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6th-8th Travel Basketball

Tryouts will take place October 6-15. Players must be residents of Fairfield.
Candidates are encouraged to attend all evaluations. Two practices a week will
start the first week in November. Each team will play 20-25 games, most
played on weekends. The season concludes in mid-March. Questions regarding
the travel program can be directed to Glen Colello at
SB=Smilow-Burroughs WG=Warren Gym, Southport RB=Red Baker Gym, Southport
Boys 6th Oct. 8 6:00-7:45pm SB Oct. 14 5:30-7:00pm SB4ay Oct. 15 4:00-5:30pm SB
Boys 7th Oct. 105 7:30-9:00pm WG Oct. 13 7:30-9:00pm SB Oct. 15 5:30-7:00pm SB
Boys 8th Oct. 6 7:30-9:00pm WG Oct. 14 7:15-9:00pm WG Oct. 15 7:30-9:00pm SB
Girls 6th/7th Oct. 8 2:00-3:45pm SB Oct. 10 6:00-7:30pm RB Oct. 15 12:30-2:00pm SB
Girls 8th Oct. 8 4:00-5:45pm SB Oct. 15 2:00-3:30pm SB


1. Eligibility: Participation in the Wakeman Travel Basketball program is open to all
boys and girls, grades 6-8 who are residents of the town of Fairfield. Students may
tryout only for their grade appropriate team. There are also age restrictions (a limit
of 3 players born prior to September 1 of the appropriate year for the grade).
2. Number of Teams: Wakeman will field one team for each grade, 6, 7, 8, for boys and
for girls one team of 6/7th grade girls and possibly two 8th grade girls teams.
3. Number of Players per Team: Travel teams will consist of 10 players.
4. Player Selection Process: Travel basketball is a competitive program. Competition
begins with player evaluations as only 10 players will be selected for each team. Prior
years participation does not guarantee selection in the current year. Selection is always
a difficult process. Selection for a team is based on the rankings and skill assessments
of non-parental, basketball knowledgeable neutral evaluators. Players will be
evaluated through a series of drills and scrimmages on their individual physical
athletic abilities, basketball skills, scrimmage play, aggressiveness, potential and
sportsmanship in addition to their general behavior and conduct during the selection
process. Team skills and quality of overall contribution to team play will also be
considered. Selection is based solely on a players performance during the selection
sessions (typically two practice sessions). In the event that an exceptionally large
number of players participate at the tryout, Glen has the option of making a first cut
after the initial tryout as well as adding an additional try-out.
5. Commitment: All players and their parents are asked to make an extraordinary
commitment to the travel teams, including attendance at all practices and games.
Practices are generally twice a week on weeknights and there may be anywhere from
20 to 25+ games in the course of a season. If a player is unable to make the required
commitment, he/she should not participate in tryouts potentially depriving another
player who is willing to make the commitment to the team.