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Accelerated Motion

REVIEW CONCEPTS Check your understanding

1. What quantity describes how quickly you 2. What quantity describes how quickly you
change your position (location)? (PHYZR#4-7) change your velocity? (PHYZR#6-1)
Speed Acceleration
3. On a position vs. time graph, what is the 4. On a position vs. time graph, what is the
meaning of a straight line? (Page#2-III) meaning of a curved line? (Page#2-III)
Uniform Motion (or constant Accelerated Motion (or changing
velocity) speed)
5. Acceleration is the rate at which (how 6. Why does the unit of time enter twice in the
quickly) what happens? (Page#7-I) unit of acceleration? (Page#7-II)
Acceleration is how quickly the It enters once from velocity and
velocity of an object changes. once from the rate of change.
7. What is the acceleration of a car that travels 8. A baseball is thrown into the air at 20 m/s.
straight at a constant speed of 80 m/s? What is the acceleration at its highest point?
ZERO -10 m/s
9. The motion graph to the right shows the
Motion Graph
x (m)
motion of two cars (A and B) during a race. B
(a) Indicate below which car was accelerating. 800
___ Car A X Car B
___ ___ Neither A
Justify your answer: 600

We know that car B is accelerating since 400

its positive vs. time graph is curved.

(b) Over what time interval was A ahead of B? 0 2 4 6 8 t (s)

s<<s (d) Indicate below whether the speed of car A

after 5 seconds is greater than, less than, or
equal to the speed of car B after 5 seconds.
___ Greater ___
X Less ___ Equal
(c) Which car would win the race if the track was Justify your answer:
i. 400 m? X Car A
___ ___ Car B ___ Tie The slope of a motion graph is the
speed. On the graph we can see that
ii. 500 m? ___ Car A ___ Car B X Tie
after 5 seconds, the graph of car B has a
iii. 800 m? ___ Car A X Car B
___ ___ Tie
steeper slope than that of car A.
Fremont Physics Kepple 2012 Acceleration HW-B 9/11/13
Use the formulas to solve each problem.
10. Daniel is traveling 40m/s on the freeway. 11. A bullet initially at rest is fired from a gun.
He sees a police car up ahead and steps on the While inside the barrel, it experiences an
brakes. His car decelerates at -2 m/s and he average acceleration of m/s. How fast
passes the police car 5 seconds later. How fast is the bullet traveling when it exits the gun if it
is he moving when he passes the police car? was in the barrel for s?

() ( )() () ( )( )

m/s m/s
12. You drop a rock from the top of a building. 13. A drag racer accelerating at 30 m/s takes 4
You hear it hit the ground 2 seconds later. How seconds to reach top speed. How much
tall was the building? distance does it cover in this time?

(. )( )()() (. )()()()

m m

14. Suppose that, while chasing a speeder, a police car accelerates uniformly from rest to a final speed
of 40 meters per second and that is takes 10 seconds for the police car to reach this final speed.
rest 4 m/s

(a) Indicate below whether the acceleration of (b) Calculate the acceleration of the police car
the police car is positive, negative, or zero. during this time interval.
X Positive
___ ___ Negative ___ Zero

Justify your answer:
Since the police car is speeding up, the
acceleration and velocity must point in m/s

the same direction.
(c) Calculate the distance traveled by the police (d) Calculate the average velocity of the police
car during this time interval. car during this time interval.

(. )()()()
m m/s