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[A Generalizing View]

Emmanuel “m3ky” Lopez

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2: False Presentations of Love. Pages

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• Communication

• 3 P’s (Passion, Pleasure, and Pain)

• Faith and Trust

• Diversity and Color

• Entertainment

• Finances

• Persona/Anima

• Parental Ability & How to Test it

2 Love-Life and Relationships

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7: Putting the pieces together w/o kids. Pages

• Breaking it Down

• Adding Parental Ability

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• Entertainment

• Communication

• Persona/Education

9: Putting the pieces together w/kids. Pages

• Breaking it Down

• Adding Pantal Ability

10: Life

11: Switching it up

12: “Filling the Circle”

3 Love-Life and Relationships

13: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

14: The Power of Love (A True Story)

What is Love?
Love is a very powerful word, a powerful feeling, and a powerful thought. It
is the most sought after thing in the world. People say it is the greatest thing to ever
feel, that euphoric feeling within yourself when you know something is right or
great. The feeling that makes us lose our breath and gasp at the thought of it. Love
is to know that you are loved, you feel it grow and you can feel it dwindle. When it
disappears our heart’s break and make us want to cry, whether its losing a loved
one or even departing from a relationship, even getting divorced. For many that
divorce is a good feeling but it means it wasn’t really love. It is better to have loved
and lost than to have not loved at all. Losing love can make even the strongest
being emotionally weak, a man can lose his finger working and not shed a tear, but
losing the thing they love the most will break them down.

The word itself is heard alot in today’s society but in all honesty I don’t feel
it is truly being felt. Many don’t know what it is to love and be in love because
many really haven’t been properly loved. Like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet,
you can feel a strong affection for someone but it doesn’t always make it love, it
would otherwise be lust. Lust can have very similar appeals but it can trick your

4 Love-Life and Relationships

mind into thinking it is love leading to manipulation. The thought of someone can
make us feel happy creating infatuation not love, usually it is like that with stars
and their fans. The fans adore the star not even knowing who the person truly is but
they form the thought that the feel in love with them when it really is infatuation. If
you think of something too much where it becomes excessive go see a psychiatrist,
you might be mentally ill and suffering from monomania.

The love our parents give us as a child reflects on how we end up loving in
the future if it’s our partner or children. However it is our experiences and history
that decide our decisions on how to truly love in the future. Love can make us
enthusiastic to wake up the next morning and live life. You can love people, you
can love animals (hopefully not improperly), you can love fools, and more than
often you can love an material objects or in other words you are materialistic. The
love of money ruins what it really is to love, we all know money can buy you
anything your heart desires but if your heart desires love it can not be bought. No
matter what it is we pushed our hardest to reach that love. Not having what we love
can make us upset, becoming easily irritated and annoyed.

I like to consider love to be a lot like sonoluminescence. Sonoluminescence

is when sound waves such as sonar are passed through liquids such as water. It
creates a bubble that keeps on growing, once it reaches its peak the bubble bursts.
A light is then emitted that can reach high levels in temperature, basically it burns.
That is love, people consider us fish and when we break up our friends and family
tell us there is more fish in the sea. The bubble is the love we feel for that fish or
person, starts off as nothing then eventually grows and keeps on growing,
sometimes when a lot of people know and recognize the love it grows even more.
When we separate from that person we love it just pops and our hearts break, and
like R&B singer Usher says “when the feeling aint the same and your body don’t
want to let it go, but you know you got to let it go, cause the party aint jumping
like it used to… Let it Burn!” Those who knew and felt the love the couple had get
burned too.

What’s it like to be in love? Is there only one way to love? Why is love so
important? Why does love go away? Why can’t I find love? What makes us fall in
love? Does Prince Charming exist? How do I keep the one I love? Wouldn’t be
5 Love-Life and Relationships
nice to know the answer to all these questions? I have spent alot of my time
helping people in their relationships if it’s with my mother coming to me with
concerns, friends, or even people I do not know who I’ve met online. I am young
but for some reason people love coming to me for advice which I gladly give to
them, I listen to them and I feel like I know enough about love to write all this for
you. Are you willing to learn from someone who may or may not be half your age
or because of it will you turn down any advice that could possibly help you in
more ways than one? There is no right way to love and no love is perfect, but there
is only really one way to keep love. That is to be willing to learn and grow as life
progresses, everyday is a new day why not make it better than the one before.

False Presentations of Love

Many people don’t really know what love truly is. Reason for that would be
due to its false presentations or in other words propaganda. Its main sources would
of course be the 4th Branch of the Government or media if you don’t like to
consider it that. The media include television, radio, books, newspapers,
magazines, movies, and even music. Today’s media really seems to have only one
purpose and that is to commercialize everything all for profits. That’s capitalism at
its best for you, goal to capitalize on every percentage of a cent no matter who gets
hurt in the process. The media can manipulate your thoughts and feelings usually
by dramatizing things. Or maybe you manipulate yourself because you are
completely retarded.

They make things seem more important than they really are when it really is
not. Usually done with music which is one key to peoples emotions. Drums make
you jump and violins make you weep, all depending on how it is played. Here is a
test you can do at home even though this is something that should already be
known by everyone; sarcastically speaking my wet nurse taught me that. Find the
6 Love-Life and Relationships
Digital Video Disc (DVD) of a love movie and skip it to very sad and/or romantic
scene. When you watch it you will be in aw. Now rewind it back to that seen, but
this time you will play it while it is muted. It really doesn’t have the same affect
does it?

Television has been around for nearly a century. Don’t you think someone
hasn’t perfected these techniques already? Of course they have that is how they are
able to sell you things you really don’t need. For example an infomercial, they tell
you there is only but this much time, usually half an hour, to buy their product.
Furthermore they are very limited in quantity but it is well worth it. They try to
rush your decision of buying by telling you people are going crazy calling to order
them. If you listen carefully to the background noises you constantly hear
telephones ringing one after the other. An observation I made is that infomercials
like this usually tend to be more related to the government like the ones that sell
you collectable coins of the Presidents and the States, some in silver, gold, and

First of all a company’s headquarters specially their sales and

communications rooms are not in film studios. If those really were the actual
customers calling you would have certainly heard the receptionists taking orders. A
room that loud requires people to talk loud so the customer can hear them and if
you hard the telephones you would have heard the sales people. The only who
really show you the receptionists and sales people is Public Television auctions to
raise money. Reason for that is because it really is live and they have no need to
scam you on something you really don’t need.

Another way to sell things is by making the product greater than it really is
by glorifying it. They show people joyous and excited about having that product,
when in reality it is just shit on a stick. Don’t forget it has “AUTHENTIC” smell
too. You will also be guaranteed to have the shittiest product, but don’t take their
word for it. BUY IT NOW! Get the picture?

So in what ways is the portrayal of love false in the media? The most typical
false portrayer of love is a soap opera with their over-exaggerated dramatizations.
No one really lives a life like that. For you to experience half the things one

7 Love-Life and Relationships

character in a soap opera experiences in their lifetime on the show, you will most
likely have to be dating ten different people. Lose the first one in a car accident,
next day the other one falls into a coma and if he wakes up he/she will be a
vegetable, the next one dumps you for your mom even if your partner is a girl, the
next one goes skydiving and the parachute doesn’t open. Soaps do it all for drama.

Since they do it for drama I can let it slide just a little because the people
who usually watch them are are housewives and old single men trying to find some
young ladies on television to watch, who knows why. If it was young girls
watching them that didn’t know it was all for laughs, or drama then it is a problem
because it creates a completely distorted outlook on what love really is in their
mind. It is okay to dream but there comes a point where you will need to
distinguish your dreams from reality, a bit hypocritical of me to say because I still
don’t know reality from my dreams that’s how good my mind can imagine things.

Many little girls and even boys grow up on fairy tales and eventually learn
that they only happen in Never NEVER Land. But some actually keep their fairy
tales dreams alive and it is okay because it is only dreaming, if you believe you can
achieve but when it comes to fairy tale dreams don’t dream about it too much.
Fairy Tales are nothing but good stories based on partial reality involving royalty
and great wealth.

For many generations kids have grown up watching Disney’s fairy tales that
revolve around a time or era that passed, never was, or never will happen. The
typical Prince Charming risking his life to save a girl he doesn’t even know or
barely just met. All to end up marrying her and it’s all over, the only thing you are
told is that they live happily ever after. In the real world someone has to die. Also a
girl that beautiful probably wouldn’t want to have kids because she will be scared
of stretch marks. It seems like all life revolves around these two lovers in the
stories. Prince Charming never really seems to ever be confronted by a seductress
which in the real world he constantly would be.

How about movies, not cartoon fairy tales or soap operas? They really are
both a fairy tale and soap opera combined, based on reality with a lot of
dramatization. The first kiss usually always involve raising your leg up, have no

8 Love-Life and Relationships

idea why cause if anything your belly would lift from getting butterflies instead of
your foot. Also not all first kisses come out like that, the guy might try to grab your
ass which movies don’t know that during a girls first kiss. His stallion will not be a
76’ Mustang but more like a 87’ Geo Metro if they even were made at that time. If
not a car in movies it will be a motorcycle, real life it it’s a bike with a motor,
chances are that it is a torn down Vespa that smells like motor oil. The Notebook in
my mind was probably the closest depiction of real love in a movie even though it
was dramatized, don’t get your hopes up on dying old with your lover in your

Marriage is usually the biggest thing falsely portrayed in movies, soap

operas, and fairy tales. Only if you marry someone who’s net worth is over 100
million or famous and smart enough to charge all expenses to a magazine then you
might get that dream wedding of yours. Otherwise your hopes are diminished, it
can be attempted to make your dream wedding but it will involve ruining your
credit and having your partner be in debt for the next ten years. Is a huge wedding
really that important? I’m not here to ruin anyone’s dreams, but the truth hurts and
will burst your bubble. If I was rich enough then I would spend the money to give
my wife a fairy tale wedding, but my chances of finding a girl that will pay for all
that herself are higher which those are really slim as well.

Fairy tales, soap operas, movies, and television glamorize love, family, and
relationships like it is something for everyone. A sort of guilt is placed upon you if
you do not find love, get married, and have a family like it is some how required in
society. They never really tell you to build a legacy to leave your family behind
once you’re gone. Life insurance commercials do it but they only want to get your
money, it does leave them something but more than likely it will all go to bury you.
You can leave your family ten million dollars in life insurance but it doesn’t mean
you really loved your family when you were alive.

All these false presentations of love create problems other than people not
really knowing what love really is. Materialism is one of the problems but there is
another problem much worse. People end up becoming zealous or infatuated with
love, or in other words in love with love. I know too many people like that, they
seem to think that finding someone to have a relationship with is love and that it is
9 Love-Life and Relationships
the only way to truly be happy. Because of this many spend so much of their time
depressed and unhappy because they feel like no one will ever fall in love with
them. A happy girl is more attractive than a sad girl because people see them being
happy alongside them as for being next to someone sad they see themselves being

Worst part is that many of them never will fall in love or even find love,
many of them being big time sluts. The majority of the girls I know that are in love
with love are sluts even their own friends admit this. That is not the only reason
why they are not going to find love. Their perspectives of what love is and what
being happy is are wrong. Generally it is women who fall in love with love, they
expect someone else to make them happy and that only someone else will be able
to make them happy. That is a problem because it means they don’t know how to
make themselves happy or even how to be happy overall.

Just like Steve Carrell in “The 40 Year Old Virgin” he is constantly told that
the reason he hasn’t gotten laid is because he is putting the pussy on a pedestal.
The same thing applies to people who are infatuated with love. Difference being
that instead of the pussy being on the pedestal it is their happiness. Not knowing
how to reach that pedestal is going to make you destiny an unhappy one. Many of
these people do end up finding relationships and they rarely last. They either get
tired of being in a relationship or get bored with it. It is considered a voluntary
break-up because one if not both in the relationship decided to do it because of

Boredom in relationships is the main reason why young couples end up

breaking up. It is not only young people though, it is older people as well. The
older people who break-up out of boredom because they usually are people who do
not want to move on to more fully committed relationships or “Fill the Circle.”
They either might be afraid of commitment or they already had planned to never
get married or have kids, if not a little of both. If you are someone like that or
know people like that let them know that it is important to let people they are going
to end up in a relationship with the truth that you don’t plan on having kids, getting
married, or even becoming fully committed to anyone. This way they will not get
feelings of being used or lead on.
10 Love-Life and Relationships
The people infatuated with love who break-up out of boredom end up
getting feelings of unhappiness again during their single days. Leading to the
revival of the thought that only being in a relationship can make them happy. Love
is a beautiful thing and too many people take advantage of it. Being infatuated with
love is a dangerous thing, it can truly break someone’s heart that did not deserve it
who was in search of a true long-lasting love. That broken heart makes them
insecure like if all hopes of one day “Filling the Circle” are lost. If you’re a slut
then be a slut, if you’re a player then be a player. It is difficult for a tiger to change
its stripes so don’t try crossing over from the dark side. Just another thing to add,
you can NOT turn a hoe into a housewife.

Complete and Fulfilling

Not every love and relationship is the same, but the way the love becomes what
it is differs. Choosing the right partner is very important for a successful
relationship. The way I like to think of it is like how a Presidential Nominee
chooses his Vice-President. That someone would a person who has the qualities the
other lacks, you can either have someone who completes you or fulfils you. Sounds
the same but it is completely different. Those are the two different kinds of
relationships, a Fulfilling Relationship and a Complete Relationship. The true
differences are a bit ineffable but equations really show the difference.

For instance, someone who completes you or a Complete Relationship is a lot

like this equation: 1+1, the answer is always 2, nothing more nothing less. When
children are presented in the relationship it just adds another “1” into the equation.
People in these relationships are usually the ones who are satisfied with where their
11 Love-Life and Relationships
lives are at, mainly career and financially wise. They mainly are much older people
on average past their 30’s and sometimes younger. These are people who feel they
experienced all they need to in life and have matured into the adults they would
like to be or satisfied with who they are. Because of that they feel their lives are
complete and just need someone to complete them more by having a family.

