were to continue Halflings in the rear kept a steady stream of sling
feasting daily on Bogglewort pies and Leedlton Ales stones coming overhead, knocking many a goblin
they must fight, and push the evil Night Goblins back unconscious.
into the mountains.
This stout defence from the Mootlanders had taken its
The Halflings saw the great host of Night Goblins toll on the Night Goblin offensive and with the
marching into view shortly after lunch, huge hordes of Empires timely arrival they fled. A few Trolls and
hooded Goblins prodding unruly mobs of cave Squigs Squigs, perhaps to dim-witted to realise the battle was
towards the Town. Lumbering Trolls moved alongside lost, carried on the fight but were soon put down by the
the mass of green troops, some were coated in a crusty victorious militia. The death toll on the Night Goblin
red paint with groups of Squigs following behind like horde was great, not even a tenth of the original
pets. Some Night Goblins pushed in crude looking war attacking army survived to flee into the mountains.
machines or rode snarling wolves. Nicholas ordered the However the Halflings had not won the war so easily
Halfling troops into formations, with the Watchmen and more than half of the defence at Brandenberry
and Archer forming the mainstay of the line, Hot Pots were slain.
to the rear with field kitchens dishing out meals before
the battle, and Ogres supporting the flanks. Some of the The Moot was saved, Nicholas Warfoots rallying of
younger Halflings trotted off to the local woods to find the Halfling defenders from the first skirmish, to the
wild Boar they could coax into battle. final battle had certainly stopped the lands from being
overrun. As he surveyed the remaining Militia, their
As the enemy forces drew close, the archers began usual cheery red faces replaced with stout and battle
firing volleys of accurate arrows into the foremost worn looks, he realised the first Army of the Moot had
ranks while the Hot Pots launched their corrosive been founded, and any further attacks into their lands
contents into the biggest masses of troops to cause would be repelled with a vigilance never before seen.
maximum disruption. The charging enemy struggling
against the boggy mud and streams were slow to reach
the Halfling line and took heavy casualties before even
one citizen of the Moot fell.

The Halfling scouts moved around the flanks of the

enemy, harrying them with slingshot and disabling the
enemys war machines as best they could, but the
hordes had hit the defensive lines hard and were
making a horrendous impact on the troops. The great
red painted Trolls picked up their Squig followers and
threw them overhead causing devastation behind the
lines. Woodthorn and Nicholas were at the forefront
clearing great swathes of Goblins away from the

Year Event established in a new place and start a new
800- During these years a movement arise life is not easy to do for a Halfling.
1000 among Halfling communities. Without
rest, many Halflings protest against the 1105 The village of Eicheschatten is founded
Counts and the Emperor's Court, along the banks of the Blue Reach, a
demanding to have their own homeland. tributary of the Aver, by a group of
Most of the Counts are reluctant to cede a adventurous Halflings seeking interesting
large territory. and exotic cooking ingredients. This
becomes the capital of the Moot.
992 The tension grows and Halflings
communities in Altdorf, Nuln, 1111- The Black Death devastates the Empire.
Middenheim Talabheim and isolated, cut 1115 As the House remains largely unsettled,
off by creating areas free of human the effects of the plague are mild.
presence. Migration increases when all the families
move to the Moot before their former
994 Phillipol Furfoot is elected representative homes fall under the Black Death.
of the Halflings in Altdorf and seeks to
convince the rulers of the Halflings are 1150 Pfungzig is attacked by Night Goblins
also entitled to have a homeland. from the Worlds Edge Mountains. Many
Halflings are slaughtered before a stout
995- Furfoot work hard to make all the rulers defence is organised and the Goblin
1008 of the Empire become aware of the raiders seen off. Village Elder Cokey
problem. Despite achieving their goal, no Mushroompad calls a meeting and in
one is willing to cede any territory. accordance with old tradition a banquet to
discuss a way of organising a better
1000 Emperor Ludwig the Fat issues royal defence.
charter to the Halflings of the Moot
granting them administrative autonomy 1151 Cokey's son Rumple is dispatched with
and an Imperial vote. some of the bravest Halflings to locate the
Night Goblin band responsible and wreak
1009 Reikland invading Orcs. Short of troops, revenge. They do not return.
the Emperor goes to Furfoot in search of
support. Furfoot group gets Halfling 1162 Of the brave band of Halflings sent east to
communities in Nuln, Talabheim and the mountains years earlier only Tully
Altdorf under one banner and helps the Warfoot returns. He tells of a brutal battle
imperial troops in Reikland. in the foothills of the Worlds Edge
Mountains and of the brave sacrifice of
1010 The corrupt Emperor Ludwig the Fat his comrades. Tully wandered lost in the
grants the Halflings a seat on the Council wilderness for years in dark lands he was
of Electors in thanks for the services of loath to describe. He discovers a new kind
his favourite Halfling cook. They are also of potato during his wanderings that later
granted the lands around the upper Aver becomes a famous part of imperial
as their permanent home after their cuisine. Tully is awarded the Pfungzig
priceless help within the armies (mainly Helmet for bravery and the communitys
the kitchens!) of the Empire. Historians brass wheat-husk for tremendous crop
argue that Furfoot was able to press the contribution.
Emperor to sign a secret agreement before
the service was provided. The area was 1287 Haukern is raided by a foul Necromancer
called the Moot to remember the difficult intent on slaying and raising the entire
circumstances under which it was formed, population. It is only saved by the timely
and how the Halflings. intervention of a fey, wandering Wizard
and there is much wondrous mutterings of
1010- This period is known as the Migration. Elves and faerie-folk. The damage to
1500 Now that his homeland was a reality, Haukern is fairly extensive although only
Halflings from all over the known world one Halfling loses his life, Gamble
begin to migrate to the Moot. Migration Dovebright.
was slow, despite everything, as

1288 A bumper harvest is raised by the 1708- The Moot is slowly rebuilt by pioneers
Dovebright family leading to speculation 2100 who travelled from all parts of the old
that Gamble was a saint. A three foot world. This period is often referred to as
(scale) statue is erected to commemorate the second migration.
the great hero.
2302- Magnus the Pious immerses the Empire in
1349 Pfungzig is under attack again this time 2304 the Great War against Chaos. Some
from the Shallowpit Snotling movement. regiments of Halflings are grouped under
A fierce battle is fought and against all the the banner of the great orator Magnus.
odds the villagers are victorious. A
mammoth banquet is planned and over the 2405 Birth of Elder Hisme Stoutheart, the
next few years the cuisine of the Moot Elector of the Moot.
and indeed the Empire are influenced by
the exotic recipes coming out of Pfungzig. 2420 The Goblin Warlord Grom the Paunch
invades the Empire. As a desperate
1359 The Elector of Stirland is made Emperor measure, Gambo Hartstock, a Halfling
and immediately uses his power to repay chef, uses the contents of his soup as a
Ludwig's insult upon the Moot and its projectile and fires it over the Goblin
people. While soldiers advance on the hordes, thus saving the Empire. This was
new province, harsh new laws are laid to be the first Hot Pot, and it is now
down on the streets of Nuln, and racial widely used in the defence of the Moot.
violence predictably follow. Ghettos are
burned and Halflings stoned in the streets. 2480 A string of Halfling Chefs are captured by
the Ogres of the Feastmaster Tribe. The
1360 After a long and prosperous period of tribe quickly becomes legendary for the
peace during which the village of quality of its nosh among the other Ogres.
Pfungzig is central to most of the
revolutionary farming techniques that are 2502 The Moot Revolts. Marius Leitdorf,
passed on to the rest of the Moot and the Elector Count of Averland, marches upon
Empire, scouts report of Goblins the Moot with his army. The Halflings
amassing in the foothills of the Worlds ally themselves with the Ogres of the
Edge Mountains once more. Feastmaster Tribe in order to defend
themselves. However, a sudden panic
1373 This is the period of the three Emperors through the Halfling ranks leaves the
during which the Halflings seek political Ogres to fight on their own, allowing
employment amongst the warring factions Leitdorf to snag victory from then. After
as field cooks, scouts and occasionally in wards, convinced that the Halflings did in
battle as mercenaries. fact route on purpose to help the Imperial
troops, he rewards the Moot with their
1707 Waaagh Gorbad. The Orc Warlord own miniature Steam Tank.
Gorbad Ironclaw leads a massive Waaagh
through Black Fire Pass deep into the 2519 An Ogre army bypasses Karak Kadrin and
Empire raising Nuln and the Moot as he march on the Moot. They are destroyed
goes. This is pre-empted by an attack on by an army of Imperials and Dwarfs in the
Stillwater from the same tribe of Night Battle of a Hundred Cannons.
Goblins that invaded in 1150. Despite a
valiant defence the hopelessly 2520 Nicholas Warfoot makes a staunch
outnumbered defenders are cut down by defence against a Night Goblin Waaagh!
the whirling death chains of the Goblin at Brandenberry, saving the Moot from
Fanatics and the village is burned to the utter destruction.
ground. A mere handful of survivors led
by Perryladoc Warfoot (descendant of 2521- Halflings continue to be a great asset to
Tully) manage to escape with some of the present many armies and war bands of the Empire.
ancient cookbooks and a few of the rare Often seen sneaking about the ruins of
ingredients and spices to the devastated Mordheim and increasingly as mercenaries
remains of the Moot. The Halfling race for hire. Frequent Night Goblin raids from
takes years to recover from the assaults of the Worlds Edge Mountains are turning the
the Greenskins but emerge a tougher and once cheerful Mootland and its rosy
more resilient people with an even bigger cheeked occupants into a much darker


The Halflings have lived in rural areas of the Empire Sitting on perhaps the most fertile farmland in the
for as long as anyone can remember, but it was not central Empire, the Mootland comprises portions of
until the year 1010 that they were granted the lands Averland and Stirland that were torn from their rule in
around the upper Aver as their permanent home. a fit of pique by Emperor Ludwig the Fat and made
This land is known as the Moot, and, like all the lands into an electoral province ruled by Halflings.
of the Empire, it provides troops for the Emperors
Army. The Moot is a land of gently rolling hills and
grasslands that slopes upward gradually until the land
Mootland is the proper name for the land of the rises in the Greenleaf Hills of the southeast, where
Halflings. It is a peaceful land of fertile valleys nestled farmers raise many famous varieties of tobacco, such
between gently sloping hills. The climate is mild and as "Fogmaker Red," "Aver Prime Blend," and the
water sources are plentiful, as the mighty River Aver notoriously strong "Fumigator." Most of the country is
runs directly through the province, with many small open, with scattered copses of oak, beech, elm, and
streams and creeks winding their way down to meet it. willow along the riverbanks: The only two forests of
As a result of this, the Moot is blessed with beautiful note are the Sleepy Wood and the mysterious Alter
scenery and fertile ground which is just as well due to Forest. While the province is watered in its southern
the overall laziness of the inhabitants. half by the Aver Reach, Blue Reach, and Aver rivers,
sufficient rainfall waters the land to guarantee regular
It is nominally part of the Empire, but is a place into and good crops throughout the Moot.
which few Imperial officials will set foot. The Moot is
blessed with beautiful scenery and fertile ground, Mootland is divided into three major regions, four if
which is just as well considering the indolent nature of you listen to some Holdings. Southwest of the River
its inhabitants, who would rather shove a pie down Aver is Aver March, once a prosperous barony of
their gullets than lift a finger to do any work. They also Averland. According to old tales, the Humans of Aver
tend to steal, eat, or steal then eat anything that is not March were forced to leave the area at point of spear
nailed down. By day, the Moot seems like a rural by the Emperor's troops when Ludwig gave it to the
paradise, but at night it takes on a strange air, the Holdings. To this day, visitors can see the ruined
evening filled with the muffled revelry of drunken foundations of old castles, their stones mostly carted
Halflings singing lewd songs. off for new construction, that the local Halflings claim
were once Human settlements.

The Halflings, however, knew good soil when they saw
it, and how to use it. Using seedlings from tobacco
plants they loved, but which grew poorly elsewhere,
they planted fields of the crop along the river and in the
valleys, so much so that the area is simply known as
"Greenleafs" today, and provides a major cash crop for
the Moot. The Moorland government is so anxious to
increase their share of the market that they send traders
on long trips around the Empire to give out free
samples, in the hope that happy customers will want
and pay for more. They especially tout its flavour over
what they call "imported Bretonnian stink-weed!"

Finally, among places of interest that the Moot is home

to are several famous inns the Dancing Dogs, the
Hogshead Inn, the Laughing Ass and the Scarlet Snake.
If a traveller enters the Moot and does not visit as many
of these inns as possible, he is doing himself a
disservice. One will not find more comfortable beds
(each has at least a few rooms with human sized
furnishings) or more succulent meals at any inn in the
Empire proper.

The land of the Moot is very near the World Edge
While it is true that some minor families of Averland Mountains, so it suffers occasional invasions of Night
claim lordship over areas of the Aver March, few take Goblins. These mountains are incredibly high and
them seriously. They occasionally petition the Emperor almost impossible to cross. Many centuries ago, the
to have their rights restored, but so far their requests whole mountain range was controlled by the Dwarves,
have been all filed and forgotten. who built great cities and fortresses in the rock of the
Three towns dominate Aver March: Sauerapfel on the
west, Einsamholz in the centre (and not technically part Further south are the Black Mountains. Infested Night
of the region), and Dreiflussen at the southeast. Closer Goblins, Skaven and Trolls, they are arguably the least
in culture to Averland than other regions, large herds of hospitable frontier of the Empire. The only "safe" way
sheep and goats are common here, while the western is Black Fire Pass, located at the confluence of the
march is famous for its apples. Black Mountains to the End of the World Mountains,
where Sigmar fought his battle against the Orcs.
North of the rivers lies "Auld Styrlande," that area of
Mootland that was once was part of the Grand County The Black Mountains are crossed by tunnels built by
of Stirland. It is an area in which farming districts the Goblins. These tunnels are crude and narrow
alternate with copses of wood and small fens, and is tunnels compared to other mountain dwarves, and they
Moorland's fertile breadbasket. Two roads access it, but tend to collapse unexpectedly.
neither traverses the whole of the region. The Moot
Road leaves Eicheschatten and heads west, where it RIVERS
joins the Old Dwarf Road in Stirland at Wordern. The Several mountain streams from the western slopes of
other is a short road that tuns from Einsamholz to the Dwarf fortress of Karak Varn, rapidly descends in
Pfungzig in Averland. Neither could be mistaken for a several waterfalls who form up to broad rivers, leading
major road, and, indeed, most of the traffic is from to the river Aver.
farmers, herdsmen, and traders going to sell in one or
another market. Inside the Mootland, traffic travels on Aver River continues its course towards the West,
age-worn cart paths or cross-country. through the provincial capital and leading to Averheim
on its way to the Reik, passing through Nuln. The
The south-eastern region bounded by the loop of the presence of the Aver provides plenty of water
Aver Reach to the north and the border with Averland throughout the province for irrigation and drinking
to the south is Formally named "The Duchy of the water for the Halfling population. Many villages and
Fallow Hills," a title given to it by the Averlander lord farmsteads have sprung up along this great waterway
of the 12th century who could never get anything over the years. The largest villages are Brandenberry to
worthwhile to grow there. Disgusted, he sold the region the west, Leedlton to the east, and Bogglewort to the
to the Halflings soon after Ludwig created the Moot, North, near the Stirland border.
reportedly muttering "and good riddance" at the

The one Aver crossing in the Moot is Hornsby Ferry, IMPERIAL PROVINCES
which lies very close to the middle of the province. The The Moot borders to the Imperial provinces of Stirland
ferry crossing is the only way to cross the river for 30 and Averland. Their relations are usually good,
miles in either direction (something it is rumoured the although the land where the Moot lies was formerly
Hornsby family has ensured over the years with acts of part of these imperial provinces and some people have
sabotage against any attempt to build a bridge or rival not forgotten that. In fact, it is quite common to find
ferry crossing). The Hornsbys are well known for their some regiments or Stirland or Averland bowmen to
willingness to cross the river at any hour and regardless help in patrolling the borders as payment for services
of the weather. However, they will charge dearly for by Halfling cooks.
the service, and the rates increase with the lateness of
the hour or the inclemency of the elements. Trade with these two provinces is not very abundant in
relation to imports, as the Halflings can provide for
FORESTS themselves and are rural people who do not need many
Straddling the road from Eicheschatten to Worden, the amenities. However, the Halflings export an abundance
Ahern Forest is an ancient stand of hoary oaks, maples, of food, not to mention the culinary talent travelling
birch, and chestnut that is almost all that is left of a with the cooks to enter the service of the imperial
forest that once covered the Mootland. In the days kitchens.
before the founding of the Empire and for long
thereafter, the woods came to be known as haunted by The Moot is surrounded by imperial provinces and
"spirits of the Old Ways"mysterious blood drinking count on them for protection. Yet the region and its
Ghosts of a forgotten religion. When the land was inhabitants are completely autonomous, and even if
given to the Halflings the Altes Mutterholz ("Old they are not Imperial citizens, they remain loyal allies.
Mother Woods") already had a reputation for being There is even a detachment of Halflings called the
cursed. Ravens of the Empire, which is based in Altdorf, both
in the militia and the imperial kitchens.
To this day, the Ahern Forest has a bad reputation with
the Halflings of the Moot: It is haunted, many say, and EICHESCHATTEN
strange sounds are heard from it on foggy nights. The capital of the Mootland, Eicheschatten is utterly
Those who enter the forest rarely come out again, or unprepossessing at first glance. After a longer
come back with their minds broken. Once, according to examination, one's opinion is confirmed. Home to the
the proprietors of the Laughing Rabbit Inn at the Elder of the Moorland, which is the title preferred by
western end of the forest, a large parry of noble hunters Halflings as "Grand Count" sounds "too posh,"
including a priest of Sigmar entered the wood, Eicheschatten is a collection of winding lanes along the
promising to bring back the head of the beast that must banks of the Aver Reach at the end of the road from
be the cause of the strange goings-on. Worden and Halstedt. Cottages and homes with
A week later, one horse returned, so badly injured it
had to be put down. Of the hunting party, there was no

There is, however, traffic along the old road that passes
through the forest. Popular belief holds that if you stick
to the road and make it through the forest before
nightfall, then you will be safe. Slow travellers still in
the forest when the sun falls camp by the roadside, but
few can sleep through night. Thus, inns at both ends
cater to travellers who stop for the night to get an early
start, and those exiting the forest in need of a rest.
Owned by the same Hailing clan that owns the
Laughing Rabbit, the Red Hart sits at the eastern end.
The proprietors of each deny there is any truth to the
rumours that the locals bet on who will make it

To the southwest lie the Wailing Woods. While most

woods in Mootland are very light and open, the
Wailing Woods are the exception. Dense and dark as
any forest of the Empire, the Wailing Woods are also
rumoured to be haunted. Some experts in such matters
claim that its Elves in the woods making all the
trouble, not spirits. In any case, travellers know to steer
well clear of the woods if they want to keep their skins

rights, or an unpaid debt. Sometimes, however, a crime
is more serious. Murder, while rare, does happen.
Although the penalty for murder in the rest of the
Empire is death by hanging, the Halflings instead
prefer eternal banishment, on pain of death by stoning
should the person ever return. This sentence must be
affirmed at the General Moot. Humans or other non-
Halflings found guilty of serious crimes are turned over
to Averland or Stirland authorities for sentencing under
their laws.

