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Due to the practical difficulty to bring to the concerned authorities attention number of problems
encountered by the public in their day to day life keeps on increasing without any resolution. Even if it is
brought to the knowledge of a 3rd person also foreseeing the time and expenditure involved, lack of
political influence etc. he too does not take the initiative to help the affected ones. As such, it would be
highly helpful for the public if the concerned authorities make necessary arrangement so as to facilitate
anybody to bring the complaints to their attention without the help of a 3rd person. Providing a
common complaint box in front of the Panchayat and Municipality Offices and primary locations with
maximum of flow of public may be highly helpful in this regard.

The public mpay be given the confidence that any complaint they have about any individual,
department, organization, whatsoever may be written with their on address, phone number etc. and
put it in the complaint box from time to time which could be collected by the Panchayat/Municipality
and forwarded to the concerned authorities on a fortnightly basis for resolution. This will facilitate the
public to make their complaint easily which in turn would give proper awareness to the concerned
authorities about the departments that are not providing adequate services to the public and take
appropriate measures to improve their services too.

On behalf of the public few problems that needs urgent action from the concerned authorities are given

1. Pollution: Pollution is the route cause for certain contagious diseases to spread widely.
Even though there is a proverb prevention is better than cure3 practically this clause is not
at all followed by the concerned authorities and they are taking appropriate preventive
measures when the seriousness of the situation reaches beyond the control limiting their
task to serve temporary relief only and when the recurrence of the very problem takes place
in due course the authorities will come up with certain preventive measures. This practice
goes on for the past several years without any permanent solution for most of the problems
experienced by the public. The governments going for new development without ensuring
the developed areas remains active and unaffected is identical to ones putting a whole in
the air filled balloon and pumping fresh air to an empty one. It is instructed that waste of
each houses may be set in fire within the house compound of the respective houses itself
and those waste which are not flammable to set in fire must be disposed in a whole
prepared for the purpose in the ground and cover with mud. Since these days most of the
houses constructed are in small plots without enough vacant space to adhere to the
direction given by the pollution authority, the public residing in such houses without the
facility for waste disposal properly are in a dilemma as to how and where the waste could
be dumped. Failing to find right place for the purpose will naturally generate a tendency on
them to throw the waste bags in public places that leads to pollution in the surrounded
area. To resolve this problem the concerned authority has to make necessary arrangements
by providing tanks for waste collection in the residential areas so as to facilitate the public to
dump the waste in it from time to time which can be removed and taken to the right
location for disposal by the concerned department.
3. Water Purity: Here also, since number of new houses are constructed in small plots it is a
must that the builder has to ensure the septic tank is constructed following the specification
strictly without any leak, failing which the dirty water flow from it spoils the water of the
adjacent wells of the adjacent houses. While normal distance recommended between the
septic tank and the well is 15 meters minimum, due to lack of space this direction is not
followed by the builders of new houses. More over they will take special attention only to
prevent the flow of waste water from their septic tank to their own well leaving maximum
space possible in between for the purpose that will automatically make the septic tank
closer to the neighbours well. As such, the waste tank constructed by each new house
must be inspected by the concerned Panchayat / Municipality to ensure that it will no way
harm the purity of the water in the adjacent wells.
5. Civil Suits: On proper evaluation of each and every civil suits filed in the Civil Court we can
find out the truth that in most of the cases the defendants financial position would be much
stronger than the plaintffs, as the defendant might have accumulated such resources by
enjoying the yields of the disputed land exclusively by him for years together even though it
belongs to the plaintiff too. Whereas the plaintiff who is unlucky to enjoy any yields of the
property which is in the possession of the defendant would naturally be struggling for the
survival of himself and family, which may be the very reason too for him to file a suit against
the defendant so as to get his share which is a must for him to make the future life of
himself and family peaceful and comfortable. Unfortunately what happens in most of such
civil suits are the defendant, with his strong financial background to pay any amount of fee
to leading advocates naturally could avail the services of them whereas the pitiable
condition of the plaintiff could not dream of such senior persons services and will be forced
to go to junior most advocates that in turn leads to disappointing verdict only from the court
and the money that he might have arranged through bitter sources too would become a
total loss resulting in worsening his financial situation further. Even if the defendants
advocate finds the plaintiffs claim is true and it is difficult to get a favorable verdict for the
defendant also, with their influence they will try to postpone the cases for years together
for final verdict by which time the plaintiff will become total helpless to conduct the case for
such a duration. Such situation will be taken advantage of by the defendants advocate and
the defendant who come forward with a settlement of mere compensation for which the
plaintiff will be forced to agree. As far as the defendant is concerned the more the case is
getting delayed the more it would be advantageous for him as he can avail the yields of the
property to meet to the cost easily in connection with the delay, whatsoever, as the land
value will also go up only. By evaluating the civil suits pending in the Civil court we will also
come to know a highly disappointing factor that in number of cases the plaintiffs may not be
alive and in certain cases the defendant too, and their children may be conducting the
cases. It is quite painful that number of innocent persons are passing away without the luck
to enjoy the share of their own parents property, which is in the possession of another
share holder who has more money power and muscle power than they do.