For a lot of people this is very nice, they want to get away from the world and
just settle down, have an average life. It can also become a very stressful lifestyle
with a constantly repeating schedule of working, spending money to support the
family, home, work, and work some more. Feelings of being restrained all the time
become common; you are in a way trapped in your own home. People lose their
happiness because of this, no one likes to feel trapped and held back, it is in our
nature to be free. This is likely the reason why love starts to disintegrate and
divorce becomes inevitable, in America divorce is very common and at very high

The lack of diversity in the relationships affects all parties involved mainly the
man in the relationships making him the usual suspect for break-ups. He goes in
search of fun, entertainment, and the diversity that makes him happy by having an
affair. The man ends up giving the women he is having an affair with the love his
wife is supposed to receive because of that there is not enough for his wife. Women
can easily sense this and start becoming depressed and feel useless so the
relationship starts failing. Depression is then passed down to the children because
they are not receiving any love.

Eventually divorce papers are signed and things become even more stressful on
the whole family. They have to go from a once happy family to one that is
separating and falling apart. It all leads to more and more fighting through custody
battles and depending on the financial situations of the couple things like alimony,
child support, health and dental insurance becomes common things to fight about.
The whole family goes on an emotional rollercoaster leading to thoughts and
feelings of regret. Children understand this very well and it makes them feel like
they are not wanted by either of their parents because all they do is fight and know
that if they regret the relationship as a whole, they are also regretting having the
kids they had.
12 Love-Life and Relationships
I’m not being pretentious and saying that finding a Complete Relationship will
end up unsuccessful like this. All I’m trying to say is that these relationships aren’t
always the best route even though for many people they do work out. That is
something that can happen to anyone no matter the circumstances, not only
because of the lack of diversity but also due to things like lack of trust,
communication, jealousy, and even greed. Any relationship can make it all that
requires is that each person in the relationship be willing to keep the love there or
even growing. A love that is growing or always satisfying would be more of a
Fulfilling Relationship.

Still fulfilling and complete sound too much alike but it is not. The difference in
this type of relationship is obvious through the equation it represents. Equation
being more algebraic like this: Ux+O, the “U” representing you, “x” being the
fulfillment rate or LOVE you feel for the “O” which represents the other person in
the relationship. It’s a bit more complicated than the Complete Relationship which
always remains the same.

The people in a Fulfilling Relationship are usually younger people from

teenagers to even mid-20’s. They are people who feel they still have a lot to
experience about life, love, and even themselves either educationally or even
through their careers. Since they still feel like they have a lot to learn they are still
not at the point where children come into mind but might be something to explore
in the future when they find that true love.

In a Fulfilling Relationships you tend to share every little thing with your
partner be it germs or spit. Every second of your life is shared specially
entertainment in a bar, club, sports event (baseball, football, basketball games), TV
show, art galleries and books (for more intellectual couples). There seems to
always be diversity in their lives, each day a new experience and a stronger bond
between them like how it is with childhood friends except not really children
anymore. That growing bond is the fulfillment rate. In a Complete Relationship
this bond doesn’t really seem to grow.

Differences between these two types of relationships are clear. In Fulfilling

Relationships the word that describes it more is satisfying while in a Complete

13 Love-Life and Relationships

Relationship it is finished or done. Every relationship has its ups and downs but the
willingness in each other determines the outcome of it. They can end voluntarily or
even involuntarily. Involuntarily would usually refer to outside sources not within
the relationship like a seductress or seducer, but not limited to it. Friends and
family can influence the relationship to end by circulating thoughts into the air that
would make the eventual separation involuntarily because it was do to an outside
source. For voluntary it refers more to when the couple just decides they have
grown apart and things really aren’t the same, “its not you, it’s me” kind of thing.

Break ups always hurt no matter the situation and even more when you are both
in love and even more when children are involved. Sometimes ending a
relationship can be for the better of everyone. In a Fulfilling Relationship the split,
break-up, or separation can go by a bit more peaceful. All really depends on the
circumstances for separating and the couples actions afterwards. For instance if it
leads to one of them to become obsesses and stalk you it doesn’t make it peaceful,
it makes it sickening.

Other than that you leave the relationship a new person having learned alot
about love, life, and yourself even your partner if they did become obsessed and
crazy. One BIG example of these kinds of relationships are the typical Hollywood
tabloid relationships. One if not both individuals in the relationship trying to get
ahead in their careers and learn about the lifestyle they are going to be living in the
future. This really isn’t a good thing if the other doesn’t know they are doing it
because it is using someone for your own selfish needs.

14 Love-Life and Relationships

Equations and Circles
The two equations:

Complete Relationship = 1+1 (+1 for every kid included in the relationship)

Fulfilling Relationship = Ux+O (+1 for every kid included due to the relationship)

When it comes to the equations I like to think of them as circles. A circle is

related to all life like the earth can be seen as a circle, so can stars, other planets, a
mother’s womb or the fetal position we are in while in our mother, and even the
symbols used for gender.

15 Love-Life and Relationships

m female

The circle represents the life form. To differentiate the life forms by gender you
must look at their genitalia, it is the key factor in gender. The males genitalia is
represented by an arrow because it points, gives, and also resembles one in
comparison a lot. The female genitalia are represented by a cross or the
addition/plus sign. It can receive the arrow and its juices that lead to a baby or
anything else that resembles the arrow. Females have the capability to be mother
but to give they must receive and then in time you get another life-form. Time is
not necessarily a circle but similar to it. The reason being that time is endless and
no one is immortal to see it to the end, no one knows of there is a beginning or an
end. You can try to picture it but it might give you a headache and there is no right
or wrong answer. The symbol for time is infinity, two intertwined circles without a
beginning or end but constantly on a repeating path.

Infinity = ∞

A LIFETIME can be described a s a circle. A lifetime is a time belonging to

life-form with a beginning and an end. Just like the sonoluminescent bubble, it is
made, it grows, it pops and dies, it hurts we cry and then we move on. A life-forms
time is a clock with its hands going clockwise, a hand for seconds, a hand for
minutes, a hand for hours, and if the clock is expensive enough a hand for days,
weeks, months, season, year, and so on. When you are born you are age zero, some
people like to argue about it and say that when you are born you 9 months old, but
if you really think about it your age is determined by your birth date or the day you
come out your mothers womb instead of when your daddy popped one into your

Since we are born at age zero we are not yet a circle because our clock barely
began ticking like a time bomb. However we do have the organs that determine our
gender meaning you are either an arrow or addition/plus sign. On occasion you get
a child or life-form that is born with both called a hermaphrodite. Not too sure how

16 Love-Life and Relationships

the process of determining the actual gender works but I’m guessing you either
chop something off or stitch something up, it is just common sense.

As the baby grows the circle starts forming. It is creating the “circle of life” or
lifetime cycle, sometimes having a rinse cycle and a spin cycle. According to the
gender symbols the clock for males start between 1 and 2 o’clock, and females at 6
o’clock. The spot where the circle starts may be a determining factor on why
females mature mentally at a younger age compared to males.

Baby Boy Baby Girl

Hermaphrodite Middle-

If you really look at the symbol for males and the curvature of the arrow you
might get the idea that whoever created these must have been left-handed. It had to
have been a man because only men really know the real reason behind their
arrow’s curvature. All depending on what hand the man writes with. Was he trying
to say that left-handed males are smarter than right-handed males? That would
make right-handed males be born or have their lifetime cycle start between 10 and
11 o’clock. Now that could be a good and a bad thing depending on which way
you looking at it. The good would be that once right-handed males are in their
middle ages they’ll be around 4 and 5 o’clock making us mentally and physically
younger but the bad thing would be that they’re always behind everyone else. Most
of the left-handed people I know that are left-handed are not really so bright like
my brother. [Anything about left-handed people is of no relevance and all for
laughs, we all know right-handed people are superior, this is our world.]

As each year goes by and we are reaching our last days the lifetime cycle nears
its end or where the circle originally started. When we are born we are small, eat
gooey mashed up food, sleep alot, whine alot, and wear diapers. When we reach
old age we become small, eat gooey mashed up food, sleep alot, whine alot, and
17 Love-Life and Relationships
are made to wear diapers. Don’t forget that when you are a baby and real old you
become very vulnerable to sickness, you don’t have teeth and talk funny too. That
is because the lifetime cycle nears its original starting point which was when we
were born and the stage the lifetime cycle is at determines our personality.

When we are in the mother’s womb we can not wait to come out and see the
world. There is no proof of this cause no one has tried to interview a fetus about
this but we can only guess for now. When we get old we can not wait to die, well
depends on how your life is. When we reach our middle ages around our 40’s we
have a mid-life crisis, looking back at our younger days and trying not to look at
our days to come or our death.

Stating the obvious, every human is born with a brain. For some it doesn’t
function as well sort of like left-handed people’s brain, but they still have one no
matter what. The brain is the most important body part a life-form can have. Every
part of our body is connected to nerves that travel through the spinal cord and then
to the brain. Without our brain we wouldn’t function, we wouldn’t be able to move
or even have our five senses (sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing). Without either
of those all humanity would die because sex would become meaningless or can not
even have it.

The mind is located in your brain, conscious and subconscious; it is where we

store data like our thoughts, memories, and past experiences. The conscious mind
is the one linked to reality as for the subconscious it is our virtual reality or dreams.
18 Love-Life and Relationships
The brain is actually the very first thing a fetus develops. Round end of a sperm
cell is the head or brain where all the DNA of the father’s bloodline is located, it is
what lets them know where to swim to in order to reach the egg and fertilize it so
they can be born.

Left-handed people can not draw good circles so they use the geometric circle
making thingamabob. That is what they like to call it. Us smart right-handed
people actually call it by its name which I forgot what that is [Freemason logo].
Moving on, most of the time when you use it the center point leaves a little mark in
the middle of the circle. Our lifetime cycle revolves around that little dot which is
our mind or the brain. When the circle starts closing it means the brain and body is
not functioning as well. For those who believe in the undead or zombies the reason
they still going is because of the brain that is why you must blow their heads off.


Enough about the circles you probably want to get ahead with the equations and
how this all relates. Lets start putting the circles into the equations starting with
Complete Relationships. This is what the equation would look like in circles.

[+ ( or ) for every
+ child] *Complete
For the Complete Relationship the middle circle or brain has a big significance.
People in Complete Relationships are the ones who feel they need their life to
move on, settle down, and have kids because they “FEEL” like their lives are
complete and are the people that they would like to be or better with a family. Most
of them only feel that their lives are complete not really 100 percent sure about it
all thinking that it is all they have left to do in this world. To think is to have a

19 Love-Life and Relationships

thought and a thought comes from the mind which is the center of the life-forms
representation. It all means that its all in their mind and it causes a problem.

When the opportunity presents itself to have something we really want, we

jump to it without hesitating. At the moment our brain gives us the idea that things
couldn’t be any better and that the opportunity will not come back around again.
One example, you really want an iPhone and will do anything for one but it is real
expensive so that is why you don’t go get it. The next day a crackhead comes to
you and tells you he has an iPhone and he is willing to give it to you for 75 percent
off the retail price and it’s new with all the needed accessories. Of course you will
end up buying it because you really wanted it. The next day the owner of the phone
has it tracked through the GPS he installed on it and the cops show up to your
house, goodbye iPhone.

Another example relates more to females which is something I learned the hard
way that they do. Shopping with a girl sucks! Again same concept as the iPhone,
they really want something they seen on display but it is too expensive. They will
go time and time again to the same place to check if they lower the price. Once it
goes on sale they buy it right away, go home put it on and they either don’t end up
liking how it looks on them or they never end up wearing it.

Jumping to decisions is something we all do a lot and it relates a lot to love and
relationships. We might not know it but that is what’s happening, a lot of the time it
is happening subconsciously and that is why we don’t notice it, but that constant
thought of something we like will make us want it more without really knowing
what the catch is or if there even is one. The people who do this alot end up falling
in love with the idea of something or someone, not really in love with that person.

We meet someone new and they seem nice. We have been feeling a little lonely
for a while and want something or someone to fill that void. That person seems
nice so we think about that person and picture ourselves alongside them. Almost
always those thoughts are good because we want to picture happy things no matter
what. Not too long afterwards they end up asking you out and since you have been
feeling lonely and thinking alot about this person we jump to it like a bunny or
grasshopper. Doesn’t matter what kind of hopping animal just as long as it hops,

20 Love-Life and Relationships

you make your choice. That illusion of love is not real love because it makes that
love blind scared to open the curtains and look at what’s behind it.

Love is something that shouldn’t really be thought about cause it is something

that is felt within our hearts, but I have devised a way to measure that love. No
love will remain the same; it either strengthens the bond or weakens it. A True
Love never fully dies even after the relationship end that is why our first love
always has a place in our hearts no matter how the relationship ended, unless it was
a drastic measure that had to be taken to end the relationship. Good or bad it
always remains in our hearts. They usually are the ones that take your innocence
and people don’t forget their first time, it is why females make a big deal about
their first time being special. If you’re going to take a girl’s virginity, take the time
to make that moment special for them it’s the least you can do.

So how is the Fulfilling Relationship any different from the Complete

Relationship? The equation in circles shows the difference even more between

[+ ( or ) for every child

as a result of the
U x +
O relationship] *Fulfilling
The difference is clear as both circles being directly connected, over lapping
each other much like a Venn diagram. The area in the middle which both share is x
or the fulfillment rate. This is True Love that can be felt and not thought about but
can be measured with x or the fulfillment rate. The connection says and shows it
all, True Love.

21 Love-Life and Relationships


The heart it makes looks sort of like two 9s facing each other. We all know 69
represent both individuals participating in the act of oral sex. The difference is that
instead of oral sex they seem to be kissing or holding each other while having the
foreheads touching but they are two lovers in a Fulfilling Relationship. Also
slightly resembles a pair of sperm cells that we all come from but that doesn’t
sound as sweet or romantic. Unless you are some scientists and find that kind of
talk romantic then it is, but we all know scientists don’t get laid or that a scientist
will read this. It is not as simple as just those two lovers in a Fulfilling
Relationship; we now have to understand what the fulfillment is.

Factors of Love
What makes two birds fall in love? Why do birds fall in love with another?
The reason is because the other bird satisfied and fulfilled it, fulfilling someone
makes them fall in love with you. So what makes up this fulfillment? It is
22 Love-Life and Relationships
comprised of many factors that make the relationships what it is, without them the
relationship will fail. It is a total of eight factors with one being exceptionable.

