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Your pawn has 2 main behaviour schemes that you can see on its status (on the start

menu), and one "optional" behaviour, which you can only know by talking to your

Mitigator -> Your pawn focuses on the smallest threat first, like a goblin for
example.It allows you to only look at the biggest threat in the fight, as a
sorcerer will use AoE spells to kill all the small fry at once.

Medicant -> Your pawn focuses on healing, or removing debuffs.

It's useful for Healing mages, since they'll stay away from the fight and heal
you/buff you from afar
Scather -> Your pawn goes for the biggest enemy first, climbing him most of the
time, and ignoring every small threat

A pawn gets this inclination if you rush into fights, or use the command "Go!"
(more about those later)
Challenger -> Your pawn focuses on Magick-casting enemies, or bow users

Utilitarian -> Your pawn focuses on buffs, grappling enemies, and even using group
healing items (!)
This behaviour works best with a pawn with good Bestiary Knowledge, allowing him to
decide which buffs are the best against a certain kind of enemy
Using the "Help!" command is a bad idea, as it will mainly give your pawn the
Guardian inclination

Guardian (bad) -> Your pawn comes to your help ALL THE TIME, stopping whatever he
was doing, even casting for mages (!)
This is the reason we avoid using the action commands, you never want this
inclination on your pawn, and seasoned players don't like renting a Guardian pawn
Nexus(not useful) -> Your pawn focuses on reviving other pawns, during boss fights
for example
It's really easy to get this inclination, and it's not very useful

Pioneer(bit dumb) -> Your pawn scouts ahead of the party, locates items, enemies,
BUT he might engage a fight without you, which is pretty dumb especially if he
attacks powerful enemy.
You get this inclination by using the "Go!" command outside of combat

Acquisitor -> This inclination works well with Pioneer, the huge downside is that
your pawn will focus on gathering items, even when in combat.

It is not recommended to use the commands ("Go!", "Help!" , "Come!") as they will
give your pawn useless inclinations (most of the time)
At the Encampment, pretty early into the game, a vendor sells "Inclination
Elixirs", so you don't have to teach your pawn everyhting by yourself, you just
have to know what behavior you want your pawn to have.

Recommended pawn Inclinations:

Depending what you will play personally, fill your party with the rest of those:
(one healer pawn is recommended)

Healing mage/sorcerer - Utilitarian/Medicant

Ranger - Challenger/Mitigator
Tanky fighter(or warrior) - Scather/Mitigator
Assasin/strider - Challenger/Mitigator/Scather
Mages have a heal spell whereas Sorcerers can not have this spell. A mage is a
spellcaster that has a basic knowledge and average spell power, A Sorcerer is a
specialist mage that deals in high damage and status ailment magics.So mage is for
healing/buffs and Sorcerer is for Offensive spells.