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Glorious Experience,

Efficient Operation
Huawei smart hotel solution
The informatization and intelligentization
will lead the trends of the hospitality industry

The modern hotelier frequently face such puzzle: traditional competition factors, like luxurious lobby,
existing hotels have to punch the wall and destruct comfortable and safe guest rooms, everywhere
decoration when deploy WLAN, Virus spreading room service and so on. In stead, the experience
from guests laptop infect the hotel network, so of diversification and personalization is becoming
many customer complains of inefficient room the hotel new competition factor particularly the
service, IT staff are exhausted by recovering network application of high-technology in the hospitality
failure just because of the lack of standardization industry brings hotel guests the information
in daily operation, and so on. These kind of experience. Todays travelers need not only a
issues bring hotelier huge pressures just because comfortable and safe hotel environment, but a
that the competition factors for modern hotel connected, informalized network to extend their
have already changed. The modern hotel core work and their home capabilities into the travel
competitiveness has already moved beyond the environment.
Huawei smart hotel solution

Mobile Multimedia, Leading the Third Wave of

the Hotel Experience

Mobile Multimedia
Mobility, Anywhere, Anytime
Phone Integrated with Integrated with Abundant
hotel Services Hotel services
Fixed position
Fixed Phone Service
Small screen, Limited Services
fixed position
Only voice service

Third phase
Second phase
First phase

1990s 2000s 2010s

Increasing guest loyalty and
optimizing operation are the dual
challenges for the modern hoteliers
Along with the popularization of intelligent terminal hotels are under pressure to get more out of their
like smart phone, Pad and laptop, the people who properties. Increasing revenues per available room
choose hotel pay more attention to the possibility is a constant requirement to maintain profitability.
of access to the internet wherever in the hotel, According to MaiDian website statistics, usually
whether their laptop are visited with unawares the cost of hotel staff is up to 30% of the cost of
or are infected by virus from the hotel network, hotel operation, and going up with the lapse of
whether they can inquire hotel information easily time. Under this tendency, how to promote hotel
or enjoy hotel service such as VOD on their own management efficiency and reduce the hotel staff
intelligent terminals, and so on. How to provide cost through applying the information technology
these services has also become the challenge for has become another challenge for the hoteliers.
the hotelier to increase guest loyalty. In addition,

Huawei smart hotel solution

Existing hotels need to punch Insufficient IT staff, how to
the wall when they deploy deal with so many new hotels
WLAN service opening 2

Hotel IT staff are

Virus spreading from
exhausted by dealing with
guests laptop to infect
complains from guests of
the hotel network
network services

Economic hotels IT staffs Hotel surveillance needs
complain of so many kinds huge storage space and
of equipments and not cost too much
easy to deploy

Video conferencing with Room services are omitted during

mosaic, bad service busy hours, usually cause complains
experience to hotel guests and impair guests loyalty
Huawei Smart Hotel solution helps
hoteliers leisurely face the challenges

Based on the products in the field of voice area, to maintain, good extension of business, secure
broadband area, security area, wireless area, and efficient Smart Hotel solution for hotelier. The
surveillance area and mobile application area, solution is showed as following chart:
Huawei delivers a cost-effective, easy to deploy, easy

Huawei Smart Hotel Solution carring hotel business

Voice Video Conference Hotel Internet


Huawei smart hotel solution

E1 IP PBX Console Server BillServer Router Firewall

Video Cable

Monitoring Center
Surveillance Server Encode Server Monitor Screen

Elevator Corridor DVS

Hotel Lobby

Outdoor Surveillance

Outdoor AP

Parking Lot

Combined with the characteristics of the hotel yy In office: provide attendant console, office
business, Huawei adopts hierarchical network networks, office voice, fax, mobile wireless office
architecture, build a stable IP backbone network to services for hotel staff
support the hotel's various scenarios:
yy In conference room: provide wire/wireless
yy In guest room: provide wire/wireless Internet Internet access service, IP voice service,
access, IP voice, cable TV, VOD, information Telepresence System service for participants
inquiry services for guests
Satellite TV

TV Signal

Hotel Applications IPTV Platform Network Management

Data Center

Huawei smart hotel solution

PMS PMSI Streaming Server IRD eSight

Indoor AP

Guest Floor

Indoor AP
Office Floor

Hotel Attendant IAD

Video Conference Terminal

Meeting Room
Indoor AP
3x3 DualBand Camera MIC

Dining Hall
Public Area
Indoor AP
3x3 DualBand

yy In public zone like elevator, corridor and so yy In monitor center: to monitor the inside and
on: provide wireless Internet access and analog outside of hotel on large-screen real-time
video surveillance service
yy In parking lot and other outdoors zones:
yy In lobby, hotel entrance and other zones: provide network services for parking col, provide
provide wireless Internet access and Hi-definition wireless Internet services for outdoor areas, as
video surveillance service well as intelligent video monitoring service.
Huawei smart hotel solution

