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Night And The Devils

Jairo Henriquez

Jairo Henriquez
English 11 Honors
Period 7

Night and The Devils Arithmetic

Elie Wiesel and Hannah Stern had a very rough life, but Hannah hasnt gone through as half
as much as Elie went through. Hannah was in a dream, Hannah is a American teenager whos
grandparents aunts and uncles did really go through it. Hannah in the story traveled back in time
and reunited with her young aunt, in the beginning of the story she didnt know that was her
aunt. Hannah aunt introduced her to everybody as her cousin. In the story Hannah just came out
of a horrible cold, everybody thought she was delusional because of the horrible cold she had
nobody believed her that she was from America and traveled back in time. Hannah cousin Rivka
also known as Aunt Eva took her around to bring back her memory all she could remember were
stories that her family members told her about the place shes in. The same day her and her aunt
Eva went to take to this wedding of their relatives. The wedding was interrupted by Nazi
soldiers, the Nazis ordered everybody in their trucks for relocation they promised them
everything was going to be ok and taken care of. They didnt know what was ahead of them

When they arrived to the labor camp everybody was separated the children stayed with their
mothers, women and children on one side and men on the other. The first thing the Nazis took
from them was there possession. Then after the striped them down and put them in working
clothes, after they changed they got a hair cut from these shavers that barely cut ripping their hair
little by little until the job was done. The worked day after day until some couldnt or until they
died in the gas chambers or died of starvation. The only thing they fed them was a little piece of
bread, soup, and some water. The only reason the Nazis fed them was for them to keep on
working in the Devils Arithmetic one Nazi solider says Hungry Jews are dead Jews and dead
jews dont work. If the Nazis suspected you were sick they would send you to the gas chamber
they didnt want know of their families or soldiers getting sick. They worked and worked and if
someone gave up they would talk to that person to keep on trying not to give up theyll get
Jairo Henriquez
English 11 Honors
Period 7
through it, The only real thing thought got them through the night was themselves and the people
they met there they wanted to get out and theyll do anything to survive. If they didnt have

themselves they would be dead by now you cant go through an experience like that by yourself
you need someone.

They talked between the fences that separated them. Hannah told stories about her home
and her time to the children and even her aunt and older people gathered around to hear the
stories of the ninetys. Some of the men tried escaping they were punished by being hanged in
front of everybody to set a example to the rest of the people if they tried escaping g the same
would be done to them. In the ending she gave up her life for her aunt Eva , that was Hannah
destiny to stop acting like she didnt care about her family and to really pay attention to their
stories and their history of her family. Instead of being a bratty teenager she learned a valuable
lesson. Theyre more important things then whats going on in the present you have to see the
past to figure out the present she had to see why that holiday was so special to them because for
that moment they were in the camps they didnt have their traditions they didnt have nothing all
they had was prayer and faith.

Ellie Wiesel was born on September 30, 1928 in Sighet a small town in Transylvania. His
father was a shoe keeper; his father was very involved in the Jewish community. Ellie also had
two sisters, Hilda and Bea, and a younger sister named Tzipora. Ellie was the only son in an
Orthodox Jewish family that strictly adheres to Jewish tradition. Ellie studied traditional Jewish
texts, he did that while he was a child and a teenager. He studied the Torah, the Talmud and
mystical texts of Cabbala. Ellie had a teacher named Moshe The Beadle, he was a local pauper.
Ellie is nothing like Hannah other then there Jewish; other than that there complete opposite.
Ellie didnt know what was in his future he hoped that god something g good for his future but
that doesnt always happen. Ellie cared about his Jewish traditions he admired them and wanted
to know everything about them. Hannah didnt care for her it seemed like she didnt even care of
the holocaust happened or not. Ellie wasnt in a dream when he went to camps he was there and
witnessed everything first hand not knowing if he was going to make it. Ellie was young when
Jairo Henriquez
English 11 Honors
Period 7
the Nazi party was rising, Transylvania became part of Hungary in the 1940s.Hitler blamed the
Jews for the economic down fall. Germany invades Poland and the Hungarian government falls
to the fascists. The Hungarian governments expel all foreign Jews that included Moshe.

After several months having escaped his captors, Moshe returns tell the Jews in Sighet how
the deportation was handed over to the German secret police at the polish border. Moshe tells the
people the Germans made them dig their own graves and killed them, the people refused Moshe
The Beadles story they would regret that later. In the beginning everything was ok, Germans
would come in to peoples homes and be very nice and polite. The Jews in Signet thought that
the Anti-segment would only take effect in the capitol city. The Germans soon moved in to
Signet, the community leaders were arrested. Jewish valuables are confiscated and all Jews have
to wear a yellow star. Eventually, the Jews were confined to small ghettos, crowed together into
narrow streets behind barbed wire fences.

