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september 2007

pertubuhan akitek malaysia

malaysian institute of architects

www.pam.or g.my
kdn pp 1022/5/2008

Presidents Speech for

PAM EVENTS PAM Annual Dinner 2007
Sat 10 November 2007
CPD Seminar - Housing from
Islamic Perspectives My vision for Malaysian Architecture
By Assoc Prof Ar Dr Asiah Abdul
My mission is to promote, strengthen, and
9.00am - 12.30pm
champion the Architecture Profession, so as
PAM Centre Kuala Lumpur
to bring it to greater heights. I have always
Sat 17 November 2007 been passionate about architecture and the
CPD Seminar - Roofing Institutes works. Even in my students days
Problems in Malaysia in Australia I was already a student member
By Lafarge Roofing Systems of both PAM and RAIA. I have benefited
Sdn Bhd greatly from both institutes publications
9.00am - 12.30pm and activities. As such, I always believe in
PAM Centre Kuala Lumpur contributing to the profession through the
Institute, so that the profession and future
Sat 17 November 2007 students could continue to benefit from the
CPD Seminar - Sun Tzu Art
practical and moral support of a strong and Ar Lee Chor Wah, President PAM
of War, Point of Sales Tinting
(POST) Colour Solutions and
well-respected professional body.
High Performance Coatings
(HPC) If there is ever a time we are proud and can There are also tremendous growth in other
By Master Khoo Kheng Khor say that PAM is heading towards stability countries such as the UAE, India, China,
9.00am - 5.30pm and being united, this is it. Looking back at Vietnam and Singapore. This world-wide
Hilton Kuching, Sarawak PAMs recent achievements under the last 3 boom has benefited many Malaysian
presidents leaderships, it is undeniable that architects and architect firms. With so much
Sat 1 December 2007 PAM would not have accomplished so much, work both in Malaysia and overseas, we are
CPD Seminar - Alternative for example PAM Convention, Design Lecture now facing the problem of acute shortage in
Dispute Resolution and Its Series, CPD programmes, ISO 9000, New human resource. We are losing many good
Relevance to Architects (With
PAM form of contract, etc. and accomplished people in this brain drain.
A Brief Overview on the New
them so well, if there were no stability and
Arbitration Act 2005)
By Ms Kua Lay Theng, Skrine
continuity within PAM. Continuity and There is much to be done to take the
9.00am - 12.30pm stability are the cornerstones of any good profession and PAM through this period
PAM Centre Kuala Lumpur governance. PAM currently has the most of unprecedented growth to the next level
united, committed, and capable Council of excellence and distinction so that we
Sat 8 December 2007 members of diverse opinions from practices could stand out from the rest. Apart from
CPD Seminar - Sun Tzu Art of different backgrounds and sizes. And with continuing with the current policies of
of War, Point of Sales Tinting this and your continued support, a lot more programmes, I plan to address the myriad of
(POST) Colour Solutions and can certainly be done for the architecture issues surrounding the profession with the
High Performance Coatings profession and the construction industry. following five visions or strategies:
By Master Khoo Kheng Khor
There has been a rise in building jobs in One, Architecture Re-branded or the
9.00am - 5.30pm
Malaysia. It has grown by 4.2% this year, rebranding of Architecture as a profession.
PAM Centre Kuala Lumpur
while the value of projects awarded to go Our immediate past President had often
up to RM57 billion this year. Of this, RM33 referred to architecture as the oldest legal
billion was expected from the private sector profession in the world. It is also one of
and the balance of RM24 billion would be the oldest professions in Malaysia. In
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from public spending. This is good news fact the history of PAM goes back before
to architects. The better news is that these Merdeka. Branding is now the buzzword
figures do not include potential projects to be for all businesses. As our nation has just
rolled out under the five economic corridors celebrated its 50th birthday, it is perhaps
such as the Iskandar Development Region timely for us to reflect on where we came
and the Northern Corridor Economic Region. from, where we are today, and how far

28th ARCASIA Council Meeting and FORUM14
16 & 17September07
PAM was represented by President, Ar Lee Chor Wah, Education Co-
Chairman, Ar See Kim Piow and Immediate Past President Ar Dr Tan
Loke Mun. Ar Tan Pei Ing, as the Deputy Chairman of ARCASIA Zone
B, was also present.

