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St. Marys Thursday, August 3, 2017

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Sun, Fun and Sand

Leonardtown Holds Beach
Party on the Square
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Thursday, August 3, 2017 The County Times Local News 3
Just Listed ! $329 E
Priest Apologizes For 39150 GOLDEN BEACH RD, MECHANICSVILLE MD ,900

Church Theft, Fraud

Motives Still Unclear
By Guy Leonard served faithfully, which showed that he
Staff Writer had not actually spent the money he had
John S. Mattingly, the fallen priest who Chasanow said had his crimes gone un-
pleaded guilty to stealing nearly half-a- noticed, it was uncertain what would have
million dollars from the congregation happened to the embezzled funds. 3 1/2 ACRE PICTURESQUE LOT!
at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in His motivations for this conduct are OVER 1700 SQ FT ON 1-LEVEL!!
Newtowne Neck, told the parishioners he not entirely clear to me, Chasanow said. MUST SEE TO ACTUALLY BELIEVE IT! NEW WOOD
had betrayed that he was sorry for what he He was clearly doing this to serve his FLOORS, NEW WINDOWS+DOORS, NEW ROOF,NEW
had done, but offered no explanation as to own psychic benet.
why he did it. One church member, writing in a letter APPLIANCES, NEW HEAT+AC, NEW CERAMIC BATHS,
Speaking at his sentencing hearing to the court, was not so sure, noting that NEW CARPETING, NEW PAINT, NEW LIGHTING,
Monday at the U.S. District Court in Mattingly had made social media posts FIREPLACE
Greenbelt, Mattingly, 71, said he wanted during the investigation into church - FEELS LIKE A NEW HOME !! L
to nd a way to make amends with the nances about his many visits to music
entire parish he had served before retiring performances in The District as well as 2-CAR GARAGE AND ENOUGH DRIVEWAY FOR I
in 2010, leaving one of the oldest parishes apparently aunting what she called an 10 CARS+THE RV! 2 HUGE SHEDS W/ELECTRIC
dating back to the colonial founding of $80,000 Lexus, a condominium on the WOODED+ PRIVATE PERFECT LOT!!
Maryland almost insolvent. Eastern Shore and a penchant for day trad-
I fully acknowledge what I did was ing in the markets. Steve Atkocius YOUR AREA
terribly wrong, Mattingly said. My con- Assistant U.S. Attorney Brian Forman
duct haunts me. told the court the investigation into Mat- Broker/Realtor THE LAST 20
Im terribly sorry.
Mattingly said he wanted to petition the
tinglys scheme turned up checks writ-
ten by parishioners for various amounts Purple Post Real Estate Years! N
Archdiocese to allow him to say one last
mass at the church before he dies.
with messages written on them stating the
money was for charitable donations to the www.SteveSellsMd.com G
Judge Deborah Chasanow handed down church or for maintenance of the aging 301-399-3089 P
a sentence of 18 months home detention, chapel.
along with three years supervised release.
Both sides stipulated to one day of in-
But those notes were a ruse, Forman
said, since Mattingly had those monies di- R
carceration already served when Mat-
tingly was arrested by federal authorities
verted directly into accounts he controlled.
Forman said when he was rst present- I
last year. ed the case from States Attorney Richard The Law Office of C
Chasanow said Mattinglys motives for
stealing the $400,000 from his parish-
ioners from between 2006 and 2010 and
Fritzs ofce back in 2014 that he was in-
credulous of any criminal wrongdoing.
We thought that there must be an
Troy C. Hansen, LLC E
funneling the money into a retirement
fund and various other accounts, while
account were missing, Forman said.
But we never saw any money coming
telling his congregation it was desperately
needed for things such as church repairs,
back to St. Francis Xavier Church.
David Chapman, Mattinglys attorney,
was somewhat bafing.
But she was sure that he was not both-
told the court that Mattinglys health, both
physically and mentally, was precarious
ered by what he was doing before he
got caught.
and that his illegal activities took place
when Mattingly was heavily medicated
You said youve been haunted by this for his medical conditions and his psycho- 9
for ve years, when this had been going on logical conditions.
long before that, Chasanow said. That He has suffered tremendously, argu- ,
tells me you were not concerned about ably by his own hand, but he has suffered
what you were doing when [the theft and just the same, Chapman said. He is dis- 9
bank fraud] was happening. graced, there is no doubt about it.
She noted Mattinglys signing over 0
$400,000 by check last week to the court
as restitution to the parish he had once
t roy ha nsenl aw.com
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4 Local News The County Times Thursday, August 3, 2017

From The Publisher Al Dailey Joins County Times

A Team of Experienced Professionals Newspapers as General Manager
By Dick Myers big boxes, but the McKays have done it
With the announcement this week of in- Editor successfully.
dustry and community veteran Al Dailey The County Times was founded by
joining our team as General Manager, The James Manning McKay, who started the
County Times reaches the pinnacle of its family grocery business along with his
10 year history and is ready to begin the wife Marilyn.
next phase of our journey. McKays son Tommy now serves as
Mr. Dailey brings to our organization president of the family business and he
the experience, leadership qualities, and and grandson Eric serve as publisher and
a commitment to professional journalism associate publisher of the newspapers.
in Southern Maryland that has earned Dailey vividly remembers the Chamber
him the respect and admiration of read- of Commerce annual meeting at the for-
ers and businesses throughout St. Marys mer Evans Seafood on St. Georges Island
and Calvert counties. We could not be at which James Manning McKay was hon-
more excited and proud to have Mr. Dailey ored as businessperson of the year.
working with our team of professionals to Dailey is excited about the community
assure we are the community news source newspaper business, which he describes
that St. Marys and Calvert county resi- as being a hyper-local media. People
dents are proud to call their community want to know what is happening in their
newspaper. backyards, he said. He added that be-
Mr. Dailey joins a team rich in talent cause of that, community newspapers are
Thomas F. McKay, with many years of commitment to the doing better than daily newspapers, which
Publisher Southern Maryland community. Along also have the added burden of the costs of
How time flies, it has been 10 years and with Mr. Dailey, our leadership team in- daily distribution.
nine months since the very first edition of cludes Eric McKay, Associate Publisher, Al Dailey, General Manager
Daileys first job in Southern Maryland
The County Times hit the newsstands in Dick Myers, Editor, Guy Leonard, lead was as a weekend fill-in disk jockey at
St. Marys County. The journey has been Journalist, and Jen Stotler, Marketing Al Dailey, who has 32 years of South- WPTX-AM in Lexington Park. He quick-
filled with challenges, yet our thousands Manager. ern Maryland media experience, has ly moved into the morning announcer role
of dedicated readers and many success- We are also delighted to welcome Sallie joined The County Times newspapers in at its sister station, WMDM-FM when
ful advertisers have made this journey Keys to the graphics design team. Sallie St. Marys and Calvert counties as Gen- local legend, the late Gary Beavin left to
possible. brings many years of creative design to eral Manager. That experience includes 17 work for the then Bell Motor Company.
Today, we are the only locally owned our organization. We are excited to have years as Associate Publisher of the Enter- Dailey moved to an Annapolis station for
and operated newspaper serving St. Ms. Keys talents available as she works to prise Newspaper, from 1999 to 2016. a few years and then returned to WPTX/
Marys and Calvert counties. provide our readers and advertisers with a With the Enterprise, Dailey worked WMDM as general manager.
Over the years our goal has been to pro- product that is creative, exciting, yet easy closely with the business community in He explained that he spent most of the
vide our communities with the most con- to read. St. Marys and Calvert counties. He was 1980s in the radio business and most of
sistent and honest news coverage avail- We are proud of our first ten years, yet active with the St. Marys County Cham- the 1990s as general manager and partner
able. We have been fortunate to have a are more excited than ever as we look for- ber of Commerce, having served on the of Cable Channel 10 in St. Marys County.
dedicated team of reporters, designers, ward to the next ten years. We are con- board and being responsible for that or- Dailey is especially happy to be back
marketing representatives, and service fident that your community newspaper is ganizations poplar annual membership in the area where he has worked so long
members to assure we deliver the best building the best team in the business to directory. and knows so many people. He started at
product we can week after week. serve our friends and neighbors. I have admired the McKay family busi- the County Times newspapers as general
nesses for years from a distance, Dailey manager on July 31.
said. It is tough to compete against the

MDOT SHA Invests More Than $30 Million in Improving

Southern Maryland Roadways
The Maryland Department of Transportation State and will be added to the list early next year as part of this (Three Notch Road) and Allison Drive (2.5 miles); and
Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) is resurfacing contract. MD 520 (Whites Neck Road) between Gibson Road
roads in Calvert, Charles and St. Marys counties. The ap- Charles County ($10.9 million): and MD 239 (Bushwood Wharf Road) (2.6 miles).
proximately $32.2 million in resurfacing projects will be MD 257 (Rock Point Road) between Cobb Island Road MDOT SHAs contractor is Aggregate Industries of
completed over the next two years, weather permitting. and Swan Point Road (1.6 miles); Greenbelt.
Crews will patch, mill (remove the top layer of pave- Southbound MD 5 (Leonardtown Road) between Gal- Crews may need to close one lane and control traffic
ment), pave and restripe the roads. MDOT SHA will work lent Green Road and MD 488 (La Plata Road) (3.5 miles); with flaggers Mondays through Fridays between 9 a.m.
on the following roads: Northbound MD 5 (Leonardtown Road) between Gal- and 5 a.m. and Sundays through Friday mornings between
lent Green Road and Pine Tree Place (one-half mile); 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. Motorists are encouraged to add extra
Calvert County ($10.4 million*): MD 6 (Port Tobacco Road) between Annapolis Woods travel time during work hours.
MD 760 (Rousby Hall Road) between MD 765 (H.G. Road and Chicamuxen Road (5.3 miles); and The e-Road Ready 2017 electronic construction bro-
Truman Road) and the roundabout at Olivet Road/South- Westbound MD 228 (Berry Road) between Middle- chure is now available. The e-brochure highlights major
ern Connector Boulevard (1.2 miles); town Road and Western Parkway (2.5 miles). road construction and maintenance projects in Marylands
MD 765 (Mount Harmony Lane) between MD 2 (Solo- MDOT SHAs contractor is F.O. Day, Inc. of Rockville. 23 counties.
mons Island Road) and Little Tree Lane (1 mile); and St. Marys County ($10.9 million) Stay alert and look for reduced speed limits, narrow
MD 778 (Old Solomons Island Road) between MD 2 MD 242 (Colton Point Road) between MD 234 (Budds driving lanes and highway workers. Slow down and dont
and the Anne Arundel County line (1 mile). Creek Road) and MD 5 (Point Lookout Road) (4 miles); follow too closely. Work Zone Safety is in Your Hands.
MDOT SHAs contractor is Aggregate Industries of MD 249 (Piney Point Road) between Piney Point and Maryland drivers can also know before they go by calling
Greenbelt. Oliver Drive (4.7 miles); 511 or visiting www.md511.org for live traffic updates.
*Additional roads are being evaluated for resurfacing MD 472 (North Sandgates Road) between MD 235
From SHA
Thursday, August 3, 2017 The County Times Local News 5

Healthy St. Marys Partnership Invites Community

to Attend 2017 Annual Meeting
The Healthy St. Marys Partnership (HSMP) is a co- The 2017 HSMP Annual Meeting will include a morn- Chair of the Healthy St. Marys Partnership
alition of community members and organizational part- ing conference, followed by a networking lunch hour that Christina Church, Senior Policy Analyst for the
ners working together to improve health in St. Marys offers a poster session and local data review, and a special Governors Ofce for Children.
County. The coalition mobilizes its members through afternoon session on the Maryland Opioid Crisis. Michael D. Bellis, Executive Director of the United
four action teams to address local priority health issues: HSMP is pleased to announce several distinguished Way in Charles County
Access to Care, Behavioral Health, Healthy Eating & Ac- speakers, including: These speakers will cover a range of topics related to
tive Living, and Tobacco Free Living. Each year, HSMP Clay B. Stamp, Executive Director of the Maryland health, including: work being done to create a healthier
brings the members of these teams together for an An- Opioid Operational Command Center, Senior Emergency St. Marys County; the importance of nutrition for good
nual Meeting, providing the opportunity for participants Management Advisor to the Governor and Chair of the mental health; tools to build a healthier workforce; strat-
to network, learn from public health experts and receive Governors Emergency Management Advisory Council. egies to support Opportunity Youth; the struggles of
updates on local health improvement efforts. Captain Joseph R. Hibbeln, M.D., Clinical Investi- the working poor; and discussion on the Maryland opioid
This year, the HSMP Annual Meeting will take place gator at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Al- crisis from a state and local perspective.
on September 21, 2017 from 8:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m. at the coholism for the National Institutes of Health. Attendance is free, and CEUs will be offered for in-
Southern Maryland Higher Education Center in Califor- David Johnson, Vice President at Segal Consulting terested participants. For more information or to register,
nia. All members of the community are invited to attend and Adjunct Professor at Towson University. please visit: http://healthystmarys.com/hsmpannual2017/
this event to learn more about the health needs facing our Stephen T. Michaels, M.D, Chief Operating and
residents and our response as a community. Medical Ofcer for MedStar St. Marys Hospital and Co- From Kim Robertson,
St. Marys County Health Department

Additional Back-to-School
Vaccination Clinic Scheduled
The St. Marys County Health Depart- The following immunizations will be
ment has scheduled an additional back-to- available:
school vaccination clinic for children ages MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)
birth through 18 years old. The clinic will Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, whooping
be held Thursday, August 24 from 7:00 cough)
a.m. 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 7:00 p.m. Meningococcal
at the St. Marys County Health Depart- Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
ment located at 21580 Peabody Street in Varicella (chickenpox)
Leonardtown. Parents are encouraged to For more information about childhood
contact their primary health care provider immunizations, please call the St. Marys
with questions about their childs vaccina- County Health Department at 301-475-
tion status. Immunizations will be provid-
ed regardless of insurance and on a rst
4330 or visit their website at smchd.org. Sell it - Buy it
come, rst served basis no appointments
are necessary. atBuy it at
Sell It,

Hearing Scheduled for AUCTION

Business & Inventory Personal Property/Estates
Farm Equipment & Machinery Livestock Storage

County Water, Sewer Plan

Units Benefits/Fundraisers Certified Personal
Property Appraiser
EXCITING Upcoming Auctions & Events
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 2) Update Table 3-2 Inventory of Ex-
Commissioners of St. Marys County will isting Community (Water) System Ap-
conduct a public hearing in the Commis- propriations. Note that as a result of the
sioners Hearing Room of the Chesapeake evidence and comments made at the pub-
Building, located at 41770 Baldridge lic hearing, changes may be made to the
Street, Leonardtown, Maryland, on Tues- proposed amendments.
day, August 22, 2017, beginning at 6:30 Copies of the proposed amendments
p.m., for the purpose of receiving public are available for viewing at the St. Marys
testimony on proposed amendments to the County Department of Land Use and
St. Marys County Comprehensive Water Growth Management, 23150 Leonard Hall
and Sewerage Plan (CWSP). Amendments Drive, Leonardtown, Maryland, and at
to be considered include the following: www.stmarysmd.com.
1) As required by Chapter 113 of the
St. Marys County Code, incorporate the Kathleen Easley, Senior Planner
approved Capital Improvement Budget of Department of Land Use and
the St. Marys County Metropolitan Com- Growth Management
mission for FY2017-2022 into Tables 3-4
and 4-5 of the CWSP.

