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Twin ace holdings corporation

Vs. Rufina and Company

G.R. No. 160191

Twin Ace operates in the Philippines as a domestic Corporation under the
name and style of Tanduay Distillers which manufactures rhum, wines, and liquors.
Rufina is engaged in production of native products such as patis, bagoong,
sisi, and other native food seasonings. These products are aside from being sold
locally were also exported. However, Rufina uses the bottles of Tanduay products
as containers for their products without authorization, or consent of Twin Ace.
Section 6 of R. A 623, as amended by R.A 5700 does not prohibit use of
bottles as containers for sisi, bagoong, patis, and similar native products.

Whether or not Rufina is covered within the exemption provided by section
of R.A 623, as amended by R.A 5700 being a large scale producer.

Yes. The exemption under the law is unqualified as the law did not make a
distinction that it only applies to small scale industries, it did not qualify that the
protection therein was intended and limited only to such. It is a basic rule in
statutory construction that when the law is clear and free from any doubt or
ambiguity, there is no room for construction or interpretation.
Twin Ace Holdings Corporation
Vs. CA and Lorenzana Food Corporation
G.R. No. 123248, Oct. 16, 1997

Twin Ace is a domestic corporation which operates under the name and style
of Tanduay, a manufacturer of hard liquors. On the other hand, Lorenzana is a
manufacturer and importer of food seasonings like patis, bagoong, and the like.
Twin Ace filed a complaint for replevin to recover 380,000 bottles of Tanduay
products detained by the respondent and used as container of their native
products. Twin Ace claims for damages against Lorenzana for the unauthorized use
of registered bottles. Respondent invoked section 6 of RA 623, as amended by RA

Whether or not Lorenzana is liable to indemnify Twin Ace.

No. Section 6 of said act provides The provision of this act shall not be
interpreted as prohibiting the use of bottles as containers for sisi, bagoong,
patis, and similar native products.
The said exemtion was deemed extremely necessary to provide assistance
and incentive to the backyard, cottage and small-scale manufacturers of indigenous
native products who do not have the capital to buy brand new bottles as containers
nor afford to pass the added cost to the majority of poor Filipinos who rely on this
products as viands.