Our lives are like the video game by EA™ (Electronic Arts) The Sims. The
game was actually created by a psychologist and the purpose of the game is to
make characters and control their lives from what they eat, to friends, even work,
exactly like real life except that you are the overseer controlling the characters by
keyboard and mouse and in real life you have absolute control over yourself. For a
character to function well it must be kept happy. In order to do that, they must be
fulfilled or satisfied in eight different ways. These include energy (we must sleep
and rest our bodies and mind, when we don’t we are walking zombies, our
conscious loses reality and you end up working with your subconscious mind),
entertainment (we all need to have some fun that is a part of life, finding something
that makes you happy and living it to the fullest), hunger (we all need to eat food to
stay healthy and gain energy for our body and mind, if we don’t we become
malnutritioned and skinny resulting in death), room (it is the environment around
you, if you don’t like your surroundings you don’t really have a good day), comfort
(we all need to be comfortable specially after working our bodies so much even
though Americans barely work their bodies), bladder (we need to release our
waste and urinate or else we become uncomfortable and either end up pissing our
pants or shitting out pants neither good for happiness), hygiene (we need to feel
clean and smell good or else people wont put up with us and our smell), and social
(we need to talk to people and converse with them or else we feel lonely and

If those factors aren’t balanced you will not be happy meaning you won’t
function well. The same applies to love, if you aren’t satisfied or fulfilled by your
partner you will not be happy in your relationship. So what are these eight factors?

• Communication

• 3 P’s (Passion, Pleasure, and Pain)

• Faith and Trust

23 Love-Life and Relationships
• Diversity and Color

• Entertainment

• Finances

• Person/Anima

• Parental Ability [Exceptionable]

Communication is one of the most important factors of love it is talking and

listening. The way you meet is by communicating, it is how we get to know people
and how make our decisions of being with someone. We get to know people’s
interests and dislikes by communicating. It is MANDATORY to listen to each
other to have successful relationship. This includes conversations, small talk,
debates not arguments because arguments hurt relationships, greetings,
compliments, and jokes.

Females love to gossip but it is still communication so it means you must listen,
but ladies try not to gossip too much with your partner it gets tiring. Gossip
includes things that happened at work, at school, with friends, and even family. It
is usually conversations that include small but important details surrounded in a lot
of meaningless talk that is why you must listen to that gossip. You need to catch
those small important details or else you will end up arguing about it later on
because you didn’t pay attention making the other feel like you never listen to

A couple can remain in a relationship for over ten years but it does not mean
they completely know each other. Small talk and debates teaches you those things
about your partner that you probably never would have know or even expected.
Females like to throw hints at things they want usually for their coming birthday,
anniversary, holidays like Valentines Day, and so on. They mainly start with “I saw
the cutest thing today” or end with “but it was too expensive so I didn’t get it.” At
times they do it involuntarily, it is not always a hint to get it for them because you
may end up feeling like they just want you to keep buying things for them. You
might find a partner that has everything they ever wanted in the world because they
24 Love-Life and Relationships
have money and buy what they want. For people like this you must be creative
because material possessions will not cut it, even if you have to go old school. Put
a picture on a paper plate with a hole in the middle and macaroni glued to it. Don’t
forget to add some color to it and maybe a little picture in crayons with a house, a
tree, both of you, and a happy sun with sunglasses. Trust me if they really love you
they will like it.

It is possible to end up feeling like you are running out of things to talk about
especially after with being with your partner for so long. If you’re a teenager you
will talk and talk so much that you seriously will not have ANYTHING to talk
about after 3 months sometimes even less than that. When this happens you can try
to get your partner to learn something you like to do, if they love you they will do
it and be willing to learn, you can make anything fun with just a simple idea but
you must first communicate the idea so it can happen. Also be willing to learn
something new from your partner even if it seems too girly or manly.

Everyone loves to be complimented, even when someone says they don’t like to
be complimented still do it but don’t become excessive with it. A simple I love you
is considered a compliment because it means your partner is doing something right
and they like that. We all like to feel needed and useful but not being used. Another
thing is greetings like good morning, good night, sweet dreams, and so on
reassures them that you’re there even if you aren’t. It is important to at least take
the time to greet your partner when they are away, if it is at their own home,
business trip, or out of town visiting family.

The other most important thing of communicating is emotional support. We all

get those days where we feel nothing is right and everything is wrong. All people
really need when things are feeling like that is someone by their side to comfort
them and listen to their problems and concerns. When someone is expressing their
feelings to you listen to them, do not be an asshole. Giving advice lets people know
that you care and are willing to take time to be there for them. That is part of
loving someone and fulfilling them until they are satisfied. They will do the same
for you whenever you are like that because you were there for them. Other reasons
people need support is when a loved one dies and those times are very important
for you to be there and comfort them. If not someone else will and you miss out.
25 Love-Life and Relationships
The 3 P’s (Passion, Pleasure, Pain) are the best ways to have fun and keep a
relationship alive. You must be passionate with your partner; it includes hugs,
kisses, and cuddling. Cuddling gets tiring after a while but if a girl wants it let her
have it, the relationship is not all about you, and she has got to get hers too. The
touch of another lets us know that we are alive and that the ones we love are still
there, that is why a girl likes to cuddle, they like to feel something there next to
them. As child’s they use teddy bears and as adults they use their lover. Hold the
ones you love close because you do not want to end up losing them, and when they
are gone you will regret not holding them enough.

Constantly making out is something you do when you’re young and your
testosterone hormones and are always raging. You do it when you are young
because you want something, meaning sex and making out is just a step to get
there before actually going all the way. A kiss on the forehead or cheek is good
enough, even a simple smooch, lip and lip not full blown tongue action that’s
making out.

Pleasure involves sexual intercourse and when it comes to sex it is not only
about you. The best pleasure is when everyone involved climaxes or has an
orgasm. Getting the girl to climax before you makes her want to have sex more
often, when it is only about you the sex really becomes meaningless to her. When it
comes to oral return the favor, being selfish is not good and promising to return the
favor and not doing it afterwards is even worse. Remember it is called foreplay not
after play, don’t forget it.

Ladies if you plan on keeping your man be willing to try new things that you
may find unsuitable for you. If it is something he really wants give it a shot you
might end up actually liking it. Deciding not to can eventually keep the thought of
trying it in the guys head and when it becomes a strong thought he might end up
looking for someone who actually will do it. You will be timid but he isn’t going to
kill you. Getting kinky is always fun and entertainment, also unforgettable. Role-
play really gets both of you involved in it; improv is something good to know
when role-playing. If you would like to get even kinkier why not give kamasutra a

26 Love-Life and Relationships

Battle scars are always fun things to brag about especially to each other when it
was both of you giving each other the battle scars. Rough play is how you get
them. Wrestle a little, some biting, some pushing and shoving, and even knocking
down furniture. Tending to each others wound afterwards is even better because it
shows passion for each other and strengthens the relationships. After rough play is
the best time to think about giving each other massages, back rubs, and foot rubs.
When I say battle scars don’t take it too literally, I mean bumps, bruises, and
scratches not actually going as far as needing to go get stitches in the hospital.
Getting rough around furniture can be a little dangerous at times and is what can
result in a hospital visit usually because of delicate furniture like glass, we all
know that glass cuts so be careful.

Do not get too rough, women are delicate beings that must be handled with
care, women are not called roses for nothing. Girls want their chance to dominate
you once in a while, let them have, allow them to win and take you down. It is all
for fun so don’t get too competitive about it specially when playing sports. That
goes for guys and girls, if she doesn’t know how to play whatever it is you are
trying to play then teach her but don’t get mad if she doesn’t get it right away.

Something that is very important to a relationship is to not rush. Don’t rush and
don’t over do it either. Build some momentum in the relationship and wait before
moving on to having sex. I like waiting because the longer you wait she becomes
like a balloon being filled with water without tying the knot, waiting and waiting
and once it becomes a somehow full let go and it will blow. Water flying all over
the place and even once it is done there is still water running slowly until it fully
deflates. It is exciting and she will love it so much she will want to have sex more
often than she regularly would, what some people call more bang for the buck.

The reason you do no want to over do it either is because things can get old.
The more and more sex the couple has the less affectionate it becomes after a while
especially if it was rushed. It makes the relationship seem like it is only about the
sex. Last thing you want is getting bored with the relationship specially with your
sex lives because you are losing passion and pleasure. Also if you are having sex,
don’t be silly, wrap that willy so you can keep your seed out her soil. A child can
get in the way of recently established relationship and the last thing you want is
27 Love-Life and Relationships
your child being considered a mistake. If that seems cruel calling it a mistake then
use the term surprise. Either way the child is something that wasn’t planned. The
kid will put a halt to your sex and love-life along with a big hole in your pocket,
children are not cheap. If you decide to not use a condom try avoiding coitus and
practice the risky coitus interruptus. In other words pull out before you ejaculate.

You have more than enough time in the world. Don’t rush and don’t over do it,
but make things better by setting the mood. It does not take much out of you to try
and set the mood especially if it is the first time with each other or even with
anyone at all. I’m not talking aromatic candles, silk bed sheets, lotions, and rose
petals on the bed. However that is something every couple should try at least once
but don’t overuse it, do it on your anniversaries, Valentines Day or even your
honeymoon if that is something you might consider in the future. The quickest way
to set the mood is with music but not just any random kind of music either. Make
sure the songs are love songs preferably R&B. It always good to have a “get your
freak on” CD. They are compilations of many love songs either R&B or soul.

It’s important to make sure the music playing is appropriate. There is nothing
more awkward than having sex to a song talking about crack deals, drug dealing,
killing people, or a depressive state that is leading someone to suicide. Songs about
heartbreak don’t matter as much because they usually still set the mood. The best
part about having music playing in the background is because the pace you take
seems to be coordinated with the rhythm of the song or beat, sort of like dancing
naked in the club. Also try to not end up having sex to a song that was considered
“our” song in a past relationship, it may bring back old memories that are not
necessarily good for the relationship you are in now.

Faith and Trust is something that is required in a relationship. You must

support, motivate, and believe in each other. This is also all about commitment,
commitment, and even more commitment. Being unfaithful is the best way to ruin
your relationship so if you really are trying to maintain that love you have stay
faithful. Nobody likes to get cheated on so just don’t do it. Trust in you partner and
trust in yourself to remain faithful, not having trust in yourself will end up making
you become unfaithful. Jealousy can make people think you don’t trust them
enough being very jealous is not good for the relationship.
28 Love-Life and Relationships
Of course it is hard to remain faithful at times especially when our temptations
for someone else are strong. Sometimes it feels like your penis has a mind of its
own, help it ease itself by blowing those temptations away. Keep the temptations in
fantasy land not reality. Let someone knuckle children go and ladies you can do the
same by getting a little trigger happy. By that I mean masturbate it is something
very normal. Masturbating keeps you faithful to your partner by really blowing
those temptations away, plus your hand has always been there for you since the
beginning so let it know that you haven’t forgotten about it. Don’t get mad at your
partner if they are visiting the Fantasy World and don’t ask if they think about you
while in that world because chances are they aren’t. It is not considered cheating or
wrong to think about another man/woman while you’re visiting Fantasy World
because it is not real. Most of the time the person in that world is a made up person
borrowing parts from all different kinds of people you like to create a super sexy

When your partner is passionate about something support them through it but
be honest with them too. If its ideas about life or even their careers you must
support them. If they do become successful you will be rewarded for supporting
then and keeping their heads up when all they wanted to do was give up. This also
includes emotional support and alot of it too, but remember communication is
required for this. All factors work with each other in many ways so try your best to
give them all you’ve got.

Diversity and Color is related to your way of life and schedules or how you
manage your time for yourselves and each other. Relationships require a change of
pace from time to time. Complete Relationships usually always have the same pace
everyday because of schedules and the way time has to be managed. It is what ends
up making feel trapped in their homes. Your job can get in the way of your love-
life as well because it revolves around your schedule sometimes not really having
time for your partner.

When people usually think of color they think of the pick-up line “you look like
you need a little color in your life.” Usually color is referring to skin color but
slightly similar to what the pick-up line is trying to say. Not having diversity and
color in a relationship is what makes it boring losing entertainment and even the 3
29 Love-Life and Relationships
P’s. Sticking to the same routines is what results in the loss of diversity and color.
This is part of the reason why rushing sex and over doing it makes it boring
because after a while it becomes the same exact thing. Diversity goes hand in hand
with Entertainment. A small thing that makes a difference, for some people it really
isn’t, that is clothing. It’s not cool to always have the same clothes on all the time
specially when spending time with your partner females pay close attention and
can be a big deal for them that is why they make a big deal about it for themselves.
This does not mean you need to go out and buy 365 outfits for everyday of the year

Entertainment is everything you do on your spare time that makes you happy,
have fun and really enjoy. There is probably not one person in the world that
doesn’t have something they find entertaining, evil people enjoy doing bad things
to other specially when they get something in return for their evil deeds, good
people find it entertaining to help others in their spare time even if it requires that
they give what they have and get nothing in return. For the relationship to work out
the couple needs to entertain each other, the 3 P’s as well as Diversity and Color
are part of entertainment. We all know what fun is for ourselves but not the same
for everyone. It includes things like parties, celebrations, sports, movies, and so on.
The way to find what entertains yourselves you are required to communicate about
it and if you are mute write to them or if they know sign language then do that
because no matter what it is still communication.

Finances, without them it is hard to maintain a relationship. “Insufficient

funds” is a scary term as well as “BAD CREDIT” because everything these days
seems to revolve around your credit score. If you plan on getting married make
sure to find out if your partner has good or bad credit do yourself that one favor.
Actually strike that before getting married or even thinking about you are
REQUIRED to check your partner’s credit last thing you need is to spend half your
salary just trying to help them fix their bad credit.

Save your money and invest it well, if you aren’t good at that look for some
classes on managing money or get a book about it. The best way to save money is
by not spending it at all. Many people are addicted to spending their money and
just like any other addiction the best ways to get rid of it is cold turkey, sweat it out
30 Love-Life and Relationships
and stop yourself from making withdrawals from the bank or your shoebox. Spend
it on thing you really do need and don’t be too cheap either. Everything doesn’t
have to be top of the line or even the cheapest of the cheapest.

