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Schrage Motor with Control Panel :

The AC variable speed commutator motor is essentially a 3 phase-induction motor with an e.m.f
injected into the secondary circuit in order to give speed control. The injected e.m.f is, in this case,
obtained from a commutator mounted on the rotor.
The important construction difference between this motor and the ordinary induction motor is that
the primary winding of the former is on the rotor and is fed through the slip rings while the
secondary winding is on the stator. Each secondary phase is connected to a pair of movable
brushes (rockers) which collects from the commutator the required emf for Injection into the
secondary circuit.
Two-brush rockers are fitted with toothed racks over a portion of their periphery. The teeth
projecting inwards and engaging respectively with the two sides of a pinion mounted between
them on a vertical shaft. This pinion movement determines the brush separation. Control of speed
is obtained by turning the pinion by means of a hand wheel.
The system is supplied along with Control Panel and Schrage Motor mounted on anti-vibration
pads. The Unique desing of Control Panel with MMIC Diagram to demonstrate & study the basics
and fundamentals of Schrage motor.

Powder Coated Panel Structure, fabricated from high quality 16/18 SWG M S Sheet
with in-built storage facility. Cost-Effective Table Top Panel, Customized & Tailor made
design is also available as per specific requirement of the Customer.

Specifications : Features :
Motor : SPDP Foot Mounted 100 % Copper Windings
Type : AC Variable(Schrage) Armature Stampings made from electrical grade Silicon Steel
Ratings : 3 HP to 5 HP Dynamically Balanced skewed Rotor for Noice & Vibration free operations
Voltage : 415V AC, 50 Hz Constand & Uniform Pressure Carbon Brush Holders - Lesser Sparking
Speed : 300 to 2200 RPM Easy Installation and Portability - No Civil Work or foundation required
Insulation Class : B / F Choice for Digital or Analog Meters

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