Forum 14, a two-day event with lectures on architecture was

held in conjunction with the ARCASIA Council meeting on 18 and
19 September 2007. The theme for the forum was Asianation
- Architecture Across Cultures. The keynote speaker was Antoine
Predock from USA. The other speakers were Zhu Pei from China,
ARCASIA Office Bearers 2007-2008 Tariq Hasan from Pakistan, Sunil Gunawardena from Sri Lanka,
Standing from left Rabiul Hussain, Mubasshar Hussain, George Kunihiro, Ar Tan
Pei Ing, Divya Kush Sitting from left Yolanda Reyes, Alice Choy, Young Soo Lee,
Duangrit Bunnag from Thailand, Minsuk Cho from Korea, Wee Hii Min
Kun Chang Yi, Deshabadu Wickramasinghe, Zaigham Jeffery, Ronald Poon. from Malaysia, Takaharu Tezuka from Japan, B V Doshi from India,
Tay Kheng Soon from Singapore, David Robson from United Kingdom
The 28th ARCASIA Council Meeting, held on 16 and 17 September and Channa Daswatte from Sri Lanka.
2007 and hosted by the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects (SLIA), was
attended by representatives of all member countries except Macau The next ARCASIA event will be held in Busan, South Korea in October
and chaired by ARCASIA Chairman Kun Chang Yi (Korea Institute of 2008. KIRA will host the 13th Asian Congress of Architects, Students
Registered Architects - KIRA). Jamboree and 29th Council Meeting.

From left Alice Choy, George Kunihiro, Ar Tan

Pei Ing, delegate, Sinn Phonghanyuh, Ar Dr Tan Korean delegates posing after their presentation
Loke Mun during the Welcome Reception for the ARCASIA Congress 2008 Busan Korea

From left Ar Tan Pei Ing, Joseph Kwan, delegate,

Group photo ofdelegates attending the 28thCouncil Meeting Ridwan Kurnia andAr Dr Tan Loke Mun during the Ar Tan Pei Ing, Smith Obayawat, Goh Chong Chia
of ARCASIA Welcome Reception andBalbirVerma

ARCASIA Committee for Architectural Education (ACAE)

16 & 17September07
discussions is summarised as follows:
i. The change of B. Arch to Master of Arch. For the 5 years
tertiary course by universities in UK and Australia
ii. The shortage of human resources experienced by most
member countries and role of the universities
iii. Shortage of lecturers and teaching staff in the universities
iv. Numbers and priorities of subjects in the architectural syllabus
v. Encouragement of the practising architects to teach in
vi. Standard of Accreditation and validation
vii. The role of UIA in the Validation and standard keeping process

c. Some observations on the above topic were:

i. HKIA proposed the meeting to refer to UIA as UIA has
conducted similar studies on the policies of architectural
ARCASIA Council of Architectural Education (ACAE) meeting in progress
education which was concurred by Ar. Louise Cox
ii. Chairman suggested that all architectural schools ought to
The ACAE meeting was held on 16th-17th September 2007 in Taj
 accept practising professional as qualified lecturers rather than
Samudra Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka in parallel with the 28th Council
having to have post graduate qualifications to teach.
Meeting in conjunction with ARCASIA Forum 14. The meeting was
iii. IAP shared their experience with regards to the qualification
attended by member representatives from Sri Lanka (Host nation),
and commitment expected of the teaching staff in comparison
India (Chairman of ACAE), Philippines, Singapore, Bangaladesh,
with full academician and practisioners
Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Thailand. The
iv. There were differences of opinion with regards to the
meeting was also observed by the UIA Vice President, Ar Louise Cox
importance of subjects and expectation of schools
and Ar Ron Edgar of RAIA.
d. After much deliberation on the issues, the Chairman, Ar. Divya
Pertinent issues raised during the meeting were:
Kush of IIA has decided to volunteer in compiling datas to include
a. After much deliberation on the issues with regards to the Student syllabuses, validation/accreditation process, entry requirements and
Jamboree held last year in Beijing, the committee concurred in other related information of the many architectural schools in the
establishing a standard guideline for the future hosting nation member countries.
pertaining to the organisation of the Student Jamboree.
Ar See Kim Piow
b. The issue of the challenges faced by the architectural education Official Delegate
today as raised by PAM representative which received much 28th ARCASIA Council Meeting & Forum 2007

PAM Annual Dinner
Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM)s Annual Dinner 2007 was
held on Saturday 1 September 2007 at the Mandarin Oriental
Kuala Lumpur. YB Datuk Dr M. Kayveas, the Deputy Minister in
the Prime Ministers Department, was the Guest-of-Honour for
the Dinner.

Ar Dr Tan Loke Mun, the outgoing PAM President, has finished

his term and handed over the PAM Presidency to Ar Lee
Chor Wah. The newly elected PAM Council 2007 - 2008 was
introduced during the Dinner.

The highlight of this years Dinner was the announcement of the

PAM 2007 Awards exhibition
winners of the PAM 2007 AWARDS and the launch of PAMs
new publication, Architectural Heritage: Kuala Lumpur Pre-
Merdeka by YB Datuk M.Kayveas. The book is meant to serve
as a reference and record of our surviving older buildings, and at
the same time the book is hoped would help to instill awareness
to the public of the existence and importance of Heritage
Buildings in the country.

The PAM Education Fund Best Student Award which recognises

the best student in each of the Malaysian architecture schools
that offers a professionally recognised degree were also
conferred to 9 architectural students during the PAM Annual
Dinner. The list of recipients of the prizes is as follows:
PEF Part I Best Students
i. Kong Seng Yeap, Universiti Malaya
ii. Nooriati binti Talib, Universiti Sains Malaysia Ar Lee Chor Wah and YB Datuk Dr M. Kayveas
iii. Sukri bin Md Jali, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
iv. Tunku Ida Arliza binti Tengku Hishamudin, Universiti Teknologi
v. Adham Hilmi Abdullah Tahmin, Universiti Islam Antarabangsa

PEF Part II Best Students

i. Too Kean Kong, Universiti Malaysa
ii. Mohd Afif Fathi bin Othman, Universiti Sains Malaysia
iii. Sam Chin Sing, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
iv. Adreen Arief bin Zainudin, Universiti Teknologi MARA

Another highlight of the dinner was the announcement of the

recipients of the PAM-Johnson Suisse Scholarship Award
for 2007. This is the third year that the PAM-Johnson Suisse
Scholarship Award was conferred to two students undertaking YB Datuk Dr M Kayveas and the VIPs viewing the PAM 2007 Awards exhibition
Year 4 of their architectural studies. The recipients of the PAM-
Johnson Suisse Scholarship Award were Ng Keng Khoon and
Ratnakala Sithravel, both of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur - From left Ar Dr Goh Chong Chia, Datuk Aru Suppiah, Ar Boon Che Wee and
Pre-Merdeka Ar See Kim Piow

PAMs new publication

is available
for purchase at
PAM Centre,
4 & 6 Jalan Tangsi
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Price: RM70.00
From left Ng Keng Khoon, Ar Abu Zarim, Ar Lee Chor Wah, Datuk Aru Suppiah
and Ratnakala Sithravel