Do not brag about your finances it is stupid to do so. We all like to feel like big
shit at times but it is better to feel like big shit than thinking you are big shit by
constantly bragging about it. By big shit I mean thinking you are more important
than anyone else or even better than them just because you’ve got money. The only
times you should really discuss your finances is when you are dating after a while
or planning to live together so you can share expenses. Bragging about money
makes you a target for gold-digger or the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Once that
happens the relationship is based on money and that is just as bad as basing a
relationship on sex.

Persona/Anima is who we are, our personality, character, behavior, attributes,

looks, and so on. Who we are is what makes people fall in love with us and what
determines the probability of success through all the other factors of love.
Someone’s persona/anima is what lets us make the decision if we want to be with
them or not. That makes this the most important factor in a relationship. Our
persona can be broken down into two groups that then can be broken down into
many more factors, they are activeness and beauty.

Anima is what psychologists consider to be the inner feminine part of a male’s

personality. In order for a man to love a woman he must know a women’s true
worth. They must know how to take care of a woman and what really makes a
woman what she is. Anima is important to have because it lets men relate to
woman that is in no way similar to how we relate with other males which is
masculinity. It is the caring side of a man that can make him cry because of
something sentimental over physical pain.

Everyone has their pros and cons, no one is perfect and even though we might
love someone there is always something small or big that we dislike about them.
They either have qualities that are lacking, not there, or over-excessive. However
that doesn’t mean we hate them for it or are not able to love them. Price Charming
is considered to be the perfect man that has the right balance of all attributes of

31 Love-Life and Relationships

persona and anima, but he is an endangered species in today’s society and only
those truly worthy will find him. There is another man though, he is not perfect but
he is able to love you and fulfill you and that is Sir Satisfactory. To really know
who he is and what he is like you must first kiss a few toads before actually
knowing what he is all about.

As far as chicks go they will not all look like Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, or
Angelina Jolie, and for me Hayden Pannettiere. A girl with a pretty face and nice
body doesn’t always make them beautiful. Persona is the context of someone’s
character and the only way to judge someone is by knowing their persona not what
they look like or what people consider a book’s cover.

The first group in someone’s persona is beauty. Someone who has beauty or is
beautiful is someone who is pleasing to the mind, spirit, and senses. Mental beauty
is when someone is worth thinking about, they help you mentally through your
struggles so you can become a better person or even makes you smarter. People
with intelligence are pleasing to the mind, well unless if you’re stupid. Someone
can be dumb and still be pleasing to the mind for some people. They say it is
because they are hilarious and fun to be around. People who do not find it pleasing
is because they consider it to be annoying after a while if not always and a turn off.
A smart person is pleasing to the mind because they usually are successful people,
but there is a bad kind of smart and that is the people who get into your head for
their own personal gains, a wolf in sheep’s clothing or gold-digger.

Another thing that is part of beauty is someone who is spiritually pleasing.

Spiritually is referring to the sentient part of a person, feelings, and emotions. Not
spirit referring to ghosts or mysterious beings. Someone who is spiritually pleasing
is someone who is supportive of you especially during those hard times. They care
for you and show affection anytime you really need it and that makes them
beautiful, they are the sweet people. People who usually help someone like this are
a psychiatrist, that’s why people fall in love with them just like Tony Soprano. The
person trait that falls under this is kindness or behavior and that is something that
always varies in people. Knowing someone’s true kindness or behavior can be a bit
difficult to determine because not every treats people the same whether it be

32 Love-Life and Relationships

friends, family, lovers, strangers, and even neighbors. Sometimes the people get a
little specific when it comes to race and gender which is then racism and sexism.

Someone who is too kind can lack in other things such as the activeness group
of persona. Trust however is very easy to get and give among these people.
Another drawback of someone who is too kind is that people take advantage of
them or are pushovers and doormats. Someone who is not kind enough is what
they call a bitch or an asshole. We all know who or what these people are like, need
I say more? There actually are people who look for bitches and assholes because
they love the drama and arguing, to them make-up sex is the only sex they know
and like. A lot of the time they are people who like to get hit and suffer abuse
because they are what are considered to be masochists.

The last trait of beauty is someone who is pleasing to the 5 senses which are
sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. Looks aren’t always important but if you
love someone you don’t think looks good or is pleasing to the eyes it will be hard
to maintain that relationship. A lot of people are liked that and they do marry each
other but they fight alot after marriage usually because one of them got fat or is not
as attractive as before. Someone who is eye candy and lives up to that name is
gold, look good and really are sweet, kind, and caring people. The next two which
are smell and taste refer more to cleanliness and someone who is clean is actually
very pleasing.

Cleanliness is how neat and organized people are and play a part too on how
active someone is. Someone who is not neat or even organized is not very active,
they are lazy. There are people who find neat freaks and highly organized people
quite annoying because they are used to having things unorganized because it is for
some reason easier to find things like that for them. Others love it because they
enjoy being picked up after. It is on rare occasions that you will find someone who
loves picking up after you but they end up treating you more like a child. Being
neat, clean, and organized makes you smell better and taste better too something
that is important when it comes to the 3P’s.

Touch is another sense that relates to the 3P’s. Someone’s needs to have a
pleasing touch, not rough cracked hands or even sand paper feet that scrape you

33 Love-Life and Relationships

when you sleep. Hearing refers to someone’s voice and even their snoring. It is
hard to sleep near someone that snores and that is not very pleasing, if they don’t it
is pleasing because you can get good nights sleep. There really are people with
annoying voices in this world. Someone with a sweet voice is pleasing but it all
depends on what we like when it comes to the way people talk too and their voices.
A friend of mines actually is a very beautiful girl and nice too but she is not
pleasing to hear, she talks ghetto but a mixture of Atlanta ghetto to New York
ghetto to even Los Angeles and Chicago ghetto. That is not very pleasing.

The second group for persona is activeness which includes how outgoing
someone is and if they are sociable as well. A more active person is healthier than
someone not as active or lazy. An active person likes to have more sex and at a
faster pace too. More than likely someone with a nice physique is an active person
and an obese person would not be one. Active people are fun people because they
like to go out and socialize. The more outgoing someone is the more fun places
they know like good clubs, bars, and so on. Someone who is too outgoing might
not be such a good thing and trust for them is not too high. They are more
promiscuous people because they’ve practically been everywhere. That lifestyle is
hard to get rid of so they like to go out all the time because being home seems way
too dull to them. Very outgoing people belong with very outgoing people. A less
active person is someone who makes a good housewife or househusband; because
they are not outgoing they really do not want to go anywhere but home. They are
kind and caring people but can also be a bit boring at times.

Socializing is the best way to get to know people and make friends. Social
people have good communication skills and the more social they are the more
friends they have, but their kindness and behavior determines the amount they
have. Is it possible to have too many friends? In my opinion it is possible, there are
people who are constantly surrounded by friends and eventually too much time is
spent with friends than with each other in the relationship. That is more a lifestyle
for the rich and famous. People who really don’t socialize too much have less
friends and live a more secluded lifestyle, they’re not as active or outgoing.

Parental Ability[Exceptionable] is a factor that is exceptionable meaning you

really don’t have to worry about it too much even though Persona/Anima can
34 Love-Life and Relationships
determine this in some ways. For instance are they patient or impatient, are they
determined or give up easily, or are they hard working or lazy? I actually find this
factor to be very important when deciding who to have a relationship with. You
never really know when the unexpected could happen or accidental coitus resulting
in a baby. The last thing you want is a complete fuck up when it comes to kids
even worse when you know you won’t make a good parent. Just in case it ever
does happen it is good to have someone that has the ability to some day be a parent
because you don’t want to be with someone that is a bad mother or father.
Someone with high parenting skills is good because they are people who take good
care of you. The way I see it is, the way you treat your parents is how your kids
will end treating you. Being disrespectful to their parents is not good, unless if the
way they treatment their parents is justified. For example if they were abused and
mistreated as a child, their parents were addicts and drunks, or even if their parents
abandoned them. Other than parents are siblings, thing like if they took care of
their siblings or if they even is getting along.

How to test Parental Ability. One of the best ways to test parental ability is
with an actual child. Only do this if you and your partner agreed on it and are
planning or contemplating having a child. Be careful with it though, if your partner
doesn’t agree it may lead them to think that things are moving too fast. It is always
good to communicate about something like this. When your partner doesn’t agree
to this don’t push him or her to do it let them agree when they feel ready. If you’re
being too pushy about it, it is possible that you may be obsessing about having a
child when you might not even be prepared to be a parent either.

We are not born to be parents; we just have the ability to become parents one
day. Parenting is something we learn to do and some people really just aren’t
meant to have kids or should even think about having kids. Others seem to just
have matured early and would make great parents. They are usually girls and are
people who have been forced or even volunteered to take care of their siblings and
even other relatives while they had to be away. Some kids when they are young,
step up to the plate and become responsible people when their parents are not
either because they are addicts, alcoholics, criminals, or abusive people. Those
people tend to have an emotionally scarred past and live rough lives, many of them

35 Love-Life and Relationships

being scared to one day be parents fearing that they might become like their own

People who decide to not have children are usually self centered people with the
“me first” mentality. Some of their main reasons are that they don’t want to ruin
their careers. That is actually in my mind a valid reason because it is hard to give
up something you worked so hard for and have gone so far with it. Another reason
is that they don’t want to ruin their so called “perfect” bodies fearing stretch marks
and sagging. Others just want to keep an entertaining lifestyle of partying,
clubbing, drinking, and so on. Those who decide to live an entertaining lifestyle
learn the consequences of their actions later on in life when they really grow up
and contemplate a family or loving relationship. Their lifestyle has made them a
new person changing their persona, attitude, and behavior mainly because they got
used to the attention they received from the opposite sex while “living it up.” They
create the idea in their minds that because of that they can have anyone they want
leading them to be egocentric.

Many have told me that pets can reflect a person’s true ability. Pets have to be
taught to be obedient, be good dogs, and become potty trained and even eating
habits. The same goes for children except that raising a puppy or kitty is a much
faster process and it is not a human. With children it is a more complicated process
because they are human beings. Everyday is a new day for a child, new experience,
and new lesson to be learned, sort of like raising a different puppy every single
day. We are not born to be parents but we can learn and one of the best ways to
learn is by observation. Start by observing the world your kids will be living in and
how the future seems to be going, then observe other parents and the consequence
of their actions what kids do afterwards as well. Would be a good thing to start
with a puppy but a real baby or child is the best way to learn since it is a hands on
experience. Doing so will allow you to test your partners and yourselves parental
ability, so just simply baby-sit.

36 Love-Life and Relationships

No one person is perfect and in order to find a lover that suits you they are
required to have a balance of the all the factors of love. So how do you if they are
worthy enough to become committed? It really isn’t that simple people think it is
when you fall in love with them but that is not correct. Both parties involved might
not feel the same 100 percent about it, they could love you but not be in love you.
No one falls in love right away except for the whole “love at first sight” thing but
that is something to be questioned as an illusion of the mind. It shouldn’t be
doubted because it is certainly possible I just don’t know anyone who has said they
fell in love at first sight and truly meant it.

The way I see it is that you are either friends, dating, in a relationship, or
married. They are all considered partnerships. A partnership is the joining or
pairing of certain individuals. Once paired, they can be compared to determine
their partnership. For instance individuals who work together have a partnership of
being coworkers, in school together are classmates, related by blood are relatives
or family, never met each other are strangers, and so on. Not all partnerships can be
associated with love and the loves are not always the same like the love for your
wife is not the same as the love for your mother or relatives.

When it comes to love as “in love” with someone, the most important
partnerships or stages are friends, dating, relationship (serious/committed), and
marriage. Let me start off by saying that just because you are with someone does
not mean it is a relationship and thinking so can ultimately lead to separation from
the partnership. I consider a relationship to be a stage in the partnership that is
formed when both in the partnership decide to become serious or stay committed to
one another, it is the stage where a couple moves to once they find love.

At birth every being on earth even those around us are strangers because the
baby does not know them. After time the baby gets used to those around it and
eventually a partnerships is established making them family. The people we grow
up with are family even if they are not blood related, we can be related to someone
37 Love-Life and Relationships
by blood but that does not make them family specially if we don’t know them and
didn’t grow up with them. Once we get to know them more we can consider the
partnership to be family instead of relative. Establishing a partnership is not always
the same. One reason is that first impressions are always the strongest impressions.

It is not right to judge a book by its cover but the strong impressions someone
makes is what makes us judge someone or jump to conclusions about them.
Through time if we give people the chance we can be able to change those
conclusions about them on each occurrence by getting to know them better. That is
the main reason why people get to know each other before establishing a
relationship with them and moving on to another stage in the partnership with them
or at least people should. Someone’s actions make even stronger impressions
leading to quicker and better conclusions, or referring to actual books when one is
promoted well people judge it differently because actions are the same as
promotion. Good actions make us like people better, bad actions make us dislike
people. When actions are constantly good we end up loving that person, when they
are constantly bad we end up hating that person which is the opposite of love.
Being enemies with someone is also considered a partnership.

There is no right way or perfect way of making partnerships with the goal of
falling in love. For example some people prefer creating the friend partnership first
to get to know someone well before trying or deciding to move on to another stage
in the partnership. Some do this so that once they feel the friendship has grown and
know the person enough or feel like they do they can skip dating and move on to
having a relationship which is serious and committed. Others still prefer dating
after friends and before a relationship, they usually do it because they are people
who don’t like to rush into commitment. They both have their drawback that is
why there really isn’t a right way to go about it.

Going from friends to relationship pushes more towards Complete Relationship

which decreases the chances of True Love that will last. Going from friends to
dating doesn’t really change much in the partnership other than they can kiss and
have sex freely. It is good because it really is not trying rush love but can also over
extend the wait and the partnership with love or relationship doesn’t change much
either. This is more a 50/50 balance between Complete and Fulfilling
38 Love-Life and Relationships
Relationships, partially felt and partially mental because you have been with them
for long enough and it is usually love by then. I have never met anyone or know of
anyone that has gone from friends straight to marriage, skipping dating and having
a relationship but it is not something impossible.

