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Lesson Two Year Level: 5 Duration of Lesson: 60 minutes

Topic: Reconciliation Australia Pedagogical Focus: Building an understanding on the 1967 Referendum
and its impact on reconciliation in Australia
Victorian Curriculum Links
Curriculum Code Learning Area Content Description
(VCHHC086) History: Level 5/6 Explain the causes of significant events that shaped the Australian
colonies, contributed to Australian Federation and the effects of
these on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and
(VCCCC016) Civics & Investigate how people with shared beliefs and values work
Citizenship: Level 5 together to achieve their goals and plan for action
(VCELA309) English: Level 5 Understand how texts vary in purpose, structure and topic as well
as the degree of formality
(VCELY329) English: Level 5 Plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative and persuasive
print and multimodal texts, choosing text structures, language
features, images and sound appropriate to purpose and
Learning Intentions:
Explain and discuss the 1967 Referendum, before, during and after
Explore the implication of white colonisation on the Indigenous population, before the referendum,
during and after
Discuss relevance and importance of reconciliation for all Australians
Success Criteria:
Students can describe the key events involved in the 1967 Referendum
Resources: Materials:
1967 Referendum Facts from the video (BTN Video: Whiteboard
http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4671220.htm) Literacy Books

Teaching Strategies and Lesson Structure

Timing What you as the teacher will do? What are the students doing?
Pre-write the Referendum Facts on the Participate in whole-class discussion about the
10-15 mins board. 1967 Referendum video. Share ideas and facts
Begin the class by revising what the that they can remember or have learnt.
students remember from watching the
video last session. Re-focus them to the
mind map.
Direct the students attention towards the Work collaboratively with their peers to
30-35 mins pre-written facts on the board, read transfer the pre-prepared facts into an effective
through them together. Explain that we paragraph in an information report. Students
are going to write in information report on should apply their previous knowledge and
the 1967 Referendum. Revise (student- skills in writing information reports to a new
lead) the key elements of an information context.
report. Prompt the students to work
together in establishing a structure for this
info report, using the facts provided.
Once a structure is decided upon (student-
centered), pick one of the paragraphs to
write together on the board. Use a
modelling/scaffolding approach to guide
the students through the process of
putting the facts into a paragraph.
Using the What Worked Well and Even Students should share their ideas of WWW and
10 mins Better If VCOP approach, ask students to EBI with the group, evaluating their work and
consider the class paragraph and analyse learning.
if it can be up-leveled.