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First of all, we would like to thank Allah Almighty for giving us the resolution and
determination to complete this report. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all
our fellow colleagues and group members who directly or indirectly participated in
working on this project. We would like to give due credit to our teacher Mr. Irfan Dossa
for guiding and mentoring us throughout the supervision and support that he gave, truly
helped the progression and smoothness of our work.

We would also like to express our gratitude towards all the staff members and
managers of the respective coffee outlets that we visited for their kind co-operation and
encouragement which helped us in completion of this project.

This case discusses the success chances Starbucks has if it comes to Pakistan and
how it can extend its market in a country like Pakistan where there are more tea
drinkers as compared to coffee drinkers.

This case discusses the challenges Starbucks will face in Pakistan during the launch
and after launching, case also discusses the important strategies Starbucks would take
into consideration in order to capture the maximum market share of coffee market.

According to us it will be a wise decision and this brand would prove to be a Profitable
one in Pakistan, as our trend is moving more towards coffee culture and Starbucks is
the king of coffee.
Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world. Starbucks is an American
global coffee company and coffeehouse chain.
Inauguration of Starbucks in Pakistan would excite everyone in the country as like other
franchises did such as Gloria Jeans, Hardees, Espresso and Burger King.

Planning to enter Pakistan

Starbucks wants to enter Pakistani showcase by emulating their current business
methodology to develop through geographic development, securing of new clients and
holding existing clients.

Remembering the forceful developing technique and a portion of the late openings of
natural ways of life like Gloria Jeans, Hardees, burger lord and others, it is extremely
obvious and foreseeable with these establishments propelling from time to time that
Starbucks will probably establish firm framework in Pakistan. Give us a chance to talk
about in detail that how they can begin to market in a not so Coffee subordinate
environment of Pakistan and the following address that emerges is the reason they
might decide to come to Pakistan when the current circumstances and investment
development examples of an obliged nation are not flawless.

Pakistan's developing populace or urban ranges and changing inclination of youthful

people from utilization of tea towards Coffee empowered Coffee volume deals to
expand by 7% in 2011. While tea remains the more prominent drink as contrasted with
Coffee, the interest for Coffee is climbing because of a higher social worth set on

Coffee. This might be seen in the extensive number of cafes in significant urban areas
of Pakistan as contrasted with outlets only serving tea and a developing number of
adolescent buyers practicing their using decisions energetic about Coffee.

Pakistan's unpredictable economy, cash and security circumstance displays a testing

circumstance for Starbucks. Likewise, Pakistan is still a tea-drinking populace and
Starbucks might need to enhance and be inventive with their menu and Coffee offerings
which ought to be customized for Pakistani shoppers.

Evolution of Starbucks
Starbucks started with a thought from three companions who imparted a solid ardor for
gourmet Coffee. They opened their first store in 1971 in Seattle, Washington, and by the
late 1970's, Starbucks picked up force inside Washington, and when Howard Schultz
assumed control Starbucks as the new head advertiser in the 1980's, Starbucks' true
triumph got going. The picture of Starbucks as a spot to standardize and de-push
between work and home was placed set up.

Starbucks rebuild and rearranged to the degree that they figured out how to change the
Coffee society. In light of the new considering spots serving superb quality Coffee to the
normal open, Starbucks served as a model to countless rising in the business sector
throughout the years, to comparable Coffee chains. At the point when Starbucks came
in the business it was not basic to discover strength Coffee in different spots than the
little forte Coffee retailers, however today it is just about inconceivable that joints and
restaurants don't serve claim to fame Coffee, for example, cappuccino and spot latte as
these Coffee drinks have turned into a coordinated a piece of the normal Coffee society.
In this manner, it could be contended that Starbucks modified the American Coffee
society and in the meantime it was capable set the business guidelines.

Starbucks has saved this innovative vision by giving a different Coffee experience,
which has taken the organization to astounding and record-breaking statures. Starbucks
is currently working all the more around 19,209 stores (as of June 30, 2013) in 61
nations over this planet, making Starbucks the heading roaster and retailer of forte
Coffee on the planet.

Starbucks thought of its BARISTAS or its representatives as accomplices; they

furnished them with different representative profits as they acknowledged that
accomplice fulfillment prompts client fulfillment. The turnover rate was 70% as
contrasted with that of quick nourishment industry in general with 300% of turnover. The
organization supported inside advancements, along these lines the senior executives
could prepare the new BARISTAS as they had the obliged experience.