A small village in the heart of the Greenleaf Hills,
Gipfel is the centre of tobacco production in the
Mootland. There are only a few buildings in town, such
as a blacksmith and farrier's shop, communal
warehouses, a small temple to Sigmar and all the
Halfling gods, and houses for the nearby farms. An inn
called The Three Smoke Rings doubles as the meeting
place for the village assembly, which is open to all
adults. Its owner is also the largest landowner in
Gipfel, Dagobert Heathland. Owner of many farms
scattered through the Greenleafs and the holder of
notes to others, "Old Dag" is widely regarded as the
most powerful Halfling south of the Aver Reach. Few
dare cross him.
extensive gardens in the back mix randomly with
smiths and other businesses, which usually have the Gipfel is a quiet village except during the late summer
family quartets above them. The Halflings love bright and early fall, when the harvests come in. Then traders
colours, so the buildings are often garishly decorated in show up from as far as Man and Kislev to bid on
colours that make visitors wonder about their hosts' bundles of the precious leaves, filling the inn and spare
eyesight. All are scaled to a Halfling's build too, rooms to capacity. While not the only tobaccotrading
although inns have special rooms constructed for centre in the Greenleafs region, it is the busiest, and the
bigger folk. place to go for the best crop.

The residence of the Elder is situated in the centre of Gipfel also has a dark secret: It and all who live there
town, next to the public green. Although officially or depend on it are firmly under the control of
designated a "palace," the building is a simple two- Dagobert Heathland, who, after several years
story house of wood with a sod roof and sometimes a adventuring in Kislev, came back and began to quietly
goat grazing up there, if the grass has grown too long. preach about the power of the fertility cult he had
The Throne Room is a simple but comfortable parlour learned of in Kislev's back country. He at first had only
where the Elder entertains all his official guests. a few worshippers, friends and neighbours who joined
Magnus the Pious stayed there on his way to the war in him. Their rituals were conducted in deepest secret, but
Kislev and is said to have had the most comfortable the power of their new faith seemed obvious from the
sleep of his life. Elder Hisme himself rarely stays there, abundance and vigour of their crops, better than any
however. A widower, it is too big for his needs. He others in the area. Soon, the whole of the region
prefers to stay at his farm outside of town "where a belonged to Old Dag's cult, and the area around Gipfels
body can get some practical work done, and have became famous for the finest tobacco in the Moot.
m'own outhouse!"

As the centre of government, Eicheschatten is also

where the General Moot of the Halflings meets once
every three years. Open to all Halflings whether they
live in the Moot or elsewhere, the Moot meets to
decide questions of policy for the province, pass what
few laws are needed, choose the Elder for the next
three years (they have re-elected Hisme at the last ten
Moots, a record, though she is thinking of retiring), and
have a grand time while seeing old friends and
swapping hard cider recipes. The General Moot also
acts as a court of final appeal in the Mootland, where
cases that cannot be resolved at the local level are
heard. Most often these are disputes over land or water

There was a price to this success, however. The Moot tire easily when someone from Sauerapfel "puts
mysterious spirit whose worship Dagobert brought on airs." It is true, however, that Sauerapfel and its
back demanded a live sacrifice of a sentient being once environs produce the highest numbers of "adventuring
each year on the Autumn Equinox. At first the victims Halflings" of any area in the Moot. When asked why,
were Halflings, but then Dagobert decided it would be Sauerapfellers like to wink and say, "It's to get away
easier to take someone from among the traders and from all the excitement here Sauerapfel is also well
others who visited Gipfel during the harvest season. known for its harvest festival, which has, naturally, an
Preferably someone from far away, so his or her apple theme. The festival is held during Pie Week, and
disappearance could be easily explained, should is marked by games and contests, such as pie baking,
anyone inquire. In front of the entire village, Dagobert apple-bobbing, pig jigger, and the infamous "kiss-
slaughters the victim in the fields at the stroke of scrump" (this last tag-like game is the cause of more
midnight and lets their blood drain into the ground. than one child who doesn't look like his "father"). Like
They then bury the body under one of the communal many festivals throughout the Empire, the Sauerapfel
warehouses, whilst the victim's goods are divided celebration includes people wearing outlandish
among the villagers. So far the scheme has worked like costumes as a way to poke fun at that which frightens
a charm, and the spirit whatever it is - has rewarded its them, such as Daemons, Orcs, and Beastmen. There is
worshippers well. a twist here, however: Many of the costumes represent
Humans, and each costume hides two Halflings,
SAUERAPFEL usually with one standing atop the other's shoulders.
Near where the Aver enters Averland sits the village of (Again, many children are said to be conceived during
Sauerapfel, so named for its famous apple groves, these sorts of celebrations...) Many costumes bear a
which stretch for miles and miles around the village on strong resemblance to Human political figures,
both sides of the river. Sauerapfel has close relations especially if they have done anything to irritate the
with Halstedt, the nearest Stirlander town and its Halflings in past years. The Halflings of the Moot
primary market. It also enjoys the revenues from its claim it is all in good fun, but the Humans lampooned
small port, which handles riverboat traffic entering and do not find it funny at all.
leaving the Moot.
The Moot area is in no great peculiarities as far as land
Of all the Moorish towns, Sauerapfel deals the most is concerned. With an abundance of gently sloping
with outsiders, and its residents like to think of hills, crystal clear rivers and small forests, Halflings
themselves as more sophisticated than their "country have an idyllic place to live.
cousins" in the interior, while people in the rest of the

Gambo Hartstock took his iron ladle and regiments of the Empire army, but from the With a single stroke the rope parted. Flahagon
stirred the contents of his bubbling cauldron fierce goblin Wolf Riders who were hacking and Frito fell backwards into a heap, and the
thoughtfully. The two assistant cooks and biting at will as Halflings ran hither and cauldron catapulted forward right towards the
Flabagon Dil and Frito Flatfoot savoured the thither in blind panic. Utterly absorbed Goblin King. Gambo began to jump up and
delicious spicy smell and exchanged knowing down excitedly as he watched the projectile arc
glances... This was going to be a meal to with their cooking, none of the Halflings had
towards the massing foe. "Yeee. yah!" he
remember! It would in fact be the first hot noticed the Wolf Riders as they sprung from
meal the the mountain valley, neatly enveloping the
camp and driving a wedge between them and "Go for it my beauty, that's the way! The best
Halflings had tasted in three weeks, ever since the rest of the Emperor's army. It was an hot pot ever and I hope it chokes you!"
they said farewell to their kinfolk in the Moot ambush. Worst of all it was an ambush before
and marched away to join the Emperor's army. lunch. The Goblin King, Grom the Paunch of Misty
Mountain, infamous old Goblin Warlord and
Since then it had gone very badly for the small "Those pitiless Goblin scum," sobbed Gambo Lord of the Crags, was suddenly and
Halfling regiment. Half their supplies had as a Wolf Rider bound towards him unexpectedly struck by what could have been a
been lost crossing the river including all the brandishing a spear and grinning broadly in big rock were it not for the sploshy red stuff
beer and tobacco. anticipation of an easy kill. that exploded from it, showering the goblin
horde. Goblins screamed where the boiling
Continuous rain had made it impossible to Picking up a hefty cleaver he chopped the
stuff touched them. Their skin peeled away and
keep a cook fire burning. The whole regiment green skinned creature clean in half as easily as
shrivelled while tears of agony rolled from
had been cut to emergency rations of a mere if it had been a stick of celery. Green blood
their little red eyes. Grom, having overcome
three meals a day, and those cold and rain spurted wildly into the air, much of it landing
his initial surprise, howled with pain and anger
soaked, eaten in miserable silence. into the stew pot where it fizzed and crackled
before he was overcome by the fumes. The
like little gun shots.
Now, as the army camped for the night in the wolves yelped uncontrollably, throwing their
shadow of the Worlds Edge Mountains, "Ruined!" bawled Gambo uncontrollably. "My riders into the mess before scampering off
Gambo Hartstock, Chief Cook, prepared a hot pot - all the mint and garlic, half the pepper hack to the hills their tails tucked firmly
feast to restore the spirits of the famished all gone." lie cleaved the head from another between their legs.
Halflings. That morning he had bought a Goblin and reached into his apron for his A Troll stepped unwittingly into a steaming
whole barrel of Gunpowder Pepper from one bottle of Mootland Malt. It was empty. puddle and immediately began to dissolve. At
of the human victuallers. The barrel stood
"Arghh!" he screamed as the horror of his that moment the Empire army, hastily drawing
beside the cauldron - a good measure of its
predicament overwhelmed him. And then its ranks, thundered into battle, and the
fiery contents had already disappeared into the
something snapped inside the little cook. His remaining horde was swept aside by charging
seething pot together with some peppermint
eyes glazed with grim courage uncharacteristic Reiksguard Knights. The Empire had been
herbs, firehalm, and certain other ingredients
of his kind, his broad hands tightened their saved.
gathered by (iambi) early that morning (a
good cook has his secrets, and Gambo had grip around the cleaver. "Flahagon... Frito," he The Emperor found Gambo Ilartstock sobbing
more than most). said. "It's time for the ultimate sacrifice fetch despondently into his apron, an empty bottle
that rope and bring the rest of the pepper." of Mootland Malt in one hand and a gore-
"Ah yes my lad," Gambo explained to
Within moments the bewildered assistant splattered cleaver dangling limply from the
Flahagon. "The Emperor he knows a fine hot
cooks had tied the ropes to the cauldron and other. Gesturing his captains aside he grasped
pot when he smells it...
suspended the boiling mass over a forked spit the Halfling by the shoulder and gently shook
But this here hot pot," he winked knowingly, rest. It might have been the scene of slaughter him. "Master Cook!" he said, "I don't know
this is too rich for your humans, even for an that brought tears to Frito's eyes as Goblins what was in that flame pot of yours but it
Emperor." Flahagon smiled weakly as his and Wolves marauded through the camp undoubtedly saved the day and many noble
master fussed proudly over his stew. The slaying the fleeing Halflings like startled lives. Tell us the recipe and I'll have the
delicious smell was twisting his simple mind rabbits. But maybe it was all those onions. Imperial Engineers build a weapon that will
into knots of ravening hunger. What was old destroy the Goblin hordes forever."
Gambo on about? lie was hungry. They were "That's right my lads!" yelled Gambo waving
his cleaver menacingly in the direction of Gambo looked up into the sturdy face of his
all hungry. Was it time to eat yet?
another Wolf Rider. "Now pull that rope back ruler and his eyes suddenly cleared. "Sire!" he
"Yup Flabby," Gambo continued proudly. "If as hard as you can," exclaimed,
one of those human soldiers were to get as
The Wolf Riders, who had learned that "I cannot tell you, it'd he a betrayal of every
much as a good whiff of this hot pot of mine,
Gambo's cleaver was best avoided, were sacred vow in the cookbook."
well like as not he'd he knocked clean off his
feet, and should he, by some act of gathering ready to carry their assault into the The Emperor, to his credit, did not press the
unforgiveable negligence on our part, actually Empire camp. Sure of his victory, the Goblin point, but presented Gambo with a bag of gold
eat some well, I for one wouldn't like to be King himself was hurrying to lead the charge for his part in the battle and quietly departed.
held responsible." Gambo ladled another heap in his battle chariot. Fresh greenskins were Over the years Gambo became quite famous,
of pepper into the cauldron and added a couple already forming up for the attack, spear and found himself dragged from battle to
of chillies and more garlic for good measure. wielding infantry and archers among them, and battle and expected to launch his now famous
towards the rear two huge Trolls shambled Milling hot pot into the enemy ranks. It never
Suddenly a loud horn blast pieced the air, a slowly through a sea of frolicking Snotlings. again had quite the effect it did on that day
thin strident note pregnant with urgency.
Gambo was so taken aback he dropped his The assistant cooks heaved on the rope and the when Grom the Paunch of Misty Mountain
cook pot lurched slowly backwards. The was driven from the field, and, in truth, Gambo
ladle, sending gobbets of fizzling stew flying
everywhere. "What's this?" he gasped wooden spit stand bsgan to bend and creak, the couldn't quite remember that recipe to his
Halflings groaned ill and took the strain. dying day.
breathlessly. "It's not lunch time yet, is it?"
"Just another couple of feet," cried Gambo as None-the-less the hot pot did much to boost
But it was already obvious that the horn blast the prestige of Halfling regiments and taught
had come from elsewhere entirely not from he nimbly moved aside and poised his cleaver
ready to chop through the tortured ropes. the Goblins a lesson it would be hard for them
the Halfling camp or even from the human to forget.

Halflings are a race that is known for its
peaceful nature, but when Night Goblin
hordes descend from the mountains or a
Necromancer conjures up an army of
undead with the intention of invading the
Empire, the most common route of entry is
usually through the Moot. In these
situations the poor Halflings have no
choice but to organize a makeshift army.
Although some Halflings are used to
patrol the border, as is the case with the
Fieldwardens, and others have served the
Emperor as a militia in the odd battle,
virtually the entire army will be formed by
farmers who defend their precious
households with any tool at hand.

In this section you section you will find

details for all the different troops, heroes,
monsters, and war machines used by a
Pirate fleet. It provides the background,
imagery, characteristics profiles, and rules
necessary to use all the elements of the
army, from Core Units to Special

This section of the book describes all the different units UNQUENCHABLE APPETITE
used in a Halfling army, along with any rules necessary Halflings enjoy nothing more than to eat. On an
to use them in your games of Warhammer. Where a ordinary day a Halfling eats six meals a day, and once
model has a special rule that is explained in the one meal is finished they immediately look forward to
Warhammer rulebook, only the name of that rule is the next. The Halfling Militia has no less of an appetite
given. If a model has a special rule that is unique to it, than the civilian folk, and in order to fight effectively,
that rule is detailed alongside its description. However, Halfling regiments need, at least, a quick snack before
there are a number of commonly recurring army they get stuck in a fight.
special rules that apply to several Halfling units, and
these are detailed here. At the start of the game, after all models in both armies
have been deployed, the Halfling player must roll a D6
SHORT AND NIMBLE for each of his units and consult the Before Battle Meal
Due to their small stature and high agility, the table below. The effects of the meal last for the
Halflings can easily avoid incoming blows by dodging duration of the game. Chariots, war machines and
to the side or beneath the legs of their attacker. characters outside units never roll for Unquenchable
Appetite. Likewise, mounts are never affected either.
All models with this rule are at -1 to hit in close
D6 Result
1 Stale Rations
Oskar Madravvin The regiment is completely demoralized as
Born under the sign of Cacklefax the their 'before battle meal' was spoiled with stale
Cockerel, Oskar Madravvin knows his biscuits or moulding pepper cheese.
As a result, the unit suffers a -1 penalty on all
prosperity is just around the bend, as he Leadership tests they are required to take. At
has said his whole life. He lives and the same time though, they are so furious
operates his lone ferry on the River Aver about fighting before getting a good meal that
toward the western end of the Moot and the unit becomes subject to Hatred.
close to Averland. Some have tried to rob 2-3 Pepper Cakes and Buttermilk
Oskar to their regret, as he never The unit may re-roll any failed Leadership
forgets a face and has numerous friends
4-5 Bacon Strips and Berry Wine
on both sides of the river. The unit gains +1 Strength in their first round
Others have tried to pressure Oskar into of close combat.
smuggling illegal goods. The halfling is 6 Oxtail Soup and Cinnamon Brandy
not one to bow to pressure, however, and The unit becomes Stubborn.
just hopes no one looks closely at the
river bottom where he regularly drops
anchor when mooring his ferry at night.
While Oskar makes a tidy living ferrying
people or small amounts of cargo across
the river (or downriver toward Nuln), he
actually makes more money as an
information broker. With his memory
for faces and a gift of disarming chatter,
Oskar often gets his passengers to share
more information with him than they
His friends among the local coachmen,
bounty hunters, and fieldwardens pay him
handsomely for any gossip or news on the
whereabouts of certain folk or fugitives
(as do the local messengers and gossips
looking for more news to barter

In Halfling society, the individuals who hold the rank Moot and the guards. The small army will be usually
of "hero" are not those who perform great feats of war be commanded by the leader of a village, a Mayor, or a
or demonstrate their courage and bravery in combat. Halfling popular with their neighbours. When the
No, Halflings who are considered heroes by their whole Moot should mobilize to repel an invasion, the
fellows are the ones organizing banquets, tournaments, Elders themselves can lead the troops.
the best parties and more fun. They are popular among
village people and not seasoned veterans of a thousand Halfling commanders are often respected civilian
and one battles. Halfling nobles only differ from the dignitaries, or members of noble families, elected as
rest in leading a life much more relaxed and homey. military members in times of war. Often selected for
For the Halflings do not like to be treated differently to perceived leadership and tactical skill they have risen
others, but a comfortable life without many worries, through the ranks of the small Mootland armed forces.
accompanied by numerous banquets, is the dream of Although lacking the fighting skills of the commanders
most Halflings. of the other races the commandant have a wide
knowledge of the terrain of the Moot, they often use
Halfling communities tend to be small villages, inspiring speeches to rouse the Halflings of the Moot,
nominally headed by an Elder. It is a highly sought and have deep coffers to hire foreigners to assist in
after title, as Elders and their Sheriffs are highly defending their homeland.
honoured at feasts. However, the Elders must also lead
the rare Halfling warriors into battle; making it a mixed
honour amongst the Mootfolk. Elders meet
occasionally to discuss common issues over a large
banquet, but overall organisation is very loose, with
little or no formalised government.

A Halfling Elder is the bravest, toughest and obviously

fattest Halfling in the army. Girth is as greatly The Sheriffs are local leaders within the Moot, often
respected by the Halfling people, as is skill with the former toll guardsmen or forest rangers. Their
bow, their principle weapon. There may be more than responsibilities range from mayoral duties to policing
one Elder present at any given time, but only one will disputes and crimes. Other Sheriffs spend most of their
actually hold the position of "Elder", which is the time in the Empire training with the men. When they
general of the army. The holder of the title is the one return to the Moot, they function as unit commanders
who commands and coordinates the defence of the beneath the general, and they will elect from their close
knit group his replacement when one is needed.
In times of crisis the local Sheriff is responsible for
organizing the local defence and insuring the
evacuation of the women and children. Most of their
time however, is likely spent sleeping or drinking ale
near the local inn.

Elder 4 5 7 3 3 3 7 4 10
Sheriff 4 4 6 3 3 2 6 3 9

TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Character).

SPECIAL RULES: Small & Nimble,

Unquenchable Appetite, Forest Strider.

"We believe in helping Halflings help

themselves. Sometimes, though, we have
to encourage the Big Folk to let us help
ourselvesthey have a tendency to grab
everything with those big hands of theirs.
But we find out own ways to get a fair
serve of the pie, oh yes indeedy."