A Southern Maryland professional auction company providing services to

individuals, businesses and non
non--profit organizations for a variety of purposes

6 Local News The County Times Thursday, August 3, 2017

Lt. Governor Rutherford Announces

State Support for Research
Hearing On Mervell Dean
CSM, Johns Hopkins University, and UMCP Raise
Matching Funds to Promote Research and Technology
Road Parcel Set
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that S-6D (service in 6 to 10 years, developer
Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford an- our state on the cutting edge of technology the Commissioners of St. Marys Coun- financed) to S-3D (service in 3 to 5 years,
nounced Wednesday that the College of and discovery. We are proud to partner ty will conduct a public hearing in the developer financed). These amendments
Southern Maryland (CSM); Johns Hop- with these institutions and look forward to Commissioners Hearing Room of the are requested in anticipation of provid-
kins University; and the University of seeing the fruits of the professorships for Chesapeake Building, located at 41770 ing public water and sewerage service
Maryland, College Park, in partnership years to come. Baldridge Street, Leonardtown, Mary- for proposed commercial development.
with the Maryland Department of Com- The College of Southern Maryland re- land, on Tuesday, August 22, 2017, be- The applicant will bear all installation
merce, have endowed a total of $8.6 mil- ceived $500,000 for the Entrepreneur and ginning at 6:40 p.m., for the purpose of costs involved in connecting the sub-
lion in three new research professorships. Innovation Institute, an initiative to sup- receiving public testimony concerning ject development to existing water and
The endowments were made through the port the college and their existing tech- proposed amendments to the St. Marys sewer service. Properties between exist-
states Maryland E-Nnovation Initiative nology transfer activities, students, local County Comprehensive Water and Sew- ing lines and the proposed connection to
(MEI), a state program created to spur ba- businesses, and federal researchers at the erage Plan (CWSP). Dollar General will not be affected by
sic and applied research in scientific and nearby PAX River. The specific initiatives The proposed amendments would the installation of new service lines and
technical fields at the colleges and univer- will focus on training and education, tech- change the water and sewer service cat- will not be required to connect under
sities. The schools raised a total of $5 mil- nology commercialization, workspace for egories for 3.2 acres described in a deed current regulations.
lion in private funding for each chair and startups, and the growth and establish- recorded among the Land Records of St. A copy of the proposed amendment is
Maryland Commerce approved matching ment of businesses and their resources for Marys County in Book No. 641, Page available for viewing at the St. Marys
grants of $3.6 million to support the en- local companies. 279, located at 23848 Mervell Dean Road County Department of Land Use and
dowments. The announcement took place The College of Southern Marylandis in Hollywood and further described as Growth Management, 23150 Leonard
during Lt. Governor Rutherfords visit to honored to be among the three institutions parcel 651 on tax map 34. The Prop- Hall Drive, Leonardtown, Maryland,
CSMs Leonardtown campus today. in Maryland to be awarded this endowed erty is located on the northeast side of and at www.stmarysmd.com.
Maryland boasts some of the top aca- matching fund, said Dr. Maureen Mur- Mervell Dean Road approximately nine Note that as a result of the evidence
demic institutions in the world, said Lt. phy, president of the College of Southern hundred feet south of the intersection and comments made at the public hear-
Governor Rutherford. We are proud to Maryland. These fundswill allow the with Clarkes Landing Road. The wa- ing, changes may be made to the pro-
support the groundbreaking work these college to create a more sustainable and ter service category would change from posed amendments.
schools are doing, from drug discovery vibrant innovation ecosystem through W-6D (service in 6 to 10 years, devel-
research to cybersecurity, to ensure both public-private partnerships thatsupport oper financed) to W-3D (service in 3 to
5 years, developer financed). The sewer Kathleen Easley, Senior Planner
our local businesses and our residents are andimpactthe critical and innovative St. Marys County Department of Land
the first to benefit from these inspiring research being conducted at the Navy re- service category would changefrom
Use and Growth Management
academic achievements. search labs in Southern Maryland. The

County Retains Strong

The College of Southern Maryland, Entrepreneur and Innovation Institute
Johns Hopkins and the University of will not only support technology transfer
Maryland, College Park are significant initiatives,but will also enhancethe re-
economic drivers for the entire state of gionaland state economic and workforce

Credit Rating
Maryland, said Commerce Secretary development expansion.
Mike Gill said. The research they con-
duct and the bright young minds they nur- From Office of Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford
ture fuel Marylands economy and keep

By Guy Leonard and impair our ability to provide critical

Staff Writer services, Morgan said.
Moodys stated that percentage rates
A prominent New York-based credit of 32 percent and 36 percent of operating
ratings agency reports that St. Marys expenses for each fund and cash balanc-
Countys fiscal status when it comes to es are the median standard for jurisdic-
its overall economy and tax base are tions around the United States that the
strong overall and that county govern- agencyrates.
ments handling of its debt liabilities and The countys operating budget is
pension commitments shows good man- about $215 million.
agement practices. The credit position of St. Marys
But the report also shows the countys County is very strong and its Aa2 rat-
finances have weakened since its last re- ing matches the median rating of Aa2 for
view by Moodys Investment Services, U.S. counties, Moodys report states.
as it pertains to the available fund bal- Notable credit factors include a healthy
ance as a percentage of operating rev- financial position, a strong socioeco-
enues and the net cash balance by the nomic profile with an extensive tax base
same metric. and a negligible debt burden with mid-
The report shows that both the balanc- ranged pension liability.
es have decreased steadily since 2013 Moodys stated that the countys tax
from 25.9 percent of operating revenues base has actually improved to a total
for fund balance to 17.4 percent in 2016. value of $12 billion, which is slightly
For the net cash balance, it was 47 per- above the median figure for the nation.
cent of operating revenues but that has The per capita value of the assessable
since dropped to 29.6 percent in 2016. base also rose modestly between 2013
I remain concerned, said County and 2016 to $109,842.
Commissioner Todd Morgan. The This figure, too, is slightly above the
health of the fund balance is important national average, the report stated.
for the continued financial strength of Lastly, the median family income
thecounty. equals a significant 148.8 percent of the
Morgan said he was neither in favor U.S. level, the report stated.
Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford joined CSM President Dr. Maureen Murphy at the Leonardtown campus Aug. 2 nor cutting taxes.
to announce a $500,000 state grant to be matched by the CSM Foundation to establish a Velocity Center
in Indian Head.
That [cutting taxes] would continue guyleonard@countytimes.net
to eat into the countys fund balances
Thursday, August 3, 2017 The County Times Local News 7

Household Hazardous Waste

Collection Day Coming in August
The St. Andrews Landfill will host its is harden by adding absorbents (cat litter,
fall Hazardous Waste Collection Day on sand, sawdust, or paint drying crystals)
Saturday, August 19. The event will take prior to disposal. If citizens are unable to
place between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. do so, Latex Paint will also be accepted.
The program allows residents to clean Items which will not be accepted in-
out their barns, basements, sheds, garages, clude Ammunition, Asbestos, Explosive
storage areas under kitchen sinks, etc. and Materials, Medical Waste, Pharmaceu-
properly discard potentially toxic/danger- ticals, Radioactive Materials and Picric
ous materials. Acid.
Hazardous waste items which will be Almost 54 tons of materials were col-
accepted for collection include Acids, lected during last years event. Help us
Ammonia, Bleach, collect even more this year and dispose
Cleaners, Fuels, Gas/Oil Mixtures, of it through safe and environmentally re-
Gasoline, Household and Lawn Pesti- sponsible practices.
cides, Mercury Thermometers, Photogra- For more information please contact the
phy Chemicals, Pool Chemicals, Solvents, St. Marys Department of Public Works
Wood Preservatives, Paint Thinners, and and Transportation at 301-475-4200, ext.
Alkyd (oil-based) Paint. 3500 or log on to www.stmarysmd.com/
Since Latex Paint is not considered haz- dpw/Household.asp.
ardous, it can be disposed with your regu-
lar trash collection as long as the mixture

Reforms Announced to Vehicle

Emissions Inspection Program
Governor Larry Hogan has announced heavy-duty vehicles. These targeted im-
regulatory reforms that will save Mary- provements for vehicle emissions testing
land taxpayers time and money, as well increase customer convenience, while
as protect the health of our environment, maintaining our progress on air quality
through common sense changes to the and the Chesapeake Bay, said Maryland
Motor Vehicle Administrations (MVA) Department of the Environment Secre-
Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program tary Ben Grumbles. Approximately 1.6
(VEIP). The changes include extending million vehicles are inspected annually
initial VEIP inspections for new vehicles as part of VEIP. If the revised regulations
by one year. are implemented, an anticipated 209,000
This announcement implements a rec- vehicles would be delayed for the initial
ommendation from the governors Regu- inspection in 2018, a figure expected to
latory Reform Commissions 2016 report stay constant in future years.
released in December. The 2016 report Additionally, approximately 24,000
tasked the Maryland Department of the pre-1996 light duty vehicles would be
Environment (MDE) and Maryland De- exempt in the first year. The VEIP pro-
partment of Transportation (MDOT) to gram is required by the federal Clean
amend VEIP regulations to expand the Air Act to reduce ground-level ozone air
use of emerging technologies and pro- pollution. Nitrogen oxides and volatile
vide opportunities to enact driver-friend- organic compounds react with sunlight
ly improvements. Our administration to produce ground-level ozone. Model-
remains committed to enacting common ing shows reductions of those substances
sense solutions that provide increased attributable to the VEIP program to be
value for Maryland taxpayers and im- about 10 tons per day.
prove customer service, while protecting These proposed regulatory reforms are
the health of our environment, said Gov- the latest move by the Hogan adminis-
ernor Hogan. This change will put more tration to make the VEIP process more
than $2 million back into the pockets of customer-friendly. Between August 2015
Maryland taxpayers and maintain critical and October 2016, the state installed 10
environmental protections. Numerous new, convenient VEIP self-service kiosks
advancements in vehicle technology over that are available 24 hours a day, seven
the years have allowed for streamlined days a week. Jointly administered by
VEIP regulations. For example, comput- MVA and MDE, the kiosks allow Mary-
erized on-board diagnostic testing is now land vehicle owners to test vehicle emis-
occurring on the overwhelming majority sions at their own convenience and at a
of vehicles in Maryland. reduced price of $10 compared to $14 at
By extending the initial VEIP inspec- the test stations.
tion for new vehicles by one year, new The regulations will be submitted
vehicles will have to complete the initial to Maryland General Assemblys Joint
inspection within36 months. Currently, Committee on Administrative, Execu-
new vehicle owners must complete the tive, and Legislative Review (AELR).
initial test within two years. All pre-1996 When implemented, the enhancements
model year light duty vehicles (cars and will take effect January 1, 2018. In ad-
light trucks) would also be exempt from dition to taxpayer savings, the regula-
VEIP inspections. An on-board diag- tory change will also save the state ap-
nostic test will continue to be conducted proximately $90,000 annually in reduced
on 1996 and newer light-duty vehicles, mailing and credit card fees.
as well as 2008 and newer medium and
From Office of Gov. Larry Hogan
8 Local News
Crime The County Times Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sentencing For Robbery County Man Killed in

Defendant Postponed Route 5 Crash
By Guy Leonard fendants were stealing the money in an By Guy Leonard When the 2012 Acura MDX operated by
Staff Writer effort to help pay for the legal expenses of Staff Writer Wendy Moore, a Mechanicsville resident,
Tyreke Butler, Trevone Butlers brother, struck the Lexus, the Lexus in turn struck
The U.S. District Court in Greenbelt has who has since been sentenced to 50 years A Lexington Park man was killed Tues- Smith and sent him flying into a grassy
again postponed the sentencing of a man in prison for attempted murder. day afternoon while he was working on area near the shoulder, police stated.
who has already pleaded guilty to taking In that case Tyreke Butler was accused his car while stopped on the side of the Initial investigation showed Moores ve-
part in five armed robberies in Leonard- of shooting a victim multiple times related road in Waldorf, according to Maryland hicle veered out of the travel lane into the
town and Lexington Park two years ago. to a drug deal gone bad. State Police who responded to the crash shoulder but police as yet have not given
Quantaz Lamar Shields, 30, of Leonar- According to indictments filed in U.S. scene. an explanation for the change in position.
dtown faces between 22 and 27 years in District Court, Shields was the entry man Initial reports from state troopers with When police arrived they, along with an
federal prison for his crimes, according to of the pair who committed the actual rob- the La Plata Barrack show that a 2004 off-duty nurse, found Smith not breathing
his plea agreement with federal prosecu- beries while Trevone Butler provided the Lexus IS 300, operated by Brian K. Smith and tried to resuscitate him until paramed-
tors signed by him at the beginning of the getaway vehicle. was stopped on the northbound shoulder ics arrived but the victim was later pro-
year. Shields pleaded guilty to four counts of of Route 5 in the area of Legacy Farm nounced dead at University of Maryland
Shields along with Trevone Butler were interfering with state commerce through Place, apparently with engine trouble, Charles Regional Medical Center in La
indicted federally last year for taking part robbery, according to federal plea docu- when it was hit from behind by another Plata. Moore was transported to the same
in the robberies of The Sign of the Whale ments, as well as one count of brandishing oncoming vehicle. hospital with minor injuries.
liquor store, the Super 8 motel and the during a crime of violence.
Papa Johns Pizza store in Lexington Park According to his plea deal, Shields must
as well as the Dash-In and CVS Pharmacy also forfeit at least $7,378 as well as a 1997