Starbucks point is to secure as the chief purveyor of the finest Coffee on the planet
while upholding our uncompromising standards while we develop.

Starbucks facing challenges

Starbucks is the biggest coffeehouse on the planet, on the other hand, they have been
confronting inconvenience as of late. In July 2008, Starbucks revealed that they might
be closing down 600 cafes in the United States. It is apparent that the worldwide
budgetary emergency may have been answerable for this conclusion.

Starbucks is confronting inconvenience in certain creating nations where the political,

mechanical and wellbeing circumstances are unstable. Starbucks in India is confronting
issues with the Indian outside venture advancement board over remote immediate
regulation. With the money related emergencies behind it and the Indians administering
congress party enthusiastic to change its lucrative retail segment, entering the nation in
association with other built Indian nations bodes well. Starbucks hence confront
hardened rivalry.

Pakistans Coffee Industry Overview

Tea consumption in Pakistan has been a long existing trend and is considered to be the
first choice beverage amongst the locals. However, with the passage of time,
globalization and economic development has seen a change in this trend from tea to
coffee consumption. This has also led to the rise of many coffee outlets in the country
most of which are international franchises.

Research shows that the total coffee sales volume growth is approximately 7% (2013)
in Pakistan and it is expected to grow in the upcoming months. This is mainly due to the
fact that most of the countrys urban population is shifting their focus from tea
consumption to coffee with the young generation playing a major role in this trend
change. Even though tea still remains to be the highest consumed beverage in
Pakistan, the overall demand for coffee is mainly attributed towards the upper social
class who consider coffee consumption as an upscale status symbol as compared to

Whenever we hear the word coffee, the first thing that springs in our minds is Nescaf
which was, and is still regarded as a long-established and the most well-known brand of
coffee available in the country. Consumers can purchase Nescaf coffee from most

retail stores; however, the market for coffee outlets is rising rapidly and is continuing to
do so as compared to coffee consumption at homes.

Working professionals in Pakistan who usually are always on the go especially those
who are on the road for long hours are also being more and more inclined towards the
consumption of coffee at the same time eliminating the frequent tea breaks with fewer
coffee breaks. It is, however, important to acknowledge that this segment is still a
minority, and with the low purchasing power of the general public, the majority is still
more inclined towards tea and this is most likely to remain in the foreseeable future.

Coffee shops have existed since many years in Pakistan. However, it was Karachis
coffee shop Espresso that provided the kick-start to the now thriving coffee niche. For
example, in Karachi there are coffee shops in almost all lanes of the posh Zamzama
area. Cafes like Espresso, Butlers, Gloria Jeans, Dunkin Donuts are a few well
recognized coffee houses that have launched and been successful in establishing a
branded coffee niche.

Coffee Revenue Trend

Pakistan is a creating nation with a developing urban populace. Junior shoppers are
currently changing from tea, energetic about Coffee which brought about an increment
at a compound yearly development rate of 7.9% between 2004 and 2009. The moment
Coffee division was at the front line of the Coffee showcase in Pakistan in 2009, with an
offer of 97.3%. The total Coffee volume deals expanded by 7% in 2011. Nescaf
headed deals in 2011 with a 47% offer in off-exchange volume terms.

Retail Coffee volume deals expanded by four percent in 2010 in the nation, as stated by
a study by Euromonitor. The moment Coffee portion headed the Coffee showcase in
Pakistan with an offer of 97.3 percent.

Market Share

Perception in the Minds of Consumer

Starbucks itself is a big brand name and recognized all over the world and represents
the best quality coffee. People associate Starbucks coffee with status, they get a feeling
of high status when they visit the Starbucks outlet and buy a cup of coffee, and they feel
that they are successful in life which makes them happy.

People would love to have Starbucks in Pakistan, whenever people from Pakistan go
abroad they usually visit Starbucks outlet because they want to have and unique and
premium experience. They want to have the same experience as Starbucks at home so
they usually bring coffee beans from Starbucks back to Pakistan. People are most
comfortable with Starbucks brand.

Starbucks offers a relaxing environment where people can go and experience a

peaceful environment. In Pakistan there are not many places where people can get
such environment so they would love to have a place in Pakistan where they can go
and be comfortable and relax their minds.

