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Art Activity

Learning Objectives: To develop alphabetic awareness in print.

Development activity promotes:
Language Development and Communication
Early Literacy
Materials Needed:
Paints (variety of colors)
Toilet paper rolls
White card stock paper


Have children sit down on the carpet in the circle time area.
Introduce alphabet soup sorter letter O.
Show the letter O objects from the soup sorters and pronounce them together.
Show the children the cover of the book, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
Ask them questions about the trees with coconuts on them.
Read the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.
Show children a hula hoop and talk about the round shape of it.
Have children jump in and out of the hula hoop.
Introduce activity that they will do at the table.
Tell them that they are going to be making circles like coconuts and hula hoops with
toilet tissue rolls and paint.
Send them to the table to be seated.
Have tissue rolls and plates of a variety of paints on the table.
Pass out white construction paper.

Preparation/ Set up:

Take out letter O soup sorter letter.
The book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
Have a hoola hoop set out
A variety of paints placed on paper plates
Tissue rolls placed on table
White construction paper with names of children on the back
Motivation/ Introduction:

I introduce alphabet soup sorter letter O objects and pronounce the objects together that start
with letter O and read the story book, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and talk about the cover
of the book and whether they have ever seen a tree like this before. We talk about the tree, where
they grow, and what grows on it. Also how the letters fell off the tree and the coconuts too. I
show them real trees with coconuts in this discussion and have children jump in and out of a hula
hoop and talk about the round shape of the hula hoop that looks like the letter O.

Developmental Domain: Language Development and Communication

Follow up reflection/evaluation:

We took a picture walk through the book where we talked about whether all the letters would be
able to fit at the top of this tree and what might happen. We talked about climbing trees and what
happens to us when we fall. Have you ever fallen down? What happened when you fell? Did
someone come and help you? How did they help? What happened to the letters when they fell
down? Where do you think the letters are going as their families help them get up from the letter
pile? Why do you think this?
We used the pictures to lead our discussion of what we think might be happening in the story.

Evaluation: The children recognize the letter O and named some objects that start with the
letter O and was able to tell me the shape of a coconut and a hula hoop. They also was able to
recall parts of the story. My plan worked with them reaching the goal of the lesson plan.