Huawei Samrt Hotel solution enhances
hotels core competitiveness
Huawei Smart Hotel solution enhances customers combined WLAN antenna with CATV cable, in
core competitiveness regarding the above business order to avoid punching wall and destructing
scenario of hotel. Huawei Smart Hotel solution hotel decoration. One room project time can be
takes technology and informatization as the core, reduced by 1/3, and save wiring costs by 30%.
to promote hotel core competitiveness in multi-
yy Room control system and various mobile
dimension. The Huawei Smart Hotel solution may
applications can be integrated on Huawei
bring hoteliers the following value:
MediaPad, perfect experience to increase
yy Reliable network based on ALL-IP, adopting customer loyalty
reliability hierarchical network architecture to
yy Hotel video conference system, adopting Huawei
deploy a never interrupted hotel network.
HME video encoding patent technology and IRC
yy Four defense-lines solution specifically for hotel Intelligent Speed technology so that the high-
to prevent attacks both from Internet and guest definition video conference could be perfectly
room's network, also to prevent virus spreading carried on just 2M bandwidth.
out from guests laptop, to ensure the hotel
yy Hotel video surveillance system, adopting
network operate stably.
O p t i m i z e d Ke y - F r a m e S t o r a g e p a t e n t e d
yy F o r h o t e l g r o u p s , p r o v i d e a u t o m a t e d technology to save investment on storage
configuration tools to ensure the standardization equipment by 30% approximately
of network configuration among multi-hotel,
yy Adopting port dormancy and machine dormancy
in order to save maintenance cost, one hotel
patented technology energy consumption of the
configuration time could be reduced from 5 days
hotel network can be lower than the industry
to 10 minutes.
40%, in order to reduce hotel operating cost and
yy Easy way to deploy hotel WLAN by combined enhance the hotel competition.
W LA N a n t e n n a w i t h 2 G / 3 G a n t e n n a , o r
Huawei built a Secure ALL-IP network
for Wuzhou Guest House, enhanced
the core competitiveness of the hotel
Shenzhen Wuzhou Guest House is a luxury five-star maintenance cost by simplifying the network
hotel for Shenzhen Government accommodating structure, simultaneously deploy IP telephony to
foreign guests and holding various government enhance the experience of hotel voice service
events. Since opened Wuzhou successively received and facilitate the value-added services. Through
more than 70 chiefs of state, heads of government the deployment of Huawei Smart Hotel solution,
and more than 200 vice presidents and above Wuzhou benefited on enhancing the customer
foreign guest. Huawei helped Wuzhou Guest experience, increasing customer loyalty, reducing
House deploy a ALL-IP network to carry the hotels operating cost and protecting the hotels investment
voice, data and video services, reduce network on TDM by smooth evolution from TDM to IP.

Huawei smart hotel solution

Huawei Helped LongWish Hotel 6

build a reliable network

LongWish International Hotel located in the richest Hotel. The four networks based on a ALL-IP network
village in China, Huaxi Village. It is an important to reduce hotel maintenance cost. Also the Gigabit-
symbol of the modern village in China. Itis Connection to the desktop greatly improves
328-meter high, ranking 15th in the world,, and has customer's Internet experience. The implementation
826 rooms distributing in 74-story, therefor it is the of Huawei Smart Hotel solution has greatly improved
biggest hotel in China. . the hotel operation efficiency and customer
experience, and helped the hotel establishing a
Huawei built office network, guest room network,
leading position in the luxury hospitality market.
surveillance networkand VOD network for LongWish
Why Huawei
Huawei has builta broad partner alliance in hotel industry. Depending on
Huawei's global Open-Lab, Huawei Samrt Hotel solution integrated with the
system of partners, particularly theleading PMS and PMSI providers in hotel
industry, therefor be in sure to delivercustoms a set of high available and easy
deployment hotel system, and ensure to exert the efficiency of the system
maximally and benefit the customs from the best input-output ratio.

Huawei is a global leading ICT solution supplier. Its products and solutions have
been widely applied in more than 140 countriesand serving over 1/3 of the world
population. Huawei Smart Hotel solution is built on its powerful R & D capability
and series products in voice area, broadband area, video area, wireless area,
router area, switch area, security area, vedio conference area, and so on, and is
helping the global hotelier achieving great success on their business operations.

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