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Pujya Shri Dr. S. Somasekhar (Appaji)


Pujya Shri Dr. S. Somasekhar


Parabrahm Mission
Amrut Sadma, #225,
32nd 'A' Cross, 7th Block, Jayanagar,
Bengaluru - 560 070
E-mail : appaji@parabrahmmission.org


Pujya Shri Dr. S. Somasekhar (Appaji)

First Edition : 2017

Copies : 1,500
Parabrahm Mission
Published by :
Parabrahm Mission
Amrut Sadma, # 225, 32nd 'A' Cross
7th Block, Jayanagar,
Cover page design : Ms. Pooja
No Part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means
without permission in writing from the President of Parabrahm Mission.

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1. Divine Gems 04
2. Parabrahm Mission 05
3. Samartha Guru Pujya
Shri Dr. S. Somasekhar 08
4. Sadhana 10
A. Daily Practice 10
B. Prayer 11
C. Meditation 13
D. Work like God 14
E. Cleaning 15
5. Divine Messages 16
6. Divine Tantras 17
7. Divine Sutras 18
8. Divine Diamonds 19
9. Divine Essentials 20
10. Divine Dictum 21
11. Divine Yoga 22
12. Wisdom Quotes 23
13. Branches 44
Divine Gems

Gems of divine knowledge and pearls of

wisdom have always been highly treasured for their
invaluable potential to enlighten the minds of aspiring
souls. Through this book Divine Gems we intend to
give insights on how to imbibe spirituality in our lives
and nurture our character and living so as to speed up
the individual evolution on the higher plane.

Parabrahm Mission

God realisation has been represented as a very

difcult and complicated endeavour, so people are
always hesitant and passively resist to venture on the
path to realise Him. But with the help of a capable
guide, the mighty task to realise Him becomes possible
in this very lifetime. With the 40 years of spiritual
practice and reaching the pinnacle of spiritual ladder,
Pujya Shri Dr. S. Somasekhar (fondly addressed as
Appaji), founded Parabrahm Mission, in the year 2014
with the objective of extending His spiritual guidance
to the human society and its populace at large to realize
the purpose of human life, to understand the ways of
achieving such purpose through simple yet profound
methods and processes and thereby enrich ones life
with inner contentment, now and ever after.
The mission is involved in educating the aspiring
individuals, the real cause of individual distress and
sufferings and guides them to counter such afictions
through self-realization. The participants are guided to
understand the purpose of life and realise it internally
by connecting to the inner self. By following the

practice of Divine Meditation, Cleansing of mind, and
developing internal absorption as per the teachings of
the mission, one is trained to regulate the mind,
maintain inner purity and develop the divine attitude
and approach in life to become one with God.
'Parabrahm Mission' is the platform for seekers
to become divinized beings through total
transformation of self and grow into becoming the
embodiment of love and eventually become universal
lovers. Parabrahm Mission is a family of such seekers
that are progressing to reach God at ever faster pace
under the loving guidance and care of Appaji. Thus
having Appaji as the role model, under the umbrella of
Parabrahm Mission, it is possible to lose individual
identity and become one with the Creator in this very

Literary Committee,
Parabrahm Mission

Samartha Guru
Pujya Dr. S. Somasekhar

Supremely divine and serene being, Dr. S.

Somasekhar, affectionately known as Appaji, was born
on 12th June 1944 in Malagalali Village, Mandya
District, Karnataka. Right from an early age, He had
an insatiable thirst to know God. This inspired Him to
refer to numerous religious books and scriptures
including the Bhagvad Gita, which convinced Him
that His earnest search to seek God can be fullled
only through Meditation. After years of search for a
capable Guru who could guide Him on the right path
of meditation, He came in connect with Shri Ram
Chandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, lovingly
addressed as Babuji Maharaj, in 1974. Babuji
Maharajs spiritual wealth was unparalleled and just by
looking at his photo, Appaji found Himself becoming
increasingly restless, with the afrmation that He has
found the Master, who could give Him direct
experience of God that He was seeking so earnestly
for many years. His spiritual journey had begun,
having learnt the path, He started intense sadhana,
with constant self-purication and aspiration to