Sheriffs Office Incident Report

in Leonardtown during a crime spree in Nissan Pathfinder vehicle he purchased
October of 2015. with proceeds from the robberies.
Sources close to the investigation re-
vealed to The County Times that the de- guyleonard@countytimes.net Bowie are investigating the cases. CASE#
40433-17, 40431-17 and 40416-17
Burglary Unknown suspect(s) en-
tered a residence and stole property in the
48000 block of Sea Side View Road in
Ridge. Deputy Payne is investigating the
case. CASE#40488/40494-17
Burglary to Motor Vehicle Unknown
suspect(s) entered a motor vehicle and
stole property in the 21000 block of Three
Notch Road in Lexington Park. Deputy
Henry is investigating the case. CASE#
Theft Unknown suspect(s) stole a mo-
tor vehicle from the 26000 block of Laurel
Grove Court in Mechanicsville. Deputy
D. Smith is investigating the case. CASE#
On Sunday, July 23, at approximately 7-28-2017
2:57 p.m., St. Marys County Sheriffs Of- Burglary During the overnight hours,
fice deputies responded to Nicolet Park in unknown suspect(s) entered a residence
Lexington Park for a reported disturbance. and stole property in the 21000 block of
Upon arriving on the scene, deputies Springwood Court in Lexington Park.
located a large crowd dispersing and flee- Deputy Muschette is investigating the
ing the area. It was later learned the crowd case. CASE# 39798-17
gathered to watch a fight that was also 7-29-2017
broadcast live on social media. Breaking and Entering to a Motor Ve-
The St. Marys County Sheriffs Office hicle During the overnight hours, un-
is seeking the publics assistance in identi- known suspect(s) forced entry into a vic-
fying individuals in the broadcast. tims vehicle in the 21000 block of Olen
Anyone with information is asked to Mattingly Road in Avenue. Deputy D.
contact Deputy Shawn Bowie at 301- Holdsworth is investigating the case.
475-4200, ext. *8066 or by email, Shawn. CASE# 39881-17
Bowie@stmarysmd.com. Callers may 7/30/2017
also call Crime Solvers at 301-475-3333 Burglary Unknown suspect(s) entered
(callers can remain anonymous, or text a residence in the 47000 block of Lincoln
a tip to TIP239 plus your message to Avenue in Lexington Park and stole prop-
CRIMES (274637). erty. Deputy T. Siciliano is investigating
Theft Unknown suspect(s) stole the the case. CASE#40095-17
registration plate from a motor vehicle in 7-31-2017
the 21000 block of Ronald Drive in Lex- Burglary Unknown suspect(s) re-
ington Park. Deputy First Class Maguire moved cash from the Sonic located in the
is investigating the case. CASE#40467-17 46000 block of Lexington Village Way in
Burglaries to Motor Vehicles During California. Deputy M. Beyer is investigat-
the overnight hours, unknown suspect(s) ing the case. CASE#40163-17
entered a victims motor vehicles and stole
property in the Esperanza Farms Subdi- From Jennifer Stone, Sheriffs Office PIO
vision. Corporal Corcoran and Deputy
Thursday, August 3, 2017 The County Times Crime
Local News 9



$799 $1249 $1099 $1849

750 ML 1.75 LTR 750 ML 1.75 LTR
2 for $1800
1.5 LTR
1.75 LTR


$2999 $2249

2 for $18
750 ML
$16493 LTR
750 ML 750 ML

750 ML 750 ML



2 for
2 for $2100

2 for $1100

2 for $1700
2 for $1800

10 Sports The County Times Thursday, August 3, 2017

An Evening in the Vineyard Womens Soccer

August 10, 2017 Schedule Released
6 - 10 pm By Nairem Moran
St. Marys College of Maryland
Three of the last ve games left to play
in September will be on the road while for
the other two matches, the Seahawks will
Running Hare Vineyard Fourth-year head coach Peter Krech 09
issued on Friday the 2017 St. Marys Col-
welcome Lynchburg (Sept. 19) and Penn
State Harrisburg (Sept. 23), the rst Capital
lege of Maryland womens soccer schedule. Athletic Conference game of the season,
This years slate includes nine opportuni- to campus.
ties for Seahawk fans to come cheer on St. After opening up October at home
Purchase tickets on our website: Marys at Seahawk Stadium. against Salisbury University (Oct. 4), St.
For schedule check here: www.smcmath- Marys will ght through a four-match
www.calverthospice.org letics.com/sports/wsoc/2017-18/schedule
Seventeen regular-season matches
road trip, hitting up four conference foes
in Marymount (Va.) University (Oct. 6),
makeup the 2017 schedule, including Christopher Newport (Oct. 11), Southern
or call 410-535-0892 battles against three participants from the Virginia University (Oct. 14) and Univer-
2016 NCAA Division III Womens Soc- sity of Mary Washington (Oct. 18).
cer Championship Tournament Rowan The nal two games of the season will
Sponsorships are still available! University, Lynchburg College, and Chris- be played at home as the Seahawks square
topher Newport University. Additionally, off against Wesley College on Senior Day
Rowan, Lynchburg, and CNU received (Oct. 21) before being pitted against York
votes in the nal postseason rankings re- College of Pennsylvania in the regular-sea-
leased by the National Soccer Coaches As- son nale on October 25.
sociation of America. The 2017 CAC Womens Soccer Cham-
Krech and his squad will be the rst pionship Tournament begins October 28
Seahawks to play at Seahawk Stadium in with rst round action followed by the
2017-18 with home contests against Ran- seminals on October 31 and the champi-
dolph-Macon College (Sept. 1) and Averett onship game on November 4.
College (Sept. 3) before taking on Rowan St. Marys nished the 2016 season with
University in a neutral site game in Freder- a 10-6-2 (6-2-1 CAC) record, registering
icksburg, Va., on September 9. St. Marys 10 wins for the second straight season and
will then be home for the next two games, the fourth time in program history. The Se-
hosting Stevenson University (Sept. 10) ahawks advanced to the seminals of the
and Bridgewater (Va.) College (Sept. 13). CAC Tournament for the second straight
season under Krech.

Blue Crabs Win Back

Paul & Donna Wilson and Forth Opener
The Southern Maryland Blue Crabs (10- Galvez singled with one out, being pulled
14) took the series opener against the Bridge- for a pinch-runner at rst. DArby Myers fol-
port Bluesh (13-11) 4-3, with Jose Lozadas lowed with a ground-rule double, putting two
solo homerun in the bottom of the eighth runners in scoring position. Luis Hernandez
serving as the difference. followed with an ineld single, scoring An-
Both starting pitchers were strong through gel Rosa from third to tie the game. Zack
three innings, with just three hits total being Thornton (2-1) picked up a 6-4-3 double play
allowed. Southern Maryland nally got to to end the inning, sending the game tied into
Reinier Roibal in the bottom of the fourth, the bottom half of the inning.
putting up three runs in the frame. Edwin Jose Lozada led off the inning with a solo
Garcia led-off the inning with a single, ex- homerun, putting the Blue Crabs back ahead
tending his hitting streak to 10 games. Two 4-3. Lozadas fth homerun of the season set
batter later, Michael Snyder doubled down up the closer Cody Eppley for the top of the
the right eld line, scoring Garcia from ninth (S,26). Eppley allowed a leadoff single,
rst to get the Blue Crabs on the board rst. with a wild pitch advancing the runner to
L.J. Hoes followed with a two-run home- second. A groundout from Daniel Fields put
run to left eld, his rst as a member of the the tying run on third, before Eppley forced a
Blue Crabs. groundout to shortstop, ending the back-and-
Eric Fornataro headed back to the mound forth matchup with a 4-3 Blue Crabs win.
with a 3-0 lead, having allowed just three hits For more information on the Southern
through his rst four innings of work. The Maryland Blue Crabs, or to reserve your seat
Gerald Van DeVelde right-hander walked the rst batter in the in- today for any of the Blue Crabs upcoming
& Rene Cunningham ning, before a single from Welington Dotel home games, please visit our website at som-
singled to put two men aboard. Dotel was cut dbluecrabs.com or call us at 301-638-9788.
down on a double steal attempt, but Daniel About the Southern Maryland Blue
Fields advanced to third. Fields scored easily Crabs: The Blue Crabs play 140 regular
on the next play, a groundball to second from season games in the Atlantic League of
Tony Abreu, cutting the Blue Crabs lead to Professional Baseball Clubs. The Blue
3-1. Crabs play at Regency Furniture Stadium
After a scoreless sixth inning, Fornataro in Waldorf, Maryland with affordable
was lifted from the game after recording his family fun. The franchise will open its 10th
rst quality start of the season. Cody Heb- anniversary season on Thursday April 20,
ner came on in relief, picking up two quick 2017. Please call 301-638-9788 or visit http://
outs to start the top of the seventh. However, www.somdbluecrabs.com for more
Richard & Claire Piason Fields connected on a solo shot to right eld, information and to reserve your seat at the
cutting the Blue Crabs lead to just one run, a ballpark today!
3-2 advantage.
The Bluesh rallied for a run in the top From Southern Maryland Blue Crabs
of the eighth, tying the game late. Jonathon
Thursday, August 3, 2017 The County Times Sports 11

Rayburn Honored for Academic Excellence

St. Marys College of Maryland landed Capital Athletic Conference institutions All-CAC honoree. The 5-4 defender was
on the 2017 Intercollegiate Womens La- which sponsor womens lacrosse, five oth- the Seahawks defensive rock all season
crosse Coaches Association (IWLCA) ers joined St. Marys as Academic Honor long, taking on the opponents top player in
Zag Sports Division III Academic Honor Squads Christopher Newport University, each and every game. A team captain this
Squad while Mackenzie Rayburn 17 (Bel Frostburg State University, Marymount season, she finished fifth in the conference
Air, Md./John Carroll) earned a spot on the (Va.) University, University of Mary Wash- with team-bests of 41 ground balls and 20
2017 IWLCA Zag Sports Division III Aca- ington, and York College of Pennsylvania. caused turnovers while ranking second on
demic Honor Roll. The IWLCA released its Rayburn picked up her second straight the team with 19 draw controls.
list of honorees Wednesday afternoon. IWLCA Zag Sports Academic Honor Roll About Zag Sports: Zag Sports has been
St. Marys was named an Academic award after finishing her four-year career serving the worlds best lacrosse teams
Honor Squad for the sixth straight season. with a 3.54 cumulative grade point average for nearly 15 years as they journey abroad
The Seahawks were one of 308 schools as a psychology major while minoring in for team changing touring experiences in
across NCAA Division I, II, III, and NAIA educational studies. She was named to the over 25 countries. With a unique blend of
selected as IWLCA Zag Sports Academic Deans List three times in her career and lacrosse, international community service,
Honor Squads for the 2016-17 academic garnered a spot on the CAC All-Academic and interactive cultural learning and ad-
year. Team every year. venture, Zag Sports looks forward to shar-
In order to qualify for this prestigious In order to be eligible for this honor, ing more of its experiences with NCAA
honor, the womens lacrosse team must student-athletes must be a junior, senior, or teams from around the country.
have posted a 3.0 or higher team GPA for graduate student and earned a cumulative
the year. This years team posted a 3.13 cu- academic GPA of 3.50 or greater. From St. Marys College of Maryland,
mulative team grade point average for the Rayburn left the womens lacrosse pro- nmoran@smcm.edu
academic year. gram as a two-time IWLCA Division III
This is the programs ninth team aca- All-Chesapeake Region Second Team se-
Mackenzie Rayburn demic award in 10 years. Of the nine lection as well as a two-time second team

The Tackle Box Fishing Report

By Ken and Linda Lamb Spot are in both the Patuxent and Po-
Contributing Writers tomac in good numbers and size, Spot are
in the 18- to 20-foot edges in Cedar Point
Rockfish, cobia, spot, croaker, blues, Hollow.
mackerel, and perch are all hot even as the Bluefish and spanish mackerel are mixed
weather has cooled and the winds have in the ships channel in the bay. Trollers
calmed. Before the big storm, the Potomac using planers at fast speeds are catching
erupted with rockfish in the 22- to 32-inch plenty.
range in the upper regions from the Wic- Cobia fishing was great before the
omico River to Morgantown in the shal- noreaster came in last Saturday and
lows allowing lure caters to fill their cool- messed up everybodys day. Chummers
ers with hefty rockfish and an occasional and sight-casters will have to start over to
red fish. Mixed in are white perch large find them and the big bull reds that were
enough to take a lure meant for far bigger charging around the mid-bay regionfrom
fish. Trollers and chummers are finding 72A buoyto the Target Ship and event fur-
rockfish in the Potomac. ther south. Chummers using chum logs or
Good-sized rockfish (and plenty just un- grinding their own and baiting with live
der the 20-inch minimum) are in the Patux- eels will find them soon.
ent for lure-casters in the shallows at dusk White perch are everywhere in the
and dawn. Trollers find them in the deep creeks and rivers.
holes and on the oyster bars on running Crabs are very plentiful and big!
tides. Fresh water fish is great with the fish
responding to a break in the heat with big

Dexter McClendon won the big croaker contest for July with this 15 and one half inch fish
from the Patuxent.

Alec Vanderborght with a string of white perch from the Patuxent.