PAM Annual Dinner

YB Datuk Dr M Kayveas, Guest of Honour of PAM Ar Mohd Zulhemlee, Chairman of Organising

Annual Dinner 2007 Ar Dr Tan Loke Mun, Immediate Past President PAM Committee

PAM Council Members 2007-2008

Handing over of PAM Presidency PAM Sarawak Chapter Members posing with President, Deputy Presidentand Past Presidents of PAM

YB Datuk Dr M Kayveas launching the Architectural

Heritage - Kuala Lumpur Pre-Merdeka book PAM 2007 Awards recipients posing with PAM President and Guest of Honour

Recipients of PEF Best Students Awards posing with Ar Lee Chor Wah, PAM Presidentand Ar Abu Zarim Abu
Alan & Indy performing during the Dinner Bakar Chairman of PAM Education Committee 2006-2007

we could go by re-branding PAM and the Architects and Architecture for posterity, We spend more time in a building than
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architecture profession. so as to promote Malaysian Architects and in a car. Yet the public in general know
Architecture - locally for the public to better more about cars than buildings. We need
With a renewed image, our works appreciate and understand the contributions to educate the public about architecture.
as architects would then be better of Malaysian Architects, and globally to show Therefore we need to promote Malaysian
appreciated by the clients, the public and case Malaysias Architectural talents, for the Architects and Architecture through both
the government. We can then be better export of services. local and regional media and to acknowledge
respected and even better remunerated with the creative contributions of architects to the
the impending revised fee scale. When this Four, Architecture Delivered society by encouraging developers and the
happens, more young and capable people media to give due credits to the architects.
may then be inspired and attracted to join It is indeed gratifying for the government to One of which is the listing of architects
the profession. Additionally, the importance have so much faith in us, in entrusting us names when their designs are being launched
of quality education in the training of with self-regulation and self-certification. As or featured. Such recognition has also been
Architects will also be emphasized. such we need to work with the Government done through many of PAMs Awards, such
and local authorities on CCC and OSC as the one to be announced later tonight. In
Two, Architecture Excelled or Excellence in for a more efficient delivery system so as addition, we need to actively communicate
Architecture Practice. to bring about better quality buildings in architects views and concerns on issues
a faster manner to the homebuyers and affecting the profession, the built environment
That is, to strengthen our profession developers, and in the process making and the public through the media.
by regaining our leadership role in the Malaysia internationally competitive. Even
construction industry through capacity the cheapest car in Malaysia, say a thirty- Ladies and gentlemen, you and I know that
building such as programmes for Malaysian odd thousand ringgit Kancil enjoys better the work of PAM cannot be accomplished
architects to excel in business, marketing, maintenance than any building. There by a single person. Therefore, I need
computing, and other skills so as to be on seem to be a common misconception that all your support, and together with a
par to compete with international architects, buildings are either maintenance free or they dedicated Council, supported by an efficient
and also to provide networking opportunities have some kind of built-in programmes to secretariat, to promote our profession in
with the emergent markets such as Vietnam, maintain themselves. We must help correct serving the public, the building industry, and
India and the UAE through PSDC and this misconception. We must therefore the architecture profession.
MATRADE. promote systemic asset management as an
essential on-going concern especially for Please enjoy the rest of the evening
Three, Architecture Published, that is, public buildings not only for health and safety which has been specially prepared by the
to publish more books on Malaysian but also for enhanced value of the properties Organising Chairman, Ar Mohd Zulhemlee
architecture. and lower long-term running costs. And and his hardworking team.
by so doing, the profession can take pride
It is very sad that there are no books on in its contribution and involvement towards
even some of PAMs gold medallists such shaping our environment.
as the late Dato Kington Loo and Dato Ar Lee Chor Wah
Hisham Albakri. I therefore plan to facilitate Lastly, Architecture Recognised, that is, giving PAM President 2007-2008
the publications of more books on Malaysian due recognition to architects. 1st September 2007