The other ways of establishing partnerships start with the non friend
partnerships which are people who do not really know each other. These would be
partnerships like coworkers, classmates, and even strangers. The more common
way people establish a partnership is going directly to dating, but not necessariy
being established with the goal of love but more to fulfill each others needs. It has
its good qualities because it allows people to get to know each other before
deciding if that person is suited for them to be in a serious relationship. Another
thing is that they can kiss and be intimate with each other without feeling guilty
even if they decided they were not suited for each other. At least the needs as far as
the 3P’s go were fulfilled. This way of establishing a partnership doesn’t really fall
under Complete or Fulfilling because neither of the individuals really had those
feelings for each other. Only after time if they decide to move on to a relationship
is when those feelings are felt or made.

The last two ways of establishing a partnership with the goal of love or without
it are very risky yet some people go for it. They are from non friend partnerships to
a relationship and non friend partnership to marriage. When it comes to these two
they are mainly established through the internet. Those who go from strangers to
establishing a relationship are people who meet online and talk for a while getting
to know each other as friends but it can not really be considered friendship because
they are no matter what strangers. This falls more towards Complete Relationship,
it is risky but can be successful depending on the honesty shared throughout their
conversations. Going from stranger to marriage is by far the riskiest and they are
the mail order brides. It is not Complete nor Fulfilling because it is not love.
Generally the one being “shipped” is only trying to get away and get a citizenship.
Other than mail order brides is marrying an illegal immigrant for money. That is
illegal just like the immigrant. At times they actually fall in love but it mainly is for
money or documentation.

39 Love-Life and Relationships

Putting the pieces together w/o
In order to know if your partner if fulfilling you it is required to know the
factors of love. So how do you equate the factors of love to find the fulfillment?
Not every relationship is the same which can affect the equation and that is mainly
due to children. You can jump into a relationship and not have kids but your
partner might and vice-versa, or you could both have kids from a previous
relationship. When this occurs in a relationship Parental Ability is no longer
exceptionable and emphasis on it has to be put on it if the couple lives together.
There is nothing uglier than someone who mistreats kids specially when they are
not their own or a bad parent.

When children are involved the partnership becomes the family partnership. No
longer does it become about the couple alone, but the couple with children to raise.
For the couple’s relationship to function properly or succeed, the love and
fulfillment has to be shared evenly throughout the family from each partner to the
kids and from the partners to each other. A child is just a developing adult, for them
to properly grow physically and mentally they must be fulfilled, the only ones that
can provide that fulfillment is the family specially the parents. The love and
fulfillment expressed towards them is what creates their persona or the people they
will become once they are adults. Parents are the primary educators in a childs life,
teachers are secondary educators to help children function properly in the social
economic spectrum.

The Fulfilling Equation: Ux+O (+1 for every child afterwards)

In algebra the figures can be any number depending on the data acquired. The
U is you and that includes you and the number of kids you have, for example you
have 2 kids then that is you plus the 2 kids meaning U equals 3. The O refers to
your partner and the number of kids they have, for example they have 1 kids then it
40 Love-Life and Relationships
is them plus 1 kid meaning O equals 2. If the couple has kids after the relationship
then it is +1, not directly added to any of the figures. The main reason why they are
separate if the kids don’t belong to you or your partner is because not every couple
allows their partner to fully raise their kids usually because they have different
belifes when it comes to raising kids. It all really depends on what the couple
decides about sharing responsibility over the children prior to the relationship.

How about children conceived during the relationship as a result of cheating?

Not every couple survives or maintains a relationship after one of them is
unfaithful especially after a child is born because of it. If the couple decides to stay
together in the relationship, the child is just added to the person who cheated or
made the child. If it was you then the child is added to U and if it was your partner
then it is added to O.

Cheating affects the future of the relationship and its chances of success as
Trust and Faith is lost and Persona towards eahc other changes. The thought of the
person you love cheating on you is something that’s hard to swallow, forget and
move on. If the decision is made to keep the relationship alive try your best to
forget and don’t become blind, always remain vigilant. Do not become over
aggressive and attack your partner about it constantly. In doing so you are
decreasing the chances of success and may eventually lead to the relationships
demise.This is a characteristic of a relationship becoming Complete because the
fulfillment is longer there or harder to achieve.

The best way to measure the fulfillment rate in a relationship that creates the
love is through a system of rating each factor of love. Each factor has its own
rating scale due to its importance in the relationship. The most important being
Persona/Anima because it is who someone is that makes a couple get together and
create a relationship that may or not eventually lead to love. Persona is what makes
us fall in love with them. This is the system of rating WITHOUT the Parental
Ability factor present or in other words being exceptional. Also neither couple
having kids before or after the relationship. Highest score all together that can be
achieved is 100 as in 100 percent, fulfilling enough.

• Persona/Anima = 25 points

41 Love-Life and Relationships

• Communication = 20 points

• 3P’s (Passion, Pleasure, Pain) = 15 points

• Faith and Trust = 10 points

• Diversity and Color = 10 points

• Entertainment = 10 points

• Finances = 10 points

Breaking it Down. It is not that simple rating each one of them just as is. Each
of them can be broken down even more. The ones with the highest amount of
achievable points are more important factors but not them most important. Every
one of the factors plays a part in the other factors in one way or another to reach

Persona/Anima: 25 Points Total

Beauty - 15 points

• Pleasing to the Spirit (Behavior, Attitude, Kindness)

• Pleasing to the Mind (Intelligence)

• Pleasing to the Senses (Cleanliness)

Activeness - 10 points

• Sociability

• Outgoing

Communication: 20 Points Total

Greetings (Hello, Good Morning, Goodnight, Take Care, etc.) - 3 points

Compliments (You’re Beautiful, You look nice, I love you, etc.) - 3 points

42 Love-Life and Relationships

Joke & Laugh (Make fun of others, Make fun of yourselves, etc.) - 3 points

Converse (About friends, Work, Life, Each Other, etc.) - 5 points

Ease Troubles and Emotions - 6 points

3P’s (Passion, Pleasure, Pain): 15 Points Total

Foreplay (Adds Passion & Pleasure) - 2 points

Rough Play (Pain, Wrestling, Tickling, etc.) - 2 points

Hugs and Kisses (Passionate) - 3 points

Climax (Adds Pleasure) - 3 points

Sexual Intercourse (Adds Passion, Pleasure, Pain) - 5 points

Faith and Trust: 10 Points Total

Support and Motivation - 2 points

Feelings of Trust (No Jealousy or Accusations) - 3 points

No Lying or Cheating (About companions, whereabouts, etc.) - 5 points

Diversity and Color: 10 Points Total

New Hangouts (Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Friends, etc.) - 4 points

Change of Pace (Schedule, Sexual Positions, Livelihoods, etc.) - 6 points

Entertainment: 10 Points Total

• Go Out Together (Eat, Drink, Hangout, dance, etc.)

• Time Alone with friends (Girls Night Out/Guys Night Out)

• Time Together at Home (Share Interests and Hobbies)

Finances: 10 Points Total

Credit - 2 points
43 Love-Life and Relationships
Cash to Spare - 2 points

Share Expenses - 3 points

Able to Pay Bills/Expenses - 3 points

Persona/Anima is rated on what you like or look for in a partner and rate your
partner on how they actually fulfill those standards you look for. Entertainment is
rated upon the how fun or entertaining your day was. Calculating the fulfillment
rate is simple enough, go step by step through each category and subcategory, then
rate each one and add them all up. The higher the result, the more fulfilled you
have become and the lower the result the less you have been fulfilled. Once that is
complete you are able to grade that fulfillment.

In order to properly rate, you must reflect on the whole day through if you are
calculating at night. If you are calculating during the daytime you must rate the
whole day before. The result you come up can not be higher than 100 because that
is the maximum score achievable and it is without the Parental Ability factor of
love. Also neither couple having a child before or after the relationship. Another
thing, you do not have to find the fulfillment rate every single day only if you wish
to. You may do it weekly if you like or better yet just rate the days you feel there
wasn’t fulfillment at all or very low fulfillment.

When it comes to love we can not let it become like Americas Educational
system where you can get through it on a D grade average. Mediocre does not cut
it when it comes to True Love. Setting standards so low is not going to get worthy
results, it only brings everything else in you love-live and relationship down. In
school you are graded on a percentage scale that 100 is the highest you can achieve
which would be considered advanced or simply Grade A. No one is perfect so do
not feel bad if you do not score 100 percent on the fulfillment rate. Everyday is a
new day and occurrences throughout the day can change someone’s attitude and
behavior. Today’s philosophers call it the law of attraction. For those who get 100
percent doesn’t mean they have the best love you can find, they are either over
rating, not being completely honest, or it is a recently established relationship.
However you don’t necessarily need to score 100 percent to have a Grade A
fulfillment in your relationship.
44 Love-Life and Relationships
Fulfillment Grade Scale

Grade A Fulfillment = 100-91

Grade B Fulfillment = 90-81

Grade C Fulfillment = 80-71

Grade D Fulfillment = 70-61

Not so fulfilling ≤ 60

This is only the fulfillment YOU feel your partner has given you. Just because
you may have scored high or low doesn’t mean your partner is feeling the same
fulfillment as you do. If you scored high and your partner low, it most likely is they
were focusing on fulfilling you. This may be a good thing for you and your partner
might love doing that for you but people who always focus all their energy on
someone else eventually needs to have someone fulfill them from time to time. If
you scored low and your partner high, it is vice-versa meaning you were putting
your energy towards fulfilling your partner. This is even better but be careful and
don’t overdo it, your partner might become used to it and adapt to always having
things like that or even might end up taking advantage of you. Also it really doesn’t
let your partner learn how to fulfill you, when the time comes that you need it they
might be clueless on what to do or how to fulfill you. The key to a true fulfilling
relationship is to find ways to fulfill each other to score high on the fulfillment,
even more than that try to keep that same level of fulfillment throughout the whole
relationship or score high many more times in a week than scoring low.

Adding Parental Ability is not required when neither one in the relationship
has children. When you are a kid your parents try to teach you to be the best at
anything you desire. They tell you to give it all that you’ve got to achieve
perfection or simply put, give it 110 percent. That is exactly how it is when adding
Parental Ability to the factors; you push for 110 percent not just 100 percent
without it.

Parental Ability: 10 Points Total

45 Love-Life and Relationships

• Behavior towards Parents/Siblings (Justified reason for behavior?) - 2

• Has Patience (Not bothered by simple things) - 2 points

• Determined (Strives to do work) - 3 points

• Caring and Affectionate (Specially towards kids) - 3 points

Neither couple having children and adding Parental Ability makes the
highest possible rating achievable 110. The grade scale doesn’t change except that
Grade A is from 110-91.

Parenting and Factors of Parenting

Parenting is the most important thing in a community or society. Today’s
society is crumbling apart and is partly to do with parents not knowing how to do
their jobs at home. Being a good parent just like being a good leader is not
completely about control, it is about love something you have been reading about
here. America’s schools are averaging a graduation rate of 50 percent and lower,
some cities nearing 30% meaning only 1 out of 3 students will finish high school,
which is sad.

Control over kids has always seemed to be the primary focus in our school
system and even parenting. The problem with this is that the focus needs to be on
teaching and not control; a person or child that has been taught well knows how to
practice self-control and is more likely to succeed because of it. Children really are
the future and judging from those statistics and the tactics we are using, the future
doesn’t look too bright.

Teenagers are bound to rebel, they won’t do what they have to eventually
making them bound to fail and result to other things like crime to survive through
anger and rage. Anger usually is rooted to a lack of love expressed towards
someone and malnutrition. Parents that are too strict setting more rules,

46 Love-Life and Relationships

regulations, and restrictions just gives kids more things to rebel against. Another
thing is that parents are trying to be more their kids friends than parents, this makes
you lose the dominant figure position and seem weak. Only the strong survive the
challenges of being a parent but being too strong can rob your kids of their life, in
some cases it can be taken literally. All this leads to fear on all sides of the social
spectrum, including teachers, real politicians (because the fake ones don’t give a
shit), community leaders, and even parents.

With teachers they will find that the tactic in a school of control over teaching
fails because it is all the teachers seem to be trained for and trying to exert control
over kids fails. Teachers become afraid of their students losing control over them
and becoming unable to teach a class, it takes one bad apple to spoil the others that
were already somehow rotten. This affects the whole community and country
because those who feel the adults in their lives gave up on them turn to gangs,
drugs, and so on. Taxpayers suffer even more because money is being spent on
schools that really aren’t teaching and eventually police and prisons to house those
who have been failed on.

It becomes a chain reaction just like the apples in a bunch that affects the
economy even more, less student graduating from schools means there arent going
to be many educated, qualified, and skilled employees or workers to hire. This then
gives big companies a reason to move overseas to take advantage of low wages
and large profits where there are skilled people willing to work for low wages and
in need of a job.

Poverty rate then goes up, debt increases and it only becomes worse in the
future. It is very scary to parents knowing that their kids are going to fail in life and
that they also have to suffer the consequences of it. What’s worse is that it is
getting worse and multiplying at an even faster rate like bunnies having an orgy in
a meadow. Children raised by bad parents are becoming parents at a young age,
teen pregnancy rate is at an all time high, bad parents make bad parents.

Today’s psychologists reasoning for this is something that truly angers me and
kills me inside every time I hear it, “Children are Cruel.” What is cruel is spreading
that ideology or mentality that only makes a parent believe that it is not their faults

47 Love-Life and Relationships

making them feel like quitting which just contributes even more to the problem. If
someone has never gone to school or been educated doesn’t justify calling them
dumb or stupid, same goes for kids and “cruelty.” I’m writing about love-life and
relationships and this is a result of it, it is just right that I talk politics, main reason
why Parental Ability is important.

For the love in our relationships to become what we would like it to be, we
must learn to grow with each other. There is no longer a “me” or “you” mentality,
it becomes US. The same thing applies to children, they need to learn and grow in
order to have a good life but the way to give them that is by the parents fulfilling
the child’s needs and loving them. A child needs are not toys, they are fun but the
toys will not give them love. Spoiling kids feeds a materialistic lifestyle in them,
first with toys, then clothes, then gadgets or electronics, and then cars and houses
and so on.