12 Education The County Times Thursday, August 3, 2017

CSM Trustee Receives Leadership Award

College of Southern Maryland Trustee lic Schools. Citizens Advisory Committee, Antique
Dorothea Holt Smith of Waldorf has been She is a past recipient of the Agnes Arts Association and the Kiwanis Club of
selected as the 2017 recipient of the Trust- Meyer Outstanding Teacher Award pre- Waldorf and its foundation board of direc-
ee Leadership Award for the Northeast sented by The Washington Post, and of tors. She serves as president of the Afri-
Region by the Association of Commu- the Charles County Teacher of the Year can American Heritage Society of Charles
nity College Trustees, announced by the Award. A language arts-reading instruc- County Inc.
ACCT on July 25. tor of middle school students, Smith also She received the Verizon Community
The College of Southern Maryland is held various positions on the executive Innovator Award in February for her lead-
honored by this national recognition of the board of the Education Association of ership in education.
accomplishments of Trustee Doro- As a CSM trustee, she is a member
thea Smith, said CSM President Dr. The College of Southern Maryland of the Board of the Maryland Asso-
Maureen Murphy. Her commitment
to service to the college and its com- is honored by this national ciation of Community Colleges and
serving on its Executive Committee.
munities serves as a model for us all. recognition of the accomplishments She previously served on the boards
Smith will receive the award dur-
ing ACCTs Leadership Congress of Trustee Dorothea Smith.
legislative committee.
The ACCT supports community
Sept. 25-28. As the regions recipient, college governing boards in their
Smith has been advised by the ACCT
that she will be the regions nominee -CSM President, efforts to govern and develop poli-
cies that focus on meeting commu-
for the M. Dale Ensign Trustee Lead- Dr. Maureen Murphy nity needs. Its membership includes
ership Award which annually honors 6,000 individual trustees represent-
an individual who has made a signicant Charles County and was the faculty rep- ing 1,200 community, technical and junior
contribution as a lay trustee toward pro- resentative to the teacher association for colleges. For information about ACCT,
College of Southern Maryland Trustee Dorothea
moting the community college concept. John Hanson Middle School. visit www.acct.org. Holt Smith of Waldorf has been selected to receive
Smith was appointed as a trustee to Since her retirement, Smith has been CSMs Board of Trustees is the govern- the Trustee Leadership Award for the Northeast
CSMs board in 2007 and has served two active in numerous civic and commu- ing body providing leadership and over- Region by the Association of Community College
terms as chair and two terms as vice chair. nity organizations, including serving as sight of the colleges mission and policies. Trustees, announced by the ACCT on July 25.
Her service as a trustee will conclude in a county appointee on the Board of Ap- Members are appointed by the governor
2018. A graduate of Bowie State Univer- peals and the Citizens Advisory Com- for ve-year terms. For information about
sity with Bachelor of Science and Master mittee on the Waldorf Upgrade/Bypass CSMs leadership, visit www.csmd.edu/
of Education degrees, Smith is a retired Study. Presently, she is a member of the about/leadership/.
educator, beginning her 30-year teaching Charles County Retired School Personnel
career in 1965 in the Charles County Pub- Association, the Charles County Sheriffs From CSM

d d i n g
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October 19
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County Times St. Marys County l Calvert County

For more information contact Jen Stotler at

301-247-7611 or jen@countytimes.net
301.373.4125 | www.countytimes.net
43251 Rescue Lane | Hollywood, MD 20636
Thursday, August 3, 2017 The County Times Education 13

New School Age Attendance

Requirements in Effect Fountain Sale
Students and parents are reminded be- ernor through Senate Bill 362 in 2012. The Enjoy the soothing sounds of water in your garden. Choose from Massarelli,
ginning with the 2017-2018 school year, intent is to reduce the number of students Athens, Henri & more. Over 25 running fountains to choose from.
every student who resides in St. Marys dropping out of high school and thereby,
County, is ve years or older, and under
18 years old must attend school during the
increase the number of high school gradu-
ates. Many states have already increased
Save 50 $ 00
Any Fountain Priced $150 to $350
Save 100 $ 00
Any Fountain Priced Over $399
entire school year. The only exceptions their age of compulsory attendance to age All units are self-contained. Just plug them in. Professional installation and delivery is available. (check
are students enrolled in a nonpublic school 18. store for details) Fountains can be delivered and set up the same week as your purchase. Tabletop fountains,
or home instruction. The drop out age will For more information, please contact pond spitters, and indoor fountains also available. Winter covers are available to protect your fountain in the winter.
become 18. This applies to students who the Department of Student Services, at All fountains need a small concrete slab if they're not going on a solid surface. Allow 4-8 weeks for Special Orders & Colors.
turn age 17 on or after July 1, 2017. 301-475-5511, ext. 32150.
These changes were passed into law by
the Maryland General Assembly and Gov- From St. Marys County Public Schools

School System Makes

Administrative Appointments
Dwarf Evergreen Foundation & Hedging Plants Variegated or Green Liriope
Choose from Boxwood, Holly, Juniper & Cypress. Mix or match. Great groundcover and border plant.
Special 3 Gallon Size Save
25 Off 4 pots Special 2
$ 50
When you buy 4 or more When you buy 10 or more
Superintendent of Schools, Mr. J. Scott ry English/Language Arts, in the Depart-
Smith, announces the administrative ap- ment of Curriculum and Instruction. Ms. SUNNY HILLSIDES & SLOPES SHADY HILLSIDES & SLOPES
pointments made by the Board of Educa- Dvorak holds a Masters degree from the
tion at its meeting of June 28, 2017. University of Maryland, Baltimore Coun-
The Board appointed Mr. William ty, and a Bachelors degree from Towson
Buckmaster as Coordinator of Informa- University. Ms. Dvorak currently serves
tion Technology in the Department of In- as an Instructional Resource Teacher at
formation Technology. Mr. Buckmaster is Leonardtown Elementary School.
a Certied Computer Repair Technician Ms. Julia Steele has been appointed
from the College of Southern Maryland. as Principal at White Marsh Elementary Pachysandra, English Ivy & Periwinkle
He currently serves as an Information School. Ms. Steele holds both a Mas- Blue Rug or Parsons Juniper & Cotoneaster
Technology Project Coordinator I in the ters degree and Bachelors degree from Flats of 50-100 plants Save 20% Off
Department of Information Technology. Towson University. Ms. Steele currently
Save 25% Off Any Size When you buy 5 or more flats

Ms. Denise Coyne has been appointed serves as an Assistant Principal at Holly-
as Assistant Principal, 11-month, at Chop-
ticon High School. Ms. Coyne holds a
wood Elementary School.
Mr. Buckmasters, Ms. Dvoraks and
Do-it-Yourself (Or We Can Do It For You) Summer Projects
Masters degree from Loyola College, Ms. Steeles appointments become effec-
and a Bachelors degree from Goucher tive Monday, July 3, 2017. Ms. Coynes
College. Ms. Coyne currently serves as appointment becomes effective Wednes-
a Guidance Counselor at Chopticon High day, August 2, 2017.
Ms. Cortney Dvorak has been appointed From St. Marys County Public Schools
as Supervisor of Instruction for Elementa-
Marble Chip & Decorative
Shredded Boulder Pallets
Hardwood Mulch Autumn Red Stone Shenandoah
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Stepper Stones
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Charlotte Hall 20622 Prince Frederick 20678 41170 Oakville Road
301-884-5292 410-535-3664 Mechanicsville 20659
800-558-5292 1-866-535-3664 301-373-9245 800-451-1427

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8-7, Sat. 8-6, Sun. 9-6 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7:30-6, Sat. 7:30-5
14 Feature The County Times Thursday, August 3, 2017
Thursday, August 3, 2017 The County Times Feature 15

August 5th, 2017

4 9 p.m.

7:00 PM
For more information Contact:
Commissioners of Leonardtown


The Latrice Carr Music Group Sand Volleyball
Fire Truck Hose Down Tug of War with CSM's
imbo, Hula Hoop, and Jump Wellness, Fitness and Visit
Rope Contests, and Sack Races - Aquatics team
with prizes! for details.
Face Painting
Strolling Juggler Philip De Palo Classic Cars and Corvettes Sponsored by the
Pony Rides Rotary Clubs of
Dancing with Daughters of Veda
Lexington Park,
Water Slide, Moon Bounce, Pickleball, Zumba and Tai Chi with the Leonardtown, &

SMC Dept. of Aging & Human Services Charlotte Hall.
The Wrecking Ball

Make It A Full Beach Party Weekend!

R o c k i n ' Featur
ing Sunday at CSM!
Live Music with
The Lucky Few,
Costume Contest,
and Photos with a
in Rock'n'Roll Legend!
August 4, 5 - 8 p.m.
Thanks to our Sponsors:
The Commissioners of Leonardtown and the Leonardtown Business Association
Special Thanks to Great Mills Trading
Post and AAA Materials For the Sand!

This event was made possible in part by a grant

from the St. Mary's County Arts Council, awarded
by the Maryland State Arts Council.
16 Feature The County Times Thursday, August 3, 2017

Leonardtown Celebrates 15th Beach

Party on the Square
By Guy Leonard The event serves not just as a summertime bash, Flem-
Staff Writer ing said, but as a fund raising venue for community or-
ganizations and a booster for town businesses, so party
This weekend Leonardtowns town square will be goers are encouraged to frequent the many shops on the
transformed into the biggest summer party zone of the town square.
year, with as many as 5,000 visitors coming for fun in the This is also an economic development endeavor,
sun in mountains of sand brought in to turn the square Fleming told The County Times.
into beach front property. Joe Orlando, president of the Leonardtown Business
Its a fun summertime event, said Maria Fleming, Association, said the beach bash, which was second only
head events coordinator for Leonardtown. Pretty much in size to the Christmas on the Square event, got the word
anything you can think of related to the beach will be go- out about what the down town had to offer.
ing on, except the trafc. Its a huge event and its denitely a family event,
The weekend beach bash starts of with First Friday Orlando said. A lot of folks here have never been to
with live music from The Lucky Few band covering mu- downtown Leonardtown so it brings lots of folks in to
sic hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s as well as a costume explore.
contest rafe with prizes for the best dressed imperson- Folks will come back.
ation of a favorite rock star. For older visitors there will be demonstrations pro-
On Saturday, the beach front fun begins starting at vided by the countys Department of Aging and Human
4p.m. with free events for all the visitors including a Services of tai chi, zumba and pickle ball sports.
stilt-walking juggler, tunes from the Latrice Carr Music The focus of the day, the Running of the Balls at 7p.m.,
Group and a balloon artist. allows visitors to adopt a ball $5 for one ball and $20
Classic beach activities will include beach volley- for ve balls that will be dumped and rolled en masse
ball, sand toys for children to play with and tug-of-war down the Fenwick Street hill to nd there way about 350
matches. feet to the bottom.
The event will also include a makeshift waterfall pro- The rst 20 balls out of about 6,000 will be eli-
vided by the Leonardtown Volunteer Fire Department gible to win prizes with the rst ball winning $1,500.
and one of its apparatus; swimsuits and ip-ops are rec- The remaining 19 will be eligible for cash and non-cash
ommended attire, Fleming said. prizes.
The event will continue rain or shine, she said, noting The Running of the Balls helps raise funds for the Ro-
that inclement weather has never shut down the beach tary Clubs of Leonardtown and Lexington Park.
party, despite the fact that the 40 tons of sand the town The proceeds from the event will help fund Rotary ac-
brings into transform the downtown square into beach- tivities locally and internationally which includes teacher
front property can quickly turn muddy. scholarships, providing clean drinking water to needy
Last year we had rain and people still came, Fleming communities around the globe and the ght against the
said, noting that 1,500 people still showed up for fun. crippling disease, polio.
The downtown square will be closed off to trafc, The beach party bash is hosted by the town government
Fleming said, but the town has partnered with the College and the Leonardtown Business Association; sponsors in-
of Southern Maryland to allow parking at their campus. clude the College of Southern Maryland, Quality Built
A shuttle to and from the festivities will be provided, Homes, Winegardner Automotive, Marrick Homes, Olde
she said. Towne Pub, Boothes Heating and Air Conditioning, the
Inatable amusements such as a moon bounce, water St. Marys County Art Council, the Maryland State Art
slide and wrecking ball will be available for children as Council and Printing Press, Inc.
well as adults and pony rides will also be available.
Food will be on hand from the 7th District Optimist guyleonard@countytimes.net
Club, Leonardtown and Lexington Park Lions Club
and others.
Thursday, August 3, 2017 The County Times Feature 17
18 Obituaries The County Times Thursday, August 3, 2017

In Remembrance
The County Times runs complimentary obituaries as submitted by funeral homes
and readers. We run them in the order we receive them. Any submissions that come to
guyleonard@countytimes.net after noon on Mondays may run in the following weeks edition.