Second Schedule of Services Tax Regulations 1975 ARCHITECTURE -
Termination of Thresholdfor all Professional Services
including Consultancy Services and Management ERRATA

PAM would like to sincerely apologise
The Malaysian Royal Custom Department has announced that with effect from 1 January
to those concerned for the inadvertent
2008, the threshold for the following services will be terminated:
errors published in the Recent Malaysian

Architecture book and for any inconvenience
1) Accounting
or embarrassment that might have been
2) Legislation
caused. The following should be the correct
3) Engineering
4) Architecture

5) Surveying, Assessor, Valuers and Real Estate Agent
Page 31, paragraph 1: ...MAA was formed
6) Consultants
by several architects who had left BEP,
7) Management
and their practice became equally large;...

should be ...MAA was formed by three
The implications of the termination of the threshold are as follows:
architects, one of whom had worked for BEP,

and their practice became equally large;...
1) All the services (as above), will be bounded to services tax with effect from 1 January

2008 without referring to the threshold and will require to be licenced.

Page 42, title:
2) Entrepreneurs who have not achieved the current effective threshold (RM150,000.00),
Orr House Ng En Loong should be Orr
can choose either to license earlier or latest by 1 January 2008.
House Wu En-Loong

3) Entrepreneurs who have achieved the threshold before 1 January 2008, must be
licensed according to the current legislation.

Therefore, all services provider as above must apply for related service tax licences in the
stated period.