SWOT Analysis

- Starbucks is associated with high quality coffee and an irreplaceable Starbucks

- Starbucks is the major coffeehouse store in the world and is said to be the market
leader in the coffee beverage industry.

- Starbucks enjoys a strong brand status linked with superior coffee and exceptional
customer service.

- Starbucks profitability has been on the rise and is now 14%. The company also
outmatches its nearest rivals with 24.54% return on investment and 29.16% return on

- Starbucks experience includes perfectly blended coffee, premium music, friendly staff
and warm atmosphere, which results in unparalleled customer service.

- Starbucks has a well known practice to make efforts to preserve the environment and
be ethical in its dealings.

- It has a strong customer base loyalty which can be helpful in retaining customers is
such a competitive market.
- Starbucks offers wide range of coffee products, cold beverages and fresh food items
which can help them in entering Pakistan with more varieties.

-Starbucks offers the experience in a high price. That leads to a switch to lower priced
alternatives in times of economic difficulties.

- The price of its coffee is also largely dependent on the prices of coffee beans, which is
out of Starbucks jurisdiction. Factors like weather conditions can cause changes in the
prices of these beans and as a result, the companys profitability can be hampered.

- Another weakness of Starbucks is that 75% of its profits are based off its coffee
products and other specialty beverages (Starbucks Corporation, 2010). This means that
with the soaring coffee bean prices, Starbucks might face difficulty every time the price
of coffee rises.

- Starbucks - Some also argue that coffee consumption might have a negative effect on
health and also high calories and fat content, which may lead to lower sales as health
awareness programs grow.

- The coffee market in Pakistan is too small as it is a tea consuming nation and
therefore Starbucks has a very small market to target
- The most common and perfect substitute of coffee, which is tea, is available for as low
as Rs20 in the market and so not many consumers will be willing to pay such high price
for Starbucks coffee
- The downfall in the economy of Pakistan has made people more conscious about their

- One of Starbucks biggest opportunity is to continue expanding and diversifying their
business with their vast wealth.

- Businessmen and women in Pakistan have turned away from tea and embraced
coffee as the country has begun to experience economic progress.

- Along with managing coffeehouses and franchises, Starbucks sells a few of its
products through retailers. Starbucks has the opportunity to form more of such alliance
with leading retailers of Pakistan to offer its coffee in their retail markets. This will assist
Starbucks to expand its market at a lower cost than launching its multiple branches it its
early stage.

- Starbucks can increase their product range by increasing food offerings and offering
different types of drinks tailored for the average Pakistani consumer which could help
reach a broader customer group.

- Competitors in Pakistan, such as Butlers and Espresso offer a great variety of food
items, and are a mixture of coffee shops and cafes. Starbucks should follow suit to
attract more customers.

-Starbucks can increase their product offerings according to the needs of consumers in
-In Pakistan, instant coffee is consumed more as compared to fresh coffee and so
Starbucks can offer to sell its coffee in supermarkets.
- In Pakistan coffee is perceived as a status symbol in the minds of consumers which
will help star bucks to increase their sales in Pakistani market.

- A major threat that Starbucks has to face is competition. Numerous international coffee
chains have opened up in the country that offer similar coffee products that Starbucks
offers as there has been an upward shift in the demand for the product.

- Espresso, Butlers and Gloria Jeans are just a few international coffee outlets that are
now established and running successfully. McDonalds and Dunkin Doughnuts are
examples of eateries that also have started to promote coffee as consumers switch their
preference to coffee. Local cafes offer their products at a much lower price and offer a
more localized menu for its customer..

- A fluctuation in the prices due to factors such as economical, secondly political, and
climate conditions Starbucks may cause supply disturbance, addition important cost to
the firm and higher moving in the already high prices of Starbucks products. This might
considerably reduce demand in a country like Pakistan where there is growing inflation
and currency depreciation.

- The higher health awareness amongst population these days can reduce demand of
coffee in the country.



Dunkin' Donuts is the world's largest coffee and baked merchandise stores, catering

more than 3 million clientele globally each day. Dunkin' Donuts trade dozens of

assortment of donuts, coffee beverages as well as an collection of bagels, breakfast

sandwiches and other appetizing baked goods. Dunkin' Donuts globally is a subsidiary
of Dunkin' Brands, Inc.