Sandra Leigh Robbins Kenneth Ray Stanley children. Siblings; Doris Harding, and MD 20680.
Joe Wathen. She was preceded in death Arrangements provided by the Mat-
Sandra Leigh Kenneth Ray by her children: Catherine Alvey, Rich- tingley-Gardiner Funeral Home, P.A.
Robbins, 65 of Stanley, 75, of Lex- ard Morgan, and Carroll W. Morgan, Leonardtown, MD.
Great Mills, MD, ington Park, MD siblings; Roy Wathen, Elwood Wathen,
died Thursday, passed away on Joyce Wathen, and Tom Wathen.
July 27, 2017 Monday, July 17, Mary was a lifelong St. Marys Coun- Anthony J. Markowski
at Med Star St. 2017 at his home ty, MD resident and was a homemaker
Marys Hospital in surrounded by his and belonged to the Loyal Order of the Brother Lloyd, C.F.X. (Anthony J.
Leonardtown, MD. loving family. Moose Lodge. Markowski), 87, died Tuesday morning,
She was born He was born Arrangements provided by the Mat- July 25, 2017 at Marian Manor in South
on November 3, April 6, 1942 in tingley-Gardiner Funeral Home, P.A. Boston.
1951 in Washing- Road Fork, KY to Leonardtown, MD. Born in Baltimore on Nov. 17, 1929, he
ton, D.C. to the late the late Landon was the son of the late Stefan and Stella
(Ketzka) Markowski. He was raised and
John Elmer Hancock and Mary Leigh Stanley and Susie Blackburn Stanley. Elizabeth Dianne Reeder educated in Baltimore, and was a 1948
Hewitt. In 1960, Ken enlisted in the United
Sandy was employed at St. Marys States Navy and proudly served his graduate of Mt. St. Joseph High School
Elizabeth Di- in Baltimore. Following service in the
College in St Marys City, MD as an country until his honorable discharge anne Reeder, 75,
administrative assistant from 1995 un- in June 1982 as a Chief Aviation Elec- U.S. Army during the Korean War, he
of Dameron, MD, entered the Congregation of the Broth-
til her death. She will be remembered tricians Mate. During his service he passed away on
for her willingness to help everyone who earned the Good Conduct Award (5), ers of Saint Francis Xavier on July 8,
July 21, 2017, at St. 1955. Two months later, he received the
needed her services no matter how big Meritorious Unit Commendation, Na- Marys Hospital.
or how small. One of her favorite expe- tional Defense Service Medal, Vietnam holy habit and took the religious name
Born January 9, Brother Lloyd.
riences while working there was when Service Medal, and the Sea Service De- 1942 in Leonard-
she was able to go to The Gambia in Af- ployment Ribbon. During his ministry of sixty-two
town, MD, she was years, Brother Lloyd taught at numerous
rica with other staff/students from the the daughter of the
college. She even stayed in touch with On August 19, 1989, Kenneth mar- Catholic elementary schools, mostly in
late Wesley H. and Brooklyn and Maryland including Leon-
many of the people she met there. ried his beloved wife, Barbara Stanley Clara M. Saunders
She was a member of the St. Marys in Leonardtown, MD. Together they ard Hall School and Fr. Andrew White,
Somers. She was the loving wife of Wil- S.J. School, both in Leonardtown, Holy
County Camera Club where her avid celebrated over 27 wonderful years of liam Billy J. Reeder who preceded her
love of photography took her to many marriage. He was an avid reader and en- Angels School in Avenue, and St. Johns
in death on August 1, 1998 and whom School in Hollywood. He also served
places and events. She was able to meet joyed doing crossword puzzles and tak- she married on April 11, 1970.
other enthusiasts who shared her love ing cruises. His greatest love was for his in childcare institutions conducted by
Dianne is survived by her children: the Brothers, the Working Boys Home
of taking nature and wildlife photos. family, whom he loved to spend his time John E. Peanut Gatton (Dawn) of
She and one of her best friends, Brenda with, especially his children, grandchil- in Newton Highlands, MA, and at Don
Ridge, MD and Susan Y. Oliver (Joey) Bosco Hall in Detroit. In 1985, he be-
Thompson, would go away for a day or dren, and pet poodle, Buddy. of Hollywood, MD; 4 grandchildren:
sometimes even weekends to enjoy na- He is a member of Fleet Reserve gan work with the Leonardtown Print-
Kaylee and Kelcee Oliver and Logan ing Press in Maryland, and subsequently
ture and have taken many beautiful pic- Branch 93, VFW Post 2632, and Ameri- and Tyler Gatton; Sibling: Brenda Raley
tures. Some of these are currently hang- can Legion Post 255. volunteered at Saint Aloysius Church in
(Keith) of Ridge, MD; 2 nieces: Krist- Leonardtown until becoming a member
ing in Kent Hall at St. Marys College. In addition to his beloved wife, Bar- ee Boyle and Kellee Raley. She is also
She also enjoyed gathering informa- bara; Kenneth is also survived by his of the community at Xaverian House in
survived by many aunts, uncles, cous- Danvers in 2013.
tion on her family history. She went to children: Sherri Stevens (David) of Ma- ins, and her faithful furry companion
many websites and even combed grave- sontown, NV, Terri Johnson (Darrell) Brother Lloyd had a special devotion
Skipper. to the Blessed Mother and her rosary.
yards trying to complete the family tree. of Jacksonville, FL, and Darrin Far- Dianne enjoyed traveling, shopping,
Her other loves were crocheting, going rell of Lexington Park, MD; his broth- He was an accomplished harmonica
entertaining, baking, and spending time player.
to the movies, and spending time with er, David Stanley of Beckley, WV; his with her family. In her retirement years,
her pets. granddaughters, Baileigh and Chelsea In addition to his brothers in religion,
she could be found at Spinnakers Res- he leaves several nieces and nephews.
Sandy is survived by her husband Johnson; and many extended family taurant helping her cousin Kay, Aunt
Charles Thomas (Chuck) Robbins of and friends. He is preceded in death by He was predeceased by his brothers and
Millie, and friend Joyce. Her home- sisters.
Great Mills, MD; son, Robert D. Schol- his parents and siblings, Doug Stanley, made desserts were a big hit with the
ten of Milton, FL; daughter Rachel N. Betty Calderis, Charles Stanley, Agnes In lieu of owers, donations may be
customers. made to the Xaverian Brothers Retire-
Hawkins of Leonardtown, MD; two sis- Baldridge, and Baby Stanley. Dianne was a member of the Ridge
ters, Pamela Goewey of Valley Lee, MD, Interment will be private. ment Fund, 4409 Frederick Ave., Balti-
Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary. more, MD 21229. Arrangements are by
Lynn Castleberry of Mentone, AL and Condolences to the family may be In lieu of owers, memorial contri-
one half-sister Stephanie Hancock of made at www.brinseldfuneral.com. C.R. Lyons & Sons Funeral Directors,
butions can be made to the Ridge Vol- 28 Elm St., Danvers, MA. www.Lyons-
MD. She is also survived by ve grand- Arrangements by the Brinseld Fu- unteer Fire Department, P.O. Box 520,
children, four great grandchildren, an neral Home, P.A. Funeral.com.
Ridge, MD 20680 or the Ridge Volun-
uncle, aunts as well as many nieces and teer Rescue Squad, P.O. Box 456, Ridge,
Family will receive family and friends
Mary Madeline Morgan
on Wednesday, August 2, 2017 from Mary Madeline
6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Brinseld Morgan, 92, of
Funeral Home, 22955 Hollywood Road, Mechanicsville,
Leonardtown, MD. A private family in- MD passed away
terment will follow at a later date. on July 24, 2017

To Place A Memorial,
If you wish to honor Sandy, in lieu of in Leonardtown,
owers, you can make a donation to the MD. Born on
St. Marys College Foundation, 18952
Please Call
June 3, 1925, she
E. Fisher Road, St. Marys City, Mary- was the daughter
land 20686. Checks can be made out to
of the late Gwyn-
SMCM Foundation, or you can give a ette Quade Wathen
gift by credit card by calling 240-895- and John Wathen.
4282 or visiting smcm.edu/give. Please
make sure they know that you are donat-
Mary was the loving wife of Carroll
Richard Morgan, whom she married on
or send an email to
ing on Sandys behalf. July 11, 1943 and who preceded her in
A memorial service will be held at St. death on January 10, 2004. Mary was
Marys College at a later date. the devoted mother of Ralph F. Mor-
Condolences may be made to www. gan of Mechanicsville, MD, Charles L.
brinseldfuneral.com. Morgan of Mechanicsville, MD, Wayne
Arrangements by Brinseld Funeral Morgan of California, MD. As well as
Home, P.A., Leonardtown, MD. 15 grandchildren and 16 great grand-
Thursday, August 3, 2017 The County Times Legal 19

Legal Notice
The Commissioners of Leonardtown are seeking proposals for construction of a
hoistway to install a passenger elevator in a two story existing building located at In the Circuit Court for St. Marys County, Maryland
22670 Washington Street, Leonardtown, MD. Parties interested in submitting a
proposal for the construction of the hoistway please contact Laschelle McKay at Case No.: 18-C-FM-17-38
301-475-9791 or email at Laschelle.mckay@leonardtownmd.gov. A site visit is Notice (Adult) (DOM REL 61)
recommended to obtain an understanding of the project. Proposals will be accept-
ed until 10:00 a.m. Friday, August 25h, 2017. The above Petitioner has filed a Petition for Change of Name in which
she seeks to change her name from Ann Ruth Hayden to Ruth Ann Hayden.
By authority: The petitioner is seeking a name change because:
For 85 years, she has used Ruth Ann Hayden as her name.
Laschelle McKay, Town Administrator
Any person may file an objection to the Petition on or before the 20th
day of August, 2017. The objection must be supported by an affidavit and served
Advertising upon the Petitioner in accordance with Maryland Rule 1-321. Failure to file an
objection or affidavit within the time allowed may result in a judgment by default

Representative or the granting of the relief sought.


Clerk of the Circuit Court for
St. Marys County Maryland

August 3, 2017

APPLY TODAY Requirements:

Advertising sales or comparable experience | Professional creative problem solving attitude
Strong presentation skills | Exceptional written/verbal communication skills
Ability to work independently | Entrepreneurial spirit
Send resume to ericmckay@countytimes.net
20 In Our Community The County Times Thursday, August 3, 2017

Solomons Native Keeps Navy Wing Flying

Air Station Whidbey Island, the pre- and reconnaissance missions, Navy of-
mier naval air installation in the Pa- cials explained. Its not easy ying an older aircraft
cic Northwest region. Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing 10 like we do, Haas said. Were not the
Lt. Allison Haas is a pilot serving mans, trains, and equips P-3 and P-8 shiny new P-8, were the legacy P-3.
with Commander, Patrol and Recon- squadrons to deploy anywhere, any- The coolest thing is how our mainte-
naissance Wing 10. She ies the P-3C time, said Capt. Rob Patrick, Com- nance crews accomplish the mission
Orion, which is being phased out by modore of Patrol and Reconnaissance that we do with 50-year-old planes.
the new P-8A Poseidon. The P3s mis- Wing 10 at Naval Air Station Whid- According to Navy ofcials, the
sion is to hunt for submarines. bey Island. This is critically impor- Navy continues to meet milestone after
Flying the Pacic Northwest, tant as we are the eyes and the ears milestone on this world-class mission
theres nothing like it, said Haas. The of our national defense, putting pres- and is providing an aircraft with supe-
views and mountains are fantastic. sure on strategic locations around the rior capabilities to the men and wom-
According to Navy ofcials, Wing world. Our sailors are the single big- en in uniform that will have a lasting
10 has continued to y combat mis- gest asymmetric advantage that allows legacy promoting a global maritime
sions in direct support of the troops us to succeed at our missions. Without strategy.
on the ground and delivered tradi- their agility and expertise, we would My grandfather and father served
tional maritime capabilities, real- not be able to do what we do. in the Navy, so I looked up to them and
time intelligence, surveillance and Haas is part of a crew striving to be wanted to follow in their footsteps,
reconnaissance. the best Naval Aviation Wing in the Haas added. Its been quite a journey.
Beginning in the 1960s, the United States, according to Navy Of-
P-3C Orion, a land-based, long- cials. Their mission is to safely build
range anti-submarine warfare pa- and maintain a team of sailors capable
trol aircraft, replaced the P-2V of conducting prompt and sustained
Neptune eet. After 50 years of faith- combat operations.
ful service and the 50th anniversary of
Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance

Colony Square Has The Night Out

Lt. Allison Haas
Force, the P-3C Orion is being phased
out of the eet and replaced by the P-8A
Poseidon, according to Navy ofcials.
By Chief Petty Ofcer Bill Steele
The P-8A is a modied Boeing air- Residents of Colony Square in Lexing- Colony Square has been the beneciary
Navy Ofce of Community Outreach
frame featuring a fully connected, ton Park came out to celebrate National of several improvement projects from the
state-of-the-art, open architecture mis- Night Out Aug.1, part of a nationwide ef- county, including improved lighting to
A 2009 Patuxent High School gradu-
sion system designed for long-range fort to bring communities closer together reduce crime and a future project to ex-
ate and Solomons, Maryland native is
anti-submarine warfare; anti-surface and take back their streets from crime. tend Rogers Drive out of the community
serving in the U.S. Navy aboard Naval
warfare; and intelligence, surveillance Food and games were on hand but so to allow trafc ow through the currently
were local law enforcement and emergen- closed-in community.
cy responders to better get to know their
community. From Guy Leonard

Just Listed! $79 E


Steve Atkocius YOUR AREA T
Purple Post Real Estate Years! N
www.SteveSellsMd.com G
301-399-3089 P
Thursday, August 3, 2017 The County Times In Our Community 21

BIG Larrys
Big Subs
Burge Floats

Hot Dogs

Order Ahe

of Southern Maryland
Comic Book
s & Games

(301) 475-1860

Nightly Dinner
Home Cooked MONDAY

Final Visual

DINNER 301-862-3544
Hometown diner atmosphere with great food! LEXINGTON PARK, MD.

Waterfront Dining at Fresh Seafood & Pasta Dishes

Sunday Brunch Local Ingredients
Cozy Interior Waterside Dining Deck
any table check of $30 or more
Water Accessible Dock With Valpak Coupon. Cannot Be Combined

Enjoy Live Music On The Deck With Other Offers.

Overlooking Canoe Creek

10 OFF
any table check of $60 or more
With Valpak Coupon. Cannot Be Combined
With Other Offers.

any lunch check of $20 or more
Come Enjoy
With Valpak Coupon. Cannot Be Combined
With Other Offers.

One Of St. Marys Countys

Best Kept Secrets Free appetizer
with purchase of two dinner
entrees from qualified list
38869 Morris Point Road Abell, MD Thursdays 5pm-8pm Friday 5pm - 10pm
With Valpak Coupon. Cannot Be Combined
With Other Offers.

301-769-2500 www.morris-point.com Sat. 12pm - 10pm Sun. 11am - 8pm

22 In Our Community The County Times Thursday, August 3, 2017

Community Calendar To submit your event listing to go in our Community Calendar, please email zach@countytimes.net
with the listing details by 12 p.m. on the Monday prior to our Thursday publication.