Executive Summary of The Minutes of the First Meeting of
PAM Council 2007-2008 28September07 PAM Centre KL
Council endorsed the following appointments of Chairmen and Co- Housing Bureau, Legal Bureau and Consumers Affairs Bureau.
Chairmen for the respective Standing Committees: Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai (MPSP) had accepted the
Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee: Chairman Ar Chong Lee architects right to submit without planners endorsement.
Siong. PAM could learn from the Chapters experience and take the
Awards and Competitions Committee: Chairman Ar See Kim Piow, same approach to solve the issue in Selangor and Klang Valley.
Co-Chairman Ar Alvin Lim. Currently, PAM was having discussions with MIP to resolve at the
CPD Committee: Chairman Ar Chong Lee Siong (CPD), Co- administrative level on the right of architects to submit.
Chairman Ar Mohd Zulhemlee (DLS) and Ar Laurent Lim.
Constitution Review Committee: Chairman Past President on CCC had been implemented but the deposit of fees with LAM
Council was still not in place. The Secretariat would get from LAM the status
Contract Review Committee: Chairman Ar Tan Pei Ing of the proposal and report to Council. The Sabah Government
Disciplinary Committee: Chairman Past President on Council , Co- agreed to follow the Federal Government in implementing CCC and
Chairman Ar Chan Seong Aun asked PAM Sabah Chapter to look into implementing it in Sabah.
Education and Resource Centre Committee: Chairman Ar Hamdan The Sarawak Government has decided not to implement CCC
Abdul Jamal, Co-Chairman Ar See Kim Piow, Ar Erdayu Oshara but instead implement a checklist system. The system had gone
Omar on trial and early feedback was that the checklist was becoming
Government Liaison Committee Committee: Chairman cumbersome as the local authorities were checking the checklist.
Ar Saifuddin Ahmad, Co-Chairman Ar Sarizal Yusman Yusoff
Heritage & Conservation Committee: Chairman Ar Mohd Members were requested to provide in writing with evidence all
Zulhemlee An, Co-Chairman Ar Laurent Lim complaints pertaining to OSC and CCC. A dialogue with Majlis
Publications & Information Committee: Chairman Ar Saifuddin Perbandaran Pulau Pinang (MPPP) was being arranged and the
Ahmad, Co-Chairman Ar Hamdan Abdul Jamal information from the dialogue would be summarised and submitted
International Affairs Committee: Chairman Ar Boon Che Wee to PAM. PAM, MIP and ACEM had had two meetings to discuss on
Membership Committee: Chairman Ar Abu Zarim Abu Bakar, the amendments to the OSC guidelines and on who could submit
Co-Chairman Ar Sarizal Yusman Yusoff, Ar Erdayu Oshara Omar for planning approval for the 6 scopes of the Planning Permission
Professional Practice Committee: Chairman Ar Jerry Sum, Applications. The discussions are ongoing.
Co-Chairman Ar Chan Seong Aun, Ar Alvin Lim
Secretariat & Finance Committee: Chairman Ar Chan Seong Aun PAM Sabah Chapter was working on a standard stamp for
(Sec), Ar Abu Zarim (Finance) use by submitting persons to prevent submission by non-
PAM Convention Committee: Chairman Ar Lee Chor Wah, authorised individuals, as proposed by the Sabah Ministry of
Co-Chairman Ar Dr Tan Loke Mun Local Government. It was highlighted that LAM already has the
role to register architects as specified in the Architects Act. The
Council appointed the following Past Presidents on Council, Ar Chapter should not allow the registration of architects with the local
Tan Pei Ing, Ar Dato Hj Esa Hj Mohamed and Ar Paul Lai Chu. authorities; instead the local authorities should get confirmation from
LAM, to avoid setting a precedent. Architects who get rejected by
Council appointed the following Members of the Board of local council should inform LAM.
Management of PAM Education Fund to replace members whose
term had expired, Ar Dr Tan Loke Mun, Ar Datuk Chan Sau Lai and For Council year 2007-2008 , the PAM Sarawak Chapter agreed
Ar David Chan Weng Cheong. The following appointments were to focus on conservation and sustainable design. It was suggested
appointed by their positions in Council: Ar Lee Chor Wah (President / for this focus to be also taken up at PAM Council level, such as, by
Chairman), Ar Hamdan Abdul Jamal (Chairman Education Committee adding a category in the PAM Awards and including this topic in the
/ Vice-Chairman), and Ar Abu Zarim Abu Bakar (Honorary Treasurer). CPD programmes.
The other members of the Board of Management of PEF are Ar Lim
Teng Ngiom, Ar Jimmy Tham Chee Ming and Ar Chee Soo Teng. PAM-SIA Dialogue was proposed to be held on Friday 30
November 2007 to coincide with Archifest organised by the
Council appointed the following Members of the Board of Singapore Institute of Architects.
Directors of Pusat Binaan Sdn Bhd to replace members whose
term has expired, Ar Mohammad Shah Dato Sanad, Ar Hussein Council agreed that both hard and soft copies of Berita Akitek
Hamzah and Ar Dr Tan Loke Mun . The following appointments would be sent to Members during a transition period of 6 months
were appointed by their positions on Council: Ar Lee Chor Wah from January to June 2008, after which only the electronic version
(President), Ar Boon Che Wee (Deputy President), Ar Chan Seong would be sent to all members.
Aun (Honorary Secretary) and Ar Abu Zarim Abu Bakar (Honorary
Treasurer). PAM jointly with ACEM, REHDA and MBAM had sent a Memorandum
to all Cabinet Ministers to highlight that the Building Surveyors Act
A once only seminar on PAM Contract 2006 would be organised should not be accepted as a separate Act, but in a section under the
on 23 & 24 November 2007 at MATRADE Convention Centre, Architects Act.
Kuala Lumpur. The CPD Committee would produce a good CD for
distribution at the Chapters, as the speakers did not intend to do The Human Resource Survey was circulated to 1305 Corporate
another seminar. It was agreed that Chapter representatives could sit Members and 19 (1.5%) responses were received. It was proposed
with the Committee as training so that he or she could conduct the that PAM work with the relevant Ministry to resolve the problem, for
seminar at their respective Chapters. example get work permit for foreign architects to be employed.