achieve total internal absorption. With the demise of
Babuji Maharaj in 1983, his spiritual successor Chariji
guided Appaji further in His quest. His soul journey
progressed in leaps and bounds bringing Him closer
and closer to the door of Almighty. He reached
Sahyujya (a level where soul begins to unite with God)
in 2011. This was an unconquerable spiritual
achievement by Appaji which nobody had reached.
At the same time, divine plan was unfolding with
far-reaching consequences. He was being prepared for
th e m a g n a n i m o u s ta sk th a t l ay a h ea d f o r
transformation of mankind and making this world
spiritualized. Guided by the inner command of God,
He founded Parabrahm Mission in 2014. Through this
Mission, Appaji intends to enlighten the hearts and
minds of the people and practically guide them to
identify & achieve the purpose of life.
Appaji is a retired General Surgeon, of the cadre
of District Surgeon, Government of Karnataka. He
has served thousands of patients during his service
and all through has witnessed intense sufferings and
agony of the masses, struggling to meet the ends. He
always brought awareness in them regarding the
purpose of life and guided the way to overcome the

sufferings by meditation and realizing the Self. Appaji
has dealt with every situation in life with His
unconditional love for the creation, and it is with this
pure love that He has conquered and transformed the
hearts of people. Whoever appears before His
presence, feels their mind peacefully resting in God.
Appaji transforms the sincere seeker into an
enlightened being. He triggers an inner connection
that becomes the foundation for inner transformation
that eventually conquers the lower self and furthers its
dissolution in the higher Self which is the ultimate goal
of human life.
A Self-absorbed being, Appaji, although
surrounded by material afuences, one nds Him
seldom attached to it. Never before had the secret
been made available to all, of the innite journey to
become one with the Source. In this modern world,
wherein people are whirling around materiality,
enshrouded in ignorance, Appaji, with absolute purity
and childlike innocence having become one with the
Source by losing the soul identity, is the torch bearer
carrying the light of divinity that would illuminate the
whole world.
Literary Committee,
Parabrahm Mission

A. Daily Practice
When you get up in the morning think that I am
saint. Have this feeling whenever possible throughout
the day.
[There is natures law that as you think, so you become. Thus
when we give positive suggestion to mind that I am a saint, we
shall start developing saintly qualities like love, empathy... We
grow to become devoid of negativity, and become true to

B. Prayer

O Parabrahm,

The real purpose of human life is, to get our soul

dissolved in your pure ocean of bliss.
But the samskaras are blocking the journey of the
soul to reach you.
You are the only almighty God to remove the
obstacles on the path of spiritual progress.
We humbly pray you to carry our soul to your

The prayer is addressed to the Creator, and should be

done with the supplement mood, in the state of inner
absorption. It is the call of our heart to the creator
saying, O Supreme Master, the real purpose of human
life, is to see that our individual soul that has come
from Him at the time of creation, goes back to Him,
which is its real abode. But to reach Him, the hurdles
are our samskaras covering the soul, that we have
accumulated by our thoughts and actions over various
lives. These coverings have to be emptied and

removed. It is only possible by the sadhana, and Will
power of the capable Master. Further, we are
expressing our inability to progress on the spiritual
journey because of the samskaras that are holding the
soul back. Thus with the attitude of total surrender
and dependence, accepting that the obstacles on our
journey can be removed only with His grace, we
humbly ask Him, to take us to His Existence.
[When this prayer is addressed with total devotion and
love, in the state of surrender it reaches Him, and His blessings
will be on us, and His grace will reach us, carrying us on the
journey to become one with Him.
This prayer is done before starting the morning meditation
and before the meditation sessions and before going to bed.]