301-884-3165 for more information. Visit National Lighthouse DayPiney Point

Month Long our website www.mothercatherine.org for Saturday, August 5 Lighthouse
Jackpot and Moneyball update. Piney Point Lighthouse Museum and His-
Tour Thomas Stone National Historic toric Park
Seasonal Farmers Market 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
6655 Rose Hill Road, Port Tobacco, MD Week Long Historic Sotterley
44300 Sotterley Lane, Hollywood, MD
Call 301-994-1471 for more information.
20677 20636
10:00 AM National Lighthouse DaySt.Clements
Zumba Fitness Classes No Contract, No 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM Island
The National Park Service invites you to Membership! Check sotterley.org for details.
learn the secrets of the Declaration of In- St. Clements Island Museum
21161 Lexwood Drive, (Building 21155) 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
dependence at the home of one of Mary- 2nd Floor Lexington Park, MD 20653 Point Lookout Lighthouse Open House
lands signers. Activities include: Call 301-769-2222 for more information.
Zumba Fitness classes No contract, no Point Lookout State Park
Free tours of Thomas Stones house are memberships, Pay as you go! 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
normally given on demand. Watch a lm
and explore the exhibits in the Visitor Cen-
Monday Zumba Toning 6:00 PM at the
Housing Authority
The Point Lookout Lighthouse Preser-
vation Society will welcome visitors to Sunday, August 6
ter. Hike over two miles of trails through Tuesday Zumba Fitness 6:00 PM at the the Point Lookout Lighthouse, located
forests and elds, while passing historic Housing Authority in the Point Lookout State Park in Scot- Keepers Quarters OPENPiney Point
plantation buildings and the Stone Family Wednesday Aqua Zumba 7:00 PM at the land, MD. Docents from the Point Look- Lighthouse Museum
Cemetery. Complete an assortment of Ju- Elks lodge Pool out Lighthouse Preservation Society will Piney Point Lighthouse Museum and His-
nior Ranger activities to earn badges, cer- Thursday Zumba Fitness 6:00 PM at the be on hand to answer your questions. No toric Park
ticates, and other prizes. Collect seven Housing Authority charge to enter the lighthouse, however 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
different National Park Passport Stamps. Saturday Aqua Zumba 8:30 PM at the Elks standard park entrance fees apply. Dona- Come join our tours and you will be
Purchase books and souvenirs in the gift Lodge Pool tions greatly appreciated, and all funds treated to a special viewing of the Keep-
shop. 301-392-2776 or www.nps.gov/thst/ All Classes are open to everybody! go toward restoring the lighthouse to the ers Quarters! Museum hours: 10:00 am to
index.htm Elks Lodge Pool: 45779 Fire Dept. Ln, 1927 time period. For additional informa- 5:00 pm. Adults-$7.00, Seniors, Military
California, MD 20619 tion, please visit www.PLLPS.org or send w/ID, students-$3.50, Kids 5 and under
You are encouraged to visit the Historic More info: 301-481-075 e-mail to info@pllps.org. If you are inter- Free. Call 301-994-1471 with questions.
Port Tobacco Courthouse, which is lo- ested in volunteering at the lighthouse,
cated only a few minutes from Thomas
Stone National Historic Site. Learn about Friday, August 4 please e-mail us at: volunteer@pllps.org Quarter Auction Benet
or visit www.pllps.org. The Tap House
Thomas Stones community during the 23418 Three Notch Road, California, MD
American Revolution, the Civil War, and Buttery Fridays Ghosts of Sotterley Auditions 12:00 PM - 3:30 PM
into the 20th century. Historic Sotterley Sotterley Plantation Join the Fun Bunch & Friends team as we
ThursdaySunday, 10:00 am4:00 pm 44300 Sotterley Lane, Hollywood, MD 10:00 AM 12:00 PM host a quarter auction to benet Feral Cat
8450 Commerce Street, Port Tobacco, 20636 Join us for another exciting year of Ghost- Rescue of Southern MD: Auction starts at
MD 20677, 301-392-3418 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM walk. Auditions will be cold readings from 1:00 PM, paddles are $3 each or 2 for $5.
Check sotterley.org for details. the script. Ghosts is an outdoor, rain/shine All items up for bids will be between 1 and
Bingo Every Saturday Mother Cath- event held Oct 20, 21,26,27,28. If you want 4 quarters. For a list of vendors and addi-
erine Academy Ridge Lions Club Pitch Card Party to help with makeup, tech or actjoin us tional information, please visit our Face-
33883 Chaptico Road Mechanicsville, Knights of Columbus Hall for auditions. For more information, con- book page at Quarter Auctions in SOMD.
MD 20659 16441 Three Notch Road, Ridge, Mary- tact Sotterley 301-373-2280. For reservations, call 240-416-4224.
6:30 PM land 20680
Early Birds start at 6:30 PM, regular 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM Keepers Quarters OPENPiney Point CSM Summer Concerts on the Lawn
Games start at 7:00 PM. $10 admission The Ridge Lions Club are happy to an- Lighthouse Museum CSM, Great Lawn
(includes one regular book). Progressive nounce the 4th annual Pitch Card Party at Piney Point Lighthouse Museum and His- 22950 Hollywood Road, Leonardtown,
Money Ball! Door prizes. Concessions: the Knights of Columbus Hall in Ridge. toric Park MD
Weekly specials along with regulars piz- Doors open at 6:30pm. Entrance Fee: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
za, cheeseburgers, hamburgers, hot dogs $10.00 per person. Food will be available, Come join our tours on the 1st Saturday . Horizon will play upbeat dance music.
and french fries. Pull Tabs 1000.00 dollar door prizes, 50/50 rafe. Everyone goes and Sunday of each month and you will be This concert is made possible in part
payouts with some having multiple win- home with a PRIZE. For information treated to a special viewing of the Keep- through support from the St. Marys Arts
ners. Down lines and 3 Balls! $50 Early call: Bobbie Bell: (301) 872-5114 or Terry ers Quarters! Museum hours: 10:00 am to Council awarded by the Maryland State
Birds. Either/or Blackout 100.00. $100 Kaftan: (240) 538-2818, Facebook: www. 5:00 pm. Adults-$7.00, Seniors, Military Arts Council and through partnerships
Regular Games. Specials Guaranteed facebook/com/RidgeLionsClub w/ID, students-$3.50, Kids 5 and under with the Town of Leonardtown and the
200.00. Quickie 100.00. Bonanza 54# OR Free. Call 301-994-1471 with questions. members of the Leonardtown Business
LESS 500.00 Consolation 100.00. Jackpot Association. Free. www.csmd.edu/Arts or
in 54 numbers or less $1000 (Progres- call 301-934-7828.
sive$200 added each week). Consola-
tion $500. Winner Take All Special. Call

Publisher Thomas McKay The St. Marys County Times is a weekly newspaper providing news and information for
Associate Publisher Eric McKay the residents of St. Marys County. The St. Marys County Times will be available on news-
stands every Thursday. The paper is published by Southern Maryland Publishing Company,
General Manager
Al Dailey aldailey@countytimes.net which is responsible for the form, content, and policies of the newspaper. The St. Marys
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Advertising news coverage.
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Graphic Designer
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Editor After that deadline, the St. Marys County Times will make every attempt possible to publish
Dick Myers dickmyers@countytimes.net
late content, but cannot guarantee so. Letters may be condensed/edited for clarity, although

County Times
Staff Writer care is taken to preserve the core of the writers argument. Copyright in material submitted St. Marys
Guy Leonard guyleonard@countytimes.net to the newspaper and accepted for publication remains with the author, but the St. Marys
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that every letter or photo(s) submitted will be published, due to time or space constraints. P. O. Box 250 Hollywood, MD 20636
Frank Marquart, Mike Batson
Contributing Writers
Laura Joyce, Ron Guy, Linda Reno , Shelbey Opperman, Doug Watson
Thursday, August 3, 2017 The County Times In Our Community 23

CSM Sip and Swing for Impact been established as the Gold Standard in
Monday, August 7 Wednesday, August 9 Swan Point Yacht and Country Club Womens Entertainment. If you have yet
11550 Swan Point Boulevard, Issue to see the men in action, be sure to catch
SMAWL Low Cost Clinic Free Line Dance Lessons 11:30 AM - 11:30 AM (00:00 Duration) the show on our nation-wide Stripped
St. Marys Fairgrounds Last Drop Country Bar Register for a relaxed day of golf instruc- Down Tour! General Admission is only
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM 23955 Mervell Dean Rd, Hollywood, MD tion paired with a food and wine tasting $20 and a Limited Amount of VIP Pack-
Rabies Vaccinations $15, Distemper 20636 to raise funds for CSM scholarships and ages are offered at $60 each! Get yours
Vaccinations $10, Microchipping $30. 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM the CSM athletic programs. Registration today, We Sell Out Fast! Purchase Tickets
For more information please visit www. Free beginner and intermediate line dance is at 11:15 AM. A food and wine pairing Online at www.ticketor.com/girlsnight-
smawl.org/. lessons. If you can count to 8...you can line is at 1 PM, with an awards ceremony at 3 outtheshow/tickets/5-south-event-center-
dance. PM. Cost is $75 per person. 301-934-7647 21-60212#buy. Questions? Call John at
or visit foundation.csmd.edu/GolfClassic. 240-538-1984.
Tuesday, August 8
Thursday, August 10 Girls Night Out The Show
5 South Event Center
Free Line Dance Lessons 21030 Point Lookout Road, Callaway MD
Hotel Charles 26th Annual CSM Foundation Golf 20620
15110 Burnt Store Rd, Hughesville, MD Classic 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
20637 Swan Point Yacht and Country Club GIRLS NIGHT OUT IS A MUST SEE
7:00 PM - 7:30 PM 11550 Swan Point Boulevard, Issue SHOW!
The Southern Maryland Boot Scooters 9:00 AM - 9:00 AM Ladies!! Get ready for a night you will
practice from 7:308:30 PM and encour- This annual tournament raises funds for NOT forget, Girls Night Out The Show
age anyone interested to watch or join College of Southern Maryland students is the perfect evening out with your girl-
in and learn intermediate and advance line and college programs. The event includes friends! Join us t0 celebrate bachelorette,
dances. Line dance is great exercise. If prizes and breakfast, lunch, dinner and divorce, birthday parties or just when a
you can count to 8 you can line dance! refreshments. 301-934-7647 or visit foun- good time is in order! Girls Night Out The
dation.csmd.edu/news-events/golf-classic. Show is immediately recognizable and has

Annual Golf Tournament Raising

Funds for Hospital
Event happening Thursday, Sept. 21 at Breton Bay
MedStar St. Marys Hospitals 12th An- complimentary refreshments with grilled
nual Auxiliary Golf Tournament will be hot dogs at the turn and lunch donated by
held Thursday, Sept. 21, at Breton Bay Bear Creek BBQ of Callaway. Door prizes
Golf and Country Club in Leonardtown. include a bushel of local crabs, golf games
Registration begins at 8 a.m. with a 9 a.m. and more.
tee off. Celebrating 100 years of service to
This annual event helps fund equip- MedStar St. Marys Hospital in 2016, the
ment, capital projects, patient and associ- Hospital Auxiliary is an all-volunteer or-
ate improvements and other projects for ganization contributing countless hours JOIN THE FREE
the non-profit facility. Support from past
tournaments has been used to purchase
patient care items including a portable ul-
trasound machine, ergonomic wheelchairs
and stretchers, a mobile EKG machine and
transport cardiac monitors.
and raising more than $4 million in do-
nations used within the hospital. These
passionate members of the community
have made crucial contributions to many
expansion and renovation projects at the
Leonardtown campus.
4 Week Challege Includes:

Golfers are welcomed at $100 per per- Enjoy the ambiance of late summer
son. Sponsorships are available for $5,000 while contributing to the mission of Med-
(platinum); $2,500 (gold); $1,000 (silver); Star St. Marys Hospital to best serve the
$500 (bronze); and $250 for a tee sign. community on Thursday, Sept. 21.
New for 2017, all players will receive For additional information and to regis-
an additional free round of golf to enjoy ter, visit www.MedStarStMarys.org/Golf.
at a later date. Snacks and complimentary To become a sponsor, contact Marie (Rees)
beverages will be offered from two carts Hodges McCrossen at 610-952-1641 or by
on the green. A beverage tent will offer email at rees.mccrossen@gmail.com.

Snow Hill Park Now Open Weekends

St. Marys Countys newest recreation Visitors can enjoy the beach and shaded
area, Snow Hill Park, located at 26590 picnic areas. Coolers are allowed but al-
South Sandgates Road in Mechanicsville, cohol is not permitted. Dogs are welcome
is officially open to the public. This beau- but remain leashed while in the park. Por-
tiful waterfront park along the Patuxent table restrooms are available.
River is available on Saturdays and Sun- For more information about Snow
days, from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. through Oc- Hill Park contact Tyrone Harris at
tober 1. Operating times may be adjusted 240-434-6669.
following the Labor Day weekend.
From St. Marys County PIO
Fees to enter the park are as follows:
ERIC AT 301-769-1177
St. Marys County Residents:
Car: $5
Season Pass: $20
Non Residents:
Season Pass: $30

24 In Our Community The County Times Thursday, August 3, 2017

Pet of the Week

In Entertainment
Hello, my name is Quicky and Im
a neutered male Border Collie mix.
Im approximately 5 years old. Im Thursday, Aug 3 Monday, Aug 7
a very friendly boy and I LOVE to
meet new people. My greatest joy is Ladies Night, Trivia, & Karaoke
playing fetch and I almost al- Sumner Ambrose Kickball League
ways bring it back! Im ready Anglers Seafood Bar & Grill, Solomons Anthonys Bar & Grill, Dunkirk
to start my new life with YOU. 6:00 - 9:00 PM 7:00 PM
Please Choose Me! www.anglers-seafood.com www.anthonysdunkirk.com
And remember, if there
is room in the heart, there is Nightcap: Tara & Sean Scarlet Plus Entertainment
room in house! The Ruddy Duck Brewery, Solomons Brass Rail Sports
To meet me visit the Tri- 7:30 PM 8:00 PM- Midnight
County Animal Shelter www.ruddyduckbrewery.com Karaoke & DJ all evening! Fun Peo-
(6707 Animal Shelter Road, ple, Cold Beverages, And lots of FUN!
Hughesville) or call 301-932- Friday, Aug 4
1713 for more information. Tuesday, Aug 8
To see more of my amazing Thomas Waring Acoustic
friends available for adoption, The Ruddy Duck Brewery, Solomons Ben Connelly
like us on Facebook @ Tri- 7:30 - 11:00 PM Anglers Seafood Bar & Grill, Solomons
County Animal Shelter South- www.ruddyduckbrewery.com 6:00 - 9:00 PM
ern MD www.anglers-seafood.com
Anglers Seafood Bar & Grill, Solomons Wednesday, Aug 9
9:00 PM - 1:00 AM

Pets of the Week

Wild Card Trivia
Saturday, Aug 5 Anglers Seafood Bar & Grill, Solomons
7:00 - 9:00 PM
Jessica St Clair www.anglers-seafood.com
Morris Point, Abell
6:00 PM



Andrew Burleson
Anglers Seafood Bar & Grill, Solomons
Harley and Ivy are about 3 months both of these little girls a home. You 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
old. They were scared to death when can meet them at the Petco in Califor- www.anglers-seafood.com
we rst got them but now they are both nia every Saturday and Sunday from
sweethearts. Harley especially loves 10:30 to 3.
to curl up next to her foster mom to You can also ll out an application at
sleep at night. They love lounging to- www.feralcatrescuemd.org and email
gether in a bed by the window to watch it to diane@feralcatrescuemd.org
the birds or take a cat nap. If you are feeding cats outside,

They are both fully vetted which please borrow a trap from us so we
means they are spayed, combo tested can help you get them spayed and neu-
for aids and feline leukemia, rabies tered. Please be part of the solution to

vaccine, 3 distemper vaccines, micro- the cat overpopulation.
chipped and dewormed. They cost Feral Cat Rescues main mission is

$125 each but the pair can be adopted to improve the lives of feral cats and
together for $225. We hope that you we do this by Trap, Neuter, Return.
will have it in your heart to give one or

Sponsor Our Pet of The Week Section!

