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Voice Over: Good afternoon everyone! Let us settle down and spend a few
moments of silence as we prepare ourselves for this concert. The First Christmas: A
gleeful Christmas concert will begin in 5,4,3,2,1.

(Lights: Dim)
(Props: Baby Jesus in the manger is placed at the center of the stage)
(Props: Stool and mic for Daniel is set on stage)
(Daniel Yu with guitar enters)

O come O come Emmanuel Ms. Osabel

Voice Over: More than 2,000 years ago, series of events happened and the world
was never the same again. A cry from a new born baby was heard echoing in the
stillness of the starry night. Kings and wise men led by a star paid homage.
Shepherds told by an army of angels bowed down before this baby in the manger.
That starry night, that silent night, that silent night was the very first Christmas.
Ladies and gentlemen, Ateneo Hearters Glee presents: The First Christmas: A
gleeful Christmas concert!

(Lights: Spotlight is slowly growing on the manger)

Silent Night Guitar Instrumental Daniel Yu

(Shepherds enter)

Silent Night Acapella Justin, Carlo, Von, Philip, Jeff, Jeb

(Shepherds and Daniel Yu exit)

(Mary and Joseph enter)

Oyayi Mr. Rivera and Ms. Osabel

(Bro Benj-Pianist and Abigail Cello)

(Mary and Joseph exit)

(Angels enter)

Angels We Have Heard on High Steph, Alma, Alyssa, Kim, Amber, Bianca,
Kimi, Renzo and Elmer
(Ms Seno Pianist)

(Angels exit)
(3 Kings enter)

Where You Are Wayne, Kevin and Kurt

(Andre Pianist and Jeff Violin)

(3 Kings exit)
(Little Drummer Boy enters)

Voice Over: What would it be like to be there watching the fragile face of Baby
Jesus? I can only imagine. If you were present at the first Christmas, what finest
gifts shall you bring to lay before the King? Little Baby, I am a poor boy too. I have
no gifts to bring thats fit to give the King. Shall I play for you on my drum? Then,
he smiled at me, me and my drum.

Little Drummer Boy Florge Sy

(Charles Snare Drums)

(On the second stanza of the song, all the previous cast will join the stage and will
sing the last stanza with the little drummer boy).

(Lights: Dim)
(Cast exits)

Part II
(Props: Single sofa is placed on the centerstage, to its right is a Christmas tree;
baby Jesus in the manger is moved to left of the sofa.)
(Elmer enters)
(Singers enter slowly)

Elmer: Good afternoon everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the show. As a song
goes: Christmas is most wonderful time of the year, I am sure most of us would
agree. Misa de Gallo, gifts, Christmas trees, carols, food, food, and food. But
beyond all these external celebrations, I hope we dont forget the true meaning of
Christmas: sorry kids, it is not Santa, it is Jesus. Ladies and gentlemen, for the Part
II of this Concert, Ateneo Hearters Glee sings Christmas carols!

Carol of the Bells All Singers

(Singers exit except Yume and Ira)

O Holy Night Yume and Ira
(Bro Benj on Piano and Abigail Pura on Cello)

(Tim, Jeb, Alec and Renzo enter)

(Yume and Ira exit )

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Tim, Jeb, Alex and Renzo
(Andre on Piano)

(Aprille, Betina and Isis enter)

(Tim, Jeb, Alec and Renzo exit)

Grown Up Christmas List Tim, Jeb, Alex and Renzo
(Andre on Piano)

(Bro Ro enters)
(Aprille, Betina and Isis exit)

Bisperas Bro Ro
(Bro Benj on Piano)

(Elmer enters)

Voice Over: We have come to the end. But before we sing our last song. Let me
thank Fr Manny, the administration, faculty, staff, students and parents for the
support and prayers. May you all have a wonderful Christmas! And of course, this
concert will not be possible without them. Curtain call

(Glee members enter)

(Drums are set on stage)

Once again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Joy to the World/We Wish you a merry Christmas ALL!

(Maam Seno on Piano, Charles on Drums, Abigail on Cello, Yuji/Jeff on

(Glee members bow and go to the aisle to thank all the guests.)