A materialistic mentality produces a thought that only material objects or goods

can make you happy, it also makes people focus on those objects more when they
get old instead of in school. Most parents buy all these material objects to keep a
child occupied while away from the parents. When they get older the needs grow
and buying them more stuff just distances parents or adults from kids, eventually
the child is lost in a lifestyle that makes you wonder “where did I go wrong? I gave
them all they could ever want!” Well how about your time, how about a kiss or a
hug? Think about it your love is more valuable than any material object.

When a child is involved in a relationship things change drastically, managing

time is one of the most difficult things. Time for each other is not always available
but fulfillment can still be reached. Each child adds love to the relationship that has
to be fulfilled but each partner divides that fulfillment evenly. When it comes to
kids the factors or characteristics of fulfillment are not the same specially when it
comes to the 3P’s because that doesn’t not relate to children, it is wrong and very
much illegal. Not only that, but the Persona is being sculpted together by both
parents actions towards the child. Except for looks which time and science takes its
toll there to determine what the child will look like depending on which genetic
traits are the strongest in its parent’s gene pool or bloodline.

48 Love-Life and Relationships

The most important thing in a child’s fulfillment is communication because
through it is how the child learns new things and becomes who he will be mentally
and emotionally. Characteristics in a child’s fulfillment or in other words
development, are few but very significant. It makes up half of the fulfillment in a
relationship where neither on involved has a child, which max rating score is 100
or 110 with Parental Ability added as a factor. So for one child in the relationship it
adds another 50 points that should and need to be achieved. However these points
come from rating your partner and how they are handling the child’s fulfillment or
development. There are a total of four different factors in a child’s development or
factors of parenting.

• Health and Nutrition

• Entertainment

• Communication

• Persona/Education

Health and Nutrition is what allows kids to grow physically. Kids are
developing their immune system when they are young and prone to sickness like a
cough, cold, fever, influenza, chicken pox, infections, rashes, and so on. Finances
fall under this category because without proper funding a child can not receive
these necessities to grow. Nothing is free these days specially when it comes to
medical treatment and it is not cheap either, so because of that parents need to have
health and dental insurance for the child. Other things that require finances fall
under here like a child’s necessities. For instance when they are a baby, it includes
diapers, formula, wipes, bottles, and clothes. When they are older it includes things
like school supplies, first aid like bandages for all those scraped knees they will
get, and clothing.

A child’s nutrition involves what they eat. If kids are not well fed or given
proper meals the animal in them awakens. Every person that had to grow up poor
knows what that is like; I know well because my family was poor and had a lot of
mouths to feed with me being the youngest male. When you are a kid and even at
times as an adult and do not nutrition yourself or eat food you become angry and
49 Love-Life and Relationships
frustrated, me I used to get so frustrated that I would constantly have thoughts to
tear everything in the house up, but having self-control I never did. That would be
a typical behavior for a kid if they are not given a proper nutrition.

Entertainment is a factor that applies to just about any life-form and that
includes children. Kids love to play, it keeps them happy especially when it
involves their parents at younger ages before they start attending school. Those are
the few years that require parents to actually play with their kids to teach them
proper behavior when playing with others, if they’re being too aggressive and so
on. Fathers shouldn’t be afraid to pick up a doll and play with their little girls, it is
ok it will not make you a homosexual.

Try to keep you kids playing with toys for their age range. Avoid having
television and movies as their main source of entertainment. Parents should try to
get involved in their playing video games with their kids; the Nintendo Wii™ is a
good start. If not involved in their gaming then at least be aware of what they are
playing, each game has a rating called ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating
Board) for different age groups. If something in a game seems inappropriate make
your kid sit down with you and talk about what they just played. There is a lesson
to be learned in just about everything. This all requires Communication.

Communication is important and mandatory just like when it comes to a

relationship. Talk and listen to your kids to know what is going on in their lives
and so they could be more open with you. Talk about friends and school, as well
ass what they are being taught in in school and their experiences. For your kids to
be open with you, the least you can do is be open with them. Tell them about
yourself at their age and similar experiences you had so they can learn from it by
comparing the situations. Teach them respect and discipline through lessons, if
you’re religious than church can teach them morals. Make them learn from their
mistakes as well, why they should and shouldn’t do certain things. Talk about their
feelings and emotions, answer any question or concern they might have, talk about
what they see on tv, movies, video games, and even the internet. Talk about their
likes and dislikes, interests and hobbies, sex, drugs, alcohol, gangs, etc.

50 Love-Life and Relationships

Persona/Education is what makes kids who they will be in the future and that
is sculpted by the child’s parents. Something my parents always told us when my
little sister was born, “watch what you do around her, babies and kids are like
sponges, they soak up and learn from everything they see around them.” It is very
true and it does not only relate to siblings but parents as well. Your action as a
parent is what determines your child’s behavior, attitude, and personality. Being
impatient with your kids makes them impatient as well. The lessons you teach your
child also determines their personality and the decisions they make in life. Their
behavior or kindness, intelligence (part school too), and cleanliness comes from
parents as well. Teach them manners and respect, teach them to pick up after
themselves and their messes, wash clothes, dishes, and so on. Activeness is another
thing that comes from the parents, make them play outside, run around, be active
and make friends. Good thing about that is that they waste all their energy playing
and won’t bother you as much. Make them sociable, teach them hard work and the
true value of things and how to earn it. There are things they can learn for
themselves but teaching them before hand helps them make better decisions in life.

I can’t teach you to be a perfect parent or even her to teach you how. Perfection
does not relate to life whatsoever, but you must strive to be the best parent you can
or at least be a good parent. I’m not a parent but I am a son and throughout my life
I have learned enough to know what a parent is and should be. I’ve been through
just about all the stages a teenager can experience and more. As a result I’ve
figured out my parent’s role in how or why I became who I was. This is why each
and every parent should not give up on their kids because there is hope; they just
need you to be their spark plug to ignite the gasoline that drives them to a
successful life. You are also responsible for filling their tank up every single day,
forget one day and they break down on their way to reaching their destiny.

51 Love-Life and Relationships

Putting the pieces together w/Kids
A child’s development is no different than measure or calculating the fulfillment
of the relationship. The couple is expected to do so much more when children are
involved. Instead of just being the eight factors that make up the fulfillment in the
relationship, it is those eight factors plus another four factors for the child’s
development or fulfillment, but it has to be for every single child. The process of
rating the factors is already understood; all that is left is to break those factors
down. Remember it is your partner who you are rating on the child’s development
because when they do a good job with our children we love them for it.

• Persona/Education = 15 Points

• Communication = 15 Points

• Health and Nutrition = 10 Points

52 Love-Life and Relationships
• Entertainment = 10 Points

Breaking it Down is a little different because it is a child we are talking about

and only four factors that have to be broken down for the child’s development or
fulfillment. It is a total of 50 points max that can be achieved for EACH child in
the relationship.

Persona/Education: 15 Points Total

• Lessons, Morals, & Respect (Determination, Patience, Cleanliness, Hard

Work, Manners, Behavior, Discipline, etc.)

• School (Homework & Grades)

• Activeness (Sociable, Outgoing)

Communication: 15 Points Total

Greet and Compliment - 3 points

Converse and Listen - 6 points

Ease Troubles and Emotions (Hugs and Kisses go here) - 6 points

Entertainment: 10 Points Total

• Jokes and Laughs

• Allow Playtime with friends

• Involved in Playtime

Health and Nutrition: 10 Points Total

Afford Necessities (Clothes, School Supplies, Books, etc.) - 2 points

Dental Insurance - 2 points

Health Insurance - 3 points

Well Fed/Nutrition - 3 points

53 Love-Life and Relationships
A child’s inability to function in a society is reflected off their parents, that is
why parenting is such an important factor in love-life and relationships. It is even
more important to find a partner who has those qualities if you are thinking of
someday having a family with that person. The child’s development or fulfillment
can be added to the couple’s fulfillment as a whole, but keeping them is more
manageable even thought it really doesn’t make a difference. A child not properly
developing does not completely foretell the outcome of the relationship. The key is
first learning to keep the relationship constantly fulfilled co-operatively before
moving on to a next stage in the relationship whether it be marriage or even a
family. That is what I call “Filling the Circle.”

Child’s Development/Fulfillment Grade Scale

Grade A Fulfillment = 50-46

Grade B Fulfillment = 45-41

Grade C Fulfillment = 40-36

Grade D Fulfillment = 35-41

Not so fulfilling ≤ 40

That is the grade scale for the child’s development and fulfillment separate from
the couple’s actual fulfillment. The max score achievable is 50 per child. Again the
higher the score the better and as a parent you must try to constantly push yourself
and your partner to achieve high scores in your parenting. Doing so will make the
kids push themselves to do better.

Child’s Development/Fulfillment Grade Scale

Grade A Fulfillment = 150-136

Grade B Fulfillment = 135-121

Grade C Fulfillment = 120-106

Grade D Fulfillment = 105-91

Not so fulfilling ≤ 90
54 Love-Life and Relationships
That is the grade scale for the child’s development or fulfillment together with the
couples actual fulfillment.

Adding Parental Ability to it really doesn’t make a difference now because a

child is already present and skills are actually applied instead tested. If you wish to
you may, the scale doesn’t change by adding it. The max # achievable increases by
10 points and so does Grade A’s max # achievable, none of the other grades range
change. The original range for the couples fulfillment grade without a child is ten,
once a child is added to that fulfillment the grades range increases to fifteen adding
five points to the original grade range. Every time another child is introduced to the
equation, the grades range goes up by five, for example if there are six kids in the
equation, thirty points is added to the grades range making it a total of forty points
for each grade range. Remember this only applies to the fulfillment if the child’s
development/fulfillment is included with the couple’s fulfillment.

The only real way to rate someone and their parenting or your partners
parenting is if you actually live with them. If your partner has kids of their own
you may rate them and give input and criticism to help them be better parents. If
you’ve got kids it only depends if you decide to allow your partner to raise your
child. If so then you may rate them, if not then you don’t but they may still rate you
and your parenting. Try and not to be too harsh or critical of your partner because
parenting is learned and they could use anything to learn from specially from their
partner. Don’t become angry at the criticism you are given, you must be open to
take any advice, tips, and criticism. With it you learn how to be a better parent and
love both you partner and your kids. All life works together in one way or another,
you must work with others to live better, it really does take a village to raise a child
and that village is society. Is society to blame for our children’s failure even if we
are good parents then?

55 Love-Life and Relationships

Maintaining a relationship is hard enough, adding children to the equation
makes things even harder. It is nice to have a family someday but maybe people
think otherwise for a while. Don’t rush your lives, it is not required to have a wife
and kids, also it is not the only way of being happy. For those young girls who
believe that a child will make them happy and “Complete” your life, please
reconsider. Also for those young boys who feel like they need to purposely plant a
seed in the soil because of your fears, please reconsider. The world has to deal with
too many problems and another innocent life doesn’t have to be brought into a
world that is not going to show them love.

Take some time to learn and grow there is so much to experience in your lives
that can bring you happiness, same goes for older people thinking the same thing.
We all must grow as people together, truly learn what it is to love and be loved,
56 Love-Life and Relationships
only then we can make a better world to live in for future generations. Also to not
have to worry if our kids will be guaranteed a good life when we are gone. The
phrase “you can not teach an old dog new tricks” only relates to actual dogs not
humanity. As long as we have a brain and the capability to listen and learn from
others we can teach the older dogs new tricks that can be passed on to all the future
puppies to come, referring to people not dogs but the concept applies to canines as

Ignorance blinds us from the truth that we are doing something wrong, but deep
down inside our conscience we know something is fucked up and since we do not
search for what it is we keep fucking things up even more. Since the mayority of
the world really doesn’t know what is wrong we keep sliding down the same
slippery slope. Old habits are hard to break but it does not mean they are
impossible to overcome; it only takes hard work and determination along with
room to learn and grow. If you are reading this it means you are willing to learn
about love-life and relationships or if not were just nosey to wonder what I have
been working on.

Love is created through partnerships and relationships but it is not only about
two people. It is about all life meaning all life big or small, dark or light, square or
round, must be loved. If not, the world will continue to be full of hate, the opposite
of love-life and the death of it. Try to find quality in your life, don’t worry too
much about quantity, how much you have, how long you life and so on. You may
live a long life but did you do anything worth being remembered for? Will your
kids remember you as a good parent or will they eventually forget about you like
you forgot about them? Will time make the memory of you disappear into the earth
like mountains battered by the wind, breaking you up into small but insignificant
particles of sand or will your memory remain in the world like an indestructible

We are leaving a negative impact on the world in great numbers which will
make all future life difficult. Alongside the worlds overpopulation that can not be
cared for that has only one thing to do but grow while the care for others
disappears. The world has room for everyone but why is it that many can not even
stand to be in the ground they walk on while others try to own the land everyone
57 Love-Life and Relationships
else walks on. Finding something to live for is of great importance in life, for some
it is the people they love like family, for others it is the greed that drives their soul
into taking all they can from anyone or everyone’s pockets and mouths. When we
love something or someone so much all we could ever want for it is to live well
and have a good life, finding ways to give that to them is something to live for.
When you live for something you love so much you are willing or should be
willing to die for it, if not finding something worth dying for is something to live
for. This is living a meaningful life and dying a meaningful death.

Imagine the people in the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001 many
whom have never seen or met each other were willing to put their lives at risk to
help another. That there is love, sadly enough it took something so horrible for
people to realize the dangers in this world and to show love for one another. Many
of us may never be confronted in a situation that the ones we love are in danger
that the love we feel for them drives us to risk our lives. Does that even mean they
will or will not risk it?

All of us must find the true value of our lives, a worth that can not be measured
or should be measured by any currency or combined currencies in the world. When
people start putting value into their life then we will find the true significance of
being alive in this world. Putting a price on your life is selling your soul. People
these days talk about love like they know what it really is, because of that many
don’t even know what true happiness really is. The pursuit of happiness is a rough
path but if you just take the struggle, stay strong, and keep your head up looking
forward to the future, the rewards are great in the end. It is just like a relationship;
find a partner, move through the stages of partnership, and maintaining the love
results in finding the key to happiness and true love.