In Karachi, Dunkin' Donuts is managed by International Franchises (Pvt.) Ltd, an IBL

Group Company.

Good customer service skills
Boutique style seating with individually restaurant eating.
The ideal place for families, executives, couples and the elderly.
Free delivery service.
Reasonable prices

Dunkin Donuts is conveniently located in all the major cities in Pakistan.


The year 2004 saw the start of the coffee revolution when Espresso became the citys
primary espresso bar. ever since, the city has observe a cultural alteration where going
for coffee or doing coffee most often means meeting at an Espresso coffee house. All
outlets offer seamless Wi-Fi.

The aroma of full bodied coffee and the taste of wholesome quality food served up

in a chic and stylish space makes it an appealing mix.

There is additionally the Espresso benefit card that earns you rewards each time
you visit any one of its coffee houses.
All outlets offer seamless Wi-Fi.
Free delivery service.
Reasonable prices.

Espresso serves its premium coffees in Karachi at four locations; the original espresso
bar in Zamzama karachi, the coffee house store on main Commercial area of
Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, the Forum Mall, and the newest store at Dolmen Mall Clifton. It is
now available in Lahore as well at Espresso's latest site on Mian Mahmood Kasuri Road
in Gulberg III Lahore.


Gloria Jeans Coffees is devoted to offer the worlds uppermost class specialty coffee.

It is owned by Australian and is locally function in Pakistan; the Gloria Jeans Coffees
people now extend far and wide crossways the world, with in excess of 1,000 coffee
stores in around 39 countries.

It is a mixture of obsession, promise to our society and devotion to deliver the highest
superiority coffee to our visitors that bond our worldwide team in the similar Vision to
be the mainly loved and appreciated coffee firm in the world.

The Gloria Jeans Coffees voyage started in Pakistan in the year 2007 when GJC
Pakistan inaugurated its coffee house store on Mehmud Ali Kasuri Road in Gulberg,

Gloria Jeans Coffees stores in Pakistan are the merely coffee stores, where customers
can make an order and enjoy the experience. The overall procedure starting from the
beans grinding to the handcrafting of the coffee with latte art is done in front of
customers with very severe standards of quality uphold.

GJC Pakistan takes great pride in the internationally trained and highly
professional baristas working at all outlets.
The baristas have been instrumental in creating a trademark coffee house
culture reflecting friendliness, cleanliness and utmost customer satisfaction. Our
baristas go beyond handing over just a cup of coffee. They will ensure that your
entire stay at Gloria Jeans Coffees is a memorable experience.
Unwinding upscale inside with agreeable pleasantries, with comfortable amenities
such as leather seating, spacious and charming table arrangements, a bookcase
for reading enjoyment.
Free wifi, air conditioning and newspapers. Outside porch seating is likewise
At Gloria Jeans Coffees it is their promise to make you feel at home.
Reasonable prices.

GJC Pakistan has coffee houses in D.H.A, Mall of Lahore, Lahore Grande, LUMS
Lahore and Kohsar Market, Islamabad.

Gloria Jeans is available exclusively at S.M.C.H.S.122, Block A, S.M.C.H.S. Karachi,

Pakistan and at Clifton, Dolmen Mall, 2nd Floor, Marine Drive, Block 4, Clifton. Karachi,

Starbucks Pricing Strategy

Starbucks is the leader of the coffee market. As an individual company, it controls

several times more market share than any of its competitors. More than just a high-
priced coffee shop, Starbucks offers a combination of quality, authority and relative

Starbucks sets its prices on a simple idea: high value at moderate cost. When people
feel like they are getting a good deal for their money, they are more likely to pay a
higher cost. Quality is key. Starbucks has to maintain strict quality controls in its coffee
sourcing as well as in its customer service and peripheral products to justify its costs.

Starbucks also spends a lot of time and energy differentiating itself from the
competition. You can see this in the design of its coffee shops, the music played there
and the types of products it sells, such as coffee-brewing equipment and jazz CDs.
Starbucks makes sure to keep current on the latest technology, often times being the
first to introduce the newest advancements to its customers.

