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Victor Zhiyu Lee

Data Scientist + Software Developer + Business Consultant

+60189668135 Underlying my career is a passion in bridging data with real world problems. The
victorleezhiyu@gmail.com "Aha" moments when data becomes actionable insight never fail to excite me.
linkedin.com/in/victorzhiyulee Translating insight into actions through technology is my calling.
Professional Experience

Programming Business Analytics Consultant

Python BIIT Consulting (Jul 2014 Now)
VBA Telco Human Resource Analytics Forecasted workforce dynamics (hiring, attrition and
Java promotion) and its impact on staff cost; Designed VBA-based simulators to facilitate HR
C++ strategy and policy making; Published on Asian Data Science and mentioned in HR Tech
Matlab Interactive 2016 Conference
E-commerce Name-based Ethnicity Classification Built support vector machine and term-
Data Mining frequency-based text mining program to tag ethnicity and gender of users based on names
R with a blind-test accuracy of 97%
Python Scikit-Learn Telco Cross-sell/Upsell Modelling Automation Supervised the building of predictive
SAS E-Miner models for postpaid products forming the analytics backbone of client's automated Next
SAP InfiniteInsight Best Action (NBA) recommendation engine
Advanced Analytics Sports Retail Sales Forecasting Forecasted sales of about 3000 SKUs for 10 months ahead
Predictive Modeling with back test accuracy above 70%
Ecological Inference Electoral Constituency Re-delineation Developed Python program which generates
Time Series Forecasting alternative electoral maps that minimizes population inequality satisfying various
Operations Research administrative constraints
Oil & Gas Loyalty Program Churn Prevention As advisor cum trainer, mentored a team of
Web App Development four through logistic regression and decision tree churn modeling process from business case
Django Data-Driven Web development down to into campaign deployment
Apps Management Consulting Analyst (Internship)
Life & Executive Coaching Farseer Analytics (Jun 2013 Sep 2013)
ICF Certified Associate Electoral Analytics Built statistical models for voting behavior (support, turnout, swing and
Coach split voting) based on demographic factors
Malaysian Association of
Management Consulting Analyst (Internship)
Certified Coach
Accenture (May 2012 Jul 2012)
Multi-lingual Telco Campaign Diagnostics Devised an analytical method to prove a mismatch of offers
English in retention campaigns
Malay Telco Retention Strategy Performed high level analysis on re-contracting high ARPU
Mandarin customers
Broad Industry Exposure Product Development Analyst (Internship)
Telco Jobstreet (Nov 2010 Dec 2010)
Oil & Gas Product Usage Analytics Analyzed user data capture mechanism and job application trend
Wholesale & Retail and benchmarked JobStreet.com Salary Report
Public Sector
e-commerce Education
Insurance B.Sc. Chemical Engineering (Economics Minor)
Media & Advertising Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, U.S. (2011 2014)
Public Service Department (JPA) Scholarship
Two industry design projects in a year covering both technical and commercial aspects:
1. Low Grade Heat Recovery through Organic Rankine Cycle
2. Separation of Methanol/Trimethoxysilane Azeotrope