For prices and more information contact
Advertising Representative Jennifer Stotler
301.247.7611 u 301.373.4125 u jen@countytimes.net
Thursday, August 3, 2017 The County Times Calendars 25

St. Marys Department of Aging

Loffler Senior Activity Center 301-475-4200, ext. 1658
Garvey Senior Activity Center, 301-475-4200, ext. 1050
Northern Senior Activity Center, 301-475-4002, ext. 3101
Programs and Activities Visit www.stmarysmd.com/aging for the most up-to date information
Brought to you by the Commissioners of St. Marys County: James R. Guy, President; Michael L. Hewitt; Tom Jarboe; Todd B. Morgan; John E. OConnor; and the Department of Aging & Human Services
Revel Grove and explore its many artisans by the St. Marys County Dept. of Aging &
Intergenerational Bingo and shops. Enjoy the merriment of danc-
Time will be 10 a.m. and cost for this 3-ses-
sion class is $65. You can sign up by calling Human Services, please come to the Kick-
and Burgers ing, singing, comedy, armored combat, and 301-475-4200, ext. *1658. Payment may be off Meeting on Thursday, Sept. 7 at 12:30
The second Fridays of the month this so much more. This trip takes place rain or made to Jamie on the first day of class. p.m. at the Loffler Senior Activity Center.
summer are intergenerational bingos at the shine and the village is located on natural ter- We will use this time to determine the costs
Northern Senior Activity Center! Our last
intergenerational bingo of the summer will
rain in a wooded area. The festival is ideal
for active seniors with a love of the arts; you
Crafts with Deb: Recycle and to make necessary adjustments and cor-
rections to team rules, roster, schedule, team
be on Friday, Aug. 11, at 10-11:30 a.m. This can even bring your camera and participate T-shirt Scarf list, team and sub contact info, etc. Changes
is sure to be a fun bonding time with your in their photo contest! The trip cost of $58 On Wednesday, Aug. 16, at 10 a.m., Deb will be made and final copies will be printed
school-aged grandchildren. Cost is $2 for two includes transportation on a spacious motor Johnstone will show the class at the Garvey and brought to the first game of the season
cards per person and there will be both adult coach, driver gratuity, snacks, and admission Senior Activity Center how to create a Re- (Sept. 14). If you have any questions or inter-
and kid-friendly prizes. Refreshments will to the festival. Food is purchased separately cycle T-shirt Scarf. Before class go through est, give Shellie a call at 301-475-4200, ext.
be available. Advance signup is required for from one of the 42 different vendors offer- your old t-shirts and pick one to bring to *1655.
class. There is no charge for the class as you
both bingo and lunch. A kid-friendly lunch
will also be provided that day of a hamburger
ing a variety of cuisine. The bus departs from
the Northern Senior Activity Center at 8 a.m. will provide the materials. Call the Garvey Renaissance Drawing
with cheese on a deli roll, lettuce, tomato, on- and will return at approximately 5:30 p.m. Senior Activity Center at 301-475-4200, ext. Techniques
ion, baked beans, coleslaw, seedless water- Payment is due at sign up to secure your spot *1050 for more information or to register for Learn the secrets of the Renaissance mas-
melon, and a brownie for dessert. Lunch is for the trip. For more information call 301- the class. ters in an art class series at the Northern Se-
a donation from seniors 60 and older; $6 for 475-4200, ext. *3103. nior Activity Center beginning Thurs., Aug.
others made the day of the event. Lunch may Bowling season starts Sept. 14 17 through Sept. 21. In this six week draw-
ing class, learn basic rules of perspective
be reserved for school-aged grandchildren.
To sign up and pay for this event in advance,
Loffler Senior Activity The 2017-18 season for the senior mixed
and framing, counter-proofing, using a grid,
league sponsored by the Saint Marys Coun-
please visit the front desk. For availability Center Tai Chi for Arthritis ty Dept. of Aging & Human Services will and tonal variation to improve your drawing
call 301-475-4200, ext. *3101. Announcement be starting soon. If you were registered and skills. This class is taught by art professor
Carrie Patterson from St. Marys College of
The new start date for the next Tai Chi for bowled last season, you will be contacted
Maryland and founder of Yellow Door Art
Ice Cream Social Fundraiser Arthritis and Fall Prevention class has been soon to confirm your continuation. For those
Studios in Leonardtown. The total cost of
Need to cool off this summer? Take a changed to Thursday, Aug. 10. A make-up interested in bowling in the league, here are
day will be built in to the schedule to provide a few particulars: the league meets at Espe- the six week series is $90. All supplies and
break from the heat and help raise funds for instruction are included and students keep
entertainment and special events at the Gar- for the full series of classes. If you were in ranza Lanes at 12:45 p.m. on the 2nd and
the Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention 4th Thursday of each month. You must be the sketchbook and pencils used. To sign up
vey Senior Activity Center on Friday, Aug. and pay for this series in advance, please visit
11, from 2:30-4 p.m. The Garvey Senior class that finished July 3 at Loffler, you are 50+ years of age. The cost is approximately
enrolled in this class. Questions? Call 301- $14-$15 (to be determined) for 3 games and the front desk. For availability call 301-475-
Activity Center will serve ice cream on your 4200, ext. *3101.
choice of cone; waffle, sugar, or wafer. Cost 475-4200, ext. *1658. includes shoe rental and use of a ball. Each
per cone is $2. Also available are ice cream team consists of 3 players. If you need a sub,
sundaes for $3 and brownie sundaes for $4. Loffler Art News you are responsible for obtaining one from Luncheon with Bruce Thomas
For more information, call 301-475-4200, During the month of August there will the list of registered subs. You will still pay On Thursday, Aug. 17, at noon, guest
ext. *1050. only be one Open Studio Art session at Loff- the cost of bowling that week and the sub vocalist Bruce Thomas will be at the Gar-
ler Senior Activity Center and it will take will bowl for free. If you are interested in vey Senior Activity Center. Bruce is a di-
verse performer who can effortlessly move
Maryland Renaissance place on Friday, Aug. 25, from 10 a.m. to joining this group of fun-loving, easy-going
men and women as either a league member through the musical categories of inspira-
noon. Open Studio Art is an opportunity to
Festival Trip work on a current art project you have going or a sub, call Shellie Graziano at 301-475- tional, swing, jazz, pop, and R&B. Lunch
Hear ye, hear ye! His Royal Highness that needs a little guidance or, if you prefer, 4200, ext. *1655. will be pork roast, mashed potatoes with gra-
King Henry VIII would like to cordially in- there is also a guided project that usually vy, seasoned spinach, dinner roll, strawber-
vite you to join us on trip to the Maryland
Renaissance Festival in Crownsville, MD
requires a $5 supply fee. This is a drop-in Bowling League Kick-Off ries and apple juice. A donation toward the
cost of your meal is appreciated if you are 60
on Saturday, Sept. 9; deadline to sign up is
class (no sign-ups required) but if you have
any questions, call 301-475-4200, ext. *1658.
Meeting years of age or older. For those under 60 the
Aug. 20. Be transported back to the 16th If you are planning to bowl in the 2017-18 cost of your meal is $6.To make reservations
Art with Jamie will have only three Tuesday season for the senior mixed league sponsored
century as you roam the 27-acre village of sessions in August: the 15th, 22nd and 29th. call 301-475-4200, ext. *1050.

Cloud Computing 101 Pokmon Trainers Club Common Thread Minecraft Challenge
Lexington Park Library will hold a Cloud Leonardtown Library will hold Pokemon Lexington Park Library will host Common Lexington Park Library will hold Mine-
Computing 101 class on Monday, August 7 Trainers Club on Monday, August 7 from 5 Thread on Tuesday, August 8 from 6 p.m. craft Challenge on Thursday, August 10
from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. Have you heard p.m. to 6 p.m. All ages. Do you have what it to 7:30 p.m. Whether you have been stitch- from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Can you think on
of the Cloud, but youre not quite sure what takes to be the very best? Bring your games ing for years, or you just want to learn, join your feet, team up, use creativity, and com-
that means or where to go to access it? Take and/or your cards and prepare to battle fellow crafters who love all things fabric plete the challenge? Come play Minecraft
a look at some common cloud applications against other Pokmon trainers! You can and fiber. Open to knitters, crocheters, quil- with us and find out! Must be able to use a
and learn how easy and convenient cloud also make some Pokmon buttons to take ters, embroiderers, cross-stitchers, and any mouse and keyboard commands, and be fa-
computing can be. Adult computer classes home, take turns playing a retro Pokmon other kind of needleworkers. Bring your miliar with how to play Minecraft (we will
are limited to ages 16 and up. Registration game, and maybe make some friends (or current project, mingle with like-minded not use the tutorial). Ages 8-11. Registration
required on www.stmalib.org. rivals....) along the way. No Registration makers, and swap patterns, ideas, and tips. opens 2 weeks before the program on www.
required. Basic supplies available, if needed. All skill stmalib.org.
Storytime at Charlotte Hall levels welcome. No registration required.
Veterans Home Teen Tech Space Kindergarten Here We Come!
Join the St. Marys County Library on Lexington Park Library will hold Teen Tech Kindness Rocks! Lexington Park Library will hold Kin-
Monday, August 7 from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 Space on Tuesday, August 8 from 4 p.m. to Lexington Park Library will hold Kindness dergarten Here We Come! on Friday,
a.m. at the Charlotte Hall Veterans Home 6 p.m. Open Computer lab use for teens and Rocks on Thursday, August 10 from 2 p.m. August 11 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
for stories, songs, activities, and crafts, for tweens ages 11 to 18. Play Minecraft, Wii, to 3 p.m. Its time to spread the love! Paint Lets get ready to start Kindergarten (or
ages 1-5. Please see our website - www.st- games, computers and make crafts. Hang inspirational messages of your own on PreKindergarten)! Well read stories
malib.org/kids/kids-program/programs-at- out, bring your friends! No Registration small rocks that can be placed around town. about school, make crafts, learn how
the-charlotte-hall-veterans-home/ for more required. Imagine when a stranger looks down to see to stay healthy and safe at school, and
details! your cheerful message staring up at them; take a practice ride on a real school bus!
its going to make their day just that much For kids about to enter Kindergarten or
better! Paint supplies provided. Ages 5 and PreK and their adult caregivers. Regis-
up. Please register on www.stmalib.org. tration required on www.stmalib.org.
n A
26 The County Times

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Rearrange the letters to spell something pertaining to the Trac


CLUES ACROSS 42. Large, edible game sh 15. Japanese conglomerate

43. To do so is human 18. Of (French)
44. Supervises interstate 19. Rate in each hundred
1. Belonging to a thing commerce (abbr.)
4. Woman (French) 45. Basics 20. Unit of loudness

Kid'S Corner
7. Incredible TV 46. La Cosa Nostra 22. Most organized
veterinarian 48. Mens neckwear 23. 007s creator Fleming
8. Volcanic craters 49. Buddhist shrine 24. Computing giant
10. Geological times 50. Midway between north 27. American singer Aimee
12. Ghanas capital and northeast 28. Shock treatment
13. Any small compartment 51. Wood 29. Ottoman military
14. Conductance unit 52. Hair product commander
16. Athens, Georgia, rockers 31. Urban Transit Authority
17. Plant of the arum family 32. Too much noise
19. Hawaiian dish CLUES DOWN
33. Type of blood cell
20. Pop 34. Home of footballs
21. Imparting of information 1. Induces vomiting Panthers (abbr.)
25. Take in solid food 2. Matador 35. Fortifying ditch
26. Dutch banking group 3. A way to travel on skis 36. Receding
(abbr.) 4. __ and cheese 37. Christian creed
27. Contemptible 5. Indicates long vowel 38. Tuft of hanging threads
29. Peak 6. Made a mistake 39. Microelectromechanical
30. Play a role 8. Chinese chairman systems
31. Yuck! 9. Indigenous people of the 40. Speak
32. Diversion Philippines 44. Supervises ying
39. __ and groan 11. Slender 47. Inches per minute (abbr.)
41. Helps little rms 14. Extinct, ightless bird
Puzzle Solutions
Last Weeks

Word Scramble: VEHICLE

Thursday, August 3, 2017 The County Times Contributing Writers 27

OJ Simpson:
Man About Town
Last week, acquitted double-murderer that it was a private family matter, or just lowed to joke and backslap and downplay who has punched and kicked and beaten
and convicted armed robber O.J. Simpson a minor argument, not worth making a his way out of any sort of responsibility). and choked his way through adult life.
appeared before a 4-person parole board fuss over. On occasion, hed be asked for And lest anyone think that Simpsons But, instead of the parole board recog-
in Nevada. Hed spent nine years in prison a photo or his autograph, and then hed narrow escape on a murder conviction nizing the conflict-free contention for
for participating in the armed robbery of usher the police out the door, all regretful made him change his ways, on at least what it was, a dangerous belief created
a group of sports memorabilia collectors smiles about having wasted their time. four occasionsafter his 1994 murder by a society that all too often continues
who, he claimed, had stolen game foot- It was more of the same last week acquittalthe police were called out to to support the belief that violence against
balls, photographs and other sports col- at the parole hearing. What struck me the Miami home he shared with his on- women just doesnt count, their only re-
lectibles that were rightfully his. He was most forcefully was a comment that he and-off-again girlfriend, Christie Prody, sponse was silence.
convicted of kidnapping, conspiracy to made that seemed to go unnoticed by the followingassaults. In that hearing room, violence against
commit a crime, and assault for the same paroleofficers. So, sureIll bet he doesnt really see women was once again brushed aside,
incident, and received 9-33 years for Ive basically spent a conflict-free that his victims are affected by his behav- as if it is of so little consequence that it
thecrimes. life, Simpson claimed earnestly, as he ior. After a dozen or more increasingly doesnt deserve a mention, or a calling
In a strange coincidence, on the same outlined for the parole board all the rea- desperate pleas for protection remained in out, or even an appalled expression on
day thirteen years earlier, hed been ac- sons he should be released. He also noted the shadows made by the bright glare of the faces of the four individuals deciding
quitted of murdering his former wife, Ni- that hed taken an anger management class his fame and fortune, he must have come whether Simpson poses a threat to society.
cole Brown, and her acquaintance, Ron in prison, but didnt really see that his to believe that everyone sees things as he Thats what was most troubling about
Goldman. victim was affected by [the crime]. I does: that the women are a little bit crazy, the statement: not that he said it, or even
During the disturbingly light-hearted suspect the second remark was the most that what goes on between a man and his that he believes it. After his three decades
parole hearing, which aired live on CNN truthful thing he said all day. wife is a private matter, that she provoked of relationships that involved repeated
and other news programs, O.J. and the In case youve forgotten, Simpson has him, and whats a man to do when he gets instances of violence, and at least 12 law
parole officers joked about a variety of a long history of domestic and dating vio- pushed too far? enforcement and judicial responses that
things, none of them particularly hilarious lence with various women. In January of As the parole board considered his re- resulted in nothing more than a few self-
(for instance, hes 70 but an officer mis- 1989 he sent his then-wife, Nicole, to the quest, chuckling at this comment and that, ies and autographs, it wasnt a surprise at
takenly said he was 90, earning a chuckle hospital with a black eye, cuts and bruises, they werent allowed to consider the mur- all to see that Simpson still believes hes
from the friendly room). You could see and a hand imprint on her neck. On that der; after all, hed been acquitted. But even led a conflict-free life, that Simpson still
just how hed smoothed over the many occasion, when she begged the police to as you set that aside, you cant ignore, you believes hes a good guy.
police call-outs to his home, years before, arrest him, he was instead allowed to get cant forget, the lifetime of violence, par- What I dont get is how anyone else can.
when his wife called, terrified, because into his Bentley and speed off, unpursued ticularly the brutality toward women. This
hed beaten or stalked or choked her. (he later pleaded no contest to the assault, is a man who uses guns to settle disputes, I love hearing from youplease feel
You never do anything, she said, time the only domestic instance which was ever a man who assaults another man who has free to email comments or thoughts to
after time, as O.J. casually worked the pursued to the point of a criminal record. the gall to point out to Simpson that he thewordtech@md.metrocast.net.
room each time, convincing the police On the eight prior occasions, he was al- blew through a stop-signand this a man