The Value of Authority

Starbucks' pricing strategy has a lot to do with how it positions itself as an authority on
coffee, allowing the company to charge premium prices. Thus, when Starbucks
introduces new products at higher prices, consumers are willing to pay extra without
even having tried the products because they associate the Starbucks name with high

Relative Value
Starbucks also uses relative pricing. It offers premium items, like its espresso drinks or
its Starbucks brand whole-bean coffees sold in grocery stores, along side lower-cost
items, like its drip coffees or its Seattles Best line. While the risk exists that more
customers will choose the lower-priced items, by offering higher-priced items along side
lower-cost alternatives, Starbucks is justifying the higher price through comparison

In Pakistan-Pricing strategy
Starbucks can take the advantage of becoming the Price Leaders which means that
they will not be following their competitors price but establishing their own by keeping a
higher price than the competitors since the beginning. This will give the brand the
quality image which it maintains in the minds of public.

Promotion strategy
It is very rare for one to see a promotional advertisement for Starbucks Coffee in a
magazine, newspaper, billboard, television commercial, or any other typical advertising
campaign. Starbucks used the marketing strategy of word-of-mouth advertising;
allowing the high quality of products and the legendary service promote the brand. This
tactic has played a huge part in making Starbucks Coffee Company a success.
Company only uses digital medium to promote their products like:

Face book
My Starbucks Idea

In Pakistan same promotional strategy should be implemented used to create hype

before the initial launch and even after words. They should also create a Mobile

Value Added Services

One of the major attractions of Starbucks outlets all over the world is not only the coffee
itself but the overall Starbucks experience which has now become more or less of a
USP for the international coffee chain. The stand out feature of Starbucks is the fact that
it was amongst the first outlets to provide free Wi-Fi services in their cafs, great music
and an overall pleasant ambience that is sure to appeal to a large number of coffee

Possible Marketing Strategies for Starbucks to Enter Pakistan

Starbucks needs to come up with a unique positioning and an entry strategy that
distinguishes it from the existing companies. In order to do so, the company needs to
focus more on the local environment, culture and beverage consumption trends of the
country. Besides this, Starbucks at the same time also needs to focus on its core
competency which is the Starbucks experience which it wants to bring to the people of
Pakistan. Following are some of the options that Starbucks can have for entering the
Pakistani coffee market:

1. Localization

Product Innovation
In order to establish the Starbucks brand in Pakistan, the company needs to focus more
on the local culture which mainly revolves around tea consumption. In order to cater to
this market, we will not only be focusing on coffee but at the same on tea as well which
is also one of the major offerings of Starbucks all over the world. Besides this,
Starbucks can also offer a variety of local sweets and desserts that may include some
of the famous local delights that would complement the tea/coffee.

Value Chain Innovation

As recently we have visited many coffee outlets in Karachi and we got insights that the
main clientele included executives who were mainly focused more on the product rather
than the prices. Based on these insights, we will recommend Value Chain Innovation
through strategic segmentation. In this we would be focusing more on corporate clients
as our core customers. Keeping this notion into consideration, it is highly recommended
that Starbucks should open its initial outlets in these strategic locations:

I.I Chundrigar Road


North Nazimabad


2. Joint Venture
Joint Ventures represent a great way to pool capital and expertise and reduce the
exposure of risk involved. It allows the interested company to line up itself with the
Starbucks Corporation with high hopes of having a good relationship with the mentioned
coffee company. Starbucks can join hands with the leading company in Pakistan like the
MCR Group that recently initiated operations of Burger King in the country.

3. Alliance
Starbucks can form an alliance with the local as well as multi-national companies and
in doing so will not only provide benefits such as special discounts, complimentary
products etc but will also at the same time help Starbucks in promoting their brand
among Pakistans corporate world.

4. Franchising
Franchising is a marketing system for creating an image in the minds of current and
future customers. It is a method for distributing products and services that satisfy
customer needs. Starbucks can opt for this strategy for entering into Pakistan market.
Starbucks sees franchising as a way to make quick inroads in new market where its
executives have little familiarity.

Note: Success of any market entry strategy is driven partially by factors outside of ones
control--but investment in these upfront steps should help you to mitigate the risk.

Slogan for Starbucks

Starbucks is a brand which is well known for its name STARBUCKS and their logo is
their biggest strength which distinguishes them from their competitors and adds value,
currently Starbucks does not have any slogan , due to its logo its recognized all over the
world. This brand is so big and experienced that it doesnt need any slogan which can
add more value or create awareness for customers, everyone is familiar with Starbucks.