Halflings are very resistant to magic and it is difficult magic are sent back to the Moot with outmost pride.
for them to progress in the arcane arts. Nevertheless, Most of them only learn smaller tricks like being able
and contrary to the Dwarves, Halflings are fascinated to form shapes and coloured lights or moving objects
by the sorcerer who visit and any Halfling community with the mind, but some are able to control the magical
will be addressed by a flood of excited little children powers and actually become real wizards.
who will beg and plead that they give them a little
show. The imperial wizards are always welcome in the The Grand Enchanters are the most powerful magic
Moot where they can get a free meal at any inn if they users in the Moot. By adapting some of the common
offer a small show for the host, like a fireworks show spell learned at the Collages of Magic in Altdorf these
or a levitation trick. One of the most appreciated tricks magic users can be experts in the making of fireworks
of magic is that for which the magician invokes a series displays, dealing with sick livestock and animals to
of luminous spheres, dancing on the tables of the performing illusions for anyone who can afford their
tavern. Another very popular one is to grow and mature services. Although skilled in the Winds of Magic they
apples from a tree in seconds. rarely become as talented or well versed in its uses as
the great mages of the other races. Enchanters are
Halflings are curious beings, feeling a great interest in lower ranking magic users who lack the knowledge and
everything that surrounds the wizarding world. The skill of the Grand Enchanters. Often these Magicians
first Halfling to be a wizard was a well-known perform in the streets throughout the Moot and nearby
adventurer called Rob Robber. He was the very first imperial communities with the hope of employment by
Halfling to become student at the College of Magic in local noble families.
Altdorf. After many years of hard study and many
adventures in the Empire and Kislev he returned to the Halflings avoid becoming dependent upon magic it is
Moot and proved to the Halflings, that even they were generally viewed as a source of trouble and there are
able to learn the art of magic. He created fantastic numerous folk tales of stupid Halflings who tried to
magical cakes and meals in front of a big audience of take magical shortcuts to baking a cake or growing a
interested Halflings, and soon there were many melon and came to a sticky end. That does not mean
Halflings sitting in their holes, exploring the secrets of that some Halflings don't dabble in magic but generally
magic. the race is less attuned to the effects of magical energy
than humans. This means they very rarely suffer any ill
Occasionally, some enthusiastic Halfling that seem effects from exposure but at the same time find it much
adept gets to be accepted as an apprentice under the harder to store and manipulate magical energy which
tutelage of a Wizard. A lot of these characters fail to limits their ability to cast anything but the simplest of
thrive as magicians and often their teachers give them spells. Any Halfling caught dabbling in magic will
the door to realize that their mere presence is repelling generally be treated as an idiot by his peers, unless he
the magic they are supposed to learn. But Halflings are was using it to win a prize at the Harvest Festival in
very persistent, and the ones that do learn to wield which case he will probably be hounded out of the
Moot as a despicable and evil cheat.

Grand Enchanter 4 2 4 2 3 3 5 1 9
Enchanter 4 2 4 2 2 2 5 1 8

TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Character).

MAGIC: An Enchanter is a Wizard who uses spells

from the Lore of Fire, Lore of Beasts, Lore of the
Heavens, Lore of Light, Lore of Life or Lore of

SPECIAL RULES: Small & Nimble,

Unquenchable Appetite, Forest Strider.

Resistant to Magic: Grand Enchanters and Enchanters

suffer -1 to cast all spells, but also gain +1 to dispel. In
addition, they cannot channel Power Dice in the Magic
phase, but they channel Dispel Dice on a 5+ instead.
However, Halflings may never use more than 3 Power
dice when casting any spell.

Ask any Halfling what is on his mind and he will M WS BS S T W I A Ld
definitely reply "food". Eating is the primary activity of Master Chef 4 3 4 3 3 2 6 2 9
the Halfling race, yet unlike more barbaric peoples, a
Halfling will not stoop so low as to eat raw or badly TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Character).
prepared food. This great (and constant) demand for
quality nourishment has led to the rise of the Halfling
SPECIAL RULES: Small & Nimble,
cooks and feast lords.
Unquenchable Appetite, Forest Strider.
Cooks follow this profession most highly regarded by
their race, and usually have their work cut out It's Lunch Time! Master Chefs always bring a pot of
preparing the daily food requirements of their stew with them into battle, as well as the most
comrades, in times of war, however, the cooks act as exclusive spices there is. The result of the aroma they
"morale officers", for every Halfling knows that whilst can conjure up inspires their fellow Halfling to
his cook lives, he will feast well after the battle. For stronger, if not great, deeds.
this reason, cooks will often accompany the Halfling
armies to battle, cheering on the efforts of their At the start of the Halfling player's turn the Master
comrades and keeping the armies well stocked with Chef may stir his stew and add some of his secret
trail rations and Halfling ale. spices to it. Roll the scatter dice to determine in which
direction the wind takes the aroma. All Halfling units
up to 12+2D6" from the Chef that it passes through are
affected by the chosen spice.

Chilipepper: The Halflings may immediately move

forward using the Random Movement (2D6") special

The Master Chefs are the cooks who rise to the greatest Rosemary: The Halflings are Stubborn until the start
of occasions and more, elevated to the highest ranks of of their next turn.
Halfling society. Halfling Chefs dream of only one
thing: gourmet food! To find such exquisite Coriander: The Halflings may re-roll failed rolls To
gastronomic delights they will often venture outside of Hit until the start of their next turn.
their homely towns and villages to find those things
they love: rare herbs and spices, mouth-watering meats, Cumin: The Halflings adds +1 to their Toughness
delectable deserts, fragrant fruit... the list goes on and until the start of their next turn.
on! Of course, chopping veggies as the speed of light
while keeping ones fingers takes tireless training and
only the best chefs will reach this level of skill. While
they may not be as handy with a sling or bow as many
other Halflings, their skill with a blade is unsurpassed!

No Halfling army is complete without its own cook to

supply it with hearty meals, interesting stories, and
unparalleled war machine support. Always on the
search for the best Oxtail soup recipe, the Chef will
often join his brethren in battle, as that is yet another
chance to try and create a culinary masterpiece.
Any wise Halfling Elder will persuade a Master Chef
into joining the army. The more food the Chef cooks,
the better the Halflings fight!

The other races have the occasional good cook, but

none surpass the Halflings Master Chefs. They can
make a gourmet meal from scraps and have you
begging for more. Wherever Halflings go, they want a
Master Chef in tow. As such these Master Chefs are in
high demand, being as useful on the battlefield as they
are in the feast hall. For never will a Halfling fight
harder than in the presence of a Master Chef, for he
knows that at the battles end he will feast better than
ever before.

Halflings are simple people. They live in balance with The backbone of all Halfling armies in the Moot is the
nature, working fields with adequate skill and using common Halflings themselves. These reluctant
simple tools. Anything more complex than water warriors come forth from their homesteads only in the
powered mill is unheard of. Though Halflings are an direst of circumstances to defend their land with
unwarily lot, they are not immune to the darkness of whatever minor weapons or farm implements are
war wrought by the enemies of Mankind, and so have available.
formed a military militia of their own. Although they
make for rather meagre combat warriors, Halflings are A muster of villagers and farmers is always maintained
excellent marksmen and wield a bow far superior in readiness to defend their lands against raiders.
compared to that of Men. It is due to this fearsome skill Halflings may not be the best around, but they can be
with the bow that Halflings are called upon by the brave to the point of insanity when it comes to
Empire to provide troops for its army. But when defending their homeland. They often keep fighting
threatened, the entire Moot can be quickly armed and against all odds, even when troops from other larger
very dangerous to know. breeds have already been withdrawn from combat.

The basic Halfling is neither tough, strong nor skilled There are very few Halfling warriors, and those who
at fighting. Most Halflings are excellent shots with a follow this path prefer ranged combat, a very wise
bow and some are decent fighters. Halflings are known decision considering their physical handicaps. Many
to be intelligent (usually described as sneaky), can races consider Halflings cowards, but this is not true at
move in woods quite unhindered (again known as all. It is quite common that those who underestimate
sneaky) and loyal, especially where food is concerned the little ones in combat do not usually live long
(this is because they are always hungry!). enough to learn from their mistake...

Halflings are too little bulky as to make them first-class

warriors, but their aim with the bow is excellent. That
is why most Halflings regiments recruited by Imperial
armies are archers, but the Halflings are perfectly
capable of fighting with a spear or a sword if
necessary. The vast majority of Halfling warriors are
members of the militia, and in hard times they fight
very cohesively. But any Halfling will grab a slingshot,
bow, scythe, hoe, or whatever is at hand and defend
their home (or food) to the end if the situation requires.

Originally the Hafting Militia was established to

defend against Goblin raiding parties that would
venture out from the Bad Lands to loot and plunder
However, in the Imperial year 1010, the Emperor
formally recognized The Moot as the Hafting
homeland and since, the Halfling Militia has been
obligated to join Imperial forces at the heed of the
Emperor, bolstering the armies of the Empire with
contingents of highly accurate archers.

Militia 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 1 8
Constable 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 2 8

TROOP TYPE: Infantry.

SPECIAL RULES: Small & Nimble,

Unquenchable Appetite, Forest Strider.

"I may be small, but then a flea can bite the

bottom of the Emperor Karl Franz!"
Well known Halfling phrase

Within the Halfling communities, as in any human Some Halflings might think that these characters are
community, there must be individuals who ensure the unnecessary, as peace nearly always reigns in the
safety of the citizens. These Halflings hold the rank of village and Halflings themselves are a peaceful people
Vigilante Guard, and are highly regarded by the rest of and good by nature, thus avoiding getting into trouble
their peers. The tradition of maintaining such a military and tending to not breaking break the law... and well,
springs from the ogre invasion of The Moot, during the truth is that the people have little to worry about
which many feast halls became easy and ill-prepared other than the occasional thief or a casual discussion
targets for ogre raids. These are the only Halflings about the boundaries of one's land.
actually trained in warfare, answering directly to the
Sheriff. The Vigilante Guard are usually recruited from
amongst the half-foot brigadiers (although only the
stoutest and strongest will do).

A Vigilante Guard is the closest thing to a warrior

among the Halflings. They are usually the largest
individuals of the village, even to exceed two feet in
average height of a common Halfling. They wear The Vigilante Guard watches the many gates and roads
stylish clothes of green and white and wear a hat with a leading into the Moot, and collect tolls on caravans
red pen as a badge of their profession. Like all passing through. They are also there to deal with any
provinces of the Empire, the Moot maintains troops to highwaymen that are spotted by the Rangers. Despite
guard its borders and to provide troops for the being the finest warriors among the Halflings rarely
Emperor's armies. Unlike the other Halflings, the come to the aid of the Emperor when he asks troops to
Vigilante Guard wears specific uniforms and conducts the Moot. Vigilante Guard are very committed to their
themselves in a manner that is appropriate for their land and the villages to which they are assigned, and
station. They tend to wear a unifying colour are very reluctant to abandon them unless the situation
somewhere on their kit, often green or red, but more is extremely desperate.
formal uniforms have been observed.
The Vigilante Guard are considered respected and wise
career-men, as they receive a decent pay for the job of
casually patrolling villages and reminding people not to
get (too) drunk. They are called in from their patrols to
form a solid battle line in times of war. Although not
"real" soldiers, the law enforcers of the Moot often join
the ranks marching to war when the need arises.

Vigilante Guard 4 3 4 2 2 1 5 1 8
Deputy 4 3 4 2 2 1 5 2 8

TROOP TYPE: Infantry.

SPECIAL RULES: Small & Nimble,

Unquenchable Appetite, Forest Strider.


"My cousin by way of Marriage": A relative whose
precise relation to the speaker is unknown.
"A right little scrumper": A mischievous thief.
From "scrump," meaning to steal.
"Where there's muck there's Halflings": There are
always Halflings where there's money to be made.
"Only what I never done it": Slightly humorous
denial of theft.
"A little bit of Rhya's filmy": either a slightly
indulgent meal, or flirtation with the opposite sex.

To outsiders, the Moot looks like a safe and happy helping at harvest time. The Fieldwarden knows the
land. The extent to which that's true is due to the names and faces of every Halfling family in his area, as
Fieldwardens. These Halflings patrol the borders of the well as the type of baked delectables they put out with
Moot, keeping away threats and unwanted outsiders. tea. Its a great honour for a Halfling household to host
They are skilled skirmishers who use their intimate a Fieldwarden to a Bakeday meal, and the wardens are
knowledge of the Moot to maximum advantage. often booked for meals months in advance. These
They prefer to attack from ambush, using their superior dinners sometimes evoke friendly competitions
skill with missile weapons to neutralize the size between hosting families as they attempt to outdo each
advantage of their foes. Since the Moot shares a border other with increasingly elaborate menus.
with Sylvania, the Fieldwardens have particular
expertise in dealing with the living dead. More than When the Mootland was granted to the halflings by
one hand of zombies has been brought down by a Emperor Ludwig the Fat in 1010 I.C., it was the
fusillade of sling stones from determined Fieldwardens. Emperors intention to grant his beloved Halflings a
Even during times of peace these Halflings patrol their secure homeland within the borders of the Empire so
lands, slings forever ready as they stroll through field they would not require their own standing army. But
and copse. Emperor Ludwig could not foresee the rise of Vlad von
Carstein and the Vampire counts of Sylvania. While
The Fieldwarden is an esteemed figure in the halfling the Moot still relies heavily on the Empire for
community. Empire folk may fret about the constant protection, the defense of the Sylvanian border is a task
threat of heresy and invisible enemies within, but now bestowed upon the Fieldwardens. The primary
halflings are a peaceful and easygoing folk with little areas of concern for the Fieldwardens are the Altern
concern beyond what the tavern has on the board for Forest and the stretch of border that edges on the
supper. Halflings live uncomplicated lives with simple Haunted Hills.
tastes and an appreciation for the status quo. Chaos and
disorder are to be avoided at all costs, and Mootlanders Fieldwardens are posted to the border on rotating
look to their vaunted Fieldwardens to maintain schedules, so no single regiment is exposed to the
cherished continuity. stressful and distasteful duty for longer than one week
a month. On their first posting to the border patrol,
When not attached to a border patrol, a Fieldwardens novice Fieldwardens are always attached to road
primary responsibility is to simply walk about the patrols travelling through the Altern Forest. The Altern
community and present a friendly and visible presence. Forest is a particularly active front against the undead,
Other times, the Fieldwarden is called upon to fill just and greenhorn Fieldwardens are almost guaranteed an
about any job imaginable, from mending fences to enemy contact with a zombie at minimum. Border
patrols along the Haunted Hills are another matter
entirely, and only the most battle-hardened
Fieldwardens are posted there. This area is a bleak
landscape of stunted vegetation and rocky hillocks
crowned by the ancient burial mounds of long-dead
barbarian tribes. The taint of Dhar stains the land, and
draws the vile practitioners of necromancy to the area
like a moth to flame.

Fieldwarden 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 1 8
Marshal 4 2 5 2 2 1 5 1 8

TROOP TYPE: Infantry.

SPECIAL RULES: Small & Nimble,

Unquenchable Appetite, Forest Strider,

"To hear the Big Footers talk, there's nothing

to us but pie and pipeweed. Of course, there's
a lot to be said of pie and pipeweed"
- Elmina Elderberrybrushburg

When tilling their fields, Halflings use rams as draft Hobilars are generally local farmers who ride in to
animals for their ploughs, and when it comes to carts battle onto of their farm ponies. Although the ponies
use small donkeys, which is a more manageable lack the size and speed of the larger human steeds they
animal. However, some of the wealthier Halflings can make up in agility and the ability to pass though forest
afford to buy a pony, and within these Halflings are a without difficulty. Roadwardens assist official Hobilar
few who use them as mounts; either as a way to flaunt messengers as much as possible, but there are long,
their wealth, or because one of the delusions of the lonely stretches where no help is available. While they
Halfling is to become a brave knight who will come to are supposed to be immune from harassment, many a
the aid of damsels in distress and fight terrifying Hobilar messenger has met a bloody end after
monsters, always in the defence of the poor and delivering a particularly unpleasant missive.
destitute. Luckily for them, not many Halflings have
these ideas. These individuals are often inducted into In any case, the physique of the Halflings would advise
the ranks of the Hobilars, or else are employed by them to not sit on anything that moves more than a
Imperial tax collectors. In times of need these cadres rocker. Unfortunately ponies are animals that, due to
ride out alongside their footslogging countrymen; bows their short legs, do not maintain a very steady trot. That
in hand and a hearty breakfast in their guts! is why the Halflings have the horseback riding style of
a sack of potatoes. Although they have learned to be
With great distances separating the important cities and secured and maintain a balance on their mounts, the
castles of the Empire, Hobilars are an indispensable back of a pony is not a place where a creature with
means of communication. Nobles, Merchants, and plump belly and short legs will stay on for very long.
military commanders all make extensive use of
Hobilars as messengers, mounted if possible. These M WS BS S T W I A Ld
brave riders dare to ride the roads of the Empire alone, Hobilar 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 1 8
trusting in their speed to avoid danger. Roadwarden 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 2 8
Pony 7 2 0 3 3 1 3 1 5
The Messengers' Guild
In the early days of the Empire, before the
elaborate highway and canal system were built, TROOP TYPE: Cavalry.
the butcher was one of the most travelled
tradesmen as they went from town to village SPECIAL RULES: Unquenchable Appetite, Fast
buying cattle. Since butchery was considered an Cavalry.
honourable trade, and butchers were responsible
for peoples health, it was determined that the Omph! Whenever Hobilars charges or marches, roll a
butcher could also be responsible for the delivery D6 for each rider. On a 1, the Halfling has lost his
of oral messages and letters. But over time, the balance and fallen of the Pony, which he must know
Butchers Guild realised that keeping up with an spend the rest of the game trying to catch up to.
ever-increasing volume of messages left little time Remove the Hobilar as a casualty.
for their actual trade, and thus the
Messengers Guild was formed.
The Messengers Guild has become one of the
most powerful and influential guilds in the
Empire. Other than coordinating the physical
delivery of letters and messages, the guild is
responsible for the discreet monitoring of
dispatches for signs of heresy and plots against the
Suspect letters are opened, examined and, if
necessary, sent on to guild cryptographers for
deciphering. This access to secret knowledge,
coupled with the widely accepted convention of
courier immunity, makes the messenger a very
effective intelligence-gathering tool.
The other main business of the Messengers
Guild is its work with law enforcement and the
roadwardens. The Messengers Guild is
responsible for the delivery and posting of wanted
notices, serving warrants, protecting and escorting
witnesses, and delivering condemned prisoners to
their fate.