C. Meditation

Start the day with heartfelt prayer connecting

yourself to the Parabrahm followed by meditation. Sit
in a comfortable posture and take the attention
inwards to the heart. With an attitude of love and
devotion, think that there is divinity in the heart. If
mind gets diverted in thoughts, gently bring it back to
the heart without forcing the mind to concentrate. Try
to be in the meditative state as long as possible, atleast
for half an hour in the beginning.
Practice taking the attention inwards to the heart
whenever possible during the day even if you get one
minute of free time. This helps to regulate the mind and
develop inner dependence leading to constant
remembrance of divinity. It also helps in reducing
negative thoughts and tendencies.
[Real Meditation is when mind stays near the soul.
Heart is the seat of soul, and soul is the spark of Creator.
When we take our attention towards heart having the idea of
divinity, we will be in the state of Real Meditation. Also, where
the attention goes, energy follows and where the energy goes,
manifestation starts. This is one of the laws of Nature. Thus
during meditation, when the attention goes to the soul, yogic
transmission (divine energy and food for the soul) will start
owing towards it. When soul receives yogic transmission, the
consciousness starts expanding and the soul journey begins.]

D. Work like God

In meditative state, without being conscious of

the work, think and feel that I am a central sun and love is
owing from my heart to the entire creation. Have this feeling
whenever possible.

E. Cleaning

Visualize divine white light from the cosmos

entering the body through Brahmarandra (point in the
crown of the head). Feel that this light is pushing down
the impressions created during the day as well as
negativity and impurities of entire mind and body,
below to the ground and earthen it 100 feet into the
ground (visualize the white light passing through the
body slowly from top to bottom, making its way by
pushing the impressions, negativity, impurities
downwards). Then, feel that the white light lls the
entire mind and body making them lighter and divine.
[Cleaning is the method of grounding the impressions,
negativity, impurities from the mind and body. In this technique,
there is a constant activity of mind, where will power is used to
cleanse the mind and body by constant ow of thought.]

Divine Messages

Be faithful and truthful to yourselves

Be sincere and loving to yourselves
Be good and do good
Realize the purpose of life and devote your life to it
Serve His creation selessly
Develop and maintain the attitude of inner
Aspire to become universal lover

Divine Tantras
For a peaceful existence

Accept - Accept and understand that every

situation in life is a consequence of our own karma
and deal it with optimism.
Adjust - We need to adjust and cooperate at every
step in life so as to develop and maintain harmony
amongst dear ones.
Adopt - Adopt a simple living with basic necessity
and be content with the available resources.
Tolerance - Develop tolerance towards weakness
and negatives of others, and dont react
aggressively towards them.
Silence - Silence works when every other approach
in life fails. At times, it is prudent to silently accept
our fate and strive for a healthy state of being.

Divine Sutras
Towards expanding mental and
spiritual horizon

Communication - Communica tion is the inner

contact with the higher Self that gives total
Perfection - Any work when done with absolute
dedication and love would lead to perfection in
every activity.
Positive emotion - Compassion and
understanding of every being and situation on the
journey helps in maintaining inner harmony and to
become universal lovers.
Creativity - Creativity should be developed to
attract Gods attention towards us.
Immortality - Win over the mortal existence by
overcoming the karmic bondage and becoming
free from the cycle of birth and death. Let the soul
enjoy the bliss of immortality.

Divine Diamonds
Diamonds are unbreakable, and represent the unshakable
attitude towards reaching the goal

Determination - Strong determination to reach

the Ultimate becomes the driving force to keep
moving on the spiritual quest
Dedication - Total dedication for any task
undertaken is of utmost importance to achieve
perfection in all spheres of life.
Dependence - Absolute dependence on the
Creator for every breath of existence, just like a
new borns dependence on the mother, becomes
imperative as we progress more and more towards
Purity - The purity of mind should be maintained
Gratitude - One should always have heartfelt
gratitude towards Samartha Guru, for its the guru
that serves the sadhaka in real sense for their upliftment
to free them from the bondages of the maya.

Divine Essentials
Imperative to spiritual progress

Love - Love the Creator and His creation

Faith - One should have absolute trust in God.
Faith is belief in our creator that everything that
happens in life is for our spiritual progress.
Obedience - Total obedience to the Samartha
Guru without any misgivings is of utmost
importance for spiritual progress.
Surrender - Surrender is acceptance of every
situation as Will of God. When there is total
surrender, ego loses its inuence and prominence
on human mind.
Devotion - Maturity of love for God and its total
purity, is true Bhakti which is the culmination of
ones sadhana.