Money does not make the world go round, love does. The love of money is not
real love it only buys you temporary happiness from life-less objects. Revolving
your life around money creates hate in yourself towards others to reach that money
and you become careless, not really knowing or caring about who you are hurting
in the process much like Scrooge in a Christmas Carol. It makes people feel they
are superior and more powerful than anyone else because they have money. That is
where Jimi Hendrix’s quote comes from, “When the power of love overcomes the
58 Love-Life and Relationships
love of power, we will know peace,” and peace really is happiness. I did not name
this love, life, and relationships, because love and life go together in all of its
aspects, resulting in love-life.

Take a day to think of your life from the beginning till today and then picture
the future. How did it make you feel? Do you feel like you have felt love in your
life, was it given to you, did you find it, did it find you? Take a deep look at
yourself and find or look to the answers to the “Why’s?” you have in your life,
only then can you truly understand yourself. Make your partner do the same and
talk about it even though it might lead to a few tears here and there. Then ask
yourselves if there is something about you or your life that you would like to
change? If so then do it or at least try, doing this can change your relationship and
love-life. Also it can slightly turn a once Complete Relationship to a Fulfilling

Switching it up
A Complete Relationship is one that has reached the end desired or the “happily
ever after” even though the story doesn’t end but continues a new one, while a
Fulfilling Relationship continues satisfying and growing. Neither one is perfect but
is it possible to switch it up, turn a complete into fulfilling and a fulfilling into
complete? Of course it is, just like you are never too old to go to school and learn
something new, you may learn to switch them up. Let’s start with complete which
is usually those who reach a point in their lives where they want someone to have a
family with. A lot of these relationships come to a point where the couple needs to
find something new or even change.

The usual way couples end up trying to fix things is resulting to having another
child but that only adds complication to the relationship. A better idea is to change
your lives together, help each other become better more desirable people. We all
59 Love-Life and Relationships
have qualities we don’t like about ourselves, in America that usually tends to be
weight but not the only thing. FATTIES! The best thing you can do is make a list of
things you would like to permanently change or improve in your lives. For
example if weight is an issue you may list things like eat better, become more
active, or even workout, if there is no equipment then you can add something like
find a gym to become a member, hire a personal trainer, or buy workout

If you communicate with your partner you can arrange to help each other reach
these goals and if they are achieved you will love your partner even more. It
becomes fulfillment over a formerly Complete Relationship. Quitting on your
goals and your partners goals is like deciding to give up on your relationship, stay
committed to those goals like you have stayed committed to each other. In a way
this would be like a New Years Resolution, but actually something worked on
together and really pushed to achieve. You may also help your partner find things
to change or improve to work on together.

Going back to old hobbies you once had can help better yourselves too. They
can include things like writing, painting, fixing cars, building stuff, and even
music. Certain hobbies take up finances so make sure you can afford them before
doing or deciding to do them such as fixing cars, you don’t want to end up with a
broken down piece of junk in your garage for five years. Time is of the essence and
patience is a virtue, so don’t get frustrated trying to rush because nothing in life is
easy especially without experience. Life and its precious qualities are not like
packs of ramen noodles that are made instantly, achieving goals is a rough ride but
the payout is always worth it and the love will grow.

Don’t be selfish and worry about achieving your goals only, it is a co-operative
effort requiring both partners involved. Just like in a Fulfilling Relationship, you
can not focus on yourself only or on your partner only, try to even or balance it.
Sharing and being fair is a big part of love which makes us happy, we all like to
feel like we are needed somehow. Even if you feel like a goal you have can be
achieved by yourself doesn’t mean you should, get your partner involved even if it
is with something small, to them it means a lot and it should to you too.

60 Love-Life and Relationships

Set up dates that are meant to achieve certain goals especially if it is involving
weight loss. Work out together, get sweaty together, and burn some calories, sex
helps you do that but it is not going to make you lose 100 pounds. Reconsidering
that, you possibly may if you do it a few times a day for a long time and are eating
well, don’t forget protection or else someone will gain weight instead of losing it.
Seeing as women can’t every single day it might be a bit difficult so involve actual
work outs. It’s easy to think about and talk about it but actually doing it is
something else. That is the main reason why New Years Resolutions fails. Same
applies to Complete Relationships, it is easy to talk about love and family but
keeping the love alive and maintaining the relationship is something else.

Other things you may decide to improve or change is friendships, find more
friends, be more social, invite friends over more often, or even go out with friends
more. For some people this may require to improve on such things as manners and
respect which is behavior. This is not a self help book, to achieve those goals you
may have to look elsewhere but if you’ve got common sense you could figure out
for yourselves how to achieve those goals. The key is patience, hard work, and
determination, as well as remembering the goals you have set out for each other. If
you don’t know what they are, how are you supposed to achieve them?

“Filling the Circle”

Switching a Fulfilling Relationship to a complete one is a little different.
However making lists of goals in an already Fulfilling Relationship and working
on them as a couple can make it even more fulfilling and satisfying, eventually the
love felt for one another becomes immeasurable. Switching it up is very easy but
like always maintaining it is difficult. Previously in “Putting the pieces together
w/kids” I described “Filling the Circle” to be like a finger in a ring (marriage) or
even filling a mothers womb (having children). Making the relationship into
complete is as simple as doing either of those thing but when it comes to kids it
needs to be consensual or planned because a slip can happen during a still fulfilling
relationship and may remain a fulfilling relationship even after the child is born. Of
course things will be a little different with a child but it doesn’t mean the

61 Love-Life and Relationships

relationship isn’t growing and that both partners still aren’t learning from one

Trying to fill the circle the circle is really a big step that has to be extensively
thought about before considering it and then again before moving ahead with
trying to fill the circle. It certainly is one of lives risks, you may not lose your life
as in die, but it can really turn your life upside-down if it does fail. No good comes
out of its failures except when it was a once abusive relationship then only good
can come out of it.

When it comes to marriage it is just paperwork for some people. To them

getting married really doesn’t make a difference in their lives except for
financially. Marriage is usually of big significance to the average little girl growing
up on fairy tales and religious people. Both negative and positive outcomes can
come out of getting married, that is why it is a risk or gamble because outcomes
are not always in your favor or could even be predicted. Success is only
determined on the willingness to cooperate as a couple to maintain the love in the
relationship and keep satisfying each other until the end of time , well more like
the end of their lifetime.

You never know, never can, and never should know if the person you are with is
the person you are with is the person right for you to end up “Filling the Circle”
with. Our futures are never written in stone, seeing into the future is impossible,
imagining it is possible but accuracy is not certain. Only time a risk should be
taken is when the feeling within you is strong, when the thought of it and its future
brings you butterflies, if so the wager should be placed and risk taken. That feeling
is much like trying to measure your love or the love you feel for someone with a
piece of string or broken rubber band.

As time passes you become fulfilled and in love so you start wrapping it around
your finger. The more the love grows and time progresses you keep wrapping it
around. After a while of wrapping, your finger becomes covered in large part by
the string or rubber band much like a ring does. Now there is love where the string
can not relate, only a rubber band can seeing as how it can be stretched and can be
wrapped around tighter. No matter what the love always makes you suffocate and

62 Love-Life and Relationships

seeing the person makes your pulse felt anywhere so all you want to do is hold
them tight and not let go. If the feeling is strong enough and you feel like the only
thing the relationship can do is grow or move on, then you can consider replacing
it with an actual ring or “fill the circle,” the marriage then does become more
meaningful than just a piece of paper and finances. In modern society the
comparison of filling the circle to the string is much like a phrase of manipulation
that is used in modern society “wrapped around my finger.” Knowing who really is
going to use that against you is another complication.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Bigfoot and the Lochness monster have been captured on film many more times
than the infamous wolf that disguises itself in sheep’s clothing. An animal that
clever and vicious must be some sort of C.I.A experiment. All jokes aside a wolf in
sheep’s clothing is a very scary and unsuspecting person. This is someone who puts
on a front to manipulate you for certain reasons, top goal being money. A smart and
experienced gold-digger is usually the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Other wolves are
whores who only want sex, if it’s a guy he’s a player or if it’s a girl she’s a slut. We
all need to avoid these people if we are looking for love because you can not turn a
hoe into a housewife.

63 Love-Life and Relationships

Gold-diggers are not just one race or gender; they come in all shapes and sizes
making them harder to differentiate. Certainly they will do anything in their power
to con you into believing they really are sheep no matter how long it takes. These
wolves are the ones who really do wrap you around their finger and control you
like a puppet. The love you are made to believe is there makes you become
extremely blind and it is then easy for them to manipulate you.

Wolves are vicious animals whose favorite things to devour are hearts and
minds because at one point their hearts were turned cold to love only material
possessions and their selves. There is no way of really knowing who the wolves
are, no one makes and sells valid x-ray goggles that lets you see into someone’s
true self. Dating is a battleground and can be fun but like every sport there are
consequences that come from playing and that is getting hurt. What’s the best way
to play the game then?

There is no right or wrong way to play the game but there are different ways
you can go about it. For instance you can have a strong offensive, be on the
defensive, or even go about it tactically. Going on the offensive is pushing through
the battleground trying to get as many points as you can and trying out different
partners that would suit you best. Playing on the offensive is something more for
social and outgoing people. Problems come from every way of playing especially
if you are in it to win it, by that I mean a heart and someone to love you. Here the
problem would be that your defenses are low, testing out partners eventually makes
you capable of dating anyone because of that you become vulnerable. You are now
a target for the wolves but the bull’s-eye is not as large.

How about going on the defensive? Being on the defensive makes you
suspicious of everyone, you build a wall up around you and you end up deflecting
the chances of finding a partner that will truly fulfill because you really can’t see
over the wall. That is a problem but you also face the fact that once you find
someone and you separate the walls will come down hard and it will hurt alot.

The other way to play the game is quite risky and that is going about it
tactically. In a way it allows you to differentiate the sheep from the wolf so in a
way it is a counter-tactic to avoid these wolves and help others along the way. Most

64 Love-Life and Relationships

of the time, the game is played from the sidelines observing people’s actions
towards other people and even towards you. You become much like a private
investigator except that you have hired yourself, also quite the opposite from a
sheep because instead of a wolf in sheep’s clothing you are a sheep infiltrating the
wolves in a disguise appearing to be much like them. In other words you are
putting on a front impersonating someone you are not so pretending to be a player,
pimp, gold-digger, or even a slut. However there are people that are good at
reading others and they will know if you’re real or putting on a front.

Actions say alot about someone and that is what you are watching so you can
read people by the impression they give through actions. Not always will you be
able to get a correct reading out of someone because of their goals and objectives,
for instance a good guy or girl could at one point just want a one night stand or a
simple sexual relationship so the reading you get out of them is correct only for
that moment. Either way if you are searching for love or a relationship you would
want to trust your judgment and avoid them because even if you are also a good
person it doesn’t mean they will want to be in a relationship with you. Watch for
who is on the offensive which usually are people who just want to test out or find a
quick partner or if they are on the defensive which probably are just judgmental
people or even insecure.

Playing the game like this can be quite fun at times but like always there are
consequences and risks. One big risk you face here is that people can eventually
think you really are that person you’re not or posing as. Only those who truly know
you can see the truth but if you’re doing a good job even those close to you will
not be able to see the truth and believe the lie you have become. Another risk faced
is that there is the possibility you will really become that person you have created
as a front. Unknowingly you get used to that lifestyle which is what transforms you
into the wolf because you have lost sight of you really being a sheep inside.

I know the risks and payouts of this tricky game because I have played it many
times even fooling those closest to me most of the time. Those who shouldn’t have
believed did and the chance of a future partnership with them is lost. It is how you
decide to win the fight that determines your outcome whether it is on the offensive,
defensive, or even tactically. Each has its risks and the success rate is never fully
65 Love-Life and Relationships
determined just like everything else in life. The best way to go about it might be to
not go about it all, chances are that the partner you really need might be in front of
your eyes so don’t lose them.

Our history, experience, and actions are what make us sheep or wolves basically
who we are. Lying and cheating has become very common in our society that
finding true love becomes difficult. Every time you lie you are changing something
in your personality, you do not become one person but a bunch of fake people
within yourself, and not even you know who you are. Not only is it to our partners
but to everyone on day to day bases. This is how a wolf or sheep is created and it
usually starts between our preteen and teenage years because those are the ages
that people are generally falling in love for the first time and losing their virginity.

The outcome of the relationship in which you lost your virginity and how you
take yourself through it may be the most important factor that determines your
future relationships. Goes for guys and girls no matter the importance they claim
their virginity to have to them. For instance, the relationship lasts quite long and
you lose your virginity to that person, not long afterwards that person ends up
cheating on you resulting in a separation. I use this example because it is the
roughest one even though having that relationship end is the more important thing
because if it doesn’t end then you have no problem to worry about because you are
still in love.

Of course any heart would be broken, not being accustomed to those feelings is
what makes someone hurt more and makes moving on even harder. Most of your
time is spent wondering where you went wrong, if it was your fault, or even if
there is something wrong with you. Self-esteem drops, insecurity created, from
then on only time will tell. Your future as a wolf or sheep depends on the choices
you made during the separation and mainly on the relationships to come. When the
recuperation stage is just about complete is when you make those choices on the
relationships to come and how to make and maintain them, mainly through
influence of friends and family. Heartbreak doesn’t differ too much when it comes
to males and females. The people who influence you the most when it comes to
relationships and love depends on your age.

66 Love-Life and Relationships

When you are young, mainly preteen years and some high school years, there is
a lesser chance of going to family due to the fear of their reactions. If you are that
age please do yourself and your family a favor by telling them about it. Not doing
so will distance you from them and that is not good for either party. They will most
likely be angry but your well-being is more important, right parents? All that
relates a bit more to females because for males it seems like sex and relationships
at a young age in society isn’t much of a big concern for many parents. In urban
communities males tend to be pushed more towards a lifestyle of using women to
their advantage or play them. Non-urban communities stereotype both male and
females as being raised like that.

