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- I va n & K ir st en
This past school year we witnessed incredible growth in our NYC Campus Ministry. Three years ago
there were just five full-time Cru staff living here. Today, there are thirty-five! This spring we launched three
teams with focused outreaches in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

1.3 Million College Students
100,000 Faculty
64,000 International Students
140 Campuses!


10 Active Campuses
232 Actively Involved Students
1,497 Personal Gospel Presentations
53 Decisions for Christ!

Then Reggie and I explained more about Gods

Isis Accepts Christ

character and that God created her and loves her.
We asked, If you could know this God were telling
you about personally, would you want to? She

In Lizzies words... responded, Absolutely!

We explained how our sin actually earns us eternal
separation from God and how Jesus came to rescue
My friend Reggie and I had an amazing us and pay our ransom by dying in our place. She
comprehended each point, agreed, and was so ready
conversation with Isis, a beautiful girl at to respond to this Good News!
Columbia University. She described herself as a
pantheist, identifying God with the Universe and The next moment she was praying to the Lord,
seeing nature as a manifestation of God. declaring her belief in His Son, and saying she wanted
a relationship with Him. I was in tears!
She promptly stated, I hate Christianity and I dont
like the stigmas surrounding it. I dont identify with She then asked, What do I do now, take this with
the way they see people or the way they treat people me? pointing to the booklet we used to share the
differently than them. This broke my heart. It was gospel. I felt a tug from the Lord to give her my Bible
evident that she not only had a false view of that Ive carried throughout college. She was thankful
Christianity, but a false view of God. and promised me, I will make you giving me this
worth it. I will read it!
She continued, I think everyone has a piece of God
in them and that our souls are eternal. I responded It was one of the hardest, yet one of the most
with upbeat laughter, Okay, we can work with that! I beautiful and meaningful decisions Ive ever made. My
explained to her that Christians are given the Holy sister in Christ now has my Bible and shes going to
Spirit and that our souls are indeed eternal because be able to read all my notes and questions Ive
we are created to be in fellowship with God in written down and learn more about having a
heaven forever. dynamic, personal relationship with God!
Weve been leading and hosting a Community
Imagine a day when every NYC student has a Group for young families since last fall through
chance to hear and respond to the gospel! our church at Redeemer Presbyterian. Making
closer friends in the city isnt easy, so God answered
Our Vision Dinner caught the attention of local New our prayers for community with this great group!
Yorkers to show them how the gospel is changing lives
on the college campus. Me and Kirsten were able to Back in college we each read the book Prodigal God
bring nearly forty people! by Timothy Keller, who founded Redeemer. Its about
Jesus parable of the prodigal son. The key takeaway
Please, pray with us for Cru to expand in NYC. Ask God is that both brothers needed their fathers
to raise up partners who would provide further unconditional love because they sought his riches
resources and networks to give the gospel to this more than his presence. The book helped us better
incredibly influential scope of students. understand our own tendencies with God, me being
the prodigal type and Kirsten being the elder type.
Fast forward to today and we are becoming
members of this church. Who would have thought?
More precisely though, we are joining Redeemer
Lincoln Square, which launched this April under the
pastoring of Tims son, Michael.

Its our ninth year of marriage and this one tops them all in terms
of excitements and challenges. We never imagined wed raise a family
in Midtown Manhattan! Kids are a handful enough, right?
Weve maintained our confidence in Gods plan for us here because we
honestly cant imagine living anywhere else now. This is an experience all
its own and its been truly satisfying, despite the demands.
Our hearts are being refined as we hold up Christ to every circumstance,
thought, and emotion we encounter. He is beautiful and he is with us!
We just finished leading our very own mission trip here in NYC! Nineteen students and eleven Cru
staff from across the country spent five weeks sharing the gospel on campuses throughout the metro area.
Our staff trained, taught, and modeled personal evangelism, discipleship, and crossing cultures. In our free

time, we experienced Broadway shows, authentic ethnic meals, and the incredible sightseeing all around us.

