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Synthetic anti-cracking micro-fibre

Description Characteristics

CHRYSO Fibre CS 12 is a synthetic micro-f ibre. Colour: White
Density: 0.91

CHRYSO Fibre CS 12 has a good adherence to the Length: 12 mm
cement paste, which increases strain capacity. Nominal diameter: 18 microns
Ty pe of fiber: Monof ilament

CHRYSO Fibre CS 12 slows down bleeding, reduces Melting point: 160C
permeability and avoids spalling when removing the form. Tensile strength: 34Cn/dtex

CHRYSO Fibre CS 12 decreases the risk of cracking
during the pre-hardening stage. This means the damaging
effects of plastic shrinkage are eliminated.
Bags of 600 g
CHRYSO Fibre CS 12 improves abrasive resistance, Bags of 900 g
resistance to impacts (surf ace, joints, angles), resistance to
frost/def rost cycle, fire resistance and resistance to
chemical attack.

CHRYSO Fibre CS 12 is not a structural reinforcement of

Applications Method of use
The dosage of CHRYSO Fibre CS 12 is 1 dose per m of

Tanks concrete.
All precasted elements
Pumped conrete It represents around 180 millions of f ibers/m f or

Shotcrete CHRYSO Fibre CS 12 in 600 g and around 273 millions of
Grouts 3
f ibers/m for CHRYSO Fibre CS 12 in 900 g.

CHRYSO Fibre CS 12 is added to the concrete whenev er
the mixing stage, with no modif ication of the mixing time or
of the initial quantity of mixing water.

CHRYSO Fibre CS 12 can be added directly into the truck
mixer, f ollowed by rapid mixing for 5 minutes.
Synthetic anti-cracking micro-fiber


CHRYSO Fibre CS 12 is a product classif ied as harmless. It is recommended to wear normal protectiv e equipment.

Bef ore use, please refer to the saf ety data sheet.

The information contained in this document is given to the best of our knowledge and is the result of objective testing.
However, it cannot under any circumstances be considered as a warranty involving our liability in the case of misuse. Tests
should be carried out before any us e of the product to ensure that the methods and conditions of use of the product are
satisfactory. Our specialists remain at the disposal of the users to help with any problem they may have.
Last update : 03/2010