To the feedback received that the PAM Contract 2006 could not Council agreed that PAM should participate in the Sharjah Expo to
be used until the adjudication rules were drafted, the Alternative be held from 13 to 15 January 2007. PAM brochures and DVD were
Dispute Resolution Committee agreed to draft the rules urgently. being prepared and could be used for the exhibition.

Council agreed to write to LAM with a proposal that the Chapters PAM has accepted the Muscat Municipalitys Ministers invitation to
support airfare costs while PAM supports local hospitality for the do a feasibility study in Muscat, Oman, to assist in the rebuilding
Chapters to be represented at LAM. of the city after it was destroyed by a cyclone in June 2007.

Ar Lawrence Lim represented PAM Northern Chapter, who was The Membership Committee would organize a trip for members to
invited to give a talk on CCC during the seminar entitled Improving attend the next ARCASIA Congress and Students Jamboree to
the Housing Delivery System organised by the Penang Gerakan be held in Busan, Korea in October 2008.

Chapters Committee Portfolio

Northern Chapter Southern Chapter

Chairman Chairman
1 Ar Datin Teng-Chiu Chew Ying 1 Ar Hjh Nor Aini Juffery
Deputy Chairman Deputy Chairman
2 Ar Lam Seong Voon 2 Ar Azman Bilaji
Vice Chairman Vice Chairman
3 Ar Nik Rahiman Taib 3 Ar Hj Selamat Mohamed Lahir
Honorary Secretary Honorary Secretary
4 Ar Lawrence Lim Hua Kwang 4 Ar Hjh Nik Rosnani Nik Mohd Amin
Honorary Treasurer Honorary Treasurer
5 Ar Dato Ooi Sian Hian 5 Ar Azmi Zakaria
Immediate Past Chairman Immediate Past Chairman
6 Ar Au Tai Yeow 6 Ar Hj Md Razin Mahmood
Committee Members Committee Members
7 Ar Ahmad Tajuddin Bin Haji Mohd Ali 7 Ar Hj Norzam Darmin
8 Ar Anthony Chan Lok Wei 8 Ar Hj Ismail Ros
9 Ar Goh Ching Keng 9 Ar Marzuki @ Mahadi Muhamad
10 Ar Wan Hanafi Wan Hassan 10 ArMuhamad Zawawi Zainuddin
11 ArEmilda Ahmad Nordin
12 ArKua Chong Beng
@ Kua Chong Been

1 1

2 3 4 2 3

5 6 7 4 5 6

8 9 10 7 8 9

10 11 12

Chapters Committee Portfolio

Sabah Chapter Sarawak Chapter

Chairman Chairman
1 Ar Sim Sie Hong 1 Ar Ng Chee Wee
Deputy Chairman Deputy Chairman
2 Ar Ho Jia Lit 2 Ar Desmond Kuek
Vice Chairman Vice Chairman
3 Ar Dr Tan Jun Kwang 3 Ar Peter Wong
Honorary Secretary Honorary Secretary
4 Ar Fong Kean Cheong, Aaron 4 Ar Bong Joon Hin
Honorary Treasurer Honorary Treasurer
5 Ar Liew Kim Kiong, Jebb 5 Ar Mike Boon
Immediate Past Chairman Immediate Past Chairman
6 Ar Yong Ming Cheong 6 Ar David Ong
Committee Members Committee Members
7 Ar Victor Wong Kon Yu 7 Ar Dominic Chuo
8 Ar Lo Su Yin 8 Ar Kho Meng Kang 1
9 Ar William Ho Chung Khet 9 Ar Law Kim Chui
10 Ar Paul Lau Sei Ta 10 Ar Stephen Mong
11 Ar Arnold Kwan Chee Hung 11 Ar Kelvin Wong
12 Ar Lee Khong Yaw 12 Ar Stephen Liew
Graduate Representative Co-Opted Committee Members
13 Ar Rizal Ahmad Banjar 13 Ar Hubert Kueh
14 Ar Mohd Affrin Samsudin