6. Government to follow mothers role: Relationship between the government and the public
should be identical to mother and children respectively. If a mother is having 5 children and
the food available to feed them is just sufficient for two only, the mother never does so.
She split the food equally to 5 portions to feed to them to suppress their hunger to
whatever extent possible as she is attached to all of them equally without any
discrimination. Our government too has to follow the very same principle treating all the
public their children. |Contrary to this, unfortunately our government is giving sufficient
protection to a particular section with attractive remuneration, pension etc, leaving a major
portion of the public with no source of income from the government at all. When there are
lakhs of equally qualified hands available in each state looking for government job due to
insufficient vacancy and fund availability the government is unable to give employment to a
major portion of them, for no mistake of them. While such a disappointing situation is
prevailing and number of the people are suffering for survival without even a mere income
at least from the government, the governments keeping on increasing the remuneration
package of their existing staff in line with the increase in cost of living from time to time
without any botheration of the affected ones without any source of government income at
all is highly painful. The most disappointing factor here is that none of the government
servants realizes the truth that it is the net result of the sacrifice of lakhs without availing
government income thousands become lucky to earn government income who are
supposed to be obliged to the lakhs for their sacrifice and should come forward to provide
whatever assistance possible to help them. On the contrary, when a person is lacking
income from the government approach a bank for a business loan to generate a source of
income on his own the bank insists him to obtain a surety from a government servant to
sanction the loan, i.e. as an insult to injury, amongst 2 equally qualified persons, the unlucky
one to get government income has to depends on the mercy and sympathy of the luck one
to obtain a bank loan too and in reality instead of coming forward with a helping hand to
such affected ones, a major portion of the government servants are hesitant to provide such
help too to those who approach them for such help.

In the matrimonial field also, the prevailing tendency is that boys or girls having government
job are insisting for their partner too to be government servant so as to double the source of
income to one family enforcing the boy or girl lacking government job have to look for
his/her partner too without government job whereby stopping the source of any income to
their family from the government. When we conduct a survey about the source of income
in each family it could be observed that there are thousand of families having multiple
source of government income and the percentage of families without having any source of
government income at all would be much higher. As such, being a well wisher of our society
as well as our country my humble request to the government is that it is high time for the
government to give preference for government job amongst the equally qualified
candidates with due evaluation to their family background as to who are hid dependents, is
there any source of government income to his family, if so, to what extent etc. and those
who are lacking any source must be given priority for government job irrespective of the
cast or religion the candidate belongs to. In case of girls, the preference must be to those
who are willing to marry boys having less qualification than they do or not having any source
of government income whereby giving opportunities for number of boys and girls struggling
to get a life partner to join each other to some extent at least.

7. SC/ST Reservation: When we plant a bringal or green chilly in our premises, it is natural
that all the plants may not grow with equal energy when it becomes necessary for us to take
special care to the weaker ones by pouring more water and additional manure etc. to make
its growth too to be equivalent to other plants. However, when it reaches in the same level
of other plants again keeping on taking extra care by pouring additional water and manure
etc. to the same plants does not make sense. Similarly, number of years back the condition
of a major portion of the SC/ST families were highly pitiable when it was necessary for the
then government to take extra care to provide maximum support in all the relevant areas to
improve their condition which was a welcome step appreciated by the entire public.
Whereas, now the situation is such that with such support for a prolonged duration a major
portion of the SC/ST families have already become comparatively richer than thousands of
families belong to forward communities. As such, rather than sticking to and continuing the
same practice of providing additional support exclusively to them the government should
make certain alterations/modifications in their policy to support the weaker ones by
evaluating their financial background irrespective of the cast or religion they belongs to.
More over, even if we conduct a survey amongst the SC/ST families itself we will come to
know that certain families all qualified members are having government job/income
whereas in other families with equal number of qualified hands many not be having enough
source of income or any income at all, which is an indication that the government is not
properly spreading to the deserving ones. Realizing the fact that food,, shelter and clothing
are the essential items for any human beings irrespective of the case or religion he belongs
to the governments concentration must be to identify who are lacking the same and
provide support for their survival. The present trend of SC/ST preference also generate
tendency amongst few already having government job to resign the same to join with a
more prospective department of the government itself. When there are thousands of
qualified people lacking government job, this kind of undue advantage tendency should not
be encouraged at all. The efficiency and the skill of the growing generation is the main
criteria to provide valuable services for future generations, particularly in education and
health related services, As such, the question of cast or financial background does not arise
to give preference for admission for higher studies which should be purely on the
candidates efficiency and talent only.