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Informative Speech Outline

Specific Goal: My audience will learn the many different benefits to online learning.

Ethos: Primary Ethos: I have taken three online courses the last two semesters.
Secondary Ethos: I will cite three references out loud during my speech.
Pathos: Online courses are usually cheaper than a classroom course so you could be
saving money while still getting an education.
Logos: I will use statistics showing how many students take online courses
Audience Assessment: My audience likely already knows online learning is more
convenient than a course taken on campus, but they do not know that online courses
can actually help students learn and retain more information (U, 2017).
Adaptation to Audience: I will give examples for each learning benefit I talk about.
Pattern of Organization: I will use topical organizational pattern for my speech.


I. Hook: Would you like to continue your education when it is most convenient for
you? (Rhetorical question)

II. Thesis: Studies show that the number of students taking online courses is
continuing to grow and they are scoring higher on standardized tests than
students taking traditional classes (U, 2017). This is just one of the benefits of
online courses.

III. Preview: Here are three main benefits to taking online courses.
A. Online learning is convenient because you can do course work
whenever you have time.
B. There tend to be more opportunities for participation, especially for
shy individuals.
C. Online courses offer more individual attention from your instructor.

Transition: Now that I have touched on my main points, lets talk a bit more
about the convenience of online courses.

I. Online courses are convenient

A. You can login whenever you have time which is helpful when trying to
balance school, work, and family (F, 2017).
B. Flexibility means you can work at your own pace and in turn retain the
C. You can access online courses anywhere you have an internet connection
(F, 2017).

Transition: Lets discuss how online courses give more opportunities for

II. More opportunities for participation

A. Most online courses have graded discussions where students take time to
reflect on their classmates comments.
B. Individuals who are shy can participate with more ease than a face-to-face
discussion (Friedman, 2016).
C. Unlike a lecture course where you have to answer questions immediately,
you can take your time to gather your thoughts for online discussions
(Friedman, 2017).

Transition: Now I want to talk about the individual attention from your
instructor that comes with taking an online course.

III. More individual attention from instructor

A. If you think of a question while you are studying or doing homework you
can send the instructor an email at any time, there is no need to wait for
office hours (F, 2017).
B. The possibility for learning is enhanced because of the direct
communication between student and instructor (U, 2017).


IV. Because online courses are so convenient more students are taking them each
semester (U,2017).
V. With more participation and access to the instructor students are scoring higher
on standardized tests (F, 2017).
VI. Online learning is the better choice in our fast paced world to continue your
education on your terms.


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