1 2

2 3 4 3 4 5

5 6 7 6 7 8

8 9 10 9 10 11

11 12 13 12 13 14

Other Highlights

04&05September07 08September07
Aga Khan Awards for Architecture CPD Seminar
Prize Giving Ceremony and Winners Seminar Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, Sabahs
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Malaysia First Zoo
Speaker Ar Ho Jia Lit, Arkitek
PAM Centre, KL

Some of the exhibits of the Aga Khan Awards for Architecture Ar Ho Jia Lit

Malaysian Prime Minister YAB Abdullah Ahmad Badawi with His Highness Aga Khan
Ar Victor Wong and Ar Quek Ching Chon
Scenes during the Aga Khan Awards for Architecture Prize Presentation and Winners Seminar

Ar Laurent Lim

From left Nor Suryati Sulong, Ar Laurent Lim,

Ar Ho Jia Lit, Ar Victor Wong and Yvonne Mak

Other Highlights

08September07 11September07
CPD Seminar WOW - World of Wood
Vietnam Delegations A Visit to Hermens Residence
Visit to PAM and talk on The Changing
Led by Mr Nguyen Van Chien, Supply of Timber in South East
Deputy Director of the Asia and the Use of Imported
Department of Natural Timber and Veneers PAM Council
Resources and Environment, Ho Speaker Michael Hermens 2007-2008
Chi Minh City Damansara Indah Resort Homes, President
PAM Centre, KL Damansara, Selangor Ar Lee Chor Wah
Deputy President
Ar Boon Che Wee
Vice President
Ar Chong Lee Siong
Honorary Secretary
Ar Chan Seong Aun
Honorary Treasurer
Ar Abu Zarim Abu Bakar
Immediate Past President
Ar Dr Tan Loke Mun
Past Presidents on Council
Ar Dato Haji Esa Haji Mohamed
Ar Paul Lai Chu
Ar Tan Pei Ing
Council Members
Ar Erdayu Oshara Omar
Ar Hamdan Abdul Jamal
Dialogue in progress The front view of Hermens Residence Ar Laurent Lim Aun Giap
Ar Alvin Lim Hai Seah
Ar Mohd Zulhemlee An
Ar Saifuddin Ahmad
Ar Sarizal Yusoff
Ar See Kim Piow
Ar Jerry Sum Phoon Mun
Northern Chapter Chairman
Ar Datin Teng-Chiu Chew Ying
Southern Chapter Chairman
Ar Hajjah Nor Aini Juffery
Sabah Chapter Chairman
Ar Sim Sie Hong
Sarawak Chapter Chairman
Ar Ng Chee Wee

Michael Hermens briefing the architects Editorial Panel

Ar Chan Seong Aun
Ar Lee Chor Wah
Ar Boon Che Wee and Mr Nguyen Van Chien Ar Boon Che Wee
Ar Chong Lee Siong
Ar Abu Zarim Abu Bakar
Zarina Ibrahim
Executive Secretary
Design & Layout
Nie O One Design
17-3 Jalan PJU 8/5D
Damansara Perdana
47300 Petaling Jaya Selangor
t 603-7729 2901
f 603-7710 3401
e de901@streamyx.com
Right wing of Hermens Residence
Percetakan Skyline Sdn Bhd
No. 35 & 37, Jalan 12/32B
TSI Business Industrial Park
Group photo of participants of the Dialogue Batu 6 1/2 Off Jalan Kepong
52100 Kuala Lumpur
t 603-6257 4824
f 603-6257 7525
e pskylinekl@gmail.com
Published by
4 & 6 Jalan Tangsi
50480 Kuala Lumpur or
PO Box 10855
50726 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
t 03-2693 4182
f 03-2692 8782
e info@pam.org.my
Left wing of Hermens Residence w www.pam.org.my


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