Not so brave Halflings may seek to avoid the brutalities The Halfling Rangers are a most respected force in The
of close combat by becoming bowmen, and such is Moot who routinely defends the borders against raiding
their dedication to saving their own skins that many goblin tribes and whatever else expects The Moot to be
such individuals become highly skilled, and dare it be an easy target. The rangers only accept the best trackers
said, dangerous soldiers. Halflings are experts of the and most sneaky Halfling as most of the time the attack
forests and have an extraordinary ability to move by surprise from inside a forest or some other secluded
quickly and without making any noise in the interior of hiding spot.
any forest. This gives them a tremendous advantage
over their enemies to fight in forests, despite their The Rangers sport a uniform consisting of a jacket and
small stature. leather pants, decorated with feathers and fur, and also
usually wear distinctive hats, made from fox-fur,
Some of the people of the Moot become even more beaver, squirrel, or any other wild creature, with the tail
gifted with the bow than their fellows, and so become hanging down their back. As a decoration they often
Rangers. In times of war these bands harass the enemy wear hanging bird skulls in their belts or bracelets
from a distance with their signature hunting bow. made of bear teeth. They are also equipped with light
Halfling woodsmen from remote and isolated jackets and quilted-till, either on or under their leather
homesteads are given the tasks of scouting and jacket.
skirmishing. As might be expected, they are expert
foragers. Halflings produce some of the best scouts in M WS BS S T W I A Ld
the Old World, almost rivalling the expert Wood Elves Ranger 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 1 8
in this field. Tracker 4 2 5 2 2 1 5 1 8
Most Halflings are expected to do some military TROOP TYPE: Infantry.
service. Some protect the Moot from the rare attacks of
Orcs and Goblins, others simply patrol the peaceful
roads that lead elsewhere. While most are happy to sit SPECIAL RULES: Small & Nimble,
back once their duty is fulfilled, others sign on to a Unquenchable Appetite, Forest Strider,
warband and roam the countryside, searching for Skirmishers, Scouts.
adventure. The Rangers are a lively group of Halflings
that love to hunt game and use their dead-eye shots to
surprise and take down their prey; just as they do to the

One of the most common occupations among the

Halflings who live outside the Moot (besides the cook,
of course) are the Rangers in some noble imperial
lands. The main task of the rangers is to protect the
hunting ground of his master from potential poachers.
His aim with the bow can only be compared with that
of the best Elves, which usually materializes as an
arrow stuck in a tree, just inches from one's nose. It is
usually sufficient to persuade any poacher to leave the


Halfling bowmen are renowned throughout The
Empire as the best in the land. This belief has given
rise to several famous Halfling bowmen mercenaries,
most notably Lumpin Croop and his fighting cocks
(although a general who is short on rations may wish
to think twice before hiring such a regiment).
Lumpin Croop and his Fighting Cocks are notorious
throughout the Old World. Though they ask little
gold for their services, they do insist that their
commissary needs be met. Employers swiftly find
themselves bankrupted as their campaign rations
vanish for no other benefit than some sleepy and
content halflings who might, if they can he roused,

Halfling women folk are not to be messed with. They Equipped with rolling pins, ladles, frying pans and
are uncannily strong, they unerringly hit the mark when other various kitchen equipment, Housewives pack
there is a punch to be thrown and, due to years of child quite a punch and are not the kind of people to be
rearing and housework, are incredibly tough. trifled with. Wherever there's a home and a family to
protect, you can count on finding a strong housewife to
defend it.

The sight of one of their men folk being killed is

enough to drive them into a frenzied bloodlust, so
beware a woman's wrath!

Housewife 4 3 4 2 3 1 5 1 8
Matron 4 3 4 2 3 1 5 1 8

TROOP TYPE: Infantry.

SPECIAL RULES: Small & Nimble,

Unquenchable Appetite, Forest Strider.

Women's Wrath: Halfling Housewives are

immediately subject to Frenzy if any male Halflings
die within 8" of them.

Washing Line: Nobody, but nobody dare get this
washing dirty or there'll be hell to pay!

All Housewives in a unit carrying this banner are

subject to Hatred. Roll a D6 at the start of each
subsequent close combat round. On a 4+, the
Housewives laundry have gotten some nasty smudges
on them during the fighting, and outraged, they may re-
roll failed rolls to Hit this round as well.

Hugo Stewardally
Born the fourteenth child of a farming family in the Hugos political interests began long before his career as a
Moot, Hugo was marked as different from birth with politician. His constant trade conflicts with bigoted
mismatched blue and brown eyes. The sickly Halfling guildmasters or nobles led him to stand up for nonhuman
learned herbalism and natural medicines from his interests. After taking the time to study Imperial law and
grandmother. She also taught him how to use peoples improve his public speaking, Hugo began using his
expectations to his best advantage and how to listen. contacts, his friends, and his clients to forge strong
political ties among them. Hugos work resulted in his
Hugo left the Moot to become an Averheim tradesman, becoming the focal representative of numerous dwarven
producing and selling herbal remedies. Word of his skills and halfling business interests across the southern Empire.
and the quality of his wares improved his fortunes. Before
he turned 30, he opened the first nonhuman- owned Hugo remains in Nuln today, while he owns and oversees
apothecary in Nuln. By the time he was 40, he owned nine his seven herbalists shops and twelve apothecaries spread
shops across two Imperial provinces, recruiting many across the Moot, Stirland, Wissenland, and Averland. His
siblings to run his shops for him. success provides him the freedom to act as the
spokesperson for many less fortunate demihuman
Hugos skill at constructing friendships across many races factionsbusinesses, guilds, or whole communities. Hugo
and nationalities became his greatest strength. The has represented folk normally unable to broker trade deals
seemingly-innocent Halfling had a knack for both with Nulns ruling nobles or major trade councils and he
knowing how to react and who to listen to on most has even agented deals for others in Altdorf on more than
occasions. He also easily made the right friends at the one occasion. While many still underestimate Hugo for
right times and places. his charming smile and smaller-than-average size, they
don't do so twice.

Honey is a treasured resource in the Moot, as it is used M WS BS S T W I A Ld
to make everything from ale to pie. Over time the Bee Swarm - 3 0 1 1 5 3 - 10
Halflings have learned to extract honey from wild Beekeeper 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 1 8
hives without disturbing the bees and always leaving
enough of the honey so that they can survive. But they
TROOP TYPE: Swarm (Bee Swarm only, Infantry
have also learnt to make their own beehives, which is
(Beekeeper only).
especially useful to those Halflings engaged in honey
SPECIAL RULES: Small & Nimble (Beekeeper
At some point, a beekeeper noticed that bees could only), Unquenchable Appetite (Beekeeper only),
have potential used in battle. Since then, many of these Forest Strider, Random Movement (2D6, Bee
beekeepers trap swarms of these insects in bags the Swarm only), Random Attacks (2D6, Bee Swarm
night before the battle when the hive is asleep. only).
The bees are then released at the foe where they swarm
and sting them something horrible. Though weak Release the Bees! Only the Beekeepers are deployed
individually, a whole swarm of angry bees can cause on the battlefield initially. In the Shooting phase, the
considerable damage. Beekeepers can decide to release the bees. The bags of
bees can thrown up to 8". Place the Bee swarms on the
spot you wish to throw them to. This may take them
A huge rock, the size of two Halflings, fell three into Close Combat with an enemy.
feet away from one of the barges. The waves
produced destabilized the fragile boat and a few After the Bees have been released, they will move in a
Halflings fell into the water, but were quickly random direction as determined by the scatter dice.
aided by his family and friends and hauled back They will engage in combat with any unit they
on board. encounter, friend or foe, except other Bee Swarms and
Bazrag egged on the Goblins to reload the Rock Beekeepers. If a Bee Swarm encounters a Beekeeper,
Lobba. The Halflings were slowly rowing away they will come under the Halfling player's control and
down the river, but would soon be out of range. will fight as a normal unit from then on.
The menacing look of Gorbag told him that for
his own good, he'd better hit the next shot. They're everywhere! Enemies must re-roll successful
Piercing screams pulled Bazrag from his rolls To Hit against Beeswarms in close combat and
thoughts and caused him to turn around to see with shooting attacks.
what was happening. One of his goblins lay dead
on the floor pierced by arrows, while another
waved his arms frantically and ran around the
Rock Lobba with an arrow in his back ... which
caused great laughter among their peers.
The shots came from the small forest next to
them. Surely some Halflings were hiding in it.
"Ey, stupids! - Bazrag shouted a group of wolf
riders. There's some of them tiny 'umans left!
The Wolf Riders scoured the forest, but found
nothing. Another Goblins ready to place a rock
at the Rock Lobba fell when he was shot through
by several arrows. The rest of the Goblins began
to worry about their situation.
"But where ...?". Bazrag stared into the forest. The
Wolf Riders were combing the forest, making
sure they hadn't overlooked anything, but still
found nothing.
A few yards from one of the Wolf Riders a
slight crackle was heard and an arrow shot out
and pierced the throat of yet another Goblin.
The rest could not endure the strain and ran in all
Bazrag sat on the ground, resigned. In the
distance he could hear the cheers of the Halflings
in the barges, which moved away downstream.
"Gorbag will be angry ..."

Halflings are well known for their nimble feet and even certain organisations, such as the Thieves Guild and the
nimbler fingers. While many follow their fathers and local Watch patrol.
turn their dextrous skills to works of craft such as
basket making, cobbling and cookery (in fact a lot of As can be expected, the speed and agility of Halfling
cookery) many also find themselves drawn towards the Thieves has been noted by many of those who seek
danger and excitement of stealing. Of course, Halflings their fortune delving into abandoned Dwarf Holds and
never take anything too valuable (except by accident) performing mighty deeds in dungeons. Halflings make
as that would not be nice to the person who previously excellent bait for monster traps and are usually quick
owned the item. and lucky enough to escape once the monster has fallen
for the trap. Their diminutive size allows them to be
Nonetheless, it is surprising the number of things that pushed through sewers, under badly fitting gates and
go 'missing' when a Halfling is about. The poor little into rat infested nooks and crannies.
chaps don't know they're doing it half the time, they
just seem to acquire rings, boxes of matches and small Cat Burglars see themselves as a cut above the
pets as they go about their normal business. common thieves and footpads. The Cat Burglar's art
requires observation, planning, and impeccable timing.
In fact, Halflings have a very relaxed attitude towards A well-executed theft may not even be detected for
property in general, and casually swap items with one months, by which time the Rogue is far away. Most
another all of the time (mostly without realising they're Cat Burglars are members of a Thieves' Guild, though
actually swapping). Halfling birthdays are a celebration some defy the odds and go it alone. Such lone wolves
of this attitude and many gifts are freely given away by must elude both the law and the guild; a dangerous
the Halfling whose birthday it is usually as a game to be sure.
consequence of inviting another twelve Halflings to
your house and then falling asleep after dinner. M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Thief 5 3 4 2 2 1 6 1 8
Many Halflings find that the skills which were taught Cat Burglar 5 3 4 2 2 1 6 2 8
to them as part of their natural childhood and
adolescence are frowned upon by people outside of the TROOP TYPE: Infantry.
Moot. They also find themselves very popular with
SPECIAL RULES: Small & Nimble,
Unquenchable Appetite, Forest Strider, Scouts,

Oh, Shiny! Whenever a Thief is in base contact with

an enemy character he may attempt to steal a Talisman,
Arcane Item or Enchanted Item at the start of each
Close Combat round. Roll a D6 and consult the chart

D6 Result
1 The Thief is caught and killed outright.
2 The Thief is chased back and may not attack
this round.
3-4 The Thief is not noticed but fails to steal
5 The Thief succeeds in stealing the lowest
value magic item from the unit.
6 The Thief succeeds in stealing a magic item of
his choice.

Each stolen Magic Item is removed from play and its

points cost is added as Victory Points to the Halflings
side at the end of the game.

Take it and Run! Before Break Tests are taken,

Thieves may choose to leave combat willingly. They
will flee 2D6" away from the enemy as normal, but
will rally automatically and may not be pursued.
Thieves fleeing in this way does not cause Panic.

For some Halflings, the relaxed and easy-going Oh, Shiny! Whenever a Master Thief is in base contact
lifestyle that is commonplace in The Moot is not with an enemy character he may attempt to steal D3
enough. These Halflings more often than not band Talismans, Arcane Items or Enchanted Items at the
together and go out into the world together as start of each Close Combat round. Roll a D6 for each
mercenaries. For some of these rogues, however, the item he wish to steal and consult the chart below:
life of a mercenary contains too many perils for a
young Halfling, and so they become thieves and D6 Result
vagabonds within The Moot. Those Halflings who 1 The Thief is seen and is handed a hefty slap
become skilled at this line of work are known as for it. He takes a hit at the enemy's basic
Master Thieves due to their ability to lift the wallet Strength value.
from a target apparently without so much as a touch. If 2-3 The Thief is not noticed but fails to steal
one of these Halflings bumps into you in a tavern, anything.
check your pockets! 4-6 The Thief succeeds in stealing the Magic
The elite of the Thieves Guilds the Old World over,
Master Thieves are the undisputed masters of breaking Each stolen Magic Item is removed from play and its
and entering. When war threatens the Moot many points cost is added as Victory Points to the Halflings'
rouges have been known to be overcome by patriotism; side at the end of the game.
briefly letting valuables sit safe as they rush back to
defend their villages. Sneaky: A Master Thief may begin the game hidden in
any Halfling infantry unit. A hidden Master Thief is
Famous Halfling Thieves from the history books not placed on the table during deployment, but is
include: Nikkit Kwik (also known as the Burglar of revealed later in the game. If his concealing unit is
Brionne), Bumblebean Lightfoot, Nifflet 'Statue wiped out or flees from the battlefield before he is
Stealer' Stumbly, and the Halfling who once managed revealed, the Master Thief is also lost and counts as a
to steal the Great bell out of the Temple of Sigmar in casualty. There is no other way the Master Thief can be
Nuln, 'Two-feet-tall' Telworth Buttercup. The 'King of harmed before he is revealed.
Thieves' is the renowned Ned Neddley, responsible for
stealing almost anything that wasn't nailed down (and Hidden Master Thieves may be revealed at the
if he had a claw hammer with him, he'd steal the nails beginning of any of your turns, or at the start of any
too). Close Combat phase. Declare that the unit contains a
Master Thief and place the model in the front rank.
Halfling thieves are often lured out of their villages by Displace a rank-and-file model to make room for the
the prospect of all the useful and pretty things they Master Thief.
could "borrow" from people. Just think, if they can
"acquire" so many items within the confines of a small No units in the Halfling army other than other units of
village, who knows what they could "find" when set Thieves may use a Master Thief 's Leadership and a
loose upon the world! Master Thief can never be chosen to be your army's
Although officially criminals, these burglars often find
support amongst the Mootfolk, especially when good Take it and Run! Before Break tests are taken, a
fighters are needed to defend the lands. In times of Master Thief may choose to leave combat willingly,
war, Master Thieves often go to battle hidden within even if in a unit. He will flee 2D6" away from the
the ranks of other Halfling units, waiting for the enemy as normal, but will rally automatically and may
opportunity to rid the opponent of any magic items not be pursued. A Master Thief fleeing in this way does
they may be carrying. Whilst the price of recruiting not cause Panic.
such individuals can be higher than expected, it is
usually worth the trouble for the effect it has upon the Murdbelly Furrows
enemy. Murdbelly is a Halfling thief active in Stirland. He
is a member of the thieves guilds of more than half a
M WS BS S T W I A Ld dozen towns, and constantly on the run ahead of the
Master Thief 5 4 6 3 3 2 8 3 9 enforcers. He does enough towards paying his dues in
each place to make finding him a low priority, so he
TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Character). has stayed alive for now. He knows a lot about many
thieves guilds, and although law enforcement does
not know about him yet, this is going to occur to one
SPECIAL RULES: Small & Nimble, of the guilds at some point. Murdbelly himself is too
Unquenchable Appetite, Forest Strider, Scout. busy trying to juggle his obligations to worry about
such long-term issues.

Respected by their fellows for their ability to prepare And besides, should the army's supply get lost, then
steaks and the fillings used by bakers in their pies, the what is a Halfling to do after the battle? That thought
cooks of the Moot are often forced into battle where alone is enough to make any Halfling fight harder than
their wicked cleavers are more than capable of cutting he has ever fought in his life!
through the armour and bones of their foes. Cooks are
the most respected members of the Halfling M WS BS S T W I A Ld
community, and they form the Moot's elite infantry Pantry Guard 4 3 4 3 2 1 5 1 9
unit. Pantry Guards, Cooks with more than a reputation Cook Master 4 3 4 3 2 1 5 2 9
for their culinary skills! The Pantry Guard normally
Chuck Wagon - - - - 5 4 - - -
guard the big pantry of a village, and when it is time
for war, they are some of the best and most feared Aurochs 7 3 0 4 - - 3 1 -
fighters in the whole Moot.
TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Pantry Guard), Unique
Every large army must be properly provisioned with (Chuck Wagon).
food and other equipment. Armies will therefore tend
to acquire several wagons to transport the baggage. SPECIAL RULES: Small & Nimble (Pantry Guard
Halfling armies are especially in need of such wagons only), Unquenchable Appetite (Pantry Guard only).
to support them with the necessary food even during a
battle. Therefore the Halfling Chuck Wagons does not Chuck Wagon: The Chuck Wagon is placed in the
remain in the rear area like the human baggage trains, second rank of a unit of Pantry Guards and must stay
but rushes into combat to support the rest of the army. with the unit at all times. Should the unit be destroyed,
another friendly unit may capture it by moving into
A Halfling cannot survive on the meagre rations of base contact with it. If an enemy unit captures an
which carry most of the Empire's soldiers. That is why unguarded Chuck Wagon, it is automatically destroyed,
when the Halflings should go to war, they always and gives the enemy an additional 100 Victory Points.
prepare one or more carriages filled to overflowing
with all kinds of supplies. Beer barrels, baskets of The sight of a carriage full of delicious dishes is for a
apples, bins full of vegetables and a lot of chicken is Halfling much or more inspiring than the most glorious
some of the snacks carried in one of these cars. standard. The Chuck Wagon gives all Halflings within
Needless to say, they are treated with great reverence 8" the "Hold Your Ground!" special rule. If a Master
by the Halflings. Whenever the Halflings go to war, Chef accompanies the Chuck Wagon by being in the
you can be sure that an army of cooks and carriers wait same unit, the range is increased to 12". In addition,
behind their lines to keep their bellies and quivers full, any unit accompanied by a Chuck Wagon is Stubborn.
and the enemy is not likely to surprise the Halflings on
an empty stomach. It carries the Halfling's rations for the day, a subject
very dear to a Halfling's heart. If the Chuck Wagon is
Halflings value their food more than anything. As a destroyed, any unit of Halflings within 12" of it must
way to motivate the troops, and reward them on the take a Panic test. From then on, all Halfling units will
spot for bravery, it is not unusual for a rations wagon to Hate the enemy unit responsible for the heinous act.
be brought forward. The smell of fine food and
smoking weed radiates from the wagon, pushing all The Chuck Wagon is pulled by a gigantic (at least to
nearby Halflings to get it over with so they can sit the Halflings) Aurochs, an ancient breed of wild cattle
down to one of their fine meals afterwards. and apparently quite tasty. Being essentially a wild
creature, it is also quite nasty. It may attack enemies to
Not surprisingly, the Chuck Wagon is one of the its front like a Chariot mount.
biggest attractions of the whole army. In many cases,
the presence of the cart is more inspirational than the
general himself. As the Halflings are aware of this, if a Halfling Battle Hymn
village should be prepared for a battle, the Mayor of
that village prepares a Chuck Wagon with the best food Food, food food food
available. It is also quite common for a Master Chef to
be in charge of the cart, and for the town's inn to offer FOOOD wonderful food
to provide all food (in order to increase their fine
establishment's reputation, more than anything). The glorious
greater the Cook, the greater the effect the food has on
the Halfling troops. Food, food food food
The Panty Guard protect the Chuck Wagon with their
(repeat ad nauseum)
lives, for they take great pride in their work as chefs.