Fathers in suburban communities or white fathers, fear the thought of their

daughters bringing home and dating a poor black or hispanic male because of that
stereotype. Also the same goes for the mothers fearing the thought of having their
son bring a poor black or hispanic home or date one. It is sad to say but poor
females of any race or color are more likely to become golddiggers because of
their financial situation and getting laid is an easy way to get paid. Many do search
for rich males or females to bring them out of poverty and live a life of luxury but
that does not always mean they are wolves or golddiggers. However that stereotype
make those rich males paranoid and think that those women are only out to get
their money.

Golddiggers do not only come from poor backgrounds and is not the only
reason why they decide to become one, but is a major factor. Not only is it poor
individuals but even rich as well. A rich female who was born to get anything and
everything they ever wanted in their lives get accustomed to that lifestyle and want
everything they desire to be handed to them. For their parents money was not an
issue but the child doesn’t comprehend or doesn’t want to comprehend that they
need to work for it. These spoiled rich girls become even more viscious than a
formerly poor female because they push higher for more since they can not resort
to anything lower than the best making their lifestlye expensive; result is a
GOLDDIGGER! Greed and materialism is the other major factor in the making of
a golddigger. Back to explaining influences of friends and family after the

67 Love-Life and Relationships

Both friends and family tell you to forget about that person and move on, but
that may sometimes be the only thing they have in common. The main difference is
that friends may tell you to find someone new while parents tell you to forget about
love and a relationship so you can focus on something else. (That would be school)
The influence of friends is stronger because they are our age and end up feeling
like we can relate to them more while family doesn’t really know what its like to
be us at this age and time. Love and relationships have always remained the same.
Only things that change is our way of life, ideologies, and surroundings.

Ever since the 1950’s high school has been the same excluding trend styles like
music, dances, and clothing. Before that time there was constant war, a great
depression where many families were left homeless, schools abandoned, and
technology and resources were not as adapt mainly before the 1900’s. After the
1950’s the high school social order and behavior has remained the same especially
when it comes to love, sex, popularity (social order), and relationships. Since the
populace was not out fighting a war that required millions, they were able to go
home and take care of their families. Men going back to work while women having
to leave work to stay home and be housewives, and children going back to school,
excluding the destitutioned. Schools were segregated by race but the modern high
school lifestyle was born or created by the whites and eventually the once
segregated color students having to conform to it.

Parents do know what it is like to be young, dumb, and in love especially those
who went to high school during or after the 1950’s. Unfortunately for our youth
they figure that out later on in life after all the stress and drama or when they have
children of their own. Even though I am not legally considered an adult yet and
have come to a realization about this, I still seem to have ignored that fact or even
not aware of it all. Parenting is another thing that hasn’t really chaged much either.
The parent can be too tolerant and dispositioned with their children, in other words
too lenient allowing their children to do whatever they please instead of
disciplining and teaching their children the necessities to be a good citizen. Also
the parent can be too strict which can make the child completely rebel against their
parents, teacher, and authority or in other words they do whatever they please
without anyone elses concern. This does not necessarily making him an anarchist

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because true anarchists have knowledge on society and politics, meaning they are
smart people just like Mohatma Ghandi, but not exactly him. Due to this process of
raising children at home childhood hasn’t progressed.

Childhood has becomes even worse because of materialism and forced

segregation in today’s society. When I say segregation I do not mean by race and
color like it was before the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s. Forced
segregation is actually referring to popularity or the social order in high schools,
yet it usually starts around a child’s middle school years. Popularity basically
means how well known you or liked in the social order of the populace in schools
and usually you are liked and well known by how much money you have or what
you own. That would all the cliques and social groups created in the 1950’s but
with many additions throughout the past few decades. Includes the jocks (strong
athletes), the preps (rich kids), nerd (smart kids), geek (like nerds but sometimes
not as smart), greasers (street kids), and the losers (poor kids). Now we have even
more like punks, goth, emo, and gangsters. Gangbanging has a social order within
itself due to all the different gangs in our society, today not being limited to one
place but all communities rich or poor.

This type of segregation is much like modern Los Angeles and some Israeli
cities. Our social order is a food chain but not actually practicing cannibalism, it is
just survival of the fittest being wealth and strength. The top of the food chain
includes the richer individuals and the poor at the bottom of it. In Los Angeles and
Israel the poor or minorities are less likely to survive because they live in crummy
neighborhoods that are socially unstable. As for the rich they live on the hillsides
and hilltops keeping them away from their predators or the people on the bottom of
the food chain, as well as being safer too. That’s exactly what high school is all
about and its something that seems to be implanted in our youth, encouraged, and
somehow okay to do. Seems like all our lives revolve around some sort of power
and everyone just wants to obtain some. How do we expect the world to even
change if our future generations are being taught to separate themselves from
everyone else that is different from them and take down whoever crosses your path
to get what you want?

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Popularity is driven by money, materialism, and strength all being a means of
power within the social order of high school. Those who were once considered
losers for being poor a few decades ago decide to fear no more, become strong,
gain power and respect from other to reach the top of the food chain, which they
did because they were becoming predators. They pushed it to a point where
nothing matter and no rules apply even if it endangers their life, so the gangbanger
is eventually born. The people once considered greasers also became part of the
gang group because they were the street kids.

Focusing on material things like clothes, their household items, and gadgets
(cell phones & music devices) has become part of all groups in popularity either
rich or poor. Having these material objects has become a means of trying to fit in
somewhere in the food chain that is not the bottom. The point is to have people like
you and if they do you become popular that is why materialism is a big part of
society. Too much focus is placed on it by the youth that they eventually forget
what they really do need to be worrying about which is school, the place that they
are trying to fit in.

Materialism started with fashion trends, if you weren’t following it you were
not liked and everyone wants to fit in so they all try to follow it no matter how
crazy or ugly it might be. For instance, a big part of the fashion trends in the 80’s.
These fashion trends a lot of the time comes from the type of music an individual
listens to. For many there clothing and style is not a trend but a part of their true
self. The problem is that trends make it hard to differentiate who is following the
trend or living what the trend represents because not only is a trend about fashion
and clothing, it is about a lifestyle and behavior, an attitude or personality.

Emo comes from the word emotional. Those considered emo have their own
fashion trend being somewhat of a mix between punk and goth. Actual emo kids
are individuals who have spent a lot of their childhood years being ridculed,
abused, and tormented. That behavior towards them creates a depressive state
feeling as if no one really loves them. I consider it to be a social disease that can
not be treated and shouldn’t be treated with any drug, a mental sickness that comes
as a result of their society or enviroment, mainly school because that is where used
are forced to spend their days at. To cure this disease you must changed the society
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they live in as well as their enviroment, that is why many parents choose to switch
them from school to school for a fresh start. These emo kids attempt suicide as a
means of getting attention and feel loved by anyone because of their depressive
state, many actually achieving it. The music is an expression of these feelings but
not all listeners are emo, many are just following a trend and try to live a life in
order to fit in even more. This is one of the most modern social groups created.

The other social group which is very important that was created decades ago but
hitting its peak is the gangbangers (street kids). Not all street kids are not in gangs
but live a similar lifestyle of theft, drug dealing, and violence. Their music is rap or
mainstream hip-hop which has become extremely commercialized. Gangbanging
mainly practice by minorities such as black and hispanics is a form of organizing to
protect each other much like a family fed with fear, anger, hopelessness, and
frustration. Much like a pack of wolves hunting together for their survival but like I
said, the social order is a food chain but not literally eating others. Their means of
survival is money because it is the only way of getting necessities like food and
due to its trend, clothing which is a big part of the lifestyle.

Todays gangbangers were once earlier societies losers who were pushed around
for being poor. Many of whom not being able to have a descent meal because of
poverty leading to starvation. When we starve we become angry and you would do
anything for food much like a wild animal. Hunger is only part of the anger they
feel, the rest comes from being pushed around by their counterparts or in the
streets. Unlike the emo kids who feel unloved resorting to self-inflicted voilence,
the street kids feel unloved but resort to violence on others mainly on rival gangs.
Taking after the whites who enslaved them and oppressed them, they set up their
own governing system and have territorial wars for power and control. Whoever
claims real gangbangers to be stupid are wrong, it is quite the opposite. There is a
big difference between being stupid and making stupid decisions, much like
putting George Bush in office, you might not be stupid but you made a stupid
decision on electing him.

In the 80’s because of Ronald Reagan, many found success in using crack-
cocaine to leave poverty. It was highly addictive, easy to make, easy to sell, and
demand was high because it was synthetic and had to be made. The media glorified
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it as if telling those poor individuals “sell me, smoke me” and they did just that.
Hip-Hop music is an expression of once feeling scared, angry, unloved, and hated
to eventually finding their escape ticket through dealing drugs as well as being a
diary of the streets documenting life on the streets through music. A culture
explosion was sparked by the music setting trends in dance and fashion. It spread
throughout the country like a jetstream starting with the slums or urban
communities and eventually suburbs to just about anywhere and worldwide.

Much like the emo music, listeners started following the trends and eventually
attempted to live the trend. Since it mainly was reaching poor communities, its
citizens decided to try and get their escape ticket by dealing drugs as well. Today
the music is very popular and those following the trend move up on the food chain
or social order of schools. Following trends is a lot like playing the dating game
tactically because the food chain is another battle ground. Either the effects of that
lifestlyle is felt because of the way you look mainly being harrassed by police or
you eventually making that lifestyle your day to day life to keep people believing
the front you created. You forcibly forget who you were within the front or you
start believing you were always like that when you weren’t.

Hip-hop’s popularity led to a large rise in youth turning to gangs and crime,
mainly youth that never really suffered like the true pioneers of the music. Since
that youth was just following a trend and trying to live like a wolf when they really
are sheep that doesn’t know the system of governing in the streets and gangs, a rift
was created that leads to nothing but more violence and crime mainly homicide.
Those sheep trying to live within wolves are called flakes, posers, wankstas, and

The main problem with these trends is that it creates fear in our society and in
our educational system. Those living and follwing it are hard to differentiate.
Sheep look like wolves, wolves look like sheep, no wonder that fucked up
mentallity of dog eat dog is burned into peoples minds. Teachers are the main
people that fear it not knowing if the emo kids are suicidal, if the goths are
satanists, or if the gangsters are going to attack and rob them. The worst part is that
these trends may completely be lifestyles specially when it comes to those

72 Love-Life and Relationships

following the hip-hop trend because materialism lets them move up in the social
order since dealing drugs provides them with excess cash to spend.

When it comes to love and relationships for youth, it has always been about
popularity and the social order just like trends. However it does not mean all the
relationships at that age are created to move up in the social order. Dating popular
individuals makes you up in the social order because people recognize you for
being with that person who is popular. A very large portion of all teenagers are
ignorant, doesn’t really matter how the person is they don’t want to be alone and be
eaten up at the bottom of the food chain. The Persona/Anima of those who are at
the top of the social order is usually low, mainly because they are impatient, rude,
disrespectful, and ego-centric. Trying to grade a relationship with someone like
that already starts you off around a C or D. It’s called young dumb love because
your mind believes it is real love but it isn’t. That person eventually drags you
down along with them making their issues and problem’s your’s too wheteher it be
drugs or alcohol and even excessive partying. All of it just makes you throw away
your education. Call it illusionistic love because it is an illusion created by your
mind to make you believe that you are in love and that your partner has your
interests at heart which leads to lives being ruined. Illusionistic love makes people
ignorant about love and the mentality of what love is becomes altered, yet they do
not always become ignorant. The other side to illusionistic love is that spme may
see the truth about the love they are being fed and feel as if true love can not be
found so they stop searching for it.

Our friend’s influence is usually what pushes us to get in relationships again

and for popularity because they are also young and ignorant, they don’t know the
reality of the matter. That illusionistic love is what our parents warn us about or at
least try to teach us about it but teenagers like the learn things the hard way. These
relationships are the ones that turn people into wolves who devour hearts without a
care in the world about it. Throughout their life they gain experience and their
hunting skills are fine-tuned, the power to decieve and control becomes stronger,
and they love to use the power of love against people because they love that power.
They realize that because their relationships were not a success that none to come
will be as well and they get used to seeing things in such a manner that the sight of

73 Love-Life and Relationships

happy couples makes them jealous, envy what they have because they couldn’t
have it, and hate that they can’t. People stop taking them serious and they
eventually don’t take themselves seriously they also do not receive respect for their
actions and lose respect for themselves. Our livelihoods are being destroyed
because of that love of power and many find the love for it through their
materialistic needs.

Many people will still remain in denial that materialism is what makes people
fall in love with power and it is whats ruining love for us all along with corrupting
our youth. Others will also be in denial that popularity and the social order of
schools has become another way outside than the commercialized world to feed
them a materialistic mentality. The reason why preps or rich kids and gangsters or
pushers are at the top of the food chain is because they can afford those material
objects that our society is so attracted to. Their cash flow is gained through
allowance by their parents or selling drugs on the streets. For rich kids, as
popularity grows the more money they will need to keep up appearance and
maintain their position alongside his couterparts. For the street kids, as popularity
grows the more money they gain because the consumer rate grows. Girls are now
dating them more than ever because they can get those material needs fulfilled and
they start falling in love with it. Alongside their partner they rise up on the food
chain as a couple competing with others on whose love is greater. However the rich
kid may feel that he is better than them or the street kid will put his needs above
theirs to remain on top of their “game.” The end result leads to heartbreak and the
cycle continues.

The wolf in sheeps clothing is one who is very materialistic and hs grown to
love power and controlling others. Our societies means of survival is based on
consumerism so materialism is extremely common even with God’s people.
Wolves in our society do no necessarily hunt in packs, the most dangerous one is a
lone wolf because its appetite is greater. The capitalist system implements it’s
ideologies everywhere mainly targeting the future of our nation which is the youth.
We stuggle to survive because there is no love being shown not even in homes,
schools, and elsewhere that is why wolves are everywhere. Youth is being
corrupted to a point where it becomes even more difficult to find sheep everyday

74 Love-Life and Relationships

and when there are no prey for the predators we come to a point where we just eat
each other. The fact that the sight of our civilization being compared to a food
chain is horrifying as if we are soulless animals. Coming to a realization of the root
cause is a start to changing the way we live and finally knowing and feeling true
love. Knowledge is power and love is the most powerful tool humanity has ever
encountered. Learn to love, learn to think freely, and most of all learn the truth.

75 Love-Life and Relationships


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