Divine Dictum
Ones approach and attitude to clear the blocks on the
spiritual progress

Expect not - All actions ought to be done without

expecting the fruit of action.
Judge not - Judge not since it is not possible to
always anticipate the right, so we ought not
measure anyone from our perspective.
Blame not - Nobody is perfect except God.
Blaming others, masks our own negatives and also
leads to prejudice.
Negative thoughts not - Brooding over negative
thoughts enhances the negativity of mind that
blocks the spiritual progress.
I am not - Negate the lower self, self centeredness,
me and mine, since pride destroys devotion.

Divine Yoga
Path to self realisation and beyond
Karma yoga - Path of reaching Him through the
practice of meditation, cleansing of mind and
inner discipline and thereby maintaining divine
purity of mind.
Gyana yoga - Path of knowledge, wherein the
knowledge of the destination and the journey helps
in understanding the goal and also motivates to
reach the goal at the earliest.
Bhakti yoga - Path of intense devotion for God,
wherein His presence lls the entire existence of
the Bhakta.
Raja yoga - Mind is the king, the path to regulation
of mind is Rajayoga, and only regulated mind can
help on the journey of the soul to reach Him
Guru yoga - All the paths to reach Him are
illuminated and made to traverse by the Guru.
Guru yoga is the supreme yoga, wherein the path
itself becomes the destination.

Wisdom Quotes

A portion of minds attention should
always be towards the soul.

Any level of knowledge is of no use unless the soul

is awakened and is journeying towards the source.

Where the attention goes energy follows.

Where the energy goes creation or manifestation
takes place. So when we take our attention towards
heart where soul resides, the yogic transmission
from cosmos ows to it and divinity manifests.

When mind transcends all koshas and
goes near soul, it experiences peace.

Nirvikalpa Samadhi is total internal absorption

coupled with total awareness

With enthusiasm mind goes inside easily,

making a channel for yogic transmission to reach
the soul.

Knowledge of the Reality and constant striving
for its achievement is the real Wisdom.

Idea originates from the core of the mind, ripples to

the boundary and manifests in the form of a thought.

Naturally concentrated mind is the only

instrument to read the nature as it is.

When the mind stays near the soul and experiences
its nature of Shanthi, it is known as Atmadarshan.

The soul born as human being is a gift of GOD,

having potential to go back to the source. Do spiritual
sadhana under a Samarth Guru and achieve the goal

The attitude of a spiritualised person about God

is innite where as the religious persons is nite.

Character transformation quickens the spiritual

When mind is engrossed in a thought, impressions

are formed. With continuous brooding, impressions
deepens into an attitude. Prolonged attitude develops
into a habit. Habits form the basis of character. Our
character determines the nal destiny.

Stillness of mind attained by its cleansing is

essential for spiritual progress.

When enthusiasm is there it is easy for the mind
to go near the soul and experience peace.

Meditation is the doorway to relaxation. It links

soul and mind, one can receive valuable inputs on
how to cope with lifes issues and insights on what
may be forthcoming.

Anasuyathmaka Budhi is very important for spiritual

progress, where as asuya corrupts all understanding.

Intense love for GOD creates vacuum in the soul,
which inturn sucks yogic transmission leading to
awakening of the soul.

God is beyond time and space. Soul is a spark of

God and has all the qualities of God. We experience
the condition of God when we take our mind
near the soul during meditation.

Doubt is a negative thought which shrinks the

spiritual progress, hence sadhakas should be alert not
to entertain doubt in their mind.

Spiritual sadhaka should not have FEAR of Guru.
It is a negative tendency which hampers spiritual

The Pancha Tantras: Accept, Adjust, Adopt, Tolerance

and Silence are the base of a peaceful existence.

The sign of spiritual progress of a sadhaka is that

he gradually attaches more and more to spirituality
and less and less to worldly life.

Fine restlessness of mind is mandatory for
sadhaka to reach the goal and get dissolved in

We can solve any problem when we deal it from

spiritual heart.

Cleansing of mind by will power every day as

prescribed by spiritual Master is very very important
for spiritual progress as well as for peaceful living.