Publication Date

Pediatric Doctors & Dentist

Daycares Tutors | Ballet
Karate | Sports Teams County Times St. Marys County l Calvert County

Youth Groups | and More For more information contact Jen Stotler
301-247-7611 - jen@countytimes.net
28 Contributing Writers The County Times Thursday, August 3, 2017

Clements Cuties
On The Ball Again I am very year old lady who resides along with her par-
excited and ents Mike & Tracie Gardiner in Mechanic-
hopeful once sville. Shelbie, their only child, at 2-3 years
again to spread old was diagnosed with both migraines and
the word about JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis). She
the upcom- also suffered from allergies and asthma as a
ing Clements result from all she had to be home schooled
Cuties softball in elementary and middle school. She was
game on Sat- unable to spend a lot of time outdoors and
urday the 12th to play sports and spent much of her time
at Cryers Back indoors. She was however able to attend
Road Inn. This Chopticon High School where she is a re-
year will be a cent graduate. Her hobbies include arts &
little different crafts, caring and playing with children and
for us since my animals, fishing, but her favorite passion is
husband Robert make up. Shelbie unfortunately in April was
will be joining diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, with
the actual game an Intrathoracic Mass (her left neck lymph
and transforming himself from a regular nodes, lymph nodes in her chest are infect- Bushwood Lodge, 7th District, Courtesy, John Lewis
Over 40 softball player into Rockin Ro- ed with the mass attached to the top of her
berta with a sky high beehive. I have been heart, the mass is about 1/3 size of her chest When Robert Slye married Susanna inheritance, Edmund Key inherited
the lucky recipient of a private viewing of and same size as her heart. She is currently Gerard, her father gave them about 829 Bushwood and the other real estate
his transformation, and am enjoying shar- receiving treatment from Johns Hopkins acres of land, part of which Robert and money to which Thomas Key was
ing my make-up with him. My husband says to battle this disease, and she is currently named Bushwood after Slyes home heir, not subject to the indebtedness
that I am having entirely too much fun with spending 3-5 days every other week at Hop- town in England. of Thomas Key. This law suit would
this. But we both know that behind all the kins for treatment with her mother there be- Bushwood is a hamlet in Warwick- drag on for 30 long years.
fun and dress-up is a very serious cause to side her. Her mother Tracie has had to take shire [England], located three miles Judge Edmund Key was appoint-
support in raising funds each year to help a a leave of absence from her nursing career north of Henley in Arden and a mile ed Registrar of Wills in St. Marys
child and their family with the life-changing to care for Shelbie. With that said it has put west of the M40 motorway. There is County 1805 but resigned to accept
effects of cancer. the family in a financial bind due to only one no village centre as such because all the position of Associate Judge in
There are so many good people from all income. We are asking the community for the buildings in the hamlet are spread the 1st Judicial District, including St.
over the county involved in the Clements much support as the Clements Cuties intend out so widely. It is named after the Marys, Charles, and Prince Georges
Cuties fundraising efforts to help aware- to help the family financially but send Shel- wood, Bush Wood, that runs through counties beginning with the January
ness for childhood cancer, but without the bie, her mom and dad to Disney World for the centre of the area. The Stratford- 1806 term, where he served until 1852,
leadership, organization, hard work, and to- a much needed break when its possible for on-Avon Canal runs along the eastern age 81. In 1814 he married Margaret
tal sweat, heart, and soul of Harry and Deb them to go. edge of the settlement. Bushwood is a JohnsMackall.
Pool, Ricky and Elise Ryce, and Greg and Our second donation is as follows: the corruption of byssopswode or Bish- Judge Edmund Key went broke in
Jeppa Thornburg, the Clements Cuties game Clements cuties are setting up The Nolan ops Wood, which refers to its former the economic collapse of 1818 and de-
and events wouldnt raise nearly enough of Scully Memorial Scholarship Fund for Pub- ownership by the bishops of Worcester, clared insolvency in 1822. He spent
the much-needed funds to help the recipients lic Service to provide three scholarships to dating back to the 9th century. the next 25 years paying off creditors
($16,000 last year to help the Scully family all three local high schools in memory of Prior to 1764 Philip Key had acquired though the law did not require him to
with additional expenses and a family trip to Nolan Scully. Nolan touched many people Bushwood and devised it to his son do so. That is why his sons all moved
Disneyworld). in many ways not only in this community Thomas Key, after my wifes death or west eventually settling in Harrison
Since I cant explain about the recipient but across the country. We want to continue remarriage, the land where I live called County, TX.
of this years funds, and the addition of the his legacy and dedication to public service Bushwood Lodge. Thomas Key died Judge Keys insolvency left him and
three Nolan Scully Memorial Scholarship with these scholarships to help young people in March of 1772. As the only child of his family with necessary wearing
Funds any better than is written on the flyer achieve their goals. With this said we are Thomas Key, Edmund Key, just one apparel and necessary bedding. No
by Ricky Ryce, I will just copy it here: Bud- asking the community to support both of our year old, inherited his fathers estate. horse, wagon, house, no books. But,
weiser (Guy Distributing Co.) & Cryers causes this year as a lot of you have in the His mother, Jane Llewellen, married the family had books in Texas inscribed
Back Road Inn join together in supporting past, and are looking for individual Cuties in short order, John Briscoe III (son of by Roger B. Taney, Anna Taney, Fran-
The Clements Cuties on Saturday August sponsors, donations for silent auction tables John Briscoe, Jr. and Mary Hanson). cis Scott Key, Reverdy Johnson and
12th at Cryers Back Road Inn. The excite- and any donations in general, but mostly Philip Key, the nephew of Thomas his cousin Philip Key, and others, who
ment starts at 2:30 p.m. with a play in game come to the festivities Aug. 12th to join us in Key and 21 year-older first cousin of gave books to them during their tough
from the Mens League followed by the a fun filled day and help us with these great the infant Edmund Key, took on the years. Someone loaned him a horse
arrival of the Clements Cuties at 4:00 pm. causes. Thanks everyone for your support. administration of Thomas Keys es- and buggy.
After the pregame activities the Clements Donations can be made to: Clements Cuties tate, legally, by 1777 when he filed Edmund Key (grandson of Judge Ed-
Cuties will play the Womens Softball Over Foundation, P.O. Box 1444 Leonardtown, suit against Samuel Briscoe (brother mund Key) named their farm in Texas
30 all-stars. Food, drinks, raffles and a si- MD 20650. of John Briscoe III) for payment for Bushwood Farm, which until recent-
lent auction along with new faces, twists and land, Digges Baltimore Gift, part of ly, at least, was still in the ownership
even more surprises all for the price of dona- To each new days adventure, Shelby Thomas Keys estate. Thomas Key died of the Key family.
tions. Drivin Muzzywill be performing on Please send your comments or ideas to: insolvent in terms of ready assets, but Thanks to Paul Wood of Marshall,
the BRI-Pavilion stage following the game. shelbys.wanderings@yahoo.com because of the restrictions of laws of Texas for all of his help.
All proceeds from this years event will or find me on facebook:
Wanderings of an aimless mind
go to the following: Shelbie Gardiner an 18
Thursday, August 3, 2017 The County Times 29

St. Cecilia Church
Victory Baptist Church
47950 Mattapany Rd, PO Box 429 29855 Eldorado Farm rd
CharlottE hall, md 20659
St. Marys City, MD 20686 301-862-4600
Vigil Mass: 4:30 pm Saturday 21800 N. Shangri-La Dr. # 8
Sunday: 8:00 am Order Of gOOd news services Lexington Park, MD 20653
Weekday (M-F): 7:30 am sun schOOl, all ages...............10:00 Pastor James L. Bell, Sr.

Confessions: 3-4 pm Saturday sun mOrning wOrship.............11:00

www.stceciliaparish.com sun evening wOrship.................7:00 Seek Shelter
21800 N. Shangri-La
Church Services

Park, Sunday MD 20653

Dr. # 8
wed evening prayer mtg.........7:00 f
St. GeorGe roman CatholiC ChurCh
ProClaiming thE ChangElEss
Your Soul 301-866-5772 Morning Prayer 9:30 a.m.
Morning Worship 10:00 a.m.
St. George Church:
word in a Changing world. Pastor James
21800 N. Shangri-La Dr. # 8
L. Bell, Sr.
Saturday, 5:00 p.m. Sunday, 8:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m.
Lexington Park, MD 20653 Evening Prayer 6:30 p.m.
St. Francis Xavier Chapel:
Saturday, 7:00 p.m. (Memorial Day-Labor Day)
Jesus saves 301-866-5772
Pastor James L. Bell, Sr.
Pastoral Teaching 7:00 p.m.

Weekday Mass Schedule: Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, 1st Sat: 9:00 a.m. victOrybaptistchurchmd.Org
Church Services
Church Services
Confessions: Saturdays: 4:00 - 4:30 p.m. or by appointment


Morning Prayer 9:30 a.m.
19199 St. George Church Road Valley Lee, MD 20692 Sunday
Morning Worship 10:00 a.m.
A member of the Southern Baptist Convention Hollywood United Methodist Church
301-994-0607 www.saintgeorgeromancatholicchurch.org
8505 Leonardtown Road, Hughesville, MD 20637 Morning
Evening Prayer Dean
Prayer 9:30
Rd Hollywood,
6:30 p.m.
MD 20636
240-254-2765 or 301-274-3672 Morning 301-373-2500 Worship 10:00 a.m.
Pastoral Teaching 7:00 p.m.

EPISCOPAL CHURCH Senior Pastor Dr. J. Derek Yelton

Katie Paul, Pastor
Associate Pastor Kevin Cullins
Sunday WorshipTuesday
8:30 and 11:00 a.m.
Sunday School (all ages) 9:15 am
Christ Episcopal Church Sunday Morning Worship 10:30 am
Sunday School
Evening Prayer for all ages 6:30
9:45 a.m. p.m.
All of our services are traditional.
King & Queen Parish founded 1692 Sunday Evening Worship & Bible Study 6:00 pm Pastoral Teaching
Child care is provided. 7:00 p.m.
25390 Maddox Road | Chaptico, MD 20621 Wednesday Discipleship Classes 7:00 pm
www.cckqp.net (Adults, youth & Children) Sunday Evening Youth Group
301-884-3451 Christian Preschool and Kindergarten available
7:45am Holy Eucharist, Rite I
11:00am Holy Eucharist, Rite II, To place an ad on this
Organ & Choir
All are Welcome
St. Annes Church page contact Jen Stotler
Meeting at Dent Memorial Chapel
Charlotte Hall Road, Charlotte Hall
at 301-247-7611 or
Sundays - 10:00 am - Holy Eucharist jen@countytimes.net
Traditional Anglican Worship

First Millennium Faith for a

Third Millennium World
30 The County Times Thursday, August 3, 2017

$30,000.00 per year Roofers
To LEARN a Trade Service Mechanics
In Roofing, Waterproofing Needed
& Sheet Metal Extensive experience in most
roof systems required
Must Have Transportation $30.00 + Truck + Benefits
301-333-1031 301-333-1031

9:00AM Saturday, August 12th, 2017 Looking for a Career,

Not Just a Job?
Charlotte Hall Self Storage County Times Team
Join the
as a
29971 Business Center Dr.
Charlotte Hall, MD 20622 Advertising Representative
Meet New, Interesting People | Get Out From Behind a Desk
301-884-9450 Determine Your Own Income | Get Paid for What You Sell
Cash or Credit Card Only Send a resume to
and lets discuss the possibilities.
Apply NOW
for Immediate Consideration

Attention High School and College Students...
Looking for something to do this summer?
Thursday Mornings
Must be reliable,

County Times Drivers

The professional and
own a vehicle

To Apply:
Send resume to

team is looking for ericmckay@countytimes.net
Apply NOW
Send a resume to jen@countytimes.net

for Immediate Consideration

and lets discuss the possibilities.
301.247.7611 | www.countytimes.net CountyTimes St. Marys County l Calvert County

To place an ad on this page contact Jen Stotler

301-247-7611 or jen@countytimes.net
Thursday, August 3, 2017 The County Times 31

Serving The Community Since 1994
Group Health Insurance - Individual Market Health Insurance,
Dental - Vision- AFLAC
Life Insurance - Short & Long Term Disability,
Payroll Services

Julie E. Wynkoop
John F. Wood, Jr.
Vice President
Katie L. St. Clair
Customer Service Mgr.
301.884.5900 - 301.934.4680 - Fax 301.884.0398- info@crossandwood.com Fax 301-884-2884


Where Service Comes First
Sales & Service
46924 Shangri-La Drive Lexington Park, MD

Farm Equipment Machine Shop

us Home & Industrial Engines Welding
next Since Monday - Friday 7am-6pm
vacation! 1970 Saturday 7am-4pm
Closed for lunch everyday between 12-12:30pm
27898 Point Lookout Road Loveville, Md 20656
Over 250,000 Southern Marylanders cant be wrong!
Mike Batson Photography
Freelance Photographers

Family Portraits
Your Online Community for Charles, Calvert, and St. Marys Counties
301-938-3692 Stay abreast of local happenings Stop by and see what
Check our highly popular classifieds Southern Maryland Online has to offer!
Speak your mind in the forums

https://www.facebook.com/mikebatsonphotography Enter our contests and

win terrific prizes
The County Times
Thursday, August 3, 2017

LEARN SHO y To Save Thousa
nds o n Yo u r N ex t H ome Project...
r tunit
A Great Big Oppo

t B i g H o m e S h ow




2pm to 4pm


AUGUST 12th &
hr ee N ot ch R d, H ol ly woo d, M D 20 63 6
OT 24801 T
EB 301-638-7469
Sa rday 10am - 6pm
Sunday 10am - 5pm
Get Coupons, Discounts
& Enter To Win Door Prizes
to Your Favorite Restaurant

Great Big Home Show