As ridiculous as it may sound, there are Halflings who
are naturally brave (although they are rare indeed).
These are the Lords of the Harvest, antisocial and
immature young Halflings who are ever willing to
charge headfirst into the fray, these young bucks whip
their comrades into a frenzy, often resulting in total
chaos amongst the friendly ranks. Despite the potential
drawbacks, many Halfling armies tolerate these
troublemakers because of the potentially beneficial
effect they have upon their brothers-in-arms.
Regardless of their social and military standing, all
Halflings are willing to fight to defend hearth and

Filled with youthful energy (and perhaps one too many

pies) many Halflings often find themselves almost
compelled to travel. Although they are considered
strange by other Halflings, they are undoubtedly a key
element of the defence of the Moot.

Samuel Fellbelly
Samuel Fellbelly longs for adventure. The Moot
is too quiet for adventurous, dashing Halfling
Having heard such tales as "Tinkle Witherson and the such as he. His destiny lies in the wider world,
Golden Boots" and "Little Gumblewort's Big where someone of his talents can be a great hero.
Adventure", young Halflings aspire to become like At least, this is what Samuel tells himself on the
these famed Halfling heroes. They will do anything,
long treks on ponyback along the western borders
of the Moot, looking for stray sheep and keeping
anything, to become a glorious hero; even if that means
the neighbouring Big Folk from riding over a
missing a meal or two! farmer's squash patch.
The Lords of the Harvest, as they call themselves, are Samuel was born to a prosperous Merchant family
gang members, often the sons of farm labourers. They who owned a couple of warehouses in Sauerapfel.
are practiced swordsmen, who fight piggyback with With no head for business, he instead took a job
one of them atop the other's shoulders. This not only with the town keeping the toll station at the
enables them to bring more attacks to bear against the western end. This was fun for a year or so because
foe, but also means that there are more flailing little of all the new people he could meet and act
arms to defend against. important in front of, but soon it grew boring.
Over beers at a local public house, friends
M WS BS S T W I A Ld convinced him to join the Fieldwardens and "see
the world".
Harvest Lord 4 3 4 2 2 1 6 1 9
Gang Leader 4 3 4 2 2 1 6 2 9 Only the world turned out to be much like
Sauerapfel. Dull.
TROOP TYPE: Infantry.
Much as he craves excitement, however, he has no
SPECIAL RULES: Small & Nimble, desire to meet any of the Undead. Samuel has
Unquenchable Appetite, Forest Strider, Fight in heard hair-raising stories from Fieldwardens he
Extra Ranks. has met from the eastern Moot, and he is scared to
death at the prospect. Not that he has ever heard
Kick'em in the Shins! The Lords of the Harvest are of any in his area, nor does he have any idea what
an Undead looks or acts like, but that does not
not above fighting dirty when needed, and often go for
matter. He is sure that a zombie will try to eat his
the enemy's weak spot in a fight.
face one day.
Lords of the Harvest gain 1+ to hit in Close Combat.

Henrick Tuffle was a proficient pony rider when his considerably faster than ponies, Hounds offer very
neighbour started breeding a larger guard dog called little protection to their riders and are of little use as
Hounds. Henrick help in the raising of the Hounds and shock troops. None the less, Hounds can be extremely
they inherently trusted him. When an Orc raiding party loyal to their riders, often staying to defend them in
entered the Moot he was not near his trusty pony, but times of need.
was tending the Hounds. He knew he was needed to
combat the threat so he grabbed a bow and quiver, M WS BS S T W I A Ld
mounted the largest Hound and travelled in the Hound Rider 4 2 4 2 2 1 6 1 8
direction of need. Henrick arrived quickly and Kennel Master 4 2 5 2 2 1 6 1 8
practically flew to the back side of the oncoming units
Hound 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5
and let loose a hail of bow fire. The enemy was
stunned that they were being attacked in the rear, but as
soon as they turned to see who was there, Henrick and
TROOP TYPE: Cavalry.
the Hound had already moved and was shooting them
from their flanks. The Orcs were so spooked by this SPECIAL RULES: Unquenchable Appetite,
"sorcery" that their line broken and ran. The Halflings Forest Strider, Fast Cavalry.
that saw Henrick were all mighty impressed and
wanted to see this new breed of dog. His neighbour Go Get 'Em, Boy! Dawgs are especially eager when
was happy too, because it opened a new use for his moving in on their prey as it usually means food (or at
Hounds. least the promise of food!). Hound Riders may re-roll
the result when charging or pursuing.
Hound Riders are a rare form of Halfling cavalry, with
mounted archers upon large hounds. These versatile Hufnall Trott stood with his eye to the iron keyhole,
trying to discern the shapes moving beyond the huge oak
riders are expert shots and are often used to scout ahead doors. Gruff voices drifted through the thick wood and he
of the army. Hounds are specially prepared with recognised the Chaos Dwarf language. The assembled
saddles and harnesses, and are well trained enough to Warriors behind him nudged and whispered, asking what
bear a Halfling to war upon its back. Whilst they are was going on, but he ignored them. Licking the tips of his
fingers, Hufnall drew a long slither of metal from his hat
band and started working on the complex lock. With a soft
click of tumblers the catch came free and Ranulf hid the
lantern with his bearskin cloak while the other Warriors
dropped back into the darkness.
Clearing his throat Hufnall kicked open the door and
strode into the room. The Chaos Dwarves hats bobbed in
disbelief as they turned from their map to face him. Jaws
agape, they watched as the Halfling boldly strode over to
the map. Jabbing a stubby little finger over a small Empire
village Hufnall muttered to himself just loud enough for
the secret cabal of Chaos Dwarfs to hear.
That's what I thought. Fifteen miles out of my way and
no sign of my pony.
He turned back to the Chaos dwarves and grinned
I dont suppose anybody could lend me a half-crown for
the stage fare to Nuln? My pony was stolen last night and I
must have taken a wrong turn in Mad Dog pass. I thought it
looked a bit dreary and was rather hot for the year Then I
said to myself 'Hufnall, you silly Baked Bean, youve
wandered into the Darklands again'. And here's me without
my purse and only a few scraps to eat... as he spoke the
Halfling Thief had sauntered over to the doors again and
was casually munching an apple.
"So! How about those three crowns for the fare?" A couple
of the more inexperienced Chaos Dwarfs started reaching
into their tunics, but their leader said a rude word and drew
his huge two handed hammer from his belt.
As The Chaos Dwarfs chased Hufnall out of the door the
other Warriors leapt on them from behind.
Hufnall winced as he watched the flash of the swords and
heard the screams of the dying Chaos Dwarves. He tossed
his apple core away and started to whistle quietly to
"Should've given me the eight crowns for the fare to Nuln!"

Even since the dawn of their creation, there have their luck at flying, and soon, whole cadres of Swan
always been those Halflings who've dreamt of flying. Riders could be seen flying across the Moot, wind
While most sensible Halflings would rather keep their rushing through their hair while they held on for dear
feet on their ground at all times, this did not stop the life.
odd eccentric from attempting to brave the skies.
Naturally, the first of many attempts would be less than Eventually, some Halflings found use for them in the
successful, as Halflings have tried everything from local militia. These large birds make ideal mounts for
"gravitational brews" to simply flapping their arms transporting troops around the battlefield quickly. They
really fast. It would take the mind of Hamwise are also aggressive and kill with their powerful wings
Cornwood to come up with the idea of actually using and beaks. They usually fly in a 'V' formation and their
the birds they were trying to mimic as mounts, a safer riders are the best of the Moots bowmen who can shoot
(although not by much!) and above all, possible means. on the wing with ease.

Even so, finding the right bird to carry the weight of a M WS BS S T W I A Ld

Halfling, small as they might be, wasn't all that easy. Swan Rider 4 2 4 2 2 1 6 1 8
Hamwise eventually settled for the majestic swans Airborne 4 2 5 2 2 1 6 1 8
living in the Moot's many ponds. Though this was
Angry Swan 2 3 0 3 3 1 4 1 5
easier said than done, for swans are fickle creatures,
and possess quite the nasty temper to go with it. It took
many weeks and many bites until he finally succeeded
TROOP TYPE: Cavalry.
in his endeavour and managed to tame (relatively
speaking) a swan that would allow him to ride it SPECIAL RULES: Unquenchable Appetite,
without biting his nose off. Flying Cavalry.

Once other Halflings saw the brave (but terrified) Nasty Temper: Angry Swans are subject to the Hatred
Halfling soaring through the air, it did not take long and Devastating Charge special rule.
until more young braves were standing in line to try

Merradoc grew up in the Empire and always admired M WS BS S T W I A Ld
the way the Knights were respected by the citizenry. Ram Rider 4 3 4 3 2 1 5 1 9
He tried several times to join one of the Knightly Moot Knight 4 3 5 3 2 1 5 1 9
Orders, only to be rejected. While travelling around
Battle Ram 7 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5
with his cooking supplies with his trusty old goat
Matilda, he came across the place of an Orc ambush.
At first unsure what to do, seeing an Orc steal the TROOP TYPE: Cavalry.
armour off a fallen knight he steeled his resolve, and
charged forward on Matilda, swinging his heavy iron SPECIAL RULES: Unquenchable Appetite, Hill
skillet. The Orc, so shocked to see this Halfling Strider.
charging at him, simply was not ready for the smash of
the skillet onto his head. The Orc fell dead on the spot, Thunderous Charge: Battle Rams causes a Strength 4
and Merradoc, filled with courage (and quite a bit of Impact Hit on any turn that they charge.
ale), charged the two closest Orcs, killing them while
they were still stunned from the sight of him. THE LEGEND OF THE KNIGHTS OF
The few remaining Orcs ran and started telling of a Lord Charlie Gutbuckett is famous in the Moot
small daemon that attacked them with no mercy. Upon for being extremely rich and spoilt but also for
returning to the Moot he was laughed at by some but being exceptional with the bow (which was well
the rumours of his courage had already began to reputed considering his constant boosting). The
spread. Merradoc used his newfound notoriety to only time that he has ever been beaten in an
gather fellow glory seeking Halflings to his side, and archery contest was by his father, after a dispute
they soon founded the Order of the Ram, in honour of over a blueberry muffin. Totally shamed by this
event, Charlie formed up his warband of similarly
his goat Matilda.
eccentric Halflings and headed off to Tilea with
his parents last profound words echoing through
Since that day, the Order of the Ram has flourished his head `Bring us back some chocolate hob-nobs
with more crazy and hopeful aspirants every year.
son'. His warband was named The Knights of
Mounted on large and aggressive Battle Rams, the Ram
the Kitchen Table and even his brother Archie
Riders are the Halflings heavy cavalry. Armed with
joined up for the adventure. This was a terrible
heavy skillets and pots and pans for armour, their
shame for the rest of the family as Archie's recipe
mounts also pack a powerful head butt and have for strawberry flapjacks was second to none.
wicked horns.

One of the most common professions within The Moot farmers go to war, they invariably bring the battle
is farming. The nigh unlimited demand for food means ploughs with them. These contraptions are as deadly as
that this profession is stable and profitable. Although they are bizarre, drawn by a pair of bulls and dragging
the Halflings are often seen as lazy by ignorant behind a huge bladed plough. For the most part they
foreigners, they are both stubborn and determined. As are designed for cutting wheat, but they are equally at
all communities are based on agriculture and grazing, home cutting off heads!
Halflings need to work hard and steadily. A Halfling
can work cheerfully from sunrise to sunset with only a M WS BS S T W I A Ld
few stops to eat and go home smiling. Hard work Reaper - - - 5 5 4 - - -
ensures a good sleep and a great appetite. An old Shearer - - - 5 4 3 - - -
proverb Halfling probably best sums up his attitude:
Farmer - 2 4 2 - - 5 1 8
No food tastes as good as one that has fed or grown
yourself. Aurochs 7 3 0 4 - - 3 1 -
Battle Ram 7 3 0 3 - - 3 1 -
These Halfling farmers are notoriously stubborn, Sheep Dog 7 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 6
willing to fight off the most terrifying of foes to defend
their pastures. Apart from a threat to their land, the TROOP TYPE: Chariot (Reaper, Shearer), War
only times the farmers will leave their plots is on strike, Beast (Sheep Dog).
and farmers are on strike a remarkable portion of their
lives. Now on the rare occasions on which the farmers SPECIAL RULES:
of The Moot are expected to go somewhere, there is Deadly Tools: The Reaper causes D6+2 Impact hits.
usually a strike of sorts; whilst the farmers would never
dream of refusing to defend their homeland, they band Get Off My Land! Farmers can be very courageous
together into mobs of protesting stable-hands and when faced with a threat to their farms or families.
plough-boys, going to battle in a cacophony of Farmers within the Halfling Deployment Zone are
complaints and curses. Stubborn.

On the battlefield, it is easy to recognise the farmers, as Sheep Dog: The Sheep Dog, with its master whistling
they will be armed with all manner of outlandish commands to it is usually found running alongside him
farming tools and pitchforks, and they will stink of into battle. Sheepdogs are notoriously loyal to their
livestock even more than other Halflings. When the masters and will often lay down their lives for them.
Sheep Dogs may accompany a Reaper or Shearer. They
are deployed at the same time as the machine and
follow the rules for skirmishers. They may never move
further than 3" away from the machine they have been
bought with, and are part of the unit for all purposes.

The Apple Banger Boys

The Apple Banger Boys is a society
for young Halflings that operates in
Wurtbad and Averheim. It is
principally dedicated to keeping
young Halflings off the streets and
involved in community projects, such
as "Clanks-n-Thanks' Week" and
fixing river barges. The most famous
of these projects is ball, their
eponymous: pastries and selling them
door-to-door. So far, most people
haven't noticed that the apples in the
bangs are often scrumped from human
orchards the day before.

Nobody knows why, but Ogres and Halflings seem to
gravitate towards each other. Perhaps it's their shared
love of good food, perhaps it's something else, but
whatever the reason, the two races just get on. The
Moot has a sizeable population of Ogres, and most
village elders have one or two Ogre bodyguards.
Although they me seem like a bit of an odd pairing,
Ogres are often lured from the hills by the opportunity
to sample the local delicacies of the Moot. If Elders
ever need protection then the Ogres are the ones to call
upon to provide that extra bit of brute force and

When the Halflings march to war they will often bribe

the local Ogres with food and promise of a good scrap
to come along. They will form up with Ogres from
other villages and generally have a good time eating
and smashing things all the while keeping an eye on
the armys Chefs. Ogres may be a little slow witted but
they are smart enough to know who makes the best

Moot Ogre 6 3 3 4 4 3 2 3 7
Ogre Brute 6 3 3 4 4 3 2 4 7

TROOP TYPE: Infantry.

SPECIAL RULES: Fear, Impact Hits (1).

Hotpot and the Ogre

As head chef to the Averland Mountainguard, Tuppy before he came across the delectable scent of Tuppys
Huppernitzle faced his share of deadly incursions from cooking. The grateful halfling vowed that Bargash
the Dark Lands. But like most other halfling folk, would never starve again and the pair has been
Tuppy placed a higher precedence on satisfying his inseparable ever since.
appetite than his safety. One Pie Week, it seemed that
Tuppys ovens did not burn hot enough to properly Of course Tuppys new association meant that it was
scorch a new chocolate custard tart he was working on. time for him to move on from the Mountainguard, and
When a bergsjaeger laughingly suggested that he find the pair set off down the Zhufbar road. Before long,
one of the thermal vents that dotted the Worlds Edge Tuppy and Bargash found themselves in bustling
Mountains, Tuppy was off. Averheim, where Tuppys cousin Dill owned a half-
stake in a dockside warehouse., Cousin Dills business
Unfortunately, Tuppy hadnt considered that the was faring badly since his ill-tempered dwarf foreman
tantalising smell of cooking chocolate might lure was drunk all the time and the workers were loafing.
unwanted guests to his open-air kitchen. When a group Dill would have fired the dwarf long ago if he wasnt
of brigands came across the mouth-watering scent of so afraid of him.
Tuppys cooking, it would have been the end of the
poor halfling were it not for the interference of massive Needless to say, Dills predicament was an easy
ogre called Bargash. situation for Tuppy and Bargash to rectify, and the
grog-soaked dwarf was shown the door. When the
Although Bargash had lost an eye in a recent encounter, slack-jawed labourers saw the massive ogre eject the
he made quick work of the brigands and set about to wobbling dwarf at Tuppys orders, they quickly fell in
eating Tuppys wares. Since Tuppy had always believed line. Dill had found a pair of new foremen to replace
halflings had a long history with ogrekind, Tuppy felt the oldalthough truth be told, Bargash does the
that he should take a chance and thank Bargash with
some freshly made tarts. As the ogre happily gobbled motivating of the workers, while Tuppy motivates
tart after tart, he admitted that he had been starving Bargash with his cooking.

The Hot Pot catapult is a bizarre piece of artillery, with Whilst any normal Halfling would disagree with such a
a history at least as peculiar. Suffice it to say, it waste of good soup, it is undeniable that the results are
involves a Halfling cook under Goblinoid attack, some worth it to bolster a needy battle effort.
leftovers and a rudimentary knowledge of ballistics.
Originally a desperate innovation, the Halfling Hot pot Hot Pot - - - - 4 3 - - -
has now become something of an institution amongst Halfling Crew 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 1 8
Halflings. The Hot Pot is exactly that, a pot of boiling
liquid hurled at the enemy's ranks, burning, scalding
TROOP TYPE: War Machine (Stone Thrower).
and even dissolving the foe. The ingredients which
make up the special stew are a closely kept secret and
vary from chef to chef, although it is known that the SPECIAL RULES:
most important and abundant ingredient is pepper. At a Hot Pot: The Hot Pot follows the rules of Stone
push boiling oil on its own will do the job, but a typical Throwers, with the following profile:
mixture has corrosive properties and is sticky so that it
adheres to exposed flesh. Range: Strength: Special Rules:
36" 2(6) Slow to Fire
These contraptions are a common sight among Halfling
Wounds caused by the Hot Pot inflict an additional -3
armies. They are welcomed by the Halflings and penalty to armour saves. The model under the hole
doubly hated by their foes, and for good reason! suffers a Strength 6 Hit that causes D3 Wounds.


A gift to the Halflings from the Elector Count of Since that day the Kathleen has been proudly tended to
Averland the year 2502, in return for the Halfling's by The Moots eternally grateful inhabitants. Several
"services" during the battle against the Feastmaster useful additions have been made to make it slightly
tribe. The Kathleen is a war engine based upon the more homely, including the introduction of a soup
designs for the steam tanks that have served the empire cannon in place of the original armament. The peoples
well in recent years. The Kathleen was originally a of The Empire are happy to allow the Halflings to
steam tank prototype, but due to a careless (and continue their illusions of heroism. After all, it is better
catastrophic) miscalculation, the vehicle was to tolerate a bit of nativity than to suffer province-wide
constructed on the wrong scale to be of any use to any strikes.
man alive, and as such any illusions of true generosity
the Halflings may hold are more myth than reality. M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Tasked with the eventual disposal of the Kathleen, the Half Tank 6 - - 5 6 6 - - 10
agitated count gave it to the Halflings, his dictation to
his emissary being; "Tell those half-formed, good-for- TROOP TYPE: Unique.
nothing runts that this is a parting gift, and to get
packing or lost somewhere out of my sight".
SPECIAL RULES: Large Target, Unbreakable,
Fortunately, the emissary in question was possessed of Fear.
somewhat more of a skill with words, and after
employing a little tact, the eventual message that Nearly Irresistible Force: Such is the weight of the
reached The Moot was; "A gift from the most grateful Kathleen that it may never march. However, on the
Elector Count, in repayment for your assistance in turn in which the Kathleen charges into combat it
those most dark of times". inflicts D6 impact hits in the same way as a chariot. In
other turns, it inflicts D3 Strength 5 hits as the
Unbeknownst to that faithful emissary, he had almost Halflings inside desperately grind the Halftank over
certainly saved the Empire from another year of strikes whatever it has got stuck upon.
and refusal of taxes
The Soup Cannon: The Soup Cannon has a firing arc
"All the Big Folk think we're either cooks or of 45" from the front of the Halftank. Place the flame
thieves. It's wrong, I tell you. Do we not have rights template touching the cannon and roll Artillery dice -
as Imperial citizens? Aren't Halflings whole people?" move the template this many inches forwards. Models
ERIC GREENSMOKE under the template suffer a single Strength 2 hit with a
-3 Armour Save modifier.

Elector Count/Elder of the Moot
Curiously, even the Elder of the Mootland, the leader
of the Halflings, has earned the right to vote in the "Humans and their obsessions with
election, due to the Halflings` contribution to Imperial titles. Such a bother."
cuisine! He is the sole non-human Elector and ELECTOR, COUNT/ELDER
spokesperson for the Moot (and by extension, all HISME STOUTHEART
Halflings in the Empire). However, the current Elder of
the Mootland, Hisme Stoutheart, is more interested in
the timing of his next meal than political intrigues. M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Hisme Stoutheart 4 5 7 3 3 3 7 4 10
A properly fat Halfling of eleventy-one years, Hisme is
the prime Elder of the Mootland in his role as mayor of TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character).
Eicheschatten, the capital of Mootland. Even at this
very prestigious position, he has a very relaxed opinion SPECIAL RULES: Small & Nimble,
towards governing, instead preferring to let things sort Unquenchable Appetite, Forest Strider.
themselves out if possible, and only intervening when
absolutely necessary. And even then, situations more Foe Slayer (Magic Weapon)
serious than who ate whose pie or loud neighbours are A weapon from ancient battles against the goblins, Foe
a rare sight. However, he have in the past been one of Slayer is perfectly suited to slaughter hordes of
the driving forces for bettering the conditions of enemies.
Halflings within the Empire. For instance, Halfling
students are now admitted to Universities on The wielder gains +1 Strength and +1 Attack for each
sufferance, due to an obscure piece of Imperial enemy in base contact with Toughness 3 or lower.
Ordinance demanded by the Hisme many years ago. He
might not be popular among the other Electors, but that Buckler of the Red Rooster (Magic Weapon)
doesn't stop him from voicing his demands! A worn buckler, passed down through family to family,
its origin lost in the ages. It depicts a red rooster
When the Moot is in danger, Hisme isn't slow to act. spreading its wings in front of a rising sun.
While he may be of considerable age, he is as spry as
he ever was, and nobody better dare to argue with him Shield. Hisme ignores the first hit suffered each close
on that! Cladding himself in the uniform of his office, combat phase.
he draws his magic blade and shield, ready to protect
his people from harm when needed preferably before Brooch of Stoutheart (Talisman)
lunch time. The courageous Hisme Stoutheart proudly displays his
family heirloom by securing his cloak with this leaf-
The streets of Altdorf were the site of some shaped brooch. According to the good Elder he has
excitement this past Market Day as several of the escaped many fatal attacks due to the heirloom lucky
townsfolk, tradesmen, and passers-by did stand aura.
amazed at the new statue being unveiled on
Seventh Bridge. The statue is to commemorate This Brooch gives Hisme a 5+ Ward, which may be re-
the many and celebrated achievements of the most rolled if failed.
eminent Elector, Hisme Stoutheart of the
Mootland. Sir Bullywick Applebag, noted Hisme's Book of Sage Advice (Enchanted Item)
Halfling merchant and gentleman about town gave 'Sage Advice' is baffling for a good talking to. The book
a speech as the chief patron of the statue, declaring enables its bearer to give some sound advice to his
it a "grand gift to Halflings everywhere." army.
The statue, cast in bronze and copper, is a likeness
of the Elector, and was described by Applebag as
At the beginning of the game roll a D6 and consult the
"perfectly highlighting his world-famous hairy
knees." table below:
The work is raised on a six-foot tall plinth so that,
it was said, "his stature would not be diminished D6 Result
compared to the other statues of great men of the 1-2 One unit may re-roll 1s to Hit with missile
Empire throughout our most great capital." weapons.
Huzzahs were given and then the statue was 3-4 One unit may re-roll 1s to Hit in close
unveiled to much celebration and the serving of combat.
baked goods. 5-6 One unit receives +1 to its combat

Defender of the Moot
Every male member in the long line of the Warfoot MAGIC ITEMS:
family has served in defence of the Moot. Hence their Warfoots Blade (Magic Weapon)
name: Warfoot. Currently Nicholas Warfoot is the This sword has been passed down through the Warfoot
current overall commander of the military forces within familys long history of warfare. The actual origin of
the Moot. Since the oncoming Storm of Chaos, the the blade is a long winded story which Nicholas is only
Empire has not been able to place forces in proximity too happy to tell. In it, Nicolass Great, Great, Great
of the Moot, which has forced the Halflings to take a Grandfather was a freelancer who ends up joining with
greater role in the defence of their homeland. a party of humans who quested into the tombs of in
south. After a ferocious battle with some undead
Warfoot has recently organized a small yet politically legions in which Nicholass relative slew the evil liche
important force sent to aid to forces of the Emperor in that commanded the host, the blade was removed from
the war to come, yet the majority of forces are kept at the tomb's treasure, after it has been wielded by a
home in case of a break through by the forces of Chaos Warfoot ever since.
to the east. In these dark times, Nicholas has mobilized
the people of the Moot like never before in defence of This sword gives Nicholas +1 Strength and the
their homeland. Multiple Wounds (2) special rule along with Armour
Piercing attacks.
Nicholas Warfoot 4 6 7 3 3 3 7 4 10 The Warfoots Crest (Magic Armour)
The Warfoots Crest is a magical shield that was taken
TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character). from an Orc warlord who was slain during a smaller
Waaagh! that was stopped in the Moot. Its origin
SPECIAL RULES: Small & Nimble, before the death of this warlord is unknown, but onto
the shield was painted the Warfoots family crest and it
Unquenchable Appetite, Forest Strider.
is now passed down from father to son.
Grand Commandant: Any unit joined by Nicholas is
Shield. This shield confers a 5+ Armour Save and
Stubborn and all friendly units within 6" gain +1 to
Magic Resistance (1) onto Nicholas.
their combat resolution bonus.
Aladoras Necklace (Talisman)
During Nicholass rise through the ranks he was head
of a Forester patrol which happened to stumble across
a Wood Elf maiden who was under attack by a band of
vile Beastmen. After driving the Beastmen off with a
volley of arrow fire, the maiden gave Nicholas her
necklace in thanks for her rescue. It is rumoured that
Nicholas and the maiden still meet in the woods on the
anniversary of this day.

Aladoras Necklace confers a 4+ ward save. Once per

battle, at the start of any close combat phase, the
amulet can emit a blinding flash of light which
prevents all attacks from striking Nicholas for the
duration of the turn.

Potion of War (Enchanted Item)

The brewing of the Potion of War is a family secret that
has been passed down through Warfoot Family for
generations. The potion is said to give the drinker the
strength of an ox and the toughness of a bear.

One use only. The potion may be drunk at the start of

any phase. The potion imbues Nicholas with +2
Strength and +1 Toughness for the remainder of the

Master Thief
Halflings feel put upon by those lanky Human gits. MAGIC ITEMS:
What with their wrongly sized tables and chairs, and Magic 'Swag' Bag (Enchanted Item)
it's really annoying to have to climb over door steps Though the origin of the 'Swag' Bag is unknown, one
when you're trying to impress your next customer can safely assume it wasn't through any legal means. In
before you meet them at the inn! any case, the 'Swag' Bag, as Clegg calls it, is a very
potent item that is able to magically pull out the most
Then one day, a well-known Halfling called Clegg powerful magic artefacts from it. Clegg has never
decided that he had enough, as well as seeing a nice found out where these items actually come from, but
tidy profit margin, and started his band of the roughest, neither has he bothered too much.
toughest (and about as hard as a kick in the bum with a
pair of those fluffy animal slippers) Halflings in the The Magic 'Swag' Bag allows Clegg to take away any
Old World. They started out as a bunch of thieves and of the enemies magical items from them for one turn so
cut throats, but soon changed their outlook on life after he can possibly use them himself.
they had a good scrap with a rival band of thieves and At the start of any Halfling turn, nominate one enemy
found that it gave them such a great appetite it turned character or champion and take a random magic item
into a good excuse to eat as much as possible. Clegg from them. If that model does not have a magic item,
brought the band together, so there is no possibility the pick a new character or champion until you find one
band will let him stay out of a fight. If it were up to with a magic item.
him, he would just sit back in safety while he pockets Clegg may use whichever magic item is picked during
the cash. this and the enemy's upcoming turn. After this it has to
be thrown away as Clegg gets bored with it and the
M WS BS S T W I A Ld magic item appears magically back with the original
Clegg 4 5 7 3 3 3 8 3 9 character ready for use at the beginning of the next
Halfling turn. The magic item does not have to be used
TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character). and you do not have to take out a magic item at all.
Any magic item can be drawn out of the 'Swag' Bag,
SPECIAL RULES: Small & Nimble, but special items that only work for specific people
cannot be used even though they may be picked. Note
Unquenchable Appetite, Forest Strider, Poisoned
that each magic item may only be picked once.
Attacks, Scout, Oh, Shiny!, Sneaky, Take it and
Dimminus Lockpick (Enchanted Item)
Perhaps the greatest Halfling Thief to have ever
graced the guilds, Dimminu of Tilea was small even for
a Halfling, and was said to have been able to enter any
building undetected. Amongst his ill-gotten gains were
the Sword-Axes of Ostland, the legendary Golden-
Rooster of Luccini, and Michl Angelo's Moaning

Clegg may re-roll the result on the Oh, Shiny! chart

when attempting to steal an enemy magic item.

The Glove of Sneaky Pinching (Enchanted Item)

This item was the product of a deranged Enchanter and
a torn up Arabyan flying carpet. Not wanting to waste
the material from such an ex-magical specialty, the
Halfling in question used the fabric to make this glove,
which still retains a memory of flight. Many an enemy
champion has issued a challenge against this items
owner only to reach for their weapons and find them

If Clegg is fighting in a challenge, his opponent must

take an Initiative test at the start of each close combat
phase. If failed, he may not use his weapon this round.

Clegg the indomitable raced along the back Clegg the Invincibles chest puffed out in The Watchman sighed, and motioned his men
alley, panting, his blood ringing in his ears. indignation. Excuse me, sir he said tersely, back through the door. Believe me, youd
Behind him he could hear curses and the But I believe I was first! know if you saw this one. He murmured,
barking of the wolf-dogs kept by the city grinning wryly.
watch as they attempted to track his passage He shrugged at having to abandon his inbred
through the maze of back streets of good manners in front of so many people, Yeah. Said the barmaid, inhaling. The door
Marienburg. flexed his shoulders, and started to climb up had scarcely shut when Clegg bounced back up
He skidded to a halt as the alley branched, his the warriors leg. The man gave a shout of onto the bar.
stomach wobbling with each breath, and risked annoyance, stood up, and Clegg the
a quick look behind him hed gained some Unimaginable somersaulted onto the bar, Did you see that, Friends? The corruption of
time at least with the bailer twine hed strung skidding a few feet on the polished surface. His the Law strikes at even the most sacred of
at knee-height in the doorways of the bank. He foot happened to catch a few bottles as he did places, our own tavern! Did you hear that
so, and unfortunately most of them, being of a Watchman? Looking to get his foul clutches
couldnt help sniggering the Watch always on any of you law abiding Halflings? We can
fell for even the simplest tricks of Clegg the highly unstable design, toppled to the floor.
Incorrigible. He was sure that this latest theft; He turned a ducked a blow from the enraged take this no longer! He dodged the clutches
a ruby the size of his hand and four smaller barmaid. of the barmaid and pecked her nimbly on the
diamonds nestled in a dirty handkerchief in his cheek.
pocket, along with a fair sized pouch of gold Now, now. He calmed her, You wouldnt
hit someone shorter than you, would you? He Stand up for our rights! Come with me,
coins that the Master of the Guard had been Clegg the Mercenary king! Who among you is
nursing for a rainy day. produced the tattered bunch of flowers from
his pocket and offered them to her on one willing to fight for better food privileges? He
Well... he held a small hairy hand up to the sky knee. You know, he whispered delicately in waved at the Halflings, beginning to infect
it was raining. So he might as well spend the her ear, If you were three feet shorter, youd them with his eagerness. No more will we
money. He emptied a small package of mustard take second place in the grocery queues of the
make some man a nice wife!
powder over the floor around him, scattered it Old World! No longer will we be overlooked
a little with his foot, and then clambered up the He whirled and bowed to the people in the by those more top heavy than ourselves! Come;
wall to his left, grunting as his stomach got in room, most of whom were looking at him by join my merry troupe of outlaw mercenaries,
the way and his breeches groaned with the now, Ladies and Gentlefolk! he cried, waving fighting for a better world!
strain. He hung by his hands to the other side his arms and gesturing wildly. I am Clegg the
of the wall just long enough to hear the The other Halflings, easily swayed, one by one
Unimpeachable, Champion of the rights of all finished their meals and came to stand by him
running steps of the Watch round the corner folk, large and (most importantly), small. He
behind him, and then strolled casually along in a little mob at the front of the bar.
took a deep breath and looked around him
the back gardens of a row of dingy cottages, anxiously. Every pair of eyes in the place You sure you dont want us to pay? they
passing to take a handful of flowers from the riveted on him. He sighed happily and settled asked suspiciously.
borders before letting himself out into the
back into his role. I am being chased nay,
main road by a small wattle gate. What? said Clegg the Chieftain, hurt, You
hounded, by the curs of the Watch, seeking to
He was barely at the front door of the tavern harm me because simply because I am a think I would elicit funds from my own
when agonised howling cut through the night member of a persecuted minority who dares to brothers and sisters? No my friends together
air, followed by a chorus of pained whimpers. stand up for his rights. I Clegg the we shall make money; take it from those richer
Sniffing his posy delicately, he grinned to Magnificent! Have gathered you here today to than ourselves, even the balance once and for all
himself at the thought of ferocious wolf-dogs support me in my struggle against the evil ah ahhh He squeezed his eyes shut in a
trying to get the extra hot mustard powder out forces of oppression. I shall ask you only for vain attempt not to sneeze, whipped the
of their delicate noses. Clegg the Unscrupulous the small sum of eight copper coins apiece handkerchief out of his pocket, and blew his
rides again! and with that sum you will have purchased the nose.
He took a deep breath of the chill night air, piece of heart which I know you all ugh The Halflings watched in stunned disbelief as
and stepped in to the bar. The soft light didnt He staggered backwards, clutching his heart, five gems rocketed out of his hand and
hurt his eyes at all, and the warm air embraced as another missile flew past him. A salt cellar embedded themselves in the wooden wall
him with the contented murmurings of the cracked against the bar by his feet and burst covering.
travellers and regulars lounging at tables with open.
My present to you faithful ones. Said Clegg,
pint mugs of cheap ale and other Halflings Friends! he cried. You wound me! Five
merrily chomping away at plates full of food. thinking on his feet. These gems, finally given
copper pieces is all I ask, to help feed a back to their rightful owners after hundreds of
He stopped just inside the door to take stock
penniless, starving - He gave a short scream years just a taste of the riches youll have
of his surroundings, although the Cock and
and fell off behind the bar, propelled by a large, once you come back with me. Oh well, he
Bull was almost exactly the same as the dozen half chewed haunch of beef.
other taverns littering the west side of thought. Ill be able to steal them back later.
Marienburg. Seeing nothing immediately The inhabitants of the bar settled down to eat He managed to take a last bite of the haunch of
threatening, he straightened, tugged his second once again; the barmaid resumed her place, and beef before being borne out on their shoulders,
best jacket into shape, and strode masterfully everything returned to normal. Clegg sighed. into the night, singing loudly.
up to the bar. If he wanted a free meal, hed Well, it nearly worked. He took a large bite
have to play this by ear. out of the beef. During the next month, there were three
unexplained attacks on parties of watchmen,
Excuse me. He said politely, doffing his hat Suddenly the door of the tavern slammed open, one mistaken raid on a herd of sheep, and
to the barmaid, she took no notice of him, and five uniformed men stood on the seventeen successful ambushes on food caravans
slumping on a mountainous bar stool. Clegg threshold, hands on their sword hilts. to and from the city.
the Mighty bounced a little higher on his toes,
Yes officer? said the barmaid, putting her Sometime later, the band of hard-bitten
waving a stubby hand. Excuse me, my good
foot heavily on the back of Cleggs head. mercenaries, chased from the surrounding
lady. He said, a note of irritation creeping
countryside by a concerted effort of the
into his voice. One of the other customers, a You seen a Halfling in here? asked the Watch, offered themselves for hire to a
tall man with long hair and stubble, gazed down Watchman. Bretonnian army massing in the foothills to the
at him laconically and gave a short bark of
She smiled, and gestured at the little people south. The large army hired the Halflings at
laughter, before downing a measure of Ale/ he
who were interspersed about the tables, eating first to help cook for the massive horde that
slammed the empty tankard on the bar and it
heartily. Most of them had their mouths full as was at camp, but as soon as the fighting started
was immediately refilled.
they looked up. She shrugged, Which one in they dropped their ladles (well some of them
did) and proved to be an important, if not
particular were you looking for?
small, part of the Bretonnian victory against
the Orcs from the Grey Mountains.

Halfling Adventurer
Gabbo Flugbend is the wild and adventurous son of the M WS BS S T W I A Ld
similarly tempered hunter, Hogbo Flugbend. Gabbos Gabbo 4 5 7 3 3 2 7 3 9
love for hunting goes beyond any normal love and he is Greywing 8 3 0 4 4 3 4 2 7
very rarely seen doing anything else! Being one of the
so called "adventure loving weirdoes" that inhabit the TROOP TYPE: Monstrous Cavalry (Special
Moot, Gabbo longed for adventure. Being fed up
chasing nothing but deer and wild rabbits, he set out on
a journey to travel and seek out some more dangerous
and exciting to hunt, while seeing the world as he did SPECIAL RULES: Small & Nimble,
so. Unquenchable Appetite, Fly.

And so Gabbo left the Moot, equipped with only a Mesh Net: At the beginning of the combat phase,
bow, his hunting spear, and his animal traps, and went Gabbo may attempt to net one enemy. The targeted
into the wide world beyond. Gabbo since travelled enemy must pass an Initiative test or be netted, in
through the Dark Forest of the Empire, visited the which case it cannot do anything and is treated as
Dwarf Holds of the World's Edge Mountains, and even having WS1 for the rest of the turn. Large targets may
to the Wood Elf realm of Athel Loren, where he made not be netted.
many friends; and even more enemies in the form of
Beastmen, Orcs and other, fouler beasts. Yet, through Animal Traps: When fighting War Beasts, Monstrous
skill and cunning and probably a bit of luck Gabbo Infantry and Monstrous Beasts, Gabbo may throw
outwitted them all, and slew many beasts. down some Animal Traps to clamp on to the creatures
legs to disable and slow them. Gabbo and Greywing
He fought against Trolls and Goblins at the side of have the Always Strikes First rule when fighting these
Josef Bugman in the mountains, where he earned his types of enemies.
magical Gromril Shirt for his bravery in battle, and
became a personal drinking friend of the Dwarfs. MAGIC ITEMS:
The Hunting Spear (Magic Weapon)
In Athel Loren, he fought with the Glade Guard against This trusty old pointy stick of Gabbo's has been the
Beastmen warbands, and was gifted a magical cloak by death of many animals and beasts, piercing their hides
Ariel, the Queen of the woods, herself and, according with ease.
to Gabbo, a kiss on the forehead as well.
Spear. This weapon gives Gabbo +1 Strength and
However, it was in the Grey Mountains that his ignores Scaly Skin saves.
greatest adventure would lie. In Gristle Valley, he
encountered a small tribe of Ogres. Having only been Gromril Shirt (Magic Armour)
accosted to the friendly Ogres of the Moot, Gabbo was This lightweight chain mail shirt made of gromril was
quite surprised to find that these Ogres appeared to originally forged for a Dwarf warrior, though
have the intention of eating him! However, using his eventually found its way to the Moot through Gabbo.
wit once more, he challenged them to a game of riddles
regarding his allowed continuation to live. The Ogres, The Gromril Shirt gives the wearer a 4+ armour save
puzzled, agreed. Not being the brightest of thinkers, the and Magic Resistance (2).
Ogres gathered together trying to solve Gabbo's, to
him, very simple riddles, allowing him to untie his Elven Way Cloak (Talisman)
bonds and escape upon the back of a Pegasus that has According to Halfling folklore, Ariel, the Elven
also been captured by the Ogres. Too late, they Queen of the Wood, gave the way cloak to Gabbo
discovered that the Halfling had gotten loose, and they when his journeys took him through the forest of Athel
angrily cursed Gabbo as he flew off on his new-found Loren.
mount, which he decided to call Greywing. After this
incident, Gabbo figured he had had enough All enemy Shooting and Close Combat attacks suffer a
adventuring, and returned to the Moot. From that day -1 penalty to their To Hit rolls against Gabbo.
on, his stories have been the highlight of many an
evening at the local inn. "They are short and annoying, but with their
skill with the bow and their great cooking, this
Gabbo is an expert at beast hunting and will often show
definitely makes me think they are worth the
his competency by bringing in monsters far larger than
himself or his Pegasus, Greywing.
- General Karl Van de Berg

Travelling Chef
For ages, the Bulnhelm family line has been feeding
the Moot the best cuisine in the Old World. The "Kings
of the Kitchen" as they call themselves, they have the
personal chefs of the elder of the Moot for many years,
and even the Emperor himself. Whenever Imperial
dignitaries have been on diplomatic visits, you can be
sure that there have been a Bulnhelm behind the
cuisine during the dinner!

Ogglethorpe Bulnhelm, the newest addition to the

family, travels around with his company of cooks
providing an excellent meal to whoever can pay for
it. He was working as a mercenary in Tilea for a time,
providing the food for both great generals, as well as
the Merchant Princes of the cities.

Ogglethorpe travelled all over the Warhammer World

when he was younger and so has many exotic and tasty
recipes to share. He has seen the rice fields of Cathay,
the jungles of Ind and the deserts of Araby, always
gathering the best and most interesting recipes and
ingredients he could find to add to his legendary cook

His mastery of the palate is extraordinary, to say the

least, and leads to him being asked by almost every
Halfling lord within smelling distance to join their
force. He will gladly share his wonderful skills, and
food, with the lord and the lords troops for a small
cooking fee... Champion Chefs Cleaver (Magic Weapon)
Every year a competition is held to find the best Chef in
all the Moot. This is taken very seriously by the
Halflings and some train for many years before
Ogglethorpe 4 4 4 3 3 2 6 2 9 entering. The victor gains the title of Champion Chef
and an extremely sharp cleaver.
TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character).
The wielder always wounds on at least a 4+. Armour
SPECIAL RULES: Small & Nimble, saves against the Cleaver suffer a -3 penalty.
Unquenchable Appetite, It's Lunch Time!
Magic Drumstick (Enchanted Item)
Exotic Spices: Ogglethorpe may empty these spices A plump and great smelling piece of meat, who knows
into any Hot Pot unit that he joins in the Shooting what wonders the drumstick perform when eaten.
phase up to 3 times during the battle. Each use of
Cathayan Spices increases the Strength of any hits One use only. The Drumstick may be eaten at the
taken from the Hot Pot by +1 for that shot. beginning of any turn; it gives Ogglethorpe +1 to his
Weapon Skill, +1 to his Strength and +1 to his Attacks
Fireroot Pepper: As any smart chef should do, for the rest of the turn.
Ogglethorpe never leaves his kitchen without a
pepper. He prefers the Fireroot variety chosen for their
intense heat.
Instead of fighting Ogglethorpe , Ogglethorpe may
attempt to jam this murderously spicy pepper down one Motto: Vivus Cibum
of his enemies throats. Roll to hit once. If he hits, then
the poor swallower of the pepper takes D3 wounds
(Live to Eat)
with no save of any kind allowed as the pepper tears
apart his digestive system.

Innkeeper of the Sow's Ear
In the small Mootland town of Leedleton, there lies the attracting many visitors who wish to hear the tale from
quaint and well-kept inn, The Sows Ear. Jolly treats the great man himself.
his guests as kings, and serves Lectors Tipple, annual
winner at the Beer Fair. Even dwarfs grudgingly Jolly Bolbottom is a kind-hearted fellow with a
acknowledge the Sow's Ear as a passable place to friendly smile and a pleasant personality. But when he
drink, and each year a pilgrimage of Halflings arrives or his inn are in danger, he quickly becomes grim
to taste his succulent pies. faced. He swears by the old, antique handgun that he
keeps under the bar counter in case any ruffians come-
However, it is not only the quality of his establishment a-knockin, as it has saved his life on many too
that secured Jollys fame. Ten years ago, during one of numerous occasions. Being an innkeeper in a bad part
the Moot's worst winters, a giant stomped down from of the Moot leads you to having a pretty fast hand
the mountains through blinding snow. It sniffed out the when it comes to drawing out your gun and shooting.
aroma of the Sow's Ear, and the few trappers and Jolly is no exception, and his skills are honed to the
traders holed up in the inn fled into the storm. point so that he can get off several shots in a short
However, Jolly stood between his tavern and the giant, period of time.
hadngun loaded. The giant ignored the innkeepers
warnings to turn back, and so Jolly fired. M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Unfortunately, snow had dampened the guns black Jolly Bolbottom 4 3 6 3 3 2 7 2 9
powder, and it misfired. The giant grabbed him and
swallowed him whole. Amazingly, the innkeeper TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character).
survived the descent into the pitch black of the
monsters gut. And more amazingly, he managed to
SPECIAL RULES: Small & Nimble,
retain his wits about him.
Unquenchable Appetite, It's Lunch Time!
Fumbling for his tinderbox, Jolly struck a light to
search for a way out. The sparks ignited gastric gas, Quick Draw: Whenever Jolly fires his Antique
and in the resultant explosion, Jolly was hurled to Handgun, he has the Multiple Shots (D3) special rule.
safety in a shower of gore to land in a snowdrift. The
giant, clutching its spilled intestines, toppled and died. Antique Handgun (Magic Weapon)
Its skull now adorns the front entrance, a trophy This beautifully crafted handgun fires and reloads with
precision and ease, unlike most of its kind at this
time. Its craftsmanship is second to none, as the gun
can also be easily loaded on the move due to its
ingenious frame.

Handgun. Jolly may fire his Antique Handgun even if

he moved that turn. In addition, he doesn't receive any
penalties for shooting at long range.

Golden Gunpowder (Enchanted Item)

This golden coloured gunpowder is actually not made
from gold, but from a highly combustible mix of
sulphur and other fulminations.

Jolly Golden Gunpowder increases the Strength and

range of his Antique handgun to 5 and 36"

Dram of Invigoration (Enchanted Item)

Used by apothecaries in The Moot to cure everything
from the common cold to broken bones, this dram of
highly alcoholic beverage is a must-have for any
Halfling battle effort.

One use only. The dram may be drunk at the start of

any phase, instantly restoring one wound lost
previously during the battle.

This section contains the rules and background for some of the most iconic and powerful magical artefacts used
by the Halflings. These may be used in addition to the magic items found in the Warhammer rulebook.


Magic Weapon Magic Armour

This fearsome implement of slaughter glows with This suit of armour was forged from the bark of one of
baleful energies. Where once it was a mere tool of the the eldest Treemen in The Moot, after it was torn off by
harvest, it was this scythe that found the neck of the the ogre bruiser Dench Frogbelly. The armour confers
Orc Warboss Grubgutz and saved many Moot dwellers upon its wearer a portion of that great oaks resilience
from the terrors of the Orcs invasion. Since that day, and fortitude. The wearer better stay clear of any fire
the scythe has passed from wielder to wielder, sources through, lest this ancient dry suit of oak
unerringly seeking the throats of enemy generals and armour will catch aflame!
Heavy armour. The Oakgnarl confers +1 Toughness
Great weapon. The Reaper Scythe grants the wielder upon the wearer. However, the wearer also becomes
the Killing Blow rule, as well as one extra attack for Flammable.
each enemy infantry model in base contact.

BOW OF APPLE OAK 30 points

Magic Weapon

This much renowned weapon is reputed to have

belonged to Daergal Corngold; a notoriously foul
tempered and territorial farmer with great crafting
skill and a habit of opening fire upon anyone who so
much as set foot in one of his fields. This ancient bow is
said to have been constructed from the boughs of a
great Apple Oak Tree plucked from a legendary apple
orchard said to be infused with raw magic! COCKERELL SCROLL 45 points
Arcane Item
This bow has the following profile:
This scroll is one of many scrolls of culinary magic
Range: Strength: Special Rules: produced by the Enchanters. This particular scroll has
24" 4 Volley Fire, always been a favourite of the Halflings, as the
Multiple Shots (4) cockerel forms part of the imperial heraldry of The
Moot, and the Halflings feel a sense of identity with
these creatures on account of their cowardly natures.

One use only. This scroll is declared and used in

response to an enemy Wizard successfully casting a
spell. Once the spell has resolved, the caster
immediately begins to transform into a cockerel, a
process that begins with the mind and ends with the
body. In each subsequent turn, the casters Leadership
THE WHEATSHIELD 40 points is reduced by 1 for the remainder of the game, and he
Magic Armour must also pass a Leadership Test or else be bodily
transformed into poultry. Poultry have 1 for all of their
This shield is nothing more than a sheaf of wheat characteristics and may not channel or cast spells. Once
wrapped around some spare fencing wire, however it transformed, the poultry may attempt to change back at
has become a symbol of all that is held dear in The the start his own magic phase, requiring a roll of a 6 on
Moot. The Wheatshield also features in the Imperial a D6.
Heraldry of The Moot (although this in itself is nothing
to be proud of). Imbued with the hope of its people, The
Wheatshield is only wielded at the height of the
harvest, when its year-old sheaf is replaced with the
finest cut of the new harvest.

Shield. The Wheatshield confers a 5+ regeneration

save upon its wielder. Once the bearer is reduced to his
final wound, this regeneration save is improved to 3+.

Enchanted Item Arcane Item

This culinary trinket consist of a glass sphere A gift from the people of the Empire, the Standard of
containing a variety of coloured capsules, which when the Moot is a symbol of the hopes and endeavours of
consumed grant the bearer strange powers, which, for the entire Halfling race. This tawdry and tattered
the most part, are highly beneficial. banner bears the imperial heraldry of The Moot, and is
one of the few items in the world capable of actually
At the start of the magic phase, the bearer of this item unifying Halflings behind a cause in great numbers,
may declare that he is eating up to one of its contents, indeed it is considered the greatest of honours to be
if the bearer elects to do this, consult the following chosen to carry this banner, and it will only be given to
chart to see what effect the bauble has: those old and responsible enough to bear it with due
respect. The Banner of the Moot was saturated in
D6 Result tomato juice and oxtail soup that emanates an odour
1 The bearer immediately suffers a wound, with filling the Halflings under its sway with nourishment
no saves of any kind allowed. and courage.
2-3 No effect.
4 The bearer gains +1 Strength and +1 The unit carrying this banner and all units who deploy
Toughness. within 8" of it may add +1 to their result on the
5 The bearer gains +1 Attacks, Weapon Skill Unquenchable Appetite table.
and Initiative.
6 The Bearer Immediately Emits a S5 breath HONEYCOMB BANNER 45 points
weapon attack that ignores armour saves and Arcane Item
then loses any statistics bonuses previously
gained from this item. This was a gift to the Elder of the Moot from Hortram
Honeypot, the greatest beekeeper there ever was,
OUTLANDISH UNIFORM 25 points whose honey glazed pie were the envy of all others. The
Enchanted Item Honeycomb banner drips with golden, syrupy
sweetness that compels the Ha flings under its sway
The Halfling has clad himself in a particularly into a crazed mob akin to that of a swarm of angry
distinctive (and often outright ridiculous) outfit, bumblebees!
consisting of striped pants and skirt in the colours of
the rainbow and a huge plumed hat, carrying what The unit carrying the banner gains +1 Strength and the
appears to be a large rooster. This allows those near Frenzy rule.
him to see that he still stands resolute, though this can
also easily make him a target, as it is hard to hide in
such foppish clothes.

All friendly units within 6" of the character may use his
Leadership as if he had the Inspiring Presence special
rule. If the uniform is worn the army's General, the
range of his Inspiring Presence rule is extended to 18"
instead. However, the character may never refuse a
challenge, and enemies can always pick him out of a
unit with missiles weapons (though he may still make a
"Look Out, Sir!" roll against any such attacks).


Enchanted Item

Black Pepper is an extremely hot spice used in many of

the most famous of Halfling delicacies. Such is its
intensity that, when consumed, it can dissolve a Man's
stomach! For battle, black pepper is distilled into a
scorching, liquid solvent that burns and irritates the

One use only. When used, all enemy models in base

contact with the bearer of the black pepper spray must
re-roll all successful rolls to Hit in close combat, and
suffer a -1 penalty on all their close combat rolls to

In times of war the Halfling army is
mustered; this army is a collection of the
small detachments of professional
soldiery, augmented by units made up of
villagers hastily armed with spears or
bows. These units of citizen militia are
normally organised by village, and each is
normally led by the village Elder or one of
the area Sheriffs. Small units of Halflings
who are particularly crafty and accurate
shots (usually the best hunters of the
region) are organised into small units of
scouts, sent ahead to gather information
on and generally harass the enemy troops.
A regiment of Ogre inhabitants usually
reinforces this mustering as well. Many
an enemy army has attempted to march
into the Empire through the Moot,
expecting easy going, only to be
unpleasantly surprised by the resistance
they encounter.

This section of the book helps your turn

your collection of Halfling miniatures into
an army of stalwart worshippers, ready for
a tabletop battle. At the back of this
section, you will also find a summary
page, which lists every unit's
characteristics profile, for quick and easy
reference during your games of

The army list is used alongside the 'Choosing an Army' As described in the Warhammer rulebook, the units in
section of the Warhammer rulebook to pick a force the army list are organised into five categories: Lords,
ready for battle. Over the following pages you will find Heroes, Core Units, Special Units and Rare Units.
an entry for each of the models in your army. These
entries give you all of the gaming information that you
need to shape your collection of models into the units ARMY LIST ENTRIES
that will form your army. Amongst other things, they Each army list entry contains all the information you
will tell you what your models are equipped with, what need to choose and field that unit at a glance, using the
options are available to them, and their points costs. following format:

MILITIA 4 points per model

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Militia 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 1 8 Infantry
Constable 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 2 8 Infantry

Unit Size: 10+ Special Rules: Options:

Short & Nimble May upgrade one Militia to a Constable..10 points
Equipment: Unquenchable May upgrade one Militia to a musician...10 points
Hand weapon Appetite May upgrade one Militia to a standard bearer.10 points
Forest Strider The entire unit may be armed with one of the following:
- Spears. point per model
- Bows..3 points per model
The entire unit may take shields.... point per model
The entire unit may be armed with throwing weapons..1 point per model

1. Name. The name by which 4. Points value. Every 7. Special Rules. Many troops
the unit or character is miniature in the Warhammer have special rules that are
identified. range costs an amount of fully described earlier in this
points that reflects how book or in the Warhammer
2. Profiles. The characteristic effective it is on the rulebook. The names of these
profiles for the model(s) in battlefield For example, a rules are listed here as a
each unit are provided as a Halfling costs 4 points, whilst reminder.
reminder. Where several the powerful Hisme
profiles are required these Stoutheart costs a whopping 8. Options. This is a list of
are also given, even if they 320 points! optional weapons and
are optional (such as unit armour; mounts, magic items
champions). 5. Unit Size. This specifies the and other upgrades for units
minimum size for each unit, or characters, including the
3. Troop Type. Each entry which is the smallest number points cost for each
specifies the troop type of its of models needed to form that particular option. Many unit
models (e.g. 'infantry, unit. In some cases units also entries include the option to
monstrous cavalry' and so have a maximum size, or can upgrade a unit member to a
on). even comprise just a single champion, standard bearer
model. or musician. Some units may
carry a magic standard or
6. Equipment. This is a list of take magic items at a further
the standard weapons and points cost.
armour for that unit. The cost
of these items is included in
the basic points value.

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Hisme Stoutheart 4 5 7 3 3 3 7 4 10 Infantry (Special Character)

Equipment: Magic Items: Special Rules: Options:

Bow Foe Slayer Small & Nimble May be mounted upon a Pony12 points
Light armour Buckler of the Red Unquenchable
Rooster Appetite
Brooch of Stoutheart Forest Strider
Hisme's Book of Sage


Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Nicholas Warfoot 4 6 7 3 3 3 7 4 10 Infantry (Special Character)

Equipment: Magic Items: Special Rules: May be mounted upon one of the following:
Heavy armour Warfoot's Blade Small & Nimble - Pony..12 points
The Warfoot's Crest Unquenchable - Battle Ram....15 points
Aladora's Necklace Appetite
Potion of War Forest Strider
Grand Commandant


Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Clegg 4 5 7 3 3 3 8 3 9 Infantry (Special Character)

Equipment: Magic Items: Special Rules:

Two hand weapons Magic 'Swag' Bag Small & Nimble
Dimminus Lockpick Unquenchable Appetite
The Glove of Sneaky Forest Strider
Pinching Poisoned Attacks
Oh, Shiny!
Take it and Run!

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Pony 7 2 0 3 3 1 3 1 5 War Beast
Battle Ram 7 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5 War Beast

Special Rules:
Battle Ram: Hill Strider, Thunderous Charge

ELDER 65 points
Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Elder 4 5 7 3 3 3 7 4 10 Infantry (Character)

Equipment: Options:
Hand weapon May be armed with one of the following:
- Additional hand weapon (unless mounted)..3 points
Special Rules: - Spear (mounted only)..3 points
Short & Nimble - Great weapon...6 points
Unquenchable May be armed with one of the following:
Appetite - Bow..5 points
Forest Strider - Sling.5 points
May wear light armour3 points
May take a shield.3 points
May be mounted upon a Pony...12 points
May take magic items up to a total of 100 points


Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Grand Enchanter 4 2 4 2 3 3 5 1 9 Infantry (Character)

Equipment: Magic: Options:

Hand weapon A Grand Enchanter is a May be mounted upon a Pony..12 points
Level 2 Wizard who uses May take magic items up to a total of 100 points
Special Rules: spells from the Lore of
Short & Nimble Fire, Lore of Beasts, Lore
Unquenchable of the Heavens, Lore of
Appetite Light, Lore of Life or
Forest Strider Lore of Shadow.
Resistant to Magic

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Gabbo 4 5 7 3 3 2 7 3 9 Monstrous Cavalry (Special Character)
Greywing 8 3 0 4 4 3 4 2 7 -

Equipment: Magic Items: Special Rules:

Bow The Hunting Spear Small & Nimble
Light armour Gromril Shirt Unquenchable Appetite
Mesh Net Elven Way Cloak Forest Strider
Animal Traps Fly


Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Ogglethorpe Bulnhelm 4 4 4 3 3 2 6 2 9 Infantry (Special Character)

Equipment: Magic Items: Special Rules: Options:

Exotic Spices Champion Chefs Small & Nimble May take a Hot Pot.80 points
Fireroot Pepper Cleaver Unquenchable Appetite
Magic Drumstick Forest Strider
It's Lunch Time!


Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Jolly Bolbottom 4 3 6 3 3 2 7 2 9 Infantry (Special Character)

Equipment: Magic Items: Special Rules:

Hand weapon Antique Handgun Small & Nimble
Golden Gunpowder Unquenchable Appetite
Dram of Invigoration Forest Strider
Quick Draw

SHERIFF 35 points
Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Sheriff 4 4 6 3 3 2 6 3 9 Infantry (Character)

Equipment: Options:
Hand weapon May be armed with one of the following:
- Additional hand weapon (unless mounted)..2 points
Special Rules: - Spear (mounted only)..2 points
Short & Nimble - Great weapon...4 points
Unquenchable May be armed with one of the following:
Appetite - Bow..5 points
Forest Strider - Sling.5 points
May wear light armour2 points
May take a shield.2 points
May be mounted upon a Pony.8 points
May take magic items up to a total of ..50 points

ENCHANTER 55 points
Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Enchanter 4 2 4 2 3 2 5 1 8 Infantry (Character)

Equipment: Magic: Options:

Hand weapon An Enchanter is a Level 1 May be mounted upon a Pony8 points
Wizard who uses spells May take magic items up to a total of ..50 points
Special Rules: from the Lore of Fire,
Short & Nimble Lore of Beasts, Lore of
Unquenchable the Heavens, Lore of
Appetite Light, Lore of Life or
Forest Strider Lore of Shadow.
Resistant to Magic

MASTER CHEF 70 points

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Master Chef 4 3 4 3 3 2 6 2 9 Infantry (Character)

Equipment: Options:
Hand weapon May be armed with one of the following:
- Additional hand weapon..2 points
Special Rules: - Great weapon...4 points
Short & Nimble May be armed with one of the following:
Unquenchable - Bow..5 points
Appetite - Sling.5 points
Forest Strider May wear light armour3 points
It's Lunch Time! May take a shield.3 points
May take magic items up to a total of ..50 points

MASTER THIEF 65 points

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Master Thief 5 4 6 3 3 2 8 3 9 Infantry (Character)

Equipment: Special Rules: Options:

Two hand weapons Short & Nimble May be armed with one of the following:
Unquenchable Appetite - Sling...5 points
Forest Strider - Throwing knives.2 points
Scout May wear light armour...3 points
Oh, Shiny! May take magic items up to a total of..50 points
Take it and Run!

MILITIA 4 points per model
Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Militia 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 1 8 Infantry
Constable 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 2 8 Infantry

Unit Size: 10+ Special Rules: Options:

Short & Nimble May upgrade one Militia to a Constable..10 points
Equipment: Unquenchable May upgrade one Militia to a musician...10 points
Hand weapon Appetite May upgrade one Militia to a standard bearer.10 points
Forest Strider The entire unit may be armed with one of the following:
- Spears. point per model
- Bows..3 points per model
The entire unit may take shields.... point per model
The entire unit may be armed with throwing weapons..1 point per model

VIGILANTE GUARD 6 points per model

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Vigilante Guard 4 3 4 2 2 1 5 1 8 Infantry
Deputy 4 3 4 2 2 1 5 2 8 Infantry

Unit Size: 10+ Special Rules: Options:

Short & Nimble May upgrade one Vigilante Guard to a Deputy...10 points
Equipment: Unquenchable May upgrade one Vigilante Guard to a musician.10 points
Spear Appetite May upgrade one Vigilante Guard to a standard bearer..10 points
Light armour Forest Strider - May take a magic standard worth up to25 points
Shield The entire unit may be armed with bows..3 points per model
The entire unit may be armed with bows..3 points per model

FIELDWARDENS 8 points per model

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Fieldwarden 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 1 8 Infantry
Marshal 4 2 5 2 2 1 5 1 8 Infantry

Unit Size: 10+ Special Rules: Options:

Short & Nimble May upgrade one Fieldwarden to a Marshal....10 points
Equipment: Unquenchable May upgrade one Fieldwarden to a musician..10 points
Hand weapon Appetite May upgrade one Fieldwarden to a standard bearer10 points
Sling Forest Strider The entire unit may be armed additional hand weapons1 point per model
Skirmishers The entire unit may swap spears for halberds..free

HOBILARS 8 points per model

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Hobilar 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 1 8 Cavalry
Roadwarden 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 2 8 Cavalry
Pony 7 2 0 3 3 1 3 1 5 -

Unit Size: 5+ Special Rules: Options:

Unquenchable May upgrade one Hobilar to a Roadwarden....10 points
Equipment: Appetite May upgrade one Hobilar to a musician..10 points
Hand weapon Fast Cavalry May upgrade one Hobilar to a standard bearer10 points
Omph! The entire unit may be armed with one of the following:
- Spears..1 point per model
The entire unit may take shields.....1 point per model

RANGERS 9 points per model
Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Ranger 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 1 8 Infantry
Tracker 4 2 5 2 2 1 5 1 8 Infantry

Unit Size: 5+ Special Rules: Options:

Short & Nimble May upgrade one Ranger to a Tracker.10 points
Equipment: Unquenchable May upgrade one Ranger to a musician...10 points
Hand weapon Appetite The entire unit may be armed with bows..3 points per model
Bow Forest Strider The entire unit may be armed additional hand weapons1 point per model

HOUSEWIVES 7 points per model

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Housewife 4 3 4 2 3 1 5 1 8 Infantry
Matron 4 3 4 2 3 1 5 1 8 Infantry

Unit Size: 10+ Special Rules: Options:

Short & Nimble May upgrade one Housewife to a Matron....10 points
Equipment: Unquenchable May upgrade one Housewife to a musician.10 points
Hand weapon Appetite May upgrade one Housewife to a standard bearer...10 points
Forest Strider - May take a Washing Line.25 points
Women's Wrath The entire unit may be armed with one of the following:
- Additional hand weapons..2 points per model
- Great weapons...2 points per model
The entire unit may be armed with throwing weapons..1 point per model

BEE SWARMS 40 points per base

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Bee Swarm - 3 0 1 1 5 3 - 10 Swarm
Beekeeper 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 1 8 Infantry

Note: You must add 1 free Beekeeper for every Bee Swarm you buy.

Unit Size: 2+ bases & 2+ Special Rules:

Beekeepers. Short & Nimble (Beekeeper only)
Unquenchable Appetite (Beekeeper only)
Forest Strider
Random Movement (2D6, Bee Swarm only)
Random Attacks (2D6, Bee Swarm only)
Release the Bees!
They're everywhere!

THIEVES 8 points per model
Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Thief 5 3 4 2 2 1 6 1 8 Infantry
Cat Burglar 5 3 4 2 2 1 6 2 8 Infantry

Unit Size: 5+ Special Rules: Options:

Short & Nimble May upgrade one Thief to a Cat Burglar.10 points
Equipment: Unquenchable The entire unit may be armed additional hand
Hand weapon Appetite weapons.2 points per model
Forest Strider The entire unit may be armed with throwing weapons..1 point per model
Oh, Shiny!
Take it and Run!

PANTRY GUARD 6 points per model

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Pantry Guard 4 3 4 3 2 1 5 1 9 Infantry
Cook Master 4 3 4 3 2 1 5 2 9 Infantry
Chuck Wagon - - - - 5 4 - - - Un
Aurochs 7 3 0 4 - - 3 1 - -

Unit Size: 10+ Special Rules: Options:

Short & Nimble May upgrade one Pantry Guard to a Cook Master...10 points
Equipment: Unquenchable May upgrade one Pantry Guard to a musician.10 points
Hand weapon Appetite May upgrade one Pantry Guard to a standard bearer...10 points
Forest Strider - May take a magic standard worth up to50 points
Chuck Wagon The entire unit may be armed with one of the following:
- Additional hand weapons..2 points per model
- Great weapons...2 points per model
The entire unit may accompanied by a Chuck Wagon75 points
The entire unit may wear light armour...1 point per model

LORDS OF THE HARVEST 8 points per model

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Harvest Lord 4 3 4 2 2 1 6 1 9 Infantry
Gang Leader 4 3 4 2 2 1 6 2 9 Infantry

Unit Size: 10+ Special Rules: Options:

Short & Nimble May upgrade one Harvest Lord to a Gang Leader...10 points
Equipment: Unquenchable May upgrade one Harvest Lord to a musician.10 points
Two hand Appetite May upgrade one Harvest Lord to a standard bearer...10 points
weapons Forest Strider - May take a magic standard worth up to25 points
Fight in Extra The entire unit may be armed with throwing weapons..1 point per model
Kick'em in the

HOUND RIDERS 12 points per model
Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Hound Rider 4 2 4 2 2 1 6 1 8 Cavalry
Kennel Master 4 2 5 2 2 1 6 1 8 Cavalry
Hound 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5 -

Unit Size: 5+ Special Rules: Options:

Unquenchable May upgrade one Hound Rider to a Kennel Master....10 points
Equipment: Appetite May upgrade one Hound Rider to a musician..10 points
Hand weapon Forest Strider May upgrade one Hound Rider to a standard bearer10 points
Bow Fast Cavalry The entire unit may be armed with spears..1 point per model
Go get 'Em Boy! The entire unit may wear light armour...1 point per model

SWAN RIDERS 21 points per model

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Swan Rider 4 2 4 2 2 1 6 1 8 Cavalry
Airborne 4 2 5 2 2 1 6 1 8 Cavalry
Angry Swan 2 3 0 3 3 1 4 1 5 -

Unit Size: 3+ Special Rules: Options:

Unquenchable May upgrade one Swan Rider to a Airborne....10 points
Equipment: Appetite May upgrade one Swan Rider to a musician10 points
Hand weapon Flying Cavalry The entire unit may wear light armour..2 points per model
Bow Nasty Temper

RAM RIDERS 16 points per model

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Ram Rider 4 3 4 3 2 1 5 1 9 Cavalry
Moot Knight 4 3 5 3 2 1 5 1 9 Cavalry
Battle Ram 7 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5 -

Unit Size: 5+ Special Rules: Options:

Unquenchable May upgrade one Ram Rider to a Moot Knight.......10 points
Equipment: Appetite May upgrade one Ram Rider to a musician.....10 points
Hand weapon Hill Strider May upgrade one Ram Rider to a standard bearer...10 points
Spear Thunderous The entire unit may upgrade to wear heavy armour.2 points per model
Light armour Charge

SHEARER 50 points per model

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Shearer - - - 5 4 3 - - - Chariot (Armour save 5+)
Farmer - 2 4 2 - - 5 1 8 -
Battle Ram 7 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5 -
Sheep Dog 7 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 6 War Beast

Unit Size: 1-2 Equipment Special Rules: Options:

(Crew):: Get Off My Each Shearer may take up to 2 Sheep
Crew: 2 Farmers Hand weapon Land! Dogs...5 points per model
Drawn by: 2 Battle Rams weapon

REAPER 90 points per model
Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Reaper - - - 5 5 4 - - - Chariot (Armour save 5+)
Farmer - 2 4 2 - - 5 1 8 -
Aurochs 7 3 0 4 - - 3 1 - -
Sheep Dog 7 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 6 War Beast

Unit Size: 1 Equipment Special Rules: Options:

(Crew): Deadly Tools Each Shearer may take up to 3 Sheep
Crew: 3 Farmers Hand weapon Get Off My Dogs...5 points per model
Throwing Land!
Drawn by: 2 Aurochs weapon

MOOT OGRES 30 points per model

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Moot Ogre 6 3 3 4 4 3 2 3 7 Monstrous Infantry
Ogre Brute 6 3 3 4 4 3 2 4 7 Monstrous Infantry

Unit Size: 3+ Special Rules: Options:

Fear May upgrade one Moot Ogre to a Ogre Brute.10 points
Equipment: Impact Hits (1) May upgrade one Moot Ogre to a musician.10 points
Hand weapon May upgrade one Moot Ogre to a standard bearer...10 points
The entire unit may be armed with one of the following:
- Additional hand weapons..3 points per model
- Great weapons...6 points per model

HOT POT 65 points per model

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Hot Pot - - - - 4 3 - - - War Machine (Stone Thrower)
Halfling Crew 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 1 8 -

Unit Size: 1 Crew: 3 Equipment (Crew): Special Rules:

Hand weapon Hot Pot

0-1 'KATHLEEN' HALFTANK 175 points per model

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Half Tank 6 - - 5 6 6 - - 10 Unique (2+ Armour save)

Unit Size: 1 Equipment: Special Rules:

Soup Cannon Hot Pot
Large Target
Nearly Irresistible Force
The Soup Cannon

Clegg 4 5 7 3 3 3 8 3 9 In 61 Half Tank 6 - - 5 6 6 - - 10 Un 58
Elder 4 5 7 3 3 3 7 4 10 In 39 Hot Pot - - - - 4 3 - - - WM 58
Grand Enchanter 4 2 4 2 3 3 5 1 9 In 40 - Halfling Crew 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 1 8 -
Hisme Stoutheart 4 5 7 3 3 3 7 4 10 In 59 Moot Ogre 6 3 3 4 4 3 2 3 7 MI 57
Nicholas Warfoot 4 6 7 3 3 3 7 4 10 In 60 - Ogre Brute 6 3 3 4 4 3 2 4 7 MI
Reaper - - - 5 5 4 - - - Ch 56
HEROES M WS BS S T W I A Ld Type Page - Farmer - 2 4 2 - - 5 1 8 -
Enchanter 4 2 4 2 3 2 5 1 8 In 40 - Aurochs 7 3 0 4 - - 3 1 - -
Gabbo 4 5 7 3 3 2 7 3 9 MC 63 - Sheep Dog 7 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 6 WB
- Greywing 8 3 0 4 4 3 4 2 7 -
Jolly Bolbottom 4 3 6 3 3 2 7 2 9 In 65 MOUNTS M WS BS S T W I A Ld Type Page
Master Chef 4 3 4 3 3 2 6 2 9 In 41 Battle Ram 7 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5 WB 55
Master Thief 5 4 6 3 3 2 8 3 9 In 50 Pony 7 2 0 3 3 1 3 1 5 WB 45
Ogglethorpe 4 4 4 3 3 2 6 2 9 In 64
Sheriff 4 4 6 3 3 2 6 3 9 In 39 Troop Type Key: In = Infantry, WB = War Beast,
Ca = Cavalry, MI = Monstrous Infantry, MB =
CORE UNITS M WS BS S T W I A Ld Type Page Monstrous Beast, MC = Monstrous Cavalry, Mo =
Fieldwarden 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 1 8 In 44 Monster, Ch = Chariot, Sw = Swarms, Un = Unique,
- Marshal 4 2 5 2 2 1 5 1 8 In
WM = War Machine.50x100mm
Hobilar 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 1 8 Ca 45
- Roadwarden 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 2 8 Ca
- Pony 7 2 0 3 3 1 3 1 5 -
Militia 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 1 8 In 42
- Constable 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 2 8 In
Vigilante Guard 4 3 4 2 2 1 5 1 8 In 43
- Deputy 4 3 4 2 2 1 5 2 8 Ca


Bee Swarm - 3 0 1 1 5 3 - 10 Sw 48
- Beekeeper 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 1 8 In
Harvest Lord 4 3 4 2 2 1 6 1 9 In 52
- Gang Leader 4 3 4 2 2 1 6 2 9 In
Hound Rider 4 2 4 2 2 1 6 1 8 In 53
- Kennel Master 4 2 5 2 2 1 6 1 8 In
- Hound 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5 In
Housewife 4 3 4 2 3 1 5 1 8 In 47
- Matron 4 3 4 2 3 1 5 1 8 In
Pantry Guard 4 3 4 3 2 1 5 1 9 In 51
- Cook Master 4 3 4 3 2 1 5 2 9 In
- Chuck Wagon - - - - 5 4 - - - Un
- Aurochs 7 3 0 4 - - 3 1 - -
Ram Rider 4 3 4 3 2 1 5 1 9 Ca 55
- Moot Knight 4 3 5 3 2 1 5 1 9 Ca
- Battle Ram 7 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5 -
Ranger 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 1 8 In 46
- Tracker 4 2 5 2 2 1 5 1 8 In
Shearer - - - 5 4 3 - - 7 Ch 56
- Farmer - 2 4 2 - - 5 1 - - "Never heard of the place. It's part
- Battle Ram 7 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 8 - of the Empire? Really? A place
- Sheep Dog 7 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 - WB
Swan Rider 4 2 4 2 2 1 6 1 8 Ca 54
with Halflings in charge? Well
- Airborne 4 2 5 2 2 1 6 1 8 Ca whose stupid idea was that, then?"
- Angry Swan 2 3 0 3 3 1 4 1 5 - WISSENLANDER. INNKEEPER
Thief 5 3 4 2 2 1 6 1 8 In 49
- Cat Burglar 5 3 4 2 2 1 6 2 8 In

HALFLINGS Inside you will find:
A Bestiary describing every unit, monster,
South-east of the Empire can be found the Moot, the hero and war machine in your army.
land of the Halflings. Wishing nothing more than to An army list to arrange your collection of
eat, drink and be generally merry, the Halflings are miniatures into a battle-ready force.
a peaceful and pastoral people, but their bravery in A comprehensive section that details the
defence of their homeland should not be doubted. Moot, its culture and its history.
When the time of need is great, every able Halfling Warhammer: Halflings is one of a series of
muster to defend their homes against any would-be supplements for Warhammer. Each book
describes in detail an army, its history and its
raiders trying to steal their pies! heroes.