Spurgeon spoke once of a type of Christian who overflowed

with joy. A person so beautifully overwhelmed with the
greatness, goodness, and preciousness of Christ. With a full
heart, I understand a touch of what Spurgeon spoke of today.
I've been home for a week, yet I still haven't been able to
completely fathom the bottomless mercies the Lord lavished
upon me this summer through abundant opportunities to
share the Greatest Story in the historyof the Universe.
Through tough, yet bafflingly gentle, divine lessons on my
identity in Christ and emotionally healthy spirituality...Through
the most wonderful group of people that I have ever had the
pleasure to know...To everyone who prayed over me and
supported me...Thank you endlessly.
SUMMER TEAM The Lord used our precious time together to launch me into a
433 Spiritual Conversations lifetime of ministry. It has been my utmost joy and pleasure to
know and be known by you.
221 Gospel Conversations
16 Decisions for Christ! - Adam, Western Kentucky University

Kirsten leading a training on how to share the gospel using Crus Knowing God Personally booklet.
Joe Accepts Christ In Taylors words...
We met Joe twice at City Sam began to share the gospel with
College. When we first sat down Joe while Antonio and I listened and
and asked who God was to him, he prayed in our hearts. Over the
said God was like a mathematician. course of two hours, we began to
see walls break down in Joes mind
Joe believed God viewed people as and his hard questions answered.
vessels through which God could
view the world and that every The Holy Spirit revealed the mystery
movement was perfectly calculated of the gospel to him as we helped
by Gods mathematical genius. debunk the idea of reaching God
through our own eorts rather than
I have to say, I had a very clear Oh, Christ. At the end, Joe said He
Taylor of little faith moment at the wanted Jesus in his life and prayed to
beginning, because after he God for exactly that.
convincingly explained all of this I
thought, God, how are we going to Sam, Antonio, Taylor and Joe. The transformation of his mind was
explain Jesus to this guy? ridiculous! It could not have been
done by anything other than the
Yet, how cool is it that When we are faithless, He is power of God. Were excited for Joe and Sam to begin
faithful (2 Timothy 2:13)? meeting up this fall to begin establishing Joe in his faith!
The Lord has been so faithful to us this spring and summer (and always, of
course). We knew our first year in the city would be especially trying for a young
family. Thats what others told us to expect and they were pretty much right.
Nonetheless, we knew it would get easier after the first year and it truly has!
Eliza wasnt walking when we arrived. We had to find a smallish double stroller that
could whisk her and Simon on errands around the city. We quickly realized going
beyond thirty minutes from home by foot was a mistake. Timing their naps, meals, and
energy levels (plus our own) was thoroughly exhausting when every place you visited
was brand new, including the numerous routes to get there.

New Parents + Urban Stress = Meltdown City

We slowly figured it out one new experience at a time. The kids have adjusted well and
its mom and dad who are still learning all that this city expects of them.
So, why is the Lord so faithful? Because as weve relied on His generous mercy and
grace in Christ, we have been able to oer it to one another, our kids, and anyone else
who crosses our paths, especially when were in the thick of the moment, so to speak.

Gods Character + Dependence on Him = Fruit of the Spirit

(i.e. Galatians 5:22-23 love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
gentleness, and self-control)
Eliza is two and a half
and is as bright-spirited as
her glowing orange hair
would suggest! She nearly
always wakes up with a smile
and heads straight for the
breakfast table. She tends to go
all day without stopping and
when bedtime rolls around she
might just fall asleep within ten
minutes...because shes
dropped her naps and would
walk around the city all day if
you let her!
After breakfast shell faithfully
ask to go to Hells Kitchen Park
to swing on the big girl
swings. She gives Simon a run
for his money because she
never misses a beat.

Simon is four and a
half and his mind is
constantly ahead of his
body. By contrast, he rarely
wakes up enthusiastically. His
temperament is single-minded.
He is either asking a question or
immersed in role-playing a
character from a story we read
the night before.
He will start school this fall and
hes looking forward to learning
how to read. NYC oers public
pre-K and we think hes ready
to be a full-time school kid!
Empire State Building

Our Building

Simons School

The south view from our living room. A new hotel now blocks the Empire State Building, which was wonderful
while it lasted! Simons Pre-K (Public School 51) is directly out front. He begins this September. Think you can
spot the ground? Its a sea of buildings out there! 21 towers over 15 floors tall visible from this one spot!

Freshmen Outreaches // Pray that we connect with thousands of students as fall semesters kick off!
Kirstens Ministry // Pray that she would realize strategic and valuable contributions as her campus hours increase.

Simons Pre-Kindergarten // Pray that he would enjoy his teacher, be a great friend to others, and learn a lot.


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