The Nazis began deporting the Jews in increments and the Eliezers family is among the last to
leave Sighet. Their former servant a gentile named Martha, visits the family and offers to hide
the sadly the declined. A few days later the Nazis and the Hungarian police herd the last
remaining Jews in to cattle cars bound for Auschwitz. Packed in cattle a car with unbearable
conditions .There is no room to sit no air to breathe, and everyone is hungry and thirsty. After
days of travel in these inhuman conditions, the train arrives at the Czechoslovakian border. A
German officer takes charger surrendering for everybody to give up there possess ions or they
will be shot on the spot. If they escaped they would kill everybody in the cattle car , they nailed
the doors shut further preventing escape.

Madame Schachter a middle aged woman who is on the train with her ten year old son,
soon crack under the oppressive treatment to which the Jews are subjected. On the third night she
begins to scream that she sees a fire in the darkness outside the car. The Jews see no fair but they
do get terrified, it just reminds them they dont know what await them in the future. Finally the
Jews got tired of her screaming, they tied her up and gaged her. When she got loose she started
Jairo Henriquez
English 11 Honors
Period 7
screaming about the furnace that awaits them, she is beaten to silence. The next day she starts
screaming but this time they have arrived to Auschwitz. The Jews see the furnace she was
screaming about. The name means nothing to them , they have to bribe some locals to get

information they tell them that its a labor camp and familys will stick together. There was a
terrible smell in the air they soon discover its the odor of burning flesh.

Ellie and his family were at Birkenau it prepared the arrivals for Auschwitz. This was where
they made their selections to kill the week and unhealthy prisoners. Ellie and his father remained
together he was separated from his mother and his younger sister whom he never sees again.
Ellie and his father meet a prisoner who makes them lie about their age , Ellie was originally
fourteen is now eighteen and his Father originally fifty is now forty. Ellie lies to the infamous
Dr.Mengele a mean and cruel doctor of the S.S. Ellie also says hes a farmer. Ellie was happy
him and his Father are together for a little bit more. When they get to the Barracks the Jews are
stripped and shaved and right after disinfected with and clothed in prison uniforms. Nazi officer
gave them to options hard work or crematorium. Ellies father gets beat up by one of the main
Jews in charge for asking for the restroom. Ellie is appalled at his own failure to defend his

Ellie forgetting about his god wondering where is he why is he letting him go through this if
hes been so good to him. Ellie worked in a civilian warehouse counting electrical fillings. Ellie
was summoned to get his gold crown removed but played sick. He got lucky when the dentist got
hanged for illegally trading gold teeth. Ellie didnt have no pity for him he was to busy taking
care of himself finding stuff to eat or drink. At the end of the summer of 1944, the Jewish holiday
arrives Rosh Hashanah; the celebration brings all the prisoners together for pray and for praising
gods name. Ellies religious rebellion intensifies, and he cannot find a reason to bless god. He
mocks the idea that Jews are gods chosen people. Ellie comes to believe that man is stronger
then god, man is more resilient and more forgiving. Leaving the service Ellie finds his father and
there is a moment of communication and understanding between them. After the Jewish new
year is over there was another announcement Ellie will go the the building units and will be
Jairo Henriquez
English 11 Honors
Period 7
separated from his father once more. Ellie worried about his father being to weak to work. Ellie
was right his father was selected to be executed. Ellies father bring Ellie his knife and spoon his
sons only inheritance. Ellie is then forced to leave never to see his father again. When Ellie came
back from work a miracle occurred there was a second selection and his father

passed. The Jews are losing their faith those who lose their faith loose the will to love. Ellie
suffering from the cold when winter arrives his foot swells up and under goes a operation. Ellie
and other prisoners heard of a Russian advance. Ellie thinking that the Jews in the infirmary will
be put to death evacuated with the rest of the prisoners. Ellie later realizing they made the wrong
decision the Russians let free of the Jews in the infirmary. The Prisoners of Buna are evacuated
anybody who stops running will be shot. Ellie and his father keep themselves awake when they
stop at this deserted village .Exhausted they finally arrive at Gleiwitz camp. Ellie and his father
are thrown to the ground after everybody ran to the barracks. Ellie thinking his going to be killed
finally gets some breathing space. After three days without food or water Ellie father is to stand
with those condemned to die. Ellie runs after him and brings him back to the other side. The
prisoner are taken to a field where a train of roofless cattle cars come to pick them up .Ellie and
his father are ordered to throw the dead boys about the cattle car. Ellies father unconscious is
mistaken for a dead body and almost thrown out the car. When the train arrives at Buchenwald
only tweleve of the hundred men are still alive in the train car Ellie and His Father survive.