Coffee Culture in Pakistan

Pakistan is a tea culture but with the time coffee culture is spreading in Pakistan. Coffee
outlets are opening at different locations in Pakistan which has helped a lot in spreading
the awareness of coffee within Pakistan.

Coffee has become so popular now that its giving competition to tea market. Younger
generation in Pakistan definitely prefers coffee over tea this is mainly because coffee
does not let the energy level go, people feel refreshed after having coffee it sustains
their energy level. Professionals in Pakistan who need to be on the go for long hours
are fast quitting the frequent tea breaks with fewer coffee breaks.

Pakistans market now has instant coffee mixtures available which are been bought by
consumers frequently and its easy to make and making tea is considered more difficult
nowadays so coffee culture has taken over.

Starbucks to initiate operations in Pakistan: Would it be a wise

decision or a foolish one?

Even though Pakistan is a lucrative market with a lot of prospect and rapid trend
changes on a regular basis, Starbucks needs to be careful while making the eventual
decision of entering in the country. On one hand, Starbucks have the opportunities and
strengths such as the growing market of coffee consumption in Pakistan and their
strong brand name to enter and exploit this market.

While on the other hand, they may also fall prey to a number of threats and weaknesses
that are being faced by most of the international franchises currently operating in the

country that include cultural differences, un-stable political and economic situations as
well as stern competition from the already established local market.

One important thing to be kept in mind is that Asia is traditionally considered as a Tea
loving region but over the years, Starbucks have proven to be success story in countries
like China, India and most recently Sri Lanka which are considered to be strong tea
consuming nations but the trend is now rapidly changing in these countries as well. On
that note along with the aforementioned entering strategies proposed, it is not only the
right time but also a viable option for Starbucks to initiate their operations in Pakistan.


Q.1. Do you drink Coffee?

a) Yes
b) No

Q.2. Which brand do you drink for coffee?

a) Nestle
b) Dunkin Donuts
c) Espresso
d) Gloria Jeans
e) Butlers Cafe

Q.3 What comes to your mind from Starbucks?

a) Coffehouse Experience
b) Coffee
c) Refresher Drink
d) Hot Breakfast
e) Ice Cream

Q.4 Why do you want to have Starbucks Products?

a) Convenience
b) Healthy
c) Quality

Q.5. Have you ever experience Starbucks product?

a) Yes
b) No

Q.6. If yes, which of following product have you experienced?

a) Coffee
b) Refresher Drink
c) Breakfast
d) Ice Cream
e) Other_________________

Q.7. If No, which of following would you like to experience?

a) Coffee
b) Refresher Drink
c) Breakfast
d) Ice Cream
e) Other________________

Q.8. Would you like to have Starbucks Coffee in Pakistan?

a) Yes
b) No

Q.9. If no, why wouldnt you like to have Starbucks Coffee?

a) Expensive
b) Unhealthy
c) Strong Taste
d) Lack of variety
e) Other_______________

Q.10. Where would like to have Starbucks outlet in Karachi?

a) Defence
b) Clifton
c) North Nazimabad
d) Gulshan Iqbal
e) Other_______________

Q.1. Do you drink Coffee?




Q.2. Which brand do you drink for coffee?



7.29% Dunkin Donuts
Gloria Jeans
8.33% 52.08% Butlers Cafe



Q.3. What comes to your mind from Starbucks?

Top of the mind

Coffehouse Experience
35.71% Coffee
Refresher Drink
Hot Breakfast
Ice Cream


Q.4. Why do you want to have Starbucks Products?

Why Starbucks ?



Q.5. Have you ever experience Starbucks product?

Have you ever experience Starbucks product



Q.6. If yes, which of following product have you experienced?

Types of coffee have you experienced


32.83% Latte
26.26% Cappucino

12.12% 19.19%

Q.7. If No, which of following would you like to experience?

Which of following would you like to experience at Starbucks


8.60% Coffee
Refresher Drink
7.53% Ice Cream

8.60% 64.52%

Q.8. Would you like to have Starbucks Coffee in Pakistan?

Starbucks in Pakistan




Q.9. If No, why wouldnt you like to have Starbucks Coffee?

Why wouldnt you like to have Starbucks Coffee


8.20% Strong Taste
Lack of variety

Q.10. Where would like to have Starbucks outlet in Karachi?



5.00% 35.00%
North Nazimabad