To bring human beings to spirituality, it is
essential to inspire the mind with the idea of divinity.

Divine Grace is the purest and highest energy

bestowed by God Himself. It can be invoked by one
who is directly connected to Him.

Anger is a negative energy that destroys all positive

energies in the mind. Hence avoid anger.

Birthday is a special day when soul rejoices its state
of being.
First birthday is when a person takes birth in a
Human form.
Second is when the soul is liberated and reaches
Brahmanda mandal.
Third birthday is when the soul reaches
Fourth birthday is when it enters Sayujya.
Fifth is when soul merges in Parabrahm.

For spiritual progress, sadhaka should not brood

over past and future. He should always be in the

Universe is composed of grosser and subtler
vibrations. The subtler divine vibrations can be
experienced only by heart.

Real dedication towards work is when it is done

whole heartedly without expecting any result.

When the mind transcends the thoughts layer,

we experience the real silence.

Negative emotions are veil to experience the
condition of Soul.

Samartha Guru is one who can nurture and grow

the seed of divinity in the seeker by divine grace.

Experiencing the essence of Divinity everywhere

is the actual Darshan.

Tolerance is very much necessary for both
spiritual life and worldly life.

Universal love is the foundation for the forthcoming

era that will resemble Satya Yuga.

Soul receives yogic transmission only when it is

awakened by a capable Spiritual Master by His
will power. This is known as Deeksha

Sadhaka must be obedient to Divine Master
for his spiritual progress.

Will Power is Sharpened by dedication towards the

work, increases with spiritual level and is strengthened
by His Grace.

Absolute purity is the condition of God, it is beyond

thoughtless state of mind and it can be experienced
only through 'Real Meditation'.

Awakening of Mind in early phase of life paves the
way for experiencing the divinity and its Realization.

Constant experience of the divine vibrations of

soul by the Mind is known as Manosakshatkaar,
which is essential for Atmasakshatkaar.

Nature of a person has a direct impact on health.

Be alert, realize and transform nature as necessary
to become physically and mentally healthy.

Do not worry about the past, do not worry about
the future. Live in the present moment for
spiritual progress and good health.

Real faith in a spiritual Master, can move the

mountains of hurdles on the spiritual path, paving
the way for upward journey on the spiritual ladder.

A million moments in communion with GOD

would dissolve like fraction of a moment. And
hundreds of billion moments would also not be
sufcient to experience His pure bliss.

There are two types of Knowledge (Gyana). The rst
one is the real knowledge obtained by their own
experience of spiritual practice. The second one is
the knowledge obtained by reading literature or
by hearing from others.

Regulated mind experiences the universal

consciousness that is existing in all His creation.

An attitude of inner discipline becomes the

foundation for healthy spiritual and material life.

When one realizes the real purpose of his life
and imbibes it as way of life, he is enlightened.

A Samarth Guru can take Sadhka to the pinnacle

of spiritual journey, provided Sadhaka has faith,
obedience, devotion, surrender and unconditional
love for the Guru.

Constant journey of Soul towards the Creator is

real spiritual birthday, where every moment
becomes a new life of the Soul as Soul enters
a new dimension with every movement.

When one realizes the real purpose of his life and
imbibes it as way of life, he is enlightened.


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Pujya Shri Dr. S. Somasekhar (Appaji)
Founder President & Spiritual Master

A million moments in communion with GOD would dissolve

like frac on of a moment. And hundreds of billion moments
would also not be sucient to experience His pure bliss.

Pujya Shri Dr. S. Somasekhar, aec onately known as

Appaji, founded Parabrahm Mission in 2014. Through this Mission,
Appaji intends to enlighten the hearts and minds of the people and
prac cally guide them to iden fy & achieve the purpose of life.
Appaji transforms the sincere seeker into an enlightened being. He
triggers an inner connec on in a seeker, that becomes the
founda on for inner transforma on that eventually conquers the
lower self and furthers its dissolu on in the higher self, which is the
ul mate goal of human life.
H.Q : # 225, Amrut Sadma, 32nd 'A' Cross,
7th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru - 560 070
Ph: +91-80-26634858